Images from Sultan (updated)

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  1. charan raj Says:

    Very bad poster! Vfx at its worst


  2. Looks though a face has been implanted on a different body..


    • drugs aur steriod ko time lagta kya bheedu…bhai had no time for this. So he got body double for poster. Just like the car he was driving 😉
      nushka looks too skinny to be a wrestler and he looks too fat. But then it is called makebelieve for nothing no…lol
      Have you seen female weight lifters, body builders etc…they look very manly, so you cannot have too much reality in movies like this….


  3. Why did they have to paste face on a body? they could have just take a real picture and that would have worked well. This reminds me to Ghajini first poster.


  4. charan raj Says:

    This movie will be pathetic but Salman’s stardom will take to defer zone, I mean boxofficewise.


  5. I’ll say it again. Sultan might not be a patch on Dangal as a movie but it is surely going to kill the uniqueness from Dangal and would appear as repetition for audience seeing another Haranyvi wrester’s fight(dangal) on big screen. Need to see how often they use the word – Dangal – in Sultan. Obviously the subject matter is little different but even Aamir has couple of fights on big screen and that would lose its uniqueness.


  6. pathetic poster and the film will fail,


  7. Liked it !
    Looks morphed, photoshopped
    Saala But who cares
    This director has strong masala leanings (that were amply obvious with even gunday)

    This seems poised to be the one of the few Salman starrers I liked
    (After ETT, Dabang..)

    Dua mein yaad rakhna.


  8. I guess nobody really bothers about the fact that Yash Raj and Salman have been a tad unethical about Sultan. The film was announced six months after Dangal preparations had been started ( late 2014)in the media; suddenly in summer 2015 Sultan was announced with a poster, even though not a shot had been canned.

    Agree Aamir takes his own time with his films, and he cannot blame others wishing to make a film on similar theme. But I am 100 % sure that if Aamir had done a Sultan when a Dangal from Salman was on its way — Aamir would have been torn apart by filmi and social media.

    What a dog eat dog world, this unethical Bollywood.


    • charan raj Says:

      Relax man, the industry is full of such acts/ stories. Hope you remember how many movies were made on Bhagat Singh in the same year. Though the case differs here as both the movies have different stories to tell. But yes, Sultan may suck lot of oxygen from Dangal due to common factor of wrestling.So, let’s wait n watch instead of getting furious at Salmans and Yashrajs.

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    • I thinkDangal story is about women empowerment while Sultan is all about Salman and also a with a romantic angle. People will check it out because they know how different both of them are and how different their films wil be. There are hundreds of romantic films but there are only which can succeed.

      Let us wait and watch.


  9. Sultan is the story of Gamma Pehalwaan


  10. Wow Anushka is palying a wrestler as well. She is looking good here, This movie seems to have the potential of scoring really big at the BO.

    Aside- does anyone watch Times now ??? I find Saba Naqvi really hot with Arnab just pounding on her !!!


  11. This seems to be the moment where she tackles younger version of Salman bringing the main conflict / masala turning point… Ali Zafar handled the younger version of Ranvir-Arjun rather well in Gunday.
    I am always fascinated with old school masala moments where the hero/ heroine turn into full blown adults esp when its done while running or chasing……

    But a big cheers to Anushka’s name here which is Aarfa – thereby negating a hindu-muslim love angle/conflict. There is hardly any movies which have worked universally with that backdrop. Even the faultless Veer Zara could not pass that test……..


    • BaajiRao mastaani?


    • VZ just wasn’t interesting enough as a film. It precisely lacked the masala treatment and there was still too much ‘Yashraj’ in it to do justice to the narrative. There have been lots of ideological fault lines in Hindi cinema depending on what period one is looking at but the religious one (whatever the politics) has never been one of them. VZ had a big initial, the biggest at the time, if people had a problem with the basic storyline they wouldn’t have showed up in the first place! Surely they’d seen the trailers!

      Even otherwise films fail or underperform for lots of reasons. But the moment there is this sort of angle many are quick to jump up and say ‘see it was about religion’!


  12. Also I think what Salim Khan said about Milkha Singh was in very taste but it’s not as if Salman is the only ambassador chosen . There are going to be sportsmen, sports women , and other stars as well.
    has issue par bas outrage fuelled by TRP hungry media .


  13. yeah true but it did not reach its full box office potential……inspite of being a classic


  14. True Salim Khan did overstep and wrong choice of words…..though Milkha Singh and Paan Singh Tomar gained more prominence among the younger generation due to Bollywood movies made on them… . Dada Saurav did a good explanation on sport-bollywood amalgamation.

    On an apart , we would not know much about Ranjit Katyal if Akki did not revive his story.

    Sourav Ganguly supports Salman Khan in Olympic ambassador row

    “….There have been some outstanding athletes who have brought laurels to the country, I’m sure they can team up with Salman. At the same time, there is no harm in having other ambassadors. They can work along with Salman and bring glamour, entertainment and sport together. We have some legends in the country they can be a part as well.”

    Ganguly, who now promotes football co-owning the city franchise Atletico de Kolkata in the lucrative Indian Super League, cited examples of glittering opening ceremonies in any mega event where entertainment go hand in hand with sport.

    “When you have a big event like the Commonwealth Games and IPL we have a bit of both, like the glittering opening ceremony with players swearing-in and stuff. It makes it perfect, there can be a mix of both. Look at the ISL, there’s so many film stars and sports persons involved and make it a success.”

    Ganguly however hoped that the controversy would settle down soon.”


  15. MSDhoni Says:


  16. MSDhoni Says:


  17. MSDhoni Says:

    Ali Abbas Zafar continues to be fascinated with steam engine…which is a good thing as far as masala moments are concerned.

    ali abbas zafar ‏@aliabbaszafar May 11
    Akbar Vs Sultan.

    another viral tweet circulating with this pic –

    @aamir_khan and @iamsrk cheering up for Sultan Ali Khan from train as he races past them


  18. MSDhoni Says:


  19. MSDhoni Says:

    How about this one PK Talli…

    ali abbas zafar ‏@aliabbaszafar 9h9 hours ago
    Saath Asmaan cheere, saath samander peere.. Chal saath suroan mein Karde yeh elaan…. “sultan”


    • OK..I don’t know whether this is true or will be passed off as journalist ‘inter-pretation’ or loose translation..This is what he says here..

      **This act is not repeated that many times in the real fights in the ring. When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. **

      Feminists, you have your job cut out now….


  20. P.K Talli Says:

    Rape is no silly word to use lightly , and it has nothing to do with rigorous training schedules . Not to mention him saying ‘choosing between women and booze, I chose women as a lesser vice’ .


  21. MSDhoni Says:

    This is indeed an offensive and revolting thing to say. Very shameful even if it is off the cuff remark. Just sad someone could utter such things in a formal interview.

    At worst he could have just said I got raped doing blah blah……….something we use very often figuratively but even then its used among very close pals/friends. Not in an interview !!


  22. Considering he is the brand ambassador representing RIO Olympics contingent. WOW. and for him his dad apologizing is even more regretful for him personally. Stooping all time low for cheap publicity on Sultan.


  23. Like

  24. MSDhoni Says:

    The article does not absolve Salman from what he blurted out but this is a much purposeful piece ……obviously for saner minds.

    Salman Khan’s rape comment could have been a mental slip: Kavita Krishnan in her viral FB post.

    Krishan emphasises on the need to talk about the larger problem of how the term “rape” is used public discourse.

    ” b) And I just have to say this. When media channels call me for comments on this subject all day and invite me to discussions on this at prominent night slots, I do give my comments but could not bring myself to join the night debates this time. Why? Because – because Soni Sori is on her 7th day of hunger fast against the actual rape and murder of a woman – and I don’t see the media lining up to ask for bytes on this or organising night time debates on it. Sure, one or two may have ran news about it – but they are not going at it hammer and tongs as they should – as they do when an actor makes a stray remark that he almost immediately rethinks and rephrases. NCW gives Salman a week to apologise. Has NCW any plans to go meet Soni while she is on fast – demand to accompany Soni to Gompad?”

    Why I am critical of the media’s (and social media’s) gender sensitivity on Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ analogy:
    a) I ask why there is a storm over a remark Salman retracted almost as soon as he made it (he said ‘I shouldn’t have said that’ as soon as he had made the rape analogy, and rephrased his thought) while there is no serious discussion about the widespread culture of rape jokes and rape analogies in general. In other words, everyone seems happy discussing and bashing an individual celebrity – while studiously refraining from debating the larger issue. There was never this kind of widespread outrage, for instance, when a balatkar joke was made by the Thinking Khan in 3 Idiots. And how many of us have snickered when our colleague/classmate has talked of being ‘raped’ in an interview or a cricket team being ‘raped’ in a game? That is not to absolve Salman – but it is to say that instead of doing the easy thing of crucifying Salman on twitter, we should be resolving to stand up to such jokes or analogies when our boss/colleague/friends indulge in them…

    c) I make a distinction between the remark that Salman made and the kind of ideological, programmatic, systematic misogyny expressed by a Dilip Ghosh (‘Jadavpur women are shameless and cant be sexually harassed’) or a Mulayam (‘Boys will be boys, rape is not a big deal’) or Amit Shah (‘Communal violence is done to save mothers and daughters’. While I am no fan of Salman’s record of domestic violence, manslaughter by car offscreen, or his macho on-screen image, this once I have to say, it does seem to be a mental slip that, to his credit, he was helped by his audience to realise and correct (to the credit of them all, they didnt all of them laugh appreciatively at his joke, they tittered and he as a result had a rethink). We should debate the systematic ideological misogyny and the sexism-bigotry political cocktails much much more than we do. But doing that is more difficult and demanding of reflection and introspection than outraging over a celebrity bad boy.”


    • jayshah Says:

      I expect many write ups defending Salman to come out – its par the course


    • I was about to say this but she beat me to it. He did make amends immediately.

      But I guess the discussion is the ‘sub-conscious’ thought-process that runs behind it.

      Nonetheless, that’s why I said, AND THE CIRCUS BEGINS the moment I posted this news..

      Every news ‘trader’ trying to earn his or her bread and butter by swooping in like hawks…leeching off a ‘byte’..


      • Myselfaamir Says:

        But in the same interview, he made a comment about women being the lesser vice!! So it’s not just one-off “slip of tongue” kind of thing, but he has a “rich history” to boast of “being misogynist”.

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  25. Like

  26. Myselfaamir Says:

    Here Aamir, Amitabh, Shahrukh, Akshay, Ajay and other bigwigs need to come forward and express their views with regard to Salman’s comment. Keeping mum or letting the issue die down would be another opportunity lost when their strong stand could send a very positive signal that nuisance would not be tolerated regardless of who is behind it. Nepotism ought to be damned for the sake of setting the house in order. Their strong stance could bring about some tangible changes in the attitudes of “shameless parasites”, who would stoop to any level to keep being in the good books of their “gods” and keep defending the indefensible by throwing ludicrous logics.


    • As of now, Salman is the biggest star, with the highest political connections and highest popularity. Forget Salman, they wont say anything even if it is Emran! The fallout will be next time when they say something, no one wil listen to them or give any weightage to their words.


    • “Here Aamir, Amitabh, Shahrukh, Akshay, Ajay and other bigwigs need to come forward and express their views with regard to Salman’s comment. ”

      I think folks are taking this too far than required. There is a reason Salman thinks he won’t apologize as media just played this up. It is not such a big issue that every artist in Bollywood need to comment on Salman Khan. It was a casual conversation for Radio channel with very small group and it’s not a thought out printed interview where he insisted this comparison with rape women is known to everyone.

      Yes, I understand it is very wrong of Salman Khan to do the comparison but we need to think that he made that in reference to ‘his pain’. We can certainly say that simile or comparison is incorrect but we can’t drag him to court or reprimand him. If tomorrow he says he shot in desert and felt like a fire-burned person, would everyone need to start commenting that your simile and comparisons are way out? If tomorrow one person does a long shouting exercise(or shooting movie) and say that he lost his voice for a week and felt a mute person then everyone will jump on that person, do you even know the pain of being dumb etc. I know rape is very sensitive topic in India (and everywhere) but he was just talking about walking. Anyways with current twitter, media trials everyone is too quick to jump the bandwagon and start behaving ‘morally correct online’ but are living life on same level with same flaws as everyone else.

      I know, it might look like am supporting Salman but am not and all I’m saying is that he did a wrong comparison (about his own pain of walking) but he didn’t go on start criticizing rape victims or saying there’s no pain in rape or something to that effect.


  27. The duplicity, hypocrisy and cowardice of bwood has been exposed big time. Yesterday on IndiaTimes, in an interview with Bhupendra Chauhan, Irrfan Khan in few words stated that all artistes are scared of the ones who wield power, and himself admitted that it is hypocrisy, but there is nothing they can do in the prevailing system.
    Bhupendra Chauhan didnt waste the opportunity to remind everyone that he was pilloried by bwood’s indignation when he interviewed Sunny Leone, but the silence towards Salman is just defeaning.

    I will not be surprised if Sultan gets a less than warm reception by many conscientious cinemagoers. Surely, the masses dont care, perhaps do not even have knowledge of this incident, but multiplex goers may not be all that encouraged. IMHO, the 50 yr old teenager does not quite realize the true damaging intent of his comments.

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  28. MSDhoni Says:

    There is less than a week left and don’t see much in terms of promotions for Sultan. Even the song videos of rest of the sound tracks are not coming any more. Now this may be good news as the product may be simple A+++ or on the other hand simply too bad to invest any more / comprehend. The director –actor combo have not worked before so there may be a tuning issue….

    This also tests Salman stardom with this current PR snafu. There is a sense of arrogance here and even though media went into overdrive with this whole remark thing , the least he could have done is to come out and give it a clarity it required and he owed this to the people surrounding him and to his friends and family to prevent any awkwardness to such a sensitive issue. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept, to recognize one’s own mistakes, but one must do it. There is a thin line between overconfidence and arrogance.

    Salman may be over playing the I don’t care & the‘Stud man jones’ attitude. Probably he seems to be in a bubble and surrounded by cacophony and ‘yes men’ but he must realize he is 50 + old man now and the brashness which worked in younger days may seem now a sign of huge immaturity in this middle aged person. All his good nature initiatives / intentions to help the needy in society gets nullified with this contemptuousness/disdain for the social order. The biggest turn-off is people who think the world of themselves and arrogance is not a quality to be admired…..

    I may not be too eager to check out Sultan at this point in time unless it’s something exceptional and not be missed kind of a deal.

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