Madaari trailers (updated)

thanks to An Jo…


7 Responses to “Madaari trailers (updated)”

  1. I hadn’t heard of this one. But looks interesting enough and Irrfan seems to be a treat, as usual.

    Good to see Nishikant getting out of that disgusting association with John Abraham..He really retarded Kamath and brought down his FQ – filmy quotient – level.

    The DRISHYAM copy was not that great — especially considering that it was Ajay Devgn with his forever slanted look ‘acting’
    in it. Trying to step into the shoes of MohanLal and Hassan itself was blasphemous.

    Hopefully he will get back to form here. The best films of Nishikant, to this day, remain MUMBAI MERI JAAN and DOMBIVLI FAST.


  2. both irrfan and Nawaaz are v good actors, that’s not the point.
    The point is they are both over rated
    it’s difficult to gauge who is more over rated..


  3. Bob Cristo Says:

    Agree with Apex…Esp Irfan..Same Dilouage Delivery and Expression since Haasil days..


  4. [added to post]


  5. our film’s tagline says, ‘Desh so raha hai.’ Is that how you feel about India today?

    Yes. People have a tendency to go into slumber. We got independence so many years ago but politicians continue to manipulate us. They still play the card of caste and religion and we still fall into that trap.

    We are still are not aware of our Constitution.

    We still don’t ask for accountability.

    Our system should constantly evolve. If people don’t take care of that, if people don’t push the machinery to be accountable, the system will start serving the people who are running the system.

    They (the politicians) should be answerable to what promises they make, what they are doing, why they are asking for votes.

    Are they concerned about us or are they concerned about their power?

    Are they only concerned about retaining their seats?

    We again fall into that same trap, again and again, again and again. So what is it? Are we sleeping or are we awake?

    Why do you think that happens?

    Because we, the whole system, the whole education system is about producing labour for corporates. Human beings are educated not to explore themselves; they are educated for earning their living.

    But education should be for completely different reasons. It should be to explore oneself and the planet you are living in and the relationship between you and the planet.

    One to should be able to identify the profession where one’s passion lies, not otherwise ke passion toh theek hai, jo hoga dekha jayega, paisa kahan se kamaoonga (Passion is all right, we’ll see what happens about it, but how how are you going to earn a living).

    Your valued human being turns into… you don’t really explore the potential of a human being. You become a tool, a very small tool that fits into a particular slot.

    In a recent interview to a television channel, Prime Minister Modi said ‘humour’ was ‘risky’ and ‘there was no sense of humour left in public life’.

    You know, I’m pleased that he is concerned about it. I would like to see some effort too (in this direction) so that the situation becomes much better.

    Do you feel we as a country have become overly sensitive about everything, whether it’s humour, whether it’s food, whether it’s religion?

    See, it’s not the common people. They have got a platform to express themselves (referring to social media). Sometimes, the expression might become ugly because it has also become a means of taking out your frustration.

    But there is a hired army which has a function… Dus pandhra hazaar rupaye dekhe (you have paid Rs 10-15,000)… you have hired thousands of people. If anyone criticises you, their job is to just start trolling. That is really ugly. That changes the atmosphere.

    As a Muslim, do you feel uncomfortable or threatened in India?

    No, I don’t feel like that. As a human being first, I want to say that you don’t choose your religion but human beings should be able to do so. A healthy atmosphere is one where a human being has the freedom to follow any religion he wants.

    In today’s time — I’m not just talking of one country but the whole world — religion is become a tool to manipulate and mobilise people to create a gang; sometimes, they are hired gangs. Religious philosophy gets abducted by certain groups and becomes a a business.

    It’s not just religious philosophy… slogans gets abducted. Sufi sayings get abducted. Freedom fighters get abducted. Spiritual leaders get abducted.

    Everyone knows what’s happening in our country.

    We live in a multi-dimensional country… there are positive things, there are negative things (that take place). What we lack is accountability and transparency in our system. When a person promises something, when a person takes a decision and if he goes away in two-three years, what is the accountability? That’s what I want to see. Who is accountable if something happens?

    Are people, leaders — I don’t want to call them leaders — politicians who promise something accountable?


  6. Speaking on NDTV’s Walk The Talk, actor Irrfan Khan says Indian cinema has evolved dramatically in the last few years and the demand for diverse cinema has been growing.Indian audiences have matured and are forcing Indian cinema to change, he says. However he adds that Bollywood has remained politically correct and directors don’t make political films out of fear and vulnerability. Praising ‘Udta Punjab’ he says, the film did what media couldn’t: draw attention to Punjab’s drug crisis in an intelligent way. On the fallout over Censor Board’s tussle with films, Irrfan says he says the board’s role cannot be a closed-door affair in a free country and he hopes Bollywood will speak out more.


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