Images from Befikre (updated)

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32 Responses to “Images from Befikre (updated)”

  1. charan raj Says:

    This is really miserable!


  2. charan raj Says:

    But one thing is sure and that’s Adi Chopra never goes wrong whenever it comes to direction. So, let’s hope that there will be something to cheer about this movie.


  3. Ranveer Singh is on a roll here. Superhit.


  4. This movie will take Ranveer to next level. BM has already started that process but this movie will surly land him there.


  5. Aditya Chopra is a medocre director all through. But here he looks clearly out of his depth. Whiff of another Mohabbatein here.


  6. MSDhoni Says:

    New Delhi: The bundle of energy, actor Ranveer Singh has proved his mettle in the acting department. The ‘Bajirao’ of Bollywood is currently shooting for Yash Raj Films’ next titled ‘Befikre’ which is being helmed by none other than YRF honcho Aditya Chopra.

    Now, according to, after superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, it is Ranveer who has managed to impress Aditya so much so that he has put up his poster outside his office.


  7. MSDhoni Says:

    Extremely happy for Ranveer Singh ! Must admit was never fond of him in spite of liking Band Baja Baraat but it was mostly for Anushka…and for a long time considered him a wannabe !

    But here is a guy who has found his rightful place not due to his talent but hard work , perseverance, ‘tenacity’ , ‘spunk’ & ‘attitude’. He showed ample class during the Dilwale- Bajirao clash controversy and never took undue advantage where even the egoistic Deepika who SRK himself launched could not resist taking digs at…..

    I watch hindi movies mostly for stars and liking and Ranveer will now join the club whose movies I will watch FDFS henceforth irrespective of content and matter. Hope he zooms to much deserved super stardom !


    • I don’t get it. Ranveer Singh has made it in Bollywood because Aditya Chopra has decided to put his poster outside his office?

      Amitabh Bachchan is still a struggler then!

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  8. MSDhoni Says:

    Actually the comment did not come out the way I meant it and it’s more to do in the current context of actors where networking is more important than actual worth esp since there are no stand outs as such among the younger crop.

    Ultimately it’s the individual talent which can make or break but historically in Indian cinema mutually beneficial alignments can add that extra zing. It had happened with SRK in a big way and though he was a break out star on his own, he wouldn’t be where he is if yrf / kjo had not collaborated to put him on a pedestal.

    There was a time when Abhi could fit star/actor bill and would be in much better place had YRF and KJO combo continued their blessing and pumped his career a wee bit more….. In 2005-2006 he was their blue eyed boy and ready to take the mantle from srk……but then something happened and the relationship soured somewhere…!

    Further one cannot deny importance of Yashraj in Bachchan career trajectory and even his unwavering advocate’s very recent top ten / top eleven list few days has Yash Chopra’s Deewar / Trishul / Kabhi Kabhi/ Kala Patthar ……and few of these movies would not have happened if both did not collaborate timely.

    Salman too adds a bit of prestige to his project due to Chopra association though at this point of time its he who is bailing them out from their current slump.


  9. Looks like remake of Neal N Nikki from YRF!


  10. jayshah Says:

    Are they trying to teach people how to kiss in these posters?

    Looks silly


  11. [added to post]


    • No surprise in the campaign for this film! Its a kissathone, one can bet Ranvir tried to be a perfectionist in the “retakes” here insisting the scene was not right.


    • can’t believe how stupid and juvenile these posters are. What in the world has happened to Aditya Chopra?!


      • I remember when he said he was directing this movie, he talked about some imaginary conversation between him and Yash Chopra on a movie he has to make which will be risky and will not worry about BO numbers etc etc…I wonder why so much drama when he was going to make this!!…The posters are embarrassing to say the least and coming from Adi its even more surprising.


  12. I’m amazed to see the response this is getting. I mean, two very hard working people are doing scientific research by trotting all parts of the globe, all the while exchanging saliva and even bacteria residing in one’s mouth, and you guys are going all Shobha De on them!

    Where’s your sense of ‘decency’ guys?!



  13. Abhi tak toh nahin but this one seals it for me. Count me in for FDFS!

    I will of course wish Ranvir repeats the DDLJ ‘palat’ dialogue to these beauties…….the real fun only in the anticipation of it.

    Ranveer Singh ‏@RanveerOfficial 2h2 hours ago
    Befikre in Switzerland ! #Befikre #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND @MySwitzerlandIN

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  14. I don’t think the new image is from the movie. It can’t be… as they are not kissing! 😛


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