Has SRK Copied a SRK Look-Alike? (THE CARAVAN)

Excerpt: “Raju Rahikwar arrived at half past one. The crowd, stunned by the wait under a strong sun, stirred. Raju wore a shiny brown jacket and matching trousers, a red shirt and black sunglasses, with straight black hair parted down the middle and bangs covering his forehead—all meant to mimic the look of Khan himself. He looked convincing enough that many in the crowd, deprived of the real star, gravitated towards him. Some wanted to get pictures taken, so Raju smiled for their cameras. Some wanted autographs, so he signed their notepads. Some wanted to make small talk, so he chatted with them for a while.

All this time, helped by his entourage—his elder brother, his publicist, and two personal guards—Raju edged through the crowd towards the gate. With him, he brought a large gift-wrapped box, protecting it against the jostling of the mob. Inside it was a chocolate cake, which read: “Happy birthday Shah Rukh sir. From Raju.””


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