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  1. Yakuza:

    Pink Does Well In First Week – Raaz Reboot Flops

    Friday 23 September 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Pink has scored very well at high end multiplexes to record good first week collections. The first week collections of the film are 35.75 crore nett apprx The film had a decent weekend but the trend did suggest good weekday holds but they have been better than could have been expected with Thursday being very similar to the business on Monday. The collections of the film were slightly less than Neerja over the weekend but have finished the week higher than that film. This basically suggests better lifetime business than Neerja but the tax exemptions for Neerja may get in the way so a better comparison will be GROSS business. The film has fared best in Mumbai, Pune Delhi NCR, East Punjab, Kolkata and Bangalore. Outside these places the business is average to poor due to less presence of high collecting multiplexes.

    Raaz Reboot on the other hand has failed with first week collections of around 22.75 crore nett. The weekend was poor and the collections dropped badly on the weekdays. The film has more footfalls than Pink over the weekend despite lower collections but over the week even the footfalls are below Pink by around 3 lakhs. The film had average collections at some single screens when it opened but the genre has to open well at single screens and not average as support from multiplexes will be less. The way occupancy was over the weekdays it is a big ask for the film to get to 30 crore nett. Its the worst performer of the Raaz brand by a distance with the first film being best followed by the third film and then the second film while Raaz Reboot is fourth.


    • MyselfAamir:

      ”Pink second Friday morning occupancy was better than all the new releases and in fact it was better than its first day also though on lower volume. The film will also probably do better in the evening than the new releases as its an established film meaning it should be the top collecting film despite being in its second week.”
      I feel it’s going to make 70+ as not only has it got fantastic word of mouth but the areas where it is is performing extremely well tend to hold better than the rest of the circuits. It’s going to be a milestone for everyone associated with this movie.


    • I am still betting on 90-100Cr.
      I have high hopes on MS Dhoni which i think will be a monstrous blockbuster, but not a 2 weeks types but a 4-5 weeks haul. This means Pink will retain good screen share and considering its awesome WOM, it will not get affected by MSD


    • Satellite rights for Dhoni biopic sold for Rs. 55 crores? – See more at:

      If money talks, then here’s what it says about cricketer M S Dhoni: he is a bigger superstar than even Salman Khan.

      Proof of this lies in the fact that satellite rights for the Dhoni biopic (MS Dhoni: The Untold Story) have been sold for a higher price than Salman starrers.

      An inside source in the know, spills the beans on the staggering financial arrangements that eventuated in the making of the Dhoni biopic.

      Says the source, “Dhoni was given Rs. 45 crores for the movie-making rights to his life and access to personal information, documents and pictures, plus Dhoni’s availability for marketing and promotion of the film. In contrast, Sushant Singh Rajput was paid a mere Rs. 2 crores to play Dhoni. In fact Dhoni’s business manager Arun Pandey received much more money than Sushant. Pandey got Rs. 5 crores .”

      This very reliable source places the complete budget of Dhoni: The Untold Story at Rs. 104 crores, and adds that the cost of making the film has already been recovered before the film’s release.

      Says the source, “The satellite rights of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story have just been sold for Rs. 55 crores which is Rs. 5 crores more than what a Salman Khan starrer gets for satellite. Another Rs. 20 crores have been recovered through various on-screen endorsements by Sushant Singh Rajput of products that Dhoni endorses. The music rights of the film have been sold at Rs. 5 crores. And the overseas distribution rights have gone for Rs. 10 crores.”

      The source adds that the film has recovered another Rs. 10 crores through international remake rights. “A Hollywood studio has bought the remake rights of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story from producer Neeraj Pandey and Fox Star Studios for Rs. 10 crores. The film will be remade in English now. The Hindi version has already been dubbed in three other languages, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win project for the makers.”

      – See more at:


  2. MyselfAamir:

    Banjo Days Of Tafree Dil Sala Sanki Etc Open Poor
    Friday 23 September 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Banjo, Days Of Tafree, Dil Sala Sanki, Parched, Wah Taj and Yeh Hai Judgement Till Hanged have all opened poorly as expected. Banjo has the best release by a distance and managed occupancy of around 15%. The opening in Maharashtra was better but still poor as the audience there has also not come, maybe the film could have done better in the local language rather than HIndi. The opening in North and West India was awful with multiplexes in Delhi NCR having audience counts in single figures. The opening of the film can compared with films like Freaky Ali and Madaari. Basically in Maharashtra it is better than those films but in the rest of the country its same or lower. As with every week its about the growth on Saturday and it will have to be huge if the film is to survive.

    The second best release is Days Of Tafree so it will have the second best opening day of the new releases as its occupancy of around 5-7% which is better than the other films barring Parched but that has very few screenings. In all of Delhi NCR it had five shows before noon recording around 10% occupancy. The first day collections of Days Of Tafree will be in lakhs despite getting around 3 screenings at most major multiplexes.

    Pink second Friday morning occupancy was better than all the new releases and in fact it was better than its first day also though on lower volume. The film will also probably do better in the evening than the new releases as its an established film meaning it should be the top collecting film despite being in its second week.


  3. Rumour has it

    The source adds that all the talks are being conducted with the utmost secrecy because Ronnie is under contract to UTV not to do anything with entertainment for the next five years.

    Some of the topmost producers in B-Town are planning to come under a joint umbrella to produce, direct, market, promote and distribute their films. Buzz is that Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ronnie Screwwala, Anil Thadani are coming under one company for film, distribution, marketing, production, digital, movie theatres and producing television content.

    Says a source, “It’s all very hush-hush till now and everything is in the planning and conceptualizing stages. The five have been regularly meeting at each other’s home to discuss the project. It will be one production house (of the five) under one banner — and will cover everything from pre and post production work, direction and launching of projects to marketing, publicity, promotion and distribution. The plan is to also produce quality television content.”

    According to the source, “These five heads of business are some of the finest creative and business minds in the film industry and each brings his own unique expertise in his field to the table — Karan for direction, Aamir for his marketing skills and star power, Siddharth and Ronnie are good with the business side, while Anil is unmatched in distribution. They even plan to have their own theatrical chains across the country.”

    The source adds that all the talks are being conducted with the utmost secrecy because Ronnie is under contract to UTV not to do anything with entertainment for the next five years. “They plan to make the announcement around December 2016- January 2017. An IPO will also happen with the announcements of Shuddhi and Shiddat where they are expected to raise money to fund their ventures. Till they are ready, there will be a spate of denials coming from everybody.”


  4. taran adarsh
    #Pink had a SUPERB Week 1… Weekend trends were EXCELLENT, while weekdays were SUPER-STRONG… Fri-Sun: ₹ 21.51 cr. Mon-Thu: ₹ 14.40 cr.

    taran adarsh
    #Pink enjoys TREMENDOUS word of mouth and is expected to dominate at plexes in Week 2 as well, despite a plethora of new releases.

    taran adarsh
    #Pink Fri 4.32 cr, Sat 7.65 cr, Sun 9.54 cr, Mon 3.78 cr, Tue 3.51 cr, Wed 3.87 cr, Thu 3.24 cr. Total: ₹ 35.91 cr. India biz. 👍👍👍


  5. Revealed: Secret behind Aamir Khan’s mysterious look!

    alt DNA WEB TEAM | Fri, 23 Sep 2016-02:36pm , dna webdesk
    No, it’s not for Secret Superstar…

    A few weeks back, few pictures of Aamir Khan surfaced where he’s maintained a very different look. Soon, media houses started speculating aout the same and reported that this might be his look for his next- a cemo in Secret Superstar. But no, the reality si something different.

    Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the largest integrated theme park destination set to open this year, today announced its collaboration with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, to create the ride, Lagaan: Thrill of Victory inspired by the Oscar nominated, epic sports-drama, Lagaan, which was produced by Aamir Khan Productions.

    The highest grossing film of 2001, Lagaan is a favorite among Indian’s all over the world. Ranked No. 55 in Empire magazine’s “The 100 Best Films of World Cinema” it was the perfect choice for a theme park ride at the World’s first Bollywood inspired theme park.

    Talking about the success of the film, Aamir Khan said, “We make films with a lot of heart and emotions and some of them get this strange intangible quality which connects with people and Lagaan was one such film which connected with people across the world. It travelled on its own, we didn’t have to do anything with it.”

    The Aamir Khan Productions blockbuster film is set in the Victorian period of India’s colonial British Raj. The story revolves around a small village whose inhabitants, burdened by high taxes, find themselves in an extraordinary situation as an arrogant officer challenges them to a game of cricket as a wager to levy more taxes.

    The ride however has a twist for guests of the park with Aamir Khan playing two different characters. Commenting on his dual characters, Aamir Khan said, “I am playing two characters for this ride, one is the original Bhuvan of course, and the other is the maker of this ride, his great-great-grandson, and of course he looks very different. We went for a steam-punk look as his character get up, to give it a more futuristic look. He is very proud of his great-great-grandfather.”

    He further added, “The ride is about giving people an exciting time, giving you a feeling of exhilaration, and it will take you back to the film. So for people who have watched the movie, it will be a nostalgic experience. For everyone, we wanted it to be an exciting ride, it’s very thrilling, it’s bound to give you a rush.”

    A superstar through and through, Aamir is known to get attached to all his characters and usually keeps some of the accessories from the characters he has played over the years as memorabilia. Some of the distinct pieces used for the iconic character Bhuvan from the original film, have been used for the Lagaan: Thrill of Victory ride.

    The Bollywood Parks™ Dubai team was thrilled to have Aamir Khan on board for the only Bollywood themed park in the world. Commenting on his experience working with the Bollywood Parks™ Dubai team, Aamir Khan said, “The Bollywood Parks™ Dubai team was wonderful to work with, everyone was very focused on what they wanted to achieve and there was a lot of passion for their work. We managed to finish our schedule on time and it was a very good experience over all.”

    Located at Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, within the Rustic Ravine zone, guests will get to join Bhuvan and his team in a game of cricket against the British Raj through a rollercoaster motion simulator based ride that will give visitors the best point of view of a moving cricket ball.

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  6. Myselfaamir one wicket down !!!

    Uh-Oh! Ranveer-Deepika’s Padmavati gets pushed to summer 2018?

    Looks like, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati is indeed jinxed and how! As per a popular entertainment magazine, the Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone starrer won’t start filming anytime soon. It is being said that SLB is sitting on dates of all three of his principal artists, but budget issues have thrown the project into a tailspin. All plans to complete the film in time for Cannes in May next year have naturally been scrapped, and insiders are saying that the summer of 2018 may be the earliest that Bhansali can schedule the film’s release if it goes on the floors shortly!
    However, as per the reports, the cameras won’t roll until early next year. SLB’s Bajirao aka Ranveer is reportedly taking off for over a month to a ‘secret undisclosed location’ to prepare for his role in the film. He’s expected to return in November and soon will kickstart promotions for Aditya Chopra’s Befikre, which is set for a December release. Deepika, meanwhile, will soon take off for the press tour of her Hollywood debut – Vin Diesel starrer xXx: Return of Xander Cage. There’s also Shahid Kapoor, who’s using the break to spend time with his baby daughter, Misha Kapoor. He remains committed to the project despite the hiccups, on the encouragement of his spiritual guru who has apparently assured him that working in the project will yield positive results for the actor.
    However, those who’ve worked with Bhansali and claim to know him well say it’s unlikely that he’s losing sleep over the delay. One source revealed that while shooting the Deewani Mastani song in BM, the prison set for DP’s climax scene was being constructed next door. On the date that the crew was to move to the new set to shoot that crucial scene, Bhansali asked everyone to go home and called for the set to be pulled down because he felt it was ‘too small’ for what he had in mind. Filming resumed only after a new set was constructed!Ahemmm… hope things get smoothly rolling for Bhansali and team…soon!


  7. This is the route which will hurt enemy more than anything !

    Stop Baloch atrocities or face sanctions: European Union to Pakistan

    GENEVA (Switzerland): Expressing solidarity with the people of Balochistan against Pakistan’s atrocities, European Parliament vice president Ryszard Czarnecki has said the European Union may impose economic and political sanctions on Islamabad, if the Asian nation fails to stop human rights violation in the region.
    “I told the European Union during our human rights debate that if our partner countries do not accept human rights and standards, in this situation we should react and seek sanctions like some moves in economic fields,” he told ANI…..”


    • Dhoni, I Have removed all the political comments from the ADHM thread. I have gotten a bit tired of repeatedly telling everyone not to clog up threads with unrelated comments. If it’s about movies there can at least be some latitude but not when it’s political stuff. All this other stuff should go in the general box office thread. I haven’t transferred those comments, I simply deleted them because I’m not going to keep doing this work for everyone. So if it’s in the wrong thread it might just get deleted.


  8. That’s fine and convo become too political to have any bearings on a movie blog. Please remove the Balochistan comment above too if possible. Politics is the most disappointing thing these days , but unfortunately man by nature a political animal.


    • I agree, and for most part these days I refrain from posting anything political here , and even in the other thread I did comment that this is not the thread to have these discussions, and that I shall stop.
      The problem sometimes is that will post very selective news here suiting the narrative., I have learned to ignore that too as well..


    • no it’s fine in the general thread, within reason of course.


  9. When Vishy and Chandra ran West Indies ragged, 1975

    During that innings the wicket was a bit fiery and Andy [Roberts] was in his element. I had already played Andy and that attack [during the series], but most of them looked a yard or two quicker on that pitch. I can easily say it was one of the quickest tracks India has ever produced. Before I realised, we were six wickets down, and there was probably Karsan Ghavri at the other end. I had scored about 30, and then I thought about playing my shots to get as many runs as possible because I knew the wicket was going to help the spinners a bit later.

    I was watching Andy bowl from the non-striker’s end. Even after bowling for a while he was able to bowl with the same venom because he always had some sort of [expression] when he was charging in; [looking at his eyes] you could make out he was really there. When he was coming in to bowl to me, the same face [expression] I saw from the other side two-three balls earlier wasn’t there; instead of really going through, he was just [releasing] the ball when he was bowling at me.


    • great read.. thx!


    • Thats a nice story… Thanks. .Vishy’s mastery on horizontal batting was unbelievable!!



      Green Park, 1969. Viswanath making his debut at 20. “It was a dream Test. I was in the reserves in the previous series against New Zealand. In the first Test (against Australia at Bombay), I was not even in the reserves at the end of a 15-day camp. I wanted to go home but (EAS) Prasanna asked me to stay back and watch the match. Good I listened to him,” Viswanath told The Hindu .

      On the rest day of the Test, chief selector Vijay Merchant wanted to watch some of the youngsters at the ‘nets’. Viswanath was among them. Obviously, he made an impression. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, who was leading India, too insisted on including some fresh faces for the Test.

      “My stint in the ‘nets’ and my preceding domestic scores helped me get in. Pataudi asked for me, put me in the XI,” recalled Viswanath.

      And then he got out for a zero on debut. “I remember well. It was (Alan) Connolly who got me. A fast bowler, he came and bowled an off-break, slower one, and I edged it to (Ian) Redpath at short-leg. I was devastated. It seemed the end of the season for me. You can understand a youngster’s feelings. Would I get another chance? Fortunately for me I got a second chance to bat in the same Test.”

      Viswanath did not sleep for two nights. “I was not nervous when I batted first. But the second time I was tense. It was then that I remembered two words from Pataudi that shaped my career.”

      Despondent at his dismissal, Viswanath sat alone when someone tapped him on his shoulder. “I turned around and saw Pataudi.” The skipper told him to “just relax.” As Viswanath insisted, those two words “meant the world” and gave him the confidence to walk out and produce a scintillating 137.

      The journey from 90 to 100 was daunting. “It took me 48 minutes, I remember. I was scoring through singles but it did not bother me. (Ashley) Mallet was a tall off-spinner and he had troubled me no end. It was satisfying to late cut him and reach my century. I can play the innings in my mind even now.”

      His dismissal for zero had invited scorn from a section of the spectators who threw kullhads (earthern tea cups) at him.

      “I just walked with my head down. I was hurt and hugely disappointed. The same crowd applauded me when I walked back after my century. Thereafter I was never worried what the crowd would say. If you got runs, they would clap. If not, then you better be prepared,” said the soft-spoken Viswanath.


  10. To Pak or not to Pak? Fawad Khan and Atif Aslam can stay, Abhijeet should shut up

    Earlier today (September 23), Shalini Thackeray of the MNS threatened to stop the release of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil as well as Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Both films feature Pakistani actors. While ADHM has Fawad Khan, Raees has Mahira Khan.

    Now, Abhijeet has joined the club, as was expected. The man whose daily work these days is to go on Twitter and attack ‘anti-nationals’, picking up soft targets and trolling them, did not spare the ‘Johars, Bhatts and Khans’ as he went on a Twitter rampage.
    So, here’s the thing. Abhijeet Bhattacharya can shut the f**k up. He does no one any service. His halcyon days are long gone. He does not sing, nobody wants him to sing. He is no help to anybody except popping his head up on Twitter to create toxic noise and gather some sanghi fandom for him because, obviously, now that his singing career has gone for a toss, he either wants political support or wants to support politics.

    The shelf-life of even a talented celebrity is limited in the film industry. On top of that, if one is as repulsive a human being as Abhijeet Bhattacharya, then cheap populism and sticking to a political ideology on a public forum is the only way to stay relevant.
    Actor Fawad Khan, Vj-turned-actor Mahira Khan, and singers Atif Aslam, Adnan Sami, Ghulam Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are talented individuals who have given A LOT to Indian film and music. They continue to produce relevant work and some of the most sought after artists in Bollywood.

    Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s history with third-rate trolling is nothing new. In fact, just last month, it was revealed that Abhijeet was was arrested in July and had his phone confiscated by the Mumbai police for abusing journalist Swati Chaturvedi on Twitter.


    • So, by demanding ban on ADHM and Raees, who is MNS targetting? Pakistan or forcing 150-200 folks working on a movie to go into loss? Oh only if they had brains!


      • Every one got paid. The loss is to producers who is taking the risk. KJo and ilk have figured they cannot get good gross in India so why not look outside India.
        I am okay with call to boycott the movie but to show force in front of cinema hall is wrong and should be dealt strongly.


        • Jab tak baat MNS tak thee, it would have settled… that Arnab has thrown in his support- Kuch bhee ho sakta hai !!!


          • But Indian Govt gave Visa; So him working in Bollywood movie is perfectly fine. But with all the incidence, one can certainly give call to boycott such movies; I am against use of illegal force to shut down cinema halls. In democracy, you can always ask/request people to certain view point.


        • “Every one got paid”

          You would think so… but 99% until the movie releases.. folks don’t get paid completely. Even actors/technician will get only signing amounts and not complete amounts. All crew of Raees also will get paid near its release or after release.


          • I am not in film business but there is contract for each and every thing. Like the one with Chetan Bhagat and Vidhu vinod chopra during 3 idiots. If a company doesn’t pay a worker based on offer letter; the employee can take employer to court. It is legally binding until and unless you file for bankruptcy.


          • I get it. Earlier.. the producers used to sell to individual distributors and make money to pay for their cast/crew or if the project is not hot, they give on minimum reserve basis hoping to recover money. Now, they sell it to big individual studio like Disney or Fox studios and they will provide the finances but the underlining condition is about delivering completed movie on its decided release date.

            Its not like Karan can sell his movie on its launch and then take away the money and gone. Everything about the finances are still given in multiple instalments and on schedule basis and the core will always be in the end during its release. We have many scenarios where movies never get released and destroyed everyone financially involved in them.

            For example.. Eros was always with Shivaay from its launch and then PEN studios came this Jan to join as co-producers. But during its final months of release, Eros pulled it hands off. They can do that as majority of the money is still not put into the project.. they wouldn’t have done it they already paid everyone completely.


          • That is why you have producer of the movie. He or she or company is the risk taker; Consequently the benefit reaper as well.


          • ” If a company doesn’t pay a worker based on offer letter; the employee can take employer to court. It is legally binding until and unless you file for bankruptcy.”

            That’s not a new thing as well. Many many stories all over bollywood. For example. No one gets complete payment before release and some even after release.


            I am waiting for Firoz Nadiadwala to pay my dues: Welcome Back director

            Director Anees Bazmee, the director of the popular ‘Welcome’ franchise, has said that he is yet to receive his full fee for directing ‘Welcome Back’ which released in theatres a couple of weeks ago.

            The director accused producer Firoz Nadiadwala for not paying his dues, even though he gave three years of his life to the film and ensured a successful release.

            “I am waiting for the producer to pay my dues. I gave three years of my life for this film.. I worked hard for this project, but I still haven’t got my remaining payment” Anees said.



          • There is a contract. If dues are not paid, you can always go to court. I am not saying you get paid everything at start.
            If you don’t like the arrangement no one is forcing the concerned person to work.


    • Based on reading the tweets, it seems that Arnab has taken the stand of sending Fuddu Khan back to Pak.


  11. Presence of Mind -by Rachel Dwyer

    It isn’t surprising that psychiatrists are often interested in the narratives of cinema. I’ve often talked with Mohan Agashe about these issues; while in London, Professor Dinesh Bhugra gave some fascinating lectures that I hosted several years ago, now collated in a book Mad Tales from Bollywood. He argues that the films moved from a gentle depiction of mental illness in the 1950s (Funtoosh, Khamoshi) to later images of psychopathy (Baazigar, Darr). He doesn’t look at substance abuse, alcoholism, etcetera, and his book appeared before a number of recent films that portrayed specific mental illnesses such as autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (Barfi!, My Name is Khan), depression leading to alcoholism and seeming impotency (Devdas), schizophrenia (Tere Naam, Karthik Calling Karthik), bipolar disorder (Heroine) and dementia (Black).

    One of my favourite films of all time is Mahel, about which I wrote a paper called ‘Bombay Gothic’. The film is said to be a ghost story (supernatural genre), but it really concerns the breakdown of the central character, who is convinced by a woman that he is a reincarnation of a previous owner of his mansion. The film shows that his friends and family are aware of his mental illness—his friend’s cure is to take him to a courtesan, but he runs away. His family get him married, but he refuses to even look at his bride as he is bewitched by the ghostly woman. The music is haunting and indeed the whole film seems to be about evoking the uncanny Gothic feel of certain cities in Uttar Pradesh, which are haunted by their past.


  12. This is what I mentioned earlier –

    TIMES NOWVerified account ‏@TimesNow 60m60 minutes ago
    We’ve been having people to people contact for past 60+ years, have we brought any peace?: Brig. V. Mahalingam (Retd.) #BoycottPakOrNot

    TIMES NOWVerified account ‏@TimesNow 36m36 minutes ago
    People to people contact is a complete farce: Saad Bin Jung, Conversationalist & Former Cricketer #BoycottPakOrNot

    TIMES NOWVerified account ‏@TimesNow 53m53 minutes ago
    We’re demoralizing our army when we say that we should have people to people contact: Vivek Agnihotri, Filmmaker #BoycottPakOrNot

    …And here is the most important tweet if you wish Indians to watch and appreciate you –


  13. People getting paid is a fair argument but what prevents Kjo from hiring Indians for the job. There are still jobless talents in India which need his support. The Americans made a Gandhi out of Ben Kingsley so it’s not that an Indian cannot play a Pakistani character. I think Naseer did well playing a pak ghazal singer in Sarfarosh.

    With regards to getting Pakistani revenue in terms of overseas returns, they do not have any choice and will anyway watch Bollywood movies, listen to hindi songs & watch Dish TV as the quality product on the other side is not there.

    Gentlemen the debate now is a bit different and I sincerely hope people peacefully boycott ADHM unless KJO comes out with some sort of statement on this issue . Please watch Ravish (NDTV) tribute to the fallen warriors from small villages / town and cities and how their wives, old mothers and sisters coping with the death of the only earning member in the family.


    • “.. what prevents Kjo from hiring Indians for the job. There are still jobless talents in India which need his support.”

      He’s doing this to help lot of jobless media folks in India to get some news for coverage and make themselves busy! Also gives oppurtunity to jobless folks like Abhijeet to come on TV and make some name, fame. He’s actually helping lot of jobless folks by not giving 1-2 acting jobs! 😀

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  14. Pink Emeges HIT – Raaz Reboot Crashes Further
    Saturday 24 September 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Pink held up very well on its second Friday with collections in the 3 crore nett range The drop is minimal on Friday from Thursday and the film has emerged a HIT. The film has not been appreciated all over India but is a hit on the lines of Neerja and Kapoor & Sons and one of the very successes of 2016. The film is very similar to Neerja and in real terms is doing better than that film, the eighth day collections are higher than Neerja though not in terms of NETT collections as Neerja had a tax exemption on its eight day in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which were huge contributors for Neerja and also Pink. North India is faring best for the film on day eight for two main reasons, one being North it has a North setting and secondly North tend to hold a better when a film works.


    • this neerja craziness continues…


      • Neerjas collection are actually quite similar to pink. They are in fact saying that neerja had tax exemption advantage which pink doesn’t but still tracking close. The daily collections of the two movies are similar. Neerja might infect be a more darker movie considering the tragic ending.


    • It was 4 crores last Fri, 3 crores this time.


      • 3.15 to be precise .. based on humongous growth today, 2nd weekend is looking at 15+ Crore range .. and second week may finish in 25 Nett range. After that all depends on how strongly PINk can hold against MS Dhoni .. though 70 Cr looks certain now.


    • BOI now relying on official numbers … For #PINK for each day their reporting was wrong (and mostly higher than official) and later after taran tweet they keep on matching official numbers. Even for second friday numbers, they edited this article with precise 3 Crore .. earlier they published 2.75-3 range.

      with #PINK .. Taran Adarsh emerged as new power, his official numbers are very much reliable and now even BOI is following that.


  15. Pink Emeges HIT – Raaz Reboot Crashes Further
    Saturday 24 September 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Pink held up very well on its second Friday with collections in the 3 crore nett range The drop is minimal on Friday from Thursday and the film has emerged a HIT. The film has not been appreciated all over India but is a hit on the lines of Neerja and Kapoor & Sons and one of the very successes of 2016. The film is very similar to Neerja and in real terms is doing better than that film, the eighth day collections are higher than Neerja though not in terms of NETT collections as Neerja had a tax exemption on its eight day in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which were huge contributors for Neerja and also Pink. North India is faring best for the film on day eight for two main reasons, one being North it has a North setting and secondly North tend to hold a better when a film works.

    The circuit collections are also very similar to Neerja and even without the tax exemptions there is a possibilty of the film going near 70 crore nett. The GROSS collections will beat Neerja, in fact Kapoor & Sons had higher GROSS collections than Neerja so that will be the target for Pink.

    The other release of last week Raaz Reboot crashed on the 8th day with collections not reaching the 50 lakhs nett mark. The film will probably close in the 25-26 crore nett range which is the same business of the second Raaz film in 2009 but inflation adjusted it works out to be 48 crore nett which is almost double of Raaz Reboot. Raaz (2002) is 118 crore nett inflation adjusted and Raaz 3 is 88 crore nett inflation adjusted.


  16. Thodari day box office collection day 1: Vikram’s Iru Mugan BEATS Dhanush’s film!

    Dhanush‘s much awaited Thodari hit theatres yesterday. The movie also stars Keerthy Suresh. It’s an adventurous train ride from Delhi to Chennai that has elements of love, action and comedy. This intriguing movie is directed by Prabhu Solomon. So how has the journey been so far for this film in terms of BO collection? According to reports, the movie has collected Rs 4.32 crores in Tamil Nadu. Looks like Vikram’s Iru Mugan beat Thodari as it collected Rs 5. 25 crore on its first day. Also, the word of mouth around this movie has been mixed. While everyone has liked the unique train set up, the script hasn’t been appreciated as such. But everyone has loved Keerthy‘s act in the movie.


  17. Banjo Days Of Tafree Parched First Day Business
    Saturday 24 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Banjo had a poor first day grossing around 1.25 crore nett apprx with collections being poor all over. The Mumbai circuit was a little bette at 60 lakhs nett and also CP Berar at 11 lakhs nett but even here the film has fared poorly. The collections in Delhi / UP and East Punjab were a total disaster. The collections of the film are lower tha Madaari (1.98 cr) and Freaky Ali (1.91 cr) and in the same range as films like Saala Khadoos (1.26 cr) and Veerapan (1.23 cr). the thing it has common with Saala Khadoos and Veerapan is that they both looked like regional films and so does Banjo. The collections of the film are a little better than Bangistan thanks to the Mumbai / Maharashtra area but below Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya which remains the biggest opener of Riteish Deshmukh as main lead.

    The other releases Days Of Tafree, Dil Sala Sanki, Parched, Wah Taj and Yeh Hai Judgement Till Hanged were very dull with many of these films hardly having any collections. Only Days Of Tafree and Parched had some collections. The apprx opening day figures of this weeks releases are as follows.

    1. Banjo – 1,25,00,000
    2. Days Of Tafree – 15,00,000
    3. Parched – 10,00,000


  18. Yesterday, the Maharashtra Chitrapat Sena, a wing of political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) gave an ultimatum to all the Pakistani artistes working in India to leave Indian in 48 hours and return to their home country. And now, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) too has taken a similar stance and has threatened that they wouldn’t allow ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Raees’ to release in India if the Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s roles aren’t completely chopped from ‘ADHM’ and ‘Raees’ respectively.

    As per latest reports on a web portal, BJP General Secretary of Maharastra, Sanjay Upadhyay is adamant about writing to all the exhibitors to not give any window (screens) to these two films and that there shouldn’t be any law and order problem owing to the release of these two films. He added that BJP would only allow ‘ADHM’ and ‘Raees’ to hit the silver screens if Fawad and Mahira’s scenes are completely deleted from the films and that there should not be a glimpse of these actors in their respective films.

    Upadhyay further added that we don’t have dearth of good talented artistes in our country and that Indian filmmakers don’t even need to look at Pakistan to cast good artistes in their films. He reiterated that that there are thousands of better and more deserving people in India waiting to get break in movies, and filmmakers must give them the priority rather than bringing artistes from the neighbouring country that is responsible for killing innocent civilians and soldiers of our country.

    Amarjeet Mishra, Mumbai BJP General Secretary was quoted saying to the web portal that he doesnt find any meaning of art from Pakistani artistes when their interests lie in their own land. He even went on to say that let alone artistes, no Pakistani should be allowed to come and work in India.

    Filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt feels otherwise and comes out in support of Karan Johar. Bhatt was quoted saying to the portal that an Indian producer and director should not be penalised for no fault of his. He went on to add that whether Pakistani artistes should be allowed to work in Indian or not is a call that Government of India needs to take.

    However, countering Bhatt was Censor Board Chief, Pahlaj Nihalani who feels that enough is enough. Nihalani opines that the screws need to be tightened between Indian and Pakistan. Although Nihalani agrees that art and culture have no boundaries, he is no mood to tolerate terrorism and said that the way the relations between Indian and Pakistan are, our nation should be the priority.


  19. This recent outburst against Pakistani artist is unjustifiable. Mere rhetoric do not translate into result which has been proved many a times. Never seen so much angst, extremism among the masses. The present government is partially responsible for it, this extremism was subdued till the advent of Prime Minister Modi but now is quite evident in everyday sphere of life. What more , despite being such a stern administrator the prime minister has faltered in dealing with Pakistan. First inviting Pak PM Nawaz sharif in opening ceremoney than continuing with secretary level talks despite regular terrorist attacks and then visiting Pakistan .Despite no visible improvement in relation government has taken a policy of hip-hop regarding pakistan and the same has push India into a quagmire with no productive results.

    No way the real problem will be solved by these stupid actions. The failure of the foreign policy should not be vent out in this manner. These acts are going to make things more worse. Somebody posted that Pakistani artist should condemn Uri attacks.Isnt this ridiculous?Do you expect them to go against their government?Atleast talk a bit logical and by the way present government knows how to incite the general population. These tactics are deployed to hide its incompetence and nothing else.


    • This had happened in the aftermath of the 26/11 incident as well. Perhaps you are too young to remember the reactions of the public back then. Several Pak artistes, singers etc had to go back home. A ban is peaceful, how is it extremist? If it were extremist, there would be terrorists literally baying for the blood of these artistes. All that the protestors are asking is for these artistes to go back home.

      And what do you really expect Modi to do? The quagmire has existed for 30 years, it did not just start after May 2014. He tried different approaches and failed. Realistically no amount of diplomacy and peaceful means are going to solve it as long as the enemy covets the prize of breaking the integrity of India. They believe in a Death by A Thousand Cuts, but do not understand that a small cut hardly harms India. This loss of life is a cost that India will keep bearing, simply because the cost is tiny when compared to the humongous loss of decades of progress if an all out war breaks out. Govts can come and go, and they will all try to paint the pig, and cover up the thousand cuts which will keep getting inflicted. The enemy does not realize that an economically growing India quickly heals from these cuts. But the enemy does realize that they cannot inflict anything larger than a cut, because a deeper wound will necessitate a response from India, which will necessitate a response from the enemy, and which ultimately leads to Armageddon.
      Both sides have millions of poor men ready to die for this cause. They brainwash and create terrorists, we brainwash and create soldiers. Ultimately, both sides spill blood, and keep this game alive. The enemy cannot afford to not do so, otherwise the entire Raison D’etre of their existence falls into doubt. Their ideology will cease to exist if they stop their Game of a Thousand cuts.
      However, they are smart enough to just keep inflicting small cuts, and not foolish to cause a deep wound and initiate Armageddon.

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  20. It is all due to desire to get more boxoffice earnings by approaching stars and singers from across the borders. Tomorrow our films will also be banned there in retaliation. Salman preferred Rahat over own Arjit. His BB was hailed as something which will build bridges. The truth is, deep rooted problems will never go away with wishy washy gift exchanges and bollywood or urdu shairis. Atleast in future, people on both sides should keep the distance to avoid surprises. We do not know when things may flare up. Luckily Johar and SRK are rich enough to bear the losses if there is going to be any. It is like a kid playing with neighbour’s kid is being asked not to play with him or her anymore because the their respective parents had a big tiff. In this case there are no kids but the situation is more or less the same. One day you are asked to admire them and next day you are asked not to do so.
    Having said that we have a great pool of talent and we should try to exploit them than go elsewhere.

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    • Every action must have some purpose. How barring pakistani artist will inflict any damage to pakistan. No way Pakistan is going to learn any lesson. It wont have even an iota of effect on terrorist organization, ISI etc. The matter of the fact is that this retaliatory measure will go vain on all accounts. May be this is what Pakistan want, to build a sense of uneasiness, chaos and our present regime is providing the same. Artists are soft targets , by banning them you are sidelining the major issue and providing the general masses an option to vent out their anger and frustation. Over the time issue will become less important and government will not be bound to answer any questions on the same.

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      • Agreed that artistes are soft targets, but its a head in the sand approach to just allow them to willy nilly come into our country, profit from our largesse and take back the proceeds to their own country, so that said funds can be re-used in the Game of Thousand Cuts!
        Similar arguments can be used for banning their cricketers to profit from the IPL. Why shud we let them profit, and use those profits against us? Aa bail mujhe maar?

        The irony of this entire situation is that they are ready to align with China which employs stringent suppression techniques on their own muslim populations. An atheist nation totally suppressing religion is somehow better than their own genetically blood brothers who have let secularism flourish! Just because they are peeved from supposed historical events? Its like cutting ur nose to spite ur face!
        So a Chinese driver will fill his belly with pork and drive down from Kashgar to Gwadar, and excrete said pork at every rest stop through the length of the Pure Country! Kya Paak bach gaya phir?

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    • “Tomorrow our films will also be banned there in retaliation.”

      This will anyways happen. Just to give example, Sultan collected almost 20 crores Nett in Pakistan alone. So, its a loss to Indian films as well. Pakistan will not loose anything, they will just watch more on pirated copies. Actors never made it too big and only only singers like Rahet and Atif Aslam made it big. Even in that Atif does’t sing even 5 songs in 1 whole year and did just 50 songs in 11 years. Rahet did more coz of Salman Khan preference.

      Fawad Khan is pretty new and just hot in current scenario. He didn’t become next Salman. Mahira Khan is already 33 and there’s not much hope to get more offers after Raees. That offer was an exception as they wanted ‘urdu’ speaking character based in 1980’s and not much actress today can do that easily. If Mahira was not possible, they had Huma Qureshi as backup. Ali Zafar has no offers and his career is anyways ended. Whatever Mahesh Bhatt gave offers to Paki actress, it was more like 1 film scenario. No one made it even for 2,3 films.

      People think too much for around 10 folks in a big political scenario. Just artist are soft targets and more visible, everyone has this opinion about banning but its not like Bollywood is employing millions of folks in Pakistan and we need to stop it. Even Pakistani govt won’t care for such minuscule number of folks sent back.

      Similarly.. Indians on twitter are thinking just throwing it this 8-10 folks back to Pak, India has done its job and everything will be alright.


  21. Pink Shows Huge Growth On Second Saturday
    Sunday 25 September 2016 11.00 IST

    Pink showed huge growth on its second Saturday as again high end multiplexes had very good occupancy of around 60%. The growth was around 80% which is similar to its first Saturday. The weekend business of the film is looking to go to around 16 crore nett which will be a 25% drop from last week. The trend of the film from week one to week two will be the best of the year comfortablt beating Neerja despite that film getting tax exemptions. The business of Pink till date is as follows.

    Week One – 35,75,00,000
    Friday – 3,00,00,000
    Saturday – 5,50,00,000
    Second Weekend – 8,50,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 44,25,00,000


  22. Yes, this happened! Taapsee Pannu’s Meenal act in Shoojit Sircar’s ‘Pink’ may have raised goose bumps on your arms, however, the actress reveals that the original climax according to the storyline of the film was the complete opposite of what we saw. The Amitabh Bachchan and Piyush Mishra starrer has received nation-wide appreciation, so much so that they have even raised a request of making the film tax free in several regions. In a recent interaction, Taapsee, who essayed the role of Meenal, one of pivotal characters in the film, revealed that the original climax was to make the bad guys of the film, precisely Rajveer and his friends win but the makers did not go with the same keeping the audience’s reaction in mind and hence the climax was changed. Well, we wonder how the masses would have reacted if that would have happened! Your thoughts?


  23. tonymontana Says:

    That would’ve been much darker and more depressing. We need utopia and hope in todays troubling times.

    But honestly do we really deserve a good film? This film has not done anything much beyond the tier 1 cities putting in extraordinary collections. This film is being laughed at and ridiculed in cities like Allahabad. So even if audience like such makes blockbusters out of films like Sultan, i wonder if these should really be celebrated as “successes”


    • Even in metros and A/B class cities Its appreciation is no less achievement .. i was watching audience reaction from Punjab region, mostly looks like awaken to something new they never knew before. At end of the day it is just a movie and even if succeded in changing mindset of just few hundreds of people, is no less achievement.

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  24. After passing the first week on earth shattering number the crime thriller collected highest amongst all other new releases movies. The collection on 9th day came exceptional with growth 74% growth as compared to 2nd Friday. The film unstoppable despite multiple releases like Banjo, Days of Tafree and Parched which reportedly released to lukewarm response across the country. Owing strong publicity from all class audience the 10th day collection of Pink comes in around 7.10 Cr and took its 10 days collection to 51.65 Cr nett at domestic box office. Going by the pace at which Pink is drawing audience to the theaters,


    • saw the movie last night and enjoyed it. Denzel just oozes of coolness in the movie. black man playing a role traditionally played by white men breaks all kinds of stereotypes and prejudices. I think it’s time for a proper Sholay remake on the indian side.

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  25. ‘Consent’ and ‘No’ are current buzzwords thanks to Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu-starrer ‘Pink’, but there is one more aspect shown in the film that people should know about – Zero FIR and other FIR-related laws. The film deals with young working women in Delhi who have never had a brush with the law, and therefore, know nothing about their legal rights.

    In the film, Taapsee Pannu’s character Meenal goes to a police station to file a complaint against a group of boys threatening her and her friends, after she injured one of them in self-defence. However, after giving her moral gyaan, the police officer tells her that he can’t register a complaint because “ghatna toh Surajkund ki hai”. When she later goes to a senior officer, he tells her about Zero FIR – that irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the crime happened, an FIR can be filed anywhere and be later transferred to the concerned police station.


  26. I was just talking to a multiplex manager in NCR, as per him PINK has second best occupancy in first 10 days. Spceially 2nd weekend came out very strong, and if it retain this pace over second weekdays then it will retain existing screens in third week along with MS Dhoni. And if this happen then chances are for good next few weeks run , specially on 2nd october holiday. And also in this scenario, MS Dhini will practically not remain solo release in a way.


  27. Pink had a good second weekend grossing 14.75 crore nett and went to the 50 crore nett mark in ten days. The drop from the first weekend was around 30% which is solid trending. The film showed huge growth on Saturday but Sunday was limited growth as the film has done its business and eventually there is a limit to the footfalls the film can get and that will come into play into play sooner or later. Though it would have been the third week where business was expected to slow and not the second Sunday. The film has so far grossed around 15 crore nett in Mumbai and around 11.25 crore nett in Delhi UP. The business of Neerja after ten days was 49 crore nett apprx and that was with tax exemptions in Maharashtra, Delhi, UP and Gujarat. The business of Pink till date is as follows.

    Week One – 35,51,00,000

    Friday – 3,00,00,000

    Saturday – 5,50,00,000

    Sunday – 6,00,00,000

    Second Weekend – 14,50,00,000

    GRAND TOTAL – 50,01,00,000

    The best circuit for the film is Mysore where the film has grossed around 5 crore nett and will probably be the third highest grossing film in the circuit after Sultan and Airlift. The film has already beaten films like Housefull 3 and Udta Punjab and will cross Kapoor & Sons in the next few days. The film could do around 7.5-8 crore nett in Mysore.


    • Sunday is 6.57 Crore … BOI will edit and correct it later.


    • Blockbuster show by Pink.


    • If Multiplex audience likens something, the result shows. As I said in my review this is just targeting Plex audience mindset and such kinda movies will boost up their behavior and convinces them they are right.

      This is still not the core issue in India and only 1-2% might be facing this. Amitabh said that it came 28 years late in India(mentioning another movie) but IMO it is still early in India as you are talking about very minimal people with this mindset. India overall is still not developed mentally for this movie to be targeting like some 50% of the population. Females are still burnt, forced marriages, rapes, etc. This kind of stopping with a stern ‘No’ is utopian expectation in a country like India.

      I’m not negative on the movie and even gave positive review. The movie is certainly well made but whatever rest following is just blah. This is not going to change anything in India and folks will get back to their lives and boosting up their pseudo egos in front of their live-in boyfriends.


      • dont agree with you on this, its a great movie to watch for the younger generation, it may not do anything for the older generation but certainly will plant a seed in the impressionable minds of the youth. Every bit counts!

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  28. A Hurricane is coming!!!! This is going to surprise all here who have still not warmed up

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story will get the widest Bollywood release in history

    MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, the upcoming Bollywood biopic on the country’s star cricketer-skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, will get one of the widest releases in 4,500 screens across 60 countries, according to its makers.

    Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios, who are also producers of the biopic, said in a statement: “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is going to be the widest release for any Indian film in India and internationally. It will also be the widest release for a Hindi film (dubbed) in Tamil and Telugu.”
    However, “given the unprecedented demand for the movie worldwide, and the deadlines to deliver the film in all the languages, the Punjabi and Marathi language release will not happen”, Singh shared.
    “The movie will be the biggest ever release in terms of screen count in India and simultaneously in 60 international countries too, making it the widest (Indian) release worldwide,” he added.
    Arun Pandey, who has produced the Neeraj Pandey directorial under the Inspired Entertainment banner, is happy with the buzz around the movie, which stars Sushant Singh Rajput as the reel Dhoni.

    “We are pleased to inform that the film will be the widest ever release for a film in India and worldwide with it releasing in 60 countries. We wanted to release our film in Marathi and Punjabi too. However, given the deadline to make the widest ever release happen in the history of Indian cinema, we are not being able to get the Marathi and the Punjabi versions ready in time.”

    “This is the first time a movie is releasing so wide, so we were not able to calculate the physical time it takes to make all the dubs happen,” Arun Pandey explained.
    The film will hit the screens on September 30.


  29. Bharat Mat boio India Bolo !!
    Fuddu mat bolo Fawda Bolo !!
    Har Har Maha Dev mat Bolo!!

    Wah Ustaad, Merey Murshid !!!!!


  30. I’m going to address some comments in this context but I think people are quite wrong when they believe that films like Pink (or whatever the appropriate example is in this context) could do a whole lot more if the audiences were different or more ‘refined’ or whatever. In any industry of the world niche films or alternative films or even middle cinema has a low ceiling. There were many Hrishikesh Mukherjee hits in the 70s that did a fraction of what a masala hit would do. One can just look at Bachchan in both cases and judge the difference. Forget this, one can even look at more narrative oriented dramas with less ‘fat’ that even when very successful and very iconic still do a lot less than the masala blockbuster that has everything. One could even take an ultimate film like Deewar in this context and compare it with more masala outings by Bachchan. But moving away from Bombay cinema even Hollywood shows exactly the same pattern. How much does even a very successful Scorsese film with top stars gross compared to many other blockbuster types? Even successful remakes like the Italian Job do far less than other more ‘masala’ (in Hollywood terms) films roughly belonging to the same genre. Similarly most of the oscar nominated films or even winners also have a much lower ceiling. Again all of this with top stars. There isn’t a ‘general’ audience anywhere for more ‘meaningful’ cinema. You sometimes have the rare coincidence of the meaningful script and the very entertaining commercial film. When this happens or when you have a film that can strike a chord but also check off all the entertainment boxes you get extraordinary results. Put differently it’s not possible to make a Sholay out of Deewar! in box office terms. And again you could go across the board in Hollywood to find a million examples of everything I’m saying here.

    But this is no different from any other art/entertainment form. How many people read mass market paperbacks (or what once used to be called the airport novel) and how many read more literary stuff? What is considered a huge success for the latter is nothing compared to the former. the number of people that watch arthouse efforts in the West is minuscule. The number of people who patronize any form of more serious art or even read a more serious magazine like the New Yorker is almost negligible.

    The difference though comes about in film culture (or art culture or what have you). No one is crazy in the US (or the UK or wherever) to compare the Revenant in absolute terms to fast and the furious or something. No one considers it a test of DiCaprio’s star power to live up to those box office standards in this kind of venture. They do accept he has great star power but then they also account for the subject he’s tackling. The only time DiCaprio has ever given an absolute grosser is with Titanic and surely this wasn’t just any film. He’s had lots of critical and commercial successes otherwise but most days even clearing 250 as he did for Inception is a great challenge for him and this when he works with some of the most prestigious directors of his industry. Much as when people analyze box office returns they again look at all of these factors in the same sense. Only in India and because of a lack of this kind of film culture do you have compromised/corrupt trade guys doubling over as film reviewers or even professional film reviewers who have a questionable understanding of the basics of cinema (and I’m being kind). Not that India is the only example but that’s the subject under discussion here. This is of course a problem across the board when it comes to evaluating films either as films or in box office terms. and essentially there isn’t even a clear dividing line. The films that are judged to be good are box office successes and vice versa. Rarely is this rule not followed. So it’s perfectly circular logic. At the most an exception is made for extremely niche films that all of five people watch and where no one expects any kind of box office return.

    But getting back to Pink could it be that a younger star might have done better? Not really. Or I could potentially yes with huge caveats added. It’s not that every star can work in every kind of film. You need genre credibility but especially in more meaningful subjects you need an actor’s credibility. If it’s Sultan Salman is just better than Aamir. If it’s RDB the opposite is the case. This doesn’t just hold for successful films but also for ‘failures’. Yes Talaash didn’t trend like an Aamir film but no other star would even have got it to 90 crores. You need credibility as an actor for people to be willing to show up for subjects they would normally avoid. Can a younger star then with Aamir-like credibility act in a more niche film and get it to the highest possible number? Yes. But Aamir is really the only such example in Bollywood. Even here two caveats must be added. The Bachchan mystique can hardly be understated, specially when a film acquires a certain credibility. There’s a reason why from Black to Paa to Piku to now Pink Bachchan is able to get more success in this riskier sort of niche film than any other actor around. Because the Bachchan legend finds another sort of economy with these projects. People don’t just come to watch a worthwhile film, they also come to see a great Bachchan act (not least because commercial cinema rarely affords him that opportunity anymore). Beyond this if a younger credible star could still get a bigger opening at some level that’s because any industry of the world still favors an overall younger star. The principal genres and/or demographics of any industry all favor the younger star. In India even the ‘economics’ favors the same in ways that it does not in many other cinema cultures of the world (or it doesn’t to quite this degree). Aamir because of the career he’s built since Lagaan might be the one exception but one still has to account for the critical acclaim surrounding a performance which then also becomes part of a film’s reception. As a matter of fact I don’t belong to the school that considers every Bachchan performance in a contemporary niche film to be golden or something (I am often quite a critic… of course this doesn’t mean I start comparing him to what is not competition in any sense!). But that is the more general reception and it’s part of how the film evolves at the box office. Once it has been minimally liked. My larger point however is that even where a younger star has an advantage it doesn’t mean anything beyond the obvious. If anything Bachchan even tests this theory in a variety of ways though I won’t get into all that here.

    Now some might think of the Rajnikant phenomenon (I am especially amused by those fans of this great star who’ve probably never seen Rajni in a Tamil film! and for whom Rajni is a way of being anti-Bachchan) as an exception. I won’t get into that whole debate here (I have in the past) except to say that Rajni proves my point. This is not deny his sensational box office results at his age but one must always look at ‘how’ these results are achieved. Creditable nonetheless but not without severe qualification.

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    • I think people who are undermining Pink’s boxoffice are simply foolish. As I mentioned Pink is about folks who are very minuscule in numbers in a country like India and then to go out and do numbers as it did is simply great. Even the comparisons with Neerja(which is also a darker film) is still a straight forward bravery subject(for all) and movie whereas Pink’s debate lies with some sort of expectations as in education or social conscious.


  31. I’m similarly going to address some of the usual clarion calls about ejecting Pakistani actors from the country and so forth. It is precisely a sign of weakness if one’s only response to whatever happens on the border boils down to this. I am not taking a position on whether actors would be asked to leave or not, or even whether what’s happening on the border deserves a tougher response or not. I am however saying that if you’re the chest-thumping type (and this attitude is encouraged a great deal in the media and elsewhere) your recourse should be something greater than celebrating a ‘win’ that is only limited to asking actors to leave. Life would be easy if serious geopolitical problems could be solved this way.

    1) the military solution is too costly for even the victor in this context. It is therefore entirely reasonable that one doesn’t relish this opportunity or that one ‘plays Congress’ even if one’s rhetoric always points to something tougher (one keeps the base happy with words apparently).

    2)the military solution even with a clear victory is not guaranteed to effect the desired result of actually eliminating terrorism as ‘war by other means’. In fact isn’t terrorism always the answer when people feel they cannot win on the battle-field in the old-fashioned way?

    3)Given these two scenarios what does one do? One keeps drumming things up by way of the MNS or Arnab Goswami or whatever. One keeps raging at the enemy and at the end things end with a whimper when a Pakistani actor is asked to leave. Everyone then deludes themselves that they’ve been so very tough!

    4)by the way someone suggested here that Fawad Khan would somehow earn enough in India to contribute to Pakistan’s defense economy. Yeah… right.. Let’s be serious.

    But again I am not suggesting anything here. I think that the chest-thumpers are losing on their very own terms, not on mine. As always the oldest trick in politics at every end of the spectrum is to launch cultural warfare when you cannot get anything tangible otherwise. But it’s not ‘weakness’ on my terms, it’s so precisely for those who raise the stakes this way. The border stuff, the terrorist attempts, all of this will continue with or without Pakistani actors working in Johar’s films. Somehow I don’t think the Pakistani security state will suddenly change its behavior because of an inconvenience to Fawad Khan’s career. Is it a messy, nasty situation? Yes. The question is: what are you going to do about it? Two years into the new govt I’m still waiting for an answer radically different from that of the Congress. Whether with respect to Kashmir or Pakistan or actually most matters. But yeah cultural warfare is an all time high. One can go ahead and satisfy oneself with this.

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    • I wrote a response to this:

      Logical but I don’t think it is comprehensive. I don’t like the hysteria but I laugh at the mental bankruptcy of our film makers to hire certain people. In most cases you hire people to cater to certain sections of audience; not because the role demands it.

      As I said I agree with almost everything you said but one thing I haven’t found answer is why we want to give confused signal to world that our Govt. may be at war but we the people love each other? In that respect we should stop the trade thing which you alluded. It will cost us but isn’t keeping soldiers in Kashmir costing us?

      Sometimes, you or I , don’t interact with one of our neighbors (out of say 5-10) because there was a fight for some reason!

      Ps – by the way – “Border ki security hum aisi ensure karenge ki chooha bhi ghusne ki koshish na kare: HM Rajnath Singh”.

      ps1: Btw there was a concert near me featuring Sonu Nigam and Atif Aslam; one of my facebook friends who has been posting anti Pakistan stuff after URI went to the show. IMO you say something and do something. Your stance should be consistent.

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    • Agree that a military response is foolish. But something needs to be done; diplomatic or trade to push Pakistan to curb these non-State actors who have covert State support. But then Military in Pakistan is just too powerful to toe civilian Govt. line.


      • In these matters or most (!) In Pakistan there is only the military govt. To be honest I can’t say I have an answer that deals with all this in a decisive way. Because sometimes you have sides in a situation who don’t mind continuing a mess no matter how irrational it is for them to do so. So yes even as the Pakistani state becomes more of a disaster (something which also worries India quite naturally..) the military might still be powerful but it exerts control over an ever weaker state. By logical extension one is ultimately weaker in this sense. But again the answer isn’t a clear one. Specially when you also have China in the same neighborhood and that has its own geopolitical aims.


    • ” Somehow I don’t think the Pakistani security state will suddenly change its behavior because of an inconvenience to Fawad Khan’s career”

      Yeah this is actually funny expectation. I mentioned above.. if it was like Bollywood was employing a million Paki folks then a case could be made. But you can’t even discuss/think about it if the folks are less than 10 in number. Whereas in India, even reputed news channel has headlines.. Fawad Khan silent on Uri attack and is not saying anything against his govt. Lol.


    • I agree MNS is not doing this for Nationalism , however with Arnab throwing in his support.. the awareness is there,
      There should be no force ..but some voluntary action was needed..


  32. Looks like never ending saas bahu saga.

    By the way, there are some timepass family serials on all channels.


    • @By the way, there are some timepass family serials on all channels.

      Except Kapil and Big Boss there is hardly any TV worth watching.
      The TV addicts are eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss 10 to start and would be a blockbuster season again !!

      I am hoping Bani ( VJ ) is in the show. This season is going to have celebrities, stars and also the common man.

      There will be fireworks !


  33. I was impressed and happy with PM Modi’s restrained speech and mann ki baat over the weekend. This is the message to be given to Pakistanis and shame the people for electing their leaders. The country needs to be destroyed within and that will be the biggest victory. Somewhat like USA which has razed a lot of nations by creating internal conflict and even firing a shot. Pak is anyway is at the brink and one big civil unrest and they are done for the day.

    “We are exporting software all over the world, whereas Pakistan is exporting terrorists in entire world… I want to tell Pak people; India is ready to fight you. If you have strength, come forward to fight against poverty. Let’s see who wins? who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India?”

    Meanwhile a very nice piece by Shekhar Gupta

    Shekhar Gupta ‏@ShekharGupta Sep 24 New Delhi, India
    In ’85 Pak per capita GDP was 65% >Ind. Now, 20% lower & widening at 5%/yr. Tks to its great army #NationalInterest

    Pakistan’s military is a formidable force that has consistently failed its country. The problem is nobody in Pakistan can dare question it

    “…..Over these decades, this vaunted army has lost Pakistan territory, ideology, financial and intellectual capital, ruined its institutions, democracy, the respect for its passport and, like it or not, reduced its status to a globally acknowledged university of jihad, Ivy League or not. This comes at the cost of much of the country’s budget. Time to repeat a telling point I have made often: when I first went to Pakistan in 1985, the country looked much richer and modern than ours. It had to, because its per capita income was then 65 per cent higher than India’s. That is about the time it chose (encouraged by Afghanistan), to start using cross-border terror as a weapon against India, hoping India will bleed, decline and die. On the contrary, India has risen, and Pakistan has hit new depths: a 65 per cent lead on per capita incomes is now nearly a 20 per cent deficit, widening at about 5-6 per cent per year, the net of India’s higher economic growth and Pakistan’s population’s. Pakistan’s army has, therefore, lost its captive nation the war, whatever its claims at the many battles it has fought (very well) with ours. It’s joy at orchestrating the deaths of a few Indians once in a while is no more than self-destructive. It’s the finest army in the world that’s destroying its own country first.”

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  34. The guy by his own admissions via his column/ blogs has been a faker and here he is doing it again – faking to get sympathy !!

    Karan Johar on facing depression: ‘I felt helpless and unhappy, wanted to leave Mumbai’

    “…Karan Johar even mentioned how he struggled and at one point he even felt that he was having a cardiac arrest. As he told Barkha Dutt, “It is a recent kind of anxiety I have discovered about myself. At one point I thought I was having a cardiac arrest but my doctor said it was an anxiety attack. I then met a psychiatric and took medication. And this was just two years ago. I stopped my medication just three months back….”


    • What a fake guy……


      • It doesn’t mean that rich guys don’t have common man’s problems; My issue is even if he has problems, why we should be discussing it? Just because he is rich and accessibility to air his views?


        • and why at the time of his film’s release every time ??


          • Of course he wants to gain attention for the movie…If he wants social response to his problems then he should be talking not during his movie release.

            I have not seen the interview but want to understand his logic of having Fawad Khan in movie.


          • “I have not seen the interview but want to understand his logic of having Fawad Khan in movie.”

            I think it’s as simple as he is attracted to him…

            I don’t think it has anything to do with KJo trying to get more foreign audience. Let’s not start treating fawad khan like he is salman or rajni. he is nobody.


          • @”I think it’s as simple as he is attracted to him…

            I don’t think it has anything to do with KJo trying to get more foreign audience. Let’s not start treating fawad khan like he is salman or rajni. he is nobody.”

            Thank you Z for finally bringing some sanity to this conversation on the blog !!!!


          • “I have not seen the interview but want to understand his logic of having Fawad Khan in movie.”

            What logic you are looking for? The character is of Pakistani origin and when he has easy access for Pak actors doing his other production, what’s not to take him in his movie for special appearance or for that matter another Pak actor, Imran Abbas(yes, he’s also there) in more smaller role for the movie. Obviously he won’t give Anushka’s role to Paki actress.

            Long back when Raj Kapoor wanted to make Heena he was hunting all the Paki actresses for years and then died but Radhir Kapoor went ahead still with his plan of casting Pakistani actress for the role of ‘Pakistani’. So, you think casting according to the script is so hard to understand?


          • you think casting according to the script is so hard to understand?
            Nothing wrong in that..but I don’t think you need story like that to start PK Shushant character could have been from anywhere; I am pretty sure (based on KJO’s capabilities), the same for Ae Dil hai Mushkil. And even if your story is based in Pakistan or anywhere, you don’t need an actor from that part. For Dangal, Randeep Hooda would have been better cast? Or a Muslim will be able to play a Muslim character better than Hindu?


          • When the casting happend, no one dreamt that Uri will happen and India Pakistan relationship will hit an all time low. We cant fault anyone but this should make producers wary of casting Pakistani actors in their films or inviting Pakistani singers to perform in India. And it is also wise not to screen our movies there inviting retribution. I wonder what will happen during Eid? Or things will cool down by that time?


          • Has Pink released there?


          • There? Pakistan or US?


    • @ Sanjana:

      “PINK been released in Pakistan? ”

      Yes, it has. But it has been re-named ‘Green’ just as the ‘intolerant’ Modi government has renamed it in India as ‘Saffron.’

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  35. Where are Q’s and Satyam’s review of Pink ??


    • Q hasn’t seen; Satyam – I am not sure..his today’s comment shows decisiveness 🙂


      • Pink Effect !!
        CO – काम हुआ ??🙄
        Youngster – No !!😉
        CO- मतलब ?? 😳
        Youngster – “No” सिर्फ़ एक शब्द नहीं .. अपने आप में एक पूरा वाक्य है, इसे किसी तरह के स्पष्टीकरण, explanation या व्याख्या की ज़रूरत नहीं होती .. No का मतलब No ही होता है !!🤔😂😂😂

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        • ROFL Rocky babu, keep’em coming 😅

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          • बॉर्डर पर लड़ाई शुरू हो गई।

            संता: मेजर साहब, मैं दुश्मनों की माँ $$ दूंगा।

            मेजर: भो$ड़ी के, दुश्मन मारने हैं, पैदा नहीं करने।


  36. What a brilliant observation-
    Aashish Chandorkar ‏@c_aashish ·

    . @SushmaSwaraj punchline “Jinke apne ghar…” -dialog by Rajkumar -KP born in Baluchistan from Waqt – directed by Lahore born Yash Chopra!


  37. I never knew that there was an English version of Guide as well ??
    So I flew to Bangalore and, from there, drove to Mysore. We struck the deal. I flew back to America, and now we struck a deal with Pearl S Buck for filming the English version. But the English version was based on the book and the Hindi adaptation – Guide – is not because we had to change the entire concept of the married woman being seduced by another man.

    Vijay Anand executed it brilliantly, and after we had filmed the English version, Goldie shot the Hindi one


    • @ Rocky:

      The idea was to make a song-less version of GUIDE. And that’s when they decided to make it in English. Imagine the horrors of having a Hindi GUIDE without those momentous songs.

      Here’s another snippet: R.K. Narayan was so pissed off with the Hindi version of GUIDE. He is on record having said the DIRECTOR and his team just didn’t get it. It is NOT my book on screen.

      I have read the book and I am afraid it’s true.

      The ONLY actor/director that impressed R.K with regard to his adaptations was Shankar Nag. He was spell-bound with Nag’s adaptation of Malgudi Days on the screen. So much so that he drove from Mysore to Bangalore to Nag’s home in the middle of the night after the first episode was aired [he didn’t even want to call him], praised him to the skies and told him that he could just crash in to his home in Mysore any time and pick up any damn book written by him WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION if he wanted to make a movie or series out of it – and left for Mysore the same night!

      Shankar was a rare, a very rare talent in the Kannada film industry who was at ease both at masala movies as well as the though-provoking ones.

      Any body who visits Bangalore, make some time to be here. This is a tribute to him.


  38. LMAO !!!


  39. Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks Make a Case for Star Power

    “How things have changed. James Andrew Miller’s recent talent agency expose, “Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency,” recounts an age where star power was everything. During the Reagan and Clinton eras, movie icons were at their zenith. It was a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, and Tom Cruise were so in demand that studios had to accede to their every whims — from private jets to trainers to trailers that spanned city blocks.

    As Hollywood has grown more corporatized, it’s moved away from movies that depend on the charisma of an actor to draw crowds. Instead, studios back comic-book movies and animated fare that don’t rely on big names to find an audience. Those films spawn sequel after sequel, and if an actor gets too demanding, it’s easy to find someone new to slip on Spider-Man’s spandex or Batman’s cowl. But it has also left studios without the kind of talent pool needed to headline smaller budgeted dramas and comedies that can be major sources of profit.”


  40. You can watch THE GREAT AMERICAN COMEDY SHOW tonight


  41. Shah Rukh Khan is currently shooting for The Ring in Lisbon and looks like he is having ton of fun. The actor has always been pretty active on Instagram, be it his intense selfies or some fun moments with his kids. This time, Shah Rukh even tried the Boomerang feature.

    In this video, he is seen pulling off a funny stunt with ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ song in the background.


  42. The business of Pink is slowing down now as it grossed 1.75 crore nett on Monday. The collections on Friday and Saturday suggested that the film should comfortably go to the 70 crore nett mark but after Sunday and now Monday it is probably not going to get there. The film looked to be cruising past Neerja as it was ahead of that film even though it had tax free exemptions in many states but that changed from Sunday and now the trend is below Neerja. The second week will be around 21 crore nett which will take the film to 56 crore nett apprx. The business of Pink till date is as follows.

    Week One – 35,51,00,000

    Friday – 3,00,00,000

    Saturday – 5,50,00,000

    Sunday – 6,25,00,000

    Monday – 1,75,00,000 apprx

    GRAND TOTAL – 51,76,00,000

    There will be a big release like M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story this week which will hurt collections further and the lifetime business of the film is looking to go to around 65 crore nett.


    • It is 1.92 Cr on Monday … It is less than 40% fall from second Friday which is good. Don’t know why BOI terming it as slow down .. Neerja was also in same range on second Monday.


  43. There is a different type of Hit brewing in the Hindi film industry lately. There have been eight films this year and three of them (Neerja, Kapoor & Sons, Pink) are these alternative hit types. These films dont find much appreciation across the country but find huge appreciation concentrated at handfull of centres and most of these centres are the biggest in the country. The average ticket price in these centres is now high enough to get a hit even though footfalls are not high though of course the cost of these films also has to be under 50 crore, prefrebaly 25-35 crore to be a Hit though 50 crore can also be recovered.

    Barfi the biggest hit out of these went to another level and even crossed 100 crore nett though that was through clever distribution which would have added 8-10 crore. Still the film going that far was a bit of fluke and this won’t be repeated very often. It could have also been due to the presence of a star like Ranbir Kapoor but normally these types dont really work with the target audience with starcasts and examples are many from Haider to Bombay Velvet to Dil Dhadakne Do to Baar Baar Dekho. Below are a list of HIT films (only HITS listed) which have a 90% apprx contribution from multiplexes and around 60-65% business is coming from Mumbai and Suburbs, Pune, Delhi NCR / Chandigarh, Hyderbad, Bangalore and Kolkata. .

    1. Barfi – 1,05,56,00,000

    2. Piku – 78,38,00,000

    3. Neerja – 71,76,00,000

    4. Kapoor & Sons – 69,37,00,000

    5. Pink – 65,00,00,000 (expected)

    6. Queen – 61,47,00,000

    7. Kahaani – 57,81,00,000

    8. Badlapur – 49,62,00,000

    9. Kai Po Che – 43,48,00,000

    10. Vicky Donor – 41,00,00,000

    What is also common with all these films is that they only have a life as long as they are on the theatres as all were disasters on televisions. This is because of no all India appreciation and the little audience which does appreciate have seen them in the theatres.

    Note – The Pink television result is not known but its box office demographic is no different from Neerja so a similar result is expected on television, of course there is a chance it can surprise but its very minimal..


    • I am sure TamilNadu will follow suit as Dhoni has more fans in Chennai than probably in Ranchi. 🙂

      And yes…tax is likely to increase in Bengal for obvious reasons.


  44. Box Office: Pink is unstoppable in overseas; sees incredible jump in its second weekend and closes at 13.78 cr. – See more at:


  45. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story Will Live Up to the Hype: Neeraj Pandey

    New Delhi: Neeraj Pandey plans to head out for a “long break” just two days before his latest ‘baby’, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, hits the screens on Friday. He says he is confident that the movie will live up to the hype created by its trailer and promotions.

    What are his sentiments ahead of the release of the movie, which tells the story of successful Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

    “I am through with it in more ways than one. There’s nothing much at all to say… The actors have done their job, I have done mine and now the film is being delivered. I am looking forward to a long break now. I am going on a break on September 28 because there’s nothing much to do now in context to the film,” Pandey told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

    “I am thankful for the kind of anticipation that has built up following the trailer and promotions. I am glad all that has happened. We truly believe we will live up to it,” he added.

    With actor Sushant Singh Rajput stepping in the shoes of Dhoni, the film tells the inspirational story of how Indian cricket’s poster boy was once a ticket collector at the Kharagpur railway station and chased his dreams with a rare passion.

    “It’s a story about resilience and tenacity… Also, the fact that what is success actually. If you’re at peace with yourself, true success lies there. It’s not just about achieving something,” said Pandey, who has earlier helmed thrillers like “A Wednesday”, “Special 26” and “Baby”.

    What made him digress from that space?
    “I would use the word explore rather than digress. As storytellers, we all look forward to work on newer stories, newer content… So I found Dhoni’s story very interesting to tell. It’s a big story, very inspirational, moving and I felt it was the right kind of material after a film like ‘Baby’,” he said.

    His next directorial will be Crack.

    “Work on Crack starts in January. I will be involved in some productions till then. ‘Crack’ is a drama thriller on a true incident. But I will be more comfortable to talk about it closer to when we start shooting it,” said Pandey, who will work with Akshay Kumar in the movie.


  46. If terrorism can be stopped by banning actors then they should do it: Varun Dhawan

    Government should decide if banning actors can stop terrorism, says Varun Dhawan

    With the MNS asking Pakistani artistes to leave India in wake of the Uri terror attack, actor Varun Dhawan says it is the government which should decide if terrorism can be stopped by such bans.

    The Raj Thackeray-led party recently asked Pakistani artistes like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan to leave India, failing which the shooting of their films would be stalled. When asked about this, Varun told reporters on Monday evening, “I’ll follow what the government of India says. Whatever the government of India says, woh sar aakho par, I’ll follow that. The attacks which happened on our jawans are horrible, my heart goes out to them.”

    The Dilwale actor says a mandate to ban Pakistani actors, if at all, must come from the government if they feel this is a solution to curb terrorism. “I totally stand with the government of India, but this should come from the government. If they are are taking any steps, then what after that? If terrorism can be stopped by banning actors then they should do it. But that is something the government needs to decide first,” he said at the India Nightlife Convention Awards.

    Filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra feels though artistes from across the border are not responsible for terror acts, they often get trapped in these things.

    “This problem is real. Jo ye activities hoti hai (Because of these activities), somewhere rest of the innocent people get trapped in this, including the artistes. Artistes are not doing all of this but in this fire they get trapped. I say ‘no an artiste should be kept out of this, how can you involve the artiste’ but if you look at the larger picture, mothers have lost their children, sisters have lost their brothers. The sole breadwinner of the family died in the camp. The nation will get angry. And it will come out somewhere,” he said.

    The Mirzya helmer says whenever there is some tension, innocent people end up being targets. “Yes, it is absolutely right that don’t drag artistes into this but I want to ask, whenever a situation like this arises, in any part of the world, tension is there. The peace loving people are targeted,” he said.

    The director feels if there is something which can strengthen the ties between two nations, it is economic relationship. “If there is a flourishing economic relationship between India and Pakistan, then we won’t fill this valley of hatred with our children, but may be through business things will move forward…,” he said.

    MNS leader issued notice for threatening Pakistani actors
    “Even in our country we cast vote on the basis of caste, religious intolerance, so what can we say to others. Let’s make our homes better first,” he added.


  47. I am in favour of banning all relationship with Pakistan till we get an agreement from the country that terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, etc are not given state protection when they spread venom against India.

    I think few incl Satyam are not understanding that Pakistan is in war with India. This is not on the face war but a guirella war fare where you don’t know that the person sitting next to you from Pakistan is actually a suicide bomber.

    Till such situation exists, banning all liberals and asking them to develop a public opinion in Pakistan in favour of India is apt.
    If they cannot do, then they should publicly acknowledge and India can then given them asylum.

    Banning will give a great moral bosst to the army that all Indians are with them when they are getting killed. It will also send a strong global message that All is NOT Well with Pakistan.


    • Just like livewire, you too have some history.. remember Chandni Chowk to China.. ? 😀 Usku kyun ban nahi kiya? China aapka dost hai?


    • Master – China needs to be dealt differently or in same way. I don’t know. But if we act against Pak in a way, it doesn’t mean we have to deal in same way with others.


  48. Would be a fun watch if they are really coming together for the Z show #YaaronKiBaraat

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 8h8 hours ago
    Legends @SrBachchan & @ShatruganSinha met at @Riteishd & @SimplySajidK show… very excited …hope to do films together again !!


    • Amitabh Bachchan – Shatrughan Sinha together again

      46 years after they came together in Dostana, Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha have mutually agreed to do another film together.

      This amazing information comes to light after the duo participated in a new talk-show where they reminisced over old times. More imminently, Shatrughan Sinha saw Big B’s latest release Pink and was bowled over.

      Raves the outspoken Sinha, “What a film! So timely, so thought-provoking and a mirror of today’s times. The three actresses are gorgeous. But it’s THE Amitabh Bachchan who holds the film together with his towering performance. He proves once again that he is one of his kind. There is no one like him.”

      Apparently, when the two Bollywood behemoths met for Sajid Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh’s new talk show Yaaron Ki Baaraat, they hit it off instantaneously.

      Says Sinha, “Whatever our differences in the past, they’ve all been forgotten. We are now the best of friends again. And, we’re getting loads of request for a movie together. I’d love to do another Dostana with him.”

      – See more at:


  49. Uri attack: Pakistani actors should condemn it, says Anupam Kher

    When asked about whether it was right to ban Pakistani artistes from working in Indian films, Kher said, “I believe art and culture should not have boundaries but it is important and the moral responsibility of Pakistani actors working here to condemn the terrorist attack, which killed our soldiers.”

    The actor said even he had condemned the Peshawar school attack and does not see any harm in Pakistani artistes doing the same now.

    “I am not saying condemn your country because that’s very difficult for you as you are living there and politically it may not be the correct move. We welcome them, give them platform and places, they become popular and earn money, and they deserve that. But it is important to be sensitive to the
    sensitivity of Indian people


  50. Of Course artists are soft targets and the blame lies more to people who hire them, but this is professional harakiri and time has come for a clear distinction and a line needs to be drawn.

    Below tweets are at the crux of the issue, hence a stand needs to be taken in order to avoid sending any mixed signals.

    Paresh Rawal ‏@Babu_Bhaiyaa Sep 23
    Arnab is right.. Pakistani artists smart enough to condemn Paris attacks & ISIS…but can’t condemn #UriAttacks & Hafiz ? #BoycottPakOrNot

    TIMES NOW ‏@TimesNow Sep 23
    It’s important that artist must take a stand, they should stand up & say that we condemn this terrorism: Vivek Agnihotri #BoycottPakOrNot

    No one is asking them to condemn their country Pakistan, but at least sympathise with people of the nation where you are employed.


    • livewire: Lets also ban Salman’s next film – Tubelight. It is based on Indo-China war and a love story from each side(like Ek Tha Tiger). Chines superstar actress Zhu Zhu is the leading lady. Why only Pakistan, China is not our friend either, right?


      • Salman should face only one ban. Driving.

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        • Before banning anything…ban yourselves from those cotton shirts, rice, sugar, garments imported from Pakistan & China. All that cheap labour you indirectly support goes with it.

          Then discuss the more important matter of an actor or artist whom you pay more to watch and see then the little boy who makes your clothes.

          Priorities of freedom fighters or war mongerers is so miscalculated and misjudged. History hasn’t worked on anyone.


      • Tubelight storyline is all speculations and Salman has never pampered to any particular nation / race / community and I am sure the elements here too will remain unchanged and it’s not some China love suddenly.

        If you have read my previous comments there is a bit of history to India-Pak relations and both are baying for each others blood for god knows how many years now. Now relations with China are similar to what US is having with China. It is still at ‘to be or not to be’ stage. Further most of it is all centered around future posturing and based on area dominance (hamara ilaaka) in future. Of Course down the line, there will be sides taken a decade or two or even 50 years later but as of now there is no terrorism directly emanating from China. As we discuss this, today itself India has summoned Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit and presented proof of cross-border origins of Uri attack.

        Technically Salman may have been wrong in choosing a Rahet Ali and should have used so many other singers available in India if really had issues with a Arijit type who thinks he is Kishore Kumar of this age (solely due to lack of competition ) but this happened before 18-20 soldiers lives were lost by direct actions of Pakistani grown terrorists.


  51. Like

  52. Have read somewhere Tubelight is based on Hollywood movie Little Boy ( 2015 )

    Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ is a remake of 2015 Hollywood hit Little Boy, say industry insiders

    However, according to a report in, Tubelight is not based on an original script but is actually a remake of the 2015 Hollywood film Little Boy.

    The report goes on to say that the only difference between the films is that while Little Boy has a father-and-son track, Tubelight has the same plot device involving two brothers played by Salman and Sohail Khan.

    Little Boy is a fantasy film set during World War II. The story is about Pepper (Jakob Salvati) or the ‘little boy’ who is bullied by his classmates because of his diminutive height.


  53. Fire yourself !!!

    Pakistan-born actor Marc Anwar has been fired from “Coronation Street” after allegedly posting “racially offensive” tweets about Indians over the Kashmir issue,


    • Rocky,
      Marc Anwar is such a finest actor and has been in corrie since 2014,I watch this soap mostly everytime its aired..he is actually a neibour of mine and not very far from where I live,met him twice in the super-market and never thought he would state such a remark…you never know whats round the corner


  54. “War is an option. But banning artists is such a weak & lame response. Ban trade, suck the life out of the enemy through no trade, economic sanctions etc. Don’t put money into their pockets.”

    I don’t think an all out war is an option but covert ops should definitely be on the table. I think the government is also taking steps towards upping the ante – reviewing the MFN status & terms of IWT.


  55. I think all the comments are going round and round. Basically the crux of the discussion.

    1) Banning Pak artists good or not? – It doesn’t make sense but if Govt decides to ban them, then its fine and no one will knowingly break the law if the govt doesn’t give them visa for India.

    2) Creating issues for the movies shot and completed like ADHM or Raees. – If the law is created now to ban Pakistani artists but you can’t implement it for the movies already shot and completed when they followed the law and gave them work after Indian govt gave them visa and allowed work option.

    So, either whatever option 1 is decided it shouldn’t be an issue for option 2 as Govt gave them visa and now you can’t tell them not to release the movies.

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    • More than this movie industry discussion, govt should first implement to stop Delhi–Lahore Bus service. You can’t keep that running while creating dialogue elsewhere.


    • I don’t think anything can be argued against in above comment.


      • Yes both are fair comments Master. My whole arguments stems from futuristic point of view and not what has been done in the past. This attack serves people of both these nations a good opportunity to draw the lines and just mind their own business and live within their own means. All these peace overtures will not prevent the hawks within Pak to stake a claim on Kashmir and even the most liberal mind of modern India will ever allow even a inch of Kashmir to be ceded. This is a dead debate and is alive and kicking only because of vested interests & western powers skillfully selling these pipe dreams to poverty stricken Pak and arming them to reach this stage.

        Further my comments in the past and now on banning and stopping this cultural exchange is directed towards greater good of the common man on the road of both nations. They are the ones who suffer and the big guns just get on with their lives. In fact I will go a step ahead and say Pak seriously harms the peace loving Muslims of India and vitiates the atmosphere within India where two communities need to live peacefully side by side. These kinds of incidents give extremists within India to bay for each other’s blood because most of them equate this to their religious identity and uneducated lot do not differentiate between nationality and this in the long run then becomes more of a hindu-muslim issue which harms the common man earning his bread and butter peacefully.

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      • Bilateral trade between the two countries is not substantial, so MFN is not going to serve much purpose. These baby steps may not serve any definite purpose. The need of the hour is to have a multilateral approach with substantial outcome. Indus water Treaty, SAARC summit pullout, isolation at international forums are welcome steps. India does not have the wherewithal to put Pakistan in an economic conundrum, dont think we can isolate them economically, we just dont have that leverage. A limited military engagement can also be beneficial atleast in the short term. These are the multiple options for India.

        Pakistan- China nexus is one of the biggest obstacle for India. The so called friendliness between the two countries deter India’s peace prospects as the relationship is more due to geopolitical compulsion than anything else, therefore that benefits China on a different account. It creates more complexities for India as Pakistan very well knows that China will support it in any action against India.

        I dont understand why Russia didnt called off its military exercise in Pakistan, it would have set the precedent for other to follow. We need support from bigger nations against Pakistan.

        All other steps like banning artist, rhetoric is not going to serve any purpose.

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  56. Business Schools across India have requested for screenings to Fox for screenings of their upcoming film, M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story.

    M.S. Dhoni is known for his reign as the captain, with many calling caption cool as the most successful captain in the history of cricket.

    The inspirational story of captain cool, as a young boy from the bylanes of Ranchi as he made his way into the victorious corridors of Indian – and, world cricket, has been a favorite for many.

    Now, the biopic of the ace cricketer has been generating all the right noise since its trailer launch.

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  57. I love this dude…his movies are real and so is he…

    “I’m still angry”: Oliver Stone slams “superficial election,” media “idiots,” Orwellian U.S. politics

    “It’s a superficial election,” Stone replied. “I just find it to be irrelevant.”

    “The sad part is, neither candidate has addressed the surveillance state,” he said. “That’s the bigger issue. That was the issue that Ed spoke to.”

    “Nor have they discussed America’s wars, nor climate change,” Stone added, condemning both of the major-party candidates.


  58. Channa Mereya First Look: Ranbir Kapoor In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s Next Song

    Here’s the first look of Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘s upcoming song Channa Mereya. The first two songs from the Karan Johar film have already become chartbusters and now, another soulful track from the album is about to release.

    The music of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been composed by Pritam. In this first look of the song, Ranbir is seen in a traditional get up.

    Karan even tweeted saying that this is his favorite song from the film.


    • I am getting convinced that ADHM is going to be a musical hit but a theatrical flop.
      BTW, Shivaay title song on big screen looked very good. Many times better than when seen earlier in smaller screen.


      • ADHM will not even release properly after Uri. I have no doubt Shivaay will be a big winner now, not necessarily due to content though


  59. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal to reunite for Priyadarshan’s next
    The hit jodi of Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal will reunite for Priyadarshan’s next.

    A source was quoted as telling the daily, “Akshay will play a loud, fun-loving Punjabi character in Rohit’s production. The shooting will start from April next year and take place in Mumbai and Punjab. Paresh has been busy with politics ever since he won the Lok Sabha ticket for the BJP and has done very few films, but he and Priyan are friends, so the actor is making time for this film. He plays a pivotal role in the film.”

    The makers are in the process of writing the script and finalising a female lead for the film. Priyardharshan, who is making a comeback into Bollywood after a gap of 3 years, said, “The film is being written by me and Chennai Express writer Yunus. The actress is yet to be finalised. After three years of silence, I made Oppam (2016), which is the biggest hit of my career. Its success is so inspiring. It’s time to come to Bollywood again.”
    Apart from this, Akshay is currently busy shooting for Jolly LLB 2.


    • Seems OMG2 will be delayed further, despire the news earlier this year that both the actors are keen to do if a sequel if the script is right. That will also pave the way for PK2 😦


  60. Indus Treaty, MFN Review, SAARC Boycott: PM Modi’s War By Other Means?

    India has decided to pull out of the SAARC summit in Islamabad next month and is also moving on the economic offensive against Pakistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting on the Indus Water Treaty and then he called another meeting to review the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan. On The Buck Stops Here, we debate: Is war by other means the new Modi doctrine? Will India scrap MFN status to Pakistan? This on a day India summoned Pakistan High Commissioner and confronted him with Uri evidence, including details of one of the attackers and 2 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists who played guide to the attackers.


  61. M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story has the potential to be first real surprise of the year in terms of a grosser. There have been a few films like Neerja and Pink which would not have been expected to get the numbers they got but this film M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story is a different ball game as it can become a grosser because of the universal appeal unlike a Neerja or Pink. The music has not caught on but theatrical gave the feel of a real Hindi film with a earthy feel which is surprising as the film is directed by the director of films like Special 26 and Baby which did not do well despite the presence of Akshay Kumar and looked rip offs of some European or far east thrillers. This film has a totally Indian touch as far as the theatrical goes and the weekend will tell if the content is as good as the theatrical.

    The film has that rags to riches theme which goes down very well with the all India audience and on top you have this rags to riches story based on a very popular personality of the day, Dhoni. There are two negatives for the film, one is the cost which is close to 100 crore and the other is a dud hero. In normal circumstances this film could be written off due to the hero at that cost but the Dhoni brand is with the film which is why the cost is so high and is also supported by a good theatrical.

    Actually the casting may turn out better for the film as a popular star from the Khans to a Akshay to Ranbir or even Varun would mean the audience finding it hard to relate to them as Dhoni as they have star persona while here with a lesser actor it would be easier to pass him off as Dhoni as there is no star baggage.

    On the solid theatrical, a double digit opening day is there for the taking but the real question is that can brand Dhoni take it 15 crore nett or higher and this would also allow the film to have a chance to recover the huge cost. Brand Dhoni is an unknown as far as cinema is concerned and what sort of boost it gives the film will be known on Friday. Being a popular figure with todays youth should add the numbers but that remains to be seen.

    The single screens will be weaker as the hero is not known and there is no action or hit music but with the 750 odd multiplexes across India putting up strong numbers it should come out with a big number with chances to challenge all films released this year outside of Sultan if content is as good as theatrical.

    Last year there was one big surprise at the box office Tanu Weds Manu Returns and this film has potential to repeat that if the content is up to the mark.

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    • This is a good casting. No need for an older more established star. It’s a film on Dhoni & that and only that will decide films fate.

      Sounds like the start/opening will be good. Dhoni usually wins so am expecting a sixer here!

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    • Have no doubt of its super success now.


    • I am a fan of Pandey so would always wish his films a success. However, Sushant is an actor whose capabilities are blown out of proportion. Having said that, even if Pandey manages to make an average movie here, I get a feeling this one will be a huge hit and controversial too, with players come out after watching the scenes regarding dropping players from different formats.

      Having said that, I wish this movie had released a week later so that PINK could exhaust all it’s limited audience. It does look like PINK has just another day or 2 to make some more money but that wouldn’t really count much..


  62. Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pink has managed to remain stable in its 2nd week at the box office. This courtroom drama raked in 1.62 crores on its 2nd Tuesday and now stands with a total of approx 54.72 crores at the Box Office.

    Looking at the current trend, the film might settle at 57-58 crores by its 2nd week. Though, there will be a huge impact on the film’s business post the release of M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story.


  63. Ajay Devgn Has Delivered 44 Flops In 25 Years.

    The Singham of Bollywood Ajay Devgn is always known for his intense acting and raw action stunts. This makes him one of the most commercially successful actor. But it’s shocking that Ajay has delivered 44 flops in his 25 years of acting career.

    Ajay has five 100 crore club films under his belt which are Singham, Singham Returns, Golmaal 3, Son of Sardaar and Bol Bachchan. While, his last film Drishyam was a plus affair, the much-talked about Action Jackson turned out be a disaster.

    Ajay is now all set for the release of his next, Shivaay. A lot of hopes have been pinned to this film and expectations are that it may become Ajay’s highest grosser here.


    • They are being quite lenient here. There are a number of other flops they have ignored:

      Shaktimaan, Ek Hi Raasta, Jung, Gair, Zameen etc..

      Devgan must have delivered around 50 flops. His 90s phase was terrible, to say the least. It is only during the last 7-8 years that his record became decent.


  64. Many political parties are targeting the Pakistani actors and artistes who are in India to soar high in their acting career as Bollywood is a big industry and accepts every individual irrespective of their Nationality.

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees are on the target as Pakistani actors Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are working in these films respectively.

    However, superstar Salman Khan came forward in support of ADHM. (Note that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the lead actors in the film) Bhai wants Ash’s movie to release without any obstacles and undisturbed.

    According to a report in a popular daily the 50-year-old actor ringed MNS chief Raj Thackeray and requested him to stop the uproar around the films ADHM and Raees.

    Well, a good move for a friend and for…



    second poster for force 2

    sonakshi looks khatarnak


  66. GQ Awards 2016 full winners list: Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Amitabh Bachchan take home the trophies!

    Actor of the Year: Ranveer Singh

    Woman of the Year: Kangana Ranaut

    The Legend: Amitabh Bachchan

    Youth Icon: Tiger Shroff

    Breakthrough Talent: Vicky Kaushal

    Excellence in Acting: Radhika Apte

    Most Stylish: Saif Ali Khan

    Director: Abhishek Chaubey

    Designers: Shantanu & Nikhil Mehra

    Inspiration: Raghu Rai

    Global Indian: Ruchir Sharma

    Businessman: Vijay Shekhar Sharma

    Digital Dons: Arunabh Kumar & Biswapati Sarkar

    Artist: Sudharshan Shetty

    Philanthropist: Adar Poonawalla

    Sportsman: Devendra Jhajharia


  67. In addition to my longer comment above I’ll say this…

    everyone is always very ‘upset’ or ‘incensed’ when ‘jawaans’ are killed. The most populist rhetoric suddenly comes into play. Suddenly everyone is for this ‘common man’ and which ‘common man’ one is never ever concerned about in any other walk of life in any kind of situation beyond the purely abstract. Are we really upset by the loss of life that these incidents represent (Uri or elsewhere) or we mostly ‘angry’ because our national pride is hurt? All human life is equally valuable and the loss of such must be equally mourned. But of course we don’t live in such a world and there never has been such a world. There is always a politics of tragedy and mourning, life and death. A few people killed in a US city is huge news, often internationally, while a vastly greater number dying regularly in so many parts of the world and on a daily basis really means nothing. Our ‘sympathy’ is always conditioned by politics in every sense of the world. Not politics in the literal sense but the politics that in any given situation decides how much each human life is worth. Hundreds of thousands or even millions dying in an African country in the worst possible ways are simply not ‘news’ the way a few people dying in a major Western city are. But even within countries (West or East) such tragedies are often experienced through the filters of various kinds of identity politics. There are all these faultiness nationally (different in every situation) and internationally (certain national events become international ones, others don’t) but one of these is the very nationalistic one within each nation-state where soldiers (or police) dying is presented as a sacred event. The same is true for India. Even as so many die or are brutalized all the time on grounds of caste, even as violence against women of the most depraved kind also makes India possibly the world’s ‘biggest’ democracy, even as on a daily basis the value of human life is either cheap or next to nothing when its about people who don’t belong to certain classes, I could go on with other examples but even as all of this happens what really ‘angers’ everyone is not this constant injustice and callousness everywhere but Maoist attacks on the police and Pakistani attacks on soldiers. Now this is not to ignore the politics of all these attacks much less the atrocious nature of the violence. It is certainly not to be unsympathetic to those who die in these events. But again all of this comes to the fore only because certain nationalist narratives are involved or because nationalist pride is wounded. Even when people concern themselves about some of those other ignored and utterly deplorable forms of violence it’s only when these sometimes make international news and then everyone is of course ’embarrassed’ (not upset but embarrassed) and once again it’s only a question of national pride and ‘honor’. Now whatever the reasons, whatever the politics, every loss of human life or every brutalization of human life has to be mourned. But let’s not pretend we actually do this. We’re not even bothered about most of the nation most of the time. Those ‘people’ aren’t even on our radar most of the time. And we wake up and ‘worry’ about them only when it’s upper/lower caste or Muslim/Hindu or some such conflict or again where it’s about identity politics and we can comfortably take our usual sides. Only obsessing with ‘jawaan’ deaths or ‘police’ deaths or what have you might reveal us to be good nationalists (even if this is always the cheapest way of confirming one’s nationalism.. much as the same ‘jawaans’ become ‘heroes’ for us while we continue to live our lives utterly divorced from any such context.. they can be ‘heroes’ and we can be ‘angry’ when they die but hey let’s not stop our ‘revelries’ and our consumption desires otherwise..) but we also constantly expose our emptiness in the very same and symmetric sense even if we never run into those mirrors that would show us these deeper truths.

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    • Pink Dekhi ??


    • You want us to become communist in showing our outrage ? 🙂

      I don’t think I disagree but I think our emotions (sadness, outrage, happiness) are dictated by nearness and identity. I am going to be more happy, if my kid does well in exam than if my neighbor’s kid does well or will be indifferent, if the kid is in different city. We did more than proportional show of happiness when Sakshi won bronze than say USA people did for 23 gold by Phelps. A Trevor Martin shooting evokes more emotion than many murders happening in Chicago. We can parse the narrative but I don’t think we can say with objectiveness that this is more right or wrong.


      • “but I think our emotions (sadness, outrage, happiness) are dictated by nearness and identity”

        Yes but the problem is that the ‘nearness and identity’ is constructed as a political act. What ‘nearness and identity’ do people have to ‘jawaans’ stationed somewhere on the Kashmir border? And if they do feel ‘nearness and identity’ why don’t they feel the same for people being butchered on caste grounds closer to where they live? Why don’t they feel ‘nearness and identity’ to many things that happen a few miles from where they live? The difference is ‘politics’. Wanting your kid to do well versus another kid isn’t odd. There’s a natural reason for this. But you’re not giving it any greater meaning. However when we keep talking about ‘jawaans’ we are doing something more. The nation-state can make its citizens believe anything. At least the vast majority. It can define certain concerns as genuine and ‘obvious’ and do the opposite as well. If we as Indians have minimal empathy for many other Indians, if most of them don’t even appear on our radar, whether for ethnic or religious or caste reasons or whatever, why do we even insist that we are all nonetheless Indians? Of course I know we’re all living within the same borders. But that’s a political definition. Beyond this? The nation-state needs all of its citizens on certain issues. Actually everyone is really needed only when it’s about war. Otherwise people can be as indifferent to each other, live as separately as if they were living in different nations. Being Indian cannot just mean this in a universal sense when it’s about war or World Cup! So yes it is about emotions but those emotions are also ‘nurtured’ in certain ways. Take an analogous example. The horrifying Delhi rape case from a few years ago. Eventually it became a huge spectacle, a media production, made the news internationally. But more or less similar things happen every week in some part of the country, in many cases more than this. Why was that the only rape anyone ever cared about? I understand it was particularly atrocious and so on but again where it happened, how people related to it (a young college girl taking a bus in a major metropolitan center is something everyone or at least the audiences that drive TV ratings can relate to, when the same happens to a girl in small town Haryana it’s not quite the same thing) is also part of the narrative. The ‘iconic’ should be distrusted everywhere outside cinema and sports! Even in those two areas it should be examined critically but in life elsewhere when the stakes are high one must wonder why certain crimes become so iconic and others don’t. Now I’d say the same for the US also or any other nation. Here if anything the valorization of soldiers is far more intense. But the same soldiers are the worst sufferers in every other avenue of life from their educational and economic opportunities to their medical treatment and so on. Shouldn’t this bother us? They can be ‘heroes’ and suffer so that we continue to enjoy our lives! It doesn’t take much to celebrate them. Nothing in fact. So forget even the comparisons I’ve brought up, how much do we really care even just sticking to the subject of soldiers? Whether in the US or in India?

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        • For most of the time, saala samajh nahee aata hwthe you are writing for the motion or against the motion. LOL
          when one reads your long paragraphs , everything seems to be making sense but by the end of it one is so BC confused kee soldiers shaheed hue ya fir mercenary hain !!!
          P.S- you are really a different species to be able to talk about these lofty ideas, and at the same time have fun in petty BO fights !!

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          • If you are home owner and I sign up to protect your home, and there is a break in and I get shot at (killed) and few of my security people are dead and you–the home owner, gives money, support to the house breaker…HA! This is STUPID logic. This is not how world works, emotions or none.


          • yes some very unfortunate gene mutation occurred in me..


        • The part played by media bombardment is partly responsible for this. And most try to believe what they want to believe. The sane voices are drowned by insane voices but they surface again and again to make their point.
          And there is this thing of taking one example to drive home the point than diluting the issue by taking too many examples. One thing at a time.

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        • Satyam, only the total erasure of the ‘Nation State’ concept can bring about the ideal situation that you aspire for. For that to happen, humanity would need to give up various divisive ideologies, and the concept of religion. Easier said than done. May happen perhaps when science has evolved to retrofit humans with bionics, and perhaps when most democracies become absolute socialist societies (guaranteeing food, shelter, education for all). Until that utopia, humans will keep getting wound up with base emotions such as nationalism, communalism, et al.


          • In the long record of human history the nation-state as we know it is just a blip on the radar. Things always seem more permanent when we’re living through them. By the way I’m not totally against nation-states. In fact I fear that many of these might start unraveling a bit too fast as we go through an important transitional point in every sense of the word. The collapse of nation-states is not a pretty affair either as we can see in the Mideast currently. Critiquing something doesn’t mean one simply wants to wish it away. Of course no human progress would ever be possible without precisely the utopian element in thinking. Put differently for a thought to be worthy of the name it must be ahead of its time and hence seem utopian. By the way I’m not suggesting I’m doing any such thing. Just saying one should actually be ‘for’ the utopian in this sense. But in any case this logic of arguing against the latter could be used anywhere. One could say women will constantly be gang-raped everywhere in India and arguing otherwise is utopian. Wishing for slavery to end 200 years ago would also have seemed utopian. These examples could be multiplied. At any rate political systems change not because newer ones are seen as perfect but that older ones get exhausted and are no longer seen as sufficient, specially in crises.


    • this was a mature take on the issue.

      also, the media is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to putting unnecessary fears (some, of course, are legit) into our daily lives…lots of folks fall for it.

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  68. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 9h9 hours ago
    #Pink [Week 2] Fri 3.15 cr, Sat 5.49 cr, Sun 6.57 cr, Mon 1.98 cr, Tue 1.62 cr. Total: ₹ 54.72 cr. India biz.


  69. OMG the pictures that AB has posted on his blog – Kangna looks Hotttttt !!!


  70. With every passing day, instead of things cooling off between India and Pakistan, the clash is getting intense.

    After Indian’s demanded the deportation of Pakistani actors from India, Pakistan too has banned the release of Indian films. The first one to bear the brunt is Sushant Singh Rajput’s upcoming fim “M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story”. The film that was supposed to hit the silver screens on September 30, will now no more see the light of the day in Pakistan.

    The distributors there are not keen to release the film that’s based on the life of Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in their country.

    A source from the exhibition industry in Pakistan says, “The film does not feature in the programming list since no distributor wants to bring it here.”

    A Pakistan based distribution company was supposed to release the film but its chairman Ahmed Rashid told the tabloid, “Amid current tension between the two countries, we have decided not to release the film.”


  71. On Cinema blog here r few bollywood responses to #SurgicalStrike

    Lata Mangeshkar ‏@mangeshkarlata 3h3 hours ago
    Namaskar. Mujhe garv hai hamare veer jawano pe,hamare pradhan matri ji aur raksha mantri ji pe. Jai Hind !Vande Mataram !

    Govinda ‏@ActorGovinda 3h3 hours ago
    Congratulations to The Indian army.
    We’re all proud of you.
    #JaiHind 🙏

    Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhagat 4h4 hours ago
    Nothing to be too proud about. Nothing to be ashamed about. Just something that needed to be done, to prove a point. #SurgicalStrike

    Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhagat 9m9 minutes ago
    Dear Pakistan, just to be clear, today you killed your own people. By attacking us first and compelling us to retaliate. #SurgicalStrike

    SONAL CHAUHAN ‏@sonalchauhan7 23m23 minutes ago
    #Indianarmy #IndiaStrikesBack terrorism with a #SurgicalStrike. So proud today. Thank you @narendramodi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    John Abraham
    We are proud of our forces, it is high time we respond to terrorism. We are a very tolerant country.

    Sonakshi Sinha
    Yeh hi kehna chahenge, firstly thank you kehna chahenge, kyunki unhone itna bada kadam uthaaya hai. Like John said earlier, this was the need of the hour. We have to deal with terrorism and I’m really happy that finally, it’s happening. We all are citizens of this country, as people who live here and who love our country, we’re all very very thankful to them.

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 5h5 hours ago
    #SurgicalStrike …. JAI HIND

    KAPIL Retweeted
    Sneha Rajani ‏@SnehaRajani 4h4 hours ago
    JAI HIND!!! #SurgicalStrike #IndianArmy


  72. This the way forward for lasting peace since bhaichara does not yield much results –

    Fawad Khan’s next with Salman Khan SHELVED.

    “…Fawad Khan’s next movie under Salman Khan production is the latest victim in the whole controversy surrounding ban on Pakistani artists in India. While the director had earlier confirmed signing the star, he now denies even approaching him for the same.

    So now when Nitin Kakkar has denied approaching Fawad Khan, it will be interesting to see which actor gets the chance to replace him. Also is Salman Khan happy with Fawad not being a part of his production anymore? What do you think about this issue, comment your views below!…”


  73. pakistani artists should be welcome to work in India. Will they come?


  74. The five stages -(brilliant)


  75. Rustom Is Akshay Kumar Silver Jubilee HIT
    Thursday 29 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Rustom released last week became the silver jubilee hit of Akshay Kumar’s career. It was his 25th HIT film and this feat has been achieved by very few actors in the film industry. Only Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have achieved this feat out of the present working lead actors and in the rest of history, its probably just 3 or 4 other actors which have managed 25 HIT films in their careers. Only genuine stars manage to give this many HITS as its very difficult to reach this mark which is why so few have managed it.

    The list of Akshay Kumar HITS in order of inflation adjusted totals are as follows.

    1. Mohra (1994) – 1,99,19,00,000
    2. Rowdy Rathore (2012) – 1,86,11,00,000
    3. Welcome (2007) – 1,54,55,00,000
    4. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996) – 1,48,58,00,000
    5. Housefull 2 (2012) – 1,45,99,00,000
    6. Singh Is Kinng (2008) – 1,29,92,00,000
    7. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (2014) – 1,29,46,00,000
    8. Rustom (2016) – 1,24,43,00,000
    9. Airlift (2016) – 1,23,46,00,000
    10. Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995) – 1,10,19,00,000
    11 Housefull (2010) – 1,09,86,00,000
    12. Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) – 1,09,16,00,000
    13. Housefull 3 (2016) – 1,08,07,00,000
    14. Phir Hera Pheri (2006) – 1,07,20,00,000
    15. Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994) – 1,02,73,00,000
    16. OMG! Oh My God (2012) – 1,01,13,00,000
    17. Heyy Babyy (2007) – 1,00,62,00,000
    18. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004) – 97,07,00,000
    19. Bhagam Bhag (2006) – 93,87,00,000
    20. Suhaag (1994) – 90,13,000
    21. Elaan (1994) – 84,53,00,000
    22. Garam Masala (2005) – 81,84,00,000
    23. Yeh Dillagi (1994)- 80,10,00,000
    24. Andaaz (2003) – 73,83,00,000
    25. Khiladi (1992) – 70,00,00,000 (apprx)

    There are 17 films of over 100 crore nett in the list above and there is one Ek Rishtaa – The Bond Of Love (2001) but there the budget was high and the film did not do enough business to become a hit. The first two films (Mohra and Rowdy Rathore) on the list are blockbusters and there is a considerable gap between them and the rest.


    • Akshay is the genuinely biggest star we have who is self made and non-manipulative. Not as gifted as others, but he has overcome his shortcomings via working doubly hard. He is not getting adulations from peers and junta which is reserved only when you give ATBB.
      His movies have longer shelf life despite not delivering biggest grossers.


    • * with corrections

      Akshay is the genuinely biggest star we have who is self made and non-manipulative. Not as gifted as few others, but he has overcome his shortcomings via working doubly hard and being sincere to his craft and knowing his weakness. He is now getting adulations from peers and junta which is reserved only when you give ATBB.
      He is a genuine role model for anyone who feels one need not be gifted to succeed. With hard work one can achieve highest success and give run for money to more gifted ones.
      His movies have longer shelf life despite not delivering biggest grossers.


      • “Akshay is the genuinely biggest star we have who is self made and non-manipulative.”

        Akshay is surely non-manipulative now but he hasn’t been the same always. He made his image clean in last decade and stick on good path and avoiding controversies. But he wasn’t the same in 90’s and early 2000’s. He was very well known for getting close with producers and influencing the projects and even snipping out other actor’s role to the extent he went and made fun of the jokes at award functions as to getting best Editor awards.

        Yes after marriage and after mid 2000, Akshay has revamped his casanova and controversial actor image and turned out to be a great role model for everyone to look upon.


        • Here Akki is crying for not winning any awards. Honestly, he has just improved in last few years and soon he will get one but he should stop this act of never getting award all his life(Dharmendra did the same). There’s simple reason – he never deserved it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t give any good performances but even his best isn’t upto the mark to win high level accolades(even ignoring however corrupted the awards are everywhere).


  76. You Asked It: Is It Possible That After The Khans It Will Be Technology That Will Dominate
    Thursday 29 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Q. Is it possible than after the Khans it will be technology that will dominate like in Hollywood which has no superstars now but rely on content and technology?
    A. The maybe a chance but its very unlikely. For the Hindi film industry to survive it needs a star system. If films become dependent on technology then it will be the Hollywood films that dominate as the they can spend 10 or 20 times more. It is the star system that has kept Hollywood at an arms length in India while they dominated the world. The industry will have to have big stars after the Khan’s for this status quo to remain so it is very important for real stars to be created. By real we mean stars with who are accepted by the public which leads to a box office draw.
    Arsh Ahmad

    Q. Is it not premature to say Pink will not do well on television as the film has really been loved and this word of mouth will reflect on television with the wider audience?
    A. The problem is the wider audience. It has not even been appreciated by the wider audience let alone be loved and this will probably reflect down the line on television. Anyway that article has a footnote saying Pink television performance is being judged by the results of other similar films.
    S. Dey

    Q. Who year is better for Akshay Kumar? 2007 with Namastey London, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiya and Welcome or 2016 with Airlift, Housefull 3 and Rustom
    A. 2007 probably edges it and it was a breakthrough year with high grossing films also.
    K. Yadav

    Q. How many films have grossed 100 crore nett which have not been helped a by a holiday?
    A. 13. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Rowdy Rathore, Ready, Ram Leela, Holiday, Housefull 2, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Housefull 3, Barfi, ABCD 2, 2 States and Bol Bachchan
    Ravinder Rupal


  77. @”it is very important for real stars to be created. By real we mean stars with who are accepted by the public which leads to a box office draw.”

    All things considered I just love Box Office India for being point blank / blunt in their analysis !!


  78. I wish one of these days I could make Mr.Satyam and his ilk attend one of Box Office India master classes for a couple of hours and flush / cleanse their system.


    • One doesn’t usually go to the bathroom to take a class..

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    • On the contrary I find experts (even Nahtas, Adarshs) don’t know or hoodwink.
      For example – All of them add satellite to revenue stream; there is service tax and probably other local taxes deducted or paid. Or the movie sold to distributors but BO gross is added to producer kitty.


    • Selective Bathroom visits should be avoided Satyam. You visit and spend lot of time incl so singing there loudly when as per your time and place.


  79. Baradwaj Rangan on Parched-

    “Parched”… A very well-acted film that hits hard, hits home


  80. Jey Baat !!!

    Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) has passed resolution which bans Pakistani actors & technicians from working in India till the relations between the two nations come back to normal, news agency ANI has reported.


    • A welcome move indeed. The reasons are justified and glad that NOONE objected to it.
      Am in safe release of ADHM.
      Expecting a blanket ban on hindi movies in Pakistan.

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    • “However, the ban does not apply on Pakistani artists already working on projects in India. “If there’s any ongoing project from which [Pakistani artistes] cannot be removed now, on which everything has been done, they can come for that,” it said.”

      However, the ban does not apply on Pakistani artists already working on projects in India. “If there’s any ongoing project from which [Pakistani artistes] cannot be removed now, on which everything has been done, they can come for that,” it said.

      However, the ban does not apply on Pakistani artists already working on projects in India. “If there’s any ongoing project from which [Pakistani artistes] cannot be removed now, on which everything has been done, they can come for that,” it said.

      Just making sure, some folks read this part too!


  81. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
    #Pink [Week 2] Fri 3.15 cr, Sat 5.49 cr, Sun 6.57 cr, Mon 1.98 cr, Tue 1.62 cr, Wed 1.53 cr. Total: ₹ 56.25 cr. India biz.


  82. [edited]


  83. just found this whilst browsing…



    RUSTOM is Akshay kumar Silver Jubilee HIT

    Naveen – Akshay is the genuinely biggest star we have who is self made and non-manipulative. Not as gifted as few others, but he has overcome his shortcomings via working doubly hard and being sincere to his craft and knowing his weakness. He is now getting adulations from peers and junta which is reserved only when you give ATBB.
    He is a genuine role model for anyone who feels one need not be gifted to succeed. With hard work one can achieve highest success and give run for money to more gifted ones.
    His movies have longer shelf life despite not delivering biggest grossers.


  85. I am sure Satyam will delete the above Frustrated KMs comments. Keep Calm, move on !!!
    P.S.- I am sure Master will condemn this comment !!


  86. posted this on bachchan’s blog in response to his “don’t mess with the Indian army” comment after referencing this older one I put up here the other day:

    [To add to this one shouldn’t only be for unorthodox truths when it’s about the sort of subject that’s treated in Pink. One should bring the same critical thinking in other areas too. And certainly on questions of nationalism, a discourse which everywhere encourages the most unthinking responses. I am not against military action but certain kinds of action is just about making one’s citizens happy that ‘hey we did something’ without really coming any closer to solving the problem. Does one really think that behavior on the other side of the border will be altered by this? I admit I don’t have the answer. Things have been at an impasse forever. Every approach of any kind whatsoever ultimately fails. But this includes the present one as well. If one wants to pat oneself on the back for sticking it to the enemy one certainly can but I doubt this changes anything. This has become one of those futile pointless struggles of the post-war world. Nothing that India tries ever changes anything on the other side except for a very limited period of time. This is a stale game that has gone on forever. I am not suggesting one do nothing, I certainly understand the frustration but one can surely have the good sense not to think this is some sort of great solution. If it had been that easy it would have been done before this! In any case my larger point as always is let’s not be easy unthinking nationalists. Otherwise we don’t really have a right to question others who also wish to be easy unthinking defenders of a sexist tradition and culture that routinely leads to situations like the one depicted in Pink. One cannot be selective in these matters.]


    • Solution is simple:
      1. Pakistan stop giving support to these non-state actors.
      2. make LOC as permanent border.
      3. There will be some protests in Kashmir but it will die down because of lack of money and support.
      4. Once everything looks good for 5-10 years; reduce the size of military in both the countries.


      • I agree with all this… the problem is that even the first of these steps seems impossibly hard to achieve. I think it would take a revolution in Pakistan and the complete overturning of the existing power arrangements for this to happen. As things stand they will never give up on the proxies. Even destroying their own country doesn’t seem to be too high a price to maintain the status quo.


    • someone on that blog said the strikes were long due and so on. I responded this way:

      [I am not against surgical strikes. Just skeptical that in this case these change anything over the long run. But these do work as a ‘populist’ political measure. People cheer for them. Do you really believe that Pakistan will change its policies based on this sort of thing? Yes one might feel momentarily empowered but decades-long conflicts are not solved so easily. And again I don’t have the answer. By the way note the ‘colonial’ mindset even here. So even the ‘surgical strike’ term is very much a borrowed one.]


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