Images from Rustom (updated)

thanks to Vijay…

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12 Responses to “Images from Rustom (updated)”

  1. He is looking good in the navy uniform.


  2. Son of a Gun!
    Rustam is looking altogether another movie after Airlift’s success.
    Another possible Hit for Akshay Kumar and this time his 3rd with Neeraj Pandey after Special 26 and Baby.
    This is a romantic thriller with Ileana D Cruz and Isha Gupta, set in 50s and based on a true story.


  3. 3 shots that shocked the nation and changed his life! Find out what happened with #Rustom this August 12, 2016.— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) March 2, 2016



  4. Gyan Prakash, a professor of history at Princeton and the author of the upcoming Bombay Fables, calls the Nanavati case India’s first media trial, “its own ‘OJ case’ ”. “The lead role here must be credited to Russi Karanjia. It was Blitz that turned this case into a trial of patriarchy and patriotism, and elicited the “people” on behalf of Nanavati. In terms of media history, Blitz’s role was a pioneering one. In the age before television, it was the closest one would come to an image-saturated coverage.” Blitz, says Prakash, covered the case with an abundance of photographs and graphic illustrations that imprinted the case as a picture in people’s minds.

    By the time the trial came to a close in the winter of 1961 — Nanavati, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court, was suddenly granted a special pardon by the government, but more on that later — the city was never the same again. Bombay of the late 1950s-1960s, says Prakash, was the twilight of the late colonial and early post-colonial city in which the elite south Bombay social ideal still had some resonance. “The trial and particularly its sensational coverage by Karanjia, built on voyeuristic interest, and the setting up of the “people” on the street, supposedly concerned over patriarchal and patriotic honour, against the “people” that the state represented in the court, was of far-reaching significance. It showed in advance what was to come later — the populist mobilisation of the “people” on the street against the ideals of the liberal democratic order in which the rational deliberations of law in the court were supreme.” The trial was also the last case in Bombay to be tried by a jury. The jury system was abolished since it was believed that the members of the jury had been influenced by the media’s portrayal of Nanavati as a martyr to the cause of honour.


  5. Hope people have seen ACHANAK by Gulzar which was also based on the Nanavati case though it branches off beautifully into a lovely dilemma.


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