Images from Kaabil (updated)

thanks to livewire…

thanks to Xhodbo & Vijay…


9 Responses to “Images from Kaabil (updated)”

  1. Another Korean remake? The original source will come out soon…


  2. I hope Krish series ended and something different from Roshans is welcome.


  3. This Sanjay Gupta directorial, will have Hrithik playing the character of a blind man seeking revenge for his wife, Yami Gautam’s death. Sanjay Masoomm told a leading daily, that it is a love story-cum-revenge drama based in Mumbai.

    The lead actors fall in love and get married, but in a plot twist her character dies, following which he sets out to seek revenge.

    The movie releases on 26 January 2017, clashing with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees.


  4. The MIND SEES ALL…Kangana..especially from the gym…


  5. tonymontana Says:

    So basically a Ghajini with a different disorder this time


  6. It’s Sanjay Gupta film, so expect style over substance. However I do feel he can deliver us a good thriller.

    Gupta also seems to have been heavily inspired by Hong Kong/ Korean movies. His earlier films were heavily inspired by John Woo movies. He is a self-proclaimed John Woo fan. Jazba was a remake of a Korean movie.

    I do still feel Aatish remains Gupta’s most sincere effort till date. Heavily inspired by John Woo’s masterpiece- A Better Tomorrow. But the Gupta’s version wasn’t too bad either.


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