The 40 most memorable Hindi film cameos

thanks to Rocky..

Gulzar in ‘Griha Pravesh’ and ‘Raincoat’, 1979 & 2004

Gulzar did his most sustained piece of screen-acting in ‘Jallianwala Bagh’—in fact, it’s long enough to qualify as a supporting part. In its place, we’ll include the poet’s cameos—one silent, the other just his voice—in ‘Griha Pravesh’ and ‘Raincoat’. In the former, he appears as an appreciative listener during the ‘Logon Ke Ghar Main Rehta Hoon’ sequence —a mini-masterpiece of side glances. And in Rituparno Ghosh’s film, his voice recites the poem that forms part of the haunting ‘Piya Tora Kaisa Abhimaan’.

Frank Worrell in ‘Around The World’, 1967

Sir Frank Worrell was one of the great West Indian cricketers of his day, an elegant batsman and the nation’s first black captain. The Indian public at the time would have known that he donated blood after Nari Contractor was hit on the head in a 1961 match and taken to hospital. So it’s not that strange that Worrell would make a minute-long appearance in the Caribbean segment of ‘Around The World’, one of those globe-trotting films that came into vogue in the 1960s. A drunk Om Prakash introduces Worrell to Mehmood and proceeds to quiz him about Milkha Singh (“India’s fastest bowler”), Shammi Kapoor (“India’s greatest wicketkeeper”) and Mohammed Rafi (“India’s opening bat who’s always not out”). True to form, the cricketer handles this nonsense with equanimity. Sadly, he died away before the film released, which is why it opens with the intertitle “Dedicated to the loving memory of Sir Frank Worrell”.

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16 Responses to “The 40 most memorable Hindi film cameos”

  1. thanks for this fantastic link Rocky.. will go through it properly later.. but you’ve made my day. Or evening by this point!

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  2. That SRK movie I had never heard of.


  3. I don’t know why this movie failed, I remember watching it at Sheila in Delhi- 70MM Six track stereophonic sound ! FDFS and liking it !!
    all the songs are pure gems- this one in particular is so soothing !!


  4. just awesome rocky

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  5. terrific list. I wish they had also included Bacchans cameo from JALWA along with the super pair of harrassed cops – Aakash Khurana and Satish Kaushik…its a singularly delicious scene. Producer Gul Anand always managed to rope in Bachchan for cameos in his movies including the hand kerchief scene in CHASHME BUDDoOR.

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  6. Great post…thanks, Rocky!

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  7. Among the more recent films, I think Abhishek in that little cameo in Hum Tum was quite good. He nailed it in the airport scene.

    I also liked Akshay Kumar’s cameo in OSO. For me, it was the best thing about the whole movie.


  8. Thanks Rocky – really enjoyed this.

    They missed out one of the most wonderful cameos of Hindi Cinema:

    “Roy filmed Parineeta and Do Bigha Zameen at the same time in Kolkata and when Meena Kumari playing Lalita in Parineeta, saw the stills of the latter, she insisted to be a part of the film. Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the film’s editor and scenario writer, asked her if she’d do a cameo and she agreed. It was the only guest appearance of her career. She played Bahu who writes letters for Paro to Shambhu and is seen in the lullaby Aa ja ri aa, nindiya tu aa.”


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