Rustom, Mohenjo Daro, the rest of the box office

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  1. RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9 42m42 minutes ago
    The latest Advance booking update across India: @akshaykumar #Rustom is way ahead of #MohanjoDaro


    • Bollywood Arena ‏@BollyArena 2h2 hours ago
      Akshay Kumar is a much bigger star in Gulf & #Rustom has taken a very good opening there. Everyone preferred it ovr Mohenjo Daro in 1st show


    • Umair Sandhu ‏@sandhumerry 3h3 hours ago
      Exclusive Review #Rustom from Overseas. Brilliant Seat Edge Thriller. Terrific Performances,Dialogues & Songs. 4.5/5


  2. Omais Shariff ‏@omaisshariff 1h1 hour ago Doha, Qatar
    Just Watched #MohenjoDaro in #Qatar Very Well Directed Acted Blockbuster @FilmMohenjodaro @hegdepooja @agpplofficial @iHrithik Good Luck👍🏻


    • Umair Sandhu ‏@sandhumerry 7h7 hours ago
      Exclusive First Review of #MohenjoDaro from Overseas! BLOCKBUSTER 4*/5*. @utvfilms @iHrithik @hegdepooja


  3. Sushant S Rajput ‏@itsSSR 4h4 hours ago
    Even I watched the trailer for the first time..Ahem ahem..Can’t for you guys to watch it… #MSDhoniTrailerLaunch


  4. definitely watching Rustom this weekend, MD next weekend if the reviews are good

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  5. Excellent !!!!!

    Sushant S Rajput ‏@itsSSR 9m9 minutes ago Mumbai, India
    You’ve watched him create history. Watch the #MSDhoniTrailer now to know about his journey:
    [added to post]


  6. KRK @kamaalrkhan
    It’s interval n what a Hutiya’ kahiyat n Kadarchod film #MohenjoDaro! Bangistan is Sholay compare to this greatest chutiyapa of all time.


    • Am planning to watch MD over Rustom tomorrow. I feel MD deserves big screen whereas Rustom can be watched on TV later on.


    • talk about extreme reactions! It’s just a movie!

      #MohenjoDaro is the worst film I have ever seen in my life so I give -5* to this crap. Director Ashutosh shud be hanged till death for joke.


      • I would prefer to watch ‘flop’ Ashutosh movie than many ‘hit’ hindi films. It can be lengthy or boring but it cant’ be without merit. Even KHJJS(I believe his worst from Lagaan) on TV is not that bad!


        • He is a REAL filmmaker but completely disconnected in taste to what audiences want. He should not be pressured with big budgets…bit like Anurag Kashyap & Bombay Velvet. Films like Lagaan, Swades & KHJJS shooting wise should be his aim…stuff like JA Bhansali can pull off better, no one can ever fault him for not trying!


          • agreed..

            But he’s in a difficult position now. To get a big star he needs a certain kind of subject otherwise they won’t do films with him. If he goes small he still isn’t in sync with multiplex tastes. Even at the niche level. His best bet is the Swades kind of deal but even that requires some kind of star. He could probably still get a reasonable star with a really strong script and the right production setup. But it’s tough.


        • So you prefer What’s your rashee to KHJJS? Just kidding…

          I’d take Gowariker over many other successful directors as long as he makes certain kinds of subjects. The JA kind of deal doesn’t do it for me because when you tackle large scale subjects you also need much more dynamic direction. What is still acceptable for Swades is very problematic for JA.


          • Yes, What’s your Rashee is lovely on TV. I used to adore ‘Mr. Yogi’ when during its TV run so I always have soft corner for that movie. Also, the movie isn’t that bad on a TV run. You should try to watch it. KHJJS is also good but not watchable again even on TV whereas WYR is harmless entertainment.


          • found WYR pretty appalling. Or at least it gets old after the first couple of segments.


          • * Mr. Yogi –

            It was 13 episode TV series where first 12 episodes he meets 12 girls and 13th episode is the conclusion which girl he ends up marrying. It was fantastic for its time.. as no wonder it was directed by Ketan Mehta.

            Ashutosh loved this as much and wanted to movie out of it and ended up making just tooooo long movie but its not crappy or boring. It was never going to be a successful movie formula with seeing 12 girls and selecting one in the time duration of movie.


          • Actually, I didn’t like JA at all but ended up placing it above WYR and KHJJS.


      • KRK@kamaalrkhan

        I will give you ₹5000 if you will watch #MohenjoDaro without abusing director, actor n producers. It’s my challenge to each one of you.


        maybe I should try to contact him. Weekend movie tickets ka admustment ho jayega! 🙂


  7. MD might struggle to even put up a day 1 of 10 crores. What are the odds of MD failing to cross jodha akbars collection? We can’t rule that out too. Rustom needs 80 crs to break even. The reviews are better than MD but nothing great in isolation.


    • I am sensing an OM SHANTI OM Vs Saawariya kind of scenario for Rustom. OSO benefited more because Saawariya turned out to be turkey. Here the competition actually helped OSO. Why, let me tell you- folks started comparing OSO with Saawariya, thereby improving the perceived quality of OSO. And guess what, despite being an average entertainer, OSO became a “comparatively” good entertainer.


    • KRK thinks the movie is ok but might still do 80-100. Given that is Akshay’s range anyway even with solos I think that would be a win for the film. But what does seem clear is that Neeraj Pandey has found it impossible to live up to A Wednesday (as a pure narrative) despite having some good subjects. Special Chabbis was fine but could have been way better. Baby was somewhat better (even if it was overrated by many) though a less interesting subject. And with Rustom it looks to be the same. Not sure why it’s so hard for him to come up with really gripping narratives when the subjects beg for it.


    • If MD doesn’t even do a JA (itself a very costly proposition for UTV at the time) Gowariker’s career will be over. Feel sorry for him, he deserves better but he just isn’t with the audience in terms of his basic filmmaking style. Nothing dynamic about his filmmaking but then he should at least attempt more modest subjects. He really should have stayed more in Swades zone. Actually I’ve felt for a while that his overall best directed film since Lagaan was KHJJS. He’s most in control here and the second half is rather gripping. Unfortunately he picked a subject no one was interested in and furthermore picked a star who was also at a low point. Most people haven’t seen the film but it’s worth checking out. JA was uneven but it was entertaining in patches. Swades is his best overall film after Lagaan (which is in a league of its own in every sense) . It’s mostly a fair narrative and ultimate an affecting one which makes up for the languid filmmaking. The point is that certain kinds of failures you can get through but others make you a joke. and the moment you saw the Mohenjo Daro trailer unfortunately the latter was the case. The film was buried on twitter right away. It’s a brutal world out there on social media these days.


      • I should add this here and not because I’m gloating but Apex has completely disappeared. He’s probably showed up once or twice after the stills and not at all since the trailers. So all this fun about Aamir not being a huge star or a real star, or about Hrithik being bigger than him, all this stuff about other stars being able to take competition or not, all the fun about Talaash doing 90, I could keep multiplying these examples.. but ultimately all this other nonsense and vulgarity about being a ‘man’, all the innuendo and obscenity.. and yet when it comes down to crunch time he’s not been around in ages. Again I’m not gloating. I actually feel sorry Gowariker has reduced himself to this. And Hrithik frankly has bigger psychological issues. In any case I wouldn’t have minded if a well-made Mohenjo Daro had overtaken Talaash or any other film. But even without competition this is always a tall order for Gowariker. And this was the very point I was making initially when Apex decided to get all carried away with it. Well fine.. but let’s look at Hrithik’s record and numbers now and let’s compare them to Aamir’s.


  8. P.K Talli Says:

    Krk seems to have lost his mind after watching Mohenjodaro

    kamaalrkhan @ DM FAV RT ? 22 mins ago
    Friends Pls note! #BombayVelvet is #Mughal -E-Azam compare to #MohenjoDaro n #Bangistan is #Sholay compare to this crap

    kamaalrkhan @ DM FAV RT ? 1 hour ago
    I will give you ₹5000 if you will watch #MohenjoDaro without abusing director, actor n producers. It’s my challenge to each one of you.

    kamaalrkhan @ REPLY ALL DM FAV RT ? 17 mins ago
    Friends Pls note, Great director @RGVzoomin Ki Aag is #Gadar compare to #MohenjoDaro !


  9. Q. How did you reference a character that goes back 5,000 years?
    A. Whether it’s 5000 years, 3000 years, present or future, human emotions will always remain the same. So creating the character to fit those times was an exterior exercise, not an internal emotional one. So in that regard IT WAS EASY.

    Q. Your last release “Bang Bang!” was fluff stuff. Now you are doing two back-to-back intense dramas — “Mohenjo Daro” and then “Kaabil”. Exhausting ?
    A. “Bang Bang!” was also a risk that paid off. Even that serves as an example as it was released with a clash. And it did a business of Rs 160 crore, a fact which instils a fair amount of positivity around two films releasing the same date.


    • Bollywood Hungama has Bang Bang at 181 crores.. whereas BoxofficeIndia has at 140 crores. So, Hrithik is playing safe by Bang Bang did about 160 crores 😀


  10. P.K Talli Says:

    Don’t think Hrithik is doing Thug but he is not denying it either watch it from 14:30



    Started on a very good note #MohenjoDaro #MohenjoDaro title song @iHrithik again and again proving why he is the best dancer among all the superstars of India. Pure visual treat! #MohenjoDaro The hard work of Ashutosh Gowariker and his team is visible in each frame. Film is slow in pace, yet entertaining so far. #MohenjoDaro Probably the first time seeing a solid lip-lock scene in a historical film which can give competition to Emran Hashmi films #MohenjoDaro film losing the entire plot… Not a good sign Interval #MohenjoDaro Started off really well till pre-interval portions, suddenly became an out and out love story/challenge film #MohenjoDaro @iHrithik is tailor-made for the role. Dance, expressions and sincere acting. Totally convincing as a brave farmer Sarman. #MohenjoDaro The challenging fight scene in the second half is one of the best fight scenes filmed at recent times in Bollywood! #MohenjoDaro @iHrithik single handedly making the film a good watch #MohenjoDaro Climax just BRILLIANT! Too much of hard work and paid off very well #MohenjoDaro Partly good and partly tacky. But overall as a film a good effort from Ashutosh Gowariker. Ignore the negativity & go watch #MohenjoDaro @iHrithik is the heart & soul of the film. His performance in last 20 mins will take the film to an another level. Great job #MohenjoDaro @hegdepooja made a confident Bollywood debut as Chaani. Good Chemistry with @iHrithik


  12. The Jungle Book is still continuing its phenomenal run and completed a 100 day run in a few cities last week. The film has grossed over 187 crore nett so far and along with Sultan is the only other film to find good appreciation so far this year. The film has sustained better than all films in the last few years. the film has managed to run more than ten weeks which is rarity in business today. The film has collected 34 lakhs till now from its 11th week onwards and the last time a film namaged anything like that was 3 Idiots which collected more than 50 lakhs nett. The fifth week figures of the film are the third highest ever after legendary films like 3 Idiots and Gadar. The sixth week goes even better with second highest figures ever after Gadar. The GROSS business of the film is 255 crore. The collections of The Jungle Book till date are as follows..


  13. Raja Sen gives one star to Rustom

    The Nanavati Murder Case — one where public opinion lionised the naval officer to such a degree that its Not Guilty verdict marked the end of the jury system in India — was a landmark.

    It was a case where the tabloid Blitz successfully manipulated an eager, righteous audience, and a case where enterprising street-side peddlers sold toy guns by calling them Nanavati Revolvers.

    It is a case, in short, that deserves good cinema. Cinema that, like any intelligent murderer, understands that it is indeed all in the details.


    • Raja Sen and KRK – the two extremes are the first to give reviews.
      What happenned to the exclusive Taran Adarsh nowadays? He is busy leading a nomadic life.


  14. 15 to 20% opening for both movies….


    • Not True.

      Rustom has opened 35-40% occupancy which is good
      MJD Opening verdict is awaited.


      • It doesnt matter… MD is a washout (for its budget)….The struggle to reach Jodha Akbar might be real after all…This might become the next Bombay Velvet….Actually i remember saying this when i saw the first trailor itself…


      • I really liked the first two trailors. Its too early to say but somehow i feel Hrithik Kangana story not helping. Moreover the entire India – Big B to RajniKanth to Salman to Ranveer to Aalia to Varun rooted for Rustom. This was no ordinary support. It was like supporting one movie over another.


  15. Sultan Looking At Near 340 Crore Recovery

    Sultan grossed around 2 crore nett in its fifth week taking its business to a little under 300.50 crore nett The frop in the fifth week was just 52% apprx. The GROSS business of the film is now around 420 crore nett which is just 2 crore less than Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The distributor share of the film will also close at around 160 crore which is also 2 crore less than Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The recovery of the film will go close to a huge 350 crore. The domestic theatrical recovery (share) will be 160 crore, Overseas theatrical recovery will be around 66 crore. The satellite rate is 65 crore and music is 15 crore while digital and other rights will bring in around 40 crore. This adds up to a massive 346 crore. The business of Sultan till date is as follows.

    Week One (extended) – 2,29,37,00,000
    Week Two – 48,89,00,000
    Week Three – 15,81,00,000
    Week Four – 4,35,00,000
    Week Five – 2,00,00,000 apprx

    GRAND TOTAL – 300,42,00,000 apprx

    The satellite has fetched a huge amount and with this film it will be recovered looking at the break up of collections. It has performed superbly in areas which signal good television ratings. There are some films which sell for 8 or 10 crore and can be hit at the box office but when they come on television there are no ratings and recovery becomes a distant dream. Sultan despite huge price will have no such issues.


    • Salman’s star power pulls Sultan to 300+

      The only star to have 2 300+ movies.

      Khoon mein tere mitte
      Mitti mein tera khoon
      No 1 hai Salman
      Baaki Gaye Rangoon

      Hail Salman!!!!! 🙂


      • Few people did not consider Amitabh as No 1 star in early 80s. Quite a few here like Aamirsfan, Satyam, Jayshah too are like those. Atleast be realistic Raj Bhai.
        What Salman has been doing since last 5 years will make any star take his shows. Little things here and there should be discounted.


    • This was the minimum one would have expected after a record breaking 180 crore weekend. Despite being liked by a majority of audiences, the film has not performed its potential, I think this shows the limitation of Salman’s pull, whatever people may say he do not command the respect of audiences in the same way that Aamir does.


  16. Sequel to one of the most iconic movie of its times.
    The way DCH was for metroes, Here friends took all to see
    Dhadkan was for towns, Here fathers took family to see


    • I can so make out-
      Fawad will play the iconic Ram like role done by Akshay and Pancholi will play the Duryodhan syle role by Shetty.


  17. Akshay Kumar Beats Hrithik Roshan In The Initial Stakes

    Rustom has come out on top initially between the clash of Mohenjo Daro and Rustom basically meaning Akshay Kumar comes out ahead of Hrithik Roshan. The opening of Rustom is around 35-40% while Mohenjo Daro is around 25%. The opening of Rustom is good while Mohenjo Daro is below the mark. Rustom has opened on 1900 theatres which will be around 2300 screens while Mohenjo Daro has opened on 2100 theatres which will be 2500 screens. Rustom has probably taken an opening which is among the top three of the year and this is a good result considering it was a clash. The films are close in single screens with Mohenja Daro even being ahead at many but in the multiplexes more or less across the country it is Rustom with a comfortable lead.

    The key is Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab which are the bigger markets forming over 60% for films like Rustom and Mohejo Daro and all these markets has Rustom ahead. Mumbai was always going to come on Rustom side but with a Mumbai based subject, North could have been harder to pull through but the strong pull of Akshay Kumar has probably helped there. Mohenjo Daro is leading in South where Hrithik Roshan has a bigger draw, Mysore will be close though Mohenjaro Daro will come out on top in Nizam / Andhra and Tamil Nadu / Kerala. Mohenjo Daro also holds chances in East India but that just wont be enough as the main markets of North and Mumbai are with Rustom.


    • I am surprised at this. The difference between # of screens is hardly there but the collections will have 25% markup for Rustom. As i said the clash will actually help Rustom in becoming a ‘comparatively better film” even though i don’t think Rustom are getting the response the way Airlift got.


    • Rustom will be double digits…MJD will be single digits…would be my guess. Given the right film, holidays etc…any one of Salman, Aamir, SRK & Hrithik can break opening records…I doubt Akshay could ever (even with a huge gap) – obviously with Rajni as his sidekick he can. But in the northern belt he can’t. Its a clear top 2 IMO with Salman & Aamir streets ahead of the rest…SRK is third overall (as he dominates overseas)…HR 4th overall (though quite equal to SRK in India).

      This opening will prove that a bad trailer can completely de-rail the interest of the audience & help them to like another product which itself had a good promo but was not expected to open as well.

      Sounds like the total of the 2 will struggle to get 200 cr…complete waste of a holiday. Sense should have been seen by either party to forfeit the date…Kaabil will move & pave the way for Raees much like Dilwale’s defeat to BM did the same for Sultan/Raees Eid clash.

      The winner here is SRK. As 4th & 5th place knocked each other out & HR’s next film is risk.


      • How come Hrithik is 4th when he can’t open a movies even after a 2 years gap? I think he is 4th only after delivering something big again. If MD doesn’t perform, he isn’t 4th IMO. He hasn’t been relevant BO-wise since 2 years.

        He can open bigger than Akshay or Devgan or Ranbir. But his volume is too low and he is clearly struggling even in terms of initial with MD now. At least if he opened MD higher than Rustom, I would agree that he is 4th. The only advantage that he has (initial) isn’t working. He is being beaten by a rival for 4th.

        That said, it also means that clash or no clash, Akshay Kumar guarantees 11-13cr openers on normal days every 3 months these days. The question is how much Ritesh, Abhishek and Jacqueline and the franchise contributes to H3 when it opened at around 15cr! I am a big fan of Abhishek but one of his fiercest critic as well.

        I do agree that Naveen winds up some of the people here at times. But how about logic? A report comes out that Rustom opens better than MD and the immediate response and conclusion is Akshay can’t open higher than that so it means that Hrithik is 4th?

        Maybe Kaabil will come out and trump out 3 Akshay Kumar grossers at one go and Hrithik is then challenging Aamir and Salman directly but until that happens he is just underperforming.

        He really was threatening to rule after Krish and D2. Too many wrong decisions. But he has what it takes to come back strongly.

        He needs to make better choices and more films.


        • Fair points…I did caveat my point with “Given the right film, holidays etc…any one of Salman, Aamir, SRK & Hrithik can break opening records”.


      • MD will be around 9 cr, Rustom around 12 to 13 cr….
        There is Top 3 , Salman, Aamir and SRK…and then a big abyss…and then the rest follows…Ranbir can trump most if he gets his selections right. He is a great combination of acting and star…But as of now, apart from Top 3, Akshay is clearly the 4th , doesnt matter the gap between 3 and 4….


        • Ranbir is the forgotten man in all this. If he wakes up & makes the right choices he has a shot. But how do you wake up while bedding most of film actresses???


          • I feel both Hrithik and Ranbir have potential of doing so much better. But poor choices and occasional lack of volume prove to be their undoing.

            I feel the likes of Devgan and Akshay are doing what they can. 25 years after starting out, they are still hanging around behind the top 3- doing the best they can.

            Hrithik and Ranbir however are simply under-performing. They can do so much better but are losing crucial years in the process. They have the potential (in terms of star value and appeal) to be at No.1 (something that Devgan for e.g. has never had) but they seem so far behind.

            The next lull they go through they may suddenly find the likes of Varun Dhawan or Ranveer Singh having completely overtaken them.


          • There is Shahid kapoor.


          • @”But how do you wake up while bedding most of film actresses???”

            Probably someone told him he is the Indian Leonardo DiCaprio and should start behaving like him and get after these PYTs in India.

            He was coming up nicely but mild success of Rajneeti (Godfather like 2nd half) gave him license to start taking on De Niro/ Pacino not knowing he cannot do anything more than coming of age stuff…….and the biggest harm done to his career was the combined success of Barfi / YJHD combo which impaired his judgment as very few can digest success and remain grounded and this is why appreciation to the top 5 senior actors must be acknowledged much more for their long innings/sustainability.


          • Jagga Jasoos looks like the next major disaster. It never bodes well when a movie is delayed and being re-shot to that extent.

            The movie with songs reportedly coming after every 15 mins is extremely risky as a genre. Remember O Darling Yeh Hain India. It hurts the narrative and after a while it gets tiresome and you just want things to start moving.

            KRK has already proclaimed it as a disaster coming a long time back. And I remember a trade pundit questioning Ranbir’s choices right after YJHD. He said Ranveer’s Singh’s line-up is much better and that Ranbir’s projects are not good enough.

            I am not a Ranveer fan at all, I have yet to complete any movie I am watching him in. But if that trade expert were a betting man, I guess the money would be in his pockets by now.


        • So, the more the things try to change, the more they stay same.

          25 years later, we’re still talking about 3 khans being at top. You can place them in whichever order you want thru out these 25 years but the fact it, TODAY, these 3 khans are still at top 3.

          We have this talk every year and the result is pretty much same every year. I still don’t see these 3 khans falling off the radar for next 5 years. I would like to see from these 3 khans in next 5 years:

          Aamir – Start directing, I think he will be an awesome director, something on the lines of successful actor/director.

          Salman – Keep doing what he is doing and he will be closest to Rajni of Bollywood when he turns 60.

          SRK – Start producing films. Has more money than probably bottom 90% of the Bollywood combined. Open up a full blown production house.

          Akshay has done very well for himself. It’s not easy to stay in this business this long.

          HR & Ranbir just needs to pick better films and do more films, but they’ll be okay. They’re not going anywhere.

          Ranveer and Varun should be able to come in 3 to 5 slot in next few years assuming they get big projects.

          Rest, not much to talk about, they’re just space filler.

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        • I wouldnt put SRK in the same leagure as Salman and Aamir


          • Let me guess, you want to put abhi in same league as salman and aamir? This is about 25 years journey, not 1 or 2 years.


          • pretty poor guess…who said anything about Abhi? you are showing your bias for SRK by putting him in the same league as the other 2 Khans in terms of box office returns over the last few years.


          • My conjecture is that he would put Shahrukh at the top with Salman and Aamir being placed at distant 2nd and 3rd respectively! But on a serious note, credit to all 5 of them for being able to deliver even after more than 25 years through reinventing and rising after falls in between and for their dedication, sincerity, immense hard work and undying passion for the medium. Add Amitabh as the captain of this group as he is the numero uno at 73 setting an example for them as well as today’s generation stars by working in numerous projects in a year and also leading them all by being the most tech-savvy and having the highest no. of followeres on social media! He can teach Aamir and Hrithik a lesson in this very sphere of juggling too many hats even at his age with aplomb!


  18. Sunil Dutt, Vinod Khanna, Now Akshay: The Nanavati Case and Bollywood

    Akshay Kumar’s new film, this Friday’s Rustom, has introduced a generation of millennials to K M Nanavati, the Naval officer who was tried for shooting his wife’s lover in 1959. It’s often true that life scripts a better plot than film writers – so it was with Commander Nanavati, who was found not guilty by a sympathetic jury, leading to judicial reform and the scrapping of the jury system in India.

    Few stranger things have happened on screen than the drama that played out in real life – Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati’s British wife Sylvia fell in love with his friend Prem Ahuja who, when confronted by Commander Nanavati, reportedly refused to marry Sylvia in the event of a divorce; on the night of the shooting, Sylvia Nanavati and her three children were sent off to watch a movie by Commander Nanavati, who then collected his pistol from the Naval base, went to Prem Ahuja’s home, asked him if he would marry Sylvia, was refused, fired three shots at him and then went directly to confess to his superior at Western Naval Command. Commander Nanavati was advised to surrender to the police and he did.

    The trial that followed had all the makings of a Bollywood blockbuster, and public support for Commander Nanavati was massive. Parsis held rallies, the Navy backed him, film magazine Blitz ran a prolonged campaign in favour of Commander Nanavati. The prosecution, led by Ram Jethmalani, failed to get a conviction in the Sessions Court – Commander Nanavati was acquitted and the jury system later abolished. Picture abhi bhi baaki tha: the Bombay High Court sentenced to Commander Nanavati to life imprisonment but Blitz was still campaigning for the man they portrayed as a patriotic naval officer and wronged husband. After three years in prison, Commander Nanavati was pardoned by Vijalakshmi Pandit, then the Governor of Maharashtra. To pacify the Sindhi community to which Prem Ahuja belonged, a Sindhi trader convicted for wrongly using an import licence was also pardoned.

    Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati, his wife Sylvia and their three children emigrated to Canada and lived happily ever after till his death in 2003.

    It was a readymade plot for Bollywood, which capitalized on the dramatic and romantic possibilities of the case with two films – 1963’s Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke and 1973’s Achanak.

    Read More…. Link is below


  19. It has the grandeur of his 2008 epic Jodhaa Akbar, the sincerity from his Oscar-nominated 2001 movie Lagaan and the lack of any substance from his forgettable 2010 flick Khelein Hum Jeee Jaan Sey.

    Set in 2016 BC, Mohenjo Daro is the story of an indigo farmer Sarman (Hrithik) who goes to the market place in Mohenjo Daro, finds his love and chances upon certain atrocities that he decides to fight against.

    Except for the distorted Hindi and weird headgear, writer-director Ashutosh offers little for the viewer who wants to watch a period drama – a peek into the ancient civilization. Mohenjo Daro looks like a hangover of a bad cocktail – one that mixed Lagaan and Jodhaa Akbar.

    Much like Raghubir Yadav’s Bhura (Lagaan) and Makrand Deshpande’s Fakir (Swades, 2004) – Mohenjo Daro has Piyush Mishra’s Jakheera. Jakheera guides Sarman, tells the society the truth everyone knows but wouldn’t dare say and also assures Sarman that he is on the right path.

    There are fleeting references to issues like child marriage but the film doesn’t stop to ponder over these. And that is one of the biggest flaws of Mohenjo Daro – it fails to give enough time to important things – like delving deep into main characters or giving a better view of the culture and society they supposedly live in.

    Hrithik’s introduction is all about his abs, and of course, his great fighting skills. The sequence is also one of the least logical ones. Hrithik’s innovative ways to kill a crocodile aren’t something we are interested in. His flexibility and dancing skills, however, are things that would capture our attention.

    Hrithik’s prowess is displayed not just in the songs but also fight sequences. The fight sequence in the climax flaunts his flexibility and swiftness like never before and those fifteen minutes are a treat.

    While Arunoday Singh and Kabir Bedi are scary as villains, Pooja Hegde has little opportunity to showcase her skills.

    Made on an estimated budget of Rs 115 crore, the film has a grand canvas. The over-whelming long shots and beautiful close-ups are something to look forward to. The climax sequence is especially breathtaking.

    Watch the film if Hrithik’s physique, dancing skills and flexibility are enough to attract you but you can totally avoid it if a grandeur does not make up for the lack of substance, facts and logic.


  20. Rustom Is Third Best Opening Of 2016
    Friday 12 August 2016 14.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network


    • Rustom has take the third best opening of the year in terms of all India occupancy after Sultan and Fan which were bot holiday releases. The clash has meant the occupancy is little bit higher than normal for both films as the screens have been shared by both films. The occupancy of Rustom ensures that it will lead on day one as Mohenjo Daro can’t close this gap despite being having a higher screen count. The films together will still probably struggle to get 25 crore nett plus between them which would be a par number for two big films on a non holiday coming on more than 5000 screens but that will be due to the under performance of Mohenjo Daro.

      1. Sultan – 70% (4350 Screens)
      2. Fan – 42.5% (3400 Screens)
      3. Rustom – 40% (2350 screens)
      4. Baaghi – 37.5% (2700 Screens)
      5. Housefull 3 – 32.5% (3600 Screens)
      6. Dishoom – 30% (3000 screens)
      7. Airlift – 27.5% (2000 Screens)
      8. Mohenjo Daro- 25% (2700 screens)

      Note – These occupancy are for morning shows before noon only and do not reflect how the final day will end up as the trend is sometimes different in the evening.


    • Rustom is set for a solid first day which can set a good platform for its weekend and overall week one business.

      Actually the movie is set to be Akshay’s biggest hit till date.


  21. The currency appreciation that Akshay has got by doing some great movies starting with OMG and then Special 26, Baby, Holiday, Gabbar and Airlift, is showing fruits now. As a fan never been happier. From being the highest tax payer, to being the richest star since last several years…he is a common man personified as a star.


  22. So housefull boards are here from second show onwards!! @akshaykumar sir @Rustom_Film @Ileana_Official #RustomDay— Akshay Kumar 24×7 (@Akkistaan) August 12, 2016



  23. Both films are going to tank after weekend. In all probability less then 75 crores for each


    • Komal Nahata@komalnahata
      #MohenjoDaro will entail back-breaking losses to every1 associated with it. A colossal flop.

      #Rustom is a winner all the way. Should enter the 100-crore club

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    • #Rustom was a winner from the day it was announced. MJD made a big mistake to clash with it.


  24. Rustom Day 1 collections, Early trends – HUGE Jump everywhere.

    Morning – 45%
    Noon – 50%
    Evening – 80%+

    13-14Cr Nett Day 1

    F A N T A S T I C


  25. Mohenjodaro Day 1 Collections, Early trends – Jump in evening shows

    Morning – 25%
    Noon – 25-30%
    Evening – 50%

    9-10 Cr Nett Day 1

    D E C E N T


  26. Akshay Kumar’s enduring appeal confounds critics
    Twenty-five years after the martial arts instructor made his Bollywood debut, Akshay Kumar has carved a niche for himself as a one-man hit factory

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    • “Gowariker, as always, directs with the sincerity of a class topper reading out an essay during Parent’s Day” 🙂

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      • I am a bit disappointed by the premise and storyline and
        invariably thought a modern day Hrithik will time travel to Mohenjo Daro times to set things right.

        Looking at the outcome these seems to be the most apt lines from Rangan’s review –

        ” What Gowariker and his “researchers” have done is essentially corral up facts about the ancient civilization and weave a Chosen One story around them. Facts like these: there was a Lower City and an Upper City; there was urban planning; they had “ghar ke oopar ghar” (flats, in other words); they liked Indrajal comics (characters are named Hojo, Lothar); they burnt their dead; they paid taxes; they built dams; they mined gold; they marvelled at horses and tropical birds brought in from other countries; they loved staging multicultural, multinational dance events (sort of like the opening ceremony at the Olympics, but with AR Rahman’s mighty shrug of a title track, which sounds like it was tom-tommed all the way from the Phantom’s jungles)”


  27. KRK @kamaalrkhan
    Breaking news- #Dangal will be last film of @utvfilms! Later on UTV will release only English films. Thanks to loss of all their hit films.


  28. Rangan is on a roll these days. Here is is his take on John Abraham in Dishoom:

    “I’m wondering if he’s losing the ability to do more basic things. Like smile. Or bring his hands close to his body. His torso resembles a tree trunk, and his hands angle downwards from his massive shoulders and lats. He looks like he’s holding the ends of an invisible skirt, ready to curtsy at any moment.”

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  29. P.K Talli Says:

    Mohenjo Daro And Rustom Day One Early Estimates
    Friday 12 August 2016 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    AddThis Sharing Buttons3

    The big clash between Mohenjo Daro and Rustom has turned out to be a bit of a let down as Rustom has runaway with the better first day collections. Rustom will gross around 14 crore nett as per early estimates while Mohenjo Daro will be around 8.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The combined figure is around 22-23 crore nett which is the sort figure that would have been expected before release but instead of sharing pot the battle has gone the way of the Akshay Kumar starrer which has notched up good collections at multiplexes while single screens are at a similar level and neither film has really performed at single screens

    It will be tough for Mohenjo Daro to recover from this as its a costly film at well over 100 crore and at that cost its tough without an initial. The film has performed better in South India and it will lead in Nizam / Andhra, Tamil Nadu / Kerala and possibly in a couple of the East India circuits but thats just not good enough. Rustom has done very well at multiplexes and is even doubling the Mohenjo Daro collections in some cities and looks set for a big four day weekend as multiplexes may grow on Saturday but even if the maintain at these levels it will be good enough.


    • This is very good opening and at par with 17-18 cr solo release on a non holiday. If released solo, Rustom had the chance to be Akshay’s biggest opener on a non holiday.
      Also happy to see that Akshay is winning over the audience now. To beat a Hrithik Roshan movie in multiplex was not expected, but seems we all under estimate the stardom of Rusom-E-Hind


  30. Jayshah- this is for you man. No matter how hard you try, Aamir can never be No 1. E V E R.
    No 1 Salman
    No 2 SRK
    No 3 Aamir (assuming Dangal is a superhit. If it flips, Aamir will be out of top 5)

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    • AamirsFan Says:

      this is just juvenile idiotic nonsense. they speak the truth about akki and you come back acting like a 5 year old.

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    • I hope it was a typo as you wanted to name Akshay as his shot at the no. 1 would remain unfulfilled with a constant 4th or 5th position with his upper limit being the 150 Crore!! Even Ranbir and Ranveer are ahead of him in having the higher grosser, yet your Aamir-mania keep haunting and hounding you to name Aamir in place of Akshay as Aamir is the ‘fantasy’ that you keep dreaming for Akshay 😉 Hard luck and wishing you a speedy recovery from this ‘lethal OCD called Aamir’ 😉

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    • Will this stand in the supreme court? Blatant bias and support for moneyed people and other favourtites. These 2000 special indians receiving undue favours.


  31. Mohenjo Daro Has Poor First Day
    Saturday 13 August 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mohenjo Daro had a poor first day grossing around 8.75 crore nett and even allowing for a clash the collections are far too low for a Hrithik Roshan starrer. The last time a Hrithik Roshan film opened so low was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara at 7.50 crore nett. Even a Kites had managed to cross the 10 crore nett mark.The collections across multiplexes of India are dull with Rustom doing double the business at many multiplexes. The single screens have performed better and at places better than Rustom but still the single screen business is also well below par. It wll be tough for the film to recover from this as the growth needed on Saturday is huge and even if it is somehow manages 40-50% growth it will be just taking the film to 12-13 crore nett which should have been day one on worst case.

    The film has performed better in the South. the collections in Nizam / Andhra can be actually called good and Tamil Nadu / Kerala has also fared decently. North India has fared very poorly for the film with a practical no show in Delhi city and East Punjab. The huge jump is needed on Saturday at the multiplexes and there is huge spare capacity as far as multiplexes are concerned but does it have the content to jump. Its a must if it is make some benefit of the Independence Day holiday on Monday.


    • Not that bad. with allround criticism, bad wom and with competition. But it will be a huge loss for the producers and distributors. Another BV.


      • Not that bad? You wanted it to do 5 crores to call it bad? Also, I don’t think its all round criticism.. there was no buzz or I say positive buzz for this movie. I ended up traveling to different city or else still had plans to watch it. Let me think by Sunday if I can manage some time.


      • Utter disaster. Actually awaiting the apex predators thoughts now on what has gone wrong here.


  32. Rustom Has Good First Day
    Saturday 13 August 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom had a good first day of around 14 crore nett with the multiplexes recording strong collections all over. The collections were not so good in single screens but multiplexes of mass circuits be it Rajasthan, CI or Bihar put up good collectons. The opening day is the fourth best of 2016 after Sultan, Fan and Housefull 3 though occupancy is better than the latter and although it has collected around 1 crore nett less than Housefull 3 but is laso being screened on around 1200 less screens. Rustom also clashed with Mohenjo Daro but that has turned out to be a anti climax as the audience has just not come for Mohenjo Daro at least initially anyway.

    Rustom has done very well in Mumbai, Delhi /UP and East Punjab with Mysore numbers very strong for an Akshay Kumar starrer. In fact the Mysore opening is the best ever for an Akshay Kumar starrer and its a huge plus for an Akshay Kumar starrer to come out on top against a Hrithik Roshan starrer as the former is traditionally weak in Mysore. The film looks set for a good run especially if some solid growth comes today which will set it up for a big four day weekend going towards 60 crore nett or maybe even more. The opening of day is the third or fourth highest for an Akshay Kumar starrer depending on where the final first day collections land.


  33. I think Satyam is very much going to win his bet against Apex. Was quite sporting of him to take the bet in the first place.

    Apex has all but disappeared. Should have at least showed up and graciously accept defeat.


  34. Joginder Tuteja ‏@Tutejajoginder 1h1 hour ago
    #Rustom – Further jump in collections today. Expect further surprises when numbers come out tomorrow morning.

    I think with the holiday on Monday, Rustom is going to enjoy a good first week.


    • Watched Rustom, bad film.. First half is slow and tedious…second half is dealt in a non serious manner..courtroom scenes are ludicrous.The depth and the gravity which should be associated with subject is totally missing.The subject has been treated in a very casual way. The performances are very average. Alshay kumar has got the same look and clothes throughout the film.


      • It’s a heartbreaking result for Hrithik as he is coming back after 2 years with such a costly movie! And negative word of mouth could have justified such low numbers but opening at such a low point was never expected which means audience was not interested in MJ after insipid trailors one after the other. I hope HR would not repeat the same mistake with his future projects after this debacle and would make a strong come back. Akshay has got a big fillip by trouncing the bigger opposition which even he wouldn’t have
        anticipated before release that margin would be almost double that of MJ!! Akshay moves ahead of Hrithik after this result which shows Multiplex audience have reposed their trust in Akshay after a long gap. Shivaay and ADHM clash would further create an intriguing scenario which may throw some surprising results.


  35. P.K Talli Says:

    Not ‘Thug’ Any More
    (August 13, 2016)
    Point 2There were rumours that Amitabh Bachchan wouldn’t be a part of Vijay Krishna Acharya’s next film but that was just idle talk. A source close to Yash Raj Films tells us that he will definitely be part of this project. And guess what? Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan will be coming together on the big screen for the first time!

    Well, the script hasn’t changed; the only difference is that, earlier, Hrithik Roshan was to lead the cast but now Aamir Khan will. Also, the title of the film will change. The film was to start rolling by the end of this year but that’s been postponed. Khan is a perfectionist and has asked for some changes in the script.

    PS: Years ago, Indra Kumar had announced a film titled Rishta featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit. A huge mahurat of the film was also held in Mumbai but the film
    was shelved


  36. Rustom Emerges HIT – Mohenjo Daro Also Grows
    Saturday 13 August 2016 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom has emerged a HIT film as it has shown solid growth of around 15% on Saturday with collections to be around 16 crore nett which will take its two day total to 30 crore nett the biiger circuits of Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab have all seen good growth. The film is doing average business in places like Gujarat and CP Berar but average business in these parts is okay for a film like Rustom. Despite the first day being over 1 crore nett less than Housefull 3, the film has caught the business of that film on Saturday and it will have chances to challenge the 21 crore nett of Housefull 3 on Sunday which is the highest ever day in Akshay Kumar’s career. Normally this would be tough but its a holiday on Monday so the business on Sunday will not see the evening drop which is normal on Sunday. This will make huge growth possible on Sunday though on the other side will be cap on capacity as less shows at peak times due to the clash.
    Mohenjaro will also see growth in the 10-15% region taking its collections to around 9.75 crore nett for a two day total of 18.50 crore nett. The growth will come for Mohenjo Daro as well on Sunday but the problem is low collections. The start makes it tough for such a big film and now it becomes about some respectability which can come by staying in theatres for the next few weeks. Basically the way things are going it will do around half the weekend business of Rustom which is far too big of a gap.

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  37. In this hare and tortoise race, can the tortoise win???


    • But infact tortoise is behaving like hare here and hare is doing a tortoise.. 🙂

      *Hrithik + Oscar winner director + Hit film behind = Hare
      Akshay + New/Flop director = Tortoise


  38. Rustom And Mohenjo Daro Day Two Business
    Sunday 14 August 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom did very well on Saturday grossing in the 16.25 range as the which has taken its two days over 30 crore nett. The mass areas held at the levels of Friday while Mumbai, Delhi/ UP and East Punjab saw strong growth of over 20%. The film hit occupancy levels of 70-75% at major multiplexes and this can keep a lid on Sunday growth as there is not much more higher to go. There are very few films that get this high on a Saturday but here the screes are shared and this is the target audience. Considering its a national holiday on Monday, 30-40% growth would be a give on a Sunday but limited capacity in key areas may keep it bit lower. Below is the first two day business of Rustom.

    Friday – 14,00,00,000
    Saturday – 16,25,00,000 apprx
    TOTAL – 30,25,00,000

    Mohenjo Daro also managed to show growth on Saturday but collections remain very low. The only plus is growth was there as the film could have easily dropped. Mohenjo Daro can show big growth on Sunday also but still the weekend of the film will be similar to the first two days of Rustom which gives its little chance considering its costs The first two day collections of Mohenjo Daro are as follows.

    Friday – 8,75,00,000
    Saturday – 9,75,00,000 apprx
    TOTAL – 18,50,00,000


  39. Happy Independence Day to all.



    If he can indeed make this happen, mark my words, he will be the next PM. And the Indian economy will shoot into the stars.


  41. Seems Rustom has beaten Mohenjo Daro overseas as well. That is a real shock!


  42. M is 12.5 crores on sunday and rustom around 19 crores. Tortoise has not given up!


  43. Aankhein-2 first look .. [post created]


    • Glad to see Amitabh in an Ankhein sequel. The first film was well written and executed. The concept was novel.

      I remember Bachan returned with movies like Mrityudaata and Kohram. I found him unusually subdued in these films when there was the need to play it more to the gallery. He looked a bit too timid. He was afterwards given one-dimensional supporting roles in K3G and Mohabatein. These were kind of roles written for late Amrish Puri during those times. It was heart-breaking to see Amitabh in these kind of deals.

      Ankhein was the first time I saw Amitabh back to his old self. He seemed to have fun doing it and he let go. For me, this was his real comeback movie. He had an author-backed role which was unusual and well written. He seemed to come alive again on screen and was relishing it. Amitabh was back for me when Ankhein released. This was the real stepping stone for Khakee.


  44. How bout Dipa Karmakar! Missed bronze by a whisker, but made all Indians proud at the stroke of midnight on 70th Ind Day!

    One tweet to sum it up:

    Akash Banerjee

    Talent, Spirit, Guts, Belief can take you this far.
    For Gold u need to add training, infrastructure, support staff etc.
    #Ind failed u #Deepa


  45. Bob Cristo Says:

    There is a powerful camp or lobby in this blog who are praying for Mohenjodaro to be flop. The Reason is Hrithik and a certain Superstar’s son started there carrer together in 2000 and everbody know what happened to that star son ? Everyone is expecting Mohenjodaro will be next Bombay Velvet but that didn’t happened. Bombay Velvet had under 30 or 25 cr lifetime buisness and downword trend from first day onward while it seems Mohenjodaro found some appriciation though too little. It will be a flop no doubt but a disaster ? Don’t think so.


    • Nahta must be an Abhishek fan…

      Komal Nahta
      Aug 12
      #MohenjoDaro will entail back-breaking losses to every1 associated with it. A colossal flop.


      • bob cristo Says:

        Komal’s comment was after 7cr first day. But now the film is growing and steady.


        • then BOI must also be Abhishek fans given what they’ve said today..

          now of course it could be very stable at the low end and put up a better total than one might have expected earlier. thats always possible. At the same time the definition of disaster doesn’t only begin and end with BV. Before accusing others of dishonesty the fans must learn the definition of ‘honesty’ in the first place. It would be an easy world if fans could make films hits or flops!


  46. Since image from Aankhen 2 has a separate post, this one deserve a post too since this is already under shoot –

    Bollywood HungamaVerified account ‏@Bollyhungama 34m34 minutes ago
    Wow! @BeingSalmanKhan in #Tubelight; @kabirkhankk shares his first look on the occasion of #IndependenceDayIndia

    [post created]


  47. It seems rumors of ETT getting a sequel are true. There is further news of YRF getting 3 Khans lined up again

    Kabir Khan ‏@kabirkhankk 3h3 hours ago
    Thank you for all the love and making
    #4YearsOfBlockbusterETT trend… Now wait for the sequel 😊

    Tiger Zinda Hai, Thug and Adi’s next: Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan – all 3 Khans in YRF films in 2017!

    Yes, next year will see all the three Khans shooting for three different films produced by YRF…

    Believe it or not! This is finally happening. While many wanted to see the three Khans together, that isn’t what we are talking about. But all the three superstars – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan will be working on a YRF film in 2017!

    As we exclusively told you guys, Salman will now be seen in the sequel to his much successful Ek Tha Tiger and it is tentatively titled Tiger Zinda Hai. The film will now be directed by Ali Abbas afar and not Kabir Khan, the director of the first part. That film rolls out right after Salman wraps up Tubelight.

    Aamir, we again told you, has replaced Hrithik Roshan in YRf’s Thug, which will be directed by Dhoom 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya. Aamir who’s now busy with the post-production of Dangal will start work on Thug immediately after his wrestling biopic hits screens. Thug might as well be the Christmas offering for fans in 2017.

    And now coming to Shah Rukh Khan. He also announced his big ticket Bollywood venture with Aditya Chopra in one of our previous interviews during Fan. SRK confirmed that he and Adi are in talks to reunite for a film and this time, on a much grander scale. SRK has also told media that he is busy finishing Imtiaz Ali’s film which goes on floors this August and then will begin work on Aanand Rai’s next from November. Adi, on the other hand will be busy releasing Befikre this December. So, in all probabilities, Shah Rukh and Adi begin work on their next in 2017.

    For YRF, that makes 3 on 3 in the same year. Certainly, the production house will have the biggest bets in the coming years. We admit.


  48. NY Times:

    Review: ‘Mohenjo Daro’ Depicts a Go-To Hero’s Exertions in Antiquity
    MOHENJO DARO Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance 2h 35m

    By RACHEL SALTZAUG. 14, 2016

    Before the action starts, the Bollywood movie “Mohenjo Daro” assures that no animals were harmed during its making. More unusual, a note tells us that the film doesn’t support or dispute any specific interpretation of ancient Indian civilization. This disclaimer probably isn’t necessary. From its first scenes, the movie, set in 2016 B.C., makes its intentions known: This is a hero’s tale, not history.

    In those opening scenes, Sarman (the green-eyed pinup Hrithik Roshan) has a David-like victory over an enormous crocodile, whose superior strength is no match for Sarman’s cunning, courage and well-placed trident. All in a day’s work: We soon learn that Sarman is his village’s go-to man in life-threatening crises.

    Like all good heroes, Sarman is an orphan (he lives with his aunt and uncle). He doesn’t have a lightning bolt on his forehead, but he has a dream — of a unicorn, which is a clear sign of something ominous, as we see in the worried eyes of his aunt and uncle.

    Our country boy soon goes off to the big city, Mohenjo Daro, a place he is told is ruled by greed. There he partakes of the polyglot marketplace, witnesses injustice, sees magnificent beasts (horses, brought by traders from Bukhara) and meets … a girl, the Chosen One, played by Pooja Hegde. (Chosen for what, you may wonder: her role consists of being fought over by men.)

    The real Mohenjo Dara, in what is now Pakistan, comes complete with historical mysteries: why was this city abandoned and why did the Indus Valley civilization, which dates from the third millennium B.C., fade? Whoever the residents of Mohenjo Daro were — and that’s not clear — they had “a reverence for the control of water,” as an article in National Geographic says. They had good drainage. And pools.

    “Mohenjo Daro,” written and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, isn’t really interested in how the city worked, or in its ancient bells and whistles. Mr. Gowariker’s mind is more on the standard-issue romance between Sarmar and the Chosen One, and Sarmar’s heroic tests.

    Which is to say that “Mohenjo Daro” is a standard Bollywood epic-adventure-musical-romance, if one with a novel setting. Mr. Roshan, an appealing dancer, works hard to twinkle his way into our affections and make Sarmar something more than a cardboard hero. He can’t, but the effort is appreciated.

    And Mr. Gowariker does provide a version of how the city ended. Viewers, beware, and remember that head note: It almost certainly didn’t go down this way!


  49. Netflix has added Airlift and Parched .
    Started watching Parched but had to turn it off due to its highly adult content.


  50. P.K Talli Says:

    Aamir khan on Thug and working with BIgB


  51. Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’s’ clash with Akshay Kumar’s ‘Rustom’ may prove to be fatal for Hrithik Roshan’s brand value. The actor’s brand value has reportedly taken a serious beating after ‘Mohenjo Daro’s’ not-so-good results at the box office.

    Trade pundit Vishek Chauhan reportedly said that this is time for actor to do some self-introspection as he has not delivered a good film in years, apart from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, a multi-starrer where the credit of the film’s success was shared by the ensemble cast. The failure of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ may prompt Hrithik to push the release date his home production ‘Kabil’.


  52. Did Hrithik Roshan’s father cancel ‘Mohenjo Daro’ previews?

    Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. For all those who have been wondering why there has been no preview or screening for Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan’s recently released film ‘Mohenjo Daro’, the reason has been revealed. As reported by a daily, the makers were planning to hold previews, but Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan was averse to the idea. He cancelled all the previews. The source informed the daily, “Roshan Sr saw the film and he didn’t like it. He didn’t want the word to go out as it would affect the day one collection.”


  53. Rustom Is Among All Time Highest First Mondays
    Monday 15 August 2016 23.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom has had a fantastic Monday and is up there with the historic Monday’s of Hindi cinema. The collections will probably fall short of 20 crore nett but it will be very similar to Sunday at around the 19 crore nett range. It could turn out to be among the fifth highest Monday of all time and its been years since an Akshay Kumar film is getting among all time records. All the other big Monday’s were also on national holidays or in a holiday period with enhanced ticket rates. The film will be around 69 crore nett after four days which is a very good number considering the clash with Mohenjo Daro. Now it will be about that all important Tuesday number which will tell at what level the film will hold after the holiday period.

    Mohenjo Daro has also taken advantage of the national holiday but the drop here is bigger than Rustom and collectiosn are likely to be around 10 crore nett which will take its collections to around 40 crore nett in four days. Its actually not that bad considering the opening the film took but the sort of universal appreciation needed to recover from that initial is not there. It is only some pockets where the is doing fair business and that is probably because Sunday and Monday have been holidays.


    • very strong day for Rustom.. easily the best day for the film so far, if it continues with this kind of trending it could become Akshay’s highest grosser in absolute terms. It’s probably looking at a 100 in week 1 which is remarkable.


      • All the smaller hits have helped Akki to get back the audience’s love. Till last year.. even solo release couldn’t get 20 crores and now with just around 2000 screens touching 20 crores on Monday holiday is remarkable achievement.


      • Looks like MD will indeed not cross Jodha Akbars total? That will be a disaster as big as titanic?


        • don’t think there’s anyway it won’t cross JA. It’s done around 40 so far. JA was at 55-60 depending on who you believe.


          • Comparing JA’s total is not at all ideal.. that era was different when 100 crore was distant dream and Hrithik’s D2 was still the highest grosser in mid 80’s collections.


          • that’s absolutely right.. but for even the debate to come up shows how Mohenjo Daro is faring. I will say this though, it’s possible though not likely that the film has some base of support at the low end which prevents a total collapse. I think a 70 crore number, give or take a few, is most likely assuming it doesn’t add more than 15 crores or so the rest of the week. But if it adds 20 and does 60 for the week it might have a shot at going a bit higher. Again unlikely but possible. Will say this, in one sense Hrithik’s has been over the course of his career a colossal waste of stardom. For one reason or another he has underperformed most of the time, either because his choices were poor or because he took long breaks or both. On the other hand though it’s not as easy as it seems. Because had he kept doing let’s say the Krrish/Dhoom kind of genre, for which he would seem to be most suited, the act would have become stale beyond a point. It’s hard to make that your bread and butter genre. In other words you can’t do with it what Salman is currently doing with masala. Finally it’s about having the prestige film. In the kind of Bollywood Hrithik matured in it would have been hard to be a true blue A list star just doing Krrish. It’s hard for any star to do just genre and maintain that standing. If Salman manages to beat this trend it’s because he has that extraordinary level of success. I’d argue Salman is himself enabled because no one else is really doing that sort of thing. In other words if all of Bollywood is one way he can prosper becoming the (counter)reaction to this. This isn’t like Tamil or Telugu cinema where a lot of stars do mass genres and one guy does it better than others. Here there is no one else. To get back to the older point it is no doubt Hrithik’s fault (and maybe he should have kept those stunt/action genres going as much as possible or at least mixed up the other stuff with this regularly). On the other hand (and this has been a very old point of mine) it is always a problem when a star cannot do ‘regular’ genres. Hrithik has had this problem historically. Even when he did something obvious like MDK the film didn’t work. You can go across the board. The audience has never been able to accept him in any sort of solo where he isn’t ‘special’ in some way. This is very different from the logic of a star seeming special in a strength genre whether or not his role is anything special. So Salman might play a very ordinary guy and seem extraordinary to his audience doing so. Or SRK didn’t have to be anyone special in his strength genres when he was at his peak. One could multiply these examples. With hrithik he had to always be someone special in terms of the part. hence Krrish or D2 or whatever. His entire career has been a struggle to define himself elsewhere. And this is why he gravitates towards a project like Kites on the one hand and then Mohenjo Daro (or JA) on the other. Partly it’s a colonized thing, the self-image of being a international star, but partly it’s the same struggle to keep himself special. And so the D2 logic leads to Kites while the Gowariker films allow him to be special in these larger than life period settings.


          • Whats JA total…if it is around 60cr, there is a still a chance MD wont reach that much…Tuesday was 3 cr…first week will be 48 cr and I don’t think adding 12 cr is easy for a rejected movie…


          • Memory serves me right JA is mid 60s so this will be tough…its a complete flop maybe not a disaster. But it will obviously lose screens now so I think even getting above 55cr might be tough.


          • the collections ranged from a little over 55 crores to closer to 63, depending on the source. BOI probably had it at the lower end. But yes even keeping it around 60 it will be tough for MD. It’s completely collapsed on Tue. I thought it might at least do 5 crores or something, 3 crores means it will basically add very little now. It will probably now end up in JA’s range more or less.


  54. Mumbai:
    Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Monday said it was his dream to make sure that the water crisis in Maharashtra was solved for good within the next five years.

    He was speaking at ‘Satyamev Jayate Water Cup Awards 2016’. The competition judged water harvesting efforts of various villages.

    The actor and his wife Kiran Rao, along with the team of his popular TV show “Satyamev Jayate”, have formed Paani Foundation, which works in association with the state government to find ways to end water scarcity.

    The first prize worth Rs. 50 lakhs went to Velu village in Koregaon tehsil. Second prize of Rs. 30 lakhs was shared by Khapartone and Jaigaon villages in Ambejogai and Koregaon tehsils, respectively.

    Radi Tanda in Ambejogai and Wathoda in Warud tehsils shared the third prize, carrying Rs. 20 lakhs.

    The competition was held from April 20 to June 5 and villages were judged by the amount of water storage they created through water harvesting methods.

    The 51-year-old actor hailed the efforts of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to make the state drought-free.

    “It is our dream to make Maharashtra drought-free in five years. And it is our good fortune that Maharashtra got a Chief Minister who has pledged to solve the water crisis. His political will is really strong,” Aamir told reporters.

    Mr Fadnavis said people’s participation was of utmost importance for an initiative like this, and hailed Aamir and his team for their efforts.

    “Now our ‘yug dharam’ is to end drought. That is our aim…A big movement of water conservation has started. I thank Aamir. He is a perfectionist not only in reel but even in real life,” he said.

    The first edition of the Water Cup was restricted to three districts. Aamir said the next phase of the Cup would hopefully involve some 30 districts.

    “In round one, we worked in 3 districts. In round 2, we are hoping to go to 30 districts and use our learning of round one there,” the actor said.

    He was highly inspired by the overwhelming response to the competition, he said, and credited the local people for the success.

    “It is inspiring to see (the result). We wanted to see if people will do this on their own because we are giving them only knowledge and training. Ultimately everything else they have to put in,” Aamir added.

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  55. I expect social media commenters to pitch in with usual comments — that Aamir is doing damage control for Dangal, etc. Just need to inform or remind these people that Aamir started on this water relief work, way back in May2015; met the CM Fadnavis on May 1, met people like Ratan Tata other industry heads in September or thereabouts, to help his organisation with the funding. And then in late November he gave that interview to Indian Express; spoke a lot of sense and a bit of nonsense — the latter bit almost destroyed him; he is still under fire, but will hopefully recover.

    He still gets called a deshdrohi, a most unfair term to use on somebody who simply spoke aloud about some insecurities. As if no Indian has ever talked of leaving his country , for any length of time, for whatever reasons. As if Aamir plotted against the state. How easily people dare to call a compatriot a terrible name like deshdrohi. Even yesterday, somebody was commenting so.

    I just hope he sticks with the drought relief program, through the next few years.


    • I also feel that he sticks to this program. He has proved himself what he can do with films. No more worlds to conquer in that space. Let him do films as and when he pleases. He opted out of the rat race long back. Good for him.

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  56. Exclusive: Amitabh Bachchan on ‘Pink’ and Working With Aamir Khan
    Subhash K. Jha
    Today, 3 hours ago

    Q: Amitji, how far do you think cinema has the power to influence the way women are treated in our society.
    Amitabh Bachchan: Cinema is a 20th century phenomena. Anyone that lays emphasis on its power of negative influence, must necessarily possess the power to look back at the earlier centuries, and conclude affirmatively to us, whether what they consider impressionable now through film, was not accorded presence earlier too, when there was no film. Which medium can assure us poetic justice in 3 hours ? Which medium gives justice to the wronged through punishment within 3 hours ?

    Q: But a lot of social analysts believe that ‘item songs’ incite and encourage hooliganism eve-teasing and even rape?
    AB: If as you say, item songs incite and encourage hooliganism, eve-teasing and rape, then we must all know that such horrific acts shall also incite sentences behind bars for years and at times for life. Which film has not depicted that ? You know and I know, that in reality and in life and everyday existence, not always has the process succeeded, or been exercised in its entirety, but in cinema it does.

    Q: Pink is your second film with Shoojit Sircar after the wonderful Piku. Though Shoojit has not directed Pink, what was it like working with him again and when do we see you being directed by him again?
    Wrong,Pink is my third film with him. His first with me was Shoebite also titled Johnny Walker… not released yet. Shoojit is a thought-provoking maker. His choice of subjects and stories reflect that sentiment in all his films. Quite obviously, it is a great joy to be working with him, and I do look forward eagerly to work with him again.

    Q: Pink brings you face to face with some remarkable young actors. I am specially impressed by Tapsee. What is your take on her?
    AB: I have said this many times publicly and I shall say it again. In Pink you shall only notice the ‘remarkable young actors’ and no one else. They are all of them fresh, accomplished and stunning. Their performances carry the film. Their flair in incorporating their respective roles, the efficiency with which they have presented it and the absolute genuineness in enacting their complicated characters was a learning for me. This generation of actors amazes me, and in Pink this generation has left me open-mouthed in wonder and incredulity.

    Q: The trailer of Pink shows you in a role never seen played by you before. What was it like to stand there in the courtroom and subject the young protagonist to sexually forthright questions?
    AB: Yes, courtrooms have eluded me, thankfully, but this film has been designed to keep it as real as possible and the legalese has been written after extensive research with lawyers of great eminence and experience from several quarters and courts. My participation therefore in this film as a lawyer, was, apart from being a first, quite unique as well.

    Q: You’re shown asking Tapsee Pannu if she is a virgin…
    AB: The language is aggressive and maybe strong, but that is the construct of the screenplay, or shall we say the construct of the arguments the defence employs to defeat an argument or claim of the prosecution. It falls in line with the story of the film. And maybe they are expressions or words never spoken or heard before in a film courtroom sequence. But they have been whetted and approved by, as I said, several luminaries of the legal profession.

    Q: As an actor who has played almost every kind of role, how different and unconventional is the lawyer’s role in Pink?
    I cannot and would not like to compare other efforts made by the industry and films and actors and directors that have presented court sequences, in our films. I can only comment on what we have done and what in particular, as you ask, have I felt performing the character. Lawyers and court sequences have been presented in the past, with other colleagues and seniors to great perfection, and I dare not bring attention to how they or I would compare. That would not be correct or ethical, professionally.

    Q: Ok, shall we restrict your comments to the legal world drawn in Pink?
    AB: The circumstances in Pink are perhaps novel to not just court procedures, but also for the performers that have been asked to perform them. I found myself a part of not just the performer, but also the correctness of what I stand for in the story. That is the difference. If after seeing the film, people find it unconventional, that would be an opinion to consider. I do feel though, that after the reasons are explained in the story and its presentation, whether people would want to label it as unconventional. For me as the character in the film, that assessment would annoy and anger me. Because what I stand for, not just in the film, but in my life too, is not unconventional. My belief defies and denies that. They that shall have arguments to defend against me, shall have to first stand and convincingly explain to me what is ‘unconventional’ and what ‘conventional’.

    Q: Pink addresses itself to the question of female sexuality and its violation by patriarchal forces. As someone who champions the cause of the girl child in real life, how deeply were you affected by the film’s theme?
    AB: Deeply… because the words that I speak in the film, would have been no different from what I would say even if I was not acting in Pink.
    Q: This year you’ve already played two dark grieving characters in Wazir and Te3n. Is Pink another grim character? Amitji, are you not overwhelmed by melancholic roles this year?
    AB: Yes, true I have… so? What is wrong with that, life is grim also.

    Q: You are now doing a film for YashRaj with Aamir Khan for the first time. What can we expect to see in this film?
    AB: I do not have the permission to talk of that.

    Q: Isn’t it strange that you and Aamir have never worked together before?
    AB: Yes, it is strange, but then I haven’t worked with Brando either, or many other such greats!


    • Usual B-grade leading couple and then they throw in Emraan Hashmi in there. Why didn’t they get some star couple besides Emraan for such a big franchise for Vishesh films?

      Vikram Bhatt is gone to the dogs after directing his recent B-grade flick Love Games!


  57. Rustom had a super strong Monday as it took full advantage of Independence Day collecting a little under 18 crore nett and taking its four day total to 67 crore nett plus. The drop on Independence day was around 10% from the Sunday which is excellent. An Akshay Kumar film has never even taken a 10 crore nett Monday before though not many films have probably landed on a holiday. It was also the highest Monday of the year beating Sultan but it was a non holiday Monday for that film. The hold was there all over be it the slightly weaker circuits like CP Berar and Bihar or the stronger ones like Mumbai and North. This also puts it in the lead with the four day comparison of other Akshay Kumar films this year like Airlift and Housefull. The lead is pretty comfortable also as it is 6 crore ahead of Housefull 3 after four days while Airlift was not even 50 crore nett after four days.

    It will the Tuesday and second Friday business that will be they key to where the film will go. The first week will be the highest ever for an Akshay Kumar starrer even on a worst case scenario. The partial holidays in the next few days will bump up the collections a little and then there is not much competition in the second week and it has to take advantage of that. The film will cross 100 crore nett but that is no benchmark for successful star cast films today and the real question is how far above 100 crore nett can it go.

    Mohenjo Daro did fair business on Independence Day clocking up a 10 crore nett total and taking its tally to 40 crore nett. The film dropped around 15-20% from the previous day. The film has not done too bad till date from the start it took. It has covered 40 crore nett in four days from a start of 8.75 crore nett with a stronger film releasing on the same day. It is nowhere near good enough for the costs of the film but they way the film opened and the competition from Rustom it could have gone the Bombay Velvet way and totally fizzled out. The film still faces problems on Tuesday as the main areas of Mumbai and North are pretty low and could fall badly on Tuesday. Below are the daily first four day figures of Mohenjo Daro.

    The first week business of the film will depend on where it goes tomorrow. There are a couple of partial holidays over the next few days but they only provide limited help and pust collections up by 10-25% from the normal. It will be the second weeknd that will tell where Mohenjo Daro will finnally go.



  58. Both the films have taken good advantage of extensive holidays.

    Mohenjadaro did not sink like BV but somehow floating. I feel the film is not that bad.


  59. Munna-
    For you. This is hilarious !!
    This is Your Life in Silicon Valley- Sunil Rajaraman
    View story at


    • Funny read!

      “Fifteen minutes — only 3 likes — better luck next time. The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm totally fucked you — you should have shared from your browser, not your phone, and perhaps at a more optimal time.”

      Housing market is crazy to say the least..


    • Ha! This is crazy funny and rings so true, especially the part about dreaming about a condo in San Bruno!


  60. Putting an end to all the speculations, here’s a confirmed report about Fawad Khan and Katrina Kaif being paired opposite each other for Karan Johar’s next production. Debutant director Aditya Dhar who is a former assistant of Vishal Bharadwaj will helm the project.

    A report in a popular tabloid suggests that it’s going to be a love story set in North India and will unfold against the back drop of a big fat Punjabi wedding. The film will hit the floors in November.

    A close source has revealed to the tabloid, “The shoot is expected to kick off in Delhi sometime in November. Fawad is set to welcome his second child in October in Pakistan and will be by wife Sadaf’s side till the baby is born. The film will roll once he’s back in India and ready to resume shoot.”

    The story will revolve around Fawad and Katrina’s quirky Punjabi families and will be a celebration of North Indian culture and revelry.

    The source further added, “Once done with Delhi schedule, the team will move abroad. The locations are yet to be finalized and will be decided once Karan Johar returns from the US where he is currently on a concert tour.”


  61. Akshay Kumar Donates Rs 80 Lakhs To Army Jawans, Proves Yet Again Why He Deserves Respect!

    Akshay Kumar is known to be one generous actor who has never shied away from helping out others. He had earlier donated money to Maharashtra drought victims, and now we hear that he has donated Rs 80 lakhs to Army jawans. According to a report in TOI, Akshay recently helped the family of Jawans with a monetary help of Rs 80 lakhs and it only shows the amount of gratitude Akshay has for our soldiers.
    When asked about the same, Akshay talked about how they need money along with the medals.
    He said, “They are decorated with lot of medals and that is good. But I looked at their faces. The samman was required for them but they need money too. You have to be practical. I thought how about giving them money and that is when I decided to give 5 lakhs to each family.”


  62. This time,we come together for 'CRACK' – A Neeraj Pandey film. Releases Independence Day weekend 2017.Need your love— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 15, 2016



    • Akshay Kumar and director Neeraj Pandey join hands yet again for #Crack. Releases Independence Day 2017.


      • Not a strong title especially when they are targetting Independence Day. There was one more film – Crook which is Mohit Suri’s and Emraan Hashmi’s biggest disaster during their good times. The title was never liked and film didn’t even get an opening nor is remembered even now. Crook, Crack are all weak titles IMO.


      • 100% – not a good title at all.


    • Satyam – I think now Akshay Kumar + Neeraj Pandey deserves a thread when its poster is out. 😀


  63. AamirsFan Says:


  64. Aftermath of the ‘Rustom’ versus ‘Mohenjo Daro’ clash!
    By Taran Adarsh, August 16, 2016 – 07:03 IST

    When two biggies stake claim on the same date, it leads to major discussions amongst members of the film fraternity and heated discussions on social media. I’ve realized, clashes can get unpleasant and distasteful, on social media at least. All of a sudden, the timeline is filled with negativity and viciousness, as most fans/fan clubs badmouth the opponent and brandish failures/debacles of the opponent actor/film-maker. DILWALE and BAJIRAO MASTANI were the topic of discussion last Christmas. More recently, the SULTAN versus RAEES clash created a furore… Of course, the makers of RAEES decided to shift the film to a later date and the discussions ended pronto.

    RUSTOM and MOHENJO DARO had been in news ever since the release dates were announced, although a section of the industry was hopeful that one of them would shift to a later date. However, the producers/Studios of the respective films did not budge from the date they had locked for their films. The clash, therefore, was foreseeable. After all, who’d want to miss out on a 4-day weekend [Independence Day holiday on Monday]?

    Riding on back to back hits [AIRLIFT, HOUSEFULL-3], Akshay Kumar is going through an all-time high in his career. He already has two major hits in 2016, besides some interesting projects in the pipeline to further consolidate his career. On the other hand, master storyteller Ashutosh Gowariker had joined hands with Hrithik Roshan yet again, after the successful JODHAA AKBAR. Naturally, the two films had their share of USPs.

    A lot of people I know were extremely confident that RUSTOM would steal the show. It had an edge over MOHENJO DARO. The trailers had done the trick. And they were proven right when RUSTOM managed a great start at the ticket windows, taking a strong lead from Day 1 itself. MOHENJO DARO, unfortunately, remained the second choice, but what came as a shock was the fact that the film failed to get a double digit start on Day 1 and also Day 2. Moreover, the word of mouth tilted heavily in favour of RUSTOM, while the response to MOHENJO DARO ranged from decent to negative. Additionally, RUSTOM enjoys a major advantage — the controlled costing, while MOHENJO DARO carries the tag of an expensive film.

    RUSTOM scored on all four days of the extended weekend. It’s a smash hit for sure and looking at the trends, the film is expected to score on weekdays too, thus reaping a rich harvest for its investors. MOHENJO DARO did witness growth over the extended 4-day weekend, but the numbers are not in sync with the costs and efforts invested in the film. In terms of numbers, it’s a disappointment. One definitely expected more.

    So what does it mean for Akshay and Hrithik? Looking at the trends, RUSTOM is expected to cross Rs 100 cr nett in the domestic market and will be a hat trick for Akshay in 2016. All three films — AIRLIFT, HOUSEFULL-3 and RUSTOM — in Rs 100 cr Club… that’s an enviable position to be in. The disappointing response to MOHENJO DARO is a setback for Hrithik, although there’s no denying that his star power is intact. All he needs is one big hit!


  65. Rustom Has Strong Hold On Tuesday
    Tuesday 17 August 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom had a strong holiday on Tuesday with collections down around 45% from Friday. This was a Tuesday rather than a Monday which means the fair value Monday fall is around 40%. The daily business for the first five days is as follows.

    Friday – 14,00,00,000
    Saturday – 16,25,00,000
    Sunday – 19,50,00,000
    Monday – 17,75,00,000
    Tuesday – 7,75,00,000 apprx
    Total – 75,25,00,000

    The first week of the film is going to close at near 90 crore nett which is comfortably the highest first week for an Akshay Kumar starrer. There is a holiday today in Mumbai and the film is faring very well in Mumbai so it should had to collections and then there is Raksha Bandhan tomorrow which should also help. It is possible the next two days could stay above the 7 crore nett mark.

    The film is holding very strongly at multiplexes and now Mohenjo Daro is basically out of the way and with not much coming on Friday it should really have a big second week though how big will be determined by where the collections land on Friday. Rustom has the opportunity to become the highest Akshay Kumar grosser ever and the target is 131 crore nett of Rowdy Rathore.


  66. SRK Vs Akshay Now!!! Who do you think will win?

    ‘Rustom’ star Akshay Kumar’s film to clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s on Independence Day 2017 weekend?

    Box office clashes have become an everyday story and so it’s no longer surprising when two big-ticket releases decide to fight it out at the ticket-window.
    Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film “Crack” will open in theatres during the lucrative Independence Day weekend in 2017. According to a Catch News report, the makers of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s tentatively titled film “The Ring” (directed by Imtiaz Ali) are eyeing the extended weekend too. It’s a Tuesday, which means it will get the benefit of a five-day opening weekend.



    • Interesting. Akshay may become next Salman.


      • too late for him now but I’ve believed for very long that he missed that chance. After Ghajini he certainly could have jumped on the masala bandwagon but he kept avoiding it and kept doing those comedies. They certainly worked for him for a while. He had a great deal of success doing them but he could have taken it to the next level. Now having said that there is a certain quality to Salman’s persona that makes him better suited to this brand of Telugu masala that has been predominant in this period. The man-child who’s only half-serious, a kind of dimwit even, the overman pose (notice how he most often does this in a comic vein which creates a kind of ironic self-distance), the impish extravagance, the extent to which his ‘wannabe’ off-screen persona feeds into his on-screen rebellion (a masala star who isn’t just beating up everyone but quite literally blowing up Karan Johar’s Bollywood… he’s the joker in the pack or the ‘terrorist’ in this system).. I could go on. Akshay couldn’t quite have represented all of this but he might have been there first (doing masala consistently) and really stolen a march on Salman. Too late now. You can’t beat Salman at this game without doing something more serious like Ghajini consistently (or more narrative-oriented masala). And Akshay doesn’t quite have the skill set for that.


        • He is not in the same league as Salman, that’s for sure, Only Aamir is there right now. However, it’s good that his better choices are paying off.

          I think his association with Neeraj Pandey has helped him as well. With Baby and S26 there is a brand of good thrillers in there. Rustom built on it, Not directed by Neeraj Pandey but it looked like a Neeraj Pandey thriller from the trailers. Airlift also could have been done by the latter. It’s a genre Akshay is starting to be liked in. One may add Holiday in there, The thriller format is working well for him.

          People were sceptical before because of those comedies. So, S26 started low but trended very well. Baby also started low but trended well. But people have started coming out again and he has some initial value back.

          He needs to build on that, Another movie with Pandey is good news for him, People are looking forward to him in the genre now.

          He should just cut out those comedy deals.

          However, we have to give it to him for Rustom, New director, new banner, ho household name except him. He pulled it off even with the clash.


          • Cost of making Khans movies generally is more than any of Akshay’s film. Even a 80 crore is profitable while Khans movies need 200 crores to call them respectable hits.
            Small is not only beautiful but profitable too.


    • Not true article.. as of now.. Imtiaz Ali’s next is targetting post IPL.


  67. I am happy Salman’s superstardom isn’t solely dependent on the southern masala remakes and like before he has once again diversified within the masala element and attempting a mini Hirani with these small time directors like Kabir and Ali Zafar.

    Akshay is slowly finding his own slot considering the current nationalistic fervor and trying to represent the new age patriotic mascot and thereby also locking Republic day/ Independence Days in advance. Sunny Deol at one time was suited for this slot but his timing and crude approach did not gel well with the yuppy nationalism we all have come to be associated with. Rustom whoever has seen been very disappointed or frustrated with slow and below avg fare but look how the movie is running mostly on the basis of that arresting/dashing Navy uniform. Then there is also a push / financial support for Akki within the Govt and one of my close friend is currently employed in the Rajnath Singh’s Home Ministry and Akshay is a regular there. I will try to post the pic which I have on my facebook or get it here via a twitter feed.

    On Salman, I hope next year he has at least two releases. The 2nd one may be a Dabangg 3 as there is a bit of tittle-tattle on that front, also the Santoshi movie which his brother in law Atul is producing…. YRF/ ETT2 is not happening prior 2018.

    It will take something of YJHD kind of movie for a younger star to break free from the clutches of these older stars and a have a go at holiday weekends.


    • You are giving interesting tidbits.


      • I don’t think there is anything secretive or wrong there and Govt is well within its right to use cinema as a messaging board due to faster reach to the masses. It has been done in past and for instance just yesterday I was watching Walk The Talk with Amin Sayaani where he was talking about Nehru’s directives on songs etc after independence in 1950s. Basically what the govt can do at most is provide logistical support and give some insider plots/twists as they are more privy to daily drama in their fight against the enemies of the nation.

        I mean Bachchan himself in an interview someone posted here yesterday had this to say – “Which medium can assure us poetic justice in 3 hours? Which medium gives justice to the wronged through punishment within 3 hours?


  68. Mohenjo Daro Drops On Tuesday
    Wednesday 17 August 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mohenjo Daro dropped badly after the holiday period with 3 crore nett which takes its total to 43.25 crore nett apprx. Below are the daily first five day figures of Mohenjo Daro.

    Friday – 8,75,00,000
    Saturday – 9,50,00,000
    Sunday – 12,00,00,000
    Monday – 10,00,00,000
    Tuesday – 3,00,00,000
    TOTAL – 43,25,00,000

    The drop is around 65% from the first day though it a Tuesday rather than a Monday. But even if you account for the extra day its a near 60% drop which is far too much especially for a film which did not open well. The drops for Mohenjo Daro were there across the country, even a Nizam / Andhra which started very well has dropped badly. It managed to do okay business on Sunday and Monday as both were holidays but could hold after the holiday. The first week business of the film will be around 48 crore nett though there is a holiday in Mumbai today and there will a holiday for Raksha Bandhan tomorrow in some states which may help it a little. The second week will be a struggle for the film as the drop is far too big on the weekdays.


  69. For interested souls , this is a nice throwback to yesteryear. Sayani and Jasdev Singh two veterans of Indian Radio…..


  70. Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 3h3 hours ago
    The government is very supportive of sports . Each of us can also do our bit to encourage a sports nation .

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 3h3 hours ago
    I admire the work that Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) is doing to shape tmrw’s champions .

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 3h3 hours ago
    And also companies like Edelweiss, Jio and others who have come forward to support the Olympics.

    Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 3h3 hours ago
    As a gesture of appreciation for our Olympic athletes, I will present each one with a cheque of Rs1,01,000.


    • Why give a donation to non achievers…better to give it to the next batch of youth who need it

      Not one medal is quite shocking! For a country of India’s size it’s embarrassing stuff.


      • I think there is a cultural problem. We watch sports but we are not into it really. Except for a bit of cricket, Indians in general aren’t really bothered about practicing any kind of sports.

        Kids and adolescents aren’t really into it. Not enough, I mean. And when someone gets into it really and gets passionate, his parents are likely to discourage him or forbid him. That’s part of the cultural mindset that sports are a waste of time and effort. In so many countries, it is about striking the right balance between sports and academic education. For the Indian, sports is watching cricket on tv. It’s not only in India. It’s part of our culture worldwide.

        I was at a UK college and then university for years. Almost never saw an Indian on the playing field. Not even for fun during the free time.

        And they would be hiding in the toilets, smoking cigarettes when sports education was scheduled.


        • I agree, from personal experience I was a decent tennis player up to age of 11. Gave up mainly to concentrate on studies.

          Otherwise I prefer playing ‘sports’ like pool & snooker now.


  71. It is indeed shocking and a big come down from the last showing
    at London 2012 which in itself wasn’t great shakes but at least fetched 6 medals ( 2 silver + 4 bronze ). Not trying to find excuses but complete opposite time zone may be working adversely on the Indian athletes’ psyche but then it should be part and parcel of professionalism in athletes.

    Meanwhile GB has been a surprise and rewritten their Olympic history, moving ahead of China into second place in the Rio 2016 medals table after winning a record-breaking five gold medals in a single day.

    Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra had this to say via his tweet, so money is at the root cause here which Salman is trying to address in his own way –

    Abhinav Bindra ‏@Abhinav_Bindra Aug 16
    Each medal costs the UK £5.5 million. That’s the sort of investment needed. Let’s not expect much until we put systems in place at home.


    • GB is having a storming games. Their investment is shrewd. They dominate cycling, rowing so invest a lot there. Plus I believe they are on target to be the only host nation to improve their medal haul at the next games, quite extraordinary.


      • This isn’t simply about investment in sport- many developing countries that are far poorer than UK have a much higher per capita medal tally than India. If I’m not wrong, we have the lowest (or certainly one of the lowest) medal count per capita of population. I’m talking about a historic total medal count and not just the 2016 Olympics which could be explained away as a one-time poor performance.

        I think there are several factors, and a lot of it boils down to our appalling health and nutrition. We have the highest malnutrition level in the world and this results in stunting and wasting of a large section of the population. Other poor developing countries have started seriously focussing on conditional cash transfer programs and efficient social development initiatives. The result is that the gap in physical wellness between Indians and the rest of the world is widening starkly with each passing year.

        For example, a newly released study on human height from Imperial College London shows that Indians had a very slow rate of average height growth over the past century whereas East Asians and Latin Americans shot up. As a result, Indian men are now only the 163rd tallest in the world whereas one century back they used to be the 101st tallest amongst men.

        And then there is the sedentary lifestyle and dependence on domestic staff to do most physical chores amongst the Indian middle and upper class population (who are the only ones who can afford sports training facilities etc) – we have amongst the highest susceptibility to lifestyle diseases, cholesterol, diabetes.

        In the UK, most people I know run half/ full marathons or endurance swimming/ biking events or play in a casual sport league at university/ work and generally enjoy a lot more time outdoors in the countryside and parks despite the comparatively lousy weather. And these are people working in serious careers, studying PhDs and so on- not just athletes.

        I’m not denying that higher investment in athletes is needed- but even more fundamental changes are required in my opinion.


  72. Next Ego Clash: Ranbir Vs Ajay
    Last week’s box-office clash between Rustom and Mohenjo Daro affected the collections of both the films but no lessons have been learnt

    “Both of last week’s releases, the Akshay Kumar-driven Rustom and Mohenjo Daro, toplining Hrithik Roshan cut into each other’s business proving once again that it is never a good idea for two big films to release on the same day, never mind the length of the weekend. And while Rustom has done better and collected more money despite having fewer screens, its collections are nothing to write home about either. With a budget of Rs 65 to 70 crore, its lifetime collections are likely to be in the vicinity of Rs 110 to 125 crore, making it an average film or at best slightly plus. The fact that its heroines Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta have very little to do in the film and the second half is full of inconsistencies is its major drawback.

    Mohenjo Daro is another matter altogether. Made on an astounding budget of Rs 145 crore, its lifetime earnings are not expected to reach even Rs 100 crore making it a slow starter, slow ender and colossal flop. What is even more disappointing to exhibitors, more even than the miserably inept story, is the fact that Hrithik Roshan who can at least be expected to look good in his films, looks tired and worn in this saga, unforgivable for an actor on whom so much rests. Whether it is his personal life or fast-track lifestyle that is responsible is anybody’s guess. Add to it the gloom that his next film is the Sanjay Gupta-directed Kaabil with a weak co-star Yami Gupta and his cup of woe overfloweth. The unraveling of Hrithik Roshan has surely begun and unless he pulls up his socks and works with the many competent directors around, his story is about to end.

    Meanwhile, sources in the film trade confirm that UTV Disney is all set to close its Hindi film production and exhibition department after the company suffered an overall loss of nearly a thousand crores. While company officials continue to refuse to comment on it, sources
    are adamant.

    All eyes are now on the next big clash over the Diwali weekend when Ajay Devgn’s long-standing dream action film Shivaay gets set to encounter Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Tradewallas are already laying informal bets on which one will be the winner and the unofficial leader seems to be Karan Johar’s romantic film. According to those in the know, the reasons are one that there will be much more eye candy in the romance which stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan than in the actioner with Ajay and newbie Sayesha Saigal. Then there is also the question of the music of ADHM likely to outclass that of Shivaay. But the most compelling reason for the tilt towards the Ranbir starrer, according to industrywallas, is that though the Shivaay promo is an adrenaline rush, no one quite gets what the director is trying to say”


    • “The unraveling of Hrithik Roshan has surely begun…”

      Can’t believe in this phase of career he rejected YRF’s Thug which appears to be good to even Aamir Khan. Similarly.. Talaash was rejected by Saif Ali Khan, so we never know.


    • Now Disney out! Warner bros flopped with their first attempt! Fox hasn’t really made good money on anything really. Good to see these foreign production houses flopping and quitting Bollywood, I remember in an interview a couple of years back with Big B he said that Hollywood companies are poison and they’ve ruined every film industry there tried to be involved in…given the crap movies these days not sure if they succeeded or not here too. The future is probably Regional distributors and YRF/Eros? Or maybe SRK started a trend w actor’s production companies distributing their own films…it could be the new thing after all actors creating their own production houses.


  73. Box Office: Mohenjo Daro sees a decline
    By Joginder Tuteja

    Mohenjo Daro is struggling at the Box Office. Though stable collections on Saturday, Sunday and Monday gave some hopes of steady weekdays ahead, the fact that the film couldn’t cross even the 5 crore mark on Tuesday and Wednesday meant that the writing was clear for it. With around 46 crore* under its belt currently, the film will cross 50 crore in Week One and that’s about it. Ideally, these should have been the numbers in the first four days (if not the first three days) as it also had a big holiday (Independence Day) in the middle of the week.

    The film has been appreciated but only in selected pockets and this is where the collections are coming from. If one looks at the bigger picture, the film has just not got a chance to perform. It is also apparent that the clash with Rustom has impacted the fortunes of this Ashutosh Gowariker film very heavily. On a standalone release, the film would have been spoken about only for its own merits. However, currently there is a choice available and when the critical acclaim as well as audience word of mouth is so polarized in favor of the other film, the decline comes all the more rapidly, something that has happened here.

    It is unfortunate that hard work of more than two years has come down to a two week run for the film which deserved better.

    *Estimates. Final numbers awaited


    • For some strange reason.. I still want to see this on big screen. Last weekend was crazy so couldn’t watch anything but I might give it a shot this coming weekend if the interest still retains.


  74. MD has become the highest grossing film ever for the year 2016 BC

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  75. Mohenjo Daro Sixth Day Business
    Thursday 18 August 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mohenjo Daro had a further drop on Wednesday and has gone to very low levels after the holiday period. Below are the daily first six day figures of Mohenjo Daro.

    Friday – 8,75,00,000
    Saturday – 9,50,00,000
    Sunday – 12,00,00,000
    Monday – 10,00,00,000
    Tuesday – 3,00,00,000
    Wednesday 2.75,00,000
    TOTAL – 46,00,00,000

    Today is a partial holiday for Raksha Bandhan which will help in North and Gujarat and collections in these parts should go up. The benefit will be limited as the collections of the film have come down badly after the holiday period. The first week of around 48 crore nett is similar to the first two day business of Bang Bang which itself was not a big performer. The first week will be just a little higher than Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and this film did sustain fairly well but was not up to the mark for what a Hrithik Roshan / Katrina Kaif starrer should have done at the time. The film will be a lower performer than the above two and the worst Hrithik Roshan performer of his career outside Guzaarish and Na Tun Jaano Na Hum.


  76. Behold the Glory of Akshay Kumar Hula-Hooping in Video Going Viral

    The very talented Akshay Kumar stars in a fabulously epic video in which he thanks the Bollywood contingent who promoted his film Rustom in a series of videos – and he does it singing while also hula-hooping.

    Who knew?

    Akshay posted the video on his social accounts. On Twitter, he wrote “Lot of love inside this hoop.”

    A disclaimer at the start specifies that everyone Akshay mentions is a ‘superstar’ – can’t argue with that since the list includes the likes of Salman Khan.

    “Mere liye jisne jo bhi kiya, unhe thank you thank you shukriya,” trills Akshay, 48. He continues in this vein, including shout-outs to the upcoming films of some of the actors on the list – Salman’s Tubelight, Ranveer Singh’s Befikre, Sonakshi Sinha’s Akira and Badrinath Ki Dulhania, starring Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan.

    He also thanks his fans. It’s pretty damn hilarious. So hilarious that it’s well on its way to viral fame, with over a lakh views within an hour on Facebook.

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  77. Virender Sehwag @Virendrsehwag
    #SakshiMalik ke gale me medal kitna “Sobha De” raha hai na !!! #HappyRakshaBandhan

    Bilkul , isliye Shobha Na De aise kaam nahi karne chahiye


  78. Rio Olympics 2016: Interview of Sakshi Malik ‘Sultan’ of Indian Wrestling

    Published on Aug 17, 2016
    India Medals at Rio Olympics 2016: Watch an exclusive interview of Sakshi Malik ‘Sultan’ of Indian wrestling, who won bronze medal in women wrestling at Rio Olympics. Bronze medal is result of my 12 years of hard work, says wrestler Sakshi Malik.
    Finally India gets a medal in Rio Olympics. Sakshi Malik wins Bronze Medal in wrestling 58kg category to end India’s medal drought at Rio.


  79. Anushka Sharma ‏@AnushkaSharma 7h7 hours ago
    Yo se Haryana ki sherni aur India ki jaan @SakshiMalik.U’ve stamped it-‘ladkiyan ladkon se kam nahin’, inspiration4 billions #SakshiMalik 👊🏼

    Virender Sehwag ‏@virendersehwag 13h13 hours ago
    #SakshiMalik is a reminder of what cn happn if u don’t kill a girl child.When d going gets tough,its our girls who get going &save our pride

    …and here Mr. Aamir trying to plug in his stuff too !

    Aamir Khan ‏@aamir_khan 10h10 hours ago
    Congratulations Sakshi Malik! 1st Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal. Well done. You have done India proud!


  80. 2nd one in the bag –

    Outstanding & fantastic #PVSindhu in the finals. Creating history.


  81. OT- Kavita abhee abhee likhee

    Jinka dil mushkil mein pas jaaye !
    Unko kaisey yeh trailer Bhaye!!
    aur kyon yeh trailer samajh aaye !!!
    Toh bolo -Om Namah Shivay !!!!


  82. It is girls all the way. Dipa, Sakshi and Sindhu.


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