Master on Shivaay

***May contain spoilers***
Back from Shivaay. To put it clearly the movie is disappointing for the build up. The movie starts with Ajay Devgn(an badly created VFX sequence) jumping from mountain peak to bottom with someone calling out his name.

The next hour is fine but once the girl is lost in Bulgaria the story writer goes on vacation. There’s action after action and left over ‘Taken’ sets and scenes and in all that Ajay is not doing anything great. He doesn’t find the girl, he doesn’t find the criminal, nothing at all. He gets hold of a hacker and he gives him all the information in like 5 minutes. All the hacker, villain’s address, etc. If you are basing your film on Taken, you need to show the ‘skills’ in the lead actor. Here, Ajay has no additional skills and he’s just like another guy and he does nothing except fighting dozens of men. Like in 1 scene he fights and beats some 20 guys and then in climax he is struggling with 2 guys and shouting out to his daughter.. please run away while he’s getting kicked by just that 2 guys. (was I suppose to cry there?)

The performances are not good. Only Ajay does justice in some parts and some parts he appears tired and inactive. The dress designers and makeup for Ajay has been taken for granted and this has got to be his most ugliest outing in all his movies. I think the burden of producing/directing/acting has impacted his screen appearance. I think he should not forget he’s still a star and actor at the foremost and he needs to appear decent. (Though I agree that he’s playing a role of father searching for his daughter and he can’t be fresh always but they have overdone that makeup and didn’t take care of him well).

The girl’s choice of making her mute is the biggest mystery. This story didn’t needed the girl to be mute like Bajrangi Bhaijan where her being mute, the story is stuck and Salman has to struggle to find her home. Here, it adds nothing to the story. I think Ajay decided its very difficult to keep a foreign girl to teach her Hindi and better make her mute and gain some artificial sympathy. But the whole emotional connect is missing as we don’t get connected to the girl. IMO if they had girl talking, it would have connected more with the audience and would feel more sad when she’s taken away.

Erika Kaar looked good but she’s hardly an actress. I think we can discuss that even an Indian actress could have been taken for this role to create a more emotional connect and make this project bigger.

Another mystery is Girish Karnad’s character. There’s too much hints of him being the main villain and some build up but then suddenly that plot line is killed and he’s no way part of the villain’s gang.

So, you have foreign actress as lead, then mute white girl, then nameless villains, so how do we even connect or feel for these characters or get scared. Nothing works except Ajay’s role in a foreign country.

As for the direction of Ajay, the movie is placed very slowly and the ‘flow’ is missing. Its like sequence after sequence is directed like blocks of scenes put together but the scenes don’t move like smoothly. It clearly shows that direction doesn’t come naturally to Ajay and also I felt its pretty easy film to direct. Just few sequences and then there’s 60% of action sequences to be directed by action director.

Honestly the action is nothing great. I can’t believe the hue and cry. The chase sequence is good but in that Ajay is on the hood of the car and managing the wheel and chasing the villain’s car. That was hilarious and unbelievable. The rest of the action is good(not great) but its too long and unending.

Honestly if some plots have been fixed and movie’s length reduced to 30 minutes short then this could have been a good film to watch(still not great film as the whole premise is too weak).

The movie is Recommended only for Ajay Devgn fans and if some one are bored. To give perspective, I find this movie better than Hrithik’s Bang Bang and in comparison with Mohejodaro.


13 Responses to “Master on Shivaay”

  1. This isn’t even a proper review.. my usual thoughts after watching a movie, didn’t realize it was this long.


    • Hope to see more notes and reviews!
      And every one is talking about ADHM but not Shivaay.


      • Actually I’ve posting my thoughts almost every week from years for all the movies I see and I do see a lot (almost all major movies) and there’s hardly any replies to them. So posting as seperate post is not really required. Thanks anyways.


        • Sometimes we are lazy to start a new post;
          All the traffic is in ADHM threads; So this is certainly against the grain in terms of chatter. There are probably silent members/lurkers who may like the review.


  2. It seems from your views that Ajay could have avoided direction. A better craftier director and good edit would have made the movie crisp and avoided the mistakes.

    Also I feel some proper references to Lord Shiva could have made the film attain a bit more classy feeling.

    I shall try to catch it on TV ones it comes out.


    • Yes, I think the general consensus is that Shivaay would have benefited a lot under another director and Ajay as producer just made sure that stunts and locations etc are upto the mark(which actually makes this movie different than other movies).

      I think it will impact of ‘Sons of Sardaar’ now. It is supposed to be twice the budget of Shivaay under Ajay’s direction.


  3. Master thanks for this. I really wanted/want to watch this.

    Not because of any principle or anything..but just that I like action flicks..and just like RA.1, from the trailer, this promised to be a good old desi flick with Hollywoodized action..and I love Indians trying to match Hollywood action and tech but keeping the Indian emotions intact..I though that was what AD was attempting…

    I agree with Rooney that when somebody has such an expensive project at hand, for pure practical purposes, why not hand it over dictatorially to an experienced talent? SRK did that with RA.1, but messed up when he chose the pathetic Anubhav Sinha..

    It seems AD hasn’t succeeded much either with with his own direction..


    • “SRK did that with RA.1, but messed up when he chose the pathetic Anubhav Sinha”

      Actually Ra.One was Anubhav’s story and idea. Either Srk had to reject or produce it unlike Devgn who wanted to make a story about man protecting a daughter. The story by Ajay Devgn, he gave writers to develop it and then directed it. In that aspect even Salman Khan was smart. He had story idea for ‘Veer’. He spoke to 2-3 directors and then found 1 producer and made the movie. He didn’t produce it neither directed such an expensive movie.

      But Srk(in his own words) concentrated more on the superhero/gaming part and that part is fine to an extent IMO(like the introduction of both Ra.One and G.One on screen). The rest of the amalgamation of super hero with regular hindi movie scenes and family stuff etc were not directed well. For super-hero movies, producing is as much work as much directing.


      • Never knew that RA1 was Anubhav’s and not SRK’s idea. I always thought it was SRK’s since he kept talking about his dream of making a technically competent film of Hollywood standards in India. And that’s why I was always disappointed with his choice of Sinha and thinking why would someone handover one’s pet project to an average director?

        Having said that, if there’s anyone who can do this, it is SRK and not the other 2 since he is inclined toward this direction and has a smart business sense – in this tech direction I mean better than the other 2


  4. Nice review Master.

    “To put it clearly the movie is disappointing for the build up.”

    I think every review should begin with what was the expectation. This helps one to understand the reason for disappointment.

    Like if I go to watch Shivaay I will go with -ve perception built by the media already. Now if i watch and if the movie is better than I may like it. I picked because i don’t think there has been any other action flick post

    Like Anjo i too like action flicks with bollywood emotions. 🙂


    • My exceptions are on the promo, trailers and the project not on the movie reviews. Obviously if it promos were as dumb as ‘Action Jackson’, I wouldn’t have even checked out in cinemas. Based on the promos and build only, there is an curiosity/expectation and then comes the audience.


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  6. BRangan has posted this for Shivaay on Oct 30 and its been 3 days and no review yet.

    Posted on October 30, 2016

    Review coming soon…
    My take: Some great stunts. But terribly long, and becomes hard to care (or keep awake) after a point.


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