X Files Reviewed

Having read that the X Files was returning to the screen on the blog, I was very surprised & excited to start to watch the new series. I watched the first episode & as my partner enjoyed it to my surprise (as I think Series 10 has turned out to be a bit meh), I suggested to her to start at the beginning.
To novices of this show, which I hold in high regard, a good place to start are the writers. Before Breaking Bad, Homeland, American Horror Story, 24, Fringe, Intruders, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural to name just a few (none of which I have seen but some I hear good things about) there was a TV show in the 90’s that started the career of most these writers – The X Files.

The set-up of the show is quite simple – the genre is the unexplained…anything unknown mostly centred around aliens, UFO’s, the paranormal, unusual creatures or abnormal powers. The plot centres around an FBI agency that looks into these unusual cases called The X Files. Fox Mulder is assigned to the agency mainly as his interest and motivation is driven by the mysterious disappearance of his sister at the age of 8 that he believes was an alien abduction. Dana Scully a scientist & doctor is assigned alongside to debunk his ideas (as they are quite “out there”).
The plot and episodes are split into two; one a central plot involving a deep government conspiracy involving Mulder & Scully alongside other characters / the other standalone episodes typically referred to as “Monster of the Week” episodes. The setup works a charm, as either one vests interest into the conspiracy or one into the “Monster of the Week” or both.
I’m not going to review each episode as that is 202 * 45 mins of TV I’ve revisited close to over 6 days! I’ll briefly mention my best episode of each series & some honourable mentions.

Series 1 – setting the scene, establishing Mulder as the believer & Scully as the non-believer
Squeeze – The first of the “Monster of the Week” episodes, centres on the investigation into a series of ritualistic killings by somebody seemingly capable of squeezing his body through impossibly narrow gaps. The episode is quite thrilling as it really is quite creepy & chilling with the protagonist Tooms returning in a later episode to continue his killing spree. What I like specifically is it establishes the trust between the leads that will be further tested over a decade & the ludicrous element of a man who can wiggle his way through tight things like vents, the manner of the deaths being quite visual / gory.
Honourable mentionsIce (stuck in a isolated building with a parasite, Mulder & Scully are required to build their trust with each other amongst strangers) & The Erlenmeyer Flask (season finale – the first real sighting of an alien & the killing of Mulder’s key confident “Deep Throat” [no idea what to make of this name when I was in my early teens – but funny nonetheless], this episode is a roller-coaster entertainer with excellent acting & tragic ending)

Series 2 – Multiple dual episodes lead the charge to forward the mythology of conspiracy & The Cigarette Smoking man is established as the main villain. X replaces “Deep-Throat” as Mulder’s confident.
Duane Barry & Ascension – A travel agency under hostage by a man claiming to be an alien abductee only later to be shot & then kidnap Scully. Krycek who is basically a bad guy flipping between sides through the 9 series is hunting down & sabotaging the chase for Scully. Barry leads Scully into an alien abduction…effectively writing her out while in real life she has a baby. These episodes are thrilling – classic race against time scripting. It raised the stakes & effectively established future storylines for Scully involving what happened to her while being abducted … establishing the Mulder/Scully legacy of the programme and strong emotional connect both have with the audience.
Honourable mentionsOne Breath, Scully’s return & near death experience plus Mulder’s best performance. Quite a stunning episode with moving moments for the fans of Mulder & Scully, emotionally charged with brilliant acting. Colony/End Game is the introduction of the alien bounty hunter arc of the mythological episodes – these episodes require a high level of concentration as it’s unclear who is on whose side. Anasazi the season finale is the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers as it ends with Mulder supposedly dying. All episodes mentioned for Series 2 are linked to the main plot line & arguably this is when X Files is in absolute top writing/acting/emotional form a powerpacked set of episodes that appear to get better & better.

Series 3 – widely acknowledged as the best series (not my opinion), the series opens with a couple of crackers.
The Blessing Way & Paper Clip – Mulder fighting for his life – need I say more. By this time X Files is getting very popular, viewing figures are huge. The dilemma of how to return Mulder after season 2 finale must have been difficult but these episodes & revelations set up another set of questions & add more spice to the already iconic pairing of Mulder & Scully. The infusion of post WW2 politics adds more dimension to the show. As a trio Anasazi/ The Blessing Way/Paper Clip are probably the best main plot driven episodes period. Kinetic, full of energy bursting with cliff-hanger & emotional moments they are riveting episodes.
Honourable mentionsClyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (Frank from Everyone Loves Raymond wins an Emmy here, rated by many as best episode ever…I was probably less enthused by the episode, it’s fun & clever but by now I’ve realised the internet is full of smarks who like very contrarian episodes, give me exhilarating kinetic energy, nonstop edge of the seat stuff over “clever”). Quagmire – a sea monster kills Scully’s affably named dog Queequeg lending to Mulder & Scully having an emotional chat beneath the stars – is romance finally blossoming? That’s what a few wanted but still had to wait ages. The true greatness is the writers did not give in to early to what was clearly legendary onscreen couple stuff here. Keeping the partnership simmering was the key.

Season 4 – The X Files is now a cult phenomenon recording high viewership & the lead out show following Super Bowl.
Memento Mori – Scully’s abduction gave so many storylines, one being her fight with cancer. You begin to fall for this red-headed spunk of an actress by this time if you have not already. Some remarkably emotional, tender sometimes beautiful moments in this episode between Scully & Mulder. By this time it’s clear when The X Files is anywhere close to a hospital it’s going to be humdinger.
Honourable mentionsHome is grotesque & from what I know was banned by some channels for its storyline. Violent/excessive dealing with abortion this is still a great episode. Paper Hearts an episode hinging on identifying the killer of Mulder’s sister is probably Duchovny’s greatest act. The way the killer gets into Mulder’s head is the best part of the episode.

Season 5 – Season 4 ended on a powerful not of Mulder’s death being faked so Season 5 kicks off with a couple crackers. But generally I find this series to be weak as it was meant to be the last till some point during the series.
Bad Blood – Probably my favourite episode of all time as its so witty and poking fun at the legacy of Mulder and Scully. A hilarious view on how each views each other. Cleverly written with a hilarious moment of Mulder serenading Scully with lines from Shaft. Just a cracking episode, the funniest by far. Shows the many facets of acting both leads had during 10 seasons.
Honourable mentions“The Post-Modern Prometheus” a take on Frankenstein is quite funny but again rated as one of the “greats” shows the smark community like shows that poke fun at the show itself. The “winking” at the audience is fun to an extent and going black & white in the episode makes it an epic. Redux & Redux II – Dealing with the devil itself to save one close to you is what these episodes deal with. The central plot is becoming indecisive in my opinion, but still engaging enough. Mulder’s defying speech & Scully’s cancer resolution & the death of the Cancer Man are moves in the show now. Still highly engaging, well written but one can sense the season won’t be great on the main plot line front.

Season 6 – A renaissance in my opinion, this is pretty good stuff again. Introduction of new characters makes it interesting. As no clearly the Mulder/Scully relationship needs to go in the direction of love as it’s gone too far without any nooky!
Arcadia – X Files is not always just drama / thriller but it has plenty of comedy. This episode starts with Mulder & Scully as a married couple investigating in a town undercover. Blatantly hilarious as a couple this is the perfect episode to whet the appetite of those yearning for this couple to get it on. The chemistry is top notch as is the episode.
Honourable mentionsMonday a take on Groundhogs Day is cleverly presented via a bank robbery everyday with Mulder dying. Triangle another fun episode where Mulder is stuck in a Nazi warship in 1939 via a trip in the Bermuda Triangle, this is what clever is.

Season 7 – David Duchovny’s last as the main lead. The worst season too with Duchovny as lead.
Requiem – Mulder now gets abducted in the final shots of the episode and season finale. It’s nice to have moments from & characters from Pilot, it’s not convincing stuff by this time as the central plot is flagging. The sense that nothing will be the same is evidently portrayed & Scully’s life is shattered!
Honourable mentionsClosure as it nicely wraps up Mulder’s sisters’ abduction storyline…not much else

Season 8 – Reading loads about Season 8, it feels that many felt without Mulder the show could not live on. Contrary, this is great stuff again as Agent Doggett who is more Scully and Scully who is more Mulder makes for interesting confrontations & the chase to find Mulder makes the central plot very interesting. Just shows you don’t need the main character in the story to make it great.
Essence & Existence – the season finales is where the show should have stopped. Scully’s pregnancy and delivery excellently executed – it being revealed to be Mulder’s baby and them having the moment of glory with the baby is the absolute fairy-tale ending. Masterfully acted and emotionally charged one senses why did the show continue?
Honourable mentionsRedrum is cleverly crafted show working backwards in time to solve a crime. Deadalive is about Mulder’s resurrection from the dead, the re-uniting is worth the watch.

Season 9 – nothing to mention except the finale. Which is a courtroom style get up revealing the truth behind the whole conspiracy. Even after watching this I’m still confused about the conspiracy – aptly called The Truth it seeks to vindicate the work of the X Files.

Season 10 – its meh but ended on a note suggesting more is to come. With all the science/powers The X Files speaks to why has science not developed a means to transport the young David Duchovny & stunning Gillian Anderson from the 90s into 2016. Unfortunately they have become wooden actors now. A bit fat & plastic.

The more terrifying thing is I’ll probably watch another series of it!!! And will one day do it all again!


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  1. Jayshah I will read this later. But it is always thrilling to read somehting on the X-FILES and I am an x – files pedophile..


  2. Never been fan or you may say never tried it seriously.
    Saw first episode of reboot.

    Have you seen Peaky Blinders? Just finished last episode of 3rd series. Really liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • this has been in the queue but haven’t got around to it.


      • Have you tried Game of Thrones?
        Never seen a comment on that. Or you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon?


        • I’m totally up to date on Game of Thrones. Did catch up on it relatively late. The first four seasons are especially the most addictive thing I’ve seen on TV, at least in this contemporary age. Haven’t quite liked it as much since. The recent season ended with a bang for sure and generally was much more event-oriented than Season 5 which as rather transitional. Still the first four seasons were something else. On that note the next season will just have 7 episodes and will start in the summer. This is of course the penultimate one.


          • I think 6th was more of closing all the loops. Apart from last 2 episodes, it was dull comparatively.


          • yes agreed.. last two episodes were fine.. the rest was just about ok though probably (maybe a couple of better than average episodes at the beginning).


          • Even I was touching the series because I thought it is fantasy. But once you get past couple of episodes, it is politics on steroid.
            For same reason (zombie), I am not catching walking Death.


          • yes I haven’t seen that either.


          • Saw second episode last night. The first one was okay but gave my logical mind headache. Too many foolishness or convenient plot devices in first episode.


          • Recently saw “Turn”. Liked it for the setting. It is decent.

            In many ways some of the series on cable are much better than actual cinema.


          • I liked Season 1 here reasonably but got a bit bored beyond a point in the second season. The one I liked quite a bit for this sort of period terrain is Hell on Wheels.


  3. Great to get a post from you Jay. I will however totally shock you and say I have never seen a single episode of this show! Really!


    • jayshah Says:



    • I’ll second your comment on Jay and I’ll personally add another shocker to the list. I’ve been watching The Inbetweeners recently and I don’t think I’ve seen anything more funny in my life. Usually I’m the last person to be interested in teenage gross-out comedies (e.g. American Pie ) but this is just off the charts funny. It’s all British humour by the way and to reiterate my personal belief, the level of acting coming from British actors is just incredible. Even in teenage comedies, you get to see some serious acting chops. Can’t recommend this enough – but wouldn’t recommend it to people who are prudes. It’s going to shock the hell out of the latter bunch, and probably not in a good way!


      • jayshah Says:

        I didn’t watch the TV episodes but caught the films…very funny


        • You should catch the TV episodes as well, Jay. That’s how I got hooked up to the show, watching one of the re-runs on Channel 4. I think there are only 18 episodes in total. Now that I think about it, there’s also a character called Jay in the series…probably my favorite character apart from Will. I’m probably now an Inbetweeners fan for life!

          Used to love Only Fools & Horses and still do, but this is something else…


  4. X files post reminded me of XXX sequel, the return of Xander Cage with our very own Deepika Padukone!

    [post created]


  5. jayshah Says:

    Season 1 – Tooms Promo video

    Season 2 – Duane Barry Promo video

    Season 2 – Ascension Promo video

    Season 3 – The Blessing Way Promo video

    Season 3 – Paperclip Promo video

    Season 4 – Memento Mori Promo video

    Season 5 – Bad Blood Promo video

    Season 6 – Arcadia Promo video

    Season 7 – Requiem Promo video

    Season 8 – Essenence Promo video

    Season 8 – Existence Promo video

    Season 9 – The Truth Promo video


  6. jayshah Says:

    This pretty much covers the craze & best episodes/scenes.


  7. Watching Homeland now. Up to season 3 finale now. Solid TV drama in the spy thriller genre. Acting of Claire Daines (as Carrie Mathison) as a bipolar CIA case officer – splendid. Damian Lewis (as Nicholas Brody) as a POW at points simply mind-blowing. Mandy Patinkin (as Saul Berenson) as Carrie Mathison’s mentor is my favourite character and actor on the show.

    Not sure where the show is headed but as a spy drama across the US, Iraq, Iran, Al-Qaida climate it’s great viewing.

    Unfortunately you do need to watch from beginning as storytelling is linear.

    Yet again I sell X Files here as similarities can be concluded, but very much into Homeland.



    • The first season was the best here. After that it became ‘masala’, still enjoyable. Haven’t seen the most recent season.


      • It’s enjoyable but not efficient. The story is moving slowly and I keep waiting for the big moment but it gets pushed to something bigger.

        First season had a solid consistent star cast. The 2nd and 3rd seasons – a lot is wasted on Brody’s daughter’s angle that serves little purpose. Also new characters keep popping up and confusing the plot.

        Have it on decent authority that season 4-6 is good. Let’s see.


      • Unfortunately Homeland kind of train wrecks after season 3. Still watchable and addictive to a degree. Season 5 in Berlin is pointless.

        Watching Breaking Bad now. Up to season 4. Boy can Aaron Paul act as Jesse Pinkman. This is great stuff which gets better. It’s very light at points too.


  8. Finished Breaking Bad. The third last episode of season 5 – just WOW (read up a bit on it and it’s rated as nearly the best hour of TV on American TV period. Hard to disagree)

    Moronic, monstrous show – amazingly written. Clearly creators had a vision early on as the show doesn’t seemed to be written on the fly as so many pointers on what will happen. When it finally explodes towards end of season 5 and how is truly spellbinding.

    Homeland is guilty pleasure, Breaking Bad is just remarkably clever in every way.

    Now I’m stuck on where to go next. Any recommendations welcome!


    • check out the Americans or Justified. Both very different kinds of shows of course. Justified too gets better as the seasons progress. On Americans I haven’t seen the recently completed season yet. Think there’s one more to go here. On Netflix I find Narcos quite addictive. Similarly Fauda is fantastic.


      • On Netflix?


        • Narcos and Fauda are no Netflix. Americans/Justified are on Amazon. If you have Prime you get access to these though sometimes there are differences in libraries across countries.


          • Americans sounds good. Is it idiot proof? Does one need to be knowledgeable of Reagan administration history?


          • Ok heard of Mad Men. On my list. House of Cards & The Wire too.


          • I much preferred the British House of Cards. Still for about three seasons the remake is watchable. I at least found it tiring after this. haven’t seen the most recent season. The Wire is extraordinary. Very intense but one of the best shows ever!


          • speaking of netflix and if you haven’t already seen it the extraordinary Masaan is available or has been for a while. One of my favorite Hindi films in the last several years. Also check out Interrogation (Tamil, Visaranai). I wish they’d make Udaan available too. This is my other favorite alternative Hindi film in recent years.


          • Not at all. It’s just set in that age, nothing more specific there.


        • if you like crime shows there are two good Italian ones – Gomorrah (movie and series, movie came out a number of years ago), Suburra (movie and series). All of these are on netflix.

          And if you haven’t seen it Mad Men (also on netflix) remains one of my very favorite shows. Have seen the whole thing twice!


          • How is true detective?


          • Liked the first season upto a point. Very well shot, a slow boil kind of deal, the end a bit anti-climactic. Even otherwise some of the existential angst of the dialog and though it matches the mood of the show becomes a bit pretentious at points. But certainly an absorbing watch.

            Never bothered with the second. Of course thise has completely different actors.


    • Just watched Gunpowder on BBC. It’s probably the most violent drama I’ve ever seen (squeamish folks should really stay away!)…but otherwise, it’s worth a watch. Terrific acting, as usual, from an all British star-cast (except Liv Tyler, who’s quite good as well).

      It’s a very short mini-series (3 episodes), so more like a Hindi film, in terms of length, but boy does it pack a punch.

      I could argue that the story is quite one-sided…that it romanticizes a certain point of view, but that ought to be left for another day. The storytelling, the craft of world-building, is undeniably very very powerful.


      • Everyone keeps talking about Doctor Frost – have you watched that?

        If I was studying now I’d fail – too many distractions.


        • Haven’t heard of Doctor Frost at all. Did a google search and it looks like a Korean series.

          I hardly get the chance to watch movies these days (diverging interests; been more interested in Formula 1 than anything else).

          If you enjoy or even remotely like Formula 1, you don’t want to miss out on Rush. The documentary on Senna is also pretty good.

          Recently I watched another documentary on F1 (1: Life on the limit), which was pretty good as well.

          I pretty much know about the entire history of Formula 1 right now, even though I’m a recent convert (Lewis Hamilton FTW!)


          • I’m not that interested in F1 beyond who wins the title. Of course Hamilton is starting to become a significant driver. Senna’s history is intriguing, of course likely the most loved driver ever & if not for death might have been labelled the greatest ever.

            Doctor Frost is a BBC serial drama following a females inclination that her husband is having an affair. All English.


          • I think it’s Doctor Foster..


          • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Foster_(TV_series)
            No idea what the link to a Korean series this has. Thought it is an original BBC 1 programme. It’s got women talking in my wife’s circles!


          • Lewis Hamilton’s history (coming from an average background) and then beating/matching an all time great in Fernando Alonso (in his rookie year, no less) is downright amazing.

            Senna and Schumacher are the two biggest contemporary names in F1 with many commentators calling the former the best of all time. The thing is, Senna was probably the best in Qualifying. Hamilton is probably second best of all time in that respect. His speed over one lap is amazing.

            Going back a few decades though, it seems that Jim Clark who only won the championship twice (as opposed to Schumacher’s 7) is the greatest of all time, all things considered. He was as ahead of his peers as Bradman was in cricket.

            The thing about F1 is that it’s 80-90% the car and only the rest accounts for driver input. So even though Alonso is only a 2 time winner, he’s actually better than Vettel who is a 4 time winner — there’s very little doubt about that. He’s probably even better than Hamilton, if consistency is the golden standard. He’s been unlucky with his choices of cars and he’s also to blame for that, but even so, his position as an all time great is not at all in doubt.


          • Verstappen is the guy to watch. It’s a pretty unfair sport as the best car typically wins, in the 90’s it was more fun. The courses were wider and overtaking ability greater. Great rivalries like Prost/Senna. Schumacher won in a pretty poor car like Benetton if I recall. And had big rivalries with Hill and Villeneuve. Of course if Senna didn’t pass away the chances of a Schumacher/Senna rivalry were there.

            Now I pretty much don’t watch it. Hamilton is certainly a great and if the courses were wider it would be much more fun. It is the sport with the lowest dependency on skill – where equipment really can win. I’m not sure if Alonso is that much better than Vettel, the latter won 4 in a row with Red Bull which were a relatively young team compared to Mercedes, Ferrari & Williams. I’d probably go Schumacher, Senna, Hamilton/Prost, Vettel & Alonso of the main drivers since late 80’s. No doubt both Hamilton & Vettel can still climb that list.


          • In terms of the history books no doubt Schumacher towers above all, but Senna is a fan favourite and that what if question lingers on him.

            It is one sport the British have really dominated! Apart from darts, snooker! Lol!


          • Verstappen is indeed the guy to watch. He’s had a very impressive start to this career — he’s beating Ricciardo, who in turn destroyed Vettel, albeit over one season only.

            Red Bull won because of Adrain Newey, the best Aerodynamics designer in F1, in an era where engine performances were roughly the same across all manufacturers. The Red Bull was clearly the best car from 2010-2013. Even so, Alonso ran Vettel close in 2 out of those 4 years in a car that was 3rd or 4th best. I was actually rooting for him back then.

            With Alonso, the thing is, apart from Hamilton (over one year, 2007), he has beaten all of his teammates. He destroyed Kimi Raikkonen, Massa…beat Jenson Button. And often by huge margins! His gap over Raikkonen (1 time winner) was astounding. Even at the age of 36, he’s still at his peak even though he is stuck with the 9th best car on the grid.

            I personally prefer Hamilton, because of his speed, but Alonso is probably the most respected driver on the grid right now. Hamilton acknowledges his greatness as well.

            Alonso’s consistency is a bit like Schumacher’s in some respects. And Schumacher destroyed all of his team mates — though there is some controversy about him asking for the #1 status and playing dirty to win as well.

            Having said that, I agree with your list — Schumacher before Senna, Alonso/Hamilton, Prost and then Vettel.

            Vettel is pretty quick, but he too like his idol Schumacher, prefers to have the #1 status in the team. Hamilton doesn’t, which is what makes me like him more. Plus, there are very few drivers who can drive in the wet as well as Hamilton (Senna, Schumacher come to mind…Jenson Button, matched Hamilton in the wet, which is pretty amazing by itself; Alonso’s up there). Vettel isn’t a great wet condition driver by any stretch of the imagination.

            Verstappen is pretty good in the wet as well, which really bodes well for his future, as a potential all time great!


          • I’ll give you Alonso – he strikes me as unlucky and a bit of bridesmaid. As the sport is unfair, drivers like him land up on the wrong side of the merry-go-round. If he had the right team most of his career, no doubt he’d have more titles to his name.

            Your point on beating his teammates is fair but generally management pick a one and two. They like to try an win the individual/constructors titles without a war. Thats why the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry was fun as both were genuinely allowed to race each other without this stupid do it for the team attitude to some degree. It was no holes barred literally on and off the race course.


          • Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry was great to watch, indeed. Rosberg was able to get into Hamilton’s head in a way that cost him the championship (also some bad luck to boot!).

            Rosberg has been quite underrated as a driver. In qualifying, he’s definitely a part of the top tier.


  9. Masaan is available or has been for a while. One of my favorite Hindi films in the last several years.

    Hear, hear!

    Masaan indeed is a terrific film. I’ve seen it twice…unfortunately the version on Netflix is a shortened one. It misses out on quite a few scenes. Vicky Kaushal and Sanjay Mishra are absolutely brilliant in the film.

    It’s hard to imagine the same Vicky Kaushal also played Raghav in Raman Raghav 2.0

    And this song, is currently one of my favourites:

    तू किसी रेल सी गुज़रती है मैं किसी पुल्ल सा.. थरथराता हूँ

    Wow, just wow!


  10. Speaking of sport, the Italians are really in danger of not making the world cup for only the 2nd time – they’ve lost their first leg away to Sweden 1-0. Luckily Argentina got through…hard to imagine a WC without either team. It will be a huge shock.


  11. Watching link Wolf Hall right now. Just finished 5 episodes (out of 6). This is jaw-dropping good. Will write more once I’ve finished the series finale…


      • fairly good list. Glad the original House of Cards is here. State of Play (also led to a Hollywood film) is very good too. Tinker Tailor.. similarly is better than the recent (otherwise good) film. I would have included the sequel (Smiley’s People) as well. But there are important shows missing here too (probably not available in the store). Boys from the Blackstuff for example or Our Friends in the North. Upstairs Downstairs (original) should be on any such list as should the original Forsyth Saga. Some others too (Jewel in the Crown). These have all been available on DVD in the past. Not sure about now. Incidentally Yes Minister is one of my all time favorite shows.


      • Jay once recommended Only Fools and Horses. I saw some episodes and it was quite addictive. Hope to get back to it at some point.


        • Oh yes, have seen almost all episodes of Only Fools & Horses…it’s a terrific series. Perhaps the best sitcom from UK in the last 30 years or so.


          • With Only Fools & Horses – I never tire of watching it. It’s a cult UK show. The Xmas ratings in the mid 90’s were astonishing at its peak. It was tussling with incredible ratings. The show’s magic is really watching it from the beginning and graphing the story. Once you’ve invested in the 2 brothers the reward at the end is tremendous. It’s by far my favourite TV show ever at least on British TV.


      • All the comedy shows on this list are hugely popular. I’ve watched a fair bit of Dad’s Army (on and off) and Blackadder – the latter is a gem as it goes through periods in British history with a comedic view. Hugh Laurie (famous for House on US TV) and Rowan Atkinson (famous for Mr Bean character) are superb. The last episode is typically shown to all kids studying history in English curriculum for its poignant ending with respect to WW1. Richard Curtis is the writer famous for a bunch of Hugh Grant films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, and Love Actually – might not be everyone’s cup of tea but British humour that I personally love. A lot of famous British comedy actors in these comedies on this list.

        Another fun crime drama is Cracker from the 90’s.


    • have meant to watch it for a long time..


    • Saket: have you read the books? I love those but haven’t seen the show yet (I have heard great things about the lead, apparently he is a very well-known theater actor)…


      • Haven’t read the books, but now I want to!

        And you are absolutely right — the lead actor (Mark Rylance) is widely considered to be the best actor in the UK — and that’s saying something. His best work is in theater though, although he is an Oscar winner and has been knighted this year as well…


  12. The Fall is something I want to watch simply because it stars Gillian Anderson (teenage crush that will never die). Heard good things about it.

    So instead of watching all those recommended programs I got stuck with Suits. 4 episodes in we’ve binned that one – it’s The Wire instead now and it’s good so far. Quite a rugged old school feel.


    • Saw the first series on the Fall. it was definitely good though I must admit I’m a bit tired of this whole genre. Haven’t seen the second or third series. In a related sense I liked the Bridge a lot (Swedish version, not the US), again the plot itself wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, it was even outlandish at points, but the female lead here was extraordinary. She has some kind of autism. She’s brilliant at what she does but emotionally unreachable in certain ways. She made the show worth watching. The male lead is pretty good too.


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