Images from Dear Zindagi (updated)

thanks to Master…

thanks to Sanjana & Xhobdo…


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  1. Finally Satyam creates a thread for Dear Zindagi…


  2. paapaas Says:

    looks like they are both reading Raja Sen’s review of Fan.

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  3. No I think there was some problem there. I could see that Sanjana had posted something called ‘ NICE POSTER OF ZINDAGI’ but there was no image beneath it. So maybe it was some sort of word-press or format issue.

    I thought she had forgotten to paste the link or something and left it at that. Never know it would create such a furore!!!

    On that note, Satyam, you are giving Zaid Hamid a run for his money in terms of conspiracies…

    [the last sentence was a joke; please ignore if offended]


    • Controversies? Funny to read. My 1st comment on this thread was a to mention in a funny way that Satyam finally created the thread(when reminded multiple times earlier). Didn’t think it will be taken in a wrong way. But anyways…


  4. This movie will clash with Kahani 2. Why SRK is doing this?
    I loved Kahani and feel its sequel deserves a solo. This movie – Father daughter relationship is also looking good. Clashes like these are not good.

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  5. Yesterday we reported that Shah Rukh Khan visited Rakesh Roshan’s residence to discuss the much talked about clash between Raees and Kaabil. And when Shah Rukh left he had a broad smile, giving us a hope of some good news to come, but seems like things haven’t work out.

    According to a report, who spoke to Rakesh Roshan to ask about the clash, he gave a big NO and was apparently in no mood to shift the release date of Kaabil which is 26th January 2017.

    With no positive response from Sr. Roshan, let’s see if Shah Rukh changes the release date of Raees.


    • Announcing the dates long before even 1 scene shot is a very dishonest way. If the movie gets delayed, well they keep moving the date but if by some chance they complete it.. they stick to it saying we annoucned it first. Karan Johar has been announcing ‘Shuddhi’ for every Diwali from last 4 years. Similary Ajay Devgn announced annoucned Son of Sardars 2 for Diwali 2017 and he know he can’t make it so soon.. so he postponed it. He announced Baadshaho for Jan 26, 2017 but again he got delayed with Shivaay and can’t meet the date. But if any reason he could complete the movie.. then they shout from rooftops we announces it FIRST!

      Samething with Hrithik’s Kaabil. They haven’t started shooting the movie till July 15 but they announced it earlier and they could have easily given the date to SRK’s Raees which is already ready when both Farhan Akhtar and SRK are still close at a level. Its like throwing dates in the air and then saying we make the movie or not but hey.. we announced it first!


      • I think Roshan has confirmed today he is not budging so sounds like this meeting achieved nothing. Maybe they are conspiring over collections or whose calculator to use?


        • Roshans don’t want to shift.

          “Rakesh Roshan Said That-”We have announced the date earlier.But we are all friends and will sort it out “”


  6. The First look is on the lines on English Vinglish. I hope Gauri Shinde is not corrupted with big banners/actors in her 2nd movie and retains her simple story telling as her first movie. So far it looks to be on track!


  7. “Zindagi Vindagi” a better title.


  8. Loved the poster #DearZindagiFirstLook


  9. Alia looks natural on bike!


  10. Classy Poster


  11. Indeed a good look. Nothing intriguing but more of a calendar shot.
    Good thing the makers did was not to show the pakistani actor in the poster. I think they should just hush hush about it for an easy release. Else the movie will bear the brunt – Pakistani actor + Mahesh Bhatt + SRK is a bomb for stupid Maharashtra based politicians.

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    • “Good thing the makers did was not to show the pakistani actor in the poster.”

      Ali Zafar in the poster is out of the equation for the simple reason that neither director – Gauri Shinde, producer – Karan Johar or SRK/Alia or even Ali Zafar has OFFICIALLY confirmed that he’s part of the movie.

      Whenever the movie was launched.. it was always SRK and Alia Bhatt and no other names are confirmed by the team and neither by the actors doing the roles.

      As everyone is aware by now.. there are episodic roles by 4 guys in Alia’s life and they are – Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi (Pink fame) and Ali Zafar. None of them are officially announced or confirmed ever by the team. The media got these information by the on-site shooting pics.

      Anyways, rumors are that they are also editing another version of movie to remove Ali Zafar’s part and make it 3 boys in Alia’s life instead of 4 but the call will be taken after ADMH’s release.

      Either ways, none of the 4 episodic characters will be used for promotion and infact Aditya Roy Kapoor is bigger than rest and if they are not using him, Ali Zafar is out of equation. To know if Ali Zafar is really in the movie, you need to wait till Nov 25th.


  12. Now both SRK and Aamir have released trailers in the same week and they are playing fathers. For Akshay he has transformed from stupid comedian to patriot action hero. Only Salman is still running on on the same roles. Who will take over the throne next? Ranbir, Ranvir and Hrithik have not established themselves as well as 3 Khans. John is trying and failing to be the next action hero after Akshay. Sidharth, Varun, Tiger, Arjun and Harshvardhan are still too new.

    Even the top two heroines DP and PC have taken off to Hollywood and Katrina can’t carry films on her own. Nargis, Jaqueline and Lisa are just glam dolls. Vidya and Kareena are losing popularity. Anuskha, Sonakshi, Shraddha, Alia and Kangana have had good hits but not become popular enough to be mass heroines like Madhuri or Sri Devi. Parineeti is only in the news for weight loss.

    Who will be on top in 2025? Any predictions?


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