Raman Raqhav 2.0, Udta Punjab (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan’s Twitter handle has apparently ‘automatically unfollowed’ some ‘random’ accounts. This made the actor wonder if his account has been hacked or being haunted by a ‘Twitter ghost’.



  2. Britain votes to leave European Union in historic divorce: BBC


    • BBC says ‘Leave’ camp has impregnable lead

    • Pound Sterling suffers worst one-day crash

    • UKIP’s Farage hails UK “independence day”


  3. Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has sent a defamation notice to Kamaal R Khan for making censorious remarks about him and his leading lady, Meera Chopra. Vikram slams a legal notice on KRK for “willful criminal acts of defamation coupled with acts of criminal intimidation and intentional insult.”



  4. ‘Don 3’ is the much-debated topic as of now for its lead actress. Earlier reports stated that global star Priyanka Chopra and ace filmmaker Farhan Akhtar have mutually decided to pick a fresh face for the sequel of the Don franchise. Rumours are rife that Jacqueline Fernandez is the one.



  5. The Hindi releases 7 Hours To Go, A Scandall, Junooniyat, Raman Raghav 2.0 and Shorgul have all opened to a very poor response ranging from 0-5%. It will be something if any of the films get even respectable numbers. Junooniyat and Raman Raghav 2.0 are likely to have the best collections of this poor batch.

    The Hollywood release Independence Day 2 has had a ordinary start of around 20-25% but is better in the South. The film is not a huge brand in India as its more about super hero action films in India but the film could get decent ten day run depending on how it fares tomorrow.

    Sardaarji 2 has taken a bumper opening in East Punjab and may well create history on day one. The film is also extraordinary in Delhi as the first show in Wave Delhi goes house full and PVR Subhash Nagar is almost full. Its the best start these high collecting theatres have seen this year including all Hindi and English films.

    Sardaarji released last year had also set an opening record and went on to be the second highest grossing Punjabi film of all time. The only obstacle may be that the East Punjab circuit this year for all films has not shown the growth of previous years but this could be due to content and Sardaarji 2 could set that straight.



  6. Udta Punjab had a decent first week of 47.50 crore nett though collections could have held better over the weekdays. The weekend was good but weekdays were average at best which is the case for most dark films. The film has done close to the lifetime business of Haider in one week but eventually barring Delhi / UP and East Punjab it will be recording similar figures to Haider. Around 75-80% of its extra business will come from North India.

    The film has done well in East Punjab (9 crore nett apprx) and Delhi city. The circuit of Delhi / UP at 10.75 crore nett was not as good as East Punjab as UP did not poerform too well.

    The eighth day is crucial for the film as will have to show a limited drop from Thursday to run well till Sultan in ten days. The biggest competition will in the form of Sardaarji 2 which will hit the collections in its best areas. The Hindi films look weak so in other markets the competition will be Independence Day.



  7. MSDhoni Says:

    Edward SnowdenVerified account ‏@Snowden 22h22 hours ago
    No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.

    CNNMoneyVerified account ‏@CNNMoney 5m5 minutes ago
    #Brexit market reax:
    Dow ⬇️ 510 points
    FTSE ⬇️ 4.5%
    Nikkei ⬇️ 7.9%
    Oil ⬇️ 4.9%
    Gold ⬆️ 4.7%

    Fox NewsVerified account ‏@FoxNews 7m7 minutes ago
    .@realDonaldTrump: #DavidCameron was wrong on #Brexit

    Donald Trump draws similarities between US and UK !


  8. MSDhoni Says:

    Of course the Americans will bail the Brits out out as they are one and the same or at worse will create political instability in other parts of the world and gain from miseries of others !.

    Looking at “Brexit” one cannot ponder but think all these Westerners esp the ‘white trash’ are just plain scoundrels. The minute they realize they cannot compete with Asians / Indians / Colored people they wish to shut their borders and stop immigration!!

    What the fuck was all this hammering the world with globalization shit then ? Very conveniently they went all over the world and captured their markets in the name of global economy and now the minute they face heat in the form of competition they have started to draw lines based on borders / language / cultures!

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    • MSDoni,
      completely agree with you,here in uk everyone are
      “shocked”…they colonise half the world and now they are scared of imigrants….not as hard working as asians and wants the jobs handed on the plate….aw we call it ” GREAT BRITAIN ” going down in mess


    • I’m one of those who voted to stay in but your reasoning is daft. A nation should not shoulder the burden of past positions for current or future aspirations. The reality is London voted dramatically differently to rest of country. Real families clearly are suffering and the electorate has voted leave. A democratic decision should be respected.

      Scotland voted to stay in UK but now will want a referendum. That’s fair.

      One takes decisions on the chin in the classy manner Cameron has.


      • Don’t have any sympathy for David Cameron. It was his doing. He gambled by making the referendum an election plank; turned around and argued against leaving, all the while mouthing nonsense about all kinds of doomsday scenarios. Him and Osborne have a lot to own up to as I think a lot of people would have been swayed in the other direction by these two gents!

        Regarding Scotland, I find it very funny that they have tons of issues with Westminster and don’t wish to be governed by it but they have no qualms in leaving the UK and getting directions on how to be governed by the EU!

        Moreover, if Scotland exits the UK and joins the EU, forfeits the Pound and adopts the Euro, it’s going to land itself in a fine mess. The smaller countries have virtually no say in the EU and just in case a crisis happens, which will definitely happen since Scotland spends much more on social welfare compared to England, they would have no power to print money! The oil price is at a historic low, so how exactly do they intend to survive once they join the EU? By becoming another Greece?

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      • ” One takes decisions on the chin in the classy manner Cameron has.”

        I was so cinfident that we will remain in EU,my son did not even bother as we all thought and very over-confident that we will remain and thats why my did not bother to vote…a big mistake by him and others like him that dramaticly change the mood of british public….one thing is for sure that GT BRITAIN will not be same ever…..pound id declining,interest rate will go up and so will inflation and not forgetting the fuel will go up…migrants or no migrants this great country is ” going down” btw i voted to remain….david cameron took huge gamble and back fired on him …..


    • Brexit began as a negative reaction to white, working class, Eastern European immigrants in minimum wage jobs. The vastly over exaggerated refugees figures (75 million from Turkey or some such nonsense) also played a key role in motivating Brexit. Qualified, highly skilled Western European and Asian immigrants were not their main worry. In fact, one of the arguments proposed by the Brexit campaigners was that they wanted to stem the steady flow of poorly qualified Eastern European immigrants and instead open doors to doctors and scientists from outside the EU with a points based immigration system like Australia. It was a straw man argument but it shows you whom the leave campaigners were primarily targeting. This wasn’t just a case of nationalist politics but more importantly, class politics.


  9. The case is not as simple. Why should the present generation pay for the sins of the past generations? The same argument is used by uppercastes in India. Just like white trash, there is brown trash and black trash also. Nothing wrong in safeguarding own interests .
    The way Soviet Union disintegrated, the same way EU will also disintegrate one by one. Britain showed the way.

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    • I think Britain will disintegratre soon. Most of Scotland voted against getting out of EU and so also N. Ireland.

      One thing that I always admire is this sense of responsibility which some European leaders have always shown by resigning.
      PM of Iceland did that a while ago. Now Cameron
      When I think of our own leaders makes me so ashamed. All those riots 1984 2002 and some before that…


    • Yes there’s a far bigger threat of the EU disintegrating now that UK has made its exit. The EU is a bureaucratic mess and its handling of countries like Greece does not instill any confidence among other member nations. I think UK did the best thing possible by opting out of a crumbling structure that is inherently favoring one economy (Germany) while keeping the others unhappy — tied as they are to financial cutbacks in the name of “austerity.”

      If UK had not exited the EU would have crumbled anyway…not immediately but it was imminent as the writing is on the wall. To those who support the EU ,I would ask them to remember Greece and its current predicament — the country does not have any freedom of its own to formulate economic policy. The money that it gets as financial aid is used to pay off accrued debt; the government is forced to hunt for taxes and increase them on existing businesses; pensions have gone down and spending cuts have become the norm. That’s the price a nation pays for accepting membership of a club that’s hellbent on sucking the life out of its fellow members.


      • jayshah Says:

        Agree though Greece is an exceptional case.


      • I don’t think the EU is going to crumble anytime soon. I also don’t think Brexit will create any monumental changes in the status quo, (as long as Scotland doesn’t make good on its demand for independence). Here’s something interesting I came across:

        “Okay, here is some Brussels insider talk on Brexit. Two groups have emerged. The ones who want to rush the divorce: Schulz, Juncker, France, Italy. And the ones who want to take it slow: Cameron, Merkel, The Dutch, Austria, the Irish, the Visegrad 4. The goal is to win time and let the market reaction do its magic, so that at the end we have no full Brexit but a situation where perhaps the mercantile bits can be salvaged. Sounds impossible today, but this latter group is looking at the next two years and they understand that a lot can happen. If the economic fallout is as dramatic as it now seems it will be, the next prime minister might be tempted to go for special status instead of full Brexit. Pretty much what Boris Johnson wanted in the first place. A few other member states could follow, and so could Turkey. That way you get core Europe and a closely affiliated economic group around it. The key to this is to prevent the quick divorce that many are asking for. Merkel is aiming at playing it slow at the next summit, and she will likely get her way. “


  10. Concern about the scale and impact of immigration was the biggest single factor in the outcome. But it also fed on a sentiment among those whose standard of living has been slipping that they have been forgotten about. The government’s austerity policies introduced in response to the 2008 financial crisis has hit these people the hardest – yet they see the bankers and traders who bore some responsibility for that calamity continuing to pay themselves huge salaries.

    It’s difficult to see how David Cameron can now remain as Prime Minister for all that much longer. There was no constitutional need to call a referendum. He did so to seek to marginalise the Euro sceptic minority within his own Parliamentary party and to stave off the encroachment from the right of the anti-Europe UK Independence Party. He was confident that the country would vote resoundingly to remain in Europe. He had been proven calamitously wrong.

    Mr Cameron’s political authority has all but evaporated. Critics question whether he can now credibly take the lead in negotiating Britain’s disengagement from Europe when he campaigned so fervently against withdrawal.

    In one respect, the Prime Minister has been shown to be right. The collapse of the Pound as the result of the referendum became clear has demonstrated the financial perils of isolation from the EU.

    Britain’s exit from Europe will stoke fears that the country will become more inward looking and less welcoming both to new migrants and to the ethnic minority communities who have made the country their home. But it would wrong to imagine that most ‘Brexit’ supporters are closet racists. Plenty of voters of South Asian heritage supported the Leave campaign – among them Priti Patel, the Conservatives’ Employment Minister and the most senior politician of Indian origin in the government.

    The uncoupling from the European Union will take time – two years at least and perhaps much longer. EU leaders have said they will do no favours to a departing Britain. They want to stem the rising tide of Euro-scepticism in other member countries. But now that Britain is on course for exit, it may be in everyone’s interest to have a smooth and amicable divorce. The Leave campaigners are keen on continued tariff-free access to the European market – it’s the political aspect of the European Union they object to.

    The greater uncertainty is the realignment in British politics which this surprise referendum result is likely to usher in. Scotland may well decide that remaining in the EU is more important than its union with England. London may have to devolve decision-making to the English regions, which resent the capital’s affluence and near stranglehold on political power. And politicians will have to start listening to the people they represent rather than lecturing at them.

    (Andrew Whitehead, a former BBC Delhi correspondent, is an honorary professor at the University of Nottingham and at Queen Mary, University of London.)



  11. sanjana Says:

    The new Hindi releases were all very poor with none of them even managing to collect 1 crore nett on day one. The first day apprx collections were as follows

    Raman Raghav 2.0 – 90,00,000

    Junooniyat – 55,00,000

    7 Hours To Go – 35,00,000

    The other releases had collections which could not even reach 10 lakhs nett.

    The Hollywood release Independence Day – Resurgence was better than the Hindi releases as it grossed 3.75 crore nett apprx on day one which is not that good either. The film may could show some good growth today but its unlikely to do much at the Indian box office..



  12. sanjana Says:

    Udta Punjab had a drop on its eight day of around 85%. The collections dropped all over, North could have held better but competition was there in the form of Sardaarji 2 which meant the drops were similar to the rest of the country. The collections of Udta Punjab till date are as follows.

    Week One – 47.50 crore

    Day Eight – 1.25-1.50 cr

    TOTAL – 48.75- 49 crore

    Overall the film is probably looking at a finish of 58-60 crore nett where the difference between Haider and Udta Punjab is basically the collections in East Punjab and Delhi city.



    • Look at their commentary on Udta Punjab, which they partially support by mentioning the word “dark” as many times as possible and then take a look at their comments on Teen, which they even had the temerity to compare to a film like Sanam Re

      Is Teen not dark? Is that a Johar production with bright colours, song and dance and dollops of comic relief? It’s a good thing they didn’t try to compare the film to House Full 3 while they were at it…perhaps they were being a tad generous!

      There have been innumerable attempts by BOI to showcase their stupidity (bias is too feeble a word) and the only thing that’s clear by now is this — that it has no bounds!


      • Completely agree. They have been negative on TEEN with a vengeance even before the film released, saying things like the title TE3N written that way is a gimmick and vice-versa.

        It was actually quite stunning to see that none of the reviewers, including BR [and he praised to the hilt th e less-than-mediocre 24] shockingly, were able to dwell on the simple fact that this just isn’t a by-the-minute thriller. And that’s what I liked about the movie. It’s slow, damn moody, and sucks you in with it’s moment-to-moment story telling.

        The variety review Satyam posted and Deepa Gahlot in Outlook were the only 3 reviewers who could talk about the film’s subversion of a quintessential ‘thriller.’




  13. Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha of `Bend it like Beckham’ fame tweeted, “Watching the results. Feeling sick to my stomach.”

    Salman Rushdie got on to Twitter too, mocking the Brexit vote, “Old Farts 1 The Future 0. Well done England.Maybe lose to Iceland next & get out of Europe properly?” Keith Vaz, British Labour MP of Indian origin, told TOI: “This is a crushing decision and a terrible day for Britain and a terrible day for Europe.”

    However, UK Labour politician and economist Lord Meghnad Desai said the Brexit “came through because there was real passion” behind it and “BRemain was more a story of being cautious.”

    S Ahmad, an Indian in London, said he had voted for Britain to remain with the EU. “I am outraged. As an immigrant, Brexit makes you feel how other people in this country look at you. We were constantly told that we are a multicultural nation and we appreciate immigrants. But that sentiment today feels totally dishonest,” he said.

    A month ago, British Election Survey claimed the majority of UK’s BritishIndian community were expected to vote against leaving the EU. It said 27.74% were voting for Brexit whereas 51.7% were voting for status-quo. However, the survey showed that 17% of the respondents hadn’t still made up their mind.



    • Had it not been for the intense negative campaign run by the “remain” group, mostly Cameron, Osborne and co, highlighting financial Armageddon, World War III and what not, the results would have been a landslide for the “leave” campaign. A lot of people voted for “remain” just to maintain status quo; they were scared about a recession, about job losses…about their own future.

      But this brings us back to the question: why then did a huge number of people risk financial insecurity, their own future, to exit the EU? Is it all because of xenophobia? Or is there a genuine concern about breakdown of essential services due to increase in immigration from across the border? It’s easy to blame Britain for being narrow-minded and xenophobic, but there are economic realities and harsh practicalities of day to day life. The EU as an institution might have shifted opinion as well — the EU elites underestimated just how much the British love democracy, which the EU tries to suppress at all costs. I’m not a Cameron supporter but within hours of the vote he came out and resigned — there was no attempt on his part to absolve blame, shirk responsibility or call for a second referendum since the margin was so close. The people had spoken and that was that. The EU should learn this much, if nothing else…

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  14. London, United Kingdom: More than a million people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum, after “Leave” voters won a shock victory to pull Britain out of the European Union, an official website showed Saturday.

    The website of the parliamentary petition at one point crashed due to the surge of people adding their names to the call for another nationwide poll following Thursday’s historic vote.

    “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based (on) a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum,” says the petition. Turnout for Thursday’s referendum was 72.2 percent.

    By 1000 GMT on Saturday some 1,040,000 people had signed the petition on the official government and parliament website — more than 10 times the 100,000 signatures required for a proposal to be discussed in the House of Commons, the lower house of parliament.

    The parliament’s Petitions Committee, which considers whether such submissions should be raised in the House, is to hold its next meeting on Tuesday.

    On Friday, a House of Commons spokeswoman said the website had been taken out of action temporarily because of “exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion”.

    The government responds to all petitions that garner more than 10,000 signatures, according to the official website, which said there had so far not been a response.

    The Leave camp won the support of 51.9 percent of voters, against 48.1 percent in favour of remaining in the 60-year-old European bloc.

    The result revealed stark divisions between young and old, north and south, cities and rural areas, and university-educated people and those with fewer qualifications.

    A map of the petition signatures showed that most came from England’s major cities, topped by London where there is a separate petition calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the capital independent from the United Kingdom, and apply to join the EU.



  15. Campaigners to get Britain out of the European Union won their shock victory by building an alliance of older and less-educated voters angry about the way globalization has changed their lives. Now they’re telling people they won’t get what they want.

    Vote Leave explicitly targeted people concerned about immigration, warning them that millions of Turks were on their way to Britain. The morning after they won Boris Johnson, their leading spokesman and the favorite to succeed David Cameron as prime minister, began backing away from that message.

    “I want to speak directly to the millions of people who did not vote for this outcome, especially young people, who may feel that this decision in some way involves pulling up a drawbridge,” he said. “I think the very opposite is true. We can control our own borders in a way that is not discriminatory but fair and balanced, and take the wind out of the sails of the extremists and those who would play politics with immigration.”

    Johnson’s discomfort with the campaign tactics that delivered him victory reflect a deep division within the backers of Brexit. Many at the top want a liberal, free market, low-regulation country modeled on London, the city Johnson led for eight years. Johnson proposed an amnesty for illegal immigrants, and said anyone with a job should be able to come to the country. But the people whose votes they relied on want dramatically reduced immigration and more regulation, even if it means being poorer.

    “It’s a crucial split within the Leave group,” said Gerry Stoker, professor of political science at Southampton University. “It was absolutely clear that a lot of their supporters weren’t just voting for ending new immigration, but for sending back existing immigrants.”

    The spokesman for anti-migrant angst isn’t Johnson, but Nigel Farage, whose U.K. Independence Party helped force the referendum in the first place. Farage has long wanted to get out of the EU, but only began to succeed once he linked it in people’s minds to immigration. His argument was that “I’d rather we weren’t slightly richer and I’d rather we had communities that felt more united.”

    In the early days of the referendum campaign, Vote Leave rejected an approach focused on immigration, partly because few of their principal spokesmen supported it. But in the final month, it reversed that stance. Farage, frozen out of the official campaign, went further, publishing a poster showing refugees entering the EU that Leave supporter Michael Gove said made him “shudder”.

    With the battle won, those around Farage are determined that the focus on immigration shouldn’t be abandoned. “Entirely reasonable to believe that the Conservative Party learned nothing from this vote,” wrote Arron Banks, Farage’s principal donor, on Twitter when he read Johnson’s pro-immigration comments.

    If Johnson hopes to lead the country, he will need to decide whose side he’s on. He’s already tasting the problems of taking sides. A popular former London mayor, he had the jarring experience of winning the country but not his own city, which voted strongly for “Remain.” The day of his triumph, he left his house to be greeted with an angry crowd and shouts of “scum.”

    Meanwhile polling by former Conservative lawmaker Michael Ashcroft found a clear correlation between age and likelihood to vote for a Brexit. Some 60 percent of the over-65s and 57 percent of those aged 55 to 64 voted to leave the bloc, compared with just 27percent of those aged 18 to 24. A study by YouGov found that those with university degrees voted strongly for “Remain,” while those who left school at 16 voted strongly for “Leave.”

    Johnson, a wealthy man who went to Eton, one of the world’s most prestigious schools, and is given to quoting Latin and Greek, is on the other side of the argument from the young and the educated. If he wants to win them back, and follow his own instincts, it will be at the cost of disappointing the people whose support helped him win this week.

    And if he does succeed in replacing Cameron as prime minister, any meaningful trade deal negotiated with the EU will likely require some concessions on the free movement of people. The Swiss government spent the last two years seeking a way to introduce restrictions for newcomers without having to annul a bilateral deal with the EU that would cost Swiss output an estimated 32 billion francs ($33 billion) a year.

    “Delivering the full package of what many people think they voted for is highly unlikely,” said Peter Paul Catterall, reader in history, sociology and criminology at the University of Westminster. “The process will be messy. Because of the inevitable mismatch between the expectations that have been raised and any likely results, it could also get ugly.”



  16. Lisa shared a morphed image from the IIFA press conference with Salman addressing the media with stars like Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Tiger Shroff, Farhan Akhtar and Sonakshi Sinha standing besides him.

    In the image, faces of all the stars except Salman were swapped with that of monkeys with hands on their mouth.

    She tweeted: “Bollywood’s most progressive stars stood next to Salman Khan quietly.”

    Salman had courted controversy after he said during a media interaction that he felt like a “raped woman” walking out of a ring in his role as a wrestler in his upcoming film Sultan. He later said, “I don’t think I should have” and explained that he found it hard to walk.

    Read: Salman fans abuse Sona Mohapatra as she slams ‘50-year-old baby’

    But Bollywood has been wishy-washy in expressing their opinion on the controversy.

    Only a few celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and Anurag Kashyap and Sona Mohapatra have come forward to express their views without any inhibitions, but a whole lot of them remained mum.

    After Salman’s comment snowballed into a big controversy, his father and veteran screenwriter Salim Khan contended that Salman meant no wrong when he said he felt like a “raped woman”, but apologised on his behalf.



  17. Raman Raghav 2.0 and Junooniyat remained poor at the box office on Saturday withe the growth being nothing like it should be for films starting as they did.. The first two collwctions are as follows.

    Raman Raghav

    Friday – 90,00,000

    Saturday – 1,30,00,000

    TOTAL – 2,20,00,000


    Friday – 55,00,000

    Saturday – 70.00,000

    TOTAL – 1,25,00,000


    The Hollywood release Independence Day – Resurgence is also set to be a so so affair in India as collections did not rise that much on Saturday. The first day was 3.75 crore nett and day two was around 4.75 crore nett giving it 8.50 crore nett in two days.



  18. The raging controversy regarding Salman Khan’s statement comparing the preparation for on-screen wrestling to the act of rape refuses to die down.

    The latest development on the issue is that Salman won’t apologize before the National Commission Of Women, although his brother Arbaaz Khan and many of his close friends including Farah Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui feel he should tender an unconditional apology.

    “He has done no wrong, why should he apologize?” says a close friend of the actor who reveals that the promotions of Sultan which releases in less than two weeks would now get affected.

    “Salman has been instructed to keep quiet, very quiet. He speaks from his heart and often without thinking of the repercussions of his statement. He is been restrained from doing so. This would have a direct and clear impact on the promotions of Sultan,” says the source.

    There is also talk among sources within the current government that the rape analogy may cost Salman Khan his goodwill ambassadorship to the Rio Olympics.

    “Unless Salman apologizes, he shall be seen to be unrepentant about his careless statement. We can’t have a national icon who speaks so carelessly about a crime as heinous as rape,” says an active member of the government.



  19. Breaking a tradition of contributing towards presidential conventions of both parties, Apple will not support Republicans this time because of its unease with Donald Trump.

    The Cupertino, California-based company has not officially announced its decision, but unidentified officials confirmed it to multiple US media outlets.

    While Trump has attacked Apple for its production facilities in China, vowing to bring them back to the US, the company is more troubled by his racist and bigoted remarks.

    It joins Hewlett-Packard, the other IT giant whose CEO Meg Whitman has compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini, in refusing to support the Republican convention.

    Apple’s help, as that of Microsoft and Google, which are all backing both conventions, may not amount to much in itself — Apple products worth $140,000 in 2008.

    But the optics of it will be troubling for the Republican Party, which is struggling to come to grips with their nominee and his bitterly divisive remarks on race, religion and all in between.

    Other companies that have decided to not sponsor the Republican convention include JP Morgan Chase and Ford Motors, according to a Bloomberg report.

    It’s a standard practice for many US companies to contribute towards both conventions through resources and products, without seeming to be taking sides. But 2016 will be different.

    Trump, who likes to flaunt his private sector experience and friends, and who is usually quick to respond to slights and put-downs, had not responded till late Sunday.

    The real-estate magnate has been struggling lately with his own party’s continuing misgivings about him, alternating between seeking its help and claiming he will be fine by himself.

    On Saturday, he sought help, telling supporters at a rally, “I’m raising a lot of money for the Republican Party, and a lot of beneficiaries, and I like doing it – but we have to have help”.

    “You know, life is like a two-way street, right? It’s a two-way street. So that’s it. Otherwise, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. I’ll just keep funding my own campaign.”

    His poll numbers, which he also likes to boast about on campaigns trail, have been tanking — un-favourability hit a record 70% high this week — adding to his woes.

    A narrative is gaining ground that Trump has squandered away the advantage he had over Hillary Clinton, having wrapped up his nominating contests almost five weeks before her.



  20. Udta Punjab dropped in the second weekend grossing around 5.75 crore nett which is over 80% doen from the first weekend. The ten day collections of the film are around 53.25 crore nett. The film is looking at lifetime business of 58-60 crore nett.

    The new releases fared poorly with Raman Raghav grossing 3.75 crore nett apprx over the weekend. The film managed some growth on Saturday but with such such low numbers it does not really matter. The collections are lower than Manjhi – The Man Mountain which had a 6.17 crore nett first weekend.

    Junooniyat also fared poorly with collections around 2.15 crore nett. The film had slightly better collections in the centres of UP. 7 Hours To Go made no impact with around 1 crore nett in its first weekend. A Scandall, Dil To Deewana Hai and Homestay had hardly any collections.



  21. One of the most eligible bachelors of B-town Tusshar Kapoor, recently became a proud father and welcomed his baby boy.

    Yes, you heard that right. Even we were surprised when we heard about it. But after a little research, we got to know that with the help of IVF and surrogacy Tusshar was able to fulfil his wish.

    The actor who is yet to tie the knot is a single parent to the baby who was born last week and the Kapoor family have named their little champ “Laksshya”.

    When contacted the actor here’s what he shared, “I am thrilled to be a father! The paternal instincts in me have been overpowering my heart and mind for some time now. Therefore, I am thrilled beyond words to have Laksshya, now the greatest source of joy in my life. By the greatness of God and the excellent medical team at Jaslok, parenthood is an option for many, who choose to be single parents.”

    Proud grandparents, Shobha and Jeetendra Kapoor, too have expressed their joy. “We could not be more excited to be grandparents to Laksshya, and are completely supportive of Tusshar’s decision. This is certainly a tremendous blessing, and an exciting time in our lives. Tusshar is a wonderful Son, and he has proven with responsibility, independence and kindness that he will be a great father to Laksshya.”

    Dr. Firuza Parikh, Director of IVF and Genetics at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, led the treatment and states, “I am impressed with Tusshar’s determination to be a father. He maintained a keen interest in the baby’s health at every stage. He will surely be a sensitive and nurturing parent.”

    She further added, “Recently, we have had many single men and women approved for parenthood. As a public figure, Tusshar’s brave and bold decision will open the field of assisted reproduction making it accessible to not just single parents, but also to many who fervently desire to have a baby.”

    India- Forums Bollywood Team wishes Tusshar and the whole Kapoor family hearty congratulations on the arrival of their little champ. God bless the toddler with good health.



  22. Myselfaamir Says:

    Salman’s remark sexist … India at flashpoint on women’s rights … Bollywood’s scared – but younger guys are free thinkers’

    June 24, 2016, 2:00 AM IST Srijana Mitra Das in Doctor in the House | Edit Page, India, Q&A | TOI

    Singer, composer and songwriter Sona Mohapatra is one of the few artists working in Bollywood who criticised actor Salman Khan’s ‘felt like a raped woman’ remark. Speaking with Srijana Mitra Das, Mohapatra discussed the vicious trolling she’s faced, hypocrisy in the film industry, misogyny versus manners – and younger, cooler role models:

    You criticised an icon – were you not afraid of a backlash?
    Not really. The backlash is something i expected as i’ve seen other women mercilessly trolled on social media – but i did not expect it to be as vicious as it got.
    From profanities, rape threats, morphed naked pictures, ageism, sexism, misogyny, bullying, warnings about being put out of ‘work’, the trolls made this a circus!
    Coming back to the silly remark made by a serial offender, i have to say – there comes a point where this kind of stupidity becomes sickening and having your father apologise for you is absolute cowardice.
    I had to speak out – it disturbed me that our ‘industry’ keeps mum on selective issues. Some people have carte blanche to say and do whatever they please. These people are raised on a pedestal – they stand for the most regressive, sexist values while our supposedly liberal, progressive peers shut their eyes and ears to obviously vile remarks and actions.It’s just so convenient.
    I’m a thinking person and a committed citizen – i believe engaging with the socio-political environment, having a point of view and sharing it is critical to my existence as an artiste.

    What responses have you got from within the film industry?
    I’ve never been part of any industry – i don’t even see it as an industry. It’s more like an extended family business – which is why no one ever speaks out against one of ‘their own’. The industry is propelled by fear and a strong hierarchy – where everyone must know their place.These ideas were never acceptable to me – i don’t have too many allies within the business but the ones who’ve worked with me share the same values.I’ve received support discreetly, especially from the younger generation.
    The response from outside has been much more heartening – people openly stood with me. We share concerns about rampant misogyny in our country – and believe Bollywood’s unwittingly added to it. It’s time for a course correction.

    What fuels this misogyny – just when women are more professionally active than before?
    I think we’re at a flashpoint with the issue of women’s rights in India.
    There are more women working than ever before – but i don’t think men have quite figured out how to deal with it. There’s a loss of ‘tehzeeb’, manners, in our culture, which is making the conversation between the genders more complicated.
    Bollywood used to help cultivate ‘tehzeeb’ through wonderful, witty banter and a civilised code of conduct. It taught men how to be sophisticated – until it all collapsed sometime in the 80s.
    You mention the 80s – is there now a generation gap in the film industry, with younger artists showing a more modern, real mindset?
    I think so – it gives me great hope for the future that the younger lot of actors are mostly chivalrous gentlemen.
    It was also a brilliant example when Virat Kohli stood up for Anushka Sharma after she was viciously trolled. Ranveer Singh is another fine example of a true gentleman, a modern, free thinker – who’s okay with equal women around him.We need more male role models like them.

    Meanwhile, why does adulation blind fans to obvious flaws in stars? And will social media improve public expectations?
    Well, the problem in India is our need to deify celebrities.
    Everyone must be held to the same standard – but our celebrities, especially actors, are given a pedestal because the virtues of their on-screen personas are attributed to them. People confuse characters written by someone else, propped up by costumes, sets, dialogues, somebody else’s epic music, to be the person themselves.
    The argument that charity makes them special is also dubious. Charity is not a ‘goodwill ATM’ – you don’t get redeemable points for charity, which you can encash against bad behaviour.
    We need more role models from various fields of life – the media really needs to start looking for personalities outside the standard Bollywood tropes.Or we’ll be left with a vacuous, superficial, celebrity-obsessed Gen-Next.


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  23. Myselfaamir Says:

    I salute the lady for the courage she has displayed against the mightier Khan. It takes immense courage to call a spade a spade especially being a woman and on top of that she is fighting it almost singlehandedly standing her ground by not caving in despite the threats and vitriol she has been facing since she took a stand against Salman “Being human” Khan. It reflects badly on Bollywood as an industry where power crushes dissenting voices. Also shameful for so called feminists such as Amitabh, Aamir, Farhan and bigger shame on the actresses who are keeping mum despite the issue being directly linked to them. More power to her, Kangana and such feisty women for sailing against the tide.

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  24. Another heart-breaking loss (and miss) for Messi and then of course this shocking announcement. He’s really been jinxed in these international tournaments. Hope he reconsiders.


  25. omrocky786 Says:

    Shorgul fatwa exposes duplicitous Bollywood, fake liberals
    Last week the Khamman Peer Baba Committee issued a Fatwa against actor Jimmy Sheirgill and the makers of the film Shorgul as it believes the film could probably hurt the sentiments of Muslims. The diktat states, “a seasoned actor like Jimmy Sheirgill has hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community by enacting scenes that will cause unrest in the community through the dialogues and scene depictions.” A political drama based on the Muzaffarnagar riots Shorgul features Sheirgill and Ashutosh Rana in the lead roles and depicts the friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl that leads to unrest in society. Although the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has cleared with a U/A certificate, the film has already been ‘banned’ in several cities of Uttar Pradesh. .
    While the entire film fraternity came together to support freedom of expression when Udta Punjab was being threatened by the CBFC there hasn’t been a single statement of solidarity with either Sheirgill or the makers of Shorgul. Political ideology, too, has been said to be a reason for CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani’s demand for certain cuts. The entire Bollywood A-list right from Karan Johar to Zoya Akhtar to Shabana Azmi to Aamir Khan defended the film from the worst that could happen if Nahilani’s nefarious plan for Udta Punjab came to a pass. Ironically, the fears that made Bollywood ally together to save Udta Punjab have come true for Shorgul but forget Bollywood even the custodians of free speech couldn’t care less for Shorgul. You’d not hear Suhel Seth compare any member of the Khamman Peer Baba Committee to a ‘bulldog or call them dolts’ or Anand Patwardhan, who has talked ad nauseam about his trials with the system, tweeting for Shorgul like he tweeted praising the High Court’s decision on Udta Punjab.


    • the best way to punish the industry’s hypocrisy might be to boycott it completely.. why not stop watching Bollywood films?! They will continue to be hypocritical! All this outrage doesn’t bother them as long as you continue to watch the films one way or the other..

      It’s like the Salman thing.. who’s not going to buy a ticket for his next because of his atrocious comment? No one! Again the industry didn’t say a word.

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      • I think in UP and other states, Riots can be rented for some amount. They will ban movies, create communal riots and general unrest in society for a price. India Today english Channel discussed this today thoroughly with video proofs.
        They are useful to win elections too.


  26. omrocky786 Says:

    Why Indian box office collections depend on who you ask

    For instance, in 2013, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan was accused of inflating the net domestic box office collection of his film Krrish 3 by Rs.15-20 crore. Roshan had denied the allegation. Even today, there are multiple figures available for the collections of Krrish 3, varying between Rs.198.65 crore and Rs.244.92 crore.

    To be sure, for the 103-year-old Indian film industry, which now stands at Rs.13,820 crore in size (according to the FICCI-KPMG report of 2016), there is no single authentic source that reports the box-office collections of movies. For an industry that obsesses about numbers rather than the quality of the cinema it produces, the reporting of business has for long been ambiguous.

    Till then, filmwallahs will continue to report speculative numbers, like they did for the upcoming Rajnikanth-starrer Kabali, which is said to have done a business of Rs.200 crore even before its release. However, the film’s public relations officer Riaz K. Ahmed said: “There’s nothing official about these figures. We haven’t started the business yet. We have, so far, sold only audio rights and portion of the overseas rights. That alone will not add up to Rs200 crore



    • some of us have been saying this (and more) for years..

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      • BOI counts every paisa! In fact they are better than CAG!!

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      • omrocky786 Says:

        I watched Jurmana , did not remember anything from the movie except the first scene, but this time IMO that was the most forgettable scene.
        I liked the movie and Bachchan’s performance but I still maintain that overall the movie is not even close to Bemisal in terms of performances, music, dialogues etc.
        The end btw is a big cop out probably due to the pressure from the distributors, the first scene was probably added due to the same fact as well.
        Bachchan’s evil smile right before Sawan key Jhooley was shocking !! LOL!!


        • I know the movie frame by frame.. adore everything about it..


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Nice read, now I will have to watch Mili.
            quick question- when Mehra requests Lagoo to agree to Rakhi-Bachchan alliance – My DVD cuts to the next scene ..and Lagoo is totally gone out of the movie?
            Did I miss something ??


          • if you’re referring to that scene towards the end yes Lagoo isn’t there after this but then there’s nothing much for him to do beyond that point..

            Incidentally I like Mili even more than Jurmana..


          • part of a comment on his blog a long time back…

            [incidentally I saw the Bengali original of Bemisaal yesterday, Ami se o sakha, Uttam Kumar. Once again I must say that Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film is easily superior as is the star at the center of it (even otherwise Uttam Kumar was a bit too old for this part.. he was around 48 when he did this). In this regard I should say that your performance both in this film and in Silsila (roughly from the same period) are among your most fluid ones and to the extent where the entire energy graph is singularly elevated by you. fluidity might seem like a rather obvious characteristic when it comes to your performances, you have so many dominant ones in commercial and middle cinema. But these two belong to a sort of sub-group where you have be not larger than life and not exhibit that sort of gesturality and yet introduce greater reserves of energy in these relatively ‘normal’ (which is to say not ‘superstar’) parts. It isn’t like Jurmana where you are as fluid but still not completely ‘above’ the script if you know what I mean. But paradoxically the very strengths I’ve just talked about also make Silsila and Bemisaal ‘weaker’ in a weird sense. Because your performances are too transcendent for the world of these films. You are ‘in’ them to the same degree that you are ‘in’ Jurmana. I will say on Silsila though that the casting choices here were I believe ‘incorrect’ ones (even if I like Jayaji’s performance here a lot). The original choices (if the various stories are to be believed there was talk of Smita Patil and Parveen Babi.. would have been better). I will not expand further on this.

            Bemisaal though is easily the more interesting film. Even more ambiguous and suggestive in some ways than the Bengali original. Again I would have preferred someone other than Rakhee here, at least at that stage of her career.]


          • omrocky786 Says:

            The whole thing came across as hurried, we did not even get to see Laagoo’s reaction/ or his assent to the proposal.
            Aside- Farida Jalal and Asrani had quite a big role and was really happy for both of them.


          • I suppose he has more or less agreed by the end.. At that point there is also the film’s final drama to be completed.


          • omrocky786 Says:

            BTW- did you notice a brief BGM of -Koi hota jisko apna ??
            I thought it sounded familiar and then it realized it’s that song.
            did not get a chance to look up which movie came first though .


          • The song is from Gulzar’s Mere Apne which released in ’71. I do recall hearing that music on some other film’s BGM but didn’t remember it was Jurmana. Surprising though given the composers are different in each case.


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Munna will be so proud of me..lol!!

            Films with only background music composed by Salil.

            Interestingly, many other films have used Salil’s music without any acknowledgement – specially films directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Here are some examples :

            – Waqt – (Directed by Yash Chopra in 1965)
            – Mili (Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1975)
            – Arjun Pandit (Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1976. Used the title music of ” Anokha Daan” as its Title music)
            – Chhupke Chhupke (Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1975)
            – Kotwaal Saab – (Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1977) – Used the Title music of “Anand” as its Title music.
            – Jurmana (Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1979)
            – Khubsoorat ( Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1980)

            “Ahankar”(1995) has the Title music and the background music by Salil. The music director is Anu Malik.

            ….There are probably many more…


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          • ah.. that makes sense..


          • yes though Munna can even tell you what Salil C ate the day he composed that music..

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          • omrocky786 Says:

            From the same piece- Often Salil used snippets of his background music to create new songs and sometimes used a song’s melody line with some variations as background music…
            Aside- Google baba kee jai ho !!


          • I was thinking, why am I getting hiccups during my lunch 🙂

            PS – This March, I was in Banglore. My dad and I were arguing about something and My dad said something like “tumhe theek se google karne nahi aata” 🙂

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          • Now that is the joke of the year!

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          • If you are history and food fan, please check on Netflix ” raja rasoi aur anya kahaniyaan ” .


          • thx.. will do..


  27. This week has seen a very bad result at the box office as all the films released on Friday fell badly on Monday. The Hindi films saw a very dull weekend and none of them could go better than a 50% hold on Monday from there very low starting points..

    Raman Raghav 2.0 dropped 50% from Friday grossing around 45 lakhs nett. This takes the business for the film to 4.25 crore nett and the first week will be around 5.50 crore nett. Junooniyat grossed 25 lakhs nett on Monday dropping 55% from Friday. The film has grossed 2.40 crore nett in four days and will do around 3 crore nett in its first week.

    Independence Day – Resurgance also fared porrly as it dropped more than 50% on Monday with collections in the 1.75-2 crore nett range. The film will gross around 21 crore nett in its first week and probably do just 25 crore nett lifetime business.



  28. Actor Irrfan Khan says that southern megastar Rajinikanth’s film “Kabali” have stolen the poster of his upcoming film “Madaari” but said it was no big deal and urged fans to go for both films.

    Present at a mall in Mumbai for the promotion of the film, Irrfan, asked about the similarity between the films’ posters, said: “Even I didn’t know that. We are small filmmakers, I saw that Rajinikanthji’s film stole the poster of our film. You see his film’s poster and see our film’s poster. No big deal about it. Watch his film and watch our film, too.”

    Both the posters see the faces of the lead actors, Irrfan Khan and Rajinikanth, with numerous buildings and skyscrapers standing horizontally on their faces.

    Though the “Madaari” poster is mentioned as its official poster, loyal fans of Rajinikanth have clarified, on a website talking about the comparison, that the “Kabali” poster in question is a fan-made one and not the official poster.

    There are numerous posters of “Kabali” doing the rounds on social media. Rajiniknath had shared two posters on his Twitter account in September last year, when the shooting had begun.

    But among the recent ones, the one with Rajiniknath, Radhika Apte and ‘China actor’ Wilson Choa, one in which he is staring at a gun in his hand, one where he is sitting on a sofa and one showing him with sunglasses in side profile, have been the popular ones.

    About “Madaari”, Irrfan also said: “The film is a thriller, the film is talking about you. It is talking about 150 crore people, that there is a hero in every person and when that person wakes up then no one can face that person.”

    About the experience of working with director Nishikant Kamat, he said: “It felt very good. Nishinkant Kamat had made a film ‘Drishyam’, before that he made ‘Force’ and before that he had made ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’, and we had worked together on that film. We got the opportunity to work again in this film. The film is a solid thriller, you will enjoy it. There is a message in it. People will take their message on their own.”

    “Madaari” releases on July 15.



  29. Filmmaker Steven Speilberg’s fantasy adventure film “The BFG” is set to release in India on July 15.

    Reliance Entertainment has planned a pan-India release for the film in four languages: English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

    Written by Melissa Mathison, “The BFG” is based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl.

    “‘The BFG’ had a nostalgic impact on me because it was one of the first books I read to my kids,” Spielberg said in a statement.

    “I could be the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) to my own children, who looked up to me while I was reading that story. So I would do the BFG voice, I would pretend to be the BFG (acting it out) with my own personality,” he added.

    The film stars Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, Jemaine Clement, Rebecca Hall, Rafe Spall and Bill Hader.



  30. There was a lot of speculation and buzz about Hrithik’s character in Mohenjo Daro. With the trailer of the film released recently, it is finally out in the open that the superstar will be playing an Indigo farmer.

    This will be the first time the actor will be seen playing a farmer onscreen. As per sources close to the film, the reason he will be seen as an indigo farmer is because indigo was a natural dye extracted from plants during ancient times and the crop was also significant for barter exchange.

    Mohenjo Daro’s trailer also exhibits the old means of trading i.e. the method that was used before money was coined. The barter system will be taking us back to our History textbooks.

    The trailer shows glimpse of Hrithik indulging in a conversation of Barter exchange. Hrithik is seen bargaining the barter in the trailer in his most eloquent style!



  31. But in the face of a severe financial market reaction to the vote to leave the EU, US officials are making more supportive statements about the strength of the US-UK “special relationship” and stressing that they are still analyzing the impact of “Brexit” on the European trade talks.

    Security and trade experts said Washington is wary of adding to Britain’s economic pain, which could hamper its ability to maintain its commitments to NATO and US-led efforts to fight terrorism. A poorer Britain may not be able to afford its pledge to spend 2% of its GDP on defense at a time of increasing threats from Russia, nor a new fleet of nuclear submarines that form a key part of the West’s nuclear missile deterrent.

    “The UK could become smaller and weaker. If that happens, then you wonder if they can sustain the defense spending and the effort to be globally oriented,” Nicholas Burns, a former US ambassador to NATO, told reporters after an Atlantic Council event on Monday.

    “That’s what we worry about with Britain leaving. Britain was the strongest American partner inside the EU.”

    Some trade experts also said that a deal on the US-European Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) was unlikely for years now without Britain at the table, which could open an opportunity for a separate deal with the UK.

    “The ‘back of the queue’ statement will be forgotten by the next administration, if not sooner,” said Gary Hufbauer, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute of International Economics. “In my view, TTIP is either dormant or dead in the wake of Brexit.”

    It may be easier for Washington to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with Britain, a “like-minded” country that is more open to free trade than the 27 remaining EU members, said Miriam Sapiro, a former deputy US Trade Representative.

    “A US-UK agreement could create leverage to get TTIP done more quickly, and it’s an easier agreement to do,” Sapiro said.



  32. and here’s one (again from his blog) a couple of days ago on Sholay…

    A beautiful short poem by C P Cavafy (in the Edmund Keeley translation):


    Voices, loved and idealized,
    of those who have died, or of those
    lost for us like the dead.

    Sometimes they speak to us in dreams;
    sometimes deep in thought the mind hears them.

    And with their sound for a moment return
    sounds from our life’s first poetry—
    like music at night, distant, fading away.

    The mood of this poem, specially the closing lines, could flow rather easily into the mood created by my favorite scenes in Sholay — the night moments when you sit alone playing that tune and your solitude is matched by that of the young widow who is at that point doing her nightly rounds, putting out the lamps. Even in a film with scenes as extraordinary as this film has I do not think there any finer moments. And it’s not just about this film. I think these are some of the greatest moments of Indian cinema. In cinema (as in the novel) it is very hard to fashion a work that is both epic and chamber piece. To get incorporate both moods into the same work is to almost create a coincidence of opposites. The grand scale of the epic always argues against the intimacy of the lyrical moment stolen from time. It is only the very rare work that manages to do both at the same time. We see this so abundantly in Shakespeare. Also in Tolstoy. This shifting of gears in a very radical sense from one mood to another. But we also see it in Sholay. Another reason why Sholay is unique (even if strangely enough it has never been my favorite film..). Because unlike even the best masala films elsewhere it doesn’t just fit in a vast variety of emotional registers that are nonetheless integrated into the same dramatic framework and where the ‘tragedy’ and ‘romance’ and ‘comedy’ and what not (as the lettering in those classic trailers used to blare.. all kinds of adjectives and epithets! they don’t know how to do trailers anymore! like so much else..) is very much part of the same ‘time-space’. But in moving from say a Gabbar moment or the train robbery sequence at the beginning to the very intimate moments I started out with there are different orders of time involved. Certainly vastly different keys of expression and human response. To do both equally well is simply extraordinary. And this is what makes the film singular along with so much else.

    But in my fantasy film the entire film would be those moments or the mood generated by the same. It would be a world in which everything had already happened with these characters as the only surviving witnesses. Never able to say very much to each other.. forever communicating with modulations of sound or the shadows of dwindling light..

    And with their sound for a moment return
    sounds from our life’s first poetry—
    like music at night, distant, fading away.


  33. omrocky786 Says:

    News – samachar.com will never post here-

    Aneel Neupane ‏@AneelNeupane · 43m43 minutes ago

    Those who seek Kriti will find it removed. @ShirishKunder #KritiStoleBOB
    Thank you all for the immense support


  34. The House of Lords said in an April report that any decision to exit the EU would have to be approved by the parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

    Welsh voters supported Brexit, and Northern Ireland’s Parliament is led by a party that favors leaving the union. But Scottish voters overwhelmingly opposed leaving, and so does the governing Scottish National Party, which has pledged to take any available measures to remain in the bloc.

    Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, has suggested that her Parliament could withhold consent, sparking a constitutional crisis.

    That, in turn, could be an opportunity for leaders wishing to avoid a Brexit. The next prime minister could tell voters that he or she would like to carry out their will, but that leaving Europe is impossible without Scottish approval.

    This offers at least a hint more political legitimacy than simply disregarding the referendum.



  35. Rahul Dravid only Indian in Kumar Sangakkara’s all time XI

    I find it interesting, not because Tendulkar didn’t make the cut, but because he has chosen three #3 batsmen in his XI. Dravid, Lara and Ponting. Perhaps due to the fact that he too was a #3 batsman in his playing career?

    He has also placed Dravid as an opener, Lara at his usual position and Ponting at #4 (Tendulkar’s position).

    In effect he has replaced Tendulkar with Aravinda De Silva, who also was a #4 batsman. De Silva’s the captain as well, which is an odd choice, as Ranatunga was the most famous captain to have played for Sri Lanka. In the end though, this is his list, so you’ve gotta take it on face value, as it comes from a modern day great!


      • can’t say I like this list very much either..


      • of course any list always runs the risk of ‘presentism’. Bradman’s own list was quite tilted towards people he played with or those from his overall era. Some cricketers have such incredible numbers that it’s hard to argue against them but most others don’t have such overwhelming amounts of data to make their case. They are considered ‘great or ‘greatest’ but things then quickly become debatable. Specially with a game such as cricket where conditions in every sense have changed so much from era to era. It’s finally also a questioning of meaning. So Laxman’s extraordinary 281 against Australia, rated the greatest such in the last 50 years in a recent list, also depends on this sort of presentism. Or an audience that has some experience of the knock. With the passage of time those immediate audiences fade and the knocks are relegated to history books. They are still considered great but when that sense of meaning is removed from them it’s a bit harder to understand that which mesmerized the original audience so much. And this goes for very many things. Which is why if you go from decade to decade the knocks that become the most storied keep changing. There are very few constants. The performances are all great but it’s hard to replicate the contexts in which those knocks gained that much meaning. And unlike scoring a 100 centuries or having a 99 average or some such obvious thing those knocks depend very much on those contexts.


    • Think Sachin might be ok given the number of other such lists he appears on. Beginning with Bradman’s list. Think he might survive this..


  36. sanjana Says:

    Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan were at Istanbul airport hours before the suicide bomb attack that has killed 36 people.

    The actor tweeted about the staff, praising them as the kindest staff he had come across.

    Hrithik and his sons actually missed the connecting flight at Istanbul and were stuck at the airport because they could not get business class tickets. However, the trio, with the help of the staff, took an early economy flight and left the venue. The actor tweeted that his prayers are with Istanbul.



  37. sanjana Says:

    The actress plays mother to a 20-year-old in a Hindi-Bengali film which rolls in Kolkata.

    While speaking to Mirror earlier (August 4) Manisha Koirala had admitted that she is hungry for good roles but none of the offers have been substantial. Now, the actress has finally found a role that meets expectations and has given her nod to a Hindi-Bengali film. It marks the directorial debut of Promita Sengupta who has worked as an associate director to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and Prakash Jha.

    “It’s a beautiful story about a mother who reunites with s her son after 20 years and how their relationship transforms him for the better. It’s a strong woman-centric film which we have nurtured for two years before approaching Manisha with it,” says producer Himanshu Dhanuka. The actress who in the earlier interview had spoken about wanting to adopt a girl and a boy if she was declared cancer-free this year, has agreed to play the mother who like her, is 45 years old.

    Edavapathi’s trailer featuring Manisha Koirala

    Manisha plays a BihariMuslim and is mostly swathed in a burqa. She will be speaking Hindi with a smattering of Urdu and colloquial Bengali. “We will meet in July to start prepping up with reading sessions and workshops in Mumbai,” says Himanshu. This is his third film in the world cinema genre after Irrfan Khan’s No Bed of Roses, directed by acclaimed Bangladeshi filmmaker, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, and Anjan Dutt’s The Bongs Again.

    Bengali actor Anirban, last seen in Aparna Sen’s Arshinagar, will be playing Manisha’s 20-year old-son, named Maulali after the locality in Kolkata where he has grown up. The film will be shot in Kolkata in November and December in a start-tofinish two-month schedule.Manisha will be flying to the City of Joy two weeks before shooting kick-starts to get a feel of the story and her character.



  38. Wth ? This column is so weird…. or this is just a put on ! Its nothing to do with being homosexual or a heterosexual. He belongs to filmy family and is in an industry where everything is so in your face and still he writes all this ……..for effect ?

    Karan Affairs: I Don’t Get Sex – And I’m No Longer Trying

    “…So much so that when a bunch of classmates solemnly swore to a 12-year-old me that a blow job is when you take off all your clothes and lie on the bed with the fan on full, I followed it religiously, And very proudly told them after the summer vacation got over that I had had a “blow job” every day!

    Then I went through a phase where I just wasn’t feeling attractive enough. I wasn’t secure enough, I wasn’t sure enough. By the time I lost my virginity, I was 26 and that was after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I felt mildly famous. And so fame took the place of some of the shame. But again, since I didn’t grow up in a sexually informed, involved or enlightened atmosphere, by the time 26 rolled around, there were all kinds of silly notions that had crept in my head like having the lights off.

    In fact, I remember politely asking the person I was engaging with if we could “start the process”! I didn’t like watching porn because I didn’t find it sexy. I couldn’t understand how others got excited watching other people having fun. Porn made me feel worse. It only reminded of my own, well, shortcomings…..”



  39. Few more crazy excerpts from the same link ! I like his movie, but this thought process seems totally bizarre from such a film maker….

    .”..I feel liberated not experiencing it anymore – or chasing it any more. There’s no longer fear. I have now proudly informed my therapist that I am going through AOMO – the acceptance of missing out.

    I’m making a declaration – I’m not chasing sex (anymore). If someone wants to chase me, they can certainly go for it. I can’t do it – all that stress related to sexting, and should I put off all the lights or make it dim, followed by “am I good in bed”? I was once invited to an orgy. I declined. I can’t imagine anything more awful. I really am clumsy! I wouldn’t know what to do, where to look. I can barely handle one person, where could I hope to manage two or more?!

    That said, am I the person who yearns to get it? Who wants to embrace it, enjoy it and get what the fuss is all about? Of course part of me does, but I think it will only follow love. I still believe in the intimacy, the quiet moments, the beauty of a kiss – but the sharing will always be more exciting to me than the act itself. No chains or handcuffs or toys for me thank you very much, I don’t get the fuss – maybe I’m alone but I don’t get it.

    I’m also saying (to myself as much as to anyone else) that it’s ok to feel unsexy. It’s ok to feel nervous, it’s ok to not have moments that feel written out of a movie script. I feel Victoria may have a Secret but you don’t have to know it! And those Calvin Klein models – don’t be fooled by the socks that they got. “


  40. This is the third version of the song, which is a bit OTT, but I’m not complaining…


  41. Wow! I thought it would be a little less glamorous (getting Great Gadsby aesthetic for some reason even though this is like 30 years later time wise. I am a fan. Akki this is your year! All the best for your potential 3/3 year.

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  42. AamirsFan Says:

    looks like Flight.


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