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  1. IMDb’s Top 250 Indian Movies’ list overturns popular beliefs
    The actor with the highest hit rate is…

    ART & CULTURE | 5-minute read | 02-08-2016
    Sunil RajguruSUNIL RAJGURU @sunilrajguru

    So IMDb (Internet Movie Database) has finally come out with its 250 Top Rated Indian Movies. The list was long overdue and should have been officially released decades ago (the global list came out in 1990), but better late than never.

    Here are some points to ponder about the list…

    (Note: It is a dynamic list and changes from day to day; so many rankings will change after this article has been written)

    1. Thank God, it’s not a “Bollywood” Top 250!

    Outsiders have a tendency to club every film from India as coming from “Bollywood”, a big insult to non-Hindi films. There was even a controversy when CNN called Rajinikanth a Bollywood star.

    So the IMDb bas made it clear that these are Indian films and not Bollywood ones. And it shows at No 2 the Tamil film Abne Sivam starring Kamal Haasan and Madhavan. At No 3 is the Malayalam film Drishyam starring Mohanlal.

    Rajinikanth makes his debut at No 18 in Thalapati. Bengali film Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray is at No 25. Telugu film Athadu hangs at 32 while latest Marathi sensation Sairat is at 41. The Kannada neo-noir crime film Ulidavaru Kandanthe is at 45.

    Also read: Dishoom is proof the Bollywood ‘buddy film’ never gets old

    2. Rajesh Khanna trumps Naseeruddin Shah

    A controversy broke out recently when Naseeruddin Shah was talking about the mediocrity of Indian movies of the 1970s and actually called Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna as a “limited and poor” actor.While Naseeruddin drew a lot of flak for his comment, co-incidentally the new IMDb list came out and hosted at No. 1 the film Anand released in 1971! According to this list at least, Rajesh Khanna starred in the greatest movie of all time.
    Naseeruddin’s classic laugh riot of 1983 Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro comes in at No 11.

    3. Aamir Khan is the emperor

    Aamir is on one good run. Most of the all-time blockbusters of the 2010s are his. In the international list, he is the only person who dominates from India: No 105 – 3 Idiots (2009) and No 250 – Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001). Films such as Taare Zameen Par did appear on the list but have since dropped out.

    He is all over the Indian list:

    5. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)
    10. Taare Zameen Par (2007)
    15. 3 Idiots (2009)
    20. Rang De Basanti (2006)
    38. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)
    48. Dil Chahta Hai (2001)
    51. PK (2014)
    55. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)
    66. Sarfarosh (1999)
    161. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)
    172. Rangeela (1995)
    186. Ghajini (2005)
    197. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993)
    204. Ghulam (1998)
    219. Ghajini (2008)
    231. Talaash (2012)
    243. Fanaa (2006)

    That’s a whopping 17 films!

    4. So how do the other Khans fare?

    If there’s anyone who runs Aamir close, it is Shahrukh Khan – with 15 films! But again, credit goes to Aamir because among all the superstars, he is the choosiest and has acted in the least number of films.

    Salman Khan has six on the list, a number bettered by both Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar. Irrfan Khan is a relative newcomer compared to all of these and already has five, and should go much further.

    5. The curious case of the banned film Black Friday

    Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday (2007) was a highly controversial film based on the 1992-93 Mumbai riots and got held up for two years. It didn’t set the box office on fire but had people all over the world talking about it.

    It is high on the list at No 9. High IMDb ratings may not affect the box office, but they sure affect DVD sales and downloads. So expect movies like Black Friday to be watched by more and more people in the world.

    Some of Kashyap’s other films (director or producer) on the list are: Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), Ugly (2013), Dev.D (2009), Gulaal (2009) and Udta Punjab (2016).

    6. The person with the highest hit rate is… Abhay Deol!

    He is the not-so-famous relative of Dharmendra and famously said he would choose only films which required him not to dance and sing. With such a resolve, what chance did he have in Bollywood?

    But the actor has already carved out a niche for himself. He has starred in only 14 films and guess how many have made it to the Top 250? Six. That’s 40% of his films.

    They are: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011), Dev.D (2009), Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008), Socha Na Tha (2005), Ek Chalis Ki Last Local (2007) and Shanghai (2012).

    7. The fall of Sholay

    The 1975 blockbuster Sholay comes out trumps in most Bollywood lists. But it’s not doing that great in this particular list at least. It’s at No 13. But then, if you look closely at the list, it’s a new millennium list.

    The entire 20th century has about 50-odd films while the current century hosts a whopping 200-odd! Either the Indian voter of IMDb watches only the latest movies or is not impressed by the oldies.

    That way, the only common link is Amitabh Bachchan, who has about a dozen-odd movies across all eras.

    8. Gulzar beaten by his own daughter

    Gulzar is a legendary lyricist, music director and film director as well. He has been associated with Bollywood for more than 50 years. His directorial movie Angoor (1982) is at No 38. However, his daughter Meghna started out in the 2000s and her film Talvar (2015) sits pretty at No 24.


  2. Budhia Singh – Born to Run Movie Review
    Saibal Chatterjee | Thursday, August 04, 2016


    A Bollywood sports film is usually an awkward creature. It tends to be a loud, lumbering beast prone to melodramatic flab and excessive deification. Mercifully, first-time writer-director Soumendra Padhi’s Budhia Singh – Born to Run isn’t one.

    It is neither average Bollywood fare nor is it just another sports-themed potboiler designed to magnify the heroics of an achiever.

    It does no superfluous huffing and puffing. It instead probes the multiple social and emotional strands, and the dramatic highs and treacherous lows, linked to the incredible true story of Budhia Singh.

    By age five, the Odisha boy had run nearly 50 marathons under the tutelage of an obsessive coach Biranchi Das.

    The spotlight of Padhi’s screenplay is as much on the tireless wonder boy as on the dogged man who rescues him from the squalor of a poverty-stricken slum and sets out to groom him for Olympic glory.

    Budhia finds the comfort of home in Biranchi’s judo training centre, but his dreams of running the Marathon in the Olympic Games are shattered by bureaucratic manipulation, political skullduggery and media shenanigans.

    In 2005-2006, Budhia’s feats attracted worldwide attention and yielded the 2011 documentary Marathon Boy by Gemma Atwal.

    Padhi’s fictional account of two crucial years in the tumultuous life of the world’s youngest marathon runner (he is a child who wets his bed, bickers with his mates and hankers after a red bicycle) has characters drawn from the real world.

    Among them is the American-Indian documentarian who follows the boy around with her camera, recording every move.

    A 65-kilometer run from Puri to Bhubaneswar proves to be one too many for the boy. Ten years on, an absurd ban on Budhia the long distance runner is still in place.

    Set in the pulsating world of long-distance running, Budhia Singh – Born to Run plays out like an epic tragedy in which overarching ambition, greed, exploitation and administrative intrigue come together to queer the pitch for the protagonist and his mentor.

    Not that Biranchi receives no support at all. He is backed to the hilt by an Opposition politician, CRPF personnel and an empathetic doctor who constantly monitors Budhia’s health as he passes one endurance test after another.

    Anchored by a typically solid performance from Manoj Bajpayee as the never-say-die judo instructor who spots Budhia’s penchant for running, the film presents an emotionally engaging story about a man’s tussle against the media and the child welfare system that are overtly predisposed against him.

    Bajpayee fleshes out Biranchi as a cocksure man who listens to nothing but his own inner nudges, a trait that, in the end, turns out to his biggest obstacle.

    He is assailed by doubts, too, and that is proven almost every time that he declares Mujhe pata hain main kya kar raha hoon (I know exactly what I am doing)!

    That refrain is almost like a veiled admonishment, an attempt by Biranchi to assure himself that he is on the right path. But is he? The film provides no clear answer. It leaves the audience to grapple with the imponderables.

    That apart, what sets Budhia Singh – Born to Run well apart from the likes of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom or Azhar is its steadfast eschewal of Bollywood-style melodrama.

    Not that Padhi does not use some of the devices associated with conventional Hindi cinema – such as background songs to underscore the sage of Budhia’s struggle – but he does so sparingly.

    He also tones them down appreciably through the means of a staccato editing pattern. The pace that he imparts to the story obviates the possibility of any scene being held longer than absolutely necessary.

    Budhia Singh – Born to Run is by no means a perfect film, but it is an honest, heartfelt and highly effective tribute to a coach and his ward who were bafflingly stopped in their tracks.

    Mayur Patole, the child actor who plays Budhia with admirable felicity, lends authenticity to the character by virtue of being a real, believable face.

    The perfectly cast Mayur isn’t one of those chocolaty boys/girls that Mumbai directors turn to when they want to add a syrupy spin to their larger-than-life tales.

    Budhia Singh – Born to Run hinges on two emotional bonds. One is of course between Biranchi and Budhia, a father figure-gifted disciple relationship that weathers many storms.

    The other is between Biranchi and his wife Gita (Shruti Marathe), who helps him run the judo school and is exasperated no end by her husband’s neglect of his own son.

    The screenplay, however, devotes insufficient footage to the character of Budhia’s widowed mother Sukanti (Tillotama Shome), a slum dweller who has to rough it out for mere survival.

    The sheer power of the story that Padhi tells serves to paper over the minor chinks in the tale.

    The film celebrates an improbable dream and mourns its untimely death, both with infectious passion, and ends with a fervent appeal on a behalf of a social media campaign to put Budhia back in his running shoes. Not a bad idea at all.

    Overall, Budhia Singh – Born to Run is worth running all the way to the nearest multiplex for.


  3. As reported earlier, Deepika Padukone has become the highest paid actress in B-town for the huge sum being offered to her for her next film ‘Padmavati’.

    Now, reports in a leading daily suggest the reason Deepika was offered the huge amount was because the producers weren’t keen in giving her a share in the film. A bitchy actress who recently finished a spat with a film producer, in a way to gossip about Dips spilled the beans about her ‘huge pay cheque’ to a leading daily.

    The daily quoted the actress saying, “Why do actresses make such big noise about how much they get paid for movies? Earlier, it was Kangana Ranaut and now sources close to Deepika Padukone have revealed that she got 10 Crore for ‘Padmavati’. The industry always knows who got paid how much, and people outside the industry don’t care about star pay cheques, only the performance, so what’s with all this gloating?” (sic)

    “And let me tell you Deepika got the amount for ‘Padmavati’ because the makers didn’t want to pay her a percentage of the film’s profit that she demanded. She may be in the position to demand but the industry doesn’t believe in giving a share in profits to the ladies, only the male actors get that. Dips was paid 8 Crore for ‘Piku’, plus a fraction of the profit. She asked the same for ‘Padmavati. She was denied a share in the profits and offered 10 Crore flat, which she agreed to.” (sic)

    While, we are still figuring out who this gossipy actress is who did a good work in disguise by putting light on women remission in the industry, can you tell us who it can be?



    New Releases Very Dull Dishoom Leads
    Friday 05 August 2016 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The new releases Budhia Singh – Born To Run, Fever, Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara, Moods Of Crime, The Legend Of Micheal Mishra and The Red Rose all opened to to very poor reaponse leaving Dishoom has the only film collecting this week though there will be a drop from the first week. There is the Hollywood release Jason Borne which is better than the Hindi films but will also not do much unless the weekend shows huge growth. The Hindi films can’t even rely on growth as even if they double up the collections will be still be too low. the holsover Hollywood releases like The BFG, Ghostbusters, Star Trek are all disasters as far as the Indian market is concerned.

    The only interest in box office this week will be is whether Sultan gets to the 300 crore nett mark before the big clash between Mohenja Daro and Rustom next week or will it still need 25-50 lakhs nett when the Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan films release. One of the new releases The Legend of Micheal Mishra was banned in Punjab but not that it makes much diffrence as the collections would not have been even 5 lakhs nett going by the opening. Budhia – Born To Run will probbaly lead the race of new releases but the collections will be very low.


  5. Oree baba the miserable pig is still in the pit getting dirtier and dirtier !!
    Khuda khair karey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S.- Try Vipasana ,lol


    • miserable pig in the pit getting dirtier and dirtier. If you cant argue like a civised person, you resort to filthy language.

      anonymous trolls, bullies do this. But why this type of language is allowed? Cant it be deleted?

      I think you have a daughter and if she reads what her father is posting in the name of comments, will she turn her face in disgust or will she laugh with you?


      • I know this comment is not directed at me.


      • I’m actually not offended because this is precisely what is expected in retaliation. The moment someone becomes abusive, you know they’ve lost the argument. And it’s not as if this behavior is any different from the one that’s displayed by BJP trolls on social media, so it’s definitely par for the course. I’m sure the trolls have families of their own but the comfort of anonymity makes their inner demons come out that much quicker — and it’s actually a good thing in a way because then it becomes clear whose opinions are worth listening to, and whose are not.

        What I was amused by and wished to comment on was the phrase Khuda Khair Karey used by the same person (perhaps as a ploy to show that he’s not such a Muslim hater after all)…I wanted to ask him: Is Khuda ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Is Khuda a ‘commie’? Surely Khuda can’t be sickular or a presstitute!

        I think I’ve used up all of his vocabulary by this point. I now wish the troll army can come up with new words for me to laugh at…but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen too soon.


  6. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
    #Sultan collected ₹ 4.43 cr in Week 4, taking the 4-week total to ₹ 298.23 cr nett… All set to cross ₹ 300 cr in coming days… ATBB.

    Looking at the crawl to 300 cr there is only one song Sallu fans can mumble at the moment –

    Intaha ho gai, intazaar ki
    Aai na kuchh khabar, 300 cr ki
    Ye hamen hai yaqeen, hona hai yeh zaroor
    Phir vajah kya hui, intezaar ki…

    I think after Sunday, fans will be singing the 2nd part of the songs –

    Ghamon ke andhere dhale
    Bujhate sitaare jale
    Dekha 300cr to dilon mein jaan aai
    Hothon pe taraane jage
    Aramaan deewaane jage
    Laa laa…laa laa…

    Vo ghadi kho gai intazaar ki
    finally aa hee gayee, 300cr rasm-e-yaar ki
    Ye nasha, ye khushi, ab na kam hon kabhi !!

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    • “Intaha ho gai, intazaar ki”

      thought you were referring to the PK total..

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      • I think tube light will cross that !!


        • Tubelight yes but there is a big hurdle there in form of Mr. Sohail Khan. Its never a good idea to mix business with bhai bhateejawaad….!

          There is news on Race 3 or something very stylish to break from this earthy / homey mould….lets see.

          A lot of his time will go in Big Boss which is an absolute money spinner for him so until that is not done, difficult to see 2/3 movies in a year from him.


        • I am hoping for some tube-lights to turn on first! If you know what I mean!

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          • With GST coming in April next year, it will be quite easy for many movies to go past PK totals. Imagine taxes which are 60 percent now will be down to 18 percent. The nets will be closer to gross. We will need new ways to compare movies aft April.


          • @”I am hoping for some tube-lights to turn on first! If you know what I mean!”

            There are innumerable Chinese Cinema fans and if I remember correctly that includes you….plus if the movie is steeped in
            Indo-Chinese history then this movie is going to have limitless boundaries !!

            Zhu Zhu ‏@Zhuzhu_juju Aug 6
            Having my first Hindi lesson


          • “There are innumerable Chinese Cinema fans and if I remember correctly that includes you”

            yes.. Zhang Yimou… Salman Khan in a Chinese setup directed by Kabir Khan… yeah just the progression I had in mind..

            “plus if the movie is steeped in Indo-Chinese history then this movie is going to have limitless boundaries !!”

            hope it enters that 250-500 crore ‘zone’


          • Like

  7. 335/325/300 its all part of the same zoning….. .its like saying bhairon becomes baron….!!

    On a “very” serious note, what should really concern us all is how this is pointing to direction of Indian economy and how sluggish it has gotten lately….. just look around what is being done lately in terms of box office with anybody and everybody ……keeping those numbers in perspective – 300 cr number is something Sallu fans should ‘put to bed’.


    • “335/325/300 its all part of the same zoning”

      funny you talk about absolute numbers before release and ‘zoning’ after! I’ll make another point. It’s easy to attack politicians for all kinds of issues as well as political ideologues. But if one can’t even face up to the facts on movies and one’s favorite star (I wont even get to the ghost drivers who apparently ran down people on the sidewalk.. and where Salman was needlessly ‘targeted’!) by what right does one criticize political ‘fanatics’? I’m very serious by the way. And again I wouldn’t have cared even if Sultan had crossed PK. But you have been making this absolute total argument for Salman for the last number of releases only to change your tune after release. Hope you will have learnt the obvious lesson by now and will just talk about a ‘range’ next time!


      • To be frank, I am surprised by the Sultan numbers and in all fairness after watching the movie thought this has the potential to go through the roof as the movie had a perfect climax and turned out to be as good as any masala movie of the major stars we get to see these days.

        Unfortunately this has something to do with Salman’s reach and there is good number who just detests him and will not see his movie no matter what! Add to that the rape analogy controversies which has made matters worse…..and Salman seems fuck bothered to reach out ….so he must face these repercussions.

        I still standby the movie and it is one of the most complete / gratifying films of recent times. Better than your favorite ghajini, pk , bb etc in terms of tonality but definitely below 3I in terms of satisfaction.

        I cannot get more honest than this.


        • to be honest I don’t think its a reasonable opinion to prefer Sultan to ghajni or bajrangi or pk. relative to what each film is trying to do I think ghajini is the best in this group.


      • 275/290/300 it’s all part of the same zoning.


  8. Is Hrithik going to attend the fest?
    “I would love to go. I am not sure. They must have planned something. I don’t know the schedule. But it’s a matter of great pride and honour. ‘Lagaan‘ also started its journey by being the closing film of the fest. This is a good sign. Hope ‘Mohenjo Daro‘ gets the same success,” Hrithik told IANS.

    Gowariker’s Oscar-nominated film “Lagaan” was also screened at Locarno International Film Festival.

    What is the actor expecting from the audience at the fest?
    “Hope they like the film. The people behind the fest have seen the film and asked for the film, so that in itself is a very good feedback…especially when somebody who is completely new and a stranger to what we are doing sees the film and loves it and wants it as a part of a festival,” he said.

    The film brings an epic adventure-romance story on the silver screen. It is set in the city of Mohenjo Daro in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation which dates back to 2,600 BC.

    It will release worldwide on August 12.


  9. Abhishek Singh alias Kera, who was associated with K9 production and wrote scripts for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, was arrested by the UP Special Task Force (STF) on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in a shootout.

    Kera had been on the run for the past seven years. He is the main accused for a shootout in Azamagrah which injured three people and led to the death of two in October 2009.

    Kera was living as Rohit Singh in Mumbai and carried a cash reward of Rs 30,000 for his crime. The police were tipped by an informer who had Abhishek’s photograph and noticed stark similarities in features of Abhishek and Andheri resident Rohit. Additional superintendent of STF Arvind Chaturvedi along with team laid a trap and nabbed Abhishek on Thursday.


  10. Dishoom First Week Business
    Friday 05 August 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dishoom had a fair first week of around 52.50 crore nett apprx. The film had a decent weekend and did drop on Monday but managed to stabilize on Tuesday though on Wednesday there was a noticeable drop again. The first week collections are the sixth highest of the year and are better than films like Baby and Tamasha from last year which had bigger stars. The best collections for the film are in Mumbai circuit with around 17.50 crore nett, the film should have done better in North but the Punjabi film (Bambukat) made the Punjab collections well below the mark. The Eastern India circuits also did not fare well though Gujarat and Central belts were reasonable. The top first week collections of 2016 are as follows.

    1. Sultan – 2,08,99,00,000
    2. Housefull 3 – 80,02,00,000
    3. Airlift – 79,29,00,000
    4. Fan – 71,42,00,000
    5. Baaghi – 59,68,00,000
    6. Dishoom – 52,50,00,000 apprx

    The first figures for films released in 2016 can be seen here

    The film will depend on where the second Friday lands and then can it grow big on Saturday and Sunday. Last week the limited growth on Saturday was the key held it back from putting up a good first week but this Saturday should see big growth. Before Saturday, the Friday number has to be as close to the Thursday number it can. The big plus is weak competition which has meant it has held on to 6-7 screenings per day in the main multiplexes.


  11. Dishoom Eighth Day Business
    Saturday 06 August 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    AddThis Sharing Buttons

    Dishoom has had a fair hold on its Friday with collections around 2.25-2.50 crore nett. There is a drop from the first day but if we compare with thursday the collections are down 20% only which is a good result for the film. The film has caught up to Baaghi despite having a lower open as the collections every day in week one were less than Baaghi but on day eight the film has managed to edge past the Baaghi numbers so it should manage to get a better second week than that film if the big growth comes over the weekend. the total collections of the film now are 55 crore nett plus. The film is facing a 77% drop from day one but that percentage should go down as Saturday and Sunday show better growth than the first weekend.

    The growth on Saturday becomes extra important as it will not get many screens next week due to the clash between Mohenjo Daro and Rustom so basically has this week to do the whatever business it can. The weekend can go to around 10 crore nett if real growth comes over the weekend. The poor response to all the films outside Suicide Squad has helped its cause on day eight.

    The Hollywood release Suicide Squad which was the only film to get some sort of initial yesterday did well on its opening day collecting around 3 crore nett. There was not much of a jump in the evening so it may not be a huge growth film but still day one is decent. The film has not been dubbed and the collections have all come from the English version and that is what it makes a pretty good first day figure. the other Hollywood release Jason Bourne which also had a dubbed version fared poorly with around 1.50 crore nett.


  12. Bambukat Is A Huge Blockbuster
    Saturday 06 August 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bambukat has emerged a huge blockbuster film with collections having crossed 8 crore nett in eight days and it is still going strong. The first week collections of the film in East Punjab were the third highest in history behind Sardaarji and Sardaarji 2. The Monday hold of the film was extraordinary as it dropped 30% from a high level. The drop was basically because of the weekdays ticket price drop, the footfalls were similar to day one. Bambukat is looking to be among the top five films in the history of Punjabi cinema and final position will depend on what numbers it can bring in when Mohenjo Daro and Rustom release next week The daily business in East Punjab till date is as follows.

    Friday – 1,38,00,000
    Saturday – 1,46,00,000
    Sunday – 1,81,00,000
    Monday – 96,00,000
    Tuesday – 83,00,000
    Wednesday – 71,00,000
    Thursday – 61,00,000
    Week One – 7,76,00,000

    Friday – 50,00,000

    Grand Total – 8,26,00,000

    The business in Delhi / UP was strong over the weekdays though it is under performing in the market compared to East Punjab but should make up a little ground this week as no new major release. The all India business of the film till date is around 9.50 crore nett.


  13. I will now post something on the Box Office in the Box Office thread for a change!

    For me the most mystifying (not really!) thing about the openings that films get these days is this: they haven’t really shown a jump in any real sense since Ek Tha Tiger first put up numbers north of 30 crores on its opening day. That was 4 years ago and surely the number of screens has gone up since then.

    It means either of three things:

    1) There has been no real increase in film-going audience

    2) The Indian economy has stalled to a halt and there are fewer people watching films, relative to the health of the economy

    3) The ticket prices have now reached a point where people just can’t see the value in watching the film on the opening weekend — when the prices are at their peak.

    Out of the three, I think #3 is more likely than the others. The prices have reached a saturation point and unless they remain stable till inflation catches up with them, we won’t really see a huge growth in opening day numbers.

    If this is true, what it also implies is that a major section of society is simply priced out of the market…which is certainly regrettable. Why wouldn’t piracy proliferate when the barriers have been raised so high? Time for multiplex owners, filmstars and distributors to have a rethink…the pricing and the economics isn’t really sustainable beyond a point.


    • Also wanted to add this comment on Kabali…I’ve got nothing against Rajnikanth but man, after all the hype and hoopla, the film has seen a colossal drop. It’s a huge flop, if not by pricing then certainly from an expectations point of view. The superstar aura, which is carefully constructed and cultivated, is crumbling, and at this point, it just doesn’t look sustainable at all. Only Robot with its visual pyrotechnics can hide its frailty… but for how long?


      • You are right if you are talking about outside TN. In TN the drop is hardly 30% week by week…


        • The ‘official’ TN numbers are often even more unreliable than the Hindi ones. Because there things are incredibly politicized. Leaving this aside though they still live by the older standards that were once prevalent in Bombay as well. So a big first week, then bust, is hardly considered good enough let alone for a Rajni film. Everything I’ve heard anecdotally from the state also leads me to believe there’s been a big drop after the first week which to be honest didn’t surprise me at all given the reviews. The film clearly fell between two stools. The thing with Rajni is he’s become the ultimate cult/circus in Indian cinema but the downside to this is he has to keep playing it that way and the downside to even this then is that only someone like Shankar can manage that cult anymore. He can’t just do regular masala, of the sort other stars do and that he also did once. Today he wouldn’t even be able to get away with Muthu or something. The films have to be ‘crazy’ in certain ways and only Shankar does crazy well. Getting back to the first point the other thing Shankar began and which is now followed by some others is throwing out some incredibly high, exaggerated numbers to add to the ‘show’. A film like Enthiran was doing hugely well anyway but the numbers were nonetheless sometimes exaggerated.

          Overall the things people still find impossible to wrap their heads around is that for different reasons Indian box office reporting is by and large quite unreliable. Either the numbers are very much off the mark and used as an advertising gimmick or the reporting on what the numbers mean is completely false (deliberately or otherwise). I’ve said this before, and I mean this without exaggeration, but 95% of the time the reporting one gets from the media/trade is simply false. Either the numbers are questionable, or they’re ‘self-selected’ (centers that prove one’s narrative but are not necessarily representative of the overall state of affairs, commentary that ‘belies’ the numbers in all sorts of ways.. etc). All of this is really meant for online (mostly) and offline consumption. people can then fight over them, support their favorites using them or whatever. Specially on the economics of each film the narratives are incredible ‘lies’. I’ve said all of this many times over the years. People can keep pretending otherwise. Of course in at least 15 years what hasn’t changed is that you ask anyone to prove their claims, anyone who says something about the numbers (trade or otherwise), and there’s nothing! There couldn’t be! Now at the extremes it’s easy to say a film is a total disaster or a blockbuster (by the way classifying every 200 or 300 crore film as an all-time blockbuster is another lie.. by the way in their own trade journals many of the same figures give ratings completely different from what their commentary i popular outfits would suggest) but everything in between isn’t as clear.


  14. Speaking of box office success stories, Baahubali’s success in Hindi is simply the most remarkable in recent times. It made more than 25 times its opening day number — even after being a dubbed movie and with unknown stars — which is simply outstanding. Even though I personally didn’t like the film (I don’t think I’m a fan of historicals; didn’t like Bajirao that much either) I think this is the kind of benchmark that movies should strive for. The Jungle Book, dubbed in Hindi, is another one in the same category.


    • baahubali though isn’t really a historical and more of a Dharam Veer kind of deal operating at a higher octane level. of course I wouldn’t take this too far because Desai’s ‘humane’ vision is still unmatched in many ways, i.e. in the masala supergenre, one of the reasons why almost all his films are essentially comedies [as in the opposite of tragedy] with the notable exception of Suhaag, in my view his darkest film. put differently Desai’s world isn’t epic whereas Baahubali’s assuredly is. And while I am all for the epic mode the masala supergenre (at its strongest) also moderates epic ‘absolutes’ to a great degree. Differently still there is of course a great deal of variety in great epics but masala operates more or less with the Shakespearean mix of the high and the low. There are often epic resonances that are incorporated but the mode is still rather different because it can jump around between all sorts of emotional registers and scales. And finally I’d stress this point by offering the obvious Bachchan example who precisely could not have been ‘authentic’ in the Baahubali world. The late Toofan is in this sense a misstep as is the Shahenshah vigilante though the directors allow for a double (literal or otherwise) in each case to mediate this. Having said all this I absolutely loved Baahubali.

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      • Bachchan certainly had the physicality to play both Toofan and Shehenshah…wish these films were made earlier in his career. Out of the two, Shehenshah was so much fun. I must have seen it 4 or 5 times…the getup was a bit ridiculous though.

        Having said that, the slo-mo shot of Bachchan running towards Kaanch Cheena in Agneepath is just beyond epic…certainly up there with his most iconic moments in cinema.

        It’s certainly tragic that Mukul Anand died so young! I absolutely loved the way in which he shot his films and Amitabh Bachchan in particular. He truly understood the Bachchan phenomenon at its peak (the phase when Bachchan was the one man industry), although perhaps he was too techno-savvy for his own good… in box office terms.


        • Shahenshah needed a better script. Toofan just needed a younger Bachchan and perhaps Desai in better form. On Mukul Anand scripting was a problem he never quite solved. Have written a lot on this film on Bachchan’s blog. It’s not one I especially like though it’s a very interesting film in the way it updates Deewar. And of course Bachchan here is an absolute force of nature.


  15. AamirsFan Says:

    its been 25 years since the movie released…one of my fave growing up. Ghai’s films from 80’s and 90’s are still watchable for me as fun entertainers.


  16. Freaky Ali


  17. Dishoom Second Saturday Business – Sultan Fifth Saturday
    Sunday 07 August 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dishoom showed good growth on its second Saturday by improving by around 55%. the main circuits of Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab all showed big gains. The second weekend should emerge with better figures than Baaghi. The second weekend figures for for two days for Dishoom are as follows.

    Friday – 2,25,000,000
    Saturday – 3,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 5,75,00,000

    Sultan showed huge growth on its fifth Saturday by doubling up from the previous day. The total of the film is around 299 crore nett now and should be hitting 300 crore nett by the end of the fifth week.. The fifth weekend collections of Sultan are as follows.

    Friday – 25,00,000
    Saturday – 50,00,000
    Total – 75,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 2,99,00,00,000 apprx


  18. All eyes next Friday will be on Rustom and Mohejodaro.

    Here is my prediction-

    Opening day: MJ – 12 Cr | Rustom – 11.9 Cr

    Rustom with slightly lower screen count but at half the cost of MJ is already looking a clean hit to me. MJ is more of a trending film and this is where Rustom will hit as it is likely to trend equally well.
    My sense is both the movie will cross 100 cr and end with same All India Nett of 125 Cr or so.


  19. Shivaay trailor. Very well shot. Big screen entertainment. Ajay Devgan will trump Karan Johar this Diwali.
    [post created]


    • Agree, but I seriously doubt Ajay Devgn credentials when it comes to his productions or directions…in terms of quality. Think the visuals are really good but KJ will be stiff competition…with the element of surprise in casting.



    This is where Aamir Khan should be going next hopefully…not these rumours of Thug (I hope he does not sign that film). It’s been rumoured for years this is his dream project…using Hollywood as a platform would be a ballsy move…I’d like this move also because all the political noise/media noise would be parked! And his detractors will really struggle! A perfect film to star an allstar cast across pan India…these rumours bite the dust pretty quickly though!


    • yes an interesting idea for sure.. they could even do a two part film here. At the very least they’d have to do one rather long one.


    • He is doing Thug next…confirmed


      • You’ve ruined my day now…source?


        • there have been some news stories on Aamir doing this. I suspect he’ll have things rewritten here. Hard to believe he’d just walk into a Hrithik film. One of the news stories suggested he might have a Rangeela-like part here. If that is true then the role is probably more right for him than Hrithik. I’d agree though that Aamir can do much better than this sort of Yashraj thing. At least at this stage in his career. Then again this is probably just for the numbers.


        • To be honest a star once he gets to his absolute peak in box office terms either has to repeat himself or downgrade things. hard to do the latter when one has hit the highest benchmarks consistently. So Aamir is trying to mix it up and do a Talaash followed by a D3 or a Dangal followed by a Thug or whatever. If everything works it’s a bonus otherwise he has the safety deal. Of course this isn’t quite what he was doing in the pre-Ghajini period when most of the films were risky one way or the other and not quite as designed for big box office numbers. But this is also the logic of ultimate stardom. No one is immune from it without exception. The box office overwhelms every other argument and finally overwhelms the star too. Aamir can mix it up but he can’t really go back to the RDB days. The market expectations all round are very different. He’s still managing it better than anyone else might have but if you look at the post-Ghajini period you have 2 Hiranis, one D3, possibly Thug now, with Dangal and Talaash going the other way. No matter how commercial Dangal is or isn’t it can’t be as safe as some of those other films. The same could have been said for MP. Each film has/had the potential to put up big numbers but you can’t take it for granted in the same way. Beyond the market forces though it’s also the case that Bollywood just doesn’t have enough interesting directors who can also create significant commercial successes. This isn’t like Leo’s career where he does downgrade himself a bit, doesn’t go after just the easy winners, but he does work with very interesting and often highly acclaimed directors most of the time, films that generate buzz one way or the other. It’s a certain mix where a film can gross a certain amount and get him the acclaim. In Bombay few directors are capable of finding that sweet spot. The interesting talents are doing much smaller fare and the major ones are by and large doing totally mediocre (or worse) stuff. Take all the top stars or even those who are not top ones but do prestige films, combine all of their films are there are very few that are really worthwhile. Most of the others seem better or worse relative to what the star does otherwise, not in absolute terms.


          • P.K Talli Says:

            Aamir can certainly do better than Thug even if he wants to go full commerical . I still dont understand why cant Aamir do another film with AR Murugadoss Ghajini was far more superior than disappointing D3 .


          • Even more interesting is that in the last 20 years, this would only be the second director he is working with more than once- Hirani and now this Victor guy. There must be something worth it here. Maybe this will be Dhoom 3 without the Dhoom part.



          “It’s confirmed! Aamir Khan to begin shooting for YRF’s Thug after Dangal!

          “……The Yash Raj film, Thug, was earlier offered to Hrithik Roshan, who asked for some changes. It didn’t work out to his expectations and he moved on to Kaabil, while Victor went back to the writing table. The director came up with a script so different from what was offered to Roshan Jr that it’s almost like a different film, with very little resemblance to the original script. And he approached Aamir with the revised version, who said yes almost immediately, as he was looking to do something light and fun after Dangal, in which he plays a father to three teenage girls.

          Word is that Aamir’s character in Thug is going to be on the similar lines of what he played in Rangeela. Are you excited to watch Aamir in Thug? …”


    • This should be RajaMouli’s next after Baahubali, with new comers. None of the current heroes can do justice.


  21. These are two great steps towards a better India and PM Modi deserves a 2nd term just on the basis of below two tweets:

    Radha Mohan SinghVerified account ‏@RadhamohanBJP 5h5 hours
    Congratulations India.
    Parliament Passes #GSTBill. Big step towards freedom from tax terrorism. #TransformingIndia

    NewsXVerified account ‏@NewsX 15h15 hours ago
    After PM @narendramodi’s stare-down at #GauRakshaks, police to keep an eye out for self-anointed #cow protectors


  22. This is how it should be to strengthen our system –

    Kiran Kumar S ‏@KiranKS Aug 6
    Thank you @narendramodi for clarifying via tweets, what you really meant on #GauRakshaks.
    Fully agree with message!


  23. Clash Of The Bollywood Titans: Akshay Kumar In ‘Rustom’ Vs Hrithik Roshan In ‘Mohenjo Daro’

    Don Groves
    I write about screen industries in Australia/NZ & neighboring regions.

    Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan, two of Bollywood’s biggest stars, go head-to-head in Indian cinemas and internationally this weekend in the thriller Rustom and the period drama Mohenjo Daro.

    In Rustom Kumar plays Navy Commander Rustom Pavris, who discovers his wife is having an affair with his best friend in the movie based on real life events of the 1950s. Roshan plays a farmer who falls in love with his enemy’s daughter in the Ashutosh Gowariker-directed drama set in the Indus Valley in 2016 BC.

    Whoever has bragging rights in the B.O. battle may not matter all that much – except to each star’s dedicated fan base- because exhibitors are confident both films will resonate strongly, boosted by the August 15 Independence Day holiday and public holidays in parts of the country on August 17 and 18.

    “ Both Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are looking good and both are expected to do well ,” Rajender Singh Jyala, VP programming and distribution at the Inox Leisure circuit, tells FORBES. “Films releasing solo always have an advantage of higher capacity and can have bigger openings. With two films the opening numbers get divided but the long weekend and holidays will make up for the numbers in the longer run.”

    It is the biggest clash since the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Dilwale went head-to-head with the Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone starrer Bajirao Mastani last December. Both emerged as winners, with Dilwale netting 148.72 crore ($22.3 million) in India and grossing 180 crore ($27 million) overseas, versus its rival’s 101.83 ($15.3 million) and 184 crore ($22.6 million).

    Akshay Kumar is on a hot streak after Airlift, Housefull 3 and his cameo in Dishoom while Roshan is making a comeback after his 2014 action/adventure/comedy Bang Bang. There is a lot of goodwill between the two stars as both have wished each other well and seem unfazed about their films competing.

    “I think it’s an opportunity for me and the team to rise above clashes, and prove to the world that a new trend can emerge,” Roshan says. “Why can’t two good films emerge to a level where everyone is satisfied? You should have sense of camaraderie, grace and friendship and wish each other best. Akshay is a friend of mine. I hope both of us do well and next time a clash happens, people can relax.”


  24. Sultan Towers Above Others In Terms Of Appreciation

    Tuesday 09 August 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The fifth week collections show the difference between Sultan and the other releases this year. This is not the about the box office status but how far ahead Sultan is ahead in terms of appreciation. The fifth weekend has easily grossed more than any other release this year despite that huge extended first week. Not only that the nett collections of Neerja and Airlift would not be as high as they are if they did not get tax exemption. Neerja would be much lower considering it had tax exemption in many states. If we take real value then the fifth weekend of Sultan is almost double the fifth week figures of Neerja and Airlift which shows the difference of Sultan against the more successful other releases of 2016. Also now its the film talking as the Salman Khan factor is not in play anymore and it is still taking out the content films. The top fifth week grossers of 2016 are as follows..

    1. Sultan – 1,50,00,000 (3 Days – Weekend Only)
    2. Neerja – 1,44,00,000 (Tax free in many states)
    3. Airlift – 1,01,00,000 (Tax free in UP)
    4. Housefull 3 – 39,00,000
    5. Baaghi – 32,00,000

    Last year had seen a Tanu Weds Manu Returns challenging Bajrangi Bhaijaan figures this late into its run. A Dum Laga Ke Haisha was also better off then the content films of this year. Before that films like Aashiqui 2, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Vicky Donor were the top films in week five beating off the blockbusters like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Dhoom 3, Rowdy Rathore, Ek Tha Tiger etc.


    • Hatss off to Salman for doing such amazing films. Really enjoyed Sultan and this it’s his best after Wanted.


  25. Dishoom Second Monday Business
    Tuesday 09 August 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dishoom grossed 1.50 crore nett apprx on its second Monday taking its lifetime business to around 64.50 crore nett. The second week seems to be heading for around 15 crore nett which is better than the 12.57 crore nett of Baaghi. Compared to films last year it is in the same range as films like Drishyam and Dil Dhadakne Do. The second weekend figures for Dishoom are as follows.

    Friday – 2,25,000,000
    Saturday – 3,25,00,000
    Sunday – 4,25,00,000
    Monday – 1,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 11,25,00,000

    The other releases of the week were dull on Monday with Budhia Singh – Born To Run grossing around 15 lakhs nett which is not a huge from from Friday but thats because the collections are hardly there. Fever and The Legend Of Michael Mishra were no different where the drops were not huge but both were in single digits. Suicide Squad is heading for a 14 crore nett first week as it dropped around 55% from day one. Despite reasonable first week business it will struggle to add in week two due to the release of Mohenjo Daro and Rustom.


  26. Rustom’s USP is not Akshay Kumar, it is a woman having an extramarital affair

    Akshay feels the unique thing about his upcoming release Rustom is a woman having an extramarital affair. “Usually in a Hindi film, a man gets into an extramarital affair and his wife forgives and accepts him and then they live happily. But there was no film where a woman has an extramarital affair and asks for forgiveness and the husband decides whether to forgive or not. I think this is the USP of the film. Nobody can deny that this doesn’t happen in real life,” Akshay said.


  27. “There was no film where a woman has an extramarital affair and asks for forgiveness and the husband decides whether to forgive or not.”

    Really? Not even the gr8 Aamir did a film with this genre? 😛


  28. I dont have problem with Thug. Looks interesting. Aamir did not hate Dhoom 3. YRF and Aamir will be a good combination.


  29. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan to star in Yash Raj Films’ nextBy Bollywood Hungama News Network, Aug 9, 2016 – 12:43 hrs IST

    A while back reports stated that the Mohenjo Daro star Hrithik Roshan would be seen in Yash Raj Films’ next venture Thug that will be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. However, now we hear that after citing date issues, Hrithik Roshan has backed out of the project and will be replaced by none other than the perfectionist Aamir Khan.

    Though the makers of the film have refrained from revealing details of the film, reports suggest that Aamir will commence work on Thug once he has completed shooting for Dangal. But what caught our attention was the fact that the film Thug will in fact feature a casting coupe of sorts with Aamir Khan sharing screen space with veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan.

    While an official confirmation is awaited, Thug which is said to be an action adventure film will be an adaptation of the best-selling novel, Confession of Thug, a period drama set against the rampant thug culture in the pre-independence era. The film will also capture the relationship between a father and a son.


    • sounds like an excellent subject if handled right:

      in fact now I’m so interested in this that I wish someone other than Yashraj or the Doom director were doing it. Of course Aamir being part of it will ensure some authenticity. Don’t think he’ll let them get away with their usual designer stuff.


      • I think Hrithik could have been great for this project and even some made comparisons with Captain Jack Sparrow. Aamir can adapt to anything but I think this project screams Hrithik more than Aamir!


        • Well if they’re making a non-serious film that’s a different matter. Because Hrithik can never be convincing in anything that’s not synthetic or is half-serious (of course there’s a performance gulf or even a universe between what Hrithik is capable of and what Depp does in Pirates). But with Aamir on board I’m hoping for something a bit more serious. I think the subject should be handled like MP but I know this is the not the film that’s going to be made. It’s true that Aamir isn’t really best for the swashbuckling mode but once more he’ll probably do enough with the script. One of the pieces did suggest it had been rewritten completely for him. Overall though this is a great subject that almost certainly would have been messed up by Yashraj irrespective of the star but with Aamir there’s certainly hope that won’t be the case. I do think I would err more in the MP direction or a serious drama with masala moments rather than a light-hearted adventure romp because that requires a star with more flamboyance than Aamir. I’m in any case very glad Hrithik’s not doing it!


          • Let’s hope there is something they are going for something substantial. But based on their previous collaborations (Fanaa and D3), there was nothing like that. D3 had more substance than the other 2 in the series but isn’t the anything among the best movies Aamir has made.

            Fanaa is probably the worst Aamir has come up with during the last 15 years.


          • Where did you get the references to Jack Sparrow from the links? From the amazon description it looks like a serious movie and talks about murders etc…From the BH site they are saying action adventure….If its serious I doubt it will do well considering the scale they are launching it…


          • I only responded to Master on the Jack Sparrow thing..

            On the rest I said that would be my preference, i.e. making a serious drama out of it. I doubt that’s where Yashraj and the Dhoom director are going!


        • I think it is going to be a thriller. It was announced as an action-thriller when negotiations were going on with Hrithik. They may have added more substance to it now with Aamir coming in.

          However, with the director-YR Films around, I doubt it will be a Lagaan/MP kind of deal. It will be an action thriller most probably with a few more substantial elements added in like in D3.

          I can see the changes made here symmetric to the ones between D2 and D3 when the part transited from Hrithik to Aamir.


  30. Q. Can Mohenjo Daro and Rustom take a 30 or 35 crore day between then like a Sultan as together they will take up more screens?

    A. Its not a holiday and both films do not look like 20 crore nett openers if released solo which will adjust down to around 15 crore nett in a clash which is what they need to get to 30 crore nett. It will probably be around 25 crore nett between then and possibly even less. One thing is sure the numbers will be pretty close with probably not more than 20-25% in it whichever way it goes.

    Q. Do you give either Mohenja Daro or Rustom a chance to do 150 crore nett if fantastic word of mouth?

    A. Tough as word of mouth not likely to be equally strong across the country. Also Hritik Roshan has one film over 150 crore and that was solo Diwali release and Akshay Kumar has none so 150 is probably asking too much with clash.


  31. Akshay Kumar And Hrithik Roshan Battle For Fourth Place

    Mohenja Daro and Rustom will clash this week and the opening day results will decide the fourth biggest star in the Hindi film industry. The top three places take care of themselves with Salman Khan the reigning superstar followed by Shahrukh Khan in second place and then Aamir Khan in third place. This week we will see a face off between Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan with both of them just behind the Khan’s. Hrithik Roshan generally has the better opening day numbers but that is mainly due to better holiday release dates. Both his 20 crore nett openings with Agneepath and Bang Bang were released on a national holiday. The Akshay Kumar release on a national holiday was Singh Is Bling which opened to around 16.75 crore nett.

    The films are not the potential blockbuster types like a Rowdy Rathore or Bang Bang which would have made things very exciting but as films are pretty equal in appeal which makes it a clash of equals so the first day becomes about how much the hero can pull as the films themselves are the type that need support of word of mouth and not where the theatrical trailer ensures a big opening. The music of the films also does not boast of a super hit song which helps initial though Rustom probably holds the edge here but this is compensated by the larger canvas of Mohenja Daro. So with everything so equal or cancelling each other it becomes about Akshay Kumar v Hrithik Roshan who are also very close in terms of box office pull.

    The clashes lately at the box office are portrayed very falsely in the media where its said both films can co exist and both should do well etc, it even goes to the extent where its says both parties would like the other film to do well which is just not true in the real world. If the other film does well then yours will not or at least not as well and that is a fact and no one involved wants that to happen.

    There will be two clashes here the first one will be Akshay Kumar against Hrithik Roshan which will be settled by Friday evening and these heroes have not clashed to finish second best so a lot is at stake for them here. Then there will be the Mohenjo Daro v Rustom clash which determine the better film and this is of utmost importance for others in the team be it the directors, studios or distributors. Again no one has clashed here with the attitude that second place will be okay.


    • No 1 Salman. Agree with BOI

      No 2 SRK. Cannot 100% agree but will go with it

      No 3 Aamir Agree with BOI, though can put him in No 2 as well

      No 4 – This will be decided on Friday. Akshay Kumar Vs Hrithik Roshan. 100% agree here with BOI.


      • SRK at 2nd after the debacle of Fan (barely made 80cr) and after Dilwale being badly beaten by BM makes it hard to believe.

        Aamir has 1st and 4th biggest grossers of all time (340cr and 260cr respectively), both coming in the last 3 years or so.

        They belong to completely different leagues right now.

        If anything, I think SRK risks being trumped to third by Akshay or Hrithik.


      • Rahul, despite Fan’s debacle, dont think Akshay or Hrithik are at SRK level. I think BOI has written a very well balanced piece here.

        Aamir not at 2 can be explained by his absenteeism, which i have been telling in the past, is the main show spoiler for Aamir vis-a-vis Salman or SRK.


        • so if Salman didn’t do a film for a couple of years he’d be where? 3? 4? hrithik shouldn’t even be a top 10 star by that logic, the number of breaks he takes! In other words if stardom is about getting the right initial and/or the right projects as long as that ability is not impacted how does one become a lesser star by having longer breaks? Specially when in the case of someone like Aamir he usually returns with a bang. We saw this as early as MP, that was his longest break ever (still is) and it out-initialed VZ. Now I do agree that a star should have films coming out regularly and at least 1 every year if not 2 is not too much to ask for. So I don’t agree with Aamir here. Nonetheless the audience clearly doesn’t seem to hold this against him. And that’s really the only concrete measure of stardom. Once a year or once in two years or whatever, he still has the biggest genre successes but for a while now the biggest benchmarks (100, 200, 300) and when films have crossed these it’s only been on the strength of much bigger initials over time and not otherwise (which is why PK is still unbreathable despite multiple major releases by Salman and two that actually did 300..). But one doesn’t have to go to Aamir. Take hrithik. he’s been stagnant overall for many years because of the decisions he’s taken one way or the other but he’s always remained throughout a major star. Yes he doesn’t have any major numbers compared to the other top stars, again his own fault, and one could certainly say that means relative decline but he does get his initials in the right film. The large point again is that one can have debates on all sorts of things but there’s a certain kind of ridiculous claim that’s made either to serve one’s own agenda in one’s mind (one would be laughed out of all rooms, not just most, these days if one suggested SRK was over Aamir in any sense) or to play to ‘fans’ who buy the silliness (for their own agendas or delusions). Again as I said earlier all of this I could live with but the jokes should at least be funnier! Like the following one — Salman fans actually like Talaash more than Aamir fans! They have a thing for ghost drivers.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Really shouldn’t bother with this naveen, Nitesh dude.

            His favourite star found a pen & signed 5 films.


          • Look at the utter stupidity, shamelessness and temerity of BOI, where they are just hellbent on putting their only ‘favourite’ Shahrukh at top despite his poor box office performances for last many years barring one exception in CE!! He doesn’t have a single 250 Crore or more grosser and except CE, all his films under-performed with respect to their huge budgets! On top of that, overseas market which once was his monopoly, has also deserted him for Aamir and Salman in big way as their movies are at the top of all time overseas grossers list leaving Shahrukh behind here as well! Shahrukh is not only lagging too far behind with other 2 Khans, but future also appears bleak for him as with Dilwale, he not only got defeated in the clash with BM, but his loss also paved way for others to confront him be it the clash with Sultaan in which he had to withdraw or Kaabil sticking with 26th Jan release date despite cajoling and coaxing from Shahrukh camp in to shifting Kaabil’s release date to leave Raees as a solo release! These changed dynamics are very symbolic for they signify the dwindling star-power of Shahrukh in the form of these clashes, which once were either avoided or in the clash he trumped his opposition more often than not. And his future line-up does not suggest any big shift in his current standing as well.


          • SRK is at Akshay level if you don’t take overseas.
            Hrithik has probably done better.

            I put Salman and Aamir in 1-2. Benchmarks are with Aamir, Salman has hysteria and volume.
            SRK-Hritik -> 3-4
            Akshay -5.


        • And Naveen’s absenteeism point is also flawed as Aamir in 2013 and 2014 had the biggest grossers breaking his own records! And after a gap of a year, he is back with Dangal in December with all his records intact! And to put his records in perspective, Akshay’s 4 films don’t make as much money as his lone release makes with almost half the budget of Akshay’s movies!! Yet feigning ignorance of these ‘facts’ is a pastime of anti-Aamir brigade to keep living in their fantacies!!


    • “The top three places take care of themselves with Salman Khan the reigning superstar followed by Shahrukh Khan in second place and then Aamir Khan in third place.”

      As I’ve said before these jokes should at least be funnier..


    • In above article, I would just place Aamir at #2 and SRK at #3. Rest all of the article is fine.


    • “Roshan seems increasingly intent on presenting a perfect, almost superhuman image, both on and off screen. Yet, he no longer seems to be connecting with his fans. From his interviews and public statements, it’s clear that Roshan lacks the self-awareness of a Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan, a quality that makes even their silliest films pass off as an ironical wink at the audience. His best performances have come when he’s struck a balance between his star appeal and a substantive part, in films by Farhan and Zoya Akhtar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. But the actor’s choice of filmmakers today runs towards commercial names like Sanjay Gupta and Siddharth Raj Anand (he’s reportedly turned down a part in a Zoya Akhtar film). The rising popularity of younger, hungrier actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan has ensured that the in-demand directors have moved on from Roshan.

      Five years back, I would have known the release date of a Roshan film months in advance. I grew up, but Roshan clearly hasn’t.”


      • “Roshan seems increasingly intent on presenting a perfect, almost superhuman image, both on and off screen.”

        This is true and I’ve heard even from his fans this part. All the kid vacations pictures all over the globe which he never did before divorce and his hyper-self in recent shows like Kapil Sharma show etc or any regular interviews. He’s not normal anymore and you can see he’s faking it for the cameras. There’s no real part to get connected even offscreen.


        • I will also put the news about his so-called brain surgery. During 2013’s BB shoot.. Hrithik and Suzanne were fighting and Suzanne moved out of his house and lot of seperation rumors. He created a big scene and suddenly went to hospital saying he has to do ‘small’ brain surgery. He went in for 2 hours and came out with this pose(below pic). All this was ‘act’ was supposedly created to gain sympathy among his fans amidst the rumors of seperation and also to get Suzanne visit him. Suzanne knew this is not true surgery and he didn’t wanted to be part of such game and didn’t even visit him or send the kids. She was officially married till that time. She realized this is going down further and by 2013 end gave notice to the media about legal seperation.

          If you forget that 1 day blink-n-miss brain surgery drama.. there is hardly any news about it before that day or after that day.

          This is coming out so-called 2 hour brain surgery same evening. People can believe it or not but this has been in the news circles albeit secretly.


          • Feels like Hrithik is a complete loner and recluse.


          • There was also the most cheesiest tweets from Hrithik during his separation!

            Firstly, Hrithik posted the news of seperation on FB/Twitter.

            “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time.”

            This appears fine but after few hours he posted this and changed all his profile/display pictures to Suzanne.

            “This is my greatest tribute to love. Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for the rest of my life”

            “If her smiles are brighter without me, my love for her must accomplish that. Unconditional”

            Well, as anyone can guessed.. all the suzanne pics from his profile were gone after few days. Why to act like ‘Devdas’ to show off? Unconditional love and all that BS talk as he’s doing a sacrifice for his love? Cringeworthy IMO.


          • I so still give him the benefit of doubt over the Kangana affair. If Kangana were really dating surely she would have used any proof of them dating (since she was hell bent trying to prove that they were dating). The e-mails seem to indicate it was one-sided. And Suman’s revelations also infer that Kangana’s behaviour may be very weird, to put it mildly.

            I do feel that Hrithik was the victim here in the whole thing. But Kangana walked away with the sympathy and support from the industry. It was ill-timed for Hrithik because right then Kangana was getting those awards and she had the ideal platform to use the media to her advantage.

            So, from being labelled as psychotic, within a few days she was being termed as a brave woman who can fight her battle alone.

            Hrithik is said to have been hurt by the lack of support from his colleague. I think there was a report saying he was abroad for shows with lots of other stars. But he stayed in his room throughout or went out sight seeing with his kids. Did not socialise at all. Gave his performance and that’s it. Looks like very much a loner these days.

            Even for promotions for MD, he isn’t as much as one would expect he should be. AG seems to be doing most of them on his own.

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        • Hrithik is doing a Aamir khan in giving gaps but giving competition to Akshay kumar in quality of the movies 🙂

          After D2 his peak.. last 10 years went by just like that.

          2008 – Jodha Akhar (Hit, they call it Semi-Hit as well)
          2010 – Kites (Flop)
          2010 – Guzaarish (Flop)
          2011 – ZNMD (Hit) (<100 cr hit)
          2012 – Agneepath (Hit) (barely crossed Ra.One)
          2013 – Krrish 3 (Hit)
          2014 – Bang Bang (Average?)
          2016 – Mohenjo Daro (?)

          Not even a single huge hit in a decade? The only so called big hit Krrish 3 is discussed as joke of boxoffice collection but there's hardly anything else worthwhile to attribute to his stardom.


          • In that time Aamir did this
            JTYJN – producer (hit, SH)
            Ghajini – BB (record hit)
            3 Idiots – ATBB (record hit)
            Peepli Live – producer (semi success)
            Dhobi Ghat – below average
            Delhi Belly – producer (hit, SH)
            Talaash – average (semi hit trade verdict)
            D3 – BB (record hit)
            PK – BB (record hit)
            Dangal (?)

            No disasters anywhere!

            Hrithiks been involved in 8 films…10 for Aamir over same span. Throw in 3 full created seasons of Satyamev Jayate, all original, researched material. Hrithiks got 2 films in 2006 like Aamir & Aamir starred in, directed & produced TZP in 2007 a SH film. The claim that Aamir does not do enough is a false one…at his age he is outworking, out performing a guy a decade younger than him! In box office terms it’s a landslide victory…in quality it’s not even a debate.

            Hrithiks been a stagnant star for years, his best years being 00-06 & even here he does not command consistency like SRK. He has many disasters in this period (with reputable directors & production houses) & only films with dad bail him out, plus the Dhoom brand. I am not denying his stardom, but it’s massively overrated just like his acting! That’s the brutal truth. He has less films than Aamir so more gaps hence by the theory should be producing biggest grossers!

            The ONLY thing hrithiks got over Aamir is a bigger entry into industry & even here history will conclude QSQT to have better recall value than KNPH – better evergreen classic in both film & musical sense.

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          • This is a strong summation and it’s useful for all of us to be reminded that Aamir has been doing other stuff whether on TV or as producer. Some of his gaps get exaggerated in this sense. And he’s clearly not losing out on brand value by sticking to this schedule even if I would certainly want him to be more regular. I think it’s partly a function of the fact that in Bollywood there are very few good scripts. The star really has to take charge if he wants to do worthwhile stuff consistently. Certainly at a certain success level. There is of course the Salman model but that’s a different thing. Aamir cannot really just select 5 scripts and show up as an actor. He actually has to do hard work on the script and so on. Because the rest of Bollywood is mostly asleep at the switch. When Leo does accepts a film he does not have to worry about whether those basics are being taken care of. The film might or might not be risky but he knows that incompetence won’t be part of the mix. Unfortunately in Bollywood and even when it’s a producer like Yashraj and even when it’s a promising period piece like Thug you just know they’ll mess it up. And we know this looking at all the other big films that are made. You and I could have done a better job on the ETT script! Or most other big films. Aamir really has to intervene. Other stars might not have the mind for this or the inclination or both. Which is why they don’t match his success either. Barring Salman who’s a one trick pony and he’s going to keep doing it as long as he can. Great for him! But there’s a reason why despite these huge initials he can’t set the highest gross benchmarks. He just doesn’t have the scripts to work with.


          • On scripts, I think you are bang on. Which actor would do what Aamir did with YRF it seems & Thug. It’s rumoured he’s asked for script changes.

            The only other guy might be SRK for wrong reasons.

            If Akshay churns out 100 films each making 5 cr it means nothing unless if most of them are interesting films & hugely successful & profitable.

            He probably starts each day the same time as Aamir, the dedication is no less on either side. I’m a firm believer in doing one job properly & not doing multiple jobs badly.

            I am also not denying Akshay has improved his choices but he’s not the kind of star who could take a 2 year hiatus and create a ripple at the box office – he simply doesn’t excite the audience in such a way. He’s a labourer against the entrepreneurial like vision of an Aamir. He just does not have the street credit to get the big numbers. Robot 2 will be all Shankar & Rajni – every man on this planet knows it except a few.

            Of all his contemporary competition, Aamir is streets ahead on script selection & has been for years. All his productions prove this. He’s even gifted Bajrangi Bhaijaan on a plate to Salman by rejecting it & Aamir in that film would have done the required of trouncing P.K simply as that kind of role is more out of the archive of Aamir than Salman – the humanitarian/socialist arc is more believable through Aamir’s film choices through his career than Salman’s.


          • Fair points, Jayshah. I am an Aamir Khan fan. But still I would like to point out that there are only 7 films he has ACTED in that list compared to Hrithik’s 8. And the latter barely is a yardstick for volume.

            I am interested in Aamir Khan, the actor. If he takes one year out because he is producing Delhi Belly or JTYJN, then it’s not the greatest of decisions.

            Salman is on Big Boss throughout, produces crap like Hero but he is there twice or 3 times a year.

            I am not saying that Aamir should be doing 2-3 films a year. But one film a year or 3 films in 2 years would have been great.

            As for Akshay Kumar, I think some of his choices have been better lately. No, he is not in the same league as Aamir but I would say OMG, Special Chabbis, Baby and Airflift are good movies delivered over the last 4 years. I would take a couple of them over Fanaa, Dhobi Ghaat and Talaash. Those movies aside he has Rowdy Rathore and Gabar which were decent. So, that’s 6 good to decent movies in less than 4 years. You have to go back to 2008 when if you looking 6 movies back for Aamir Khan.

            Sure Akshay has done 5-6 crap movies in there in that time and this is what he needs to cut out. No model is perfect, as you see.

            But just to balance out the debate, the point is that I would like to see more of Aamir on screen. Dangal is coming out after 2 years out. Thug has not even been announced officially. Expect another 2 years out. And if you’ve watched Fanaa, YashRaj are hardly guarantee of quality even with Aamir. The director has a blockbuster in his track record but he is no Hirani.

            The point is Hrithik is hardly the yardstick for volume. Look at the number of films Amitabh has done at his age in that period. He is very active. I know Aamir is very demanding when it comes to scripts. But surely there are good scripts out there. There are at least decent ones he can elevate to another level. He’s rejected Bajrangi? But he’s done worse stuff than that at times. It’s a script he should have taken.


          • I’m not disputing he can & should do more, merely that generally his involvement in all these films does not mean he is completely inactive.

            Aamir the producer will be way better than the actor. Once he makes that permanent transition.

            Hrithiks no yardstick, but if Aamir’s been sliced with a stick on low volume theory = higher grosser…it clearly doesn’t work for Hrithik.

            Thug is speculated for Dec 17 from all the articles.

            An Aamir’s fans bug bear is always he takes too long, too picky, delays in films etc. This is the case for over 20 years now. Since Rangeela. Nothing’s changed, nothing will. He has though survived & managed to deliver, which is all that matters. Others have too.


          • BB was tailor made for Salman Khan. The role has no layers like that of Talaash or even Fanaa. Any good actor will chose something where he can showcase layers.
            Fanaa was superhit inspite of unofficially banned in Gujarat. If it is not well liked, how can it attain that status? It is a beautiful movie where he dared to play a terrorist who was killed by his own wife. The interactions between Kajol and Aamir are a delight to watch again and again. And the child was much more believable. Dhobi Ghat got critical appreciation. And Talaash is a much better outing than all the Hirani movies put together.
            Aamir cannot do films just to stay top in Boi rankings. He should do films which he wants to. I respect his choices.
            Boi rankings are good jokes and their reasonings are bad jokes. With all the foam, they could not make Sultan cross PK numbers. Then what use their numbers are?


          • Dhobi Ghat not my kettle of fish at all. Fanaa only like for portions you mentioned, Talaash is a fine film IMO.


        • Once he gets the right boxoffice numbers, nothing will matter. All his issues are personal, not criminal. I have a soft corner for him.

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  32. Agree with – Nothing, though, was as damaging as the recent public mud-slinging with Kangana Ranaut, whose relationship with Roshan ended acrimoniously. What should have remained gossip was exacerbated by Roshan when he filed a case against the actress. It turned out to be a PR disaster for the actor, who came off like an archetypal male Bollywood superstar, while Ranaut was hailed as a rebel and an outsider who dared to take on the powerful.


  33. There is a chance that Rustom will trump MD in opening…I still go with my prediction 16cr or thereabouts for MD and anywhere between 8cr to 12 cr for Rustom…But its increasingly looking like MD will not go that high and Rustom will not end that low…
    And Satyam, you might just win your Talaash bet 🙂



    A biopic on her will be interesting which Hansal Mehta is alleged to be making. He should make it after one year.


  35. My guess would be 14-15cr for MD and 10-11cr for Rustom. But I feel it could be a JTHJ v SOS kind of scenario where Rustom makes up ground and doesn’t finish too far behind.


  36. Friday will be around 10 crores for both. Saturday will be around 14 crores and Sunday will be around 15 crores. Monday will be 6 crores. Both will finish around 100 crores more or less.


  37. Considering Aug 15 is a national holiday and Aug 17 and 18 are holiday in parts, week 1 should span out as –

    Rustom: 12+15+17+17+8+9+10=Rs 88 Cr Nett
    MJD: 13+14+15+15+7+8+9=Rs79Cr Nett

    Hrithik to win the day 1 clash over Akshay
    Rustom to be a HIT by Tuesday and SuperHit by Friday


  38. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls !!

    Sultan Official ‏@SultanTheMovie 4h4 hours ago
    Victory in the ring called BOX OFFICE, with net box office collection of 300 Cr! #SULTANEnters300crClub
    This pic tells a story of #Sultan’s success !!


  39. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h4 hours ago
    #Sultan crosses ₹ 300 cr… [Week 5] Fri 24 lacs, Sat 49 lacs, Sun 78 lacs, Mon 16 lacs, Tue 16 lacs. Total: ₹ 300.06 cr. India biz. ATBB.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h4 hours ago
    #Sultan ₹ 300 cr posters… #SalmanKhan #AnushkaSharma #YRF


  40. But here are the real heroes and what a night @ Olympics !!

    CNNVerified account ‏@CNN 37m37 minutes ago
    Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky shine on a golden night at #Rio2016


  41. But here are the real heroes & what a fantastic night @ Rio Olympics

    CNNVerified account ‏@CNN 40m40 minutes ago
    Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky shine on a golden night at #Rio2016

    Discovery Channel INVerified account ‏@DiscoveryIN 2h2 hours ago
    With each passing event, @MichaelPhelps is proving to be the greatest athlete of all time.

    Good Morning AmericaVerified account ‏@GMA 55m55 minutes ago
    Michael Phelps has more #Gold medals than 189 other countries.


  42. Farhan Reveals Which Dil Chahta Hai Character he’s Like

    Congratulations on 15 Years of Dil Chahta Hai. It’s a bit cliché but can we ask how you feel?

    In all honesty I don’t know… (Chuckles) how one should feel at a time like this. If anything I feel… just very… happy and, almost on some level, grateful that people remember the film after all these years.

    DCH is everybody’s favorite film about friendship. How did this story come to you?

    It was something I had started doing as a writing project while I was working at this place called Script Shop and where the person I worked for, Adi Pocha… he kind of recognized that there is a talent within me… towards writing. So he encouraged that a lot. Maybe I used to make many excuses when I was late at work… (Laughs) you never know… He made me write a lot. And that’s when I started writing this story about these friends. In the midst of writing it, I got very obsessed with it. Like I would stay up all night at home working on scenes. One thing truly led to another… I was very protective of the script. I didn’t want to give it to anyone else to make. And that’s when I said maybe it’s just time to kind of take the plunge. In all fairness, I had been working as an Assistant Director for close to 4 years by then. I had learned a lot about various things that go into the making of a movie. That did help of course.

    Your co-writer Kassim Jagmagia told us that when he initially discussed this story idea with you, it was a love story with just the Akash (Aamir’s character) track. In 2001, when every film was either a romance or marketed as one, what made you want to take that and turn it into an urban, buddy movie?

    Kassim was aware I was writing… It was really a diary of sorts – I used to write down the things that happened on various trips and there was so much material there of things that happened between friends. So when Kassim met me and told me ‘I have this thought of a love story… of a guy who doesn’t believe in love and then he goes for a friend’s wedding and he meets someone there but she’s engaged….’ There was this whole story… And while I was writing… you’re absolutely right… it was a time when so many love stories were being made and there were so many characters like the Akash character who don’t believe in love… and then some woman turns them around… That I felt that it was something I had experienced before.

    At that time if you remember friends of the main actress or actor, they would be around till maybe about Reel 2 and they would suddenly disappear because the film didn’t need them anymore. Even in this story (laughs) Akash’s friends had disappeared. So… I thought that’s not cool… like what’s happening with them? So let me write a little bit more about them… about his relationship with them. That kind of just took over and became like the driving force of the script. Where of course the love stories were important but the driving force became the need for friendship. The importance of a close friend. The understanding one needs to have with a friend, the space you need to allow each other – it became about that.
    Who these characters were and the kind of social & cultural demographic that they kind of occupy – that’s very familiar to me. That was the world that I belonged to. Apart from that there are scenes in the film that I’ve taken from my writings about my friends – the Goa trip… a friend getting ditched…

    Kassim let the cat out of the bag and said you were quite like Sameer (Saif’s character) at that time. Is this true?

    Yeah possibly. Not in those days… by the time I had made this film I was already married and was on the way to becoming a father. But I kind of understood Sameer’s dilemma – which is also kind of reflected in Lakshya, if you think about it. Somebody who just can’t stick with one thing and can’t be absolutely focused. So whether it was with my personal relationships or with my work… For a very long time I was kind of like that. If I met somebody I’d just completely be into them and then suddenly be over them because I realised it was just too hard. And the only relationship that has always been a constant for me was my relationship with my friends. The friends I have… like Kassim, I’ve known since school. Ritesh and me have been in school together. And a lot of people who are my closest friends, I’ve known for 25 years – 30 years. Which is why it also reflects so much in the work I do.

    We were thinking about how Excel Entertainment, essentially, was a startup at that time. How did you and Ritesh Sidhwani get the whole production together?

    At times you feel like there’s some force at work that you don’t want to control because it’s working in your favour. That kind of thing happened with this movie. While I was writing it, Ritesh – He worked in his family business – Marlex, a very famous company that made pressure cookers and home appliances. And that was his job. He had this secret desire because he loved watching movies – he wanted to get involved in producing movies. He has a very, very solid business acumen. So he wanted to get into doing that and explore the creative side of life and not just be in an office at a desk job. So we met… and him and his dad they both loved the script… and they said ‘Okay, chalo, we’ll do it’. And that’s how the producer came into place.
    Ritesh was… learning the ropes. And Yash Johar ji… Karan (Johar)’s father was so helpful at that time. Ritesh used to speak to him very often. Which is why this film we’re doing right now Baar Baar Dekho, which is our 1st association with Dharma, is a very special film. He was so helpful to us when we were making our 1st movie.

    It was a long haul in terms of patience, determination when we had to cast it. That’s when you start realizing how passionate you are about what you’re doing (laughs).

    How did you get that cast together? It’s an urban legend that Akshaye Khanna was initially meant to play Akash. Is this true?

    It is actually true. I had worked with Akshaye on his first film Himalayputra as an AD and I love the guy. He’s just an amazing guy and a really good actor. I had told him that I hoped to write a film someday and I’ll come to you… and he said ‘Of course… you must.’
    Preity had come home to do a test for Kya Kehna and that time it was amazing because they had tested Akshaye with her for that movie. We just kind of hit it off and I mentioned to her as well that I was writing a script. And she said, whatever you do, just write it, bring it to me and I’m on.
    And then, I finally met Aamir to play the role of Sid. And he said, ‘I really love the script but I’m doing a couple of films back to back which have relatively serious parts. I don’t know if I want to go straight into doing a character that’s more introverted and weighed down by what’s going on inside of him. I’d much rather do something a little more exuberant and a little more out there… just for a change. So if you’re cool with it & if Akshaye’s cool with it – I can do this part and lets ask him if he’d like to do Sid’s part.’ I found it a bit awkward at that time obviously. But full credit to Akshaye – he really wanted to do the film. He said I love all parts – tell me to play any part, I’ll do it. So he was on to do Sid. And then I met Saif during the midst of all of this and it all came together. It took a long time – it was almost a process of over a year.

    Were you under any kind of pressure to mould Dil Chahta Hai to suit the demands of that time?

    Not really. A couple of people did mention things that could be different – to help reach a wider audience, so the message of what you’re trying to say can be clearer… things like that… I really felt that this is the story that I wanted to make and I think with your 1st film… I don’t know if times have changed now… if people have a different kind of pressure on them. But I really came from a place where I had nothing to lose. I mean I had no plan at that point that I’m going to create a career of movie making after this. This was the film I wanted to make and that was it. But it’s during the making of the film and when it came out and people watched it – that really motivates you to try and do that again.
    While making it, it never crossed my mind how people would react. At all. I was just lost in making what I wanted to make. It’s a struggle to try and achieve that level of bravado again. I wish everyone can. Every single time they make a film. Like… make it like it’s your first and it could be your last. Because that’s the only thing that’s important – what’s going to happen after – you have no clue. And you have no control over. How people will take it? Will it do well – I mean – who’s to say?

    Dil Chahta Hai has its own legacy now. How do you feel about that?

    What I feel very happy about is when you meet people who are inspired by that movie to do what they’re doing. A lot of people I meet say that when I saw that film I felt like I wanted to be an actor, I felt like I wanted to direct… or I felt like now there are movies being made for me so I started writing. That to me is probably one of the greatest joys that I get. When somebody says that… even if they’re saying it just for the sake of saying it (laughs)… The largest success (for the movie) is that it can inspire new talent to try and do good work. I think you can’t ask for more.


  43. I want to meet these folks in Illinois state (part of Federation of Indian Americans) who in sane mind invites Rakhi Sawant as Chief guest for Independance Day celebrations. They are as insane as Rakhi Sawant to show up wearing this for the event!


  44. Satyam – I am not sure if you have seen Norwegian movie “The Wave”. I think you will like it. It is acted well.


  45. Ranveer Ching Returns!


  46. A film ‘Udegi Dhool’ on Arvind Kejriwal to premier at Toronto film festival. Produced by producer of Ship of Theseus.


  47. Shah Rukh Khan to replace Ranveer Singh in Padmavati?

    While speculations have been rife about Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone reuniting for yet another period drama Padmavati, fans of the couple will have to wait for the same as now we hear that the actor has walked out of the project. On the other hand, makers have apparently now approached none other than Shah Rukh Khan for the film.

    Sources claim that the script of Padmavati which revolves around a beautiful queen was posed to be a two hero project and Ranveer Singh, who swept away all awards last year, wasn’t keen on doing the same at this point of his career. Due to this, Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has given one of the biggest blockbusters of his career with Devdas, decided to reunite with the actor of that film and approached Shah Rukh Khan for the film. A source close to the project mentioned that Shah Rukh not only loved the script but has even decided to give a look test for the film.

    On the other hand, rumours have it that Shahid Kapoor has been signed on for the role of Deepika’s husband in the film. Padmavati traces the journey of a beautiful queen Rani Padmini who becomes the obsession of Allauddin Khilji and the ruler is ready to go to any extent to get the queen, even if it means waging a war against her husband, Raja Ratan Singh.

    However an official announcement on the same is awaited.


    • This isn’t some gossip site and about Ranveer Singh walking out of project seems to be true at some level. The movie isn’t making much progress from months though Bhansali has started work on music.


  48. The advance of both the movies are poor. Rustom is ahead in that poor advance by few percentage. Right now both will do around 11 to 12 cr on Day 1 is what I think rest depends on WOM.
    Compare this to Dilwale vs BM where inspite of clash Dilwale did 22 crs on a slightly higher screen count than MD and Rustom and even that I thought was less and was predicting 25cr which it could have done had it opened slightly better than what it opened and also not had those disruptions in CI..
    Basically the bottom line is after the Khans the rest are not even stars….Even in the Khan, Salman and Aamir are much higher than SRK but even a SRK movie will never open as low as what these 2 ‘superstar’ films are going to open


    • I think 11-12cr will be a good result for Rustom. It is not a costly movie. It was announced around 10 months back. They shot it quickly.

      Akshay’s movies usually start with 12-13cr on normal days. So, 11-12cr may not be bad, considering the clash. It means it does not get affected at all. If it is liked, decent trending will make it profitable.

      However, MD will need higher figures. Figures around 12-13cr probably won’t be enough. Hope both movies scrape through. Lots of effort seem to have gone into the making of MD.


      • If Rustom needs support, you must support: Hrithik Roshan

        Hrithik is clearly feeling the heat with such ungracious comments. Maybe he feels unappreciated…Rustom does not “need” support…right now it’s the other way round.


        • Hrithik Roshan: Past, Present and Future



          Without an iota of doubt, all Hrithik fans want to see him more often on the silver screen. He just had 4 releases in the last five years (2012 to 2016) – ‘Agneepath’, ‘Krrish 3’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Mohenjodaro’.

          Aamir Khan is another superstar who works at the same pace but his script selection has been exceptional. Also, when you’re having movies like ‘Dhoom 3’ (biggest franchise) or ‘PK’ (biggest director) in your kitty, the box-office result is a foregone conclusion. During 2005-2006, Aamir had 3 releases (‘Mangal Pandey’, ‘Rang De Basanti’ & ‘Fanaa’) in a span of 9 months. In 1999-2000, Aamir had 4 releases (‘Sarfarosh’, ‘Mann’,’1947 Earth’ & ‘Mela’) within 8 months. Salman Khan has slowed down after attaining super stardom with ‘Dabangg’. From ‘Wanted’ (Sep 2009) to ‘Dabangg’ (Sep 2010), he had 5 releases in one year including ‘London Dreams’, ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ and ‘Veer’. Even Shah Rukh Khan has now shifted to the top gear and his upcoming list includes ‘Dear Zindagi’, ‘Raees’, Imtiaz Ali and Anand Rai’s next with ‘Fan’ and ‘Dilwale’ just gone by.

          As the industry and fans await an outstanding performance from him in ‘Mohenjo Daro’, we sincerely hope he does more films and doesn’t waste his fan-following.


      • Dilwale / BM combined managed just over 300 cr with weeks free. These two will struggle to get to 200 cr combined…just not sure how it will split. MD will probably need to be at least as good as JA to stand any chance, any less of a film it will bite the dust. Rustom leads IMO even on opening. Not because Akshay is a bigger star but just Hrithik’s film choices do not suit his stardom. He is far more restricted as a star now. Only seems to work in the multiplex “fake” world or superhero mold.


  49. Mohenja Daro v Rustom – Holiday Factor Negated By Clash
    Thursday 11 August 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network


  50. After ‘unfollowing’ Shah Rukh Khan & Aamir Khan, Rajinikanth wishes Akshay Kumar success for Rustom! Here’s why!


    • Ha! This is what the Khans should be truly jealous of. South superstar Rajinikanth has wished Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar success for his upcoming movie Rustom, after he ‘unfollowed’ Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan on Twitter! Rajinikanth is the latest to join the bandwagon of Bollywood celebs who are going gaga over Akshay Kumar’s look in the film Rustom and wishing him success. Right from Sultan superstar Salman Khan to Karan Johar to Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan, everyone suddenly wants Akshay Kumar’s movie to do well on its release on August 12. ”Dear @akshaykumar … I wish you all success for your forthcoming release #Rustom,” said Rajinikanth to Akshay Kumar on Twitter.
      We had told you of how Rajinikanth ‏Twitter handle @superstarrajini was hacked and the hacker followed numerous accounts of celebrities on Twitter, including that of Bollywood superstars Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Upon getting his account restored, it is said that Rajinikanth promptly unfollowed the two heartthrob Khans. So why is Rajinikanth being so kind to Akshay Kumar? Obviously, because Akshay Kumar stars in the much hyped Rajinikanth movie Robot 2 aka 2.0. Akshay Kumar stars as the main villain of the Robot sequel and has a deadly look in the film.
      So, what better publicity for Robot 2 than to wish one of its main actors all the best for their new film, right?


    • The Jalankhors like Jayshah who is hell bent to make Robot 2.0 an undercurrent for Akshay doesn’t realise that the magnanimity of Rajni and goodwill of Akshay in the industry (which is event better than the Khans), will ensure that Akshay gets his due credit for his role in the movie.

      And who in common sense can imagine that in a negative role in Robot 2.0 , Akki will be sidelined.


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