Images from Rock On 2 (updated)

thanks to Master..


4 Responses to “Images from Rock On 2 (updated)”

  1. Eagerly waiting. The first part hazd one of the finestv soundtracks, with songs like Pichhle saatv dino mein, Socha hai kya, Tum hio to, Rock on and Yeh tummhari meri baatein. The last one used to be the ring tone of so many of my friends, And the final concert when Arjun Rampal gets on stage and starts singing was magical.

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  2. Shraddha is the only +ve addition to this and she has a lovely voice. Her Teri Galliyan song from Ek Villian is very well sung and better than what Ankit Tiwari sang.

    Rest will wait for reviews if any. Even if the singing is bad , the song needs to have great tunes / rhythm. Rock On is a western concept so there is no harm in comparing it with western music and even though Bruce Springsteen sounds hoarse the tune/ guitar of ‘Dancing in the Dark’ makes up adequately for one to sway and gyrate. Another example of hoarse but successful singing is Axl Rose from Guns n’ roses in ‘November Rain’


  3. Bob Cristo Says:

    Agree with every word of Utkal. For me Rock on is one of the finest Album ever. The film is good too.

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