Amitabh Bachchan during the Sharaabi shoot (1983)

thanks to Yakuza…


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  1. This is fantastic.. thanks!


  2. Super!! Thanks Satyam sir and Yakuza…Amitji mentions about the Sabarimala pilgrimage he took here..Read elsewhere that late Kannada thespian Dr Rajkumar had prayed there for Amitji’s recovery there during his Coolie accident and Amitiji was so thankful for that gesture. PS: Amitji as always getting great reviews for his act in TE3N…Satyam Sir, it has been a while we had read your reviews..Hopefully we can get this for TE3N


  3. Wow, thanks Yakuja… will watch it later ..Sharabi and Bemisal are two of m most favorite Bachchan movies.


  4. it was amazing interview, looks like sharaabi was completely shot in months rather then years which it took time in those days…


  5. Finally saw the interview, maza aa gaya …I did not know that he actualy took the Sabrimala pilgrimage.


  6. Bachchan is on fire these days – Maza aa gaya !!!

    Day 3364-
    May I just say that had it not been for the thundering presence of the NYC and neighbouring Ef, this would never have happened .. when I arrived the screams and cheers from the Ef was so prominent that all present, including the massive media thought Leonardo de Caprio, the star of the film and of stratospheric stardom, had arrived .. Baz could not ignore the Ef .. and was just drawn to acknowledge them ..

    Day 3363-
    Rajneesh had been an admirer of Babuji’s works, and during his discourses he would often quote from his works .. Babuji would often visit the Ashram unannounced and sit at the back during these discourses ..

    I would often ask him why he went there and his terse reply was : “ Just to check whether he is quoting me correctly “ !!
    But back to KP .. many of the incidents in the scripting were stories that I had narrated to Salim-Javed at the time of its writing ..

    Day 3362-
    China Creek has been the location for a huge number of films .. for me several too .. Abhimaan, Great Gambler, Toofan and many others .. the Creek is vividly remembered for the GG shoot .. doing a chase sequence, .. patching work done in Amsterdam .. in a speed boat .. Shakti Samant the director sitting at the rear end of the boat and operating a hand held Arriflex camera, he operated the camera often, and me driving the boat at speed, hitting a wave, getting thrown about disbalanced, looking back to find Shakti Da, thrown in the water with the camera .. turning quickly back and around to rescue him .. the camera lies at the bottom of the creek .. he had to leave it or would have been pulled down in the water with its weight .. swimming with clothes and shoes on with a camera in hand is an impossibility ..

    Day 3361-
    those were such wonderful days .. Naresh and his family celebrated Christmas with great pride and tradition .. we loved the Christmas tree that would come up in their home and looked forward to the gifts that would come to us on Christmas Day, along with the delicious Christmas cake that Shunila and her Mother, Mrs Paul Das, baked for us ..
    I was in my Final year at Sherwood, when news came in of Naresh .. he developed an infection and passed away .. I was terribly shattered by the news .. perhaps the very first experience at that age of death .. it disturbed me to an extent that affected my stay and study at Sherwood .. the Principal admonishing me first for my misconduct, but on learning of my condition, counselling me and even telephoning my parents to talk to me ..

    Malti Das, the youngest, and younger than me by far, I met some years back, in San Francisco, when I was there for one of my Concert Tours .. married with children, migrated .. sent in a most loving note back stage at the concert, as she was present there, and broke into tears when I sent for her to meet me .. she never expected I would remember her .. gave me all the news of the family .. of her parents

    Day 3360-
    The above then is the ‘me’ suitably attired in khadi and KP’s , kurta pyjama’s and the traditional shawl draped delicately over the shoulders, almost as an after thought .. and aside to this, I have often wondered how instantly, attending to politics, the members of the community that are now to be addressed as politicos, suddenly and most abruptly change costume to the KP, or the LK – lungi kurta .. and white in colour .. barring a few exceptions of course !
    we played TT on a ‘takhat’ as our TT table, using book covers for bats and the TT balls were authentic .. just two we had, got from our visit to Nepal in 1954, and they were Chinese make .. something that was very rare to possess ..
    he veranda was also our watching gallery, and the steps where we sat and saw, the ‘bandar wala’ the ‘snake charmer’ and the ‘bhaloo wala’ ..yes the owner of the monkey would come and do little shows for money with his pet monkey, the monkey cartwheeling, playing tricks, coming to us to ask for donations .. as also the bear owner .. how the owner would design a fake wrestling match with the bear, make him dance on two feet and on .


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