Mirzya, MS Dhoni (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Mirziya Has A Low Start
    Friday 07 October 2016 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mirziya has had a low start of around 15% which was expected and now it remains to be seen if the film can grow in the evening and to what extent and what it can do tomorrow. The film has newcomers which means limited face value and despite being a love story which is best genre for newcomers, the music and the theatrical did not have the impact needed to get the film a good or decent initial. Basically the film becomes totally dependent on that Saturday figure which actually most films depend on because that sort of becomes the level for them as very few films actually take an initial

    The film should do better in the North as its one the famous love stories from Punjab though as seen last week with M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story the belts of Delhi city and East Punjab do need stars for big numbers as that film under performed in North as compared to the rest of the country due to no presence of a big star. Here the film is based in North so that should alter that scenario. The Mumbai and Pune figures will be crucial for the film because places like East India, CP Berar and Nizam are going to find it tough even if it picks up so basically the films needs Mumbai on board. If both North and Mumbai can do well then you can go somewhere even if other circuits don’t perform much.

    Tutak Tutak Tutiya had a poor opening although its not a complete washout opening like many small films it will still have to settle for opening day business in lakhs rather than get a 1 crore or so.

    MSG – The Warrior Lion Heart also had poor opening. There were some shows which had good occupancy in the North but these are likely to be bulk bookings pre release as what happened with the two earlier MSG films.


  2. M.S.Dhoni – TUS Has Good First Week Due To Strong Weekend
    Friday 07 October 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story (Hindi) has had a good first week at 84.75 crore nett but its down to the strong weekend which was over 61 crore nett. The collections had a noticeable drop on Monday but they were still healthy at 7.50 crore nett but the problem came after as the film could just not hold on any of the other weekdays which is likely to tell on its second weekend collections. The film also had a Tamil and Telugu version which grossed around 5 crore nett over the first week which is decent considering that it is more than the lifetime business of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Happy New Year in the same formats.

    The Dhoni brand and cricket factor has helped the film immensely in the South as its an out performing market especially Mysore which should not be the case for a film about a boy from the interiors of the country. Even West Bengal is similar as the Dhoni brand and cricket factor helped it put up good collections. The problem for the film has come in North where East Punjab is at a similar level to Mysore and when that happens to a film which is not based in South India then it means the potential of the film is unlikely to be unfulfilled. The collections in Delhi / UP are also not that good comparatively though Mumbai circuit has done well.

    Basically the film has gone through due to the initial which came due to curiosity for the Dhoni story and a good theatrical promo but the film has turned out to be not as good as the audience expected after the theatrical and appreciation for the film is limited. It remains to be seen where the film goes as far as its lifetime business is concerned and the business today (Day 8) will probably answer that.


  3. Akshay Kumar’s Message On How India Is Not Asking The Right Questions Is Very Intelligent

    Watch the video that’s been trending since last two days – http://www.storypick.com/akshay-kumar-message/

    Akshay Kumar doesn’t speak much, his deeds do. But when he decided to make a point, it is groundbreaking. After helping Uri Martyrs families, Akshay used Twitter to speak his mind about how he is upset with the pointless debates going in the nation when nobody is asking the quintessential question.

    He asks people to not talk about the actors or the ban, but talk about those who have sacrificed their lives and those who are everyday fighting for us. Why are we fighting amongst ourselves when we should be fighting together?


    • For the right reasons media and most of my friends have picked this video message by Akshay Kumar and have been debating endlessly on how simple and yet extraordinary has been Akki’s message.

      Copying from my previous comment on this-
      Akshay has not only given an impactful 1 minute speech but has set the records right on where the debate should be on.

      While fans of SRK, Salman and Aamir has been shamed and left to defend them, here is Akshay Kumar who stands tall on the debate.

      In one stroke Akshay maintains a fine balance in the angry debate India has been forced to indulge in by likes of MNS on one side and KJ Congress on the other side. Akshay shames people like MNS who are calling for bans and also calls those asking for proof on surgical strikes stupid. He very rightly says that focus should be on army at these times and welfare of their family.


      • But why is Akshay doing all this..he is a canadian citizen..should not worry about India.


        • He is a smart guy; It is relatively easy to get Canadian citizenship and you go to many parts of world without Visa hassles. And if you have OCI, you can stay in India as long as you want without registering at nearest police station.

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      • I don’t understand why politicians like that venomous Sadhvi creature or filmi fans here need to drag in somebody like Aamir who has not said a word about Uri or the follow up strikes by India. What is wrong with his silence? And is he the only silent Indian? Does everybody need to wear their opinions on their sleeve?

        These are strange times in India. You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


        • [edited]


          • AamirsFan Says:

            this comment…is pretty ridiculous. have you ever been to pakistan?


          • “Even the worse of hindu saint cannot hold candle to their ignorant, stupid, dhadhi-without-mooch type of local pakis!!!”

            Do you understand Satyam has not created this blog for you to come and trash Pakistan here? Also, this blog in no way is open only Indians(I think) and is more of India movie lovers irrespective of caste, religion or country.

            If you have so much hatred against Pakistan.. there are enough blogs outside for you to rant and cry. Please [edited] and keep this civil and clean.


          • “Also, this blog in no way is open only Indians(I think) and is more of India movie lovers irrespective of caste, religion or country.”

            yes it’s for anyone and everyone who’s interested in movies and not only Indian movies. And it’s open to ‘patriots’ of all kinds and ‘traitors’ of all kinds too!


  4. Fawad Khan breaks his silence

    On Friday, the actor, who has been accused of speaking against the Bollywood film industry and India at large, broke his silence and cleared his stance on the same.
    He issued an official statement on his social networking site saying, “I’ve been in Lahore since July as my wife and I had been expecting our second child.
    I’ve received numerous requests from the media and from well wishers worldwide asking me for my thoughts on the sad incidents that took place in the past few weeks. As a father of two little children, I pray and wish like many others that together we can build and live in a more peaceful world. I believe we owe it to our children who will shape our tomorrow.
    This is the first time I have spoken on the matter. Please disregard any other words attributed to me during this time because I have not said them. I thank all my fans and fellow artists from Pakistan, India and people in general all over the world who have shown continued support for their belief in love and understanding to unite a divisive world.”


      Mumbai: Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali has come forward as the first artiste from the neighbouring country to condemn the Uri terror attack.

      Pakistani artistes, working in Bollywood, have been at the centre of a storm since the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) threatened them to leave India in the wake of the attack and also demanded a ban on them from working in the film industry.

      The silence of the artistes on the attack has been questioned and criticised in India.

      Shafqat, whose concert in Benguluru was scrapped last month after the terror strike, told a news channel,

      “It is a terror attack and I condemn it, I strongly condemn it.”

      When asked why other Pakistani artistes haven’t condemned the attack, the singer said,

      “As far as I know, Pakistani actors condemn any kind of attack which happens in any part of the world which is against any country because we have been suffering for so many years.

      “We know how it feels when your soldier or civilian dies. So, I don’t think any of them would say this (Uri) was right.”

      Shafqat said when the attack happened there was anger generated towards Pakistani artistes and that pushed them on the backfoot and hence they did not speak on the issue.

      “The moment all this started, people started bashing them. Someone also wrote an open letter to Fawad which pushes you on the backfoot and you start thinking ‘What just happened? Why suddenly an open letter to me?’. Ali Zafar, Fawad, Rahat (Fateh Ali Khan) or me, we will condemn a terror attack in any part of the world.”


      • Fawad is being diplomatic here, kudos to Shafqat


      • aab jab inn sab ne condemn kar hi diya hai (pet ke vaste) toh aap masterji, bharat mata ki jai bole hi dalo. Aur Khuda toh aurat he hogi because yeh religion toh men ki banae cheez hai…sau male bol diya…god has to be female 😉


        • Its not about saying (which easily I can) but the topic is far serious and important to be not wasted discussing with immature folks like you. When I feel other person is worthy of proper discussions, I will someday but I usually refrain folks asking again n again with silly smileys to prove a point without understanding the depth of the topic.


          • Accha theek hai smiley nahi lagatey hum aab. Theekhai.
            Aur rahi baat ‘seriousness’ ki, then aap “bharat maata ki jai” bole ke bajay, yaha-waha bahaney dhoond rahe ho. …calling me unworthy and whatnot.
            ALso Satyam can pass a comment like “sadhvi creature” so easily but what if I were to say that “mulla creature”. Tab toh maro-kato ho jaata.
            Double standards!!!


  5. This reaction might stop me from going to the movie today! Sad.. I might still go though!


    • man that’s a rough crowd! But yeah this is looking to be a Saawarya or something in box office terms. Still interested in it because of Mehra. Actually much more interested in it than BMB. But Mehra seems to alternate flops/hits perfectly — Aks/RDB/D6/BMB/now Mirzya. By that ‘law’ his next film should be safe!


      • I’ve seen other reviews as well but the general consensus is that multiple story format which worked vey well in RDB is the big failure and creating confusion in the movie. It is very difficult it pull it through always, RDB could be an exception.


      • Crowd rough nahi hai…I would say I can watch “woh saat din” saat bar instead of Mirzya. 😦
        This was ROPM going Gowrikar way…maybe mohenjodaro might have been more interesting…seems like mirzia is sad-bad version of MohanJ.


    • 3:10 to 3:19 mark is classic


    • I agree one thing that he should shorten his name from Harshvardhan Kapoor to Harsh Kapoor. All his family has simple named like Anil, Boney, Sanjay, Sonam, Arjun and I have seen folks struggling to pronounce his first name often. Harsh Kapoor is simple and nice which is also important to get famous in children or teens and younger folks.

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      • Amitabh Bachchan was given similar suggestions too…..moron….naam aur fame mai koi rishta nahi….and what kinda name is “boney”…is it bohni….kuch bhi naam rakh letey hai log.


  6. Not at the moment: Ajay Devgn on working with Pakistani actors
    HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi | Updated: Oct 07, 2016 16:31 IST

    Country comes before money, says Ajay Devgn.
    Ajay Devgn has become the first Bollywood A-lister to speak openly in support of Pakistani artists getting banned in Bollywood. In an interview with CNN-News18, he said, “How do you expect me, when there is a constant exchange of bullets, to sit down and isolate them?

    “ On being asked whether he would work with the Pakistani actors, Devgn said, “Not at the moment. I heard some people say that talks are the only way to continue. I want to see you getting into a fight with somebody after he gives you a tight slap on your face and you say ‘let’s have a talk right now.’”

    He made an indirect jibe at his fellow actors who are supporting the idea of Pakistani actors working in Indian films. “It’s saddening. I don’t know what the reasons are. I don’t even believe that they are human beings are scared at this time.”

    He said, “Country comes before money. What will you do with money if your country sinks?”

    He added, “You can’t clap with one hand. You keep talking to people but then they come and kill you. How can you still continue a dialogue?”



    • You can see who is patriot, son of soil (Akshay, Devgan, dhoni, AnupamKher, tarak fatah, even adnan sami has some sense) and who all are pak-lovers (aamir, salman, fawad, karan) who would not mind doing anything for money! Somehow they do not thing of themself as son of soil, mohenjodaro-dara-shikho ki aulad but think of themselves as aurangzeb or gazni or arab-putras. What spinelessness. Jis thali me khaya usme ched.


      • thecooldude Says:

        Yes because the only way to be a patriot now is to curse out Pakistan and refuse to work with the Paki actors. So what if some guy is working hard to to help villages solve the water issue….who gives a f#$k about that, right?

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      • Di..ur turning out to be dumber than I thought. In ur mind singer Abhijeet is most patriotic Indian ever and all khans ans Karan should be kicked out. Lol. Get well soon!


      • I can’t stand that Tarak Fateh character; or that supposed French intellectual residing in India, the guys who loves Hinduism so much he thinks he can lecture to resident Indian Hindus. Both these characters come across as more saffron than brown or white, cozying up to the present ruling dispensation. Trouble making muck- rakers.

        There is also one Tufail somebody on Twitter along with other hyper nationalistic crazies, ranting away.

        Aamir has kept himself well away from present day ‘nationalist’ talk. Good. But he still goes attacked by the potty-mouthed political loons and their uber-nationalistic supporters. Looks like he can never win, no matter what.

        Akshay and Ajay have been making the right noises lately. They are aware which way the wind blows. Good for them.

        A Kher is an opportunist and hypocrite. Good, even great actor, but proved himself very very mortal. I have loved him in his films; difficult to like this new real life version.

        Ironically, in his1999 film Sarfarosh ( made when the vastly preferable Vajpayee-led NDA was in power), Aamir’s absolutely lovable character ACP Rathod tells the oily traitorous Mirchi Seth (Akhilendra Mshra in a memorable performance) — ‘ Saala, jis thali mein khata hai use mein chaed …’

        Ironically now in a changed upside down India, a Sanghi supporter throws this same line at a true Indian nationalist, a secular Indian who has gone beyond his religion, somebody who spoke these words in saner times.

        We — the supposed traitors and spitters on Indian plates — are far truer Indians than this present newly generated lot of nationalists ever will be.


  7. I’m going to make this point once again (I said something similar the other day)..

    1)No one has the right to question anyone on notions of patriotism or nationalism. Speaking for myself I don’t have a ‘patriotic’ or ‘nationalistic’ bone in my body (because, and for multiple reasons, I completely distrust these labels.. I even find them insidious.. one can nonetheless love a country in non-nationalistic ways..).

    2)This inquisitorial tone where someone who disagrees must always ‘prove’ that he or she believes as much in the nation and one just imagines oneself to be some sort of grand inquisitor authorized to do this questioning, where even when others disagree they must conform to some minimal standard of ‘nationalism’ the way one defines it.. this is precisely what must be rejected completely. I don’t have a problem with anyone who wants to be more nationalistic than I would like but if the debate is framed in these inquisitorial terms I will always reject it and in fact refuse the debate (though not perhaps before offering the interlocutor a piece of my mind as I’m doing here).

    3)Unfortunately these culture wars over Pakistani actors and Indian Muslim actors and who does or does not agree with them, or who does or does not say something is another index of a certain ideological bankruptcy. If it were only this things wouldn’t be so bad but all of this as always is put at the service of a disgusting politics. It’s hard to believe that irrespective of whatever position one holds on Pakistani actors saying ‘sorry’ or not (yeah this discussion for most is not much more sophisticated than this) that one would be able to argue about this for days at an end. Incidentally I have myself criticized the cynical positions of certain folks in the past, SRK for example, and I’ve had long arguments about this but this doesn’t mean I can subscribe to this other nonsense.

    4)On a deeper note (yeah I’ll risk this) and again to repeat myself it’s rather convenient to believe that every community’s stake in the nation-state is the very same. It actually isn’t, manifestly isn’t and for entirely justifiable reasons. If you’re black and were brought to America as a slave and kept in this state for a couple of centuries and then had to go through a century of civil rights struggles and then a degree of institutional racism that persists to this day and often has fatal consequences your notion of what America means might be slightly different (just a bit different..) from the complacent white nativist one in many parts of the country where it’s always about ‘the flag’. Similarly if you’re a dalit who’s faced millennia of what is probably the most oppressive human institution in all of history (for its sheer longevity) you might think a bit before you glibly start chanting ‘bharat mata ki jai’ or whatever. These are not illegitimate positions, these are alternate histories in the very same political spaces. Those that are never recognized as genuine or indeed legitimate.

    Those who engage in such arguments and subscribe to such positions are the worst representatives for any notion of nationalism. In fact they damage even saner ideas on the subject. But yeah this hysteria can be dominant for a while and define the winning side in elections. It’s all been done before. One would just call it the stalest act 10 of an overlong play and move on except that whatever the act the consequences are always dangerous. As we can see!

    Finally and I can never resist this dig but I love hyper-nationalists who don’t even reside in India!

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    • “No one has the right to question anyone on notions of patriotism..”
      WHY not??? Don’t you say your oath of allegiance everyday? Would they keep you if you don’t? Don’t you have oath of allegiance in family (that you will be loyal and faithful to your wife/wives?). Nothing runs, not a nation, not a family without that!!
      So this faltu ideas under the cloak of “idealism” are precisely that…FALTU.
      Even you most favoritest actor in the world is PRO-India, loyal, patriotic to the CORE. Take that.
      Sorry if you cheer for na-pakistan, then you better go live there only. No place in bharat for you. We tolerated idiots like that for 1000s of years but no more. Enough is enough.


      • This is not the right forum, or the right place for such discussions. I’d argue (!) this isn’t the right tone to be adopted either.

        People come here to discuss movies; Religious, ethnic and national wars can be conducted elsewhere.

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        • Saket, I might repeated that 100 times in last few years especially political discussions. I enjoy discussing movies but hardly folks do that anymore. More interested in politics than movies.

          Even my recent days comment is revolving around banning ADHM and Raees…nothing else.


      • For you asking me again n again ‘bharat mata ki jai’.. read Satyam’s point 2. Exactly words from my mouth (though I can hardly frame in his level). I completely reject to be part of the circus just to prove you or other folks my patriotism.

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      • “We tolerated idiots like that for 1000s of years but no more. Enough is enough.”

        Satyam..I don’t think such an attitude should be welcomed here. (Even though he replied to you). Di…add an e.

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      • You seem to have taken ‘yourself” too seriously by pronouncing and declaring ‘the list of patriots & nationalists’ vs ‘anti nationals & traitors’ and even taking the onus of being the determinator who deserves to live in India and who should leave!! Take a chill pill as your ‘FALTU’ fallacious thoughts in the guise of ‘being the sole preserver of nationalism and patriotism’ are hollow and shallow both as your myopic world-view is embedded in ‘Chauvinism & jingoism’ of highest degree, which if applied in totality, around 3/4 of India shall have to leave this country!! This ‘Hitlershahi’ attitude of yours is one of the vital reasons behind why Pakistan is in quagmire!! Your ‘visionary measures’ could bring about bring India closer to Pakistan than US in the quickest time possible!!

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      • Di, I’ve let this comment stand but I’ve edited the one after this. Consider this a final warning. I will not tolerate bigotry here. There is a way to argue passionately without resorting to this level. I allow a lot of leeway and you too have been the beneficiary of the same. But some of your comments are frankly sickening.

        By the way on the oath of allegiance.. yes I guess you take these every day for Mother India while living abroad.. one of these days you should start living in the motherland… it must be rather inconvenient ejecting all kinds of ‘traitors’ at the remove you are..

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      • @ Di — What gives you or any other uber nationalistic Indian ( born summer 2014) the effng right to decide how sane normal Indans live their lives in Inda? We are tolerating this sort of loose talk on the Internet. In real life, most well meaning Indians live and let live, ignoring the loon brigade The sheer audacity of your comment is mind boggling.


  8. @KRK
    Day1 business #Mirzya collected approx 1-1.50Cr! While #TutakTutakTutiya collected approx 70-90 Lakhs only. Both films are disasters.

    This is heading to be all time disaster if its just 1.5 crores and then bad WOM. Don’t think it will do even 10 crores lifetime.


  9. Mohammad Kaif wins over million hearts with this tweet on Indian soldiers


  10. MUMBAI: Tremors of the Mira Road call centre scam have left several firms in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry shaken.

    Many BPOs in and around the city are now having to deal with suspicious customers from the US, Singapore, the UK and Canada, who turn impatient and even abusive if they sense a call centre executive is from India.

    Sushil Modi, founder and CEO of Pune based recruiting firm iTek Focal Solutions Pvt Ltd, said, “This has affected the reputation of all the other call centres in India. Ever since news of the scam broke, our clients have become sceptical about the minutest details, which was not the case earlier. Also, not many people are applying for call centre jobs now.”

    Call centre executive Animesh Pardeshi added, “I work for a UK-based telecom service’s call centre in Mumbai, which has nothing to do with money . Despite this, a few members of my team were called cheats and thieves. It is really disheartening.”

    The arrest of the Mira Road call centre’s employees and the worsening hostility from foreign clients is causing many people to quit their jobs at these firms.

    “The case is damaging the reputation of the country’s IT sector. Hopefully, our prompt action will eliminate the anti-social elements from the field, and help restore people’s faith in the IT sector here,” Thane police commissioner Param Bir Singh told TOI .



  11. With reports this week of co-producer Eros International having pulled out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period-drama, Padmavati, rumour mills have been in overdrive with news that the director is actively scouting for another production house to fund the project that’s expected to cost Rs 180 cr.

    However, in the midst of the multiple crises that have plagued the film’s progress, another pressing issue appears to be draining its financial resources: a lavish set at Bandra’s Mehboob studio, that’s receiving little attention since it was rented for production in the middle of August, leading to escalating daily costs, with no shoot in sight.

    Says an official from Mehboob studio, “The cost of renting a studio at the venue is Rs 45,000 for the first 12 hours. After that, it ups to Rs 60,000 every 12 hours. An extra hour following this is charged at Rs 17,700.”

    A worker on the set revealed that the stipend received by the 20 appointed staffers for the shoot is R1,000 per head, per day, even if the shoot is yet to start.

    With work on the palatial set for the Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer currently in a state of limbo, Bhansali’s production house has been paying both rent and salary for close to two months. The filmmakers intend to use the studio to showcase Chittor ruler Rawal Ratan Singh’s wife, Padmavati’s magnificent Jal Mahal that sits inside Chittorgarh Fort, where Alauddin Khilji (ruler of the Delhi Suntanate from 1296 to 1316) first set eyes on her albeit through her reflection.

    The Padmavati set has been vacant for the last 55 days.

    A source close to the production says, “There is a lot of work pending, including the lighting, which will take some time. We had stopped work on the set, but kick-started it again a few days ago, since the film is expected to roll within the next few months, hopefully.” Besides funding issues, there could also be the added problem of matching dates of the film’s star-cast. “Ranveer is strongly prepping for his role (of Alauddin Khilji), but also needs to start promotions for his next [Aditya Chopra’s Befikre], in November. Shahid [Ratan Singh] is now on paternal leave, and Deepika is busy with XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.”

    While Viacom 18 remained unavailable for comment, industry sources insist the filmmaker is in the final stages of negotiating a fresh deal with a studio to take over the project, and get production restarted. Bhansali’s spokesperson, however, maintains, “The shoot was always meant to begin from October 21.”



  12. After all the sexual harassment allegations the nationalistic chest thumping Fox has been facing lately this one adds to the similar narrative and now pretty much seals the fate of Republicans.


  13. ….and this one is a filmy response by Robert De Niro. Will our Indian De Niro – Ranbir Kapoor ever stand up and take a stand


  14. tonymontana Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if removing all facial hair from Harshvardhan will make you realise it was Sonam all along


  15. The stand out for me in that De Niro video is a very relevant term he has coined – ‘gaming society’. It resonates worldwide with the power brokers !!


  16. M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story fell heavily on day eight with collections in the 3.25-3.50 crore nett range. The drop is over 80% from day one and the film has also fallen around 25-30% from Thursday. This is with the washout collections of Mirziya and other releases but if they had collected better as it should have then the drop for M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story could have been more. Still despite the drop it it still has the best collections compared to the new releases and 3.35 crore nett for day eight is not great but not bad either. The only problem is how fast the collections have come down which makes it a moderate success rather than a major one which it looked after three days. The collections of M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story till date are as follows

    Week One – 84,75,00,000

    Day Eight – 3,25,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 88,00,00,000

    There are holidays this week for Dusshera and Muharram on Tuesday and Wednesday which should help the film to a 20 crore nett plus second week. Then there are two weeks till Diwali which have no major releases so the film should hang around and could finish with a final total in the 110-115 crore nett range.



  17. One of the main reasons I disappeared for a few months from the blog was the way the ‘liberals’ ganged-up. I decided it was not worth it. If a mere questioning of Mr. Aamir Khan’s ‘news-paper’ feelings of intolerance in India was tantamount to being ostracized and in the words of Ls180, being ‘targeted’, then I decided not to indulge in any discussions but to walk away. I have always mentioned, the words, ‘genocide’, ‘pogram-manager’, ‘targeting’ are very, very, serious descriptives and not to be used lightly.

    But then, the counter-question is, why is it that Aamir Khan’s ‘casual’ discussion about the country’s ‘intolerance’ with his wife in his rich bungalow ruffled so many ‘rightist’ feathers? Umm, could anyone tell me why not? When one’s an admirer of Aamir as someone who is a no-nonsense guy with a strong research team that researches for years about social issues plaguing the country. So as a fan, I am pretty disturbed that someone like Aamir and his wife feel unsafe in this country just because of an election turn-around in 2014. I am disturbed not because they said that, but because they feel that way! This is the fundamental thinking that Aamir’s blind-fans like you-know-who failed to understand.

    And here, let me also add, it is completely naïve of us to expect the artists from Pakistan to vocally speak out against their country’s leadership that is hands-in-glove with terrorists. It is truly ridiculous to expect a Fawad [an EXTREMELY over-rated actor] or whoever to completely go against his government precisely because it’s a government-sponsored terrorism effort: By God, or Satan or Hafiz, one’s still got to live in Pakistan!. Expecting them to strongly condemn Uri attacks is naïve: just as it is naïve to expect certain – if at all – excesses of the Indian army in Kashmir to be protested by the rest of India. Yes, Fawad or whoever might condemn Orlando or Paris, but there is an immeasurable distance between Fawad and the Eiffel tower: All that he and his wife might do is visit the Eiffel tower and come back to Pakistan. So it makes perfect ‘street-smart’ sense to condemn Orlando or Paris attacks since he might never have to do anything with their governments or their film-industry. Out here, it’s different: He’s caught between 2 stools; the money and fame from India and the historicity from Pakistan.

    I don’t wish to pollute this blog with politics but it was obviously painful to hear kinder-garten stuff that whoever’s living in these developed countries like the US or Britain were actually the ‘beneficiaries’ of a leftist ideology: Otherwise, they would be slogging in developing countries being slum-dogs. Of course, it is conveniently forgotten that these same countries benefited from immigration of folks like Einstein who created wonders at Princeton. And were they ‘welcomed’ with flowers or an ultimatum? History’s there for you to decide.

    Anyway, this will be my last political writing here. I really don’t wish to muddy Satyam’s blog who has always been extremely generous and gracious. I do NOT agree with him on many issues. But I will hopefully continue to write about movies since I cannot control myself when something scars my heart or influences my perceptions – and I am only talking of movies here…

    And then that oft-quoted, done-to-death question of ‘NRI’s being patriotic [or in the great words of Mr. Guha, the ‘Internet HIndus’] about the country they left behind: You dare question Sachin Tendulkar’s batting acumen? Why don’t you put on those pads and face Walsh? If not, you are not ELIGIBLE to question Tendlya. By this fantastic logic, HARSHA BHOGLE would have to be crucified if he ever questions a lofty shot by Tendlya…And he would have to unemployed throughout his life..

    This will be my last statement on politics here..I don’t wish to dishonor Satyam or any invested-folks here by indulging in political discussions..but just had to write what I felt.. the last words are yours..


    • I was out yesterday and whole lot of people have their undies in bunches seems like. I haven’t had chance to read them all yet but here is the few I did read. Lets see if Satyam keeps them or not. His choice!
      LS: “the effng right to decide how sane normal Indans live their lives in Inda?” I wish that “normal” indians remain in india but it seems like the tolerant, gentle folks of this great nation have been tested enough by the so called “liberals” from Gazni to Naik. I have the same effing right to speak my mind as your effing right to write, I hope!!
      myselfaamir: “India closer to Pakistan than US in the quickest time possible!!” Good. I was hoping for that!! I was hoping that country get destroyed because that word doesn’t exist in my vocab. It is a mindset similar to isis and not a real nation. The faster we merge better.
      Master: “Di…add an e”: Sure. As soon as you add Masterani to your name, I will add Die. Jokes aside, I feel utterly sorry for whoever marries/married to you. Any person who cannot consider shapeless, formless, nameless god as having anything other than penis. Irrespective of your other ideas, I do not have space in my heart for such people. I am sure shoorjit had you in mind when he was making Pink, it was made for people like you.
      Satyam: “Consider this a final warning”: I am shaking in my boots! Go on then, delete this one too!! That is pretty much all you can do, for as soon as someone mentions “jingoism” you start to dance around them like puppet. I feel sorry that you have cohorts and supporters like Master. My sympathies.
      I had better regard/hopes for you because sometimes you do write well and I have praised you to skies. But sometimes people have “ideologies” that are useless (which translates to faltu in hindi). Since your hindi is bad.


      • Di:”I feel utterly sorry for whoever marries/married to you. Any person who cannot consider shapeless, formless, nameless god as having anything other than penis. Irrespective of your other ideas, I do not have space in my heart for such people. I am sure shoorjit had you in mind when he was making Pink, it was made for people like you.”

        Lol. I really don’t want to beat the dead horse but I’ll just give simple example. You said me to say Bharat mata ji jai.. I said, I don’t want to fall into that trap. Then you BELIEVE .. I’m sort of the person who will NOT say it. Then you say.. God can be female.. I didn’t even respond. Then you BELIEVE that I said God is male.

        Do you see your mistake? Where am I saying anything? You say and you believe. Why should I contradict or answer you to prove my point?

        Btw, Don’t get the marriage topic.. Satyam that’s an personal attack. I can also say.. I’m sorry for the parents who had you as a kid. Really sorry for them!


    • AJ: I meant to add my comment independently but it got under your comment. Sorry abt that.
      Bravo for your comment. I am sure it will be deleted shortly. After all we cannot have certain picture or cartoons or thoughts expressed no? And to quote, orwell, some people have more rights than others. It is orwellian world emerging soon here for sure! I fell of the chair this mornign when I read someone here saying “normal” indian. What a joke!
      On your comment:
      “I don’t wish to dishonor..”
      HA! You have quite a developed sense of humor AJ.
      I don’t mind or care for different sets of ideologies, thinking…it will always be there, should remain, I hope, but I Satyam will ruthless edit, remove, ‘warn’ me while nodding to his buddies. If I were to say “wear bangles Masterani and clap your palms” he would delete that but not if that same person says “change your name to DIE”. So my issue is with lack of honesty, integrity, fairness while pretending to be an “idealist”. I have people gang up against me, abusing me always, always, always on SS, with him seldom lifting a finger to edit those comments! This is then his sense of fairness and justice. But then I do like Munna, Rocky, Omy, you…some others…


      • Whatever one’s views there must be a certain civility. Everyone crosses the line once in a while but there are limits. On the rest if you think you’re being victimized so much and everyone is against you you probably shouldn’t be here.


        • Expected, big brother!


          • It’s signature of libbies and sickulars, outcaste anyone who doesn’t follow rules and narratives of their echo system, scratching each others back and peddling each other’s view.
            So you guys are wrong in expecting something different here:).

            Just learn from them – committeemen to ideology and brotherhood.

            Rest I had already stopped posting here.. It’s now just downward uni-dimensional blog.


          • I’ll ignore the “libbies” & “sickular” labels because they don’t really mean much at all.

            There is no brotherhood of liberal-minded people here that’s willing to hunt down the more right-leaning folks. None of that’s true. I disagree with almost everyone on this blog. Hell, I’d disagree with myself if I were to find myself alone — but there’s a crucial point that’s missed during debates.

            I’ll make my point by making an analogy. Let’s assume there’s a party going on and there’s a diverse crowd present. Within the party, there’s alcohol being served as well. Now some people don’t have issues with alcohol but some people can’t digest alcohol very well. These people will get drunk and start to spoil the party for the rest — they’ll throw tantrums, get abusive and make the prevailing atmosphere bad. It’s better for the latter group to stay away from consuming alcohol (I personally can’t handle a glass of wine, so I do know!…and yes, I stay away from any ‘spirits’)

            Online discussions are like that. If you can’t handle the heat of the moment, you shouldn’t be making comments. Politics can rile up lots of folks, but that doesn’t give them the license to start making disgusting statements. My solution is to stay away from the very thing that brings out the worst in a person — I stay away from alcohol…others should stay away from political discussions. That being said, I believe no one should just leave. There’s always a more polite way to put one’s point across.

            Finally, this blog is as good or bad as the people who frequent it. We all make it good or bad collectively — the better discussions we have, the better it would reflect on the quality of the blog. And vice versa, of course.

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          • well said Saket…


          • I agree, I too stay away from alcohol. But do not impose such a philosophy on others. In fact others getting drunk is fine. It’s whether that drunk is merry or opposite that is issue. Imposition of standard or policy is big no no. The politics at play here are clearly deep rooted – which is a complication. Just like at your party if the drunk is alcoholic it’s another world to deal with or if the non drinker has issues with alcohol from background, it’s deep rooted.

            I find the political discussions fun in general, but once personal it’s like going to the wrong party! Best to sit outside and sip on my water. I’m sure many feel same about discussion on box office numbers.


          • Yep.. Politics does bring worst and have seen you here. Analogies are like double sword, you think you are using at other but you don’t feel in that ‘Momentary heat’ that you are being bisected same time.
            I can also provide counter analogy but then I know it:)

            Advises are easy and free and wisdom says, one should also sip from that cup before offering it to others.

            And my moot point was brotherhood and commitment of the echo system. Sakina says and Sabina will endorse it.


          • Having said that, Who is riled up? My comments have been deleted, not a single abuse or uncivil word I have used here. I was told not to post Political posts here. I abide by it still. But why I was singled out and there are hundred pol comments everyday coz I don’t write prose and long unreadable comments deviod of facts and empirical evidence. I state facts and evidence but ppl here can’t counter it so they take route of obfuscation and confusion by writing long unreadble prose deviod of any facts and just stating opinion and thinking and believing that is the truth, labelling, categorising.
            Sometimes it’s good to look within.
            So point your analogy to correct person here.


          • You’ve pointed out all the ‘ills’ of this forum and you’re continuing to point them out. What you haven’t quite explained is why you’re here at all. As a silent lurker or otherwise.

            Not that there’s a point in clarifying this but I like to do things in good faith nonetheless. Politics is a problem when there’s too much of it and clogs every other film-related discussion. Have said this tons of times, nothing new here, everyone knows it. There are certain folks who keep going on and on for days on the same subject and keep putting up links endlessly. usually these folks are not the most restrained sort when it comes to expressing their views anyway. All of this isn’t too hard to understand. What is amusing as always is to see political zealots (there’s no other word for it) masquerading as benign impartial observers. The deal seems to be.. allow us to say whatever we want when we want otherwise we’ll accuse you of bias. Well.. I guess it will have to be the latter!

            In any case there is the civility rule, there is a don’t-clog-the-blog rule, but finally there is also the bigotry rule. And I might show some latitude in the first two cases but I won’t in the third.


          • Great post, Saket!


          • Bliss, I’m not aware which of your comments got edited, but it’s not just you. To point out two instances (I could search and point out the exact links if you wish) here, there was a post by a person called “GOX” which was very provocative against Hindus and Indians. Satyam removed it and pointed out to him/her that there was a problem with the framing of the post.

            There was another post by someone, which was basically a retweet disputing the Indian surgical strikes, and that too was edited. In both these cases, the content was provocative from the other side of the spectrum and yet the result was the same.

            I can’t stop you or anyone else from believing what you wish to believe but there’s evidence to suggest that one side isn’t being favored over another. I don’t wish for people to leave (diversity of opinions is important!) but there’s a difference between disagreeing with someone and being disagreeable. The latter part is what most people object to.

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          • my comments are not below belt. I am the most polite, dignified person, even if you read all the above postings, it is others who have ganged up and been abusive! So let me have the blog admin and delete their comments instead!! And how very sophisticated and decent it is to keep saying “don’t come here”. IS THAT ALL you can say to someone?! Jeez, I came twice a day to read bliss’s comments which were most interesting here. It may be offensive but then what to do if drunk complain of those who are not drinking to use your analogy. And since saket wants analogies how about this one. A dishonest man wants to cheat on his wife and says these rules of loyalty are moronic and he believes in ‘ideals’ of freedom and therefore he goes out everynight to get drunk and sleep around! And then he expects to continue live with his wife and not get kicked out. How convenient!
            Masterani: It is not my current interaction but i have seen disgusting manner in which ‘dealt’ with rocky and elsewhere and know what and how you think!!


          • “And how very sophisticated and decent it is to keep saying “don’t come here”.”

            Maybe you’ll now think twice before telling people to go to Pakistan…

            On the rest I’d just say.. stop digging.

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          • “It is not my current interaction but i have seen disgusting manner in which ‘dealt’ with rocky and elsewhere and know what and how you think!!”

            Good you told yourself where you coming from. Rocky is at least mature and I have no personal issues with him, you don’t have to support him or attack me basis on that discussion.

            Finally, if you don’t understand ur mistakes, I don’t think anyone can teach you more. At least I don’t tell folks to go Pakistan or opposite to that sentiment.

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          • “telling people to go to Pakistan…”
            How is it (your logc) any different from you asking us (bliss, me, rocky etc) to not come here or lurk and go somewhere else because we feel “victimised”. I am using the EXACT same logic, no? If you feel and have so many complains go else where to another country, pray why is that a big insult (to a non-patriots especially) suddenly?! As a fighting point, you can say “don’t come here” and that is fair. And I can do the same. Don’t live here. So what?!?!
            Also I like to come here to read anjo or see what bliss/rocky/om/munna etc’s take on things, even if I may never interact with them or for that manner anyone else but there are months or even a year that may pass and I don’t visit this site. Different view points keep the world interesting otherwise you would have a homogenous blog and that is so borrring….


          • If you’re going to say everything is wrong about a forum, that everyone is victimizing you, that certain people are unfairly protected, on and on, a very logical question then arises: why are you even here? I’m not asking you to go away, I’m wondering why you’re here at all when you clearly dislike things so much? Much as I have a similar question for certain kinds of nationalist ideological warriors including yourself — why are you not in India? This is again a question you invite. I’ve also asked another question before for nationalists living in the US — let me know when you send your kids to Benares University and not the university Wendy Doniger teaches at (or other colleges like this one). So my charge is not just reprehensible politics in many cases. It’s also utter hypocrisy. And I must say I’ve not received an answer to any of this for years. Just like I see tons of stores in the US that are happy to call themselves ‘Indo-Pak’ groceries or something. the same folks are otherwise huge supporters of the most nationalist positions. But not all the tension in the world on the border or elsewhere, not all the terrorism in the world will ever make them drop that ‘Pak’ from their labels. When it comes to business yeah then we can forget about nationalism. Or when it comes to our chances of migration yeah then too we shall forget about nationalism. I am willing to distribute some mirrors free. When people are willing to look into them they can then talk about questioning others.

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          • And I would love to hold that mirror so you can see yourself in it 🙂


    • An Jo.. I don’t want to rake up the old Aamir debate except to say that even if I concede everything I’m not quite sure why this is so extraordinarily upsetting. have never seen actors make anyone that upset in the US or UK or wherever because of their political views. Even if Aamir is a total hypocrite so what?! I actually think Shekhar Gupta was on the money some months back when he said that India has a liberal democracy but not quite a mindset that has really imbibed those liberal principles. In a lot of these debates this is precisely the issue I have. That silly things become national flash points and what ought to be national flash points and are sometimes covered as such in the media are treated as silly things by partisans of one stripe or another. In my list of top 1000 problems facing India Aamir’s statements wouldn’t make the cut. But hey that’s just me!

      On the rest you’re always welcome here. You’re an asset to the blog.


  18. M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story All Set To Become Sushant’s 1st 100 Cr Film!

    M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story remains steady is all set to enter the elite club of 100 crores by tomorrow.



  19. I’ll add one more thing: Satyam’s job as the moderator is very crucial in maintaining a certain order here. There’s this theory called the Broken Windows Theory

    If one allows small incidences to go unnoticed, we tacitly lay the platform for much bigger and serious infractions. This is why online forums are a mess. Most moderators don’t care about the quality of discussions — they are more concerned about membership numbers. The end result is that the good folks, the people who really add value to discussions, decide to leave. And within a small time frame the whole discussion board collapses. I’ve seen it happen so many times before…wouldn’t like to take names, but people who’ve migrated here would know what I’m talking about.

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    • Quite frankly Satyam has an unenviable task. He’ll be crucified either way. Better to stick to his instincts, it’s easier to spot a bad apple. He’s moderated the right ppl. And there is no expectations to be on 24 hour duty from me. Give him a break…it’s like biting the hand that feeds you on the forum.

      If you don’t like it p*ss off go somewhere else like twitter & see what responses you get there.

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    • fair point..


  20. This bastard Arnab Goswami has been the biggest culprit in shifting a legitimate terror / war debate to Bollywood / Pak artists and Akki thru his video was bang on the message.

    Taking that comment from De Niro video that his country may go into wrong direction with someone like a Trump, saner voices are needed at all time esp when country is suffering from an acute crisis of identity. Very easy to rile up a segment for short term trp benefits and accusing your own nationals not realizing India’s strength lies in her diversity. Actually it’s not only India’s strength, but India’s survival that lies in her diversity.



  21. This is how a news anchor reporter should report.


  22. DeNiro on Trump:


    • I think all intolerance towards Trump is propagating divisiveness. In fact in my opinion this video is talking in same language as Trump’s.
      If he is all things described; why people are worried? He should be easily defeated?
      All these videos actually make other side align more strongly to Trump and more likely to vote.

      Main emphasis should be go out and vote; hoping that there are more saner people voting.


      • But I think it’s part of De Niro’s strategy here to really use a lot of Trump’s language against him. Not that I disagree with your point otherwise.

        On the rest though I’d say the problem is (and even though I’ve never been worried about Trump winning.. in fact I would have been worried if a sane Republican had showed up because Hillary has run a bad campaign.. and she has her own baggage as well.. in fact Trump’s been her friend! A somewhat more restrained Trump might have been very potent) that even a politician engages in such ugly politics there are enough people willing to sign up. People voted for Hitler after all. Not a majority. He never got more than 32% but that was enough in a parliamentary system. And there are other such examples. Such folks do get enough votes in the right circumstances. But then I’ve never quite believed in the ‘wisdom’ of the ‘majority’. It’s certainly better than the alternative but given the kinds of people who get elected and the kinds of films that become hits, both in every part of the world, one should certainly pause before thinking too much of voters. Of course not all voters/audiences are the same. There often isn’t a total overlap.


      • This type of comment stems from the frustrations when one knows more than what is out there in press and is being portrayed. …..

        DeNiro recorded this much before the latest scandal hit Trump like a bulldozer. He has come up with a new terminology very relevant to today’s times – Gaming Society !!

        “….Bush’s failure to expose Trump lends credence to one of the leading criticisms of the media throughout the presidential campaign — that the press has been too easy on Trump. “Blame the media” was a common refrain as Trump surged past his GOP rivals on his way to the Republican nomination. Even now — as news outlets batter Trump with critical reports on his foundation, his taxes and, yes, his attitude toward women — many voters still believe coverage is not tough enough.

        In a Pew Research Center poll conducted just a few weeks ago, 27 percent of respondents said the news media is too easy on Trump. Despite the billionaire’s frequent complaining about the “biased” and “dishonest” media, only 23 percent said the press is too hard on him.

        In March, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) accused the media of holding back in its coverage of his then-GOP presidential nomination rival.

        “I can’t tell you how many media outlets I hear, you know, have this great exposé on Donald, on different aspects of his business dealings or his past, but they said, ‘You know what? We’re going to hold it to June or July,'” Cruz said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “We’re not going to run it now.”



  23. Satyam I had already put up that video link when it popped up last night on ‘Kelly Files’ esp liked DeNiro’s flimisque pause before saying – well I’d like to punch in his face…

    Meanwhile Devgn takes a good stand here –


  24. Okay this one is last from me on the Trump tapes…..twitter is so alive since last night and there are so many funny tweets but few new ones take the cake –

    Chris Holm @chrisfholm
    Meanwhile, at Tic Tac HQ:
    “Guys! It’s finally happened! We’re trending!”
    “Really? Why?”
    “Hang on; I’ll click through. OH, SON OF A…”

    Tic Tac USA ‏@TicTacUSA 51m51 minutes ago
    Tic Tac respects all women. We find the recent statements and behavior completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 27m27 minutes ago
    Piers Morgan Retweeted Tic Tac USA
    BREAKING: The eagerly-awaited official Tic Tac statement…… #TrumpPiers Morgan added,

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 2m2 minutes ago
    Hi guys @TicTacUSA – do you have any formal position on Syria, ISIS or global poverty?


    What Did Tic Tacs Do to Deserve Donald Trump?!

    “…..I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” Trump told Bush. “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”


  25. AamirsFan Says:

    lol this is being dubbed as the ‘black Taken’ in the comments section…gotta say though…thats the first thing i thought midway thru the trailer…


  26. M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story (Hindi) had a huge jump on its second Saturday as it grossed around 6 crore nett and growth of 70% apprx. The film is tax free in UP and Maharashtra in the second and that is helping the NETT collections. These two states are among the ones which have the highest entertainment tax rates. These tax exemptions will now help the lifetime NETT collections to 115 crore nett plus. A final 115 crore nett total will make it the fourth highest grosser of the year after Sultan, Rustom and Airlift but in terms of GROSS it may still remain below Housefull 3.

    Week One – 84,75,00,000

    Day Eight – 3,50,00,000

    Day Nine – 5,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 93,75,00,000



  27. Mirzya is a huge disaster. The collections could not even manage to grow on day two and the film will suffer losses of huge magnitude. The satellite may have been pre sold which will hedge some of the losses for the producer but the holder of satellite rights will lose a big chunk of the investment. The collections on Monday are likely to be scary as a drop on Saturday for a multiplex film is a shocker. The collections of Mirzya for the first two days are as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 1,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 3,25,00,000



  28. Sushant Singh Rajput starrer M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story has managed to enter the coveted 100 crore club in 9 days. The film remained strong over its first week and with a powerful second weekend, the film has now crossed the 100 crore mark.

    Over its second Saturday, the film collected 5.20 crores, thus taking its total to 103.40 crores at the domestic box office.

    This is Sushant Singh Rajput’s first solo 100 crore film, other than PK which had him in a supporting role.

    The Neeraj Pandey film has been stronger than even the new releases of this week over its second weekend. Interestingly, Pandey’s production, Rustom starring Akshay Kumar too had managed to make it to the 100 crore club over its second Saturday.



  29. From being a screen scorcher, Fawad Khan has now become the whipping boy for anything to do with things across the border. His appearance (said to be an extended cameo) in Karan Johar’s upcoming film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has divided the industry, stirred nationwide debates and put the country’s security at stake. So is also is Mahira Khan’s presence in the SRK-starrer, Raees.

    KJo’s film also stars another import from across the border — Imran Abbas — who made his B-Town debut in the Bipasha Basu-starrer Creature 3 D. He has also done a cameo in the Diwali release.

    Singer-actor Ali Zafar features in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan. The film is slated to release next month. There is also the Irrfan-starrer with Pakistani import Saba Qamar on the floors.

    Considering the present Indo-Pak scenario and the resultant ban imposed on Pakistani talent, several Bollywood projects either have been kept in limbo or put on the backburner. Or the filmmakers prefer to remain mum about their projects.

    Katrina Kaif was to team up with Fawad in Raat Baaki, the directorial debut of Aditya Dhar. The film, produced by KJo, was slated to go on floor in November. A love story set in New Delhi, the film was supposed to be Kat’s next venture. There is no sign of it taking off now. During her interactions for her last release, Baar Baar Dekho, Kat had said, “Let’s wait for the makers to announce it.”

    Singer-actor Ali Zafar’s brother Danyal was to make his B-Town debut in Habib Faisal’s next with Yash Raj. Danyal has already started prep for the youthcentric film. As YRF prefer to keep things under wrap, there is no word on the final casting.

    Karan Johar, Anushka Sharma and Imran Abbas on the set of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
    Karan Johar, Anushka Sharma and Imran Abbas on the set of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

    Saket Chaudhary’s film Hindi Medium starring Irrfan and Pakistani import, Saba Qamar is another project to face the heat. The romantic comedy is about a typical couple from Chandni Chowk, who aspire to move into New Delhi’s happening circles.

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has rendered two tracks, Aye Mere Khuda and Ek Tera Saath in Arshad Siddiqui’s horror film, Ek Tera Saath —1:13:7 which features telly actors Ssharad Malhotra and Hritu Dudani.

    So, what are the makers planning to do now? Replace the actors or put it on the backbuner.

    Considering the controversy-riddled atmosphere, no filmmaker is in a quote mood and trigger another controversy. The Irrfan Saba starrer had a stint of shooting in Delhi recently. A unit source says, “The film has already wrapped up. The makers prefer to keep mum about their project for now.”

    Ek Tera Saath — 1:13:7 director Arshad Siddique, “Yes, we have two songs of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in our film. These songs were recorded in 2014 and at that time there were no such issues. We support our country and if this problem had arisen before we definitely wouldn’t have recorded it.”

    While wrapping up Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s shoot, Imran had posted on Facebook, “Last day at the shoot in Mumbai. Truly thankful to Karan Johar for everything, Anushka Sharma and Lisa Haydon for being wonderful co-actors on set. And last but not the least, I must admire Ranbir Kapoor for making things so easier for me and being there like a great friend all through out.”

    Wonder what is on Imran’s mind now?



    • I didn’t know Dear Zindagi was also affected. Looks like SRK needs to meet some astrologer. His time is not good…
      While I can understand a ban on Paki artistes considering situation now, I still don’t see why movies already shot are being stopped from releasing. Does MNS understand that Fawad Khan has already been paid and is nice and cosy in Pakistan and it is the Indians who have invested crores who are affected?

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      • Krish: I think, this issue has become far more important to MNS and others as it involves SRK and Karan Johar only. If the movies has other actors like Akshay, Ajay Devgn only..this topic would have been ignored by such activists. Even acted 2008 give attacks, Pak actors were easily working in 2009 and movies were released easily. Even congress had 3 surgical strikes and never they banned movies. Once in 2008, they made youngsters leave TV singing show for their own safety and not as ban. So, what has changed this time? Why do you think the talk of ban started? BJP govt? Or the easy route to ban anything if they don’t listen by local parties. That’s called goondagardi.

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        • I am hopeful that the producer association meet MNS and convince them. The Kapoor and Bacchans and the Bhatts are also affected apart from Khans. That’s a lot of big names. GIve MNS a donation of 1 cr, it will get sorted…Hopefully…
          Ofcourse it all politics and under BJP you are either right or anti national….So all par for the course under this government..


          • Yes, IMPAA has requested MNS last week and they said they will take a decision on Oct 9 and it looked positive. See the below statement.

            Following the news, we spoke to Amey Khopkar (President, MNS Film Division) and he said, “Yes, IMPPA officials came for a meeting and we heard their issue. We are considering it because at the end our country’s money is at stake, Pakistan actors have already earned their money and left. We are not in a good mindset and we can’t allow Pakistani actors to work here so we are discussing and will tell you the decision on October 9.”

            Now, Oct 10 has come and they have taken the decision.

            “Our agitation over banning Pakistani actors will go on. We will oppose their films. If these two films (“Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” and “Raees”) release, we will stall the release. Our workers are ready to go to jail. We will stall the films in our ‘style’,” he told a TV channel.


  30. OT: Virat Kohli has hit his 2nd Double Hundred today. Both as captain, which is an Indian record.

    He’s still not there in Tests, I believe (Kane Williamson is the best Test batsman at the moment) , but he’s hopefully getting there.


    • Whats bizarre is that its his batting within India that’s the problem in tests. Outside India he must be averaging pretty high. Apart from that England away series, he pretty much did very well everywhere we toured.
      Even this ton was his first within India in 11 tests. He is sometimes too eager to dominate opponents within India. All he needs to do his bat with a wee bit of restraint and there is really no competition as far his natural talent is concerned


      • It’s his character to impose himself…he can come off arrogant or brash but it works…not worth messing with it. It’s his character.


        • Agree with you, Jay. It can look self-defeating at times (the tendency to try and dominate from the get go), but it’s his core belief. Can’t curb his instincts.

          Incidentally read that Steve Waugh’s son, who’s coming up as a young cricketer at the U-17 levels, has been advised by his father to emulate Kohli! The Aussies love Kohli, and he’s quite popular down under.


      • Yes, the England series is a major blip on an otherwise fine overseas record. Even in England, it was Anderson who troubled him the most. A few years back Pujara was the best Indian Test batsman around, but he has slipped since then…although he does provide solidity to the side by playing the sheet anchor role.

        Will be interesting to see the progress of this new breed of cricketers. Almost all sides are full of young talent these days, which makes it more interesting.


        • thecooldude Says:

          Kohli can really do something special if India can beat the likes of AUS, SA, and ENG on their home soil. For all the great things Dhoni did, his Indian team never even came close to beating these teams on their home ground. Besides his personal achievements, this has to be the aim for him.


    • I think Gambhir getting out early was bit unlucky on the easier pitch whereas felt bad for Rahane getting out so close to 200. Kohli is easily talented enough to not capitalize on such a pitch and form once he settles down. Many expected double ton once he reached 50 and he didn’t disappoint them! Kudos!


      • Yes, gutted for Rahane…he took a lot of body blows during his marathon innings. Not at his fluent best but he hung in there, which is a great quality to have in Test cricket…


  31. P.K Talli Says:

    karanjohar @ DM FAV RT ? 2 hours ago
    Just saw DANGAL…haven’t seen a better film in a decade……speechless!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • the record might be in sight for this one!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Though cant trust comment of these celebrities, still I sense a good film here. A while back Shabana Azmi also praised the film. If the film is great than it will definitely set new records, no doubt about that. Given the theme of the film I dont expect the so called boycott to affect the film in a pronounced way.

      By the way the so called celebrities reviews have become a joke, everyone was praising Mirzya to the hilt which did not match with the likes of the general public and movie reviewers per se. Either they should stop giving their opinion or it should be a honest one. Never seen a bad review for any of the film from the film fraternity.


  32. Don’t believe this but this is Subhash K Jha’s article all over!


  33. Week One – 35,51,00,000

    Week Two – 21,53,00,000

    Weel Three – 6,18,00,000

    Fourth Weekend – 1,00,00,000 apprx

    GRAND TOTAL – 64,22,00,000

    The NETT collections of the film are 6 crore less than Neerja but the film has a GROSS of 90 crore apprx while Neerja had a similar GROSS figure.



  34. Mirzya is the biggest disaster of 2016 surpassing films like Fitoor and Mohenjo Daro. The collections of the film are just 5 crore nett over the weekend. The film is among the top ten of 2016 in terms of cost but its weekend collections can’t even find a place in the top 30. The film is probably vying with Bombay Velvet as the second biggest disaster of all time. Broken Horses retains top spot as far as biggest disasters goes and it will take some beating. The collections of Mirzya for the weekend are as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000

    Saturday – 1,50,00,000

    Sunday – 1,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 5,00,00,000



  35. Here is what great pontificator Saket had said to me-
    1.Oh dear…stuck like a broken record; copy and paste like a monkey. The new mantra for bhakts?
    2.Oh come on…Please be a little more like KRK…Follow his advice on Lord Shiva as well!
    3.Since you are such a big fan of KRK, I urge you to completely support his each and every accomplishment so far (being an alibi of Abu Salem; sending lewd messages to Bollywood heroines; supplying laborers to the Middle East illegally etc!)
    It’s your duty to do this now!
    4.Right…the guy who questions why Hindus worship Lord Shiva’s penis is the film critic for Udta Punjab .But what can one expect from bhakts?! LOL

    Upon him trying and insult my religion , I used a very well known phrase –
    “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”, and I stopped interacting with Saket,, but when he did not stop, I then posted that – the miserable pig seems to be still enjoying himself !!

    The libtards here as expected only chose to see the Pig comment and go-“ hawwwww aisey kaisey keh diya !! Guess Monkey is O.K , but Pig is not at SS , (par for the course ) ha Ha !!

    Not that I need to explain my actions to anyone here but since Sanjana brought in my daughters , I needed to find those comments and Just putting things in perspective here .
    P.S.- – Have a great Ram Navmi and Dusherra !!
    May Dharma prevail over Adharma!!!!


    • Now I understood the context. Saket called you monkey and you called him pig. Monkey is Hanuman and we revere monkeys. But pigs, dogs and bitches are not revered. Besides monkeys are smart. We humans are supposed to have descended from that species. Apes, to be precise.

      As for KRK review, I think you were very happy with his review and you almost elevated KRK to new heights. Saket could have kept quiet but he could not resist taking many questionable quotes and deeds of him and asked you to follow him. Even Saket may agree now that it was too much and not necessary.

      Sorry if I have distressed you by bringing your daughters into the picture. I should not have. But I felt bad seeing that pig comment in exclusivity. My comments and little blogs are read by my close relatives and friends and so I have to be very careful about what I write. Most of them are not liberals. But that aspect does not make us bitter enemies.


      • Even Saket may agree now that it was too much and not necessary.

        Yes, definitely not necessary. Should’ve kept quiet…but I haven’t responded in this fashion to anyone else. That also probably tells a story…!


      • I don’t normally respond to you Sanjana and maybe not respond to most anyone here as well and I missed the whole KRK debate ‘coz must be during my long hiatus (there are few here that I admire though and my reason for coming back for them though I have seen lately all the ones I admired-liked have disappeared) and I must repond to your current comment and say that it was graceful. To say “sorry” is most difficult thing in the world and it depends on omrocky to accept or not but I must say bravo…well done. Keep it up girli! This was as moving as Sushma Swaraj’s tweet the other day to those girls returning back to their country.


        • I don’t think Sanjana said sorry or that she even needed to say Sorry. But I do agree that to even understand my point of view was very decent of her.
          Kya Di …go and eat some Aaloo Chaat !! LOL


        • As for KRK- they guy is an idiot and a double dholkee , but his BO rating generally are pretty accurate.
          Aside- the baap of all irony is that that it has been proved now that Udta Punjab has been heavily plagiarized from an English novel.


          • Sholay was heavily plagiarized from a number of sources. Kurosawa and Leone, to name just a few.

            Deewar owes its existence to Mother India and Ganga Jamuna

            Agneepath owes its existence to Scarface. I could go on…

            Wasn’t irony’s granddad troubling you then?


          • Not I need to answer but what the hell-
            The answer is NO
            # Meri Marzee , now shooooo !!


          • Not I need to answer

            As usual, you don’t have an answer…give others a break. Don’t ask for people to point out your hypocrisy .



      • Thanks Sanjana for understanding. That pig comment was really bothering me. The only reason I made that was because of the phrase (which I believe is wrongly attributed to George B Shaw)
        I do admit that I get agitated by political discussions specially the Jhaduwal types. Will try and stay away from those .


      • Re.-you almost elevated KRK to new heights
        Kya Sanjana- I wish I had that kind of clout ….LOL
        BTW – Even the Great Shree Satyam quotes him a lot here !!


    • Rocky, unfortunately one can’t be selective about the history involved. You and I know very well that this goes back much before my comments on KRK. It’s not too difficult to search for much older provocative comments that you like to pass every so often. And had it been just me, it’d been different. Your comments have invited strong responses from quite a few people here…won’t take names but you’d know very well.

      Upon him trying and insult my religion

      Sorry, I don’t insult any religion. That’s probably your domain. Even the comments that you’ve posted above (I believe the Lord Shiva reference is what you’re talking about) isn’t something that came out of my mouth. I was pointing out the hypocrisy in posting KRK’s comments on Udta Punjab when he’s the guy who talks trash about your religion. I’m sure the logic wouldn’t have escaped you completely.

      and I stopped interacting with Saket

      If responding by posting provocative comments/articles/tweets without naming someone (and using phrases like Uri Baba, since you somehow happen to believe I’m Bengali) is considered stopping interaction, then yeah, I’ll also believe you are a left-leaning, communist sympathizer from the inside.

      The libtards here as expected only chose to see the Pig comment

      And here we go again…


  36. http://theasianherald.com/akshay-kumar-canadian-national-hero-aamir-khan-anti-national/

    What right this man has to say anything about India and people are raising slogan of his “deshbhakti” everywhere.Nationality is a big issue , just for the heck of convenience the man has surrendered his Indian nationality. All this talk about nationality and army from this man is a sham.


    • Sorry Raj…stopped reading after ‘Akshay Kumar is a great actor’…a big LOL. Anyway there are plenty of non Indian or bi- Indian nationals supporting the cause of India outside of India whilst residing outside of India. The ones who are bi-nationals inside of India are just as welcome I guess.

      It’s funny I always get asked where am I from…’ I usually respond London, UK I’m born here’. The other guy always chuckles. And says ‘no where are you really from?’…I say well Kenya because my parents are born there….then he chuckles more…and says ‘no where are you really really from’….I realize now the secret answer to avoid all confusion is India.

      Thankfully most forms in UK have the option of British-Indian. Soon we’ll have Anti-Indian for Aamir and Canadian-Indian for Akshay. Basically everything will be Indian good or bad.


  37. This is such a young age to die in that circle !!

    Philanthropist, Businesswoman Parmeshwar Godrej Dies At 70

    “….Ms Godrej was also referred as a ‘style icon’ and was well connected with people in the world of entertainment and business.

    One of her biggest initiatives in philanthropy was joining hands with legendary Hollywood actor Richard Gere, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative to combat AIDS through the launch of the ‘Heroes Project’ in 2004.

    Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan was among the first to offer tributes to her, saying he is “devastated” by the news of death of his “close friend”.

    Parmeshwar Godrej had worked with national carrier Air India briefly as an air hostess and had also designed clothes for noted actress Hema Malini on the insistence of director friend Feroze Khan for a film in 1975.



  38. Just finished watching AMANDA KNOX on NETFLIX. It’s left me with confused reactions/thoughts.

    There is a duality between the ‘actuality’ of the ‘truth’ itself versus the way it’s been shot and shown. Of course, everything is make-believe. It’s the ‘distance’ between make and believe that makes the difference.

    Why do such documentaries traverse such a cliched path? Initial scenes – (i) happy, white, blonde girl in ’20s who doesn’t think or have the capacity to understand life beyond ‘cute’ boy-friend and sex? – check (ii) find oneself suddenly at the darker end of such ‘adventurous’ life in a foreign land where the intention to study is but a mask to actually indulge in life’s allowed or/and forbidden pleasures? – check (iii) cry hoarse over ‘fate’ after finding oneself on a sticky wicket thanks to some risque choices? – check.

    And then there are the ‘back-stories’ of the Italian prosecutor and the British journalist who start talking BS about their interest in SHERLOCK HOLMES and Woodward and Bernstein respectively.: I mean, who the hell cares? Because you see, at the end of the documentary when they try to explain themselves away, i couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably. It was hilarious!! Maybe they are trying to depict how ‘self-important’ these little folks with power try to be, but well, it didn’t convince me..

    No time is dedicated to the ‘personal’ griefs of the protagonist. Her imprisonment at the Cappane is dismissed off with beautiful, aerial sunny shots..

    The only moving part of the documentary, to me, was when an interviewer asks the father not to delay any book or movie rights or interview rights since the ‘hot’ property value would diminish over time…


  39. Not sure how many follow Kerala BO here. But history is being made there. A mohanlal starrer Puli Murugan released there this week and destroyed every existing record there. It has done 21cr in 5 days till now. Its an action masala movie but opened with glowing reviews. To give an idea of what I am talking the highest a Malayalam movie has opened in kerala is 2.5 crs approx. And Pulimirugan has done 4 cr+ for 5 days in a row. Infact the top 5 highest single day openers had 4 tamil movies (Kabalai, Theri, I, Jilla) and one Malayalam Movie – Loham..
    The highest ever done by a Malayalam movie is around 50 crs – Drishyam. Now the way Puli Murugan is doing it is all set to go to 75 cr atleast. And this is Mohanlals second consecutive blockbuster after Oppam the critical hit which is still going strong and has done 30 cr+ already.
    BTW I am also betting on Oppam to get the National Award for best actor for Mohanlal. Ofcourse Bollywood gets undue advantage here. Pink also would come into reckoning…Once before Mohanlal lost out on Best Actor for Tanmatra to Amitabhs Black which was really a shame as Black is not a patch on Tanmatra…


  40. Neeraj Pandey’s M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, showed a decent growth on its 2nd Tuesday, due to public holiday of Dussehra. It raked in 4.21 crores yesterday and now stands with a grand total of 116.91 crores at the domestic box office.

    Since the new releases failed to create any kind of magic at the box office, this biopic remained 1st choice for the moviegoers.

    This biographical sports drama will comfortably cross 120 crore benchmark by its 2nd week.

    Starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Patani, Kiara Advani and Anupam Kher in pivotal roles, M S Dhoni – The Untold Story has been directed by Neeraj Pandey of A Wednesday & Special 26 fame.



  41. Top Actresses In The Popularity Stakes
    Wednesday 12 October 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The male star stakes have seen little changes in the last few years with the same names dominating the top places but its a different story as far as female leads are concerned as younger actresses like Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor have made fast inroads despite not being paired with the reigning Khans. They are the most in demand actresses in the industry at the moment. Deepika Padukone still retains top spot but the peak was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express and its not been the same since which huge flops like Finding Fanny and Tamasha and then there is a Bajirao Mastani where the second lead steals the show for many.

    The only star who gets any mileage from a limited appreciation film like Kapoor & Sons is Alia Bhatt. In Udta Punjab, a more senior Kareena Kapoor is playing single fiddle which is another signal of the fast rise. Its a similar story for Shraddha Kapoor as a huge share in the successs of films like Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain, ABCD 2 and Baaghi, in fact barring ABCD 2 it can be said the bulk of the credit for the other films is going her way. There will be some that call it the luck factor but that will be tested with Rock On 2 because this film looks a bad sequel of a film that was not liked in the first place so if this somehow comes through the luck theory could have some validity. This rise has also coincided with reigning stars like Katrina Kaif having a very bad phase with big duds like Fitoor and Baar Baar Dekho and it remains to be seen if this downward trend can be altered. The top ten female leads in terms of the popularity stakes at present are as follows.

    1. Deepika Padukone

    2. Alia Bhatt

    3. Shraddha Kapoor

    4. Katrina Kaif

    5. Anushka Sharma

    6. Kareena Kapoor

    7. Priyanka Chopra

    8. Sonakshi Sinha

    9. Kangana Ranaut

    10. Parineeti Chopra



    • Mirziya Tutak Tutak Tutiya MSG Tuesday Collections
      Wednesday 12 October 2016 10.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Mirzya got a little jump on Tuesday due to Dusshera but it was the case for all films playing. The collections of the film in five days are 7.25 crore nett. The week should close at around 8.75-9 crore nett. The collections of Mirzya for five days are as follows.

      Friday – 1,75,00,000

      Saturday – 1,50,00,000

      Sunday – 1,75,00,000

      Monday – 1,00,00,000

      Tuesday – 1,25,00,000

      TOTAL – 7,25,00,000

      Tutak Tutak Tutiya also jumpred due to Dusshera. The film will finish the week at 2.50 crore nett. The first five day collections of Tutak Tutak Tutiya are as follows

      Friday – 40,00,000

      Saturday – 55,00,000

      Sunday – 65,00,000

      Monday – 25,00,000

      Tuesday – 35,00,000

      TOTAL – 1,95,00,000

      MSG – The Warrior Lion Heart will gross around 5.50-5.75 crore nett in week one. The first five day collection of MSG – The Warrion Lion Heart is as follows.

      Friday – 1,00,00,000

      Saturday – 1,00,00,000

      Sunday – 1,15,00,000

      Monday – 60,00,000

      Tuesday – 85,00,000

      TOTAL – 4,60,00,000



  42. For those who are in Mumbai and interested to watch SRK’s unreleased film, Ahmaq.

    SRK’s lesser known mini series-turned-film titled Ahamaq will be screened at the upcoming MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. The movie was directed by filmmaker Mani Kaul and was aired as a four-part miniseries on Doordarshan in the year 1991. It was also screened at the New York Film Festival in 1992 and was applauded a lot for it.

    Ahamaq was based on the famous novel The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The unedited mini-series will be shown as a four-hour film back-to-back.


    • Seen this during DD days. It was a typical Mani Kaul film; not a patch on the book – the film is over-long and tedious. However, SRK was very good in here. He was starting out and wasn’t fully buried under blatant mannerisms that he succumbed to later..


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