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    Actor Irrfan Khan has landed himself in the midst of controversy following his comment on the traditions of fasting during Ramzan and sacrifice during Bakri Eid.

    In an interview, the actor said that rather than fasting, people should self-introspect. He also went on to say that animals are being slaughtered in the name of qurbaani. Elaborating further, Irrfan said that qurbaani is to sacrifice something close to you instead of a sheep or goat. The ‘Piku’ actor further added that nowadays the relevance behind religious activities is lost and people perform them without knowing the actual message behind them.

    Commenting on Muharram, the actor said that Muslims have made a mockery of Muharram and while it is meant for mourning, people celebrate it like a festival.

    Irrfan also criticised Muslim leaders for not speaking up on the issue of terrorism and also asked the general public to question politicians over this issue.

    His comments got a rebuttal from the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Zafaryab Gilabi, who condemned the actor by saying that he is not a religious leader and his advice is not needed. Maulana Khatri, secretary of Jamaat-e-Ulema-e-Hind also responded to the actors comment by saying that Irrfan Khan must concentrate on his career and should not make random statements.


  2. Jimmy Shergill-Ashutosh Rana starrer Shorgul that found itself knee deep in controversial waters seems to be destiny’s favourite child with the film getting rescheduled twice to opening with massive demand on screens across the nation, owing to unrelenting support from cinemagoers, theatre owners and bureaucratic offices alike. Overcoming litigations, bans and threats of varied sorts, the producers faced windfall success with Sheila Dixit, Arun Jaitley, Piyush Goel, watching the first day first show of the film.


  3. Shorgul opened to dull 2-3% response at multiplexes and The Legend of Tarzan was better at around 8-10% but still the opening here was also dull. Shorgul has managed to get a decent release as it was postponed from last week but screens do not mean collections. There were a couple other films like Kerry On Kutton and Fireflies In The Abyss and with names like this its not hard to guess what the results will be.

    It will probably be the worst five days for the box office as holdovers are running at low occupancy and the new releases are no better..

    Sultan will release on Wednesday which is a national holiday and with a poor six months gone by for Hindi films it will be important that Sultan emerges a big grosser just to give confidence that business is out there.


  4. When asked if Salman should apologies for his comments, the 50-year-old ‘Fan’ actor said, “In the last few years, I have come to realize that I have made so many inappropriate comments myself. I don’t think I am someone to sit in judgment for somebody else’s comment.

    Bollywood celebrities including Kangana Ranaut, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and Sona Mohapatra have condemned the “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” star’s remarks, while his brother Arbaaz, Sonu Sood and Subhash Ghai among others have come out in his defense. However, Shah Rukh doesn’t believe in taking sides.

    “It is not about taking a side or not taking a side. I myself talk a lot so who will sit, judge and decide who should do what,” he said.

    “Those who want to do something they should decide it for themselves. Personally speaking, I don’t think I am anyone to be making a comment. I am so inappropriate myself,” Shah Rukh said.


  5. Q. When did you first ask Salman Khan to appear in the MSCW office?
    A. We sent the actor a legal notice about his, “I feel like a raped woman” remark on June 22, asking him or his advocate to appear before the Commission on June 29. None of them did.

    Q. There is a parallel inquiry going on at the National Commission for Women (NCW) in Delhi. When the NSW has taken up the matter, why should the MSCW also do so?
    A. We have received Salman’s acknowledgement of our notice, through the firm, DSK Legal. In the notice, Salman said the panel needs to withdraw the notice to avoid duplicity and what they call ‘double jeopardy’. Actually the principle of double jeopardy does not apply here as it means when an accused is in danger of being punished twice. Besides, we (the State Commission) are not a lesser body. We have concurrent powers as the national body. Nobody is more or less and after all, Salman is a Mumbai resident.

    Q. When have you asked Salman to appear in the office again?
    A. On July 7 or 8, the day after whenever Eid will be, he has to be at the office alone or along with his advocate. Just his advocate will not do.

    Q. What do you want Salman to say before the MSCW on July 7 or 8?
    A. He needs to give a statement about the remark he made, and maybe, say that he did not mean it or say it deliberately. But, he needs to say that. This actor, a public figure, has lakhs of followers and we fear that these kinds of statements, which are demeaning, can influence the thinking of his young fans. With the status of being a celebrity, comes great responsibility too, Salman needs to realise that.


  6. MSDhoni Says:

    The biggest fuck point is the media circus associated with each of these controversy and media going overboard and going to each and every tom dick and harry for a comment.

    That is why Salman’s attitude is inexcusable here for not even making an attempt to give this the clarity it requires that – “ I should have not said that “ was already stated after using problematic adjectives and why is media not commenting on that.

    I think is a very ugly issue to stretch and gain mileage and he may be misjudging the fall out from this one as unlike this one , all the previous controversies have been about he said / she said and no one is privy to what actually happened.

    This is the statement he gave to Faridoon Shahryar from IndiaFM during IFFA…..

    Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon Jun 29
    Faridoon Shahryar Retweeted Anne Moffat
    He apologised two seconds later after saying it..he doesn’t want 2 b bulldozed 2 pander 2 egotistical news anchors!!

    So why not come out and say the same officially and get over with this nonsense !


  7. “Clerics don’t scare me. Thank God I don’t live in a country governed by religious contractors,” Irrfan Khan tweeted.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      On some points I can understand what he’s saying and even agree with but still on others I disagree with. But yeah he is allowed to say whatever he wants…it’s a free country! Just be prepared for the backlash.

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      • Expectedly, Twitter is full of comments from a section of people, the usual holier than thou bunch, using this opportunity to speak highly about Irfan and demonise the three leading Bolly Khans in the same breath. Their crime — they have not bothered to speak up in favour of Irfan.

        If Irfan has chosen to speak about the issue fearlessly, I commend him for his courage ( in declaring his beliefs openly); but others, his colleagues do not need to be castigated for their silence. People like SRK and Aamir have come to enough grief from a waiting mob on the net and elsewhere. They do not need to wear all their opinions and views openly on their sleeve.

        They need not comment on Salman’s loose lipped outbursts. They may have their views, but they can be silent about the same.

        It’s a bit like this FB friend ( a recent convert to right wing beliefs ) ridiculing his left leaning FB friends , mocking them….for not putting up anything on their timeline , condemning the recent continuing atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh. What’s the bloody use. Things in that benighted country are not going to change because of a few anguished status messages on Facebook. Seculars, supposed sickulars ( how I hate such newly created sly words) — no one is going to influence the downward trajectory of countries like Bangladesh. My heart does bleed for Bangladesh, but I am not going to talk about it.

        Yes, my heart also bleeds for the citizenry of Istanbul. Turkey that meeting point of the East and the West, now under seige.

        In their selfish pursuit of moneye power via gun sales to the world, one country has created war zones throughout the world.


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  8. P.K Talli Says:

    Aamir khan on the cover of GQMagazine July edition


  9. P.K Talli Says:

    iFaridoon @ REPLY ALL DM FAV RT DEL ? 10 hours ago
    News:@aamir_khan Nitesh Tiwari and Sidharth Roy Kapur will launch the first poster of #Dangal in #Mumbai at an event on Monday July 4.


  10. Shock of a loss for Djokovic even if he wasn’t in it even before the rain stopped things. These losses happen once in a while but if you’re chasing Federer’s number you can’t afford to lose to the 41st seed!

    meanwhile the Wales win thrilled me yesterday and I’d love to see them beat Portugal too! Even if they voted to leave the UK! Oh well at least Cardiff was on the other side..!


    • one of the worst shootouts ever in today’s game! And Italy despite being two penalties up refused to win!


    • jayshah Says:

      Shocker on Novak.
      Federer coming back from 2-0, great comeback. He’s on 17 with Novak on 12 – I doubt he felt Novak would ever lose…but if he wins Wimbledon its a swing of 2 slams in his mind – 1 he thought he would not win & 1 which everyone expected Novak to win. Murray would be favourite though.

      Venus is the story of the tournament so far @ 36 on verge of another final after all she’s been through.


  11. P.K Talli Says:

    True , but not bad for the ‘worst Italian side in 50 years’ as their media put it!


  12. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 23m
    #Sultan advance booking TERRIFIC… Expect a HURRICANE at the BO, when the film opens on Wed.

    this one will be huge..


  13. ance booking for Sultan was thrown open on the morning of 3 July. Movie halls across India have reported a phenomenal response for the Salman Khan-Anushka Sharma sports drama.

    Tickets have been selling like hot cakes, something that is bound to validate trade pundits’ claims that Sultan will break a number of Box Office records when it hits the screens this Eid.

    At Rajasthan, a mass-dominated circuit, matinee and afternoon shows for Sultan have already been sold out. Distributors say they expect the circuit to record 100% occupancy throughout the day.


  14. Finding Dory’ Rules the Box Office as ‘The BFG’ Stumbles

    LOS ANGELES — Hollywood’s big-budget summer lineup continued to falter over the weekend, at least in North America, as two movies carrying a combined $500 million in production and global marketing costs arrived to $57.7 million in total ticket sales.

    “The BFG,” directed by Steven Spielberg and released by Walt Disney Studios, was envisioned as a return to family form for the director — marketing materials reminded consumers that he made “E. T.” — but it ended up as a colossal misfire. The movie, an old-fashioned fantasy that drew appreciative reviews, took in about $19.6 million Friday through Sunday, according to comScore, which compiles box office data.

    Faring better was “The Legend of Tarzan.” Starring Alexander Skarsgard as the vine-swinger and made by Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow, “Tarzan” collected roughly $38.1 million over the three-day period. That total was much higher than analysts predicted before release. Most critics turned up their noses, but audiences gave the film an A-minus in CinemaScore exit polls, suggesting positive word of mouth.

    Even so, “Tarzan” remains squarely in the loser column when it comes to profitability. Loaded with visual effects — violent apes, stampeding wildebeests — the movie cost a jaw-dropping $180 million to make, not counting marketing.

    “This property has always really been about the international opportunity,” Jeff Goldstein, Warner’s executive vice president of domestic distribution, said by phone on Sunday. “You can best assess it a month from now.” Directed by David Yates and co-starring Margot Robbie, “Tarzan” opened in limited overseas release over the weekend, taking in $18.8 million. Important markets like Britain and China are still to come.

    While acknowledging a “frustrating” result for “The BFG” at home, David Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief, also pointed to international audiences as a potential salvation for the movie, which is based on a book by Roald Dahl. “We’re really proud of the film,” Mr. Hollis said. “We’re going to be reliant in a lot of ways on international.” So far, “The BFG” has opened in only two overseas markets, Russia and Australia.

    With “The BFG” collapsing in North America and “Tarzan” not exactly sizzling, the No. 1 movie on Hollywood’s home turf over the July Fourth weekend was again “Finding Dory.” That sequel, from Disney’s Pixar division, took in an estimated $41.9 million for a three-week domestic total of $372.3 million. “Tarzan” was second.

    Third place went to “The Purge: Election Year” (Universal), a horror sequel that cost only $10 million to make and roughly $20 million to market. It sold a strong $30.9 million in tickets. Blumhouse Productions, the Universal-affiliated company behind the “Purge” series, has successfully kept this franchise going by pursuing different storytelling styles. The previous installment had action underpinnings; this one added a political dimension.

    The summer box office always has ups and downs, but the current season has been much bumpier than usual. Disney has found two monster hits (“Finding Dory” and “Captain America: Civil War”) but has also suffered two major flops (“The BFG” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”). Other big-budget movies that have received a disappointing response from domestic audiences include “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” and “Warcraft.”

    An over-reliance on sequels has been one reason for Hollywood’s rough ride. But analysts have cautioned about overgeneralizing at the season’s midway point. Several movies ahead could still salvage the summer box office, including “The Secret Life of Pets,” “Ghostbusters” and “Suicide Squad.”


  15. P.K Talli Says:

    “The only doubt I had — and I’m being honest over here — is that I’d just done Dhoom:3, I’ve just done PK, I was looking my best. I was at 9 per cent body fat. I may be over 50, but I’m playing characters who are more like 30. So I’m thinking, ‘Do I want to become a fat, grey-haired 55-year-old father? Can’t I wait until I’m 60 to do this?’ But I couldn’t get the script out of my head. So (a few months later) I asked Nitesh Tiwari to narrate it again…Then I heard it for the third time, eight months later, or one year later. And I thought ‘I just want do it yaar.’”


  16. Salman Khan interview excerpts that has taken twitter by storm:

    Who is the Box Office Sultan according to you?

    Salman: For me there are two person – Aamir who does 1 film in 2-3 years and smashes every box office record & Akshay Kumar who does 3-4 films every years and all get profitable.

    But who is the real BO Sultan?

    Salman [Laughs] : Do I have to answer this? hmmm
    If I see last 10-12 years and analyse which hero has impacted the film industry the most then it has to be Akshay Kumar. I don’t know how he manages to do so many films in a year. I mean our movies cost the same, takes same time to shoot and he is so far ahead in terms of number of movies. So Yes Akki.

    Watch this amazing interview of Salman Khan. Have to admit he comes across as the real Sultan of Bollywood.


  17. P.K Talli Says:

    Dangal Poster [edited]


  18. P.K Talli Says:

    supercinemaent @ DM FAV RT ? 13 mins ago
    “It was very unfortunate & insensitive of Salman Khan to say that” – Aamir Khan on Salman’s recent remark.

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    • sanjana Says:

      Atlast Aamir Khan reacted without fearing the mighty Salman Khan unlike SRK.


      • Stop gloating over Aamir’ comments. Checkout his other comment in same conference.

        “Aamir compared himself to a waiter and said, “”When I see Salman or Shah Rukh enter a room aisa lagta hai a star has entered,I don’t have that quality. It feels like a waiter has entered.” But quickly corrects himself stating, “Oh I shouldn’t have said that. Waiters also work hard.”

        Isn’t this similar to Salman’s comment? Context is same..degrading someone else?(waiter).


        • You are comparing waiter comment with rape comment which is far more serious. Just because you have to nitpick, you are doing so. He did not degrade waiter. He actually elevated witer by comparing him with Aamir Khan!


          • “He did not degrade waiter. He actually elevated witer by comparing him with Aamir Khan!”

            Lol..blinded by passion!! Hilarious comment!


          • When there are people who are blinded by hatred, there will be people who will try to reason with them.


        • And he corrected himself immediately. If waiters hold a morcha, I am sure he will apologize unlike Salman Khan.


          • “And he corrected himself immediately. ”

            So did Salman…


          • He was called by NCW and the like to present himself or apologize. But he did not. His father did. You also know the difference between Aamir khan’s comment and Salman’s comment. And Aamir also apologized to SRK for his dog comment when his own fans asked him to do so. While Salman’s fans are not able to make Salman apologize.


        • I felt like a pickpocket. Sorry, the pickpockets of the world will protest!

          I felt like like a old person. Sorry, the oldies will protest!


          • “He was called by NCW and the like to present himself or apologize. But he did not. His father did.”

            You are mixing things. Salim Khan apologized on the day he said on twitter..not coz of some demand to apologize. After that notices, no one did as no one cares such organizations. Simple as that. Salman won’t apologize just coz somr random ABC organization wanted an apology nor his father would do. You are reading this completely biased.

            Did Salman do a wrong thing? Yes he did. Is he ‘required’ to apologize. Not really, it’s his choice!. You can ban his movies and ignore him but that’s about it. You can’t keep him in jail or reprimand him for the comment.


          • I think you are biased. A 50 year old is making his father say sorry. He was not jailed even when he committed certain things. He is the favourite child and so he can escape. His car drove without a driver. And his driver has to confess because he is his driver. I wonder why his father did not say that he was driving the car?
            He cant be jailed, but he can be reprimanded very well.
            You protect him by all means. But I have a right to express what I feel about what he said.


        • Aamir shouldn’t have said this but it’s not even in the same universe as Salman’s statement. Not remotely comparable. To compare oneself to a raped woman (this being the analogy Salman used for a certain kind of exhaustion) and to compare oneself to a waiter.. do you honestly believe these are similar things? The waiter bit is a cultural stereotype about physical ordinariness. He shouldn’t have indulged in it for obvious reasons. But it is problematic in a much more mild way whereas the raped woman reference is sickening.


          • “Aamir shouldn’t have said this but it’s not even in the same universe as Salman’s statement. Not remotely comparable.”

            I totally get it, am not that naive. But if you think hard, you will realize Aamir – who’s so politically correct – to say the waiter reference in a big press conference and exactly 5 mins after slamming Salman Khan IS ON THE SAME LEVEL which Salman Khan – who’s always speaking nonsense – has said to a small Radio station group in a casual conversation and not really conference. Even Salman had corrected himself in a second saying I shouldn’t have said it and its not literal meaning.

            I feel Aamir has certainly higher standards to live upto than Salman Khan and to me that’s a compliment to Aamir Khan. Folks can disagree with that, np.


          • First off I’m pleased that he’s the one major figure who’s said something on Salman’s statement.

            Secondly the entire objection holds if there’s parity between the two statements. There isn’t and remotely so. You seem to agree. that’s the end of the debate for me. And there’s a perverse logic to all this:

            1)Yes Salman said something terrible but hey he’s crazy!

            2)Aamir said something a little bad but he’s a perfectionist, he should have known better, hence he and Salman are now at the same level!

            This reminds me of some of those box office arguments from the past. No one was interested in trending but if an Aamir film trended weakly then it was suddenly important. Why? ‘Because Aamir believes in trending’!

            We really don’t have to get into hair-splitting here. What Aamir said was regrettable. Even if it’s a common cultural stereotype that I’ve heard a thousand times (I’ve never heard Salman’s sort of statement incidentally or perhaps I’ve not been hanging out with the ‘right’ crowd where this passes off as humor..) and even if it’s not specific in terms of ethnicity or whatever it shouldn’t have been said. But the Salman statement is in a whole other universe. And somehow trying this hard to equate Aamir’s with his is I think somewhat ‘desperate’ (have to be candid here).

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          • Seems he made bhakts happy. Bhakts are never tired of saying waitress, bar maid etc. in a derogatory way.

            I dont think Aamir is a perfectionist and so he cant make mistakes. The most glaring mistake that he made was bringing his bedroom conversation which shook the entire nation and made his wife a victim of vicious attacks.

            Here he openly said something against Salman Khan instead of giving a diplomatic reply. I suspect something i more than that meets the eye. Maybe Salman stealing the concept of Dangal and releasing it before his film and making the film look like Dangal must have made Aamir to think that he can openly take on Salman when there is an opportunity.


          • What competition?? Dangal’s title was with Puneet Issar. Salman himself requested Puneet Issar to give that title to Aamir Khan.


          • My comments on Salman’s statement last week in Sultan thread. No point in repeating again.

            Master Says:
            June 30, 2016 at 2:24 PM



      • “It was very unfortunate & insensitive of Aamir Khan to say that” – Salman Khan on Aamir’s waiter remark. 😊


    • I am surprised at the Satyam’s statement above that Salman makes crazy statements. I have usually found him brutally honest and only this time he has made a highly objectionable statement.

      I am equally surprised that Aamir is made out to be perfectionint even in his statements. He is quite diplomatic and hardly honest in his views.In fact his intolerance statement exposed his carefully crafted “Incredible Indian” image. This time he has spoken against Salman but hewy from what i have seen…these Khans can say anything against/for each other. They have a license given among each other. Hence his statement against Salman is hardly as credit worthy as what Kangana’s forthrightness was.


      • those aren’t my opinions. that’s the defense people offer when it’s about Salman. Nor have I ever said that Aamir is so much of a perfectionist that he isn’t allowed to make mistakes.


  19. I wish big B who is looked upon as the father figure should also tick off Salman Khan which will carry more weight. What is he afraid of at his age?

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  20. At the Dangal event, Aamir also said, “Religion is a personal thing, he has a right to his opinion,” when asked about actor Irrfan Khan’s questioning of Ramzan fasts. “We have forgotten the real meaning of rituals. We have made them a tamasha (scene). Qurbani means sacrificing something close to your heart and sharing with others. Today, you buy a goat from the market for sacrifice. It is something to think about, it is a matter of common sense, we all should ask ourselves how sacrificing another life earns us any goodwill,” Irrfan said last week while promoting his film Madaari.


  21. EYE IN THE SKY, which Satyam is currently watching, is a highly unmissable movie. Very, very strongly recommended.

    Here are my thoughts on the movie..

    Eye In the Sky is such a crafty and intelligent movie that it manages to convey philosophical musings on war and state-craft in a thriller- format with hardly any reel devoted to philosophical discussions on the same! This is a movie then that should not be missed at any cost. The movie unfolds guised as an edge-of-the-seat thriller with so many emotions encapsulating age-old discussions on wars, their futility or more-so, their necessity in the geo-political world as we know now where legal and moral discussions take heated turns across seas, oceans, deserts, countries and continents.

    A covert drone operation is the order of the day near Nairobi, Kenya where 3 Islamist extremists who are on the Most Wanted Lists of Britain, the US, and Kenya are presently stationed. The eyes-in-the-sky (and of course also the actual drone-operators) are ensconced in Creech air-base in Las Vegas, Nevada; the Colonel commanding them is somewhere in Sussex, her over-seers including her military superior (a subdued and superbly detached Alan Rickman – his last outing) and a minister and attorney in London (British government over-seers); the English foreign-secretary is in Singapore peddling arms and ‘protective’ gears for soldiers, the American foreign-secretary is in China playing ping-pong with a group of God-knows-why-over-awed Chinese men: And at the center of this tragi-comic circus is an East-African girl-child selling bread unbeknownst that her life is hanging by an invisible thread running across all these inter-continental touch-points. The narrative-arc then plays out on the decision of Go/No-Go with regard to the drone-attack on the extremists’-haven unfortunately nestled right next to the girl’s home (her father, a bi-cycle repairer and her mother, a home-maker complete her family) And along this arc, the film masterfully takes the audience along in its thrilling moments and discerningly laid-out philosophical toppings on the actors, their actions, and the consequences of ‘decision-making.’

    Among many such brilliant scenes is the one where the Colonel (Mirren) is faced with legalities and ‘moralities.’ (Quite symbolic; she has a legal representative to protect her and the child of disastrous consequences but there isn’t any ‘moral’ advisor; morality, ladies and gentlemen, is your own personal baggage.) Her verbal back-and-forth with the legal-advisor is top-notch. Also fantastic are the scenes conveying the tension housed in what the Americans are proud to call the ‘situation’ room; this time, however, the room is in England & the situation is in East Africa. Any change in the situation on ground in Nairobi mandates discussions and ‘approvals’ from higher-ups as minutes and seconds could mark the difference between two suicide-bombers blowing themselves and the world according to them and around them and its prevention with, of course, a necessitated collateral damage. Symbolism is powerful here: The American foreign-secretary gets a call when he is on a tour in China asking for his approval since one of the extremists is an American citizen but he is busy playing ping-pong and is flustered at being disturbed with ‘such’ a call! That ‘ping-pong’ ball being poorly smashed around is the life of a kid in a ‘third-world’ country for God’s sake! That also reflects the inability of those-in-power in taking decisions and getting along by passing the buck. The British foreign-secretary, after getting food-poisoned, is busy taking a ‘dump’ in a whatever-star hotel when scenes are inter-cut with drone-operators readying their weapons to target, in essence, taking a drone-dump onto one of the poor neighbor-hoods in a poor country! The father of the girl plays a dual role; an open-minded man who wants his daughter to study and be a million-miles away from Sharia-enforced lands and also of a bread-winner who but has to repair bi-cycles belonging to Sharia-lovers or Sharia-haters. (He hides her school-books when a customer comes along lest word breaks out that he is encouraging his daughter getting educated and mockingly admonishes her when she is lost in child-hood and plays hula hoop in front of that same Sharia-loving customer.) What happens to these folks when, an ‘objective’ drone plunders their lives? Will the same person STILL call Al-Shabab and its members fanatics? What has that ‘surgical’ strike achieved if this man were to turn to the other side or be radicalized? When numerical counts of 8 versus 80 are taken with regard to casualties and ‘greater’ damage and decisions are made, what are the consequences of those decisions?

    All actors are in top form. Helen Mirren plays an unflinching military commander Katherine Powell to the extent that the audience shouldn’t be judged if they mutter ‘cold-hearted bitch’ – watch her talking to the ‘damage’ estimator and influencing him to somehow bring down the percentage of collateral damage to below 50% to get a legal clearing for the strike — under their breaths. (There is a very subtle, bubbling-under-the-surface hint of race-awareness in scenes where she is negotiating with the damage-estimator about cutting down the percentage of collateral damage. He is black, and possibly from Africa. Either way, Mirren talks to him quite differently even when she is practically ordering him to fudge numbers. There is something weighing on her mind when she is negotiating with him; both with regard to the unhealthy but arguably mandated necessity of cutting down the percentage, but maybe more so since she is talking with a black man about fudging numbers so she could get ‘legal’ clearance to bomb an African city’s neighborhood! Alan Rickman as Lt General Benson is superb in conveying a sense of urgency, detachment, and an embodiment of years of military-hardened exterior. Barkhad Abdi who stunned audiences as the Somalian pirate in Captain Phillips convincingly plays the mindful ground-operative. The actors playing members of the UK government are equally effective. Aaron Paul and Phoebe Fox as novices being forced to look at targets and innocent civilians BEFORE and AFTER drone-strikes for hours-on-end convey their frustrations and tumult of emotions finely. And the girl at the center of it all, Aisha Takow’s Alia Mo’Allim, effectively conveys the symbolism of life being caught between the devil and not-so-deep sea.

    Are we know destined to live with the fact that murder or death – depending on which side you are on – by numbers is the new modern-warfare reality? Who wins? And who wins fast and first? Do the breads sell fast or do the bombs blow earlier or the drone hell-fire missile strikes sooner? Who is the decision-maker? What has greater weight: The mathematical, surgical precision of a drone or the moral ambiguity of the human?


    Angela: What you have done sitting in your chair is just disgraceful.

    Benson: What you have seen just now sitting on your chair when dipping biscuits in your tea is what I have experienced as a General being on the ground and seeing the aftermath of 5 terrorist bombings. So NEVER tell a soldier that he cannot and doesn’t understand the cost of war.

    Benson to the minister: You tell us to go to war. We go and do our business. YOU deal with the aftermath.


  22. At a recent event, Chi Chi spoke his heart out when asked if Salman was his partner. He seemed hesitant, but reportedly said, “When I quit politics, he had supported me and for that, I thank him. But in any case, one should not expect so much from another person that it burdens them professionally.”

    In the past, Salman had tried to extend an olive branch to Govinda by posting a message on Twitter stating that he is trying to convince him to do the Hindi remake of Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi film, ‘Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho’. The superstar was supposed to produce the film with Govinda in the lead role.

    A source present at the event says, “He hinted that Salman has not actually helped him get any projects, including the Marathi film’s Hindi version, and clarified that all such speculations aren’t true”.

    When quizzed about working together in Partner sequel, he dismissed those too.


    • Akshay Kumar supported Govinda more. However Akki has not projected himself as the savior or career builder the way Salman has done via his Being Human Franchisee.


  23. Salman adds SRK in the list of Sultans. 🙂

    Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan are the Sultans of Bollywood, says Salman Khan

    When asked to reveal who he thought the true Bollywood Box Office Sultan was, Salman said:

    “There are two types of Box Office Sultans. One has one release in two years and another one has three to four releases in a year. And all of them are healthy hits for the industry. So according to me, two Sultans of the Box Office in India are Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar”.

    On being asked who the Sultan of romance in Bollywood was, Salman said:

    “No one has the intensity like Shah Rukh Khan in terms of romance, so hands down he is the Sultan of Romance.”



    Akshay Kumar is all set to don the garb of a lawyer for the sequel of 2013 film Jolly LLB. Khiladi Kumar, who has stepped into the shoes of Arshad Warsi for Jolly LLB 2, will now take over court room in Subhash Kapoor’s directorial venture. Buzz has it that Huma Qureshi has been roped in to play his lady love in the film.

    According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Huma has cleared the look test and would soon join Akshay on the sets of the film. A source close to the film was quoted as telling the tabloid, “Akshay really liked the script and Huma came on board a fortnight ago after she cleared a look test.”

    It is for the first time that Akshay will share screen space with Huma for a film. It’s been a while since the Badlapur actor was seen on screen.

    Jolly LLB 2 is set to go on floors on August 15. The sequel will be shot is Lucknow, Varanasi and Kashmir.
    While the 2013 film film was inspired by the Sanjeev Nanda hit-and-run case of 1999, the story behind the sequel is still kept under the wraps.

    The film is set to hit the screens some time next year.


    • Another interesting Akshay Kumar Project.

      His 2017 lineup

      Robot 2.0
      Directed by : S. Shankar
      Producer : Kalnithi Maran
      Starring : Rajnikath, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
      Genre : Sci-Fi Film
      Releases : 2017

      Jolly LLB 2
      Directed by : Subhash Kapoor
      Producer : Akshay Kumar
      Starring : Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureishi
      Genre : Court room drama on real life incidence
      Releases : 2017

      Namaste England
      Directed by : Vipul Shah
      Producer : T Series, Akshay Kumar
      Starring : Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha
      Genre : Romantic comedy
      Releases : 2017

      Directed by : Jagan
      Producer : AR Murugadoss, Akshay Kumar
      Starring : Akshay Kumar
      Genre : Suspense thriller
      Releases : 2017

      Directed by Priyadarshan
      Producer: Rohit Shetty
      Starring: Akshay Kumar
      Genre: Situation comedy as per Priyadarshan
      Release: 2017/18


  25. Talk of a rumour spreading like wildfire in Bollywood, and this one takes the cake. Ever since Priyanka Chopra performed on Bajirao Mastani’s hit song, Pingaa, without Deepika Padukone at the Interational Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Madrid (Spain) recently, tongues started wagging about a possible rift between the two leading ladies of the industry.

    Some reports claimed that Deepika refused to perform with Priyanka on the song as things are not exactly rosy between the two.

    Read: Is there a war brewing between Priyanka and Deepika?

    Reacting to the rumours, Deepika has now said that she didn’t want to ‘spoil’ Priyanka’s performance. “Priyanka is a fabulous performer and I didn’t want to spoil her performance. We might not have done the dance together at IIFA but you can always play the song anywhere when we both are around and we will happily dance to Pinga,” English daily DNA quoted Deepika as saying.

    The two were supposed to dance to the song together, but the plan changed at the last minute. While some speculate that it was because the girls didn’t want to share the same stage, Priyanka remained tight-lipped when probed further. “Initially, I guess that was the plan. But then I think they changed it. Don’t ask me why, I have no clue.”


  26. Every time a film faces the Censor Board’s scissors, questions are raised about cinematic liberty and filmmakers have always maintained that if the content is not universal, then the film should be A-rated. Filmmaker Kabir Khan recently told us, “Give the film an ‘A’ certificate, and let the people decide whether they want to watch it or not. Film viewing is a voluntarily task, you don’t drag people to cinema, they have top buy a ticket and then come for the films.” However, many parents don’t seem to be too concerned about what their kids are watching. Movie nights are often family outings, and it doesn’t matter whether the film is ‘A’ rated or ‘U’.

    Parents ‘okay’ with taking kids to A-rated films, and even answering their questions!

    People complaining about unruly, cranky kids they had to tolerate during the movie screening is quite common. Sharing their annoyance at having to deal with loud kids, moviegoers tell us that they judge the parents who bring their kids for adult movies. Raashi Mishra, an IT professional, says, “I went for ‘Udta Punjab’ and the movie is full of cuss words. It’s suitable only for adults, but I was surprised to see many children below 15 years in the hall, some even below 12. They had come for the late night show with their parents as if it was an animation movie!”

    Akash Singh, a corporate employee, says, “Not only are the parents totally fine with their kids being there, but they even clear their doubts. It is bizarre when during an adult comedy film, the kid and the dad both laugh at same jokes. Sometimes, you will see parents laughing away, while the kid just sits there watching, without any reaction.”

    Seema, a beautician, says, “When there are kids in the hall, they get restless and the parents have to go out with them several times. The babies will start crying and the dads will cross your seat several times to take them out. It’s really annoying.”

    Dia, who recently went to watch ‘Conjuring 2’, says, “I was surprised to see so many kids running around in the theatre. During the movie, they would scream after every few minutes – it was so irritating. In fact, two girls in the audience got so irritated that they left midway.”

    My kid will fall sleep halfway: Excuses to Ushers

    Ushers at movie theatres say that the parents who bring their children to watch A-rated films are at fault. But don’t they deny entry to kids for A-rated film? An usher at a multiplex says, “When we stop parents from bringing kids to A-rated movies, they give us excuses like, ‘He will fall sleep in a while’, ‘What will he even understand in the film?'” Another usher on night duty at a leading cinema hall tells us, “Parents come with children mostly during evening or late night shows. We have seen kids screaming during horror movies, asking parents to take them out and parents trying to comfort them.”

    An usher at another multiplex says, “The most common excuse is parents saying that there was no one to leave the kids with, so they brought them along. Once someone had brought his five-year-old son along and when we stopped him, he said, ‘I can leave him outside, will you take care of him?’ We don’t have any such guideline, so we have to allow.” The ushers say that if the audience in the theatre object to it, parents might take their kids and leave, but the staff can’t be rude to their guests.

    We urge parents to learn about the movie before coming to watch it: Cinema owners

    Cinema owners say that they expect parents to be informed about the movie they are coming to watch. Devang Sampat, strategy head, Cinepolis, says, “When parents make a decision to go see a certain film, they should check the rating as well. There is no point in going for a movie with a kid and creating disturbance in the hall.”

    Yogesh Raizada, corporate head, Wave Cinemas, says, “If there is an increase in number of children coming to watch adult films, then it has to be addressed at all levels. It is not appropriate for parents to bring their young children when the film is A-rated. We urge parents to learn about the movie before they decide to bring their kids.” Shashank Raizada, owner, Delite Cinema, says, “Most parents don’t spend any time researching a movie before taking their kids to see it. Their homework might also save the rest of the audience from having to endure cranky kids.”


  27. Superstar Aamir Khan calls it a conscious decision to release the poster of “Dangal” two days prior to the release of “Sultan”. He also feels that Salman Khan starrer film will be a huge box office success.

    When asked if it a conscious effort to release the poster of “Dangal” two days before the release of “Sultan”, Aamir said: “Oh yes, because ‘Sultan’ is going to be a huge super duper hit and the millions of people who will come to see ‘Sultan’ will at least see the poster standing out of the theater.”

    “ ‘Sultan’ is going to be such a bumper hit and the opening is going to be bizarre so at least we will be standing in one corner saying even we are coming after six months…”

    Salman Khan’s “Sultan” is slated for Eid release.

    Aamir also feels that Salman has always been a bigger star than him.

    “I feel Shah Rukh, Salman, Amitabh Bachchan are bigger stars. There are host of stars which I consider big and this includes Hrithik (Roshan), Ranbir (Kapoor) and Ranveer (Singh). There are so many stars who are hugely popular. I don’t get into comparison,” he said.

    He also likened himself to a waiter while comparing himself with Salman.

    “When I see Salman walking into a room, it feels like a star has arrived. When I enter it looks as if some waiter has entered,” he said.

    However, he quickly corrected himself and added: “I am sorry I shouldn’t say that because waiters are great people. I shouldn’t say that, but when Salman enters or Shah Rukh enters it feels like a star has some…they are more bigger stars than me,” he said.

    The 51-year-old actor will essay the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat in the forthcoming biographical sports drama film and talking about the title of the film, Aamir once again thanked Salman.

    “I am thankful to Salman because we got the title ‘Dangal’ because of him. The title was written in the script but when we researched we got to know that the rights of it was with Puneet Issar. I knew Salman was friends with Puneet, so I told Salman to request or fix a meeting with him but he called Puneet and got the title.”

    “Salman had a huge contribution in getting this title for us,” he said.

    The film has been directed by “Chillar Party” and “Bhootnath Returns” fame Nitesh Tiwari and is scheduled to release on December 23.


  28. The advance of Sultan opened to and excellent response on Sunday but it will be sometime tomorrow that it will be known where it stands with the likes of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Dhoom 3 and Happy New Year as its been just one day so far. The sort of advance collection it has taken in one day is more than any other release has taken in a week this year but Sultan is not really competing with anything in thae past six months as there has been no big opening.

    The poor first half of 2016 with business failing to beat the first half of 2015 despite a better flow of films means any chance of a half decent year is dependent on Sultan becoming a big hit.

    The weekend was one of the worst of the year as Shorgul had a very poor weekend as it collected just 1.25 crore nett in its first weekend. Udta Punjab was still was the best collecting Hindi film at around 1.75-2 crore nett taking its total to around 58.25 crore nett plus.

    The Legend Of Tarzan was below the mark with around 7.25 crore nett over the weekend and is probably looking to close at around 10 crore nett as will not collect much from Wednesday onwards.

    Housefull 3 was still running at places in its fifth week and is closing on 108 crore nett apprx.


    • Salman has brought in so much of predictability for his movies now that a record opening everytime is no longer a surprise. I have never seen any other star like him. Have heard Amitabh did this for fairly long time. Salman has been doing for 3-4 years now and the way he is going, he is next only to Big B.


  29. MSDhoni Says:

    Government of India has just cancelled the holiday announced on Wednesday, hence domestic numbers will struggle in a big way and may pick up only by evening hours so I put this .

    Even otherwise to put up the huge numbers which trade is putting out there in more or less robotic fashion there needs to be good content.
    Fence sitters will simply sit this out if wom is similar to Kick or PRDP.
    In my ‘personal’ opinion perception wise this may be the most challenging release of Salman in recent times and arrogance and brashness may be misplaced here. It is but human nature for disdainfulness to set in when the going is good.

    I see some sort of pull back / recompense in these last few tweets from business point of view esp when satellite rights / music rights and overseas are drawn out.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    #SULTAN Economics…
    Satellite rights pre-sold by YRF to Sony Entertainment Television for a huge price.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    #SULTAN Economics…
    Cost of Production:
    ₹ 70 cr
    Prints & Advertising:
    ₹ 20 cr
    Total Budget:
    ₹ 90 cr

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    #SULTAN Economics…
    India Screen Count:
    4000 [est]
    International Screen Count:
    1100 [est]
    Worldwide Screen Count:
    5100 [est]


  30. MSDhoni Says:

    This is one Salman movie which will require content to overtake the hype to do anything beyond 225 cr. Bad wom here can be devastating from box office point of view as media overdrive due to recent turn of events can affect it very adversely.


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