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  1. Being closer to masala elements, I feel Ali Zafar is a better choice than Kabir and will do more justice to this movie and sequel. The movie begs masala moments and Kabir kind of of held back still coming out of his documentary style filmmaking…

    Read: Details Of Salman Khan’s Character In Tiger Zinda Hai
    By Team -September 13, 2016

    Tiger Zinda Hai, a sequel to the 2012 hit movie Ek Tha Tiger, will be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. A report by DNA suggested that Salman’s character in the film will ages from 17-70.

    The production house is keen on keeping the plot of the film under wraps, as they don’t want the film to loose its USP.

    If rumours are to be believed then the sequel will take forward Tiger’s story, who is India’s top spy and an officer of the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). The film will start with Tiger’s present and then take his story forward and backward.


  2. Looks like proper sequel and not a franchise with both Salman & Katrina reprising the roles!


    • This release date will create a mini-ripple in the industry and will shuffle lot of movies around it, some will postpone and some will advance to November.


  3. With Tubelight and Tiger Zinda Hai, 2017 could be another Salman Khan year.

    Tubelight is coming on Eid. TZH is due on Chirstmas. What makes it interesting is that the Anand L. Rai/ SRK project has been announced for Christmas 2017. There was an official tweet about that from them.

    If there is a clash, that is going to be very interesting. However, I do expect the Sultan v Raees kind of outcome where Raees backed out. It was a wise decision there, on hindsight.

    But it does seem that SRk is finding it tough to get a holiday solo release now. Dilwale and Fan have hurt him hard. And once he doesn’t get those solo releases on those big holidays, he is playing catch-up. It is always going to be harder and only an extremely accepted film may come up with those numbers.


    • The SRK-Anand Rai movie was/is actually confirmed for Christmas 2018, not 2017. The films that were thinking about a Xmas 2017 release are SLB-Padmavati and the RK-Hirani Dutt film. Obviously one if not both films will move.

      So then this decade, YRF has ETT, D3, (maybe) Sultan, definitely Tiger Zinda Hai, Thug as the highest grossing films of their respective years which is just huge. Pretty sure they will want to end this decade with Dhoom 4 then on Xmas 2019 and go for the highest grosser of the year and decade…rumored to be either with Salman or SRK. Realistically, this decade YRF could end up with 6 highest grossers of the year


    • “What makes it interesting is that the Anand L. Rai/ SRK project has been announced for Christmas 2017. There was an official tweet about that from them.”

      It doesn’t.

      SRK/Rai project is Christmas 2018. YRF Switched and took Thugs for Diwali 2018.


      • Hirani’s movie will surely move. It is not a Christmas release movie. Also, Ranbir is not at his peak. Bhansali can still stick to Dec 15, 2017 whereas Tiger will come on Dec 22, 2017.


        • December 15 will be a suicidal release for SLB. Dont think it will release on that date. Given the fact there will be no major release in the next three weeks SLB may well come on 22nd.


        • They may not move though, VVC is rather pig headed is such matters. Basically Salman is back to being a bully and is trying to take out Ranbir’s best chance of getting a blockbuster.


  4. I am guessing no one will clash to this one esp since this is a sequel to a ‘successful’ movie. At Least that is the perception in media, even though it did not trend the way it should have after smashing all opening records.

    Kabir was trying to place his own stamp on his first movie with a top star and did not go all out on massy sequences. Some time was wasted in the settings / developing romance.

    Ali Zafar admittedly comes from ‘Deewar’ school of thoughts and even behind the classy affair there will be sufficient ingredients for the masses. Having worked with Salman in Sultan, the tuning should be in place and both know each other strengths and weakness.

    YRF at the helm means they can arm twist the theatre chains so I am pretty sure there will be no direct clash here for sure!


  5. I hold my hands up and agree I got it wrong there.

    Agree that the Hirani-Sanjay Dutt biopic has been touted for a Christmas 2017 release.

    So, for next year from what we currently have, there may be some interesting clashes:

    Raes v Kaabil
    Crack v Imtiaz Ali’s Next
    TZH v Hirani’s Next

    There may be something on for Diwali as well with only Golmaal 4 announced for the date right now. Surely, it will find competition.


    • SRK Imtiaz Ali is not confirmed for Aug or with Crack. If it has to anyways compete with Crack, better to release on Diwali against Golmaal 4.


  6. 25th Dec, 2017 is a monday !

    Sultan top 5 days record seems in jeopardy !


    • Dont think it will be a solo release. Festival dates have become all important now with filmmakers announcing dates well in advance. There will be one more release atleast. It can be Hiranis or SLB. Salman wont have a free ride with this.


  7. None of them will clash with this one. No way !

    Exhibitors / distributors itself will not permit any movie to come against him due to loss of revenue. This is a sequel to a Salman movie with a bit of hype Salman- Kat sharing screen space again.

    Ali Zafar will nail this with a good soundtrack and to be frank I have liked all his previous 3 movies – Meri Brother Ki Dulhan / Gunday / Sultan. This may be fast filming for Salman, but Zafar is already on the job for sometime and doing the background work to make it bigger than Sultan.


  8. Padmavati final cast is not even in place and I always had doubt if it would be ready. SLB took 2-3 years to film Bajirao with a script which was more than 10 years in the making. There is also talk of financiers developing cold feet due to his asking price. Hirani too is not in a rush type of guy and he may make the movie on a very small scale. Also none of them have officially announced their release dates and may be aiming 2018 and that is why 2018 got blocked in advance in anticipation of that.


  9. Also what an amazing turn around for Ali Abbas Zafar. After a decent MBKD, he had the atrocious Gunday and I thought he would direct Arjun Kapoor in a film and YRF would kick him out since his 3-film contract would have ended. On the contrary, he got Sultan with Salman, and now the ETT sequel- both potential Highest Grossers of the year. Good for him!


    • It may go on to be the highest grosser, but proves one thing that regardless of it being a sequel or prequel, the idea is to encash ek tha tiger’s popularity amongst single screen audience. With Dabang 3 likely to happen, Salman shall have 3 sequels and prequels combined since 2012! And that has been the pattern with almost all major stars barring Aamir to have a ‘safety valve’ to rely on, be it the Golmaals, Housefuls, Singh is King, now Aankhen, Don, Badrinath ki Dulhania,Tanu weds Manu franchise to encash the popularity of original one! Records might be broken or careers secured with this kind of strategy, but creativity takes a huge beating!

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      • Aamir did Dhoom 3, and Raju Hirani has said multiple times that he’s thinking of PK2 and a sequel to 3 Idiots so no one is above sequels in bollywood really. Sure the Dhoom series isn’t his the way Dabangg is Salmans or Singham is Ajay’s, but he still cashed in on the sequel idea!


  10. Tiger Shroff is getting free publicity and Aamir Khan’s a gate crasher 😂😂


  11. Loved one of the media headlines – Katrina back with Salman to beat Ranbir! 🙂 🙂


  12. Director reveals plan for Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’

    Director Ali Abbas Zafar has gotten out of the ‘Sultan’ hangover and is prepping for his next with Salman Khan — a sequel to the 2011 blockbuster ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ titled ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. The film is currently in the scripting stage, he tells us, adding, “Salman is still in the middle of shooting for ‘Tubelight’. It’s too early to talk; I am writing the script. But, I am targeting to take the film on floors in 2017’s first quarter.”
    While writing an extension of a successful film, filmmakers tend to follow a template or replicate the original. But, Ali doesn’t have a checklist. He says, “I am writing spontaneously, going with my instinct. I chose to do the film because of the pressure of it. Directing Katrina (Kaif) and Salman (Khan) in an instalment of a successful franchise is not easy. But, I am focusing on telling a more relevant story for today’s political climate. The characters are from the first part, but the story will be brand new.”

    Stepping into Kabir Khan’s shoes is a mammoth task, but he is open to taking notes from the filmmaker whom he considers his mentor (Ali assisted Kabir on ‘New York’, 2009).

    He elaborates, “As artistes, we have to look at things more pragmatically. Kabir is like an elder brother to me. We can be completely honest with each other and debate with an open mind. As part of the fraternity, this dialogue is necessary. We should get as many viewpoints on our material as possible. One instance or anecdote can help improve a story. There is absolutely no ego issue. Kabir always knows exactly what I am doing, and his guidance is valuable.”

    Ask him what can we expect from Tiger Zinda Hai and he says, “We hope to make an entertaining espionage. It will be good to see Katrina and Salman back together after five years. They are both smashing to look at and I hope I make them look even better. But, more than anything, I hope there is good content and that I am able to justify their stardom.”

    Is it a risk to make the film with two stars who aren’t exactly known for their acting chops? “They have done it once together, they will rock it again,” he says, adding, “Potentially, they are both phenomenal. No one can be a huge star in this country if they aren’t good at acting. For me, an actor must necessarily have a connect with the audience. If the ticket payers are giving respect to an actor, they are the right judges to say whether they are good or bad.”
    Ali is looking forward to shooting at foreign locales.

    “We plan to shoot at several overseas locations. Usually, my films are set in India. I often start a story in London or Budapest and invariably end it in Haryana or Kolkata. This time, the story will call for fancy locations; there will be a valid reason why the guys are in a new country. Finally, my passport will come to some good use,” he signs off.


  13. I don’t know how much of sense it makes to continue with this movie. When both countries are at war, who will be interested to watch live story between lead couple from India-Pak. Also can’t delay further as Kat’s expiry date is nearing.


  14. Agree to your comment but the directors are different. Kabir is much more worldly / urbane / experimental than a Ali Zafar who is much more rooted with his Dehraduni army roots so expect a more desi film than a indo-pak affair.

    SLB moves ahead to avoid a clash !

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h6 hours ago
    Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali finalize release date of #Padmavati: 17 Nov 2017… Stars Ranveer, Deepika and Shahid.


  15. Keeping up with the theme, that’s a nice sophisticated turn Ali !
    Class & Mass with main laapata in the background ! Uff kya baat!!!

    ali abbas zafar ‏@aliabbaszafar Oct 24
    The work has begun.Sun, Mountains and laptops @TigerZindaHai.


  16. ali abbas zafar ‏@aliabbaszafar Dec 6
    Tom Struthers action director starts storyboarding @TigerZindaHai . Thrill begins 🙂


    REVEALED: Hollywood action director Tom Struthers joins Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai team – Bollywood Hungama News Network Dec 7, 2016 – 10:20 hrs IST

    Salman Khan will be back in action with the sequel of Ek Tha Tiger titled Tiger Zinda Hai. Katrina Kaif too will be reprising her role in the sequel but the film will be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar instead of Kabir Khan.

    As the movie will have some action packed sequences, Hollywood action director Tom Struthers has come on board to train Salman Khan and others. Tom has worked on films like The Dark Knight Rises and X-Men: First Class. Ali Abbas Zafar shared that the storyboarding for the film had begun with Tom Struthers.


  17. Going by the sound effects in this tweet, the sequel seems in better hand and the guy knows his job and quietly doing the prep work. In fact this genre is better served by a Ali Abbas who seems story oriented and a proponent of feverish drama moments in hindi films. Going by his past works he also has a better sense of music. Kabir was a bit aristocratic / polished with the first installment.


  18. Plus I like the sense of dignity, respect of Ali Abbas along with openness to embrace good cinema. Both Kabir and Ali incorporated some good parts of Hirani like human connections / bright filming in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. BB of course seemed we were watching a better version of PK but even Sultan the pressure cooker sequence, hiring Prakishit Sahni as dad etc seemed to play out of Hirani book of filmmaking….


  19. A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on


    • Lol @ Komal Nahata. He took this interview with Julius Packiam for his recent film – Tubelight but when that turned out to be disaster, he changed up the title and put up Tiger Zinda Hai in the title and also Music composer. Julius is a background music score guy and I don’t think he has given to TZH yet as the shooting is still in progress and he will do the background score 1 month before release sometime in Nov/Dec this year.


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