Image from Aankhen 2

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  1. tonymontana Says:

    Lol, these days they make sequels to just about anything. After a brief golden period which reached its pinnacle in 2006, the year of hindi film classics, we have reached a phase in Hindi cinema where embarrassing films are being made. This one is destined to be a disaster. The first one wasnt great guns. And with Anees Bazmee taking control, I dont see any reason why this should even be attempted.


    • yeah I’m very skeptical of a sequel here. I’m a great fan of the original and it would be a pity to make the wrong sequel here. And again you’re right, it doesn’t need a sequel.


      • Amit kumar pandey Says:

        Can Any one please list out few good spy thriller movies(not very slow or sad ).just watched bridge of spies in TV n it urged me to catch few more in those lines. .


        • A Most Wanted Man (2014) was pretty good. Liked it more than the book. I’d also recommend Breach (2007).

          If you’re more interested in Cold War stuff (always my preference) the best ones tend to be moody and atmospheric and in fact slow. For instance I love the French movie, Farewell. Another excellent film was the Israeli thriller, Bethlehem.

          The current show on TV, the Americans (4 seasons so far) is excellent. I also liked a recent British limited series called the Game (but this is slow). The even more recent TV production of the Night Manager was also pretty good.

          A good classic film to check out is Three Days of the Condor (Robert Redford).

          Also I’m sure you’ve seen Argo but if not this really has the trappings of an espionage film. To be honest there are very many films depending on what period you’re interested in. But I can’t think of a good espionage subject that isn’t somewhat sad! By the way if you want a classic that’s both spy film, period piece and a nail-biting thriller, check out Where Eagles Dare (Eastwood, Richard Burton). On that note Burton’s Spy who came in from the cold is pretty good too (though inferior to the book). But the subject offers the closest overlap with Bridge of Spies. However this is a conversation-heavy film.


        • “Spy Games” with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford is a pretty good one. Came out couple of years ago.

          There’s a more recent one called “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” starring Henry Cavill(the current Superman), which wasn’t bad at all. Check them out.


  2. Oops, I forgot a truly GREAT Cold War espionage thriller. Do not miss “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” It released 2 years ago and it stars Gary Oldman, who received Oscar nomination for Best Supporting actor. The film is a masterpiece.


  3. I think this film by Anees Bazmee will turn out to be better than its predecessor.


  4. Ajay Devgn backed out and now replaced by Anil Kapoor. Incidently this will clash with Ajay’s Golmaal 4 next Diwali


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