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  1. Few days back there were reports in the media that Arjun Kapoor’s debut co-star, Parineeti Chopra turned down the offer to work with him. Following which Arjun along with the director approached his ex-girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha but even Sona refused to work with him and stated that the role wasn’t meatier enough for her.

    Now, we hear that there are no personal grudges involved in the rejection.

    The real reason, as reported by a popular daily is, both the actresses feel that there is a huge star cast already in the film. Arjun is playing a double role and director Anees Bazmee has already cast three heroines in the film – Athiya Shetty, Ileana D’Cruz and Amy Jackson.
    To add to the long list, Anil Kapoor is also there in the film and just like his real life character, he will be playing Arjun’s uncle in the film too!

    Since, Parineeti and Sonakshi are already established actresses, they were not comfortable with such a huge star cast as the lime light was bound to shift away from them.



  2. Rock On 2 – First Look

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  3. Jackie Chan and Sonakshi Sinha may not have anything in common on the surface. But this week they will both be fighting (in more ways than one) for box-office space in Indian movie theatres.

    It’s an unexpected blow for Sonakshi Sinha’s debut as an action hero in the Japanese-sounding but very desi Akira. The ultimate action superstar Jackie Chan’s new bone-cruncher Skiptrace , directed by Renny (Diehard) Harlin in which Chan plays a detective from Hong Kong who partners with an American gambler (played by Johnny Knoxville), is all set to storm the box-office worldwide , including India.

    It’s a huge setback for Ms Sinha’s sinuous stunts because, as one of India’s topmost action stars succinctly puts it, “No one takes panga with Jackie Chan at the box-office.” There is more distressing news for Akira. Chan’s Skiptrace is being released in dubbed Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions, thereby capturing a sizeable portion of the market that would perhaps, just perhaps, have opted for Sonakshi’s stunts over Jackie Chan’s action (miracles do happen in this country).

    As things stand now, Akira is placed at a distressing disadvantage vis-a-vis Jackie Chan.

    A major film producer who doesn’t wish to be named says, “There was very low buzz for Akira in the first place. This is surprising, considering director Murugadoss’ two Hindi film so far Ghajini and Holiday were big hits. Traditionally, Bollywood films about female action stars died a quiet death after the stunt actress Fearless Nadia who ruled the box-office in the 1930s. Also, Sonakshi lacks the star power to carry a film on her shoulders. Perhaps Akira could have had more face value with Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra in the lead.”

    Another trade analyst Amod Mehra is less optimistic about Akira, “As there is no buzz nor any awareness of the film, it will go unnoticed.”

    Adds film critic Raja Sen, ” I have no idea what Akira will hold but I remain extremely wary of Mr. Murugadoss whose Ghajini re-instated Hindi cinema on the road to making sloppy South remakes. Hopefully this isn’t here to do the same thing to our actresses. Then again, that might be interesting.”


  4. Rustom Has Fourth Highest Third Week of 2016
    Friday 02 September 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom grossed 8 crore nett apprx in its third week to take its business to a little under 123 crore nett. The drop week on week is 67% which is better than last week. Rustom will become the second highest grosser of the year in terms of NETT collections by the end of the fourth weekend. The film already has the second highest distributor share and GROSS collections. The share has crossed 60 crore and this is only the second time an Akshay Kumar film has topped the 60 crore distributor share mark. The first was Rowdy Rathore. The business of Rustom till date is as follows.

    First Week – 89,35,00,000
    Second Week – 25,25,00,000
    Third Week – 8,00,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 1,22,60,00,000 apprx

    The film has slowed in week three and around 3-4 crore nett business can probably be added in the remaining run of the film which should mean a finish of 126 crore nett plus.



  5. Akira Has Poor Opening In Morning Shows
    Friday 02 September 2016 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Akira opened to a poor response with collections around the 15% range in the morning shows. The promo of the film had been launched around two months back and nothing else to back the film up since then so it becomes impossible for just a theatrical to hold the film up for two months unless its a superb theatrical and even then you need back up of good songs. Despite being an action film. Akira becomes totally dependent on word of mouth and that is not easy as the growth for an action film tends to be lower than a love story or social film.

    The opening of the film is very similar to Sarabjit released a few months back. This film has slightly better occupancy rates generally in the morning but Sarabjit was better in North which means they sort of cancel each other out. Sarabjit had Aishwarya Rai as the face of the film while here it is Sonakshi Sinha. Another comparable film is NH 10 which was actually better in the morning shows but Akira has a wider release than that film.

    There were a few other Hindi releases but they are all films that hardly stand a chance. Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gaya released which features Arbaaz Khan and Jimmy Sheirgill. There was also Dark Chocolate which is comeback of Mahima Choudhary who started with the Subhash Ghai directed Shahrukh Khan starrer Pardes. Then there is also Island City, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels and Unformung – The Transformation. The collections of the all the films are practically nothing and looking at the names of the films it is expected. The titles of the films are just ridiculous.



  6. A Flying Jatt Low Week One – Happy Bhaag Jayegi Steady
    Friday 02 September 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    A Flying Jatt had a poor first week collecting 33.50 crore nett in its first week.The weekday collections of the film had very low occupancy and it hardly added 6 crore nett over the weekend. The film is a setback to the career of Tiger Shroff whose Baaghi just 4-5 months back had taken the most effective initial of 2016 in that it was universal and excellent against the cost of the film. Here the biggest problem was initial, an action film just can’t afford to open to such low numbers as they can’t grow as well as content films or films of other genres. The performance of The Flying Jatt was poor across the board with probably CI having the best figures comparatively. Delhi and East Punjab should have done much better due to The Flying Jatt being a North film but collections were very dull there also. The film has a heavy reduction of shows in the second week so won’t add much from here on.

    Happy Bhaag Jayegi held steady in the second week on low collections grossing 6.75 crore nett apprx which takes its business to 24.25 crore nett. The drop on the week is just a little over 60%. A similar Khoobsurat (2014) had grossed 25.34 crore nett in its lifetime run starting from a 2.34 crore nett first day and Happy Bhaag Jayegi will do a little better than that film. The plus for the film is its better collections in the North which tends to hold better than the rest of the country so the film it should continue to add decent collection in North at least in week three.



  7. It does seem to be the first set-back for AR Murugadoss in Bollywood.

    Sonakshi looks one of those talent-less star kids. The reviews aren’t really kind with her. This is an author-backed role and it does seem that she has failed to make an impact.

    She should be better at doing those bit-part roles in south films remakes like Action Jackson where she only appeared when it was about time for a song.


  8. Earlier this morning, we had reported that Ajay Devgn had released an audio clip of conversation between producer Kumar Mangat and Kamaal R Khan that stated that the latter had taken a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs from Karan Johar to promote Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and bash Shivaay. Ajay had also released a statement demanding a proper investigation against the said people. After the audio call release, KRK held a press conference this evening where he addressed the controversy in a detailed way.

    KRK began his press conference by displaying a cheque issued by Kumar Mangat’s company in his name for Rs. 3 crores claiming that he has always had a close relationship with the producer. Talking about Ajay Devgn’s official statement, KRK said that Ajay was a “2 rupees person” before joining the industry and today he is a billionaire. He has no emotional connect with the industry. The only connect he has is that of money. He addressed that Ajay didn’t help the old producers of Action Jackson after the movie bombed at the box office. Talking about whether he is emotionally attached or not, KRK said that Ajay refused to shift Son of Sardaar’s clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan after Yash Chopra’s demise when he was requested by many people.

    Further accusing Ajay Devgn, KRK said that the actor is making him a scapegoat to target Karan Johar. He said that Ajay wanted to show that with Karan paying him money, the rules of the competition were unfair and wanted to prove the same in the court of law. Finally, KRK addressed Rs. 25 lakhs controversy saying that he was only trying to change the topic and stop Kumar Mangat from blaming him for supporting Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. He said that why would of all the people, Karan Johar would pay him any money to promote a film.

    KRK did say that as he runs a website, their company does take money for promotions. But, when they do take money, he doesn’t review the film.

    Quick to react after the press conference was done, Ajay Devgn once again released an official statement. He said, “We have only made you aware of what Kamaal R Khan has said. KRK is contradicting himself in explanations about what he has said in the (phone call) recording and what we all have just heard in his postured press conference. He has not denied that it was his voice in the recording and he is now making excuses and contradicting himself. Where is the sanity here? You have heard what I have heard. It is up to you all to decide. It’s his word against his own word. I have never in my life spoken to nor met this man.”

    Karan Johar has maintained a stoic silence over this major controversy as of now.



  9. Akira had a poor opening day of around 4.25 crore nett. There was slight improvement as the day progressed as the morning shows suggested a total more close to 3 crore nett. Though the collections were better in the evening, its not the sort of jump which signals huge growth over the weekend. Compared to the other films driven by female leads this year, it is better than Fitoor, Sarabjit and Happy Bhaag Jayegi but the numbers are below Neerja (4.62 cr) and Jai Gangaajal (4.48 cr) and the openings of Neerja and Jai Gangaajal were not good either though the former eventually did well in metros and a further boost through tax exemptions. The film may have action but single screens are poor as the film was lacking from entertainment and music from the theatrical trailer.

    Basically its an action drama which is depending solely on multiplex business and thats a big ask after this sort of initial as the genre very rarely shows the sort of growth needed by Akira. Also the film has not performed too well in markets which tend to show the most growth on Saturday.

    There were a few other Hindi releases Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gaya, Dark Chocolate, Island City, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels and Unformung – The Transformation had hardly any collections and all were under the 10 lakhs nett mark even though some of these films managed to get 2-3 screenings at many multiplexes.



  10. “It’s a great honour and privilege to be working with Aamir and to be working with Yashraj again and also to work with Victor, I just look forward to that moment,” said Mr Amitabh Bachchan in a Bollywood Hungama exclusive video interview with Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar today. This is for the first time that anyone from the film has officially confirmed to the media and it happens to be a Bollywood Hungama exclusive.

    “I don’t know if I can talk much about the film at this moment. I haven’t been given permission. All I can say is that it is a very exciting subject,” Mr Bachchan said. Reacting to the much publicised title of the film ‘Thug’ he said that the title hasn’t been confirmed yet and in due course of time Yashraj will make an announcement regarding the same. Mr Bachchan stated that his film with Aamir will start early next year.



  11. Sonakshi Sinha’s Akira has seen a decent opening at the box office. The film was relying on the target audience base which has its eye on action. However, a fair deal of family crowds stepped into the film as well by the time the evening and night shows commenced. As a result, the film’s opening day collections are Rs. 5.15 crore which are fair considering the fact that this also has an actress as a central protagonist.

    When compared to some of the other female centric action films, Akira finds itself pretty well placed:

    Akira – Rs. 5.15 crore
    Mardaani – Rs. 3.46 crore
    NH10 – Rs. 3.35 crore

    The film has seen mixed reviews coming its way, though the first day collections have managed to dilute the impact to some extent at the least. The good news though for the Fox and A.R. Murugadoss production is that it is an open week ahead and hence Akira can consolidate if grabbed well by the audience over the weekend. A good hold would help it step into the weekdays on a positive note.

    The start has been fine for Akira and footfalls from this point on would have a bearing on the eventual run that Akira has.



    • BH conveniently do not compare it with this year’s heroine-centric releases like Neerja (which opened better and did alright and should be the real yardstick) or Jai Gangajal (which was a poor performer as well and opened within the same margin as Akira). They are merely trying to put a positive spin to the story, I guess.


  12. Yogeshwar Dutt’s London Olympics Medal May Turn to Gold: Reports
    According to a report, Asgarov of Azerbaijan, who won the gold medal in the men’s 60kg freestyle category at the 2012 London Games, has tested positive for consuming performance enhancing drugs



  13. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who can be seen showcasing his acting skills in “Akira”, says he was “reluctant” to star in the A.R. Murugadoss directorial at first.

    “Akira”, starring Sonakshi Sinha in the title role, released on Friday.

    “I am so proud of my work in ‘Akira’. Even though I was reluctant to begin with. Thank you A.R. Murugadoss and Sonakshi Sinha,” Kashyap tweeted.

    Kashyap has previously acted in films like “Black Friday”, “No Smoking”, “Dev.D”, “Gulaal” and “Shagird”.

    Apart from Sonakshi and Kashyap, “Akira” also features Konkona Sen Sharma, Amit Sadh and Atul Kulkarni.

    Actor Akshay Kumar is seen in a cameo in the film.



  14. I just could not resist this gem of a joke masquerading as headlines.

    Triple talaq prevents men from killing wives: Muslim Law Board to Supreme Court


    Poor men! They have to be saved from killing their wives!


    • As a joke it might have made some sense as black humor. but as news ‘pathetic’ or ‘repulsive’ doesn’t begin to describe this sort of thing..


  15. video/1


    • fantastic news..

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      • Automatically this is the biggest film around with just these two signed on.


        • absolutely..

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        • Ha ! Really?


        • For me nothing is bigger than Baahubali2 and Tubelight at the moment.


          • You forgot Robot 2.0

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          • I would say Tubelight is the bigger movie, Thug has Aamir and YRF but Victor did a very bad job with Dhoom 3 so not really expecting too much from his next. I hope Bachchan Sr gets better treatment than Jr got in D3


          • I agree on Victor & D3. the portions I liked were the drama ones rather than action. One can hope this will be better besides the two have done a mahurat in past for a film and it never came so one can only follow this film as it happens!


          • Something someone burning badly!

            Dhoom 3 was much better than all the Salman Khan films and all the Akshay Khan films put together. If it was a bad film, it would have tanked like Mohenjadaro. Dont tell me it is a franchise. No franchise is bigger than Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan himself is a franchise. Quality plus mass appeal. His mass appeal may not work sometimes as in Talaash but quality did not fail there.

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          • Sanjana- Dhoom3 was average for me. The last movie of Salman Sultan was significantly better and a superior product than Dhoom 3 incl Salman’s performance. This is my opinion and above is yours. I think we are fine with it.
            But Jayshah will now break and deconstruct Sultan to prove I am wrong. 😄


          • I cannot break or deconstruct Sultan as I have not seen it & do not intend to – stop referring to me unnecessarily…especially when I am no where near the comment. Its provocative in the wrong kind of way.


          • Well this thread is based on your blanket statement about Automatically blah blah. Hence your reference.
            And hey am I not right? You have been doing these kind of things. Accept it man.
            And on not watching Sultan… When did watching a movie become important? You hardly watch movies anyway but given blanket opinion on everything.


          • Yes it is but how does a comment addressing Sanjana end up with a comment about me & Sultan.

            You do it all the time.

            What will you do if I bend over?


          • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

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          • LOL
            Original Argument doesn’t hold good now. Tube light with Salman + Kabir Khan still remains the biggest release as of now.


    • even though it’s not the ideal situation for them to be featured together…im still hyped.


    • Faridoon again shows that how ‘smart’ journalist he is and he does this with the innocence of a curious child and leak out big movie secrets. Not to mention that Faridoon is streets ahead respectable and actually respecting his interviewing persons. Kudos!!

      This is great news and big lose to Hrithik. But he has valid reasons as he didn’t wanted to do another period movie right after Mohenjo Daro. Aamir and Amitabh can do wonders.. 400 crores on the cards!!


      • The last line of the link – “… and the makers are eyeing Christmas 2018 for its release” is striking as srk seemed to have booked that date….or may be he did it anticipating aamir/yrf next act. Faridoon link they talk about Christmas 2017 and shoot to begin early next year. Nevertheless with Bhansali’s Padmavati , Hirani’s Dutt biopic and Salman aiming for two release next year we are heading towards “clashing times” Diwali next year is already booked by Golmaal team and Robot 2 !

        Jackie Shroff To Join Amitabh Bachchan And Aamir Khan In YRF’s Next?

        Director Vijay Krishna Acharya’s upcoming film, Thug for Yash Raj already boasts a stellar cast of Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. And now, we have some more exciting news about the project. SpotboyE.com has it that Jackie Shroff is likely to join the two actors in the film.

        Says a source, “After Big B, Acharya now wants to rope in Jackie for a pivotal role in the movie. Both Big B and Jackie’s roles are connected to the lead actress, who is yet to be finalised.”

        Thug was initially offered to Hrithik Roshan who asked for a few changes in the script. Eager to get him on board, Vijay re-worked it, but things didn’t work out and Hrithik moved on to Kaabil. Later, when Vijay approached Aamir with the script’s revised version, he apparently instantly said yes. During that period Deepika Padukone had been finalised as the lead actress, however with the dates and schedules now having changed we wonder if she will come on board.

        Reportedly, Thug is based on the 1839 English novel, Confessions of a Thug by Philip Meadows Taylor. The novel is a tale of crime and retribution, set in 1832 India. The plot reveals the practices of thugs, who killed travellers for money and valuables. The film is expected to go on the floors next year and the makers are eyeing Christmas 2018 for its release.



      • It pretty much confirms the now usual 2 years gaps between Aamir Khan movies. It’s a pity because I would like to see more of him on screen.

        It means that by the time Thug comes out, Salman may have had 3 releases while Akshay Kumar may have had 8 of those 120-130cr grossers! Even SRK will have had 3 or 4 releases. Only Hrithik has as little volume. Expect Bachan Sr to work in Thug as well as 3/4 simultaneous projects at his age. (I know Bachan’s role may not be as lengthy as Aamir’s, but still I expect him to give his best shot in all of these simultaneously).

        I know Aamir fans here are willing to wait but I do feel that 1 movie a year could have provided the right balance in terms of quality vs volume.

        Even the likes of Di Caprio or McConaughey usually have a good performance lined up every year during the recent times.

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        • I don’t disagree.. he should have at least one release every year.


        • There is Secret Superstar releasing next year (2017) where Aamir Khan is doing a cameo of sorts. Its one of his productions and I think there is one more in pipeline.


          • I think cameo could be as long as his role in TZP was! But at his age, Aamir could at the very least do one film a year with balancing out ambitious ones to smaller ones like Sarfarosh and 1947 Earth he did back then in 99. But Aamir being the person he has been especially for last 17 years does’nt seem to suggest any shift from his way of working which is to get involved in almost every department of the movie and keeps himself tied until the movie gets released!


  16. Rustom Becomes Second Highest NETT Grosser Of 2016
    Monday 05 September 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Airlift has now become the second highest grossing film of 2016 in terms of nett collections as well as GROSS and SHARE. The film crossed the NETT business of Airlift over the weekend as it takes its business to around 124 crore nett while AIrlift grossed 123.46 crore nett in its lifetime run with the tax exemption in UP. The film will finish its lifetime business at around 125 crore nett making it the second highest grossing film of Akshay Kumar after Rowdy Rathore. The business of Rustom till date is as follows.

    Week One – 89,32,00,000
    Week Two – 25,51,00,000
    Week Three – 7,75,00,000 apprx
    Week Four – 1,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,23,83,00,000

    Looking at the adjusted figures, the film will also find a spot among the top ten Akshay Kumar films in terms of adjusted figures, here Mohra (1994) leads the charts with a 198 crore nett adjusted total.



  17. Happy Bhaag Jayegi AVERAGE – Flying Jatt Second Weekend
    Monday 05 September 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Bhaag Jayegi is an AVERAGE fare as it held steady in its third weekend with a drop of under 50% which is better than its second week trend. The film is not a major success or anything but in an industry which has seen 157 releases till date in 2016 and just nine films do average or better business, its not a bad result. Basically prior to Happy Bhaag Jayegi if a chart is made of the top ten films of 2016 then number ten spot would be filled by a flop film and now Happy Bhaag Jayegi has that spot and is at least not a flop. We have to go back to 2002 to see such a low success count in the first eight months of the year. The business of Happy Bhaag Jayegi till date is as follows.

    Week One – 17,48,00,000
    Week Two – 6,71,00,000
    Third Weekend – 2,25,00,000 apprx (3 Days)
    TOTAL – 26,44,00,000

    A Flying Jatt fell badly in its second weekend as it dropped 90-95% and grossed around 1.25 crore nett. The film will finish with lifetime business of under 35 crore nett.



  18. Akira First Weekend Business
    Monday 05 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Akira had a better Sunday as its a holiday today in Maharashtra so the film got the benefit in the evening collections in cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune. The film grossed around 6.50 crore nett on Sunday taking its weekend total to a little over 16 crore nett. Its unlikely to alter the fate of the film as the growth on which came on Sunday had to come on Saturday. Its a bit like last weeks A Flying Jatt which managed good growth on both Saturday and Sunday but it was not really going anywhere as key centres not performimg. The Sunday trend is decent but looking at the figures in key centres it has just not performed at multiplexes and without them this type of film can’t really do much. The single screens have also not done much but a wide release has added to collections a little. Below is first weekend business of Akira.

    Friday – 4,75,00,000
    Saturday – 5,00,00,000
    Sunday – 6,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 16,00,00,000

    There is a holiday in Maharashtra for Ganesh Chaturthi which may help a little on Monday but eventually the film has not really found appreciation with its target audeince and that will tell in the collections.



  19. Pay Disparity In Industry – Top Ten Actress Initials
    Saturday 04 September 2016 21.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The opening of Akira has again proved how female centric films struggle for a start at the box office. Only two films Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) and Heroine (Kareena Kapoor) have crossed the 5 crore nett mark. The initial of these films was also not good when released but they look much better now compared to what has happened after. Heroine was 2012 and Mary Kom 2014 but with higher ticket rates the numbers of these films are not being reached.

    There is always news of disparity in pay between actors and actresses in the film industry but actually its not as bad as what happens in other industries. In other places, even results may not change the disparity but in the industry results will change all. If in the list below there were films which were taking in 12 or 15 crore nett on day one, there would not be this talk of disparity. The main reason given for the disparity is the chauvinistic ways of the industry and in some ways there is chauvinistic behavior in the industry but the pay disparity is basically because of the results below. If the numbers below change, the pay disparity will also change.

    Some of these films eventually put up decent lifetime numbers but that will not change the disparity in pay, it will be the opening day numbers. There is no film going close to 10 crore nett (taking real Mary Kom value) and 10 crore today is not really a good start unless its under 1500 screens. If the opening day numbers start coming in double digits then the pay cheques can also be double digits but until then its going to be a 5-6 crore cheque on a good case for actresses in the Hindi film industry.

    Below are the top opening days for films with actresses as the main face value of the film. The list does not include films where the USP is sex or horror as its the genre at work there. Also does not include ensemble cast films like The Dirty Picture or Tanu Weds Manu Returns which have other known faces.

    1. Mary Kom – 8,32,00,000 (1900 screens)
    2. Heroine – 6,82,00,000 (2000 screens)
    3. Akira – 4,75,00,000 apprx (2000 screens)
    4. Neerja – 4,62,00,000 (1000 screens)
    5. Jai Gangaajal – 4,48,00,000 (2500 screens)
    6. Jazbaa – 3,94,00,000 (1650 screens)
    7. Mardaani – 3,44,00,000 (1250 screens)
    8. NH 10 – 3,26,00,000 (1000 screens)
    9. No One Killed Jessca – 3,22,00,000 (950 screens)
    10. Highway – 3,21,00,000 (750 screens)

    Note – Mary Kom was tax free in Maharashtra on release and and adjusting the figure would give 7.43 crore as a value for the nett number. It still remains on top but with a lower gap between Heroine.

    The biggest female stars of the day Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone do not have any films in the above list but if you look at the numbers of their films which were not exactly driven totally by the them as had other faces but are pretty close then they don’t make good reading also. Fitoor released earlier this year had a opening day of 3.27 crore nett and Finding Fanny had 4.56 crore nett in 2014. Even putting in Piku for arguments sake makes no difference as it opened to 5.27 crore nett.



  20. A must watch video to be able to understand the ”Vision” behind Satyamev Jayate, its germination, the hurdles it faced and most critical and vital part the people behind the show who made it the show it finally became! Truly an inspiring and motivational journey, which has just begun:-


  21. Shivaay seems to have the edge as far as bargaining powers are concerned. Multiplex sources share: “Ajay Devgn has tied up with Eros International, so that gives him extra muscle to get as many screens as he wants. For Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions is going solo. No corporate partners this time.”



  22. Sonakshi Sinha starrer action drama, Akira seems to be holding well so far. The film after having a decent weekend, continued with its stride over the week day too.

    On its fourth day, the film collected 3.40 crores. It now stands with a total collection of 20.05 crores at the domestic box office.



  23. Rustom Is Number One Akshay Kumar Film Worldwide

    Rustom is the highest Akshay Kumar grosser worldwide despite its numbers being less than Rowdy Rathore in India. The film has done much better than Rowdy Rathore in overseas. The overseas business is lower than Airlift but the India GROSS is ahead by a margin. There are two films above the 200 crore mark but nothing is getting close to the 300 crore mark which should not really be hard for a star of Akshay Kumar’s stature. Its possibly the volume of releases every year which keeps the films well below the 300 crore mark worldwide though if the content really works it should no be an issue as not reaching 500 or 600 crore is understandable but 300 is not a huge benchmark today.

    1. Rustom (2016) – 220.75 crore apprx (24 days)
    2. Airlift (2016) – 209.97 crore
    3. Rowdy Rathore (2012) – 198.47 crore
    4. Housefull 3 (2016) – 197.84 crore
    5. Housefull 2 (2012) – 185.02 crore
    6. Holiday (2014) – 176.42 crore
    7. Gabbar Is Back (2015) – 135.81 crore
    8. Singh Is Bling (2015)- 125.38 crore
    9. Baby (2015) – 124.84 crore
    10. Singh Is Kinng (2008) – 123.96 crore



    • WOW factor – Rustom has supposedly made 200%+ profit for producers.

      Getting close to 300 Cr gross or 180-200Cr nett is now expected from Akshay Kumar. But i doubt that Akshay should do it. In the past he tried doing it and worked with directors like Rohan Sippy (CC2C), Karan Malhotra (Brothers), Victor Acharya (Tashan), Shabbir Khan (Kambakkth Ishq), Once Upon a time in Mumbai Again…. but all were badly made movies on a high budget and reach only coverage status and did not make profit the way recent movies of Akshay are making.

      Next year too all his movies barring 2.0 where he plays a protagonist role to Rajnikant catering to North Indian audience, all his other movies are tight on budget on high on becoming a hit.
      Jolly LLB2
      Toilet: Ek Prem Katha
      At best, All are expected to become a bigger grosser than previous Akshay film. So he is competing with himself and rightly so. Till a superstar matches his volume, he will be considered as exclusive one man industry in Bollywood by media and his peers.


      • All the movies you have mentioned in coverage status were resounding flops.Atleast be honest to yourself.


        • All these films are below average/flops/disasters – J-e-M, CC2C, 8×10 Tasveer, Kambhakt Ishq, Blue, Tashan, Action Replay, Patiala House, Thank You, Desi Boyz, Joker, OUATIMD, Boss & Brothers. And he hardly has any megahits to his name in his entire career. Out of career of nearly over 100 films I guarantee most are below average/flops/disasters. It’s like saying Jeetendra/Dharmendra/Mithun are Big B’s equal just because of volume they churned out. Absolutely no distinction is made on the popularity/recall value/total collections/significance of the film in question. Every film is a hit – the next one is his biggest & the next one is his greatest performance. It’s Taran Adarsh type commentary. It’s plain amateur stuff with no knowledge of general perception. It’s like comparing a nurse to a doctor. They work similar hours but one is a highly skilled job requiring acute precision, the other is a more human/emotional job, a job that many can do & even replacements readily available via agencies. Or like comparing a goalkeeper with a striker. The former makes more saves in a match, the latter scores the goals that win a match. The striker is a premium commodity & usually walks away with all the accolades, the goalkeeper is purely relegated & generally more disposable.

          Soon we’ll be claiming Dil To Pagal Hai was his superhit & the superhit music was due to him as he walked into Uttam Singh in the toilet & shook his hand or his saliva is the reason for the origination of mankind blah blah blah.

          “Atleast be honest to yourself” is the best way to put it.

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          • This cannot be a comment of a human being in happiness. Why do you sound so sick and retarded man?


          • Its a comment of someone who does not believe in lying to prove something that is not. Its got nothing to do with happiness – if happiness is lying or deceitfulness you must the happiest man in the world!

            Its like you are trying to convince everyone that the world is flat or the atom does not exist or man did not go to the moon & it was an asteroid.

            If you are convinced, let it be it does not need to be shoved down our throats all the time.

            So Akshay works twice as hard as everyone & pays more tax than everyone – who really cares about this until he stars in an absolute worldy of a film?

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          • In your commentary, which smacks of the same degree of jealousy and self righteousness that your AAKA – Aamir Khan too displays when he talks about anything… There are plenty of flaws.

            Akshay Kumar has given plenty of flops that not a secret sauce.
            What he has done phenomenally well is rewinning his fan/support base every time he has failed.
            Shallow people like you Jayshah had written his obituaries and much to your khujlee, he keeps getting the praise by trade analysts, media and peers that irks you to the hilt.
            I will keep exposing you with your agenda and am still not done with your claim that you have better pulse of the audience than me.


        • Raj- at few places Tashan or CC2C is not mentioned as flops. But nonetheless I have no qualms in calling it anything but better than a flop.
          Honesty etc are big words. Talk less leniently here.


        • You are being judgmental in calling Aamir Khan a self righteous. You in all probability will have an iota of knowledge what film stars like Aamir, Akshay, Salman etc. are in their personal life.Nobody has, we have too little knowledge to comment on their behaviour, their thoughts etc.The most we can do to gauge them is by analyzing their professional work.Its amusing to see people how people support their stars and their actions .

          As far as Akshay Kumar is concerned , he definitely is a big star no doubt about that, but I still feel his best period was 2007-08, which culminated with Singh is King. The last few successes will definitely help him to regain his lost glory, but comparing him with other big stars (Aamir, Salman or Shahrukh ) is too far fetched. The man doesnt have that crediblity or charisma to stretch the footfalls beyond a limit. The best way to judge an actor is by comparing underperformers of the actors. Aamir Khan delivered a 93 crore average Talaash four years back. A Shahrukh Khan delivered 140 odd with Dilwale which is more then whatever Akshay has done.An Akshay Kumar underperformer does around 50 crores. And I dont believe that the only reason for his underperformers is his high volume.Its just that the man doesnt excite the audiences beyond a limit.


          • The data backs your claim that 07-08 was best period. Note he was doing 3-4 films a year back then too & SIK broke opening records. Since then others have still the ability to do records with similar release strategy, but Akshay can’t.


          • Any sane person knows Akshay’s best period was precisely the one you’re referring to. I wrote pieces at the time talking about him as a top star and so on. He then started sliding quite a bit due to his own mistakes. In the last 2-3 years he’s done very well to establish himself as a solid star. But he’s not remotely close to the top bracket. The numbers across genres prove this. And he doesn’t look to have that career re-defining moment anytime soon. He did have that chance at reinvention. I still think he could have been where Salman is today but he missed the Ghajini ‘clue’ if you will. Even after Rowdy Rathore he’s hardly done anything in that genre. I’ve always said this and I’ll repeat it, I’m glad to see him succeed irrespective of what I might think about his choices. But the whole Akshay debate on the part of certain fans and then BOI is really silly and not to be taken seriously. ‘Gee why isn’t he doing 300 worldwide?’ is the BOI question. Duh… wonder why! This isn’t a knock on Akshay, just plain reality. if one wants to keep being delusional about it, keep living in a fantasy universe one is welcome to it. But there’s probably a reason why he’s never in the discussion for any seriously high profile project (i.e. of the blockbuster sort). He has his old comedy franchises and those offer diminishing returns even when the films are sometimes better than previous installments.

            Aamir and Salman are just in a different league at the moment. The numbers prove this whichever way you slice and dice it (even if all the non-Aamir folks pretend to be delusional about this too.. hey wait.. by denying Ghajini you get 3I.. by denying 3I you get PK.. or D3.. now it’s Thug.. man these denials are really hurting Aamir..). SRK is still next though increasingly in a kind of no-man’s land. Can get the big numbers on a good day but there’s almost never a follow-up (just CE disproves this in the last 9 years.. after OSO in 2007), there are simply too many high profile failures and or underperformers for him to be belong with Aamir/Salman unless of course one once again lives in some sort of fantasy-land and/or one is playing the usual ‘Khans’ game! I will say it’s still not completely late for SRK to really reinvent himself but nothing that he’s shown in terms of judgment convinces me that’s going to happen. And it’s not as if he’s hitting it out of the park with critical successes or something. Still he’s probably in some gray area after those two and ahead of Hrithik who as a much younger star has many more wasted opportunities. Don’t see Ranbir really challenging the top 2 anytime soon. He’s had too much box office damage of late, even the Johar film probably has a low ceiling. He’ll get a success here but I’m not sure when he gets the next YJHD moment which is really what he needs. Again the top two are touching or clearing 300. No one else has even cleared 250. Hrithik or Ranbir haven’t even clear 200 (unless one believes Roshan Sr on Krrish). Leaving aside Krrish Hrithik isn’t even clearing 150. Meanwhile Akshay cannot cross 130. So the numbers are really there for all to see. Ranbir obviously has time on his side though I’ve never really seen him as ‘top star’ material. I don’t see any serious movement for Akshay or Hrithik. SRK still has some plays left but again that’s my sense of his remaining box office pull, not his judgment and it remains to be seen whether anything changes (the fans have been playing this ‘wait for the next one’ game for years).

            But really there’s Aamir and Salman at this point and then everyone else. There’s of course always the chance for some star to reinvent himself dramatically or for a new star to arrive with a bang (hrithik-like). Those things are never completely foreseeable. Even Salim Khan never thought Salman would reinvent himself like this let alone anyone else! But leaving aside those possibilities, by definition unpredictable, the two are the top are really sitting pretty. Aamir keeps doing the right projects one way or the other and Salman as a genre star is no weaker (actually I didn’t expect him to last this long in the post Dabanng phase at this red hot level). Beyond this one can play childish games all day long and wait for Thug’s Christmas release!

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          • Well, Dilwale still is SRK’s 3rd biggest grosser, so it’s not that he has been uprooting trees himself. And let’s not forget that Dilwale had Varun Dhawan, Kajol and the Rohit Shetty brand and all of these probably contributed to the 140.

            Fan barely made 80cr this year, practically in the same range as Akshay Kumar’s flops of last year like Brothers and Singh is Bling.

            Sure, I agree with Satyam that SRK is still ahead of Akshay Kumar right now.

            But it is fact that SRK has not been performing wonders since a while. Raees could be a good test here. Not a multi-starrrer, no big names except for SRK, no big-name director and releasing against competition.

            We’ll see if it does 130cr or more. I think it will probably indicate the gap between SRK and Aamir/Salman and how much ahead he is of Akshay Kumar.


          • Raj – oh cummon…not don’t defend anything for the sake of it. Apart from movies, interviews and work on TV etc are now good enough source to form an opinion. Aamir has that Self Righteousness attitude and he has paid a price for that. On the contrary, Salman and Akshay come across as speaking from heart, though Akshay don’t speak on anything controversial which makes him friendliest person in the industry.


          • Quite sensible comment here by Rahul and agree with him in all account.

            Satyam/Jayshah – In my ranking below –

            No 1 Salman
            No 2 SRK
            No 3 Aarmir (though can give him No 2)

            The recent performances of SRK has really made me think of him as No 3 so i can consider him at No 3. However Aamir doesn’t have core fan base like SRK, which still gives SRK a chance to claim his No 2 position and then cement it. Yes, Raees will be a test.

            In don’t know why Aamir fans (Jayshah, Aamirsfan, ls840) try to explain why Akshay is not in same league as the top 3. Who is saying that, not me? But i know why they do so.
            To prove me wrong, bring a baselles comment -> attach that to me -> and then prove my other comment as wrong. Good try, but not sensible.


          • Naveen do you even read what you are writing and for what purpose?? You seem to keep writing your own ‘invented theories’ oblivious of what others are ‘stating’ or commenting about!! For Akshay’s sake stop living in ‘la-la land’ and ‘try’ to be as real as possible as your ‘comments’ insinuate some deep-seated syndrome!


      • Thik hai Flop tha. No big deal.


  24. This is an extraordinary run for Akki and he is leaving competition far behind & with regular releases he keeps the fan base happy unlike other top stars who starve their followers.

    btw that speech link at an award function is pretty classy and Akki simply made a mockery of award system by leaving the trophy at the podium and walking away.

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    • Disclaimer – not written by me but I agree except for the title King as only Salman is King of Bollywood at this stage.


  25. I go along with this article in Indian Express esp bullet points 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8 are not only exemplary but unique to him –

    1.Who is a king: A man who doesn’t need festivals to deliver a Rs 100-crore hit.

    2. Who is a king: A man who receives unequivocal support in case of a clash with a competitor.

    3.Who is a king: A man who works regularly with new talent and delivers hits.

    4. Who is a king: A man who is truly versatile.

    5.Who is a King: A man who can effectively do maximum work in a calendar year and deliver hits consistently.

    6.Who is a king: A man who can risk playing the villain opposite God Rajinikanth.

    7.Who is a king: A man who is non-controversial.

    8. Who is a king: A man who realises his mistake and apologises.

    9.Who is a king: A man whose discipline is inspirational.

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  26. Good PR job.


  27. Ae dil hai mushkil full song video:-

    [added to post]


    • Fuad is gonna take Ranbir to the cleaners in this one.


      • to be honest can’t quite understand this Fauad Khan cult.. he’s just another model-like guy. But there is a certain (which is to say specific) eroticization-exoticization of the ‘Pakistani’ in many upwardly mobile Indian quarters (to be clear I don’t have a problem with it other than in the context I’m using). if you had an Indian actor looking exactly like him the cult wouldn’t be half as much. I’ve heard people talk about him in terms you wouldn’t believe!


      • I’ll also say this, not referring to your comment as such but there’s suddenly developed a great deal of negativity towards Ranbir in the same Indian quarters. And given that he was supposed to be the next superstar and what not just two big failures have unraveled him. He still gets very generous reviews for his performances and so forth but it doesn’t seem to matter. Social media these days really speeds up these reactions and of course exaggerates them. Once your movie becomes part of a twitter laugh campaign as for instance BV was it really doesn’t matter what is or is not true objectively. And this transcends even box office realities to a degree. No public figure is immune for this but Ranbir offers a particular test case. Unlike Abhishek he didn’t have any negativity directed at him constantly. Unlike Abhishek he hasn’t really done films to disturb his multiplex audiences (though of course they hated him for Besharam this wasn’t true for BV since no one showed up for this in the first place) or doesn’t really display an attitude or what have you that puts him on the other side of these audiences. But still the extreme reactions have been very swift. And so even when he has an Imtiaz Ali film as he did recently that wasn’t necessarily attacked it didn’t matter. I’ve heard from enough people that ‘he’s over’. Now this is crazy by any stretch but the point is that no one would say this for any star in his position just some years ago let alone anything older than that.

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  28. If Aamir and Salman can deliver in a single release what Akshay does in 3 or 4 movies, why they should bother about volume?? Each to his own as they are doing what they are comfortable with and passionate about and are good at as one is able to shoot 3 to 4 movies in a year and others are content with just 1 release a year or a single release in 2 years!! But in each case, there are certain pros and cons associated with both these strategies. So be pragmatic and mature by not mudslinging on rival star of your favourite as it rather belittles your own favourite’s stature than exalted!

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  29. I agree with Satyam about Fawad Khan. It is like other woman more attractive than one’s wife. He can never carry a film on his shoulders and make it a blockbuster like some of our stars are capable of doing.

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  30. Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit Nene was rushed to the hospital in the United States after her shoulder pain became unbearable.

    As per reports, from the past few days, Madhuri was suffering from shoulder pain. Her husband, Sriram Madhav Nene who is a doctor by profession was treating her and she was on medication. But, when the pain got severe and unbearable he advised her to get a second opinion from the US doctors.

    Following which, the actress flew to the States where she will be kept under observation and after which the doctors will decide her treatment.



  31. A movie publicity stunt by Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra turned into a security scare at the Delhi’s international airport on Monday night.

    The duo used air tickets to enter T3, the main terminal, and perform at the duty free area. They were issued boarding passes but did not board the plane — Air India’s AI317 flight to Mumbai — and left the airport, officials said.

    A Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) official said the stars could have taken a visitor’s entry pass if they didn’t intend to fly. “They misguided the airline and the security agency by posing as fliers,” he said.



  32. These publicity stunts are getting more and more ridiculous. Forge their way into a terminal duty free area to perform for publicity of a movie.. come on, can it get more ridiculous than that? The likes of Rajesh Khanna or Shammi Kapoor must be happy souls in their grave for not having to go though such gimmicks.

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  33. Finally Aamir decides to tweet to tweet about it http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CruzLEWWAAAwjSl.jpg


  34. The popular Zee TV show, ‘Amma – Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma’ has been in the news since its inception. Be it roping in a film face like Urvashi Sharma (now Raina Joshi) playing the protagonist Amma, or be it some of the finest actors playing character roles in the show.

    However, the show, which received critical acclaim, hit the news section recently, when Raina Joshi decided to QUIT the show, as apparently, she didn’t look old enough to continue playing the role post the leap.

    Since then, several names have been popped up about who will be the NEW ‘Amma’.

    And the wait is finally over..

    According to a leading news daily, legendary actress, Shabana Azmi has been roped in to play the titular role of ‘Amma.’

    The veteran actress has been brought on board to play the titular role post leap, making it a spectacle to say the least.

    Shabana is not exactly going to be seen for the first time on TV. She appeared in a cameo role in both the seasons of ’24 tele series’. But this show, would certainly be Shabana’s full-fledged fiction debut on TV.

    Incidentally, the powerhouse performer that Shabana is, she played a similar role in the cult film, ‘Godmother’ back in 1999.

    Pointing out the apparently similarity of the two roles, Shabana mentioned the fact that both characters become mafia dons post the death of their husbands and that this is the only common link. She went on to say that the character in Godmother was more of a political propaganda while Amma is on the lines of a Robinhood-like character.



  35. Salman Khan had confirmed that he has signed Riteish Deshmukh’s Marathi film, which is a biopic of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Now, the director of the movie – Ravi Jadhav revealed that Salman will be playing an important and interesting role in the biopic.

    While giving out an interview for his upcoming movie Banjo, Jadhav said that the Biopic is currently in its scripting stage and the team is working on a very special character for Salman.

    In fact, he even clarified that Salman’s character will not be a cameo. It will be a substantial role.

    Riteish Deshmukh will be playing the titular role in the movie and it will go on floors by December, this year.



  36. Rustom Overseas Territory Breakdown – Crosses $6 Million
    Wednesday 07 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom has crossed the $6 million mark in Overseas becoming the fourth Akshay Kumar film to cross $6 million. Three of the four films have done it this year with Housefull 3 performing the best out of them. Airlift, Housefull 3 and now Rustom have all scored very well in Gulf with all them crossing $2 million and they are the only three Akshay Kumar films to cross $2 million. In terms of this year, Rustom is the sixth highest grosser Overseas after Sultan, Fan, Kapoor & Sons, Housefull 3 and Airlift. Below is a territory breakdown of the Overseas business of Rustom. All figures are in US$.

    United Kingdom – $387,792
    US / Canada – $1,891,648
    Gulf – $2,023,340
    Australia – $295,514
    Pakistan – $502,181
    Nepal – $149,129
    New Zealand / Fiji – $192,684
    Singapore – $148,677
    Malaysia – $59,668
    Rest Of The World – $400,000 apprx

    TOTAL – $6,050,633

    Rustom is coming to the end of its run but may add another $200k-300k for a finish at around $6.25 million. Airlift was $6.5 million.



  37. Baaghi Top On TV In 2016 – Beats Fan Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale
    Wednesday 07 September 2016 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baaghi has emerged the biggest success on television of the films released this year so far which have had a television premiere. There are a couple of big films like Sultan and Housefull 3 which have been released but are yet to have a television premiere. There are also some releases below which were 2015 releases but had television premieres this year but barring Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Baaghi is still ahead of them all. It has better ratings than Dilwale, Bajirao Mastani, Fan and Airlift. Baaghi fetched 21 crore apprx for its television rights and will be a comfortable earner which can’t be said for many of the other releases.

    Sanam Re which could not get an audience at the theatres managed a strong television rating thanks to the huge popularity of its title song which was a super hit across the country. Sanam Re and Ghayal Once Again are the only two films of 2016 which got more television impressions than cinema footfalls. Below are the television ratings of films shown on television this year. The rating are impressions (BARC) which is basically the number of television sets that viewed the films on their respective premieres.

    1. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 2,51,19,000
    2. Baaghi – 69,88,000
    3. Dilwale – 67,61,000
    4. Sanam Re – 56,66,000
    5. Bajirao Mastani – 54,76,000
    6. Ghayal Once Again – 38,61,000
    7. Fan – 34,18,000
    8. Neerja – 19,73,000
    9. Airlift – 19,01,000
    10. Kapoor & Sons – 12,65,000

    The shocker is Airlift which is a disaster on television despite the presence of Akshay Kumar who has a line of blockbusters on television. Airlift fetched around 26 crore and most of that will be lost. Neerja was another highly rated film by writers in media who went practically mad on the film and was said to be one of the most appreciated films of recent times but figures tell a different story. After just 66 lakh footfalls and that huge hype post release, it hardly got a audience after that.

    Its shows box office hits can come with correct budgets and aimed at that limited audience at high end multiplexes who are prepared to pay high ticket rates but true appreciation from viewers is a different story altogether. Baaghi is supposed to have not found appreciation and to a certain degree there is truth in that but what can’t be true is that Neerja has huge appreciation and Baaghi has little appreciation. Below is a comparisons of the two films in cinema and television and the gaps tell the story. This is just not the initial story but also what has happened six months down the line.

    Cinema Footfalls – 66,23,000
    TV Impressions – 19,73,000
    TOTAL – 85,96,000

    Cinema Footfalls – 95,16,000
    TV Impressions – 69,88,000
    TOTAL – 1,65,04,000

    A couple of years back it was trying to be fed that Queen was more appreciated than Kick. This is all pretty funny looking at it from the outside and these writers / critic types can probably say anything because its probably their own opinion and done without data but should it not be about truth rather than opinion. Eventually there has to be a correlation between appreciation and viewership especially when its happening when the word on the product is out there is the public domain.

    Another point to note is that Dilwale in the final count has come out ahead of Bajirao Mastani in overseas, television, music and digital and only down in India theatrical as the film was weak but even there the gap would have been hardly anything if that intolerance thing against Shahrukh Khan did not affect the film in Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra.

    Prem Ratan Dhay Payo is the highest rated film on television since satellite television started while Bajrangi Bhaijaan is second and remains to be seen if Sultan gives Salman Khan a clean sweep with the top three on television. Earlier Doordarshan screenings will have higher numbers but there were no figures recorded at the time.

    But bigger than all is that a couple of days prior to Baaghi premiere on television, one of the biggest hits of Hindi cinema Sholay featuring Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Badhuri and Amjad Khan picked up 47,21,000 impressions which is just insane for a film 41 years old. After possibly hundreds and hundreds of screenings the historic blockbuster still ranked above a new big budget cast film like Fan and many other new releases.



    • This write up is highly recommended to be made into a post. Not just boxoffice the guy is ruling the hearts at home too !!!

      “… Prem Ratan Dhay Payo is the highest rated film on television since satellite television started while Bajrangi Bhaijaan is second and remains to be seen if Sultan gives Salman Khan a clean sweep with the top three on television. ”

      Splendid ! and as Rocky would say – ‘ Mazaa aa gaya’ !


  38. Aamir is going out of his way to make Dangal work !


    • going out of his way ? Aamir tweeted MicchamiDukkadam which is a Jain ritual where they seek for forgiveness . Are you even aware of that ? He’s not apologizing the way you are conceiving it.

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      • My problem is I always put two and two together. Never saw this message at last year’s Ganpati so I am guessing it’s good he has used this opportunity to come out full frontal.

        Also going out of the way to announce a late 2018 movie with Bachchan is also a step towards damage control being fully aware Bachchan’s standing in ‘Nationalistic India’.There is no harm in being an eager beaver for goodwill prior release…. unless one is idiotic like Salman.


        • This was last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJIKj2rSXhM and to bring Bachchan was obviously Yrf/Victor’s call what Aamir has to do with it ?

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          • This is not the first time that Aamir has referred to Jain teachings. Late in November 2015, after his controversial interview with Indian Express, Aamir released a statement where he clarified the controversial bit in his otherwise sensible interview. Among other things, this is what he said about India : ‘We have to protect its integrity, diversity, inclusiveness….it’s concept of ekantavada….’

            The correct word is a anekantavada and that is what he meant , since he was talking about India’s pluralism. I also loved the fact that he quoted his favourite poem ( as per a Penguin-CRY Poetry collection statement), Tagore’s lines : ‘Where the mind is without fear…’

            In any case , Aamir has apologised plentiful for a not so terrible sin of speaking impulsively/ foolishly/ in a politically incorrect manner. His sincere interview and follow up statement from November 2015, his words, are still being mocked by all and sundry, by cynics who cannot understand or refuse to understand an idealist. He is still being trashed by a section of social media, even yesterday.

            I hope Dangal does not suffer due to bullying tactics by the waiting mob. I hope people are allowed to watch the film, without violence.

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  39. Though he does make sense here, and going by recent media bursts, the Kashyap mania is going to unleashed again. Recently on KJO insistence he absolved Ranbir from BV failure and how they all let him down ( forgetting there was Anushka and others too who were cast )


    Did Anurag Kashyap take a dig at SRK, Salman, Big B and Akshay?

    Director Anurag Kashyap never minces his words and is often open about issues that are affecting the industry. Recently, in an interview with us, we quizzed Kashyap on what he thinks about the shutting down of major studios in India.

    When asked, Anurag replied, “We all need studios. They brought in a certain streamlining of movies. They also brought in a lot of mistakes. Many people from the industry are saying that one of the major reasons for the studios to shut down is because the actors and directors are charging a bomb. I’ll tell you one small thing. The Forbes highest paid celebrities list was out recently. There were 4 Indian actors and 6 Hollywood actors. The film’s earning of the 6 Hollywood actors is in billions of dollars. Ours is 300 crores and they are still on that list. If you look at the ratio, of a business versus the income of an actor, you’ll see the disparity. In the list, there is an actor whose films are making 300 crores and also actors whose films are making 1.2 billion dollars. Some are also below our actors. Now you see where the problem is.”

    He adds, “The actor is taking what he is getting and people are also willing to give more (money). People are competing amongst themselves. If I am also getting more money, I’ll take it. So there is something definitely wrong somewhere.”

    Well, what do you think of Anurag’s statement?


    • “Well, what do you think of Anurag’s statement?”

      Well, Amitabh or SRK are not on the Forbes list just coz of movie earnings. They earn all around and majorly through advertisements. SRK hardly does 1-2 films a year and even that is a home production(without big financier/studios)… all the money he’s earning to be on that Forbes list is from ads.


  40. Good points.

    I wish someone goes and explains this to that big head Anurag K since the bullet has left the gun and media is all over it.


  41. Indians Staged One of the Largest Strikes in History, But No One on U.S. Cable News Covered It

    Zaid Jilani
    Sep. 6 2016, 12:40 p.m.

    Ten Indian trade unions staged one of the largest strikes in human history on Friday, with tens of millions of public sector workers participating in a shutdown of parts of the Indian economy to protest Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic plans.

    But if you’re an American relying on cable news, it would be hard to know it ever happened.

    Not a single American cable news network ran a segment focused on India’s massive strike, even on Labor Day, the U.S.’s annual holiday dedicated to workers.

    The strike came after Modi began a push for increased foreign investment and privatization of some state-run industries. Unions fear these policies will undermine both wages and employment.

    The size of the strike alone forced the government to offer concessions prior to Friday in an attempt to avert it, offering a boost in the minimum wage for some non-skilled workers and the unfreezing of some public employee bonuses.

    The unions were not persuaded by this offer. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his fight is with poverty, but it seems his fight is with the poor in this country,” Indian National Trade Union Congress Vice President Ashok Singh said prior to the strike.

    The unions petitioned the government with a list of demands, including a call to increase the minimum wage to 18,000 rupees a month (around $271 USD). India-based The Hindu published a short video report on the strike with English subtitles. Watch it here:

    The only mention of the strike on U.S.-based cable news was during a segment on CNN International where the CEO of the human resources consulting firm ManpowerGroup cited the Indian strike as part of global concerns about technology suppressing wages.



  42. As reported earlier, Sanjay Leela Bhansali had approached Shah Rukh Khan for the role of King Raval Ratan Singh, Deepika Padukone’s husband. But, the actor had turned it down as he felt that the character wasn’t that strong as compared to what Ranveer Singh will be playing, Allauddin Khilji.

    Now, an insider has revealed that apart from the weak character, SRK also had issues with the title of the film.

    As per reports, Shah Rukh Khan had a problem with the title of ‘Padmavati’. He felt that it was too female centric. Following which he asked Sanjay Leela Bhansali to change it.

    However, that did not happen and eventually even SRK didn’t take up the role.

    But, their association won’t end here as King Khan surely wants to work with the filmmaker. They are in talks for another film.



  43. As per earlier reports, Deepika Padukone was to be cast opposite King Khan in Aanand L Rai’s next, where the superstar plays a dwarf. But later it was known that Deepika had rejected the film owing to her Hollywood project and unavailability of dates due to the same.

    After this incident, Aanand had started a frantic search for the leading lady of his next venture. There was news that stated that he has finally decided on Katrina Kaif for the role. Thus, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina would share screen space after four years, their last movie being Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

    Buzz is that when Deepika Padukone got to know this news she made a few panicky calls to Rai, to confirm the news. Apparently she told him that he should have reconsidered her and asked her again as she was done with her shoot of her Hollywood outing and Aanand’s film hasn’t gone on floors yet. Even though she now has dates, Aanand is in a difficult spot as he is already in talks with Kaif. This one just added a feature to the rivalry hat of Deepika and Katrina. Both the divas share a rough pitch not just professionally but also personally; for reasons best known to all.



  44. Big weekend down south…Vikrams Iru Mugam, Mohanlals Oppam and Jeetu Josephs Oozham releases…
    Iru Mugam is an important movie for Vikram as most of his previous movies barring I have tanked. Oppam is the collaboration of Mohanlal and Priyadarshan who have given landmark movies together before. And Oozham is the Jeetu’s next movie after Drishyam…

    Oppam has opened to very positive reports. Iru Mugam and Oozham to mixed reports


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