Kabali, Madaari, Sultan (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Reposting…

    I have never seen Mumbai and Delhi having so many screenings of a Tamil movie….The shows are full too…even the early morning ones…
    The hype has translated into curiosity and bookings even for Hindi version and no surprise if it does above 5 cr in Hindi version too…

    US has started like a juggernaut…Premier show collections will be around 1.5 mn just on Thursday. By Friday it might go past Endhirans US gross. Lingas US gross would have been overcome by premier shows itself.

    The record it is chasing though will be bahubalis record. Bahubali did 420cr+ net and is the highest grossing Indian movie ever. Bahubali also did Day 1 50 cr which is also an Indian record. The Day 1 record will surely fall…

    For all the hype of branding Khans as superstars in Bollywood, Rajni at 65 is showing what exactly is the definition of superstardom and mind you he doesnt have an extensive release in India…


    • jayshah Says:

      True superstar


    • Housefull in Bombay is one achievement but I checked bookmyshow for Kolkata , and it’s running in Tamil/Telugu/Hindi in more screens than any Bengali or hindi film that I know of in the past. And many of the shows are housefull! In fact they are showing Kabali in a single screen that I usually go to…and it’s almost housefull as well!


  2. 1. PK – $46,520,000

    2. Dhoom 3 – $30,830,000

    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – $28,640,000

    4. Dilwale – $26,610,000

    5. 3 idiots -$25,180,000

    6. My Name Is Khan – $22,800,000

    7. Sultan – $21,300,000 apprx

    8. Chennai Express – $19,390,000

    9. Happy New Year – $17,120,000

    10. Bajirao Mastani – $15,100,000

    A complete list of the top 100 Overseas grossers can be seen here

    The Overseas list is still domiated by Shahukh Khan starrers with four among the top ten and this is despite the content of his recent films not being as strong as the other Khan’s. The PK total is inflated by its business in China but like for like in the NRI markets Dhoom 3 is still the biggest hit in Overseas and despite PK doing far more in China the returns are similar between PK and Dhoom 3 as films are given at a flat rate for China so the business done is not coming back to India.



      • this is simply the single most remarkable box office story for an Indian film internationally. Because in all the other markets where there are big numbers you essentially have Indians or people from the subcontinent driving the numbers. All of the growth in these markets can be correlated with greater immigration numbers and so on. But in China (or for Rajni in Japan!) that’s not the case. This is the truly authentic ‘international’ story for an Indian film.


    • I think generating business is important whether the money comes to India or not. Generating such business means popularity and footfalls. Why Boi is bent on belittling PK’s achievements day after day? And inflating Sultan achievements day after day? They cant digest Aamir’s success. When SRK’s films were doing roaring business outside India, he was called international star. So China is Mars to BOI. It is neither India nor foreign according to them.


      • jayshah Says:

        Its highly manipulative & border line racist to exclude China, what is likely to be biggest market for films in the world period (in the future).
        Forget the Gulf/UK/US etc….we know why they generate money as there is a huge NRI populous in these countries. China is an unusual territory to conquer (but unsurprising as it does house the biggest population in the world) & should be relished as a huge achievement as its GOING to be a huge market & simply could outweigh the rest of the world judging by P.K’s numbers it was nearly 40% of its gross outside India which the UK or US hardly ever got too & will not get too.

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    • jayshah Says:

      “Awards are not given for C Grade films”

      One can be a critic or harsh but BB is not a C grade film of any kind. The response is pretty C grade & quite disingenuous.


  3. It is great to see a dignified Superstar, acting his age. He does more for the movie than it does for him.

    Half-time thoughts

    It’s interval and I am scratching my non-existent beard, wondering what about this generic gangster script interested either Ranjith or Rajini.

    The directorial confidence we saw in Attakathi and Madras is practically absent. Sensing some sort of uncertainty, cautiousness.

    But one thing must be said. No superstar film of late has been this free of pandering. I mean, they’ve really tried to tell a story here.

    Quick takeaway

    But looking back, it’s not as generic as the first half made it seem. But what works against the film is the near absence of emotional beats, a sense of people to root for, root against.

    For a gangster film, the best moments are those with the family — but again, short-shrifted. There’s a great visual near the end showing the rise of the oppressed to (literally) the top of Malaysia, but the story needed to chart this journey too.

    But yes, it is great to see a dignified Superstar, acting his age. He does more for the movie than the movie does for him.



  4. Despite the political sincerity, however, this film nothing new to say or offer, besides Rajinikanth playing his age.

    This leads to many a great moment as Rajini inevitably slides into Amitabh Bachchan mode and chews on his lines before spitting them out with speeding-bullet force. We haven’t seen him like this before, grey and brooding and with his dynamism coiled up on the inside, and the result is quite stunning simply because of that incredible screen presence he commands — and the fact that he is who he is.

    The idea that Rajinikanth, 65, could kick each of our posteriors, is a relatively easy one to buy, and this film capitalises on the fact that we don’t quite question it.

    True, the fight scenes often consist of villains politely waiting their turn so he can take his time to attack them, but when he does attack, he does so with gusto.

    The rest is humdrum.

    Regardless of the Bali Brahmbhatt clones in Michael Jackson clothes who sing of Kabali’s legend, it seems cobbled from many a source, most recognisably The Godfather but also, oddly and gender-agnostically, from Kill Bill.

    Kabali has gone to prison for 25 years following a massacre at a mandir, and he’s back gunning for revenge. But he’s also trying to help troubled youths get a better life.

    The villain is a man called Tony Lee, who works for someone named Ang Lee. It is thus rather cute that Tony Lee — always referred to by his full name, perhaps to symmetrically pit Ka-ba-lee versus To-ny-lee — is played by Winston Chao, who once starred in Ang Lee’s beautiful Eat Drink Man Woman.

    Tragically, however, Chao — who struggles with villainous English — never quite gets the hang of things here and comes across as rather comical, as does this film’s entire third act.

    The drama is all there but as the bodies pile up, so do the laughs, and the whole thing comes together rather cartoonishly.

    All the actors seem to be performing in a different pitch, and — besides Rajinikanth enjoying this rare modern-day performance of relative restraint — everyone else is all over the place. At one point in the film, Apte hyperventilates with such enthusiasm I was convinced her character had been rendered mute.

    What is interesting, besides Rajinikanth, is the wonderfully mixed iconography Pa Ranjith throws together in this film about immigrants and borrowed cultures.

    Celtic tattoos vanish into formal shirt collars, samurai swords are laid upon corpses wreathed in garlands, an Ambedkar portrait is hung up next to that of Che Guevara, a character’s stupidity is emphasised by a Being Human shirt… These are all details that give the film both authenticity and surreality in equal measure, and they make me strongly suspect that this could have been a far more gripping and finessed film without Rajinikanth in it — and without, thus, all sorts of alterations due to worried producers and commercial considerations.

    But then would we be talking about it at all?



    • We haven’t seen him like this before, grey and brooding and with his dynamism coiled up on the inside, and the result is quite stunning simply because of that incredible screen presence he commands — and the fact that he is who he is.

      What does this even mean? dynamism coiled up inside; the fact that he is who he is?!

      Loose translation: I have no freaking idea how to explain the Rajni phenomenon, hence I’ll conjure up some bullshit, give an impression that I’m frothing at my mouth trying to impersonate a Rajni fan, and hope that this all works in a way that I get some brownie points for being a smart critic.

      There, fixed it for you, Mr Raja Sen!

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  7. the figure for Thursday in US is 1.9mn!!
    Overall Day 1 is looking like a 75 cr gross. Hard to put a net value due to different tax structures down south…


  8. On to more somber news – some shooting is going on in Munich shopping centre and scores are dead


  9. #Kabali [Tamil+Telugu] sets new benchmarks in preview shows in USA-Canada… Takes an EPIC start on Thu: $ 1,925,379 [₹ 12.93 cr]. SUPERBBB!

    After all those adjectives for Khans, Taran can only say Superb for a truly mega 1 day number…


    • But at $25 a pop, only 77K people watched the movie on its first day!

      A small town/village in India will easily cross that figure on day 1 although, due to monetary difference, the numbers will not reflect that. That’s the irony of Box Office reporting!


      • Yes. Very conveniently, the unethical hike in prices is being ignored. And this is not about questioning Rajnikanth’s stardom. That he is a million cuts above the Khan triumvirate is a foregone conclusion. This is just about orgasming on numbers.



        • The rise in prices have always been there for Tamil and Telugu movies. I remember even 3 years ago when I was abroad they were costlier than Hindi movies.
          I think its remarkable that a movie has done 1.9 mn on a working Thursday in US.


          • It seems to be a bit scammy in the US…as in the UK the film has released with regular ticket prices.


          • I checked it is $16 for all the shows.
            Typically English movies are $12-13 for night shows; Morning are $9-10. IMAX and 3D are higher.
            I remember Baahubali was $25 for 2 weeks. I paid regular fare when I watched in 4th week.


          • Out in the tri-state, it is 25$ till Sunday and 20$ after that.


          • I’m not trying to detract from Rajnikanth’s superstardom — he’s a phenomenon (although it seems directors don’t know how to deal with his star status, or precisely because of his stardom they remain restricted in what they can do with him), just trying to put numbers in context.

            There have always been dishonest SRK fans who would jump at any given opportunity to point out the US grosses of his films (conveniently converted into Rupees) without giving a single thought to what it actually meant in terms of tickets sold.

            Last time I read a few comments on indicine, some SRK fans were still arguing that after adding the US gross of Dilwale converted into Rupees, it had somehow beaten Bajirao worldwide. I’d laugh at all this if it weren’t so abjectly pathetic!


      • Tickets were $27 for 1st day of Kabali in US. That’s like more than twice of usual ticket price! No wonder the collections are out of the world!

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    • AamirsFan Says:

      this is an amazing number but i’ll confess that i’m pretty ignorant when it comes to the whole Rajni phenomenon.


  10. It is not easy to understand the dynamics of south indian movies for northies. Though I am also a south indian, it is easy for me to understand the dynamics of bollywood. From DK to RK and AB, to the Khans and Akshay. So I just read what others have to say.
    I still wonder who is the greatest of them all in TN? MGR or Rajnikant? Popularity wise? Technically both of them are outsiders.


  11. You can compare it to a dysfunctional family, or a marriage that shouldn’t be, but when you look at the very odd but deeply committed relationship between celebrities and the media that follows them, you’ll realize that these are analogies that really work.

    It’s very easy for the media to bicker and grumble about their chosen subjects and, in turn, for the stars to dismiss them – to look at them often with the enthusiasm of a child facing an injection. And yet, deep down, we’re also happy to see them. We delight in seeing ourselves on magazine covers, newspaper pages, on the top TV shows as the “newsmakers of the day.”

    Equally, journalists are always grumbling about the inaccessibility, the unavailability, the lack of affability of celebs.

    Both are upset, both are permanently annoyed, and so I ask: are we a husband and wife in a not terribly satisfying marriage? One step away from divorce but never quite there? (And we can’t take that step because, believe me, then there’s no alimony left for either party. Also, if you think about it, for a lot of us, it’s the longest term relationship we’ve been in!)

    Social media is our mistress. But a very available one who never plays hard to get. But other than that, we’re pretty faithful to each other? We don’t stray for too long and we follow predictable lines: the media is the nagging spouse, the star they’re after the evasive, elusive partner. (And do notice my absolute gender-free political correctness!)

    And, so, in most relationships, there is always that moment when you say we say “we need to talk.” We just call them interviews. And in both cases, on both sides, there are things unsaid and said. Here’s how it usually goes:

    Journalist says: You wear many hats as a filmmaker, but why do you think it’s important to also host talk shows and judge reality shows and even dance on then?

    Journalist thinks: You fat fool! Have you seen yourself move? You look like Veeru Krishnan on Ecstasy meets a nauch girl in denial. And those expressions? You think they’re sexy? Go back to that therapist you keep banging on about.



  12. some will still try to make a case that dangal is a non-masala film.



    • Fan is a commercial film. So is CE. So similar gross expectations from both? Or forget Fan. Don? This is a commercial film. Not just this but it’s the remake of a very successful film. So the box office expectations here ought to be the same as for OSO? Raees is a very commercial film. Perhaps it will compete with HNY for the initial numbers?

      PK can get to the biggest totals on trending but it can’t open like Ghajini or Sultan. It is still a very commercial film, much moreso than Dangal, because Hirani is of course huge. I wasn’t surprised when PK did as much as it did but I would be surprised if Dangal did the same. It can but the probability is much lower. Much as lesser commercial films can sometimes hit it out of the park. No one thought YJHD would be in the same ballpark more or less as ETT. But that’s a result you would get 9 out of 10 times. A film being good or bad results in different trending patterns but certain kinds of films maximize the audience in the very initial run. Now Aamir’s prestige is such that he will get a big initial here and he might even have a very strong script. Such a film could then certainly pull off a Bajrangi-like deal. But that’s not the expectation one can start out with and as I’ve said before I smell more than a rat when certain folks keep raising the bar for Aamir.

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      • lol, just love to see you get so wrapped up around stuff like this. man you really need to get some, If you know what I mean.

        there’s more to life than hiding behind aamir boxoffice #s.

        what did flop Fan collected and what are the hits of bachhan collecting these day? or you forgot about bachhans? Don’t see you talking much about “prestige” films anymore either 🙂


        • think I’ve made my point.. I knew some of these examples would make you anxious… but it’s not my fault. You should occasionally think before saying something, challenging as this might be..

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          • Satyam this is getting beyond pale and ridiculous…

            A rap song as an additional attribute — remember, not a part of the film — is now being used as a ‘pucca-commercial’ element.. i am ok with the likes of Z conspiring..but it’s stunning to actually discover that a finely sensible guy like KRISH jumping onto this bandwagon of ‘commerce.’

            For the final time, let me state it..after that, those who are hell-bent upon placing DANGAL on the same platform as SULTAN or DIl-do-WAALE are welcome to their insane theories..

            DANGAL is supposed to be a story of women-empowerment..a story of a father fighting against a male-dominated society to give daughters a right-ful place..

            Forget Aaamir, SRK or Salman,,whoever the hell plays the dad..the story itself is such that it SCREAMS for de-coupling of a lot of commercial elements..

            So if the team decides to STILL mess up the film with unwarranted and defeating commercial elements, it would be like splatting one’s own face with eggs..i.e, one’s not actually being truthful to the kind of film that the true-story of Phogat sisters’ demands..If you try to OVER-RIDE that, be ready for failure or a ton of brick-bats..

            And going by Aamir’s track-record, he is an actor who is pretty much willing to sacrifice his stardom at the altar of a film’s greatness — remember RDB; where he let Siddharth walk away with the climax..what actor/star would let an actor from the south walk away with the climax???

            If morons would still like to plant ridiculous theories without ‘thinking’ as you said, they are wasting web-space and their as well as our time..

            WTF does Abhishek or Amitabh have to do with this?

            It is like a standard protocol with these ‘guys’…

            1. Attack Aamir

            2. When retorted, and you have no brain mappings to respond, bring in Amitabh and Abhishek — hey what have these guys accomplished for the past 10 years…remember, they are now comparing Abhishek to SRK…1?????

            3. Attack Amitabh through Abhishek…so much that I discover that I am an Abhishek Bachchan fan!!!

            The best option is to stop responding to such imbecile thoughts and planned propaganda….I mean, we have to RESPECT our time….

            The more one responds, the more these ‘guys’ seem to..well…


          • Wasn’t it Napoleon who said never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity?


          • Chill guys I have no agenda against aamir or amitabh. After seeing the promo of Dangal if I don’t think it is commercial I will revise my opinion. But in my opinion as I said earlier even chak de India releasing today will do around 200 cr. I think Dangal is releasing in Christmas only to have a shot At the biggest total possible. And pritam I feel can give only commercial music. I might be wrong and when we see the promo it will be clear. There is no agenda at least on my part here of anything.


          • Krish I know you don’t have any agenda at all. And that’s why I mentioned that it was difficult to believe you having such an opinion. I am not sure what is giving you this feeling that this will be an out-and-out commercial film. This will be commercial no doubt. But there are shades to this commerce. And so far, I am only going by Aamir’s track-record that he won’t mess-up with a film’s true nature just to make it more commercial, or vice-versa, more than necessary-artistic..

            The worrying factor, for me, remains the director and he could make all the difference here..I really hope Aamir ghost-directs here!!!


          • I guess the puppets are missing bring in SRK to all arguments…


          • It’s the only way to highlight your hypocrisy & lack of credibility


        • man you really need to get some, If you know what I mean.

          I would love to try what you smoke on a regular basis; the thing is, I don’t think it gives you a high…it just makes one stupid!

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        • Puppets are what should be used to deal with two-headed folks like you. No need to invest time in employing humans when dealing with auto-bots…


      • but good to see you come around to the fact that not all films has potential to collect same, I mean good to see you use this logic for other stars besides aamir/bachhans


    • P.K Talli Says:

      Dangal is not a masala film and that pic of Aamir for the promotional track which wont be in the film doesn’t prove anything . Btw Aamir shot a promotional song for Talaash too maybe that was a masala film too .

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  13. Irrfan Khan is busy garnering acclaim and accolades for his latest release Madaari which has hit the silver screens today. The actor has once again enthralled the audience with a spectacular performance. However, the National Award winning actor, who is known to be one of the outspoken stars in the industry, fears that he might be abused by Salman Khan’s fans. And the reason behind his fear is the statement he gave in a recent interview. Irrfan was asked to rate five actors according to their talent and being unabashedly honest guy that he is, Irrfan rated Salman last in the list. The list included names like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan. While Irrfan rated Ranbir as the best actor among the five, he said Salman should be the last and immediately added that he hopes Salman’s fans don’t abuse him for rating their favourite star last in the list. Let’s wait and watch how the ‘Sultan’ star’s fans react to Irrfan’s comment.



  14. And it’s not just Chennai or Tamil Nadu, where Superstar Rajinikant’s movie is attracting his fans.

    The whole nation seems to be taking a notice even as the estimation of first day collection, at over Rs 40 crore, suggests that the film is going to break the first day, as well as first weekend box office co ..

    Read more at:


  15. Why Rajinikanth can, but won’t endorse brands

    Though Rajinikanth has never publicly stated his views, corporate executives who deal with celebrity film and sports stars think it is the Tamil superstar’s personal choice, which also goes down well with his cult status.

    As fans and foes wait for Rajinikanth’s Kabali to hit the screens on Friday (July 22), the biggest release in Tamil cinema this year, the superstar is conspicuous by his absence. He has not appeared so far for any promotional activities, and has distanced himself from endorsements of any kind.

    But it’s nothing new for Rajinikanth.

    In an age where celebrity endorsements run parallel to the movie business, Rajinikath has not endorsed a single brand in his 42-year-old career, despite having starred in 150-plus movies.

    Over the last few decades, every superstar, be it the Khan-trinity (Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir), Amitabh Bachchan, or the regional movie stars, have never said no to the multi-million dollar endorsement business. From colas to cars, fairness creams to chappals, you see them everywhere.



  16. This is such a fun watch and Jon Stewart & Colbert remain the perfect antidote to nauseating election propaganda ! Within 10 mins he brilliantly rips the conservatives out of their skin !!!


  17. Sultan has grossed 2.25 crore nett apprx on the start of its third week and there is a drop in collections from Thursday which held very well. This drop basically makes it a very tight finish as in regards to the 300 crore nett mark. Although its not that important as it hardly makes a difference if the film is 298 crore or 302 crore nett but in India films tend to get slotted in these benchmarks. . The business of the film till date is as follows.

    Grand TOTAL 280.37 crore

    The film will show huge growth on Saturday as it did last week and if that trend is followed the film should go over 10 crore nett for the weekend and that would be enough to put it among the top ten weekends for third week despite the extended first week. The film has crossed the lifetime business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan now in Mysore and Tamil Nadu / Kerala.



  18. Kabaali (dubbed) met with an ordinary response in the Hindi markets as it collected around 3 crore nett. The occupancy is low but the collections are actually not bad for a South Indian dubbed film as they have a limited market in Hindi speaking areas. Baahubali the biggest dubbed film from down South had grossed around 4.75 crore nett on its opening day but that film scored tremendously with word of mouth and eventually went on to do over 100 crore nett.

    The reports here seem mixed so the Hindi version could find it tough as its a film for masses so growth may be hard to come by even though the first day is not too strong. The film is not really about what happens in the Hindi markets as the draw of Rajnikant is just in some pockets so it is really about happens in South. The film was released on 2200 screens down South and reports suggest it is challenging Baahubali as the biggest opener for all South Indian films but that can only gauged when collections come in. The Hindi market release was 1000 screens apprx giving the film 3200 screens in India.

    The main Hindi release of the week Madaari fared poorly with around 1.75 crore nett with a minimal turnaround in the evening. the film has fared a little better in Delhi NCR and East Punjab as this are has contributed almost 50% to its all India collection. In this area the film is similar to Kabali (Hindi) but most of the other parts are much lower.



  19. Madaari’s 1.75 is good considering the fact that it is sandwiched between two giants.


  20. sanjana Says:

    It seems Sultan may benefit if Kabali fails in the north.


  21. Almost six years back when Rajinikanth’s Robot [2010] had hit the screens, it had taken a modest opening of around Rs. 2 crore. Still, it was the best that a dubbed South film had ever done in the Hindi market. The record stayed with it till Bahubali came and smashed all records by more than doubling then opening day of Robot. It brought in Rs. 5.15 crore on the first day and then went on to more than 20 times these numbers to even enter the Rs. 100 crore club, and that too from just the Hindi version.

    Though there were a few stray talks (as it always happens with much hyped film) of Rajinikanth’s Kabali challenging the lifetime collections of Bahubali, it was never going to be the case. Market for dubbed films has traditionally been very poor in pan-India market. Even with a similar cast of Bahubali [Rana Daggubatti, Anushka Shetty], the next big release Rudramadevi was a disaster in Hindi. Puli, despite Sridevi as the central attraction, was a disaster from the first show itself. Sardaar Gabbar Singh, despite a North friendly title, stage and setting, with good promotion, couldn’t even survive one weekend anywhere.

    Hence, all that differentiated Kabali (a title that can hardly be comprehended by all-India audience) from other South releases was one man – Rajinikanth. However, as mentioned earlier, his best Day One collections (in Hindi) were that of Robot since his subsequent releases Kochadaiiyaan and Lingaa were major flops as well. This was the major reason why Kabali still managed to at least come close to the Rs. 4 crore* mark on its Day One, hence almost doubling the collections of Robot.

    Yes, the hype generated meant that the film could have done better but let’s say, even these not bad numbers at all. What now remains to be seen is how far does the film go from here. The critical response has been average at best and word of mouth is mixed too, unlike in case of Bahubali where everything was tremendous enough to warrant that the film grew leaps and bounds to register a Rs. 22 crore weekend. While that is impossible for the Rajinikant starrer, it has to be seen where does the film land up from weekdays onwards.



  22. http://andhraboxoffice.com/info.aspx?id=1953&cid=6&fid=3435
    Kabali day 1 India net around 47 crs. Biggest day 1 opener in India and worlwide beating bahubali.


    • Beating opening is still good record (and expected from good Rajni movie) but don’t think it will legs to do even half of Bahubali’s collection.


      • I think families will need to take to the movie. Fans are a bit let down as there is not enough Rajni antics or moments whichever way you put it. They are not interested in seeing him act. Day 2 is excellent in TN though. No clue about andhra and Kerala.
        USA Friday collection is around 750k. 2 day US collection is 2.6 mn.


  23. Irrfan Khan starrer Madaari earned Rs 4.45 crore worldwide on its opening day, according to its makers. The film collected Rs 3.25 crore in India and Rs 1.2 crore overseas, said a statement from the representative of the movie.

    The thriller, which sees Irrfan and director Nishikant Kamat team up again after the award-winning Mumbai Meri Jaan, has been lauded by the film fraternity too. While the film is about taking a stand and shouldering responsibility, it also showcases the bond between a father and son.

    Madaari presents Irrfan in a role that he aces with such ease that it’s hard to see he’s ‘acting’. But he’s placed at the centre of a film which is so patchy and contrived that even he cannot rescue it, The Indian Express reviewer Shubhra Gupta mentioned in her review of the film.

    “The idea has power. The execution has very little,” she said on the storyline of the film.

    The 49-year-old actor had interviewed politicians like the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav for the promotion of this film. He also wanted to interview Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, the actor did not receive any appointment yet.

    “In the film Madaari Irrfan Khan plays a man who is fighting for his family. However, even in reality the actor is interested in understanding how the whole ‘system’ actually works and analyse the particular problems we citizens face and what are the steps these people take, so that is why the actor is personally meeting the politicians to widen his knowledge about the complete system,” a source close to the actor told The Indian Express.

    But the box office collections are not really the actor’s main concern. “My intention is to entertain the audience through a film. I never think about 100 crores, 200 crore clubs,” he said in an exclusive conversation with Jagdeesh Chandra.

    Madaari also stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Vishesh Bansal, Tushar Dalvi, Nitish Pandey and Ayesha Raza.



  24. If in that interaction with youngsters in Jaipur, Raza stated that “Bindu is a source of energy, source of life. Life begins here, attains infinity here”, a few years later in New Delhi he showed other shades to his personality as he talked gently, if, one may say so, almost relentlessly, of Modernism. Yet he did not fail to talk of specifics, happy once again to talk of the bindu, how it provides focus in life, indeed, life itself. Happy he was to talk of early red, the later blues and yellows. And equally at ease talking of the marriage of art and artist, how initially man creates art, how then art forms him. Little wonder, the distinction between Raza and his art gradually disappeared over the years. His art could never conceal the artist, in the final years, it spoke on behalf of the artist. Little wonder, fellow artist Krishen Khanna once said that his friend lived his art! And Raza found profound meaning into something as innocuous as juxtaposing two colours. According to him, the two colours could be in conciliation and harmony or conflict and unending struggle, almost like a man-woman relationship. Raza brought to his canvas the quintessential Indian spirituality and tradition by concentrating his energies on colours, purush-prakriti and nari in his trademark geometric abstract works. And to think, he introduced the French to our artworld and set up studios there!



  25. AamirsFan Says:

    this was obvious to those of us who had been paying attention to the primary elections during the past year…now there is concrete proof how corrupt the DNC is. Also very disappointed that Sanders endorsed Clinton so easily…after these email leaks, he still has time to back off and jump off this train wreck of a campaign that Clinton is running. She is barely beating Trump and Trump isn’t even trying to win!!

    ‘Released Emails Suggest the D.N.C. Derided the Sanders Campaign’



    • AamirsFan Says:

      if everything was on an even-keel…Sanders would be on the verge of becoming our next president…and it wouldn’t even be close.


  26. AamirsFan Says:

    that slavery line will resonate for some and for the rest…will cause fury…


  27. Bob cristo Says:


    This is what i always say and that is why dispite SRK poor BO record in recent year He should not feel insecure because i know that SRK’s place in Bollywood history is secure. As i always say whenever anyone will talk about first 100 years of bollywood 3 name will be there.

    1- Dilip Kumar – Symbol of Nehru’s Socialism
    2- Amitabh Bachchan – Symbol of LNJP Total Revolution
    3- Shahrukh Khan – Symbol of Globalisation


    • AamirsFan Says:

      I lost interest in his movies after K3G. Up to that point I had watched every movie of his (I even watched Trimurti and Ram Jaane in theaters). Coincidentally, IMO, I feel SRK stopped evolving around that time frame too. Kjo and YashRaj films really ruined his career path, as far as meaningful cinema is concerned.


  28. Bob cristo Says:

    But even after K3G….He did some good (Swades..V-Z, CDI, MNIK, Paheli) to OK (MHN..OSO, Don-2, RNBDJ, HNY) films. The problem is that his contemparory started doing good films and He stucked with mediocre film. Now he again start doing good film..Lets see..


    • I think Swades and CDI were ok. Swades is his best in there. V-Z was a borefest. Paheli and MNIK were not good enough. Just like the rest of what he turned up with.

      I think his earlier movies before these were good for those times. Since the turn of the century, the quality of cinema has evolved a lot but he was somehow stuck in his earlier kind of cinema and he continued opting for KJO and Chopra when new, innovative film-makers were around.

      The biggest example is JTHJ, a film so stale, so cliched and out-dated beyond belief. Those elements had already started creeping in V-Z. For JTHJ, the wave of sympathy around Chopra’s untimely death (the reviews were very sympathetic, to put it mildly) and the initial value of the star-cast helped it. But it looked like a movie coming 15 years too late.

      I think he needs to re-invent himself. Those romantic, out-dated parts aren’t going to do him any good. The plastic or poor movies like Dilwale or HNY aren’t going to work. He needs more substantial deals. He has the talent and fan base needed to build on. He just needs to be more ruthless while making the choices.


  29. sanjana Says:

    According to box-office India, Sultan 4, Kabali 4.5 and Madaari 2.75 for Saturday.


  30. sanjana Says:

    Madaari showed good growth considering its size.


    • sanjana Says:

      Naseer started to attack even a dead person.


      • Hats and clothes off to Twinkle!!!

        This man Naseer, of whom I am a BIG fan of, has turned pathetic and is wallowing in self-pity and loathsomeness…He has turned into a big joker at the risk of putting his outstanding career at stake and turning folks like me against him..this is pathetic beyond words..

        He had ALL the time in the world to write an op-ed on Rajesh Khanna’s ‘poor’ acting skills when he was alive. [In hindsight, I consider Rajesh Khanna a very, very mediocre actor as well, just like Dev Anand].

        But he chose now. Was he sleeping all these years? At least with Amitabh, he has been honest in attacking him ever since he realized he just CANNOT compete with Amitabh in terms of the actor/star wedding.

        Pathetic. Poor. Very sad that an actor of the caliber of Naseer can resort to this.

        This is an actor who is known TO BE ON RECORD stating that no actor prefers just being eulogized on pages..EVERYONE that gets into the film industry wants to be recognized with great fan-following and as Ary says in ENTOURAGE, crudely, but truthfully, ‘That’s what’s actors and stars are known for; to f!@# women that civilians can’t even dream of f!@#!^&*’


  31. Sultan Third Saturday Business
    Sunday 24 July 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Sultan showed huge growth on its third Saturday with collections around the 4 crore nett mark. The growth is around the 80% mark which is more than last week. The film is doing better business than the main Hindi release Madaari despite being in week three and the figures and Sunday could even go ahead of the Hindi version on Kabali. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.

    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000
    Week Two – 48,75,00,000 apprx
    Friday – 2,25,00,000 apprx
    Saturday – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    Grand TOTAL 2,84,37,00,000 crore

    The distributor share of the film will cross 150 crore by the end of week making it the third film to earn more than 150 crore in terms of Indian theatrical revenue. The film is now the top Salman Khan grosser in Nizam / Andhra, Mysore and Tamil Nadu / Kerala. Basically all the circuits which were under tha Bahubali storm when Bajrangi Bhaijaan released last year.


  32. Irrfan Khan starrer Madaari has shown good growth on its 1st Saturday at the box office. After collecting 2.25 crores on its opening, the film raked in 3.50 crores yesterday and now stands with the total collection of 5.75 crores at the domestic box office.


    Boi is downplaying numbers and trending of Madaari.


  33. Kabali (All Versions) Fails To Beat The Opening Day Record Of Bahubali

    Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali may have shattered many box office records on its opening day. But it failed to beat the opening day record of magnum opus Bahubali.

    Kabali (All Versions) has done the business of around 50-51 crores gross at the Indian box office. This is around 38-39 crores nett at India Box Office.

    While, Bahubali: The Beginning had collected enormous of Rs 50- 51 crores nett ( All Versions) at India Box Office on its openinng. Bahubali featured Prabhas, Rana Dagubatti, Anushka Shetty and Ramya Krishnan in key roles.

    Kabali is directed by Pa. Ranjith and it also stars Radhika Apte and Winstan Chao in pivotal roles.



  34. Superstar Rajinikanth starrer Kabali has managed to show decent growth on its 2nd day at the box office. The film collected 6.20 crores yesterday and now stands with the total collection of 11.40 crores.



  35. “We have received a shocking news that a pirate site torrent is advertising that Dishoom will soon be shown. If a pirate site advertises that there will be a leak, there could be nothing more frightening for a producer. So we held an emergency meeting since I am the president of the Film Producer’s Guild, and we senior producers thought about what can be done about it.” Bhatt said in an interview.

    “Each and every producer, wherever they were and whether they were busy, cancelled their appointments and came to my office,” Bhatt added further.

    Dishoom, starring Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and John Abraham is gearing up for release on July 29.

    Recently, films Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti had leaked before its release. While the former still managed to do decent business, the latter flopped miserably.

    Bhatt said, “It is such a dangerous news. They had started this trend during ‘Great Grand Masti‘, that time we felt that someone was joking, we didn’t take it seriously. And then we came to know that it’s out and the producers got destroyed in a day.”

    The makers of “Great Grand Masti” had stated that their DVD was tampered with at the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT). And an interesting incident has happened with Dishoom regarding the practice of submitting DVDs. “Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has helped us, first time in history, a film received a certificate without handing over a DVD.

    I want to applaud them for understanding our problem. They have proved it by saying, ‘if you feel that it could leak from here, for your protection and psychological comfort, perhaps you can give the DVD after release’,” Bhatt said.

    Bhatt had famously stated that CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani should be removed during Udta Punjab‘s battle with the censor board regarding cuts. But he said, “I want to thank Pahlaj Nihalani sahab and the CBFC for understanding our pain.”

    Bhatt also said that they have held discussions regarding approaching Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other agencies regarding the issue.



  36. Kabali, which released on Friday, 22 July, is believed to have earned over Rs 70 crores worldwide from its opening day collections.

    How have trade experts arrived at this figure? Let’s do the math:

    Kabali’s US and Canada premieres have earned it collections in the vicinity of $2 million. Distributors CineGalaxy Inc have confirmed this number. (In Indian rupees, this would amount to about Rs 13,42,98,900.)

    Of course, the film’s biggest business has been in the South market, where it was released in two languages: Tamil and Telugu.

    In Tamil Nadu — which is Rajinikanth’s core fan base — trade sources peg its collections at a whopping Rs 21.5 cr, from 720-odd screens, out of the 1,080 screens in the state. This in itself, is a record day one opening collection for the state.

    Last year, Ajith’s Vedalam is reported to have made Rs 15.5 cr on its opening day, and now Kabali has beaten the record by a wide margin.

    Trade sources we spoke to also claimed that screens outside Chennai charged double or triple the government approved rate (in Tamil Nadu, there is a cap on the ticket prices theatre owners can charge; multiplexes are allowed to charge a maximum of Rs 120 per ticket. This rate has been in existence for the past eight years as successive governments want to keep a tight leash on the film industry).

    A major plus for Kabali was that it got a ‘U’ certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification, which enabled it to get exemption from entertainment tax in the state, as per Tamil Nadu government rules.

    Then, its running time of two-and-a-half-hours allowed theatre owners to hold greater number of shows. The government stipulation is four shows per day on a working day (Friday, July 22), which was adhered to only in Chennai city. Outside the city limits, in most parts of Tamil Nadu, on day one 6-7 shows were held in each theatre, which boosted collections.

    In Andhra and Telangana, where the dubbed Telugu version of Kabali opened simultaneously with the Tamil language version, the film is said to have netted around Rs 9.5 cr. It is the highest ever day one opening for a dubbed film in these states.

    In Karnataka, the Tamil version of the film is said to have netted around Rs 5.10 cr, the highest ever for a Tamil film in the state.

    In Kerala, the film earned around Rs 3 cr on day one — a new state record and highest ever for any language film in the state.

    This brings Kabali’s total earnings in India to Rs 39.1 cr on day one of its release.

    Add this to the North America earnings, and you have Rs 50+ crores. Box office collections for Malaysia and Dubai are not yet confirmed, but word on the ground is that Kabali has done very well there and a margin of around Rs 15-20 crore is being allowed for earnings from those territories.



  37. The movie has grossed more than 200 crs in first 3 days. There was a feeling it will drop but it hasn’t dropped that much over the weekend and trade is relieved. It needs 300 cr gross to be a clean hit. Looks like that will happen now. Note that I am talking in terms of gross than net as tax structure is not very high in south and a 300 cr gross will still yield a good enough net.


  38. Sultan had a good third weekend as it grossed 11.50 crore nett apprx in the third weekend and took its lifetime business to a little under 290 crore nett. The drop is around 65% as it showed huge growth on Saturday and followed up with solid gains on Sunday.
    The 65% drop is better than the normal trend which is around 70%. Sultan also easily scored over the new Hindi film Madaari despite being in the third week though that is probably does not mean much as Madaari was so low. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.
    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000

    Week Two – 48,75,00,000 apprx

    Friday – 2,25,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 5,25,00,000 apprx

    Third Weekend – 11,50,00,000 apprx

    Grand TOTAL 2,89,62,00,000 apprx

    The film should reach the 300 crore nett mark but its going to be a close call and it may be that it gets there in week five or even after. This would not have been an issue if it got 2-3 open weeks as most event films do but it had to settle for only nine days only and that has meant less business after the first nine days. The film has comfortably crossed 80 crore nett benchmark in Mumbai and also crossed the 30 crore nett benchmark in East Punjab.http://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=2184


    • They have been reporting marginally higher number than producers for some time.

      [Week 3] Fri 2.14 cr, Sat 3.81 cr, Sun 5.14 cr. Total: ₹ 289.05 cr.


  39. Madaari is a poor fare with just 8 crore nett coming over the weekend. The film had fair growth over the weekend but with such a low starting point that is always likely. The film is not costly and a 10 crore nett weekend could have been okay which could have helped to a respectable lifetime total. The weekend business of Madaari is as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 2,75,00,000

    Sunday – 3,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 8,00,00,000

    The shocker is that the film has been given a fair Overseas release with over 100 prints. It has even been released in UK which is a no no for small films as there is no recovery for them and Madaari is no different. The cost to release 15 od prints in UK is totally lost as collections are so low. Maybe the makers thought Irrfan Khan who has had roles in some western films could push it but it does not work that way and the NRI audience will not come in the first weekend for an Irrfan Khan starrer.

    Kabaali (Hindi) grossed 13.25 crore nett which is not good enough for the costs but its a fair result for a dubbed film from the South. The Tamil version has done much better in the Hindi markets and those prints are included in the price and if added on it will be 15.50-16 crore nett weekend. The film has done pretty well in Mumbai and Central India markets but North and East are poor. Despite so so business it has easily beaten Madaari despite being a dubbed film. The all India collections of Kabali will be updated later. The weekend business of Kabali (Hindi) is as follows.

    Friday – 3,50,00,000

    Saturday – 4,50,00,000

    Sunday – 5,25,00,000



  40. The Tamil language film Kabali has smashed all weekend records for a film from India. The previous record was held by Dhoom at $10.32 million but Kabali has gone through that comfortably. The film has grossed $4.05 million is US / Canada which is in four days but for comparison the three day figure of $3.51 million is taken. This is the second highest figure ever in US / Canada after PK which was slightly better at $3.55 million.

    The film has grossed a further $4.25 million in the Far East which includes Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines over four days as Malaysia and Singapore see unbelievable numbers though this was probably expected as it fetched a higher price for Malaysia than US / Canada. The three day figures is $3.50 million for Far East. The Gulf has grossed $2.25 million which gives the film a total of $9.25 million three day figure and there is still Europe, Oceania, Africa and parts of Middle East to come. United Kingdom will be around $400,000 over three days..

    The film has also broken all records in Sri Lanka where day one was similar to the lifetime of Dilwale which scored big there. The three day figure for the film will close around the $11 million mark (INR 74 crore)and if we take four day figure it will probably be a $13 million weekend (INR 87.5 crore).

    The $11 million three day weekend beats Dhoom 3, Sultan, Dilwale and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It is the second film after Dhoom 3 to cross $10 million in three days but that was a Christmas release which is the best period in Overseas and Kabali has been released on a normal period.



  41. This is unbelievable numbers for a regional movie…..hats off to rajni.gone are the days when hind films used to be biggest grossers. Robot.2 and maghadeera 2 will create some records…for sure in coming year.

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  42. Chennai Box-Office – (July 22 to 24)
    Monday, 6 June, 2016, 05:02

    The Chennai Box-Office for the July 22 to 24 weekend has been taken over by the Kabali typhoon. Nearly 96.5 % of the programming in Chennai screens was for the Rajinikanth film.
    Kabali stormed the CBO with a record Rs 3.82 Crore in its opening weekend, the highest ever collection for any film from Chennai city. Please note Kabali Chennai city rates was government stipulated Rs 120 per ticket. And some upmarket theatres had to oblige VVIP government officials with bulk tickets for their friends and family.
    Though Hollywood film Star Trek released it hardly got any screens or shows and was just limited mainly to the IMAX screen. The Santhanam super hit Dhilluku Dhuddu was abruptly pulled off, to accommodate Kabali.
    In a way this weekend Kabali totally took over the Chennai Box-Office and is in the 1 to 5 position in the chart.



  43. There is an interesting plotline in the mother-son dynamic of Anita Raaj and Neil Bhoopalam, as the power-accustomed mother and her smart PM son, with Raghav Chanana as her nephew and her son’s aide. This is a potentially intriguing dynamic with three restrained actors, and I just wish the dialogue in this section wasn’t as melodramatically overwrought.

    Episode Two ends with a character logging out of what may be nicknamed ‘Villain HQ’ as if leaving a cybercafe, but impressive enough, in true 24-style, even this moment sets up another cliffhanger. And so the show rolls on, punching its way efficiently. Jack Bauer would approve.



  44. Just wondering, is there or was there ever a super star in India or for that matter in world who at age 65 did what Rajni is doing? I mean films opening to hysteria like this?

    And I hope the bachhan fans don’t take offense to this right away and starts the typical name calling and assuming they’re smarter than everybody else.

    I wonder if Salman will be able to achieve this if he keeps going at the rate he is currently.


    • Satyam or anybody reasonable – DON’t. Take. This. BAIT & GET SUCK IN A LOOP


    • ” and I hope the bachhan fans don’t take offense to this right away and starts the typical name calling and assuming they’re smarter than everybody else.”

      does that include srk fanatics,i thought they went to sleep after the mega debacle of ” fan “


      • “does that include srk fanatics,i thought they went to sleep after the mega debacle of fan”

        Are you talking about the same Fan which made hell lot more than bachhan recent hit films?

        It was a simple logical question but bachhan fanatics just can’t help it.


    • “who at age 65 did what Rajni is doing?”
      Bachchan is 73 and still in circulation. Still getting title leads or meaningful leads in good cinema. Do you mean BO numbers? Is that alone the parameter of success. Getting roles even after BO disasters is real success IMO. Look at Kareena. Hardly any hits and her career is better than Saif’s 😉

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      • read my post again…

        “is there or was there ever a super star in India or for that matter in world who at age 65 did what Rajni is doing? I mean films opening to hysteria like this?”

        We already know that bachhan films at age 65 didn’t create much hysteria if any.

        Getting work in films is not a question, I was talking about fans going crazy about superstar and creating hysteria on the films release like what we see with rajni films.

        “Getting roles even after BO disasters is real success IMO”

        Would Fan collecting 85 crore just in India count as a disasters or debacle as Vijay above called it? If yes, I guess SRK is successful too since I assume he will get roles after Fan, no?


  45. The kabali overseas numbers are monstrous at 90 crores. To put this into perspective, bahubali did around 75 crs in its entire run at overseas. The finer reading is also very interesting. The Asian markets outside India have done around 28 cr which is more than what US has done. So primarily Singapore and Malaysia is leading a huge country like US. UK has practically become irrelevant in terms of world markets considering how minuscule it is contributing now.
    The indian numbers are just slightly ahead of bahubali. Bahubali did 105 cr net and this has done 109 cr. in Kerala , Kabali is very strong and has done almost the entire total of what bahubali has done in it entire run already. But the real place where bahubali scored was rest of indian markets. It did 120 cr plus and Kabali will not do that. Overall kabali s gross is at 210 cr after the weekend as against bahubali s 165 cr gross. That’s primarily driven by that extraordinary overseas total. The movie will be a clean hit at around 300 cr gross. At the moment that should be achievable even with a drop considering the WOM.


    • The fans were waiting for a proper Rajini film to celebrate. Unlike north, they dont wait for festivals or major holidays to watch a film. Ready to skip work and college. Thats the big advantage for a Rajini film. And the tremendous buildup also helped. In this race, he left Kamal far behind. Luck also favoured this time unlike during Linga release. Ranjith and Rajini worked very well inspite of mixed reviews. Well, Kabali took the shine off from bollywood. And Sultan got uniformly positive reviews unlike Kabali. Well, no one knows what clicks and what does not. And how far any film can go. Even Baahubali is dwarfed in front of Kabali’s mammoth audience spread all over the world which includes a large chunk of non tamils too. I think Boi is in a big shock. There is someone who can create real havoc like a tsunami.


    • The kabali overseas numbers are monstrous at 90 crores

      Let’s also divide them by their nominal currency to get a feel for how many people contributed to this monstrous total.

      The overseas numbers converted into rupees don’t mean anything much except for the fact that a lot of expats, who represent a miniscule percentage of their Indian counterparts, are watching the movie. It’s the conversion into rupees that makes these numbers look monstrous…not the numbers on their own.

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      • The numbers are big even otherwise considering this is a Tamil movie and not a Hindi movie…also it is the fact that it did this figure in 3 days that is extraordinary.


        • Correct, no matter how you slice and dice it, these are big numbers. As far as the ticket prices are concerned, you also have to have audience willing to pay that price.

          If you price hindi movie ticket @ $25, it will lose half the audience if not more.

          Krish, I would argue that there are more south indian in foreign lands now than the gujaratis, etc.
          Where hindi films makes out is south Indians watches hindi films too in theatre along with pakistai, bangali while on flip side the the gujaratis, pakistani, bangli, etc population will not go watch south indian movies.


        • But what happened to discussing footfalls? I thought that was more important…so if that’s the most important criteria then the overseas footfalls are tiny compared to footfalls seen in India.

          You can’t discuss footfalls for a film like Bajrangi and then discard them for Kabali

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  46. Film Censorship Board of Malaysia said the Rajinikanth starrer blockbuster movie Kabali will have a different ending in the country with a message of “crime does not pay” added at the climax.

    The decision has left local fans of the superstar fuming.

    LPF chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said the board had requested the makers for the alterations in the movie, so that the viewers continue respecting the law. “Normally under our guidelines, there must be some kind of element of retribution in the movie. Especially if the characters shown in the movies are involved in crime, then there must be some kind of comeuppance for that. So, we asked the producer to put in a caption… This was to send a message that the law cannot be taken into your own hands,” Abdul Halim told Malay Mail Online on Sunday .

    The film ran to full shows on Saturday with fans queuing up hours before the show.



    • Abdul Halim also admitted that the board had censored several scenes in the film, but stressed that all the cuts were only five minutes in total and that the storyline of the movie was still intact. He explained the cuts were only several seconds long for each scenes, including one controversial scene that included the use of the word “keling” a term derogatory to ethnic Indians in Malaysia. The word was muted in local screenings.

      “We have our own guidelines and anything that we feel could be sensitive, we censor. We took off the word and it’s better that way because if we do not do that, then the people will allege that we practice selective censorship.”

      The scene in the original unedited version has since been slammed in Malay paper Mingguan Malaysia. An article had accused the film of deliberately flaming racial tensions in the country by portraying the ethnic Indians as an oppressed minority.

      Another article also accused the film screenwriter of misunderstanding the lives of the ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

      Despite that, Abdul Halim said the main reason for the censorship was to make the movie a PG-13-rated film, so it could be seen by more Malaysians.

      Eight percent of multi-ethnic Muslim majority of Malaysia’s population is Indian, mostly Tamil.


  47. The buddy-cop film ‘Dishoom’, which stars John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, has a surprise element, too. It has Bollywood’s action king Akshay Kumar in a special appearance.

    A strapping physique, trademark mischievous eyes and sporting a man bun, Akki is bound to make heads turn in this one. Since the Khiladi Kumar is known for trying out something new each time, we are looking forward to seeing what surprise he has in store for the audience now.



  48. Sultan is looking at a 15.50 crore nett third week as Monday grossed 1.25 crore nett apprx. The only question which remains is whether the film will hit 300 crore nett and that will go down to wire. Normal 70% weekly drops will see it reach 300 crore nett by the end of week five. Basically a 70% or lower drop this Friday when Dishoom releases from the Friday gone by will see it get get 300 crore nett. If the drop is more than it could miss by a crore or so. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.

    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000

    Week Two – 48,89,00,000

    Friday – 2,25,00,000 apprx

    Saturday – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    Sunday – 5,00,00,000 apprx

    Monday – 1,25,00,000

    Third Weekend – 12,50,00,000 apprx

    Grand TOTAL 2,90,76,00,000 apprx

    Irrespective of whether it finishes at 299 or 300 crore nett the film is a blockbuster and that too after a long time. The last one being Bajrangi Bhaijaan released exactly a year back.



  49. Kabaali (Hindi) had a low Monday as it grossed 2.25 crore nett on its first Monday. The drop is only 35% from Friday but that is because it did not open in most regions. The first week business of the film will be around 20.50 crore nett and it will be tough for the Hindi version to get to the 30 crore nett mark. There is the Tamil and Telugu version playing in most big cities in Hindi film circuits and if we include that then the film should hit a 30 crore nett lifetime total. Robot (Hindi) had grossed 22 crore nett and this will go slightly higher but it has been six years. The four day business of Kabali (Hindi) is as follows.
    Friday – 3,50,00,000

    Saturday – 4,50,00,000

    Sunday – 5,25,00,000

    Monday – 2,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 15,50,00,000

    Madaari was very low on Monday with collections of 1.25 crore nett. Again like Kabali (Hindi) the drop is not much from Friday, infact its less than Kabali (Hindi) at 30% but collections were just too low on Friday. If a film is under 2 crore nett on day one then Monday has to be at least similar to Friday to survive. Also this film had hardly any collections in many circuits on Friday and they could not get much worse. The places where there were some collections like Delhi and East Punjab the drop was 40-45% on Monday The four day business of Madaari is as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 2,75,00,000

    Sunday – 3,50,00,000

    Monday – 1,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 9,25,00,000

    The first week will be around 12.5-13 crore nett for the film and Madarri only really has India theatrical for recovery and the share of the film is not going much higher than 7.5 crore which means heavy losses. Talvar another Irfan Khan release last year managed 30 crore nett last year which was a fair result.


  50. The hits and misses of the week.

    The Hindi version of Rajinikanth’s Kabali did not find much love outside Tamil Nadu, and could not match the hype it generated. The Superstar has never really enjoyed a fan following with the Hindi audience, and fared average at the box office.

    Madaari has not been able to cash in on its popular actors, Irrfan and Jimmy Sheirgill. The title ‘Madaari’ is too old-fashioned to appeal to the multiplex audience, for whom this film is meant. The film improved over the weekend but not enough to raise hope.

    Trade analyst Vinod Mirani gives us the weekly box office verdict.



  51. I feel the producer of Kabali is doing a Rakesh Roshan.

    If Salman Khan’s Sultan and Aamir Khan’s PK earnings surprised you, the box office collections of Rajinikanth’s Kabali will leave you shocked. According to verified collection data provided by producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu to IndianExpress.com, the Rajinikanth-starrer has earned about Rs 400 crore already. While Rs 200 crore is the box office collection, the film earned Rs 200 crore before release with sale of music rights etc.

    Dhanu said Kabali has earned Rs 90 crore abroad in the first weekend, out of which Rs 28 crore came from the US itself where the film is among the top 10 films being watched in the country. The producer put Indian collection for the first weekend at around Rs 100 crore.

    “I will never forget these days in my life. This release has given me so much happiness. It has broken the collection records of Indian cinema in the last 100 years,” Dhanu said.

    According to sources inside the industry, the total budget of Kabali was nearly Rs 75 crore, out of which the salary of the lead artist alone was around Rs 50-60 crore. Rajinikanth plays a Malaysian don who helps Tamils living in the country. Radhika Apte plays his wife.

    Directed by Pa Ranjith, the movie’s production was much cheaper with relatively young technicians holding forte. While most of the shoots happened on location and sets in Chennai, shooting in Malaysia was probably the only big expense. Interestingly, the luxury vehicles and luxury cars used during the shooting in Malaysia were given free by many Malaysian Tamils and fans of Rajinikanth.



  52. Aamir Khan’s twin sister..


  53. Like

  54. “She never made fun of people with disabilities,” … “She tried to empower them based on their abilities.”

    Truly inspiring and uplifting stuff. Pitch perfect and powerful !!


    • Simply loving the DNC. One great speech after another. (Michelle speech is one of the best speech in recent times).

      Today should be awesome with Obama, Biden and Kaine speaking.

      What a contrast to RNC last week where it was all about hate, fear, gloom and doom.

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  55. Sultan held strong on its third Tuesday with collections in the same range as the day before. Though the job is done and the film is a hige hit, the holds are needed if it is to get to the 300 crore nett mark. The crucial one will be Thursday to Friday when Dishoom releases. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.

    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000

    Week Two – 48,89,00,000

    Friday – 2,25,00,000

    Saturday – 4,00,00,000

    Sunday – 5,00,00,000

    Monday – 1,25,00,000

    Tuesday – 1,25,00,000 apprx

    Third Weekend – 13,75,00,000 apprx

    Grand TOTAL 2,92,01,00,000 apprx

    The business of the film after three weeks will be 294 crore nett apprx and the only question remaining will be if the film can get that extra 6 crore nett and push its total to 300 crore nett. The film is mainly collecting in Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab now.



  56. Kabali has done unbelievable business at an all India level. The Hindi version may not have done well and the Telugu version is also not going to be upto the mark but in its original format Tamil it is huge wherever released. There was a drop in collections on Monday but that tends to happen with films down South which open so huge. The business of Kabali all India and all languages till date is as follows.

    Friday – 46,00,00,000

    Saturday – 31,00,00,000

    Sunday – 32,25,00,000

    Monday – 13,50,00,000

    Grand TOTAL 1,22,75,00,000

    The film will be the highest grossing film in the history of Tamil cinema beating the business of Rajnikan’ts own Enthiran (Robot In Hindi). That film had grossed around 195 crore nett across India with Tamil version doing 120 crore nett, Telugu version doing 53 crore nett and Hindi version grossing 22 crore nett. The way this film is going it will cross that mark with the Tamil version probably doing 100 crore nett alone in Tamil Nadu.

    Despite being the biggest grosser ever in the Tamil Film industry the profits will not be huge as it fetched 132 crore from distributors across India for the various circuits. But this is mainly to do with the distributors paying a premium due to Rajnikant and does not take away from the fact it has created history. It will probably become the second film down South after Baahubali to cross 200 crore nett and the first Tamil film to cross 200 crore nett. The Telugu version will not beat the business of Einthiran (Robo in Telugu)) but the Taml version will surpass.



  57. We recently reported of Shah Rukh Khan receiving a notice from the income tax department regarding his off-shore investments. Looks like, B-town is under the scanner as now actors such as Aaamir Khan, Raneer Singh have received notices from service tax division of Central Board of Excise and Customs.

    A notice has also been issued to production houses Yashraj films and Salman Khan films. The notices issued are asking for the payment details of these celebrities.
    Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan Films & YRF Receive CBEC Notices
    Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan Films & YRF Receive CBEC Notices

    The payments of these actors have come under the scanner considering that one is liable to deposit service tax if they receive their payment through the producers in tranches.

    The department is looking for high profile defaulters who have not fished out service taxes.




    It doesn’t matter whose child you are, if you deliver a flop, filmmakers stop taking your calls, says Abhishek Bachchan, the son of Indian cinematic icon Amitabh Bachchan.

    Abhishek’s career graph since his debut with Refugee in 2000 shows high and low points. If his performance in films like Guru, Dhoom, Bunty Aur Babli, Dostana and Bol Bachchan has been applauded, he has also earned his share of criticism for some of his movie choices.

    “I’ve completed 16 years in the industry and it has been a mix of highs and lows. There has been tremendous learning and I’m still hungry to do a lot more. It’s been a great journey and it makes me happy and proud that I’m a part of this industry,” Abhishek told IANS.

    “The low phase that I went through, I think, was necessary. It teaches you a lot. I believe there is no success without failure. It keeps you grounded and makes you appreciate things,” Abhishek said when asked about his time in the industry.

    He admits a flop doesn’t leave one feeling good. “If we give a flop film, people stop taking our calls; then it does not matter whose kid you are. It’s true that a flop is the worst feeling in the world and destroys you as a human being,” added the 40-year-old.

    An ardent believer in the power of staying positive, Abhishek says, “If you want good things to happen in your life, you first have to believe good things are possible for yourself”.

    “Every actor is very emotional and so am I. I feel it’s important to learn to see the brighter side of life, and possess a sense of humour for that. My sense of humour has saved me many times when I have felt low, the actor said.

    “When you are low, you have to be very positive and think of the bright side. And I think I am a very positive person,” said Abhishek.

    Abhishek says he is not even affected by trolls on social media, which have often hit out at him for his movie choices.

    “If you are present on a social platform, you are available to everything on it and that’s fair. It’s all in jest and for fun. I just feel that once in a while, it’s nice to give back to them some of their own medicine. And it’s fun, he said.

    However, he said, he stops interactive when trolls cross a line. “The minute they stop being witty about it and start getting abusive, there’s no more fun and you stop. That’s it, but I enjoy it,” he added.

    Interestingly, the social media has emerged as a platform where actors whole-heartedly appreciate the work of their colleagues. This, despite the competition in the film industry.

    “Definitely! There is no harm in appreciating good work. I believe in supporting and encouraging my peers. I think tinsel ville is going past the cliched catfights and is coming together in support of each other on all platforms,” he said.


    • “The low phase that I went through, I think, was necessary.”

      This never ending low phase is NOT necessary….


      • No kidding. Now he is at a point where he is in movies where he gets sidelined by Ritesh Deshmukh. All sudden, getting sidelined by the likes of Hrithik, Aamir, SRK doesn’t look that bad now.

        In all honesty, without the name bachhan, he would not have gotten a role in Refugee. Anybody who wants to argue this point, please provide some facts on who got a lead role in a big film like Refugee in that era who was not film industry related (specially with abhi looks).

        Abhi seems genuinely a nice person, wish him luck in his 2nd inning. I think father will have to start producing films, make low budget masala type of films.

        I think they should rope in Farah Khan and do a full fledge movie on the HNY Nandu character.



    “An actor passed my house and saw a big crowd waiting for Salman. He called me up to say he has not seen anything like this before. I told him I have seen bigger crowds many times outside Rajesh Khanna’s house,” Salim wrote on Twitter. “He was the first and the last superstar of the millennium. Anyone calling him a mediocre actor should know that no one can reach these heights unless he has something extraordinary to offer,” he continued.

    In an apparent reference to Shah, the Sholay writer said, “Frustration and bitterness are difficult to cure but carrying the same for such a long time is unheard of.” Salim, 80, is the latest celebrity to slam Shah for his remarks after stars like Khanna’s daughter Twinkle and filmmaker Karan Johar criticised actor.

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    • omrocky786 Says:

      My respect for Salim Khan sahib keeps growing…
      Unfortunately the respect for Javed keeps diminishing ( I think Shabana has had a very bad influence on him.)


    • Rajesh Khanna = 1st super-star
      Rajesh Khanna = Last super-star??

      Hmm; looks like apologizing for his giant diaper-baby Salman day-in and day-out is taking a toll on Salim Saab’s memory..


      • Naa his memory ( after all he created the angry young man) and his sense of pride in Bharat is still intact-

        Salim Khan ‏@luvsalimkhan · Mar 29

        3/3: change is growth. Bharat Mata Ki Jai. -Luv, Salim Khan

        Aside- as a father if he will not defend his son, toh kya padosee desh aayega bachaney ?? lekin who desh toh stone pelters ka hai !!

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        • Rocky Saab:

          Nobody is objecting to a father defending his son. He ‘apologized’ for his son who is 50. There’s a world of difference.

          And I do agree with Salim on most matters and prefer his honesty rather than side-lining with the popular opinion..

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          • Yaar the entire Congress party apologizes for Rahul Baba on a daily basis !! LOL


          • It seems Salim Khan hasn’t instilled any values in his son Salman Khan, nor did he bring him up very well.
            The only good thing might have been teaching him/letting him be taught – how to fly a kite!
            That saved his life.
            Thoroughly ashamed of both father and son.

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        • Chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai and get yourself a patrotic label, how ironical yet true 😢 Rocky Jee Rahul Gandhi can not and should not be an alibi to defend the indefensible, be it Salman’s acquittal in black buck killing as well as running over of pavement dwellers as in both cases justice has not only been denied but also signals mockery of justice at the hand of the rich and the influential. As regards Salim sahab’s right to defend his own son is concerned, by this token each parent would render an apology on behalf of their criminal son and daughter and that ought to be taken as end of the matter!!

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          • If Bharat wasi can not say Bharat Mata kee Jai, at least Paki kee Jai toh naa boley – Boorkha key jaisey !!!
            Aside- Re.- As regards Salim sahab’s right to defend his own son is concerned, by this token each parent would render an apology on behalf of their criminal son and daughter and that ought to be taken as end of the matter!!
            Bhai I really don’t know what you mean by this?
            Baap Baap ka kaam kar raha hai , and Kanoon kanoon ka !!
            they are mutually exclusive !!

            Now whether justice was actually delivered – we all know , it was not !! lekin upar wala sab dekh raha hai !
            Bharat Mata kee jai !!


          • Aside- from whataap-
            The only two things left for Kejru to say now are-
            1. Main Modi key bachchey kee maa bannney wali hoon.
            2. Modi ney mujhey pichley janam mein mara thaa .

            Jai Sultaaan !!!


  60. Further proof that DANGAL will be a hard-core, commercial, movie on the lines of DILWALE..



  61. Crowd outside Amitabh’s bunglow is not only bigger in numbers, but also is a constant regardless of hits or flops! At 73, he still commands this massive adulation and mass hysteria pan-India, which is testimony to his megastardom!

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    • In a world-view — only 1 person’s — where RITEISH DESHMUKH is supposed to have over-taken Abhishek Bachchan, how can you expect such a minor point to NOT get blocked by ‘skulls’?


      • lol, I see that comments gets to you…

        But why, I mean failure after failure, year after year, you should be used to it by now…


        • After all, you are the guy who thinks I am an ABHISHEK fan!!!!

          Because, in your world-view, one needs to speak ONLY for one’s idol..fortunately, I haven’t had that kind of warped mind-set or even, well, don’t want to get further but the ‘logical’ one that you are, you should get it pretty easily..


          • you can be fan of any bachhan, father, wife, son, daughter in law, etc…

            The result is same, failure, year after year.

            No, I don’t think likes of you like to speak much about your idol (partially there isn’t much to talk about now adays if you know what I mean), you guys spend more time degrading other actors/stars… And that’s what I have problem with.


          • ***You guys spend more time degrading other actors/stars… And that’s what I have problem with.***

            Satyam says SRK is one of the – in fact THE –symbol of post-economic liberalization Hindi film actor. He says he agrees that he doesn’t see Aamir fitting well or doing justice to the YR-NDTV-adopted Karan Johar films of the ’90s

            I write a review on FAN saying I liked SRK’s performance after ages but that the film deserved a far better directorial and written talent..I watch DIL SE countless number of times and write emphatically that NONE except SRK could have done justice to the role of Amar..

            I write a review stressing on the plus points [super-stardom highs and lows] and negative points of KABALI — starring Rajnikanth; an actor I hardly care for whether he is alive or dead

            –The English language meaning of ‘degrading’ —

            verb de·grade \di-ˈgrād, dē-\

            Simple Definition of degrade
            : to treat (someone or something) poorly and without respect

            English is not actually that complicated a language, but, well, there are always exceptions. Or sometimes, even norms one guesses..

            1) Why is it that Abhishek Bachchan is brought up when somebody questions SRK’s status? It’s hilarious; for if an actor is very, very unimportant, why bring him onto the platform of SRK?

            QUESTION: Do you know of Tendulkar’s record last year?

            ANSWER: Really? What was Agarkar’s last year? Can you tell? Year after year, even last year..blah, blah, blah..

            2) Amitabh Bachchan is an actor with absolutely nothing to talk of post-2000 except maybe KBC. These Shoojits, these Balkis, these Ghoshs, these Varmas,these Bhansalis, these idiotic Lincoln Center folks who hold a retrospective of the ‘year-after-year’ flop-actor Amitabh Bachchan..man, what to say of them? How dare they try to invert the definition of ‘baniyagiri’? It’s measured in riches; if SRK’s films’ collections somehow fall 10 crores below expectations, one then goes looking for FORBES richest-man in the last 3 months of 2012, then the size of the islands he owns in DUBAI, then maybe the wealth of Gauri’s parents..then maybe by the tuition-fee his son pays in college abroad..but BY any ‘intelligent’ yard-stick, one’s got to make it ‘bigger’ and ‘better’..

            3) This is a dishonest site with dishonest folks like Satyam, An Jo [free therapy discoveries..An Jo is an Abhishek fan!!], Jay Shah {basically anybody who just ‘degrades’ SRK by saying he is a damn big star but historically isn’t as Amitabh was}..but one wakes up in the morning, and, still while one’s quite confident that one’s ‘logical’ and getting lot of ‘action’, one still wants to spend MOST if not all of one’s ‘invaluable’ time and ‘fantastic’ brain-power on a loser of a blog which houses discussions on a star who is a loss to himself and the entire film industry for the past 20 years; and one which is filled with dishonesty!!!

            4) One disappears for 3-4 months after one’s favorite December-Dildowale with a hit-machine director flops [maybe family issues or other pre-prerogatives in life; but hey, I want my chance to be illogical and dumb too..it’s my birth-right too!] but suddenly resurfaces when another star enjoying a massive run has a release to just co-opt in trying to ‘degrade’ another star who unfortunately decides that quality of a film is more important than the wolf-whistles he gets..

            5) One then laughs and pats himself/herself/itself that the plot has succeeded – one just comes here and ‘drops’ words but one gets very serious responses employing something called truth and facts. Dumbos, the joke is on them… Bots got to them!!!

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          • jayshah Says:



          • ” Why is it that Abhishek Bachchan is brought up when somebody questions SRK’s status? It’s hilarious; for if an actor is very, very unimportant, why bring him onto the platform of SRK?

            its so obvious that srk fans target weaker opponents,as salman and amir khan are way beyond them ,they are just getting used to the failures and to target weaker opponents makes them their satisfaction releived


  62. Irfan Khan spoke really well on The News Hour yesterday.
    Arnab really bajaoed the shit out of the Paki loving Pseudos , libtards and Sickulars !!
    Boorkha Dutt is really mad.
    Maza aa gaya !!


  63. It was early reported that Dhoom 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya will soon be working on his next movie titled Thug with Hrithik Roshan. Amitabh Bachchan was also part of the movie and was signed to play the role of Hrithik’s father. But the latest buzz is that Big B has walked out of the movie.

    According to a report by a leading daily, Big B has walked out of the movie due to constant delays. A source has revealed that the studio which is working on the movie has pushed it several times and even Hrithik is busy with the shooting of his home production Kaabil.
    Amitabh Bachchan No More Part of Hrithik Roshan’s Thug
    Amitabh Bachchan No More Part of Hrithik Roshan’s Thug

    The action thriller is based on the best selling novel, Confession of a Thug. However with the exit of Sr. Bachchan the script might also undergo some minor changes.

    Big B is soon to start the shooting of Aankhen 2 and he has even signed movies with Sujoy Ghosh and R. Balki.



  64. Earlier we had reported that Salman Khan whose last release Sultan set the box office registers ringing would soon commence work on his next titled Tubelight. Well, now we hear that the film in question which will also marks the actor’s third collaboration with director Kabir Khan will in fact feature the actor playing a rather unique character.

    Apparently, Tubelight which is said to be a cross border love story set in the 60s against the Indo-China war backdrop will see Salman Khan playing a man-child who has a disability in picking up and learning things. Considering that this would be contrary to the image of Salman that viewers are used to seeing on screen, we also hear that director Kabir Khan has taken special efforts to ensure that the character is presented sensitively in the film. In fact Salman Khan is already undergoing preparations for the same.



  65. Siddharth Roy Kapur is proud of Aamir Khan’s Dangal

    Producer Siddharth Roy Kapur feels proud after watching Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Dangal.

    “I saw it with whole cast and crew and loved the film. I’m feeling very proud of Dangal.” He said at the screening of the film.
    Two of the biggest films of this year- Sultan and Dangal – both starring two superstar Khans are in a clash of themes. Salman Khan’s Sultan revolves around the story of an underdog wrestler, capturing how a once-upon-a-time champion wrestler bites the dust only to be restarted. Aamir Khan’s Dangal is about a wrestler who lives his dream of representing the country through his daughter’s victories.

    Asked about how different is the movie from Salman Khan’s sports drama, Kapur said, “There is no similarities between two movies except the theme -wrestling. Sultan is a superb film but Dangal is also a great film. And both films are very different from each other.”

    However, Aamir’s upcoming movie is making news for all right reasons. Mr.Perfectionist worked really hard on his looks as a wrestler where he had to put on weight and later he shed those extra pounds accordingly to the character’s age. Recently Aamir Khan’s look from ‘Dangal’ promotional song was spotted, while the actor was shooting at a suburban studio.

    The look that Aamir adapted for the promotional song has stunned one and all. He is seen in a bearded look wearing a long jacket, earrings, bands & accessories, rings, Surma in eyes, to perfect the look of a desi rapper.

    This is the second time Aamir is doing a promotional song for a movie after his hit song, ‘I Hate You Like I Love You’ from ‘Delhi Belly’. With this song he is set to introduce his two girls from ‘Dangal’. In fact here the actor is also set to sing the song himself and has taken a continuous training for over 2 weeks!

    Reportedly UTV Motion Pictures’s upcoming movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’ which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif is facing trouble as two aren’t on talking terms. As per reports, they may team up for the trailer launch but won’t be promoting the movie together.

    However, UTV honcho reportedly dismissed the rumours and said, “This is wrong news. Katrina and Ranbir both are professional. Jagga Jasoos shoot is going really well. Whatever I have seen it is spectacular. So I think their fans are going to be very excited.”

    Siddharth inform us almost 20 days of shooting is left and following that, the release date will be announced.



    • Aamir lucked out big time because this movie is releasing more than a year after the whole wife/desh episode.

      SRK took the biggest hit because his movie released right around that time and some of the public took it out on that movie.

      I wonder if there will be any protest during dangal. Probably not, aamir is very smart man and wouldn’t make that kind of mistake right when his movie is about to release produced by him.


  66. Hypocrite Bollywood stands by Salman, come acquittal or rape comment

    Actors change their stance after a flop, and women artistes who speak of equal wages work with the most misogynistic of stars. But then, one needs to make compromises to survive in this place – at least as far as superstars are concerned.

    Bollywood is the land of paradoxes. Actors change their stance after a flop, and women artistes who speak of equal wages work with the most misogynistic of stars. But then, one needs to make compromises to survive in this place – at least as far as superstars are concerned.

    The Rajasthan high court on Monday acquitted Salman Khan, the reigning king of the box office, in two cases of chinkara poaching on the outskirts of Jodhpur in 1998. Many celebrities, directly or indirectly related to Khan, became unusually happy. A flood of tweets drowned our timelines.

    In contrast, Bollywood witnessed widespread outrage last year – when a Mumbai court sentenced Khan to five-year imprisonment in the infamous 2002 hit-and-run case. The actor’s car, on that instance, had run over a few people sleeping on the pavement – killing one and injuring four.

    But where was all that outrage when Salman Khan made the raped woman remark? Even the few who reacted appeared sheepish in their approach. They seemed to suggest that the 50-year-old actor had made a juvenile mistake.

    This wasn’t the first instance of Bollywood cherry-picking the issues it wants to support. From the workers union strike of the ‘80s to the Udta Punjab-CBFC row, the film industry has been very selective – and biased – in its approach. Hardly ever do any of its big names take on powerful individuals or ruling parties.

    The ‘80s strike was called to protest the steep hike in sales tax, but the biggies didn’t bother to lend a hand. Even with the Udta Punjab controversy, biggies began reacting only after witnessing the huge public uproar.

    Bollywood is an industry peopled with snobs who speak of setting international standards of filmmaking while creating silly movies that sometimes border on the vulgar. What’s more, they audaciously defend their products in the name of ‘popular cinema’.

    These celebrities carefully pick their words when a popular singer shares a cowardly letter on the social media, but people like Sona Mohapatra are not defended when they put out their thoughts. Every big star has essayed stalker roles in their films, and it’s only now that they are apologising for it. But that’s still a minor issue.

    When a veteran film actor’s son – who has been named in an abetment to suicide case – was launched last year, many of Bollywood’s stalwarts came out to bless the new guy on the block. Not a single voice of suspicion was levelled against him. Later, it came as no surprise when the same guy received the best newcomer award for his below-average performance in a lacklustre movie. After all, the film industry is a close-knit family, and what happens in a family should stay in the family.
    Salman Khan records the title track for Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty’s debut film Hero.

    People who seem outspoken on other issues keep mum on all things related to Khan, or any big name for that matter. Not a single word of protest. They seem to have realised the power of staying together, and keeping the big ones happy.

    They talk, of course, but only when Tanmay Bhat comes up with a Snapchat video or AIB does a roast. Instead of saying “it’s unfortunate” or “in a bad taste”, they simply demand a ban on the comedians. It’s like advocating freedom of speech with a gun in your hand.

    Salman Khan is a cottage industry in himself. His latest venture – Sultan – is also breaking records, and it makes sense to be in his good books. Hypocritical Bollywood can continue to be so, that’s their choice, but they should stop trying to hide their cowardice behind that much-maligned flag of righteousness.


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  67. Your wilful amnesiac proclivities when it comes to anything distantly related to Shahrukh are neither risible nor induce any pity or sympathy!! Aamir was the very first actor in 2006 for his movie Fanna being banned in entire Gujarat, when he took a stand for Sardar Sarovar Dam displaced people’s pro-rehabilitations process. Yet your selective Shahrukh victimisation rants would try to depict an entirely different picture devoid of any logical backing. In your dictionary, Shahrukh is naíve and Aamir an extremely astute person, which is an insult to Shahrukh’s street smart instincts and defies any logic whatsoever as it raises doubts on Shahrukh the savvy businessman’s image crafted with years of toil and diligence!

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  68. The above response was to Z’s comment.


  69. Raees confirmed for Jan 26, 2017. Clash with Kaabil is now official!


    • ” Raees confirmed for Jan 26, 2017. Clash with Kaabil is now official! ”

      so srk tried everthing and begged rakesh roshan to shift the releasing of kaabil,its a major gamble to both movies to release date….it just shows how unsecure srk is,what happened to “dilwale” is the history about to repeat itself…


      • jayshah Says:

        This battle would be different, the opening I’d suspect would be close, but longer term I’d bank on Raees than a Gupta film.


        • MOhenjo Daro will determine how well Kaabil will open. I suspect MD will be a big tank on line of Bombay Velvet. With a 165 cr outlay I don’t know how it is going to recoup anything worthwhile. Either way Raees will open bigger than Kaabil no doubt about that


          • Both films would get max of 50crore weekend and with additional day maybe 65 crore weekend. But still reaching 150 cr will become herculean task from there onwards. So, clashing will not help either movie even with good wom. All this competition for just 1 extra holiday makes no sense as rest are just normal working days. Its not even like December holiday season.


          • Rakesh Roshan should have ideally given the date away to SRK(knowing their long association) as Raees is already ready whereas Kaabil shooting just started last week. Why shoot it hurrily and then try to reach the date and then meet the clash? Makes no sense. He could have given date and look more bigger and actually helps Hrithik’s movie as well. Better take more time and release couple of months later in April/May 2017.


          • One should assume the date is taken if announced. Think Raees team more at fault. Sure there are plenty of non holiday free dates, they are choosing to have clash. In fact they seem to have made a bigger deal about one free date by picking date.


          • I mentioned a longer comment in another thread. This a game.. just announce date in the air and then if you don’t make it, move it ahead. I understand that but SRK has mentioning the same. Without even starting the movie or shooting even 1 scene, announcing the release date is not a good practice and he don’t want to be part of that race. He doesn’t announce the release date until half the movie is shot or nearing that range. Likewise he didn’t announce Imtiaz Ali’s next release date which he’s beginning shooting next month.

            Both Baadshaho and Kaabil announced the date during early this year. Out of which Baadshaho didn’t even start shooting and Kaabil started last week. Similarly.. Ajay Devgn keeps announcing dates so far in future and then keeps shifting the release. Even Mohenja daro was announced Jan 2016 but it moved to Aug 2017. So many movies keep shifting who announce the date so far in advance. At least Kaabil had genuine reason that shooting hasn’t even started till the discussions started. Every Hrithik movie has moved ahead and he has not completed a movie in 6 months flat since ages(almost a decade). Also, his career graph is not like Salman’s now to take on another release(Baadshaho was already announced prior to Kaabil).


          • RAEES doesn’t seem to an out-and-out commercial venture mainly because of the director. I don’t think he is a great director at all but Dholakia’s history reveals that he takes up controversial subjects — Kashmir or Gujarat — and weaves his tales around them. Compared to those two, I agree RAEES looks commercial with SRK’s inclusion and punch-lines thanks to the main character playing a DON, but still, I feel there will be comparative restraint when weighed against other movies in this genre {if he has decided to take a complete round-about with this one I don’t know..}

            And KAABIL is no AATISH..it looks to be venturing more into JAZBAA territory..

            These 2 look like WOM films and it doesn’t make sense to clamor for a holiday…


  70. The film on its 4th Wednesday, made a collection of approximately 1.20 crores. After 22 days, the film now stands with a collection of 292.80 crores at the domestic box office.



  71. He is the only actor from his generation to be enjoying a clean slate so far. Student of the Year, Main Tera Hero, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Badlapur, Any Body Can Dance 2, Dilwale – each of his films has been a Hit, Superhit or at least a profitable affair for the makers. He has dabbled across solo starrers and two hero films and has found steady audience coming his way. With a double hat-trick to his name, Varun has been enjoying a steady pace in his career. Though in Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale his antics weren’t on display in full throttle, the fact remains that the film did come close to the 150 crore mark.

    Now that he is being seen in Dishoom where he has another senior actor [John Abraham] alongside him, he definitely hasn’t been relegated to the background. In fact the makers [Sajid Nadiadwala, Rohit Dhawan] and presenters [Eros] have done well enough to ensure that the banter of John and Varun is on full display, something that should entice the audience for whom the film is aimed for. The promo suggests a fun popcorn entertainer in the offering that won’t have a single dull moment, what with action, comedy and ‘naach-gaana’ peppering the narrative right through the tout length of two hours.

    All of that should ensure that while an opening of around 50% is comfortably on the cards, things could only turn better further with word of mouth coming into picture. The film has some really big benefits going in its favor.

    First and foremost, it is a solo release and seeing a good count of screens coming its way. Secondly, it arrives amidst zero competition as Sultan is through with its run and Madaari hasn’t clicked. Also, the week ahead doesn’t have much of a competition either. All of this means that Dishoom has two weeks to make merry. If it is liked by the audience, Dishoom has all going for it to play to the potential.



  72. Kabali grossed a huge $12.15 million in its first weekend which included a Thursday release at many places. The three day figures stood at $10.57 million which is lower than the early estimates but still a record for the first weekend for any Indian film in Overseas. The film was not released in the lucrative Christmas or Eid (in some circuits) period which makes the collections even better than they actually look. The film was a juggernaut in Malaysia though there were issues as the local censor board changed the ending which did not go down well with the fans of Rajnikant. Below are a list of top opening weekends in Overseas The list includes all films Indian films and all languages.

    1. Kabali – $10.57 million

    2. Dhoom 3 – $10.32 million

    3. Sultan – $9.45 million

    4. Dilwale – $8.52 million

    5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – $8.12 million

    6. Happy New Year – $8.00 million

    7. PK – $7.84 million

    8. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – $7.61 million

    9. Chennai Express – $7.23 million

    10. Baahubali – $6.21 million

    The figures of Kabali in Overseas did slow down as the weekend progressed but the weekend itself saw it surpass most South indian films and even crossed the lifetime of all but 16 Hindi films. The only other film to have a $6 million plus weekend is Fan which was released earlier this year and managed to get to $10 million plus just on the name of Shahrukh Khan.



  73. The week gone by saw the release of Kabali featuring a superstar Rajnikant while at the same time the biggest actor of the NFDC led film movement of 70’s Naseeruddin Shah was making some derogatory comments about the early 70’s superstar Rajesh Khanna. The comments made news but this sort of thinking is there in the industry towards people who have gained superstardom, just most of the time it stays behind closed doors but unfortunately or fortunately this time came out. Normally this is there as one feels its the sort of success you wanted to achieve and could not or feel the other guy did not deserve the success he got. Also there is a huge misconception about what is acting, basically it is about likeabilty and making the audience believe and the ones who do it best succeed the most.

    The real shocking thing was when this guy commented about the films of the times and making the golden era of Hindi films into a mediocre era.. The fact is that from when colour fims started being made regularly in the early 60’s and till video came in the early 80’s it was the golden era which was not seen before and may not be seen again. Pages can be written about the box office records of the era but the easiest way to explain the growth is that India had 4380 screens in 1962 and the total was 12,840 screens in 1980. The total number of screens in 1980 is more than today. This sort of infrastructure growth can only happen for one reason and that is CONTENT. The audience is coming out to watch films which leads to a need of theatres and the audience is coming out not because of a superstar or two because how many films can they have to sustain such growth but because of general all round good content.

    Its not just that actor who probably lives in a world of disillusionment but the case can be made for half the industry today, actually probably more than half. Its laughable but many in the industry call today the golden era as well though only god knows why. We live in an era that two big films can’t release on the same day if they want the desired results but this is not the fault of these releases but what happens for the rest of the year. .When the content is bad barring 3 or 4 Friday’s of the 52 then there wont be enough screens for two films to release together as how do exhibitors survive outside these 3-4 Friday’s.

    There are obstacles with putting up new properties be it rising land prices, high taxation and less than encouraging government policies in many areas but these issues would have been there is the 60’s as well, maybe more as rules were less pro business then but it made no difference as demand was there. It would be same today if we had the content. In that period we had films which were going to take up 15-16 weeks released every week which resulted in more screens and today if we have films every week which can be run just 4-5 weeks in most cities then the screen count would go up fast.

    There was that NFDC art film movement which lived in a deluded world and this resentment for the huge commercial success of Rajesh Khanna by Naseeruddin Shah could be because this movement mainly survived ten plus years as the actors were hardly paid as that was only way they could make films for 4-5 lakhs which gave a chance for recovery.

    Today its not much different, a Badlapur, Haider or NH 10 can survive because the main talents are hardly being paid or taking huge cuts in the remuneration. Then on top its said these films are appreciated but how can these films be appreciated if hardly anybody has seen them. None crossed 50 lakh footfalls in theatres and less said about television results the better. You can only have appreciation if you have an audience. The longevity in the golden era was measured through repeat runs and today that has been replaced by television.

    Despite all this a large section of the industry calls this the golden era which shows the understanding of Hindi cinema is even worse than the content of their films.



  74. The other side
    Pokemon Go is a good thing.

    It is getting thousands of bored millenials out of their computer couches and outdoors, giving their Snapchat-weary fingers a rest.

    The otherwise muggy Delhi in July has seen scores of Pokemon walks from the greenery of Delhi University ridge to the historical ruins of Mehrauli – citizens’ groups are intertwining tales about the city’s history and geography with tips on the nearest Poke stops. Far more young people are learning about Agrasen ki Baoli than they would have in the absence of Pokemon and Facebook holding sway.

    People gather to play Pokemon Go un on their mobile during an event organized by the education tree at Connaught Place in New Delhi on Sunday.

    Secondly, in a digital era where human interaction is plummeting and people increasingly lead isolated lives, Gigglypuff and team are helping people unite, form communities and do things together. People have met neighbours they haven’t seen in months, organized community dog walks and thronged parks in the search of the next big Pokemon.

    Remember all those bleak opinion pieces saying we’re a civilization in decline because we don’t interact with our fellow beings? That might just be reversed because of Pokemon Go.



  75. paapaas Says:

    somebody used to read news in the morning assembly !

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  76. Has anyone seen The Big Short yet ? it’s on Netflix…great watch with a stellar cast.


    • Yes that’s on my queue..this and SPOTLIGHT..

      Also, for all, FANDRY, the wonderful Marathi movie from Manjule is on NETFLIX now…

      & then I watched KATIYABAAZ on the Kanpur electricity crises..very troubling…forget smart cities, first that needs to be fixed…


      • waiting for Sairat …..
        What is Fandry about ?
        Did you watch Branman Namam ? I saw it, it’s good in parts and obnoxious as well.


        • I don’t think you will like Fandry. You can give it a try.

          I am ambivalent about it. I think the movie is not engaging enough.


          • hmm… just googled it !
            seems like an art movie like the extremely boring “Paar” .
            TBH it’s difficult to realize the pain of discrimination unless one faces it himself/ herself.
            The caste system is one big blot on Hindus , and we will have to get rid of it, if we want Bharat to remain Bharat.

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          • I much prefer Fandry to Sairat… though undoubtedly both films are singularly great films by an assured filmmaking voice i.e. Manjule.


  77. http://www.firstpost.com/bollywood/mohenjo-daro-rustom-clash-whos-the-bigger-star-akshay-kumar-or-hrithik-roshan-2920444.html

    My screens are bigger than yours
    Mohenjo Daro has targeted a wider reach, especially because of their VFX heavy storyline, which is something kids would seemingly be a lot more into than a thriller about a naval officer.
    According to this IBT report, Mohenjo Daro will be released in around 2,300-2,400 screens across the country, while Rustom is looking at around 2,000 screens in total. This gives Mohenjo Daro an advantage of over 300 screens.
    What trade analysts are saying
    Exhibitor Akshaye Rathi tells Mid Day, “While the clout and exhibitor relations of Disney [the studio backing Mohenjo Daro] cannot be undermined, the merit of Rustom’s promos will ensure that both films get adequate screen space.”
    Trade analyst Girish Wankhede has also revealed that this clash is similar to the Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale clash which occured in December 2015. This bigger film will get an additional 300 screens but that is no guarantee of the box office figures. He did however add that Rustom has more buzz regarding its release, and with Akshay Kumar helming it, there seems to be no doubt about its success.


    • Big budget = big money?

      While Mohenjo Daro has been made at a budget of Rs 100 crore, the production cost of Rustom is Rs 45 crores, reports Mid Day. The makers of Hrithik Roshan’s film are reportedly banking on Hrithik’s comeback to the big screen after two years; his last film Bang Bang released in 2014.

      However, Akshay Kumar has consistently been doing smaller budgeted films that focus more on the story line. Films like Baby, Special 26 and Airlift are examples of, and they have done well at the box office because of correct budgeting.


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