Ae Dil Hai Mushkil & Shivaay (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Looks like the older thread is closed.
    Jay and Rocky took us down the memory lane.
    Rocky- . You came to NY and didn’t let us know.
    We could all have met!
    Beld was unhinged most of the times. One thing I liked about him is that he was very honest but his way of looking at things was screwed up.
    A lot of these people are active on FB group – Sanity Galore.

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    • lol!

      I will say though that the ‘honesty’ point is often overrated. This happens in public life but even otherwise. Because the ‘honest’ can often be ‘crazy’ too (hey I know what I’m talking about!). I’d rather have people who dishonestly assert that say SRK is better than Bachchan than people who ‘honestly’ believe it because the latter is a really scary prospect (and over the years it’s often been clear to me that there were more ‘honest’ people here than ‘dishonest’ ones!). The same for some other star fans too. And again in public life this gets even more tricky. So people think Trump is more ‘honest’ than Hillary/ That’s bull of course but even if he were so what? Would one want an honest KKK member to be elected for some office or a corrupt mainstream politician? Ideally one shouldn’t have to make this choice and this is certainly an extreme example (though one which is not so extreme for the US currently!) but the point is that ‘honesty’ is ideal all else being equal. But since the latter is never the case the ‘dishonest’ are always better than the crazy ‘honest’! Many of the arguments that I often got into over the years were not just for the benefit of the immediate interlocutors but for a larger group of people who were (hopefully) reading. Because in many cases I felt I wasn’t arguing with a ‘dishonest’ person but worse.. someone ‘honest’ who was crazy! And even when they made dishonest arguments they did so to account for their own inner honesty! So if one honestly believes SRK is better than Bachchan in any way imaginable one is going to find the argument (dishonest or not) that suits this belief. The argument is dishonest and insincere but the core belief isn’t.

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    • Rajen, I should have, but with family it becomes tough to squeeze time for yourself out of town.
      If I ever travel alone, I will most certainly meet up with the NY gang.
      I and one other member here have been p trying to meet up in Chicago, and have not been able to due to one reason or the other. Last time he was in Chicago when I was in NY !


      • You can either have family or friends! In the old masala movies most of the family was bumped off or at best you had just the mother. That way the guys could always hang out together. Which is why you actually had to make a separate family film if you wanted to show the larger family. More typically you had the orphan hero or at the most with just a mother or the girl just had a father. Even more seriously I’d argue this was structurally necessary for the world of those films. By the way when there were families the brothers shot each other, sometimes moms and dads shot their kids, if explosives had been more in the news then the guy in Trishul would have tried to blow up his entire family at a wedding event or something.

        In the Johar world your friends all belong to the family. You don’t have to step out to meet them. Of course in his world even the lovers are just pals. Horrifyingly SRK and Rani have a kid in KKHH which is why Rani has to be bumped off immediately. The film can then get back to the pals. At other points the guy is always more interested in the mother-in-law. Why run away with the girl if you can get the mother-in-law’s lap instead?

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        • haha…

          Had a guys only college reunion in Vegas last month and there was a suggestion that we should meet again with families; that idea was shot down because of conflicting priorities if family with kids are present.

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          • to be honest I do think it is problematic to always blend the two. Sometimes one should just meet friends. The same should be true for the women. We often make the mistake of equating the closest of relationships with everything else. One can be very close to a spouse and yet the relationship with a friend is different. The same goes for other relationships as well. Sometimes people share more of their interests with friends than they do with family. The thing is that cultural we are often made to feel guilty about some of these choices. ‘Why do you prefer your friend over your wife?’ It’s not a preference and of course things have to be kept balanced but if a relationship is authentic (with a friend, spouse, love, child, parent, sibling.. whatever) it will never be ‘translatable’ into any other. Sometimes because of different circumstances you might lose touch with a friend and not remain as close but that’s different from saying ‘I don’t need a friend because I have a wife now’! Or in Johar’s world ‘I don’t need a wife because I have a friend’.

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  2. Please delete the above…here’s the correct one


  3. Sab miley hue hain jee !!
    Aside- This time around there has not been a single discussion on US elections at SS.
    Shows the level of interest people have in both the candidates.
    NY Kavi has given up on Trump and Satyam has given up on Hilary !!!


    • I’m not personally interested in hillary but of course I want her to win and I have no doubt she will do so convincingly.

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    • thecooldude Says:

      I have been following the election since mid 2015 when candidates starting forming exploratory committees to see if they can run. I am just stunned that this election is this close. Despite all of Clinton’s flaws, a candidate like Trump should be getting his ass kicked right now.

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      • Think she’ll win easily in the end but it’s true that Trump would get 40m or more votes even if he lost in a landslide and that’s already a tragedy. But right wing politics is ascendant the world over without exception. Now I am going to needle Rocky and say desis often mind it only when they’re outside India!


        • thecooldude Says:

          I think we have now come to the point where a 3 legged dog with a (R) in front of it will get 40M votes. I think the same would happen with a (D) though not to that extent. The right wing radio, Fox have completely taken over the Republican party where a war hawk like Bill Kristol seems like a reasonable guy.


      • Clinton will win, but by the looks of it, the Dems probably lost the opportunity to retake the Senate. In any case, we r headed for 4 horrible years with a continuous news cycle of unfolding Clinton scandals. Pfizer stock will certainly shoot up due to large Viagra delivery volumes to the White House.

        Both parties need to re-look and drastically change the nomination process. Or we need the emergence of a solid 3rd Party.


        • Bill Clinton is lucky that he can re-enter White House and stay there for five years if his wife wins. Next I expect Mrs.Obama to contest and try to win presidential election. So US can have two women presidents one after another. If Trump wins, the world may become a different place with new alliances and new policies.


        • yes it would be a great pity if the Senate wasn’t flipped..


          • Was wishing to see the Trump Presidency just to test the limits of American Democracy if elected and how would he be digested by the general public considering his famously known thin skin and weakness for late night tweets & general nastiness quotient in this campaign but it seems Bhai has made his choice clear …..ab toh Hillary ka haqq banta hai !!!

            Salman Khan ‏@BeingSalmanKhan 6h6 hours ago
            Hope you win. May god give you the strength to follow the constitution and human values. All the best.


          • Like

          • Trump campaign reminds me somewhat of how Modi ran his. The difference is in India that mentality worked because good 70% of India is hindu. In USA there are million of immigrant US citizens, some of them married to US born citizens, and a lot of whiteys are not r@dnecks. If today was 1980, Trump would win in blowout fashion.

            Remember “I love hindu, I love india”. Someone should remind Trump that there are about 250 million people in india who are not hindu.

            This election did bring out true color of USA thou. Don’t be surprised if in 2020 you will have somebody like Trump (little smarter) running same type of campaign.

            Only way repub will win is if there’s another major thing like 9eleven or more immigrant community votes for repub due to sole reason of hating muslims.


          • agree.. there aren’t enough ‘angry white males’ for Trump to win. Even Romney would have had a blowout if demographics were like 1980. Unfortunately fascist politics is ascendant the world over.


          • Very recently Charlie Rose was discussing history of American Presidential elections and turning points in U.S politics in terms of candidate acceptability. They did find some sort of similarities of this presidential campaign to the one in 1992 and the results were considered some sorts of breakthrough in american politics at that time. For the first time a draft dodger and so called ‘flamboyant punk’ and scandals was elected against a decorated war veteran and Naval Aviator with a huge Gulf war victory behind him and was also part of the Take down the Soviet Union team and was also morally righteous.

            Rest as they say turned out good and most prosperous 8 years in american history.


          • Re,-Trump campaign reminds me somewhat of how Modi ran his. The difference is in India that mentality worked because good 70% of India is hindu.

            yaar yeh Kejriwalism has travelled to US elections too now !!
            ab BC yahan bhee Modi !!!

            SS is full of ……..

            ahhhhh!! Agar mainey apney aap sey wada kuch naa bolney ka vada nahee kiya hota, toh …………
            Chill and bolo Har Har Har Har Har ……………..

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          • The video link below laced with desparation is the reason it would be amusing to see the reaction if Trump ended up winning this !!


        • Trump = Modi is such a false equivalency, it is hilarious!
          No point getting into that discussion.

          But I find it funny that libs are willing to pull wool over their eyes in order to elect a Corrupt person just because she happens to be “one of their own”. It is back to the Haves vs HaveNots state which led to Romney losing. It was never about racial/religious demographics. The race/religion card has been smartly used by both sides to garner votebanks. Though its very late in the day, and perhaps not going to be enough to prevent Hillary getting elected, people whose savings are being blown apart by Obamacare premiums are quickly realising that they need to vote their pocketbook instead of their skin-color or religion. Also, the smart roll out of Obamacare such that it only affects 20% now and the rest from 2018 onwards only.

          In my mind, there is no diff between Hillary or Trump. Both are going to be disastrous. This is an ominous sign for democracy in general.

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          • libbies : when they don’t have facts, start labelling. In SS, satyam is the ring leader.

            If you dissent, it is dissent and if I dissent to your dissent than it’s ‘fascism’ emergency.

            libbies don’t go into reason why so called ‘fascism’ is on rise? they will never do it.


          • @NyKavi:

            Thanks for the dismissal of the ‘academic’ criticism and your ‘practical’ dismissal of Trump = Modi. Kudos to you for flowing against the self-back-patting tribe & tide..

            I am staying away from such discussions to avoid clouding and more importantly, because there are far more politically-aware folks like you here who convey succinctly in 2 sentences that I somehow fail to convey in 20…


          • “In my mind, there is no diff between Hillary or Trump.”

            I don’t think you very seriously mean this Nykavi.. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.. because I would have an extremely low opinion of someone who did..

            On the rest and speaking for myself I wouldn’t say Modi and Trump are the same but they are part of a certain ascendancy of fascist politics in the contemporary world from Russia to Poland to Hungary to similar elements in Western Europe and the US (Trump) to Turkey to the India to the Philippines and so on. It’s never the same in every case. It’s a family resemblance. And where it’s not right-wing it’s still authoritarian (China..). We are going through an age of ‘authoritarian capitalism’ (I’m hardly the first to say it). There are globalization forces that make this an attractive option much as the same make right-wing politics a comforting option too.

            I’d finally say this. Corruption is a problem but there are problems worse than corruption. Hitler might have been an honest chap and I’m sure the Jews appreciate his honesty.. Many Russians probably appreciated Stalin’s honesty at the time as well.. perhaps if one can establish Aurangzeb was an honest person no one would have any problem with him..?


          • It would not be erroneous to say that Trump = Hillary, in the sheer scale of corruption both would engage in.

            His foreign policy surely will be disastrous, but Hillary’s past foreign policy as Sec of State has already proven to be disastrous. One only need look at the ruins of Libya and Syria/Iraq to understand how inept her decisions were.

            Billy floated on a prosperous economy resulting from a once-in-a-lifetime epochal event of the birth of new technology. But his trade deals, his repeal of Glass-Steagal, etc have directly caused the last 16 years of financial misery. Trump’s business policies would be harmful, but on par with what Billy already did.

            Trump is a businessman, who looks at the color of money, and not anyone’s skin. There are Trump Clubs, Apartments etc with all kinds of people of diff races/religions who could afford to be in them. So racism coming out of his mouth is designed to encircle a votebank. He out flanked all the Republicans with his totally extremist statements. Who knows how much of all that was for real or for garnering votes.

            I am not defending Trump, but I do not see how the Clintons with their past records can qualify anymore than him. You always feel that accepting corruption is a lesser sin than accepting right-wing nationalism. But it is this VERY liberal corruption that eventually gives rise to the right wing militant attitudes. If the liberals would truly stick to principles and practice socialism without caveats, without personal gain, without unending gravy trains and the like, there would be no ill effects of their decisions. Unfortunately, that never happens. When even Obama can make personal benefits from his pet signature Healthcare Law (by letting Michelle’s Canadian buddy charge USD 1BILLION for a decrepit website), then how can you even defend the rise of Trump?? Would Modi be here if Congress had not run 8 years of unending scams? Would Putin be there without Yeltsin? or Duterte without all his predecessors? Hitler too rose out of the corruption of post WWI Germany. The corruption sucks out the lifeblood of economies, makes people desperate, and leaves them with no option but to turn to monsters like Hitler.


          • I initially wrote a long response to this but then actually deleted it. Yes odd coming from me. Because I think your own comment is offensive at many levels. Equally it’s just a familiar right-wing fairy tale of a diatribe (whether you realize this or not). But it’s probably pointless to say too much here. I must say I’m disappointed. I’ve had many disagreements with you in the past but I did not quite expect such a perversely ‘dishonest’ (I’m using my words with care to characterize your comment) response from you. One that is self-contradictory even on its own terms. I’ll just say this.. may liberal ‘corruption’ have a long life so that Nykavi is also able to enjoy a long happy life in one of these liberally corrupt ‘Western’ societies. Because you wouldn’t like ‘honest’ Trump very much…


          • Just to make it clear, I didn’t say Trump = Modi.

            I’ve said “Trump campaign reminds me somewhat of how Modi ran his. The difference is in India that mentality worked because good 70% of India is hindu”.

            Modi is not an idiot like Trump running around trying to grab your mother/sister by the p@ssy if you know what I mean.

            Trump whole campaign is on hatred, fear, gloom/doom, etc…
            Modi campaign had a lot of it too.

            You don’t have to go far, just look at the ad running on TVAsia/Zee paid by gujju in USA, where they show taj mahal hotel and uri attack and in support of trump. How about showing how trump will make lives better for New Jersey gujju??? Or that’s not the goal of these ads???

            These idiots don’t know that Trump doesn’t know any better and he doesn’t like many Indians be it hindu or mus.

            This guy wants to make America great which in his minds is America of 1960s and you gujjus have no part in it.


    • Thanks for this Satyam. But am disappointed that it turned out to be a rigmarole of an interview..

      Amitabh has never been an interesting artist to be interviewed..quite frustrating for his fans and his interviewers that such a behemoth belts out diplomatic lines one after the other..

      Raja Sen, for all that I hate of him, has a FANTASTIC interview where he managed to open up Amitabh to an extent that quite few have been,,


      You’ve often been described as a ‘director’s actor,’ in the sense that you get into the character and do whatever is asked of you. Is that hard these days, when the director is 30 years younger and a diehard Bachchan fan, who has grown up on your cinema? Do you feel that they sometimes lose objectivity?

      Yeah, that’s an interesting question. I normally would want to listen to the script first, see my story, and then through the narration or the interest the director shows towards me, I would want to gauge whether this is something that he’d be able to handle.

      I will not hesitate to say that yes, there are some directors who are fans, like, say, Sujoy [Ghosh] for example. He’s very excited, ‘I’m working with you, I’ve been a fan’ and all that, but I think at some point of time you have to pull yourself away from that and tell him that ‘you know, forget all that, now we’re making the movie, and this is the character I’m doing.’

      And I try really hard because a number of times people will come and tell me a narration and say ‘sir, this is the scene and you come out and then [claps hands theatrically] that Sharaabi attitude, or that Deewar dialogue.’ And that’s putting off, for me. If you’re identifying me with something that I’ve done in the past, I don’t like that. There are many people who have come forward with stories which are caricatures of something I’ve done in the past, or there are references.

      When I was doing Aladin, when Sujoy said… when [my character] goes inside Ritesh’s brain, there is a reference to the Deewar dialogue. And I was uncomfortable doing that. I told him but… I didn’t want to break his heart. These sort of moments where I’m a character in a film, but I’m making reference to something which has gone on in my earlier films.. It’s out of character and it’s not right, and I’m very uncomfortable doing that.


      • yes I do agree that most of his interviews are not interesting because he’s trying hard to evade the interviewer! Now of course it’s also the case (and as you’ve pointed out) that most of these guys ask utterly banal questions. But Bachchan is so careful in this sense that even with very interesting questions he might not respond candidly unless he felt there was nothing provocative about them. Interestingly he tends to be much more open on his blog. This too is a public space, anyone can read him. But he doesn’t quite have the same approach towards journalists (a lot of it for good reason). But even more generally to get a good interview from any industry figure is a rare occurrence. Hadn’t seen that interview.. thanks for the shoutout.


        • Satyam, if I may, but I feel this demands a separate post; interviewing this man is so difficult..let’s give sen his due and have a separate post..

          your decision of course


  4. This is getting very, very good reviews..happy for Gibson after the ostracization he’s faced..


  5. AamirsFan Says:


  6. Like

  7. Shivaay had a decent second Friday with collections in the 3-3.25 crore nett range. The drop for the film is only 63-64% from day one which is very solid trending but it does look the prolonged holiday period is still helping as collections in Gujarat and UP are still very good. The day eight collections are in a similar range to M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story though its the weekend collections that will tell where this Friday stands. The growth may not come out as normal for the second Saturday but if it does it will mean a very strong second Friday for Shivaay and good trending. The business of Shivaay till date is as follows..

    Friday – 9,15,00,000

    Saturday – 8,25,00,000

    Sunday – 6,50,00,000

    Monday – 15,75,00,000

    Tuesday – 11,00,00,000

    Wednesday – 6,25,00,000

    Thursday – 4,75,00,000

    Day Eight (Friday) – 3-3.25 crore apprx

    TOTAL – 64,80,00,000

    The film stands at around 65 crore nett in eight days and if the growth come out over the weekend the film is looking at a dcent lifetime total and in a much position thatn it was in a few days back..


  8. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil did well on its second Friday as it collected in the 4-4.25 crore nett range taking its eight day total to 82 crore nett.A 4 crore nett plus number is good for a second Friday. The collections for the second Friday are the third best of the year with only Sultan and Airlift having better collections. Now its about the growth on Saturday which should normally be huge but there seems a little leftover from holiday period in UP as collections there seem to be higher than normal. This might also be there in other places which might hold the fillm back from the normal 50% plus growth on second Saturday but that remains to be seen. The box office collections of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil till date are as follows

    The film has done well in the metros which expected but the weekdays holds were due to the holds in mass centres. In many centres of UP it has actually collected more than Shivaay over the week and this is despite it being an urban film. The collections in Lucknow are even better than another mass film Housefull 3 and only behind Sultan and Rustom for the year. This has happened due to the music and holiday period otherwise there is no chance of this type of film clocking up around 1 crore nett from a centre like Lucknow.

    The best performing circuits till now are Mumbai and Mysore with the former being helped by an extended holiday period in Gujarat and the latter raced off too a huge start as there was no affect of pre Diwali and grossed the second highest first week figure of 2016 of around 7.25 crore nett. North was affected hugely by pre Diwali especially on Sunday but its likely to hold well in week two. The eighth day will give an idea of its lifetime business and despite its good first week a good total on day eight is still crucial.


  9. Kajol was part of two partially banned movies, Fanaa and MNIK. Fanaa was highly successful inspite of the ban and MNIK scored big overseas. And now she is on the other side of the fence. ADHM is quite successful though not on a bigger scale. Let us see where it will go from here. Shivaay could have posed a real challenge if it had had a tighter script and a well known heroine.

    Abhishek Bachchan wisely said that he did not see the movie ADHM. Otherwise he would have been asked stupid questions like how did he feel watching Ash Ranbir chemistry and their intimate scenes.


  10. Sooraj Pancholi’s father and veteran actor Aditya Pancholi has been convicted by the court for assaulting his neighbor.

    The court has passed it’s final judgement and Aditya has been awarded one year jail term.

    Reportedly, Aditya might be paying penalty instead of going to the jail. As of now he has been released on bail.

    The case dates back to 2013 when Aditya was booked for attacking his 55-year-old neighbour and educationist Bhargav Patel. He has punched Patel over a minor parking brawl, at their housing society in the Versova area of north-west Mumbai.



    Dr. Strange did pretty well in India with collections in the 2.50-2.75 crore nett range. Although the number was not high the film was released on just 675 cinemas with 800 screens taken from these cinemas. So in terms of that its a decent start and Mumbai and South India showed good numbers. The film was released in English mainly with some places showing a dubbed Hindi version.The occupancy was good for the film in the main multiplexes. The first day territory breakdown of Dr. Strange is as follows.


    • Saw the flick yay.

      Good but not great. It could have been better. Lacked the depth. But considering the genre was paisa vasool movie.

      The special effects are worth to check the movie as it pushes the envelop in that regard.

      Benedict gives a sound and reliable performance and shall be a great addition to the avengers line up.

      There were lot of cheers and whistles at various moments.

      Marvel has again succeeded to pitch its B category character as prime character at Box Office.


    • Rocky is now a techie! He listens audiobooks 🙂

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    • Ram Lal- inn Sickulars NGOs and Marxists sey key dey kee ab Bharat key logon ney inkee baton mein aana band kar diya hai !!


      • Rocky be careful about what you know, with the great Arundhati, she has a dis-associative dis-order of what”s fiction and what’s truth..VINOD MEHTA and OUTLOOK are the fertilized lands where she experiments between truth and fiction..make sure YOU, if not her, understands the difference between truth and fiction..With her MENSA IQ, unfortunately,she’s very little time to distinguish between truth& fiction..

        Let’s respect Twain shall we? Truth is stranger than fiction…


  12. Jackie Shroff to play Sunil Dutt in Sanjay Dutt biopic by Raju Hirani to be kickstart in Jan 2017.

    Two months ago, hitlist had reported about Aamir Khan turning down the role of late actor-politician Sunil Dutt in the Sanjay Dutt biopic, despite there being reports of initial interest.

    Now, we can confirm that it’s most likely to be essayed by Jackie Shroff, who has gone though a look test for the Rajkumar Hirani film that stars Ranbir Kapoor.

    Confirming the development, Jackie says, “It has been ages since I auditioned and did a look test for a film, so this feels good. Vidhu [Vinod Chopra, producer] is a dear friend and he asked me [to give it a shot].”

    The biopic is scheduled to go on floors in January 2017. While the actor says he hasn’t signed the dotted line, he has already begun preparing for the role.

    “It is obvious that I can’t look like Dutt saab, but I am watching a few old videos and films to learn his mannerisms, especially the way he moved his hands while talking to people, and emulate his sly smile. He was a strong but shy man. It is going to be one of my toughest roles ever. But all of that after I get picked for the part,” he says with a wink.

    Jackie says Hirani loved his daddy performances in Aurangzeb, Dhoom 3 (both 2013), Brothers (2015) and Housefull 3. “He doesn’t want a caricature; he just wants me to be natural with Dutt saab’s demeanour incorporated into my act.”

    The actor adds he has Sanjay’s approval. “Raju [Hirani] sent a photograph taken during the look test, and Sanju loved it. When we met recently, he gave me a thumbs-up and said, ‘fantastic’. His approval gives me the jitters; I have to play the role convincingly.”


  13. AamirsFan Says:


  14. Abhishek Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt give Dus sequal a thumbs up!

    The 2005 action thriller Dus is all set to make a comeback. From what we know director Anubhav Sinha is all gung ho it and has already approached Abishek Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt. And the two have even given it a thumbs up. The filmmakers doesn’t wish it announce it just yet as the rights of the film are with Nitin Manmohan.

    To refresh your memory, Dus starred Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Abhishek Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Zayed Khan and Esha Deol in lead roles. While we don’t know how big this ensemble is going to be, we do know that the plot will be on the lines of Hollywood’s hit franchise, The Ocean series.


  15. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil showed a jump of around 25-30% on its second Saturday which is lower than normal but its a prolonged holiday period and certain areas were still in that and therefore did not grow much on Saturday. The growth came mainly in Delhi city, East Punjab and Mysore. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was the clear winner over the first three days but its become a bit more of a clash since then as Shivaay has also held well after the first weekend and that will also be affecting the figures of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in some areas. The collection of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil till date is as follows.

    Week One – 78,10,00,000

    Friday – 4,25,00,000

    Saturday – 5.25-5.50 crore

    TOTAL – 87,75,00,000

    Again its hard to tell if and how much growth will come on Sunday as business is not showing normal trends due to the period but on Monday it will be surely back to normal and where it lands on Monday will tell if it goes to around 110 crore nett or falls short.


  16. Shivaay showed growth of 20-25% on its second Saturday which again like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is lower than normal due to prolonged holidays. The collections of the film are fair till now but the clash is affecting it at big city multiplexes. If there was no Ae Dil Hai Mushkil it may not make much of a difference in the high multiplexes of Mumbai and Delhi as content not for that audience but the smaller multiplexes in these cities and other places like Lucknow, Ajmer, Indore etc would have done better for sure and the film would have much higher number for sure. Still the film is in a much better position than it was after three days and has held its own against Ae dil Hai Mushkil. The business of Shivaay till date is as follows..

    Week One – 63,47,00,000

    Friday – 3,25,00,000

    Saturday – 4-4.25 crore apprx

    TOTAL – 70,87,00,000

    It will the Monday figure that will probably decide if the film can do lifetime business of around 90 crore nett which would be a fair total.


  17. Like

    • Akshay is on a roll and 2017 will be one of his best years!.

      Jolly LLB completed and releasing in Feb 2017
      Toilet – Ek prem katha – Summer 2017
      Crack – Aug 2017
      Robot 2.0 – Diwali 2017

      Both Toilet and Crack will be directed by Neeraj Pandey.


      • Not to forget extended cameo appearance in Tapsee Pannu’s Naam Shabana (prequel to Baby).


      • Amit kumar pandey Says:

        Toilet ek… I have a feeling this name/ movie is related to bjp govt har ghar me toilet ka abhiyaan …


      • Update: Neeraj is no longer directing Toilet Ek prem katha. The director is again a flop director – Shri Narayan Singh. This is becoming a pattern by using out of work and cheap directors and using Neeraj Pandey’s name on the posters like they did for Rustom.

        It is strange that Akshay has so many Neeraj movies in such short time. Just released Rustom, then in 2017 he has Toilet, Naam Shabana and Crack with two producing and 1 directing.


  18. tonymontana Says:


    Delhi has become a gas chamber. cloud of unbreathable air in the city. step out for some time and your eyes will begin to have a burning sensation. better stay indoors.


    • Sad to hear..but you know, Shoojit and theam had already predicted this and the mentally-questioned Amitabh had already started wearing masks in PINK…


  19. Aside, finished binge-watching THE FALL 3rd season of THE FALL…all because have been a tongue-extending fan of Gillian Anderson throughout my life starting with the X-files of course. What a woman! What a performance this is! It is difficult to imagine any other woman who can bring about this magnificent mix of sexuality and authoritarianism to such a complex role: Just watching her embrace the daughter of a serial-killer moved me to tears..I am going to die of a weak heart soon if I start consuming such scenes and stories more often…

    Of course, I am terribly disturbed by the type/kind of violence at display here..and I still struggle to come to terms with the validity of filmic depictions of such violence..the 3rd season is one of the most violent seasons, both psychologically and well as physical depictions of the dregs of humanity..

    It is quite clear the liberal censors who turn their eyes away when it comes to sex will clear more and more of puke-inducing violent scenes..

    I can — and as I do — close my eyes and mute my remote when it comes to watching these scenes,,,but I hope it doesn’t come to a point where I have to mute out 30 minutes of a 90 minute film or a series thank to the ‘liberal’ attitudes of the censors..


  20. I love The Bridge – Bron | Broen, really an awesome show. Undoubtedly the female lead is terrific (my favourite along with Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey) but even the show overall is pretty good. I was worried about Season 3 because the male lead from S1 and S2 left but she managed to carry the show easily and it was a pretty good season.


  21. Those are really poor Sat numbers for ADHM and Shivaay both…ADHM seems to headed for around 105-110crrs finish…financial success but not kind of comeback to put RK back on track

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wrong, RK is back on track now. Sometimes high critical acclaim and little financial success goes a long way. Just 50 crore Haider changed Shahid’s standing and position in the industry.


      • Don’t know which movie is Joginder bhai hinting here ?

        Joginder Tuteja ‏@Tutejajoginder Nov 5
        Boss, iss saal ek aane waali picture *bahaut badi* DISASTER hone waali hai!

        Rock On 2 ? – that’s not even worth discussing except that it has warmed Excel pockets !

        Befikre ? may be, but i still trust Adi more than KJO types

        Dear Zindagi ? too small to turn into a disaster !

        Dangal ? – even worst case scenario cannot be a disaster

        Btw, RK will not be pleased to read about any sort of comparison with Shahid. Forget hits , Shahid has actually consumed a lot of footage in Bollywood and ended up ruining a lot of careers in bollywood…..

        If shahid can survive all these years , RK will fly in this nepotistic bollywood where Ishan Kapoor ( shahid’s brother ) & Ibrahim Khan (saif’s son ) are supposedly next in command !!!

        Its just that ‘virtual reality’ takes numerous Friday for verity to set in !!


    • ADHM will be a clean hit….A KJO movie has never crossed 100 crs before…So not sure why people were expecting 200 crs…Considering its mixed WOM there was always a chance that it ended like Tamasha but it didn’t…A clean hit for both KJO and RK…Shivaay will at best be Average…assuming it goes past 90 crs…


      • I’ll just say that folks who are just looking at India collections for a Karan Johar film are missing the point. His movies are targetted more for overseas audience and then high end multiplex. You can’t blame him if his movie is not running in Bihar/CI or majority of the single screens. That was never on the target.

        Overseas alone it will do 100 crores and you can’t close you eyes for that kind of collection. Money is money everywhere.

        They did the same for MNIK which was more overseas subject and release and it did phenomenal and first movie to cross 100 crores overseas. ADMH is phenomenal in overseas and it will be termed super successful movie even if it reaches 120 crores in India.

        On the otherhand, Shivaay is super flop in overseas and has wrapped up under 15 crores overseas collection.

        Incidently, my prediction was about 125 crores as its releasing with a clash and out of form Ranbir.


        • “You can’t blame him if his movie is not running in Bihar/CI or majority of the single screens. That was never on the target.”

          Valid so long as he hasn’t released his film here. But I suspect he has released in some obscure markets/towns/areas targeting an “audience” that won’t be able to “digest” this film like the urban or overseas crowd can.


        • In no time you will lose the over seas base also. Sub hash Ghai was blockbuster director like Hirani; where is he now?

          If you do well in India, you will do well in overseas as well. Salman movies were not doing well but once he got India, overseas also started doing well.

          ps – Was watching KWK5 with SRK and Alia; And there was somewhat an awkwardness when Karan mentions we used to give biggest hit once upon a time.


          • “And there was somewhat an awkwardness when Karan mentions we used to give biggest hit”

            If you ignore the common man or working class families coupled with extortionate ticket pricing you cannot expect to be making the big blockbusters like KKHH any more. Hirani/Kabir Khan/Rohit Shetty have struck a happy medium more through the stars they function with & their brand of cinema.


          • Wasn’t Ghai claiming at the time he made Pardes, Taal and Yaadein that he didn’t make films for people of B and C Centres but rather aimed for NRIs? From being called the biggest showman of the previous decade, he quickly became a no-body.

            For movies like his and Dharma, there are lots of distributors, sub-distributors and theatre owners in those centres losing money.

            The initial aim for film-makers is two-fold: make as much money possible and earn as much recognition and appreciation for the film. However, it does seem that the second objective mentioned above isn’t considered worth pursuing for some. They are glad with making quick money from a very limited audience paying the high price for the tickets. Universal acclaim means nothing and it means nothing if very few people in the country have watched and liked your film.


          • Ghai would have been alright if he has continued to make what he was great at. Ghai problem was that for some reason he wanted to be like Aditya/Karan and started making Pardes (which was a good film) and then made taal/yaadain.

            If Ghai goes back to making films like raam-lakhan, saudagar, karma, he would be a hit film maker. Nobody is making movies like those right now, pure masala.


          • yes but the problem is his brand of cinema totally evaporated. You have to be willing to spend years in the wilderness not doing much, waiting for the tide to turn. But I do agree that pardes though it did well enough sounded the death-knell for him because it showed a total loss of confidence. After this he did Yaadein, a film so shockingly bad it was hard to believe. He couldn’t even stay at the Pardes level. But yes because he had a brand-name he could have floated with the right star combos and so on had he adapted a bit. On the other hand history just passes you by sometimes. Take Yash Chopra. Was never the same director after the very early 80s. In the late 80s he had a high point with Chandni, then Lamhe didn’t work, Darr eventually did. Beyond this though it was all Aditya Chopra. Without his son I doubt he would have been able to do very much with DTPH. VZ wasn’t great on trending even so (though super compared to today’s standards). JTHJ was worse. It’s hard to keep adapting to the values of a newer generation. It’s not just about the subjects but also the little things. Very few directors are as alert to the changes around them to be able to do this. This was Ratnam’s great achievement in his recent Tamil romantic hit. The film was otherwise nothing special (though enjoyable). But what he reminded people once again in his industry (and many much younger than him) was that he could still be more ‘peppy’ and ‘edgy’ even on this terrain than anyone else. For want of a better word he can still do the ‘vibe’ better than those younger directors. He’s done it before as well but he’s also older each time. But without this stuff you start looking dated even when you otherwise have a good enough script. Getting back to Ghai one could also argue that his brand of masala hasn’t really surfaced once again. It’s a Telugu-inspired masala (often by way of direct remakes but even otherwise) that’s dominant with Salman and Shetty and so on. Ghajini again remains an exception to this.


        • It will wrap up around 105-110cr. The production plus P&A is just below 100cr. Average in India but superhit overseas. Similar to MNIK.

          Reasonable result for Johar. He’s probably achieved what he set out for. But while in his case, he can’t aim and achieve higher, in Ranbir’s case, the latter needs to re-invent himself if he wants to go higher. Or else he may find himself limited to rom-coms, with limited acceptance only within metros audience. Saif was a bit similar and his best range for e.g. was those 60cr rom-coms for several years and never ever was a big star outside of those metros and never close to top 5.

          Ranbir probably needs to re-invent himself and add to volume of films as well. If he doesn’t, forget the Khans, forget Akshay and Hrithik or even Devgan, he risks finding himself being overtaken by the younger lads like Varun Dhawan and Ranveer.


          • @Rahul-“Ranbir probably needs to reinvent himself and add to volume of films as well.”

            Ranbir has done a whole variety of films like Anjaana Anjaani , Bachna Ae Haseeno and a whole lot of mixture, not to forget targeting single screen with Besharam type of movies…so this re-invention bit with Anurag, Imtiaz etc is already part of his mix now. One does not realize but he has been around for close to 10 years now. He comes from a filmy family so add 5 more years of general prep to his line of work & taking over. His limitations as an actor are pretty obvious to the discerning eye and in fact he is a poor actor if were to go by his acting in Besharam type movie. It will take sometime for everyone to realize that he is a one trick pony…until then footage khayegaa.

            His best chance for a breakout role was killed by Aamir himself when Hirani had nearly signed him for 3Idiots and then again was keen to take him for PK which again aamir emotionally blackmailed him to cast him.

            Aamir’s Ranbir praise is amusing since he seems to be part of the – keep your friends close and your enemies closer gang !


          • KEEPING A TAB ON HIS RIVALS: Aamir Khan’s Hawk’s Eye On Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…

            At Aamir Khan’s Diwali bash, the conversation revolved around Karan Johar’s Ranbir Kapoor starrer Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. was a fly on the wall and here is what we heard

            Aamir Khan had gathered his buddies from Bollywood for a glitzy Diwali bash recently. Other than the A-list, including Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar, Aamir had also invited his trusted lieutenants including some filmi scribes and trade watchers.

   too was there, watching the glamorous shenanigans.Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had released two days ago and obviously, most in the room had seen the much awaited film.

            While the party was in full swing, Aamir had formed a small circle around him and the conversation revolved around the Karan Johar film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma.

            Aamir was keen to know, what the circle, including industry folks, exhibitors and journalists thought about the film and its possible box-office collection.

            He obviously wanted to suss out the competition for his December 23 release, Dangal.

            And the unanimous opinion was that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will not break any box-office records, a la Sultan…..”


            Ha Ha…. as Rocky says Mazaa aa gaya !!!!


          • Going by this news article, it seems industry was indeed all hyped for ADHM and was expecting something major in terms of box office.


    By Pritish Nandy.

    We create a charming virtual universe only to eventually make it an exact replica of our own dystopian society.

    I have been recently reading a spate of articles about the imminent demise of Twitter. It began with stories about how Twitter is unable to monetise its business at the pace its investors expect it to. Then came stories about how Google, Salesforce and Walt Disney were all scrambling to buy out Twitter and revive it from its current coma. When these suitors backed off, particularly when Alphabet (which owns Google) refused to make an offer after consulting its bankers the rumours of Twitter’s demise swiftly multiplied. In fact, on Monday Twitter stocks plunged another 15 per cent.

    In today’s dog-eat-dog world, this could mean one of three things. Either someone is trying to pull down Twitter’s price so that they can buy into it cheap or possibly take it over, salvage it. Or, more interesting, Twitter itself could be scorching the earth, an old strategy to put off hostile bidders they disapprove of. This is not unlikely since the board of Twitter is reportedly split down the middle. CEO Jack Dorsey is opposed to the idea of selling Twitter while co-founder Ev Williams wants to. The Board hired Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co last September to try and see if a sale is possible. But with the founders not seeing eye to eye on the issue, both sides could be working at cross-purposes.

    The other reason may be simpler, much simpler, as it usually is in such matters. Twitter has been around for a while and though it is still very popular, it is certainly not growing at a pace comparable to that of its new challengers. Or, for that matter, its contemporaries. Facebook at 1.5 billion users has a population bigger than China. Twitter limps behind at 300 million. Even Instagram has left it way behind. And the newer, younger sites are grabbing more users than Twitter which has, more or less, stayed exactly where it was. I think people are actually tired of Twitter now and are migrating to more adventurous new places. There’s Snapchat. There’s Instagram. And of course there’s good old Facebook, that incredible revenue juggernaut growing at 44%.

    Such migrations are not new. Remember how Orkut, once the darling of the internet, suddenly woke up one morning and found all its users gone? In one decade. And no, it was not short of money. It was backed by Google almighty which finally shut it down in 2014. (Rumours are that its Turkish founder, Orkut Buyukkokten, now 41, is about to launch a new service called Hello out of India.)

    Another reason, one I think is closest to the truth, is that people are finding the world of today’s Twitter so very different from what they had originally signed up for that they are switching out. Look at what Twitter is today. The abusive trolls. The hyper-nationalistic hyperventilation. The paid-for trends, some of them absolutely ridiculous. Like MSG, every time his movie appears. And I dare say the steep fall in the level of discourse must be annoying to many of the original Twitter buffs who came on board to discover a fresh new world bustling with new ideas and the possibility of exciting new engagements with fun people, some of whom were largely unapproachable till then. I was one such buff, a tiny blip, and I spent quite a while on Twitter, talking to unknown people, sharing thoughts, ideas, beliefs and, as I still do, my writings. Most of those whom I conversed with were delightful people: funny, charming, clever and well-informed, often much better informed than me, and as I interacted with them I wondered how easy it is to make friends in an alternative world far removed from the real world in which we live.

    That Twitter no longer exists. Like all great success stories, it has been taken. The politicians have grabbed Twitter and tried to make it their own playground. And the government has gone a step further and cleverly used it to replace the I&B Ministry. Twitter today delivers press releases faster than Doordarshan ever can. And if truth be told, like all things global, it is far more credible. The political voice of the lone citizen is slowly getting drowned out by the loudspeakers of the government. And God forbid, you say anything that can be interpreted as anti-government, which is quite easy since those who trawl Twitter on behalf of the government are barely literate, you will be mauled in full public view.

    But worse than what the politicians have done to Twitter is what business has done. Sponsored trends and paid-for tweets are the biggest turn-off on today’s Twitter. What was once the world’s most charming flea market has now been hijacked by big business. With Trump loudly trumpeting his views to his 12 million followers, how can you hear the voice of the Dalai Lama who, in any case, speaks in hushed whispers?

    This brings me to my last question: Have we lost the ability to build and sustain new utopias? The virtual worlds we build are eventually becoming an exact replica of our own dystopian society. In the fall of Twitter lies that tragic realisation.

    Of what use is then trying to revolutionise space travel and find new worlds in outer space (as Elon Musk and others are doing) if, at the end of it all, we will be only replicating this flawed world of ours.

    What we need is alternative realities, more humane societies. Not more of the same.


  23. I’m going to mostly address Master/Krish in this comment..

    1)the idea that Johar makes films to underperform in India and to do well overseas is (and excuse me for being blunt) more than a little silly. The reverse logic is understandable but not this. Specially in an age when a wide variety of genres are doing well overseas too. Now if his sensibilities don’t quite match the age anymore, at least as was once the case, and he can do not better, that’s a fair point but it hardly means that he’s ‘planning’ to do this. In fact it argues against his entire history. He’s been the kind of filmmaker for whom being successful and being perceived as being successful has really been the bottom-line. This is not Mehra here who makes the films he wants to and hopes for a success and sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails.

    2)The idea that Johar has never had a 100 crore film doesn’t mean very much since he hasn’t done anything since MNIK in 2010 (Student of the year obviously doesn’t count in this context). That film was an underperformer or worse even then. We can’t be going by standards of 6 years ago when even by those standards MNIK didn’t do much.

    3)To say that the Barfi total is fine for ADHM (ADHM is absolutely terms will probably do 10% more than the latter.. at best) is again more than a little silly. Whatever the clash, whatever the circumstances, this is simply not anything close to a ‘fine’ result for the film. The idea that this might have been a Tamasha is another red herring. Not Johar film is going to be that bad in box office terms. He’s never going to attempt something like that. Even Rockstar today would have done close to a 100 as a diwali release. So even Imtiaz Ali when he does something half regular (LAK, Rockstar) is never going to have a Tamasha.

    4)Now whether the film is safe or not in box office terms is another matter. We’ve just seen the kaabil numbers. You can underprice your film and get a certain result (though someone makes a loss on these deals even if it’s not the distributor… you do these things to win some sort of perception battle). Alright Kaabil is an extreme but the logic is the same. Secondly ADHM being a ‘clean hit’ is something I’m very skeptical about but even accepting this for the moment on the numbers this doesn’t tell the whole story. This ‘clean hit’ narrative isn’t attached to the film at least as an anecdotal matter as far as I can tell. It’s not about magnitude. This is the kind of film which if it belongs to a hit sequence for a star can be sold as a success to the wider public and the opposite is true otherwise. ‘Ok’ is probably the best way to characterize ADHM. As an aside BOI are even saying Shivaay would be ‘fair’ at 90 which is simply a bald lie. But in any case sometimes financial losses are ‘hits’ in the popular perception and sometimes winners are more likely to be considered ‘failures’. There are some reasons for this including demographic ones. But my proposition is in any case a simple one. Irrespective of how such a film is structured (financially), irrespective of any other factor, a 100 crore gross or something a bit north of this simply cannot be an optimal result for a film like ADHM (or any such film).

    5)The problem isn’t B,C centers, that’s another red herring. Johar never ran in those centers. It’s about A centers where he’s underperforming. It’s about those centers on the basis of which YJHD got to 185 crores or whatever a few years ago!

    6)As for Ranbir he’s not going anywhere. He’s been in trouble because he’s not had an obvious winner in the pipeline for quite sometime. Johar himself hasn’t been that sort of director for a while. As a combination of critical attention and the decent enough performance of this film this is definitely a plus for him without being any sort of clear winner. Why? Because a distributor might think.. he’s in a diwali release directed by Johar. Is this the best he can do? Money isn’t invested on actors based on reviews. But again this doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere and he certainly has time on his side. Here I’ll offer a very simple analogy. When Abhishek was doing well commercially and critically he was getting some of the best projects (prestige and so on). When he started failing he was still ok for a while. Eventually it became too much. Now if you followed some of the trade partisans or BOI or folks online he was never doing too well which then makes his opportunities a bit of a mystery much as not getting similar projects later was also a mystery. Again one just has to follow the money.

    In sum let’s not lower the bar so ridiculously on ADHM where there’s a ‘hey it did fine, there’s nothing more to say or see here’ attitude. What next? Johar trying to get 50 crores in India and an all time blockbuster overseas? Gimme a break..! And again this isn’t about crunching the numbers or getting into complicated debates. It’s just plain common sense.


    • “To say that the Barfi total is fine for ADHM”

      This is too long comment but I’ll just say you are picking and choosing examples suiting your argument. Barfi doing 100 crore was a fluke and not the norm. Its not like movies like Barfi were doing left and right 100 crores. This was also during Ranbir’s peak and tremendous WOM. Barfi doing 100 crore was ‘outer limit’ or the maximum limit for the movie.

      Similarly, ADHM outer limit will be around 150 to 175 crores. If it does 125 crores it might have not reached its maximum but that doesn’t make it same as Barfi. Even both do 110 crores, for ADHM its lower limit but Barfi its higher limit.

      All I’m saying there are various levels of successful movies. First a movie becomes HIT, then Superhit and then Blockbuster. YJHD was Barfi were sort of Blockbusters for its genres but that doesn’t mean any film which is not a Blockbuster is a Flop. It isn’t. ADHM is no blockbuster but it’ll be Hit at 120 crores with phenomenal Overseas collections. Just coz its not a blockbuster doesn’t make it a flop movie.


      • “The problem isn’t B,C centers, that’s another red herring. Johar never ran in those centers. It’s about A centers where he’s underperforming.”

        KKHH did run in some B/C centres but not to the extent of All Time Blockbuster. Similarly, K3G was fine in those centers as the theme was similar to Barjatya movies. But the real change came after these 2 movies and Johar vowed to change tracks and stick to his sensibilities. There are numerous interviews how he thought about B/C centers and manipulated scenes in KKHH or K3G (example: young girl doing a muslim prayer to delay marriage etc). He no longer does such kind of cringeworthy scenes and ADHM is pure multiplex movie with multiplex sensibilities. It was some classic Hindi movie scenes but still its never going to work in B/C centers. They don’t care concept when a Billionaire is falling you back so much and yet you want to be his friend and not his girlfriend. No such Friendship ideologies exists in India.

        Karan has repeatedly said, he used to target to be the biggest hit of the year but from KANK, he’s fine to be just making a ‘Hit’ film on his sensibilities and not trying diluting the concept in trying to make a pan-India hit. He’s not aiming for the biggest hit, simple. Some concepts don’t make 300 crores. Simple. You said YJHD did 200, so ADHM should do more. But ADHM is not even a love story, it has no happy ending and its different than YJHD.

        Karan is making fun of his own movies like KKHH or K3G recently and he don’t want to go back to making such movies against his sensibilities. He’s going to make movies for selective audience and be happy in them. I think lot of them has moved on but some folks always bring that 2 movies even after 15 years to prove a point.

        Someone recently posted that he hates Karan Johar for K3G and don’t watch or care for his movies from then. Then, what do we even discuss. Please don’t watch, its good for everyone.

        Forget his directorial abilities but even the concepts on paper for KANK, MNIK or ADHM doesn’t warrant huge hits. All these 3 concepts doesn’t have pan-India connect or appreciation. It is as simple as that.


      • have nothing to add to what I’ve already said on all this..


        • It’ll be fun to read your comments during Kaabil/Raees clash. Jan 26th is very bad release date. Even Salman Khan couldn’t get his Jai Ho work. Releasing with a clash and with same target audience, I don’t think even 1 movie will touch 150 crores. But you’ll anyways compare it to Sultan’s 300 crores 🙂


          • I love how people deliberately release important projects on bad release dates and doom them from the very beginning…

            alright with Raees SRK is just aiming for 50… anything more and he’ll be very disappointed.. he’s learnt from his Diwali mistakes..


          • “I love how people deliberately release important projects on bad release dates and doom them from the very beginning…”

            Lol. You’ll be only ONE if you don’t agree to this. I think 99.9% folks in the industry agree that this clash is no good for any movie and both will eat into each other. Everyone is aware that its a mistake for this clash to happen.


          • RDB and Airlift were released during 26th Jan. RDB did phenomenal business in multiplexes. If I remember correctly it did more business in Mumbai than previous blockbuster movies.


          • RDB is decade old movie. Airlift solo did 120 crores.


          • so the multiplex market has gone down since RDB? Could it be that other films haven’t been liked as much? Could it be that the same happens to other movies whether they release on Diwali or Christmas or Eid or whenever? Could it be that there is such a thing as the quality of a film? Or at least that it’s liked or disliked? Could it be that holidays make a difference for the right kind of film assuming minimal acceptance and not just as a general rule?


          • Couldn’t find a reply link below hence replying here.

            A good movie always works. Jai ho was a bad and lame attempt at movie making.

            Rdb worked because it was a good movie and reached maximum potential as per market and genre.

            Airlift reached its maximum potential too.

            So if one looks at Raees and Kaabil 175 should be a easy target if made properly and having Top Stars.

            Also there is always space for good movies to do good. It just appears that diwali releases were not good and hence the rejection and flop.

            A diwali release with great music and made by karan Johar making 110 approx is flop imo. At the best average or above average if one is generous.


          • I wouldn’t have 175 as the yardstick for either Raees or Kaabil. Not because of the release date or anything. On ADHM I think it has found an audience at a somewhat lower end. Enough for it to be stable at that level. But yeah 100 means nothing at this point for this kind of film. it’s come to the point where when certain films are to be supported anything other than a total flop is counted as ‘success’. 150 (which is a bit more than a failure in Bang Bang did) is hardly an unreasonable expectation for ADHM. I’m not even saying 200 or YJHD or any such thing. It’s just ridiculous to consider 100-110 a ‘hit’ result for ADHM without questions. It’s not just about Barfi. It’s about many other films that have made 100 from Ek Villain to BMB to what not. With competition (Dilwale did 140) Bajirao did 160 or so. These examples could be multiplied every which way. I can at least accept the argument that maybe this is overall a plus for Ranbir. But the idea that the film has a fine result is simply not reasonable.


          • So, Kaabil 175 and Raees 175, so you think Jan 26th with no extra holidays for a month has potential to do 350 crores? Lol.


          • Anyways, lets take the Raees/Kaabil debate on this thread and my thoughts on the clash and boxoffice.



          • “Could it be that other films haven’t been liked as much?”

            Its so simple answer that I don’t even need to answer it. Folks are prompt to give examples of extraordinary WOM movies in a second. But they need to understand that not every movie will have such 99% +ve WOM.

            So, the talk is with average scenarios. In all probablity both Raees and Kaabil will be average/above average movies in critical acclaim or WOM. They can’t be RDB or 3I even concept wise. So, they can’t do wonders. Their solo release capacity is maxed out at 200 crores and then there is a clash. So, what you expect? 250 crores?


          • “I wouldn’t have 175 as the yardstick for either Raees or Kaabil.”

            What’s your yardstick for both these movies and with the clash? 250 crores each?


          • A yardstick for a commercial SRK movie has to be 200 crs. A HNY kind of total is still acceptable but anything less than 150 crs means its a misfire. There are obvious exceptions like dear zindagi where we know its a different kind of deal. For a Hritik movie 150 crs has to be a yardstick. Anything less than that is still ok as long as it is not below 100 crs. Yes it’s s clash but that shouldn’t change the yardstick. Budget and economics come later. I don’t know the budget of raees but I think it won’t be cheap.


          • I agree that 150 is reasonable even with a clash but over 200 crore in non-festive release is not possible and very very minute chance(unless WOM is extraordinary). It has too many issues from Pak actress to Liquor smuggling in Gujarat(where alcohol is banned) to dark zone etc.


          • Raees as Master describes it is pretty fair. It feels quite dark & moody like RGV films. I don’t think I’d expect much more than 100 crore even without a clash.

            Kaabil is on Ek Villain/Ghajini terrain, a romance film with an revenge saga backdrop. It’s bar is higher but by not selling at the prices we usually see it can be pretty safe “trade hit” at 100 crores.

            A more proficient under-stander of the Indian box office model maybe able to confirm my thoughts here.

            I think Roshan is taking a hit for a few calculated reasons.

            1) Hrithik simply needs a hit ala Ranbir whether it be a genuinely liked film (ADHM is not) or just a safe proposition that be paraded around as a super-hit the next their films release.
            2) Studios/producers have had too much power & greed for far too long they have oversold poor products creating a lot of downstream impacts/losses for distributors & exhibitors. TV channels have fought back … is this a sign the power is shifting the right way?
            3) In a clash scenario, underselling surely invites more distributors to the table (it’s like an auction), is Roshan strategically enabling more screens by doing this? Is it a strategy to win the battle essentially?

            Either way, Kaabil looks horrific (but safe), Raees feels like the better film (but risky & delayed, embroiled with issues)


          • could be any of the reasons you mentioned or Its possible that the under-selling is to compensate the poor performance of Mohenjo Daro or Maybe it is just a poor movie and they have realized it early.


  24. LOS ANGELES — Marvel Entertainment hates to be called a machine — the Disney-owned studio thinks that term sells its filmmakers short — but a machine it truly is: With the arrival of “Doctor Strange” over the weekend, Marvel has delivered an uninterrupted string of 13 critical and commercial hits in only eight years.

    No film company, not even Pixar, can claim a track record like that.

    “Doctor Strange,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as one of Marvel’s lesser comic book heroes, collected an estimated $85 million at theaters in the United States and Canada, according to comScore, which compiles box office data. The movie, which received strong reviews, cost at least $275 million to make and market worldwide.

    Disney said that “Doctor Strange” took in an additional $240.4 million overseas; Imax results in China were especially robust.


  25. my comments doesnt seem to go through…just testing



    This is big…For the first time a Malayalam movie has crossed 100 crores. Pulimurugan is in its 31st day and has done around 60 crores in kerala alone and 40 crs in rest of India and world. The fact that it has done 60 crs in 30 days in kerala alone is one of the biggest story in BO history. Prior to this the highest single day take of any Malayalam movie was around 2.17 crores and here Pulimurugan has on an average done close to that for 30 days…Every single record in Malayalam history is torn to shreds by some distance. The biggest grosser before this was Drishyam at 46 crs..Puli Murugan will probably double that in kerala state alone!!..
    And Mohanlal also has oppam running in theatres in its 50th day and that has done 41 crs and is the third biggest hit in Malayalam history and all the three spots are with Mohanlal…

    Salman is planning to remake Puli Murugan in Hindi, I read..


  27. Z, Fareed has already done a do- do haath with Trump earlier if you follow his tweets. Even a mild mannered Zakaria when fingered by Trump gave back a heavy blow which shut him up similar to what Khizir Khan did to him !

    The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.

    “A few days ago, I was asked on CNN to make sense of one more case in which Donald Trump had said something demonstrably false and then explained it away with a caustic tweet and an indignant interview. I replied that there was a pattern here and a term for a person who did this kind of thing: a “bullshit artist.” I got cheers and boos for the comment from partisans on both sides, but I was not using that label casually. Trump is many things, some of them dark and dangerous, but at his core, he is a B.S. artist.

    Harry Frankfurt, an eminent moral philosopher and former professor at Princeton, wrote a brilliant essay in 1986 called “On Bullshit.” (Frankfurt himself wrote about Trump in this vein, as have Jeet Heer and Eldar Sarajlic.) In the essay, Frankfurt distinguishes crucially between lies and B.S.: “Telling a lie is an act with a sharp focus. It is designed to insert a particular falsehood at a specific point. . . . In order to invent a lie at all, [the teller of a lie] must think he knows what is true.”

    But someone engaging in B.S., Frankfurt says, “is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false. His eye is not on the facts at all . . . except insofar as they may be pertinent to his interest in getting away with what he says.” Frankfurt writes that the B.S.-er’s “focus is panoramic rather than particular” and that he has “more spacious opportunities for improvisation, color, and imaginative play. This is less a matter of craft than of art. Hence the familiar notion of the ‘bullshit artist.’ ”


  28. Two Kannada actors feared dead after jumping from copter during shooting near Bengaluru

    BANGALORE: The shooting of an action sequence for an upcoming Kannada movie turned tragic, when two actors who jumped off a copter into Tippagondanahalli reservoir, 35 km west of Bengaluru, were feared drowned on Monday afternoon.

    The duo, Uday and Anil, jumped into the water around 2.48 pm. Panic spread when they did not emerge from water after the stipulated time. The fire and emergency services were immediately informed.

    The duo was shooting for director Nagashekar’s Maasti Gudi, featuring actor Duniya Vijay.

    Vijay had also jumped with the duo, but swam to the shore on time. Sources said, the film star had a safety vest, but Uday and Anil were not provided with the same.

    A boat was supposed to pick up the duo after they had jumped into the water. However, it is suspected that the delay in the boat reaching the spot might have resulted in the tragedy.

    A fire tender was stationed at the lake as part of the safety arrangement at the shooting location, said fire control room officials. Around 3 pm, the control room received a call from the unit on the ground, requesting for a search and rescue team after the duo was feared drowned.

    The unit was immediately pressed into service. After two hours, more units were called.

    Industry insiders call Uday a promising and hard working actor, who was always ready to do anything for a film. Initially known to be a stunt double, he rose to fame as the villain in Duniya Vijay starrer Jayammana Maga . He has since acted in many other films as villain.

    Anil, known for his eight-pack abs, has acted in over 25 films and was also shooting for the under-production films Hebbuli and Bharjari . His colleagues compliment him as a silent worker.


    • This is very sad. The producers and stunt director has taken the lives for granted. The folks were hesitant to do the jump but as they are new actors so they had no option.

      There was even media present and the below are actor’s words before the stunt. HEARTBREAKING to read!

      Speaking to a Kannada news channel before performing the stunt, Uday had said he was “scared” of the stunt and was not good at swimming.

      “I’m very scared first of all. I have not done (such stunt) so far, nor have I seen anyone performing such stunt so far, so I’m scared. Whatever safety is done there is always a fear within oneself, despite that the situation is that I have to perform it… He also said he was not good in swimming. “…I’m not that good in swimming, I can fall (into water) and come out, but I have never fallen into water from such a height, so there is some sort of fear within me.”

      Stating that precautionary measures had been taken by the team, he said “preparation is what they have done, they have said that once we fall they will come (in boat), we are dependent on it, if there is anything above it, there is God.”



  29. I did see Ae Dil Hai Mushki. Wasn’t floored by it, but it wasn’t a bad effort either. I liked that it was not meandering. It kept to the script with some high points and catchy numbers.

    I found Aishwarya’s character largely pointless. Anushka was wonderful, but again, the Ranbir-Anushka relationship which is the crux of the film does not move you. I know Johar was trying to achieve a level of surreal intensity here, but what the script asserts is not achieved on screen.

    I did not buy how Ranbir and Anushka bond over 80s films and cheesy dialogues. It just does not cut it. I know 25 year old who don’t know about DDLJ, and to expect them to dance to Himmatwala songs or even Chaandni songs! Beyond ridiculous.

    Rakesh Roshan had used a similar track in Kishen Kanhaiya and that worked! Madhuri is shown to be naive, sweet and an incorrigible romantic. That justifies her being a total film buff and falling for someone like Anil.
    Anushka is shown to be judgemental and a bit cynical. She mocks Lisa Haydon’s character for being dumb, which implies Anushka values intellect. Now, of course one can be intelligent and love cheesy movies, but to actually do the filmy stuff she does in the movie. I found all of it highly improbable. And for the film to work, this relationship had to work.

    Some moments in the film were nice, and it was engaging overall, but much like Rockstar and Kal Aaj Aur Kal, this one too does not tug at your heartstrings.


  30. @Sandyi- “Anushka is shown to be judgemental and a bit cynical. She mocks Lisa Haydon’s character for being dumb, which implies Anushka values intellect. Now, of course one can be intelligent and love cheesy movies, but to actually do the filmy stuff she does in the movie. I found all of it highly improbable. And for the film to work, this relationship had to work”

    This is all part of the hypocrisy of this new gang. These aihead dont have talent of their own and will put up such a facade that will put even Meryl Streep to shame.

    Sandyi going by your short review, it seems you did not like anything so why not just accept it that the movie was high end junk…. basically made on ad hoc basis and throw together a hit and release on Bumper Diwali to grab maximum eyeballs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am a critical person, so I do say upfront what I did not like. But no, it’s not true I didn’t like anything in the movie. I thought there was an energy and rhythm to the film. I enjoyed the dialogues. I enjoy complex themes of love and marriage. This was certainly a mature, layered film from Johar. I enjoyed KANK too. I see glimpses of greatness. Just that the combined effort is not altogether satisfying. Whether one agrees or not with a film’s perspective, it’s important that the build up is believable. For example, Lamhe and Silsila didn’t do well for their time, but personally I had no trouble believing those characters and their motivations. That was my issue with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


  31. Mirror ( April 22 ) was the first to inform that 10 months after cruising through Dil Dhadkne Do, Zoya Akhtar had started prepping up for Gully Boy, a coming-of-age film inspired by two real-life rappers from Mumbai’s chawls, Rapper Divine and Rapper Naezy.A month later, Mirror ( May 16 ) reported that Ranveer Singh would play one of the rappers. Now, we have learnt that Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, Sara, could make her debut with Zoya’s musical opposite Ranveer.

    Has Sara Ali Khan found her launchpad?
    Ever since she completed her education at the Columbia University in the US, Sara was expected to follow in the footsteps of her parents, Saif and Amrita Singh, and grandmother Sharmila Tagore.At 23, the young fashionista is as much a head-turner as stepmom Kareena Kapoor. Initially, speculations were rife that she would make her debut as one of the students in Puneet Malhotra’s Student of the Year 2, alongside Tiger Shroff. But soon after, buzz was, she had opted out of the film because she would be contractually obliged to sign up with a certain talent management company.Soon after, there were talks of her giving the nod to the Bollywood remake of the Hollywood flick, Fault In Our Stars, opposite Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khattar, before reports suggested she had pulled out of this one too. Seems even Gadar filmmaker, Anil Sharma, was keen on launching Sara opposite his son, Utkarsh, in his upcoming Genius. But it’s Zoya who could get lucky with the gor geous star kid.


  32. Kapil Sharma had already forayed into films with Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu, and the stand up comedian is once again gearing up for his next titled Firangi. After romancing four actresses at one go in his first movie, the king of comedy would now be seen falling for Tanushree Dutta’s younger sister Ishita Dutta.

    Ishita was also seen in the hit Bollywood movie Drishyam starring Ajay Devgn in the lead role. Many of you wouldn’t know that the pretty damsel was a part of Hindi television serial ‘Ek Ghar Banaunga.’


  33. In response to Satyam above:
    I actually do NOT like Trump at all, because it is impossible to know where his dishonesty ends and honesty begins. My diatribe as you refer to, is simply against the quality of Clinton.
    So, would it be dishonest to claim that BillyBoy in cohort with Robert Rubin and his Citibank banker buddies repealed Glass-Steagal to facilitate the merger of Citi with Travellers? It was this rewrite of laws that caused the subsequent incestuous behaviour between banking and brokerage thereby causing the ZeroInterest Housing bubble and 2008 financial collapse.
    Would it be dishonest to claim that Hillary wholeheartedly voted to authorize the Iraq war? An event that killed hundreds of thousands of innocents and more than 4000 US military?
    Was her subsequent role as Sec of State in toppling an array of strongmen across MENA dishonest? She destabilized the entire region, causing the return of Medieval barbarity thru ISIS, and the greatest refugee crisis to hit Europe since WWII.
    Come to think of it, Trump has called for a ban, but Hillary with her actions since 2002 has actually harmed them much more. A token gesture of importing few plane loads of Syrian refugees hardly washes away the sins.
    What difference does it make if Ivy-league educated lawyers with their realms of research and ‘thoughful and meaningful’ analysis, triage etc. end up screwing the pooch in exactly the same way as a 500-word vocabularied orange haired buffoon would do? That is just the gist of what I have been saying. Sorry that it seemed perversely dishonest to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In fact the Clintons have behaved more like the typical Republican than you would admit. Obama got nominated precisely because Hillary could not rebutt these arguments. The Dems had much better ideal candidates. Sanders was head and shoulders above her in every sense. Even Liz Warren would have been better. But the Dem Party Machine in collusion with Clinton Operatives hijacked the nomination.
      My grouse is against the quality of candidate put forth. Trump is an absolute loser, so pls do not think I am trying to enhance his stature. However, the Dems have not chosen anyone better.

      And the curious support of Trump, so much that he may round up with at least 250 Electoral votes is absolutely a reaction to people fedup with thoughtless Govt Policies. I call it liberal corruption, perhaps u will call it something else. One party supports Big Corps, the other Big Labor. Caught in between are non-elites who work their butt off to make ends meet. When a Health law makes sweetheart deals with Big Labor and lets Big Corp employees get away you cannot call it Fair LIberal Policy.


    • The problem is that you criticize liberal policies from the right but also for not being true to liberal values. Then when liberal presidencies work you say that they led to disaster (Bill Clinton), when Republican ones work you don’t say the same thing. Of course there’s always a before and after but one must examine these things consistently. When Obama takes you from the numbers he started with to the numbers that now exist (unemployment number more than halved, stock market jumping up three times, home prices, etc) you still call it a disaster. You even blame Hitler and all the monsters on the Right on liberals (I don’t blame Stalin on the Russian Tzars, I blame Stalin on Stalin!). So to quote Trump it’s a rigged game when one is debating liberals with you! My final point on all of this is, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum it’s simply not a reasonable opinion to establish any equivalency between Hillary and Trump. I’m not even a Clinton fan (either husband or wife in any true sense though I prefer the wife by quite a margin) but this equivalency is just ‘crazy’. I think one can make one’s points or stay true to one’s beliefs without defending the indefensible. So what seemed perversely dishonest to me is how you’ve rigged the argument. Finally let’s not play this populist game. People are voting and the Dems are winning these elections, it’s not just a group of elites. The real critique that you and many others, as cheerleaders of globalization and the capitalism that goes hand-in-hand with it, always avoid is that this is the system that gives you the shape of the world as we see it. Equally importantly technology just leads to a paradigm shift. It’s tragic for many people caught in between but that’s human history. When the industrial world came along entire farming communities disappeared forever. When the car came along tons of industries associated with the horse disappeared forever. Those were also tragedies for many people. But it’s important to understand what’s going on. Whether by way of technological paradigm shifts as well or for the choices everyone has supported in terms of the economic ideologies of the age. but once one does the latter let’s not pretend it’s about one set of micro decisions or another. This is incidentally why and even if I appreciate his sentiments I find the Bernie kind of solution hopelessly simplistic and naive.


      • I do not trash Obama’s economic performance. What he did with stabilizing and turning it around to bring unemployment down to 4.9% is admirable. However, it is again the quality of this economy. People are grumpy even with these figures, because there are large holes in their pockets which have become bottomless pits. A lot has to do with policies such as Obamacare. I had this argument with you 4 yrs ago, where I stated that this can only succeed if its a full Public Option. Otherwise it is doomed to collapse, and it looks like Hillary will have to do something drastic to stop its collapse very soon.

        He did get an unintended benefit by the shale boom, (which he himself tried to stop but could not do so) and the drop in oil prices became an unintended boost to the economy.
        So in essence, under his watch, Obama has been able to generate jobs but been unable to improve finances of the avg American, because the quality and pay are not really there. Off course, a lot of this also has to do with globalization, in that we are all competing with someone somewhere half way around the world. So only those with exceptional skills, connectivity and out of the box thinking will outperform.
        He could not secure the peace in Iraq (by leaving a contingent of troops out there), and the results are there for all to see. He let all those issues fester and they created fires that he has had to douse, but with resultant loss of influence in those regions where even Russia has stepped in now.
        So its all a mixed bag. But I do admire him for sticking to his ideological positioning.

        Btw, I have never defended Bush, and have bashed him whenever and wherever. So incensed was I with his term, that I remember going out to celebrate and get sozzled in Nov 2006, when the Dems won both House and Senate.
        I have never been against minm wages, social sec, medicare, or the weekend, ,,ie all policies that Big Labor has won for the US. But I am against sweetheart deals that preclude the little guy who just did not happen to be in the room while the deal was being done.

        Now with the Clintons, however biased I was FOR Bill during the impeachment (just hated the Republicans back then), its really the last 16 yrs which truly revealed the extent of his ham handed approach to policy. He might be the Worlds Greatest Politician, Orator, and a Charming Personality, but whatever he did was indirectly related to personal gain. Which is why I cannot believe that Hillary will be any different. She is practically the Mom-in-Law of Wall St and Hedge Funds, with a VP who is embedded deep within there. So how can she even begin to undo the injustices of Carried Interest Tax, or Corporate Tax Avoidance? She will be intertwined with the Elite everywhere. The Buffets, Soros, et al will happily avoid taxes through their humongous Charities (a trick nicely applied by Clintons themselves). While the rest of us little guys cough up top tax rates on income. I count anyone drawing a “salary” as a little guy, even if the salary is in 6 or 7 figures. Because they have no recourse. No way of routing it to a Charitable Trust. Or to an Offshore Corporate Account. or to Carried Interest. All those lovely loopholes are for the very top Elite.

        Truely speaking, at 45, having worked my butt off for 22 yrs, and achieved the American Dream, saved enough, I feel like I am in the top 1%, but am seeing tremendous injustice vis a vis the top .01%!! So I am being told that I gotta cough all the top tax rate out, while someone above me in the pyramid gets away with much less. Will Hillary be able to fix that? I dont think so. Cause its suckers like me who will pay for all the benefits bonanza she will create for the people below me in the pyramid. But the ones who should be realy coughing up, ie the top .01% will be cozying upto her, perhaps in the Lincoln Bedroom for another 4 years!!

        So that is my grouse. Whew. God Save America under President HR Clinton.

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        • you might have a better case to make if you can find any advanced economy that has done better in this period than the US..

          on Obamacare actually I don’t accept that proposition at all. It needs fixes for sure, some of this stuff is being exaggerated (collapse etc), but it needs fixes, not unlike tons of fixes that were done for SS and Medicare and so on. if the other side refuses to give an inch there’s not much one can do. However I don’t agree at all that this would be an absolutely booming economy but for Obamacare. Only conservative journalists/economists say those things. Here’s a counter view:

          Now on wages and so on again I’m rather surprised you don’t see how and why this is a structural problem related again to globalization. That world of older decades is never coming back. Wages can go up as they are currently but not enough to account for those structural conditions. Now as for the ‘average’ person if what you’re saying is true wonder why the Dems keep winning national elections? Unless you want to say that national electoral majorities are all made up of ‘un-average’ voters?

          I could go on about some of the other stuff you’ve said but the problem is you insert all kinds of innuendo and right-wing talking points and what not and then you also want to have a political or economic discussion (I find Bill Clinton’s behavior in the WH disgusting but that has no place in an argument about his economic policies). But let’s take you at face value. You’re saying you had problems with Congressional Reublicans in the Clinton age, Bush, then Obama, now with clinton. You think everyone’s corrupt and/or incompetent on domestic/foreign policy. Maybe you’re just a guy who’s never happy?!

          Incidentally on ‘corruption’ again this is a right-wing talking point. In America there is a great deal of institutional corruption in politics. The idea that the Clintons are somehow the only people doing some of this stuff is laughable. The less said about Trump in this matter the better. In any case one can have all these debates but not when they’re so one-sided.

          I’d finally say this. There is a total confusion in your position. You support all the economic policies that for want of a better word are associated with globalization. But then when it comes to the Clintons (or others) you attack the consequences of this very thinking. You can’t have it both ways. similarly you attack all kinds of welfare state measures but then you also argue that you’re for even bigger ones (public option). And you even want the ‘little guy’ to be part of the deal everywhere. I’d be all for that but I’m not sure what world you’re living in! So you’re really arguing every side of this debate. if you want a strong welfare state that’s efficient but that also creates the economic opportunities of a boom economy without ever forgetting the ‘little guy’ and if you also want no corruption at all including the institutional kind all of this is a nice description of paradise but I’m afraid it’s not quite doable on this earth. In any case there’s something very naive about a position where one celebrates a nation (the US) for being the sort of political and economic power it is (which it wouldn’t have become without its imperial interests) and then one starts criticizing the same nation for the bad consequences of the same imperial logic. And this too is a problem in these debates (whether on globalization or Western democracy or whatever). We conveniently ignore the ‘dark side’.


          • I should add something else here. The idea that the Trump voters are all blue collar types in economic distress is another myth. There have been a few articles on this but the best one was in the Guardian recently:


            but what is it really about then? Consider this:


            But even restricting oneself to the blue collar white voter it’s not an either or. You can be a person in economic distress and also have certain ethnic etc prejudices. Some of it is understandable at a ‘tribal’ level. In India if suddenly 35% of the population was Japanese because of migration and that then started influencing elections what would ‘natives’ think? Of course we don’t allow such migration to begin with. To keep things under control! But this gets to the heart of the matter. The only reason many of us are in the West is because of liberal policies that manifest themselves at this level but also in terms of the welfare state or labor friendly policies or social issues like gay marriage and so on. one doesn’t have to be for the entire platform but one must recognize the more ‘inclusive’ strain running through it. It’s not likely that in an America where backs were made to sit at the back of the bus that Indians would have been allowed to become successful doctors even in small towns of the South as is the case today. The openness to the immigrant is part of a larger openness to other issues of economic and social justice. One doesn’t have to agree with all the solutions but one can’t just pick and choose from one side, then the other. Because as immigrants we don’t have that luxury. One party is about excluding folks, the other isn’t. Now once upon a time the Republican party was more normal but we’re very far from that age now. Now if we are in comfortable positions we might think that ‘hey whether it’s George Bush or Obama I’m still doing ok’ and that’s true on the whole except when there’s a crisis of any sort. whether it’s 9/11 or the kind produced by Trump where a certain ugliness became a normal part of political discourse. If he were to win it would get more normalized. Specially in an age where there are various stresses at the global level from economic and political chaos to massive refugee movements one must think a bit harder about these things. To quote my extreme example if one is being led to the camp debating the other issues isn’t a luxury one has. But one also doesn’t have it if one is possibly the victim of a pogrom. Or some other sort of hate crime. Remember that older Indian Gujarati guy who was attacked by the police (given that chokehold which got him to the hospital in a state of paralysis or something? simply because he was walking around the neighborhood and couldn’t answer questions in Eng very well) in Phoenix (I think) a couple of years ago? That’s the kind of attitude that a certain politics always encourages. And I don’t wait till the camps actually become visible to reject it. By the way if there were communist extremists today (this is a more or less extinct breed!) I would say the same.


        • “You think everyone’s corrupt and/or incompetent on domestic/foreign policy. ”
          If you look at the history defining decisions made in the last 20 yrs, what else would you think:

          So Clinton repeals Glass-Steagal (my fav stick to beat him with), causes 2008 crisis.
          Clinton does not identify/pursue OBL aggressively, causing 9/11 to happen.

          Bush authorizes Iraq War, a totally illegitimate exercise, rest is history.
          Bush exacerbates the housing bubble by failing to recognize it. Perhaps wilful negligence. The crash in 2008 is unprecedented.

          Obama inherits a stable pacified Iraq, decides to call back troops and throw the peace to the dogs.
          And will disagree with u on Obamacare. I am not totally against it, just that it was not executed properly, and there were a lot of disingenuous arguments made to garner support. All of those fell apart. The injustice is that the burden to pay for it currently falls on a small sliver of the population.

          All in all, all these decisions were products of special-interest pandering/politics. So who was really sincere? And why should I be happy about the above, despite sane voices at every step during those times issuing warnings about the potential debacles of those decisions?

          I agree with you, I am arguing from all sides. Expecting perfection is utopia, which is un-achievable.

          Btw, I DO NOT want Trump to win. I know the consequences. That Gujju uncle in Alabama is prime example.

          More thoughts, but will express later.


    • “NyKavi”, don’t worry, Liz Warren will be in the game once Hillary is done with her 8 years 🙂

      Truth is there is no way repub will win again unless there’s something like 9eleven. non-white population is growing at much faster rate then whites. And org like RHC will die down once they are part of couple losing candidates. Children of this generation may not hold same raciest views as the older generation.


      • republican party is going to go through an upheaval once the elections are done. you are right about the republican party struggling to win elections if they stick to their current stand. I expect that the party’s positions on immigration and other popular issues where they find themselves on the wrong will evolve rather quickly


  34. Fired Up! Ready to go!

    To be frank Obama has been pretty awful to the line of work I am engaged in & hated the way all those bail outs were handed out to the big banks & financial institutions and world economy in general still remains in fuzzy mode and never really settled after the 2008 upheavals. I wished it was allowed to get a hard landing then and proper clean up was done & all these ‘vulture’ capitalist and hedge fund managers were put out of business……and some sort of bottom was reached from where a solid new economy would rise…what we call in India a ‘thos’ economy. Yes he brought the unemployment to all time low and stocks back up but the unease in world economies still persists. Further Obama was unable to put sufficient check and balances to these financial institutions even now though the U.S Congress with a single-minded obstructionist approach made life hell for the first black president in US history.

    But if one discards the above failings, I simply love and adore this guy. The way he responds to bullies in American and world and esp. makes mincemeat out of Trump like figures ( dismantled many of them since 2008 ) is not only exemplary but a lesson for modern day politicians and a text book inspiration to new leaders of the world . He and to an extent Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are the two modern day wonders in political world. After coming to power PM Modi too has been focused on working for the little guys through his speeches but ground work is still not up to the mark.

    I for one believe politicians cannot do much to make you rich or poor and that is a direct result of your own hard work and destiny but modern day capitalistic and now largely ‘exploitive’ society requires unwavering conviction from a politician to prevent bullying and make it a level playing field for everyone and do enough for the little guys to be able to get a fair shot at the top. If that simple step is taken in this manipulative atmosphere, that political figure is a winner !!


    • He accomplished a lot without getting any help from the other side. Imagine if repubs had worked with him…


  35. Yes totally agree and the formation of tea party and their candidates was done just for that. Proper co-operation and functioning would have led him to do so much more and be counted amongst all time great presidents in US history.Even now his ratings while signing off are what Bill Clinton had in 2000 and Ronald Reagan in 1988….two most popular figures of modern political world when they left.


  36. Great move to target Black Money in India.


    • But this is also unfair as majority of general folks wont have paper trail for their cash savings at home. They may be questioned to show proofs as how they earned it. Also, this way Modi govt will know how much wealth each person has in their savings.


  37. This kind of action shows if there is a political will nothing is unachievable #BlackMoney… least for a short period of time till the other denominations become the norm. ( though there is a rumor there is a location chip on the new note to curb further corruption/ black money )

    Virender SehwagVerified account ‏@virendersehwag 8m8 minutes
    In America they will count Votes.
    In India count Notes.
    Tonight just noticed houses that don’t have lights off,Note Counting On.#BlackMoney

    Abhijit MajumderVerified account ‏@abhijitmajumder 13m13 minutes ago – This is not a surgical strike. This is dropping a 20-kiloton atom bomb on the heart of #BlackMoney.


  38. Real estate bubble in India may burst further and bound to go down due to removal of black money.NRIs beware of your investments !!!

    Shekhar Gupta ‏@ShekharGupta 2h2 hours ago New Delhi, India
    One thing you have to give to @narendramodi Govt. When it wants to keep a secret, it can really do so. This is in the class of Pokhran-1&2

    Shekhar Gupta ‏@ShekharGupta 2h2 hours ago New Delhi, India
    This is grt shotgun treatment for black money. But if reasons why it thrives aren’t removed, cash will be back, as hundis, hawala & dollars

    Shekhar Gupta ‏@ShekharGupta 1h1 hour ago New Delhi, India
    Real estate the prime cause & reservoir of black cash in unrealised capital gains. Next big reform shd be lower cap gains tax & stamp duties

    Rajdeep Sardesai ‏@sardesairajdeep 2h2 hours ago Noida, India
    No 500 or 1000 notes: @PMOIndia master stroke or foolhardy move. Will be joined by leading economists and bankers shortly on @IndiaToday tv

    Arvind Gupta ‏@buzzindelhi 6m6 minutes ago
    At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awaken to freedom from #BlackMoney. Thank you PM @narendramodi


  39. This is the language of love common man in Indian can relate to.
    This and Judwa 2 are sure shot 100 cr grosser even without a festive release. Judwa 2 is done well is going to be one for the records with 4 day weekend !

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar 3h3 hours ago
    First look!!!!! #BadrinathKiDulhania @Varun_dvn and @aliaa08 taking the. #humptysharmakidulhania franchise forward!!!


  40. America please pick the better of the two rotten apples!!!!!


  41. Oh America what have you done?


  42. It seems Trump is winning. Can we have a separate Post excusively devoted to US polls?


  43. If Trump wins, which is a big IF, Satyam, please re-read what I told you above, especially this:

    What difference does it make if Ivy-league educated lawyers with their realms of research and ‘thoughful and meaningful’ analysis, triage etc. end up screwing the pooch in exactly the same way as a 500-word vocabularied orange haired buffoon would do?


  44. At least Clintons are done forever…need new blood in Dems…if it wasnt clear enough in the Dem primaries…they need blood like Bernie Sanders!

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  45. Utterly laughable, I thought Bexit was dumb, but one could understand it…but this is quite heart-sinking to believe a Dump like Trump will be President of the world’s most important country.



    Shivaay is heading for 20 crore nett second week which will take it to 83.50 crore nett in two weeks. The problem for the film was always going to be that it looked more like a thriller rather than an action film from the theatrical and simply put thrillers in India find it tough unless we go back to the days of Darr and Agnisakshi which are helped by super hit music. The highest grosser in the thriller genre this year was Fan which Shivaay will cross sometime in its third weekend. Last year was Baby and it will cross that today. Fan did 84 crore nett and Baby was less than 82 crore nett so in terms of genre it will put up a decent total but the problem is the high prices paid by distributors in India and Overseas. The business of Shivaay till date is as follows..

    Week One – 63,47,00,000

    Friday – 3,25,00,000

    Saturday – 4,25,00,000

    Sunday – 5,75,00,000

    Monday – 2,00,00,000

    Tuesday – 1,75,00,000 apprx

    Second Week – 17,00,00,000 apprx (5 Days)

    TOTAL – 80,47,00,000



    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has taken its twelve day total to around 99 crore nett. The second week business is looking around 24.50 crore nett which would take the film to around 102.50 crore nett and then it will go on to be the second highest grossing film in the career of Ranbir Kapoor beating the 105.56 crore nett of Barfi which released in 2012. The highest is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which grossed a huge 178 crore nett and is the highest non holiday grosser till date unless we count Hollywood release The Jungle Book which did a little under 188 crore nett in its 20 week run earlier this year. The collection of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil till date is as follows.

    Week One – 78,10,00,000

    Friday – 4,25,00,000

    Saturday – 5,50,00,000

    Sunday – 6,50,00,000

    Monday – 2.50,00,000

    Tuesday – 2,25,00,000

    Second Weekend – 21,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 99,10,00,000


  48. Almost 20 crores difference between Shivaay and ADHM.


  49. The date today in UK format is 9/11 … mark it as the day we all got screwed

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    • 9/11/16: When 2 Molotovs got thrown on opposite ends of the world.
      Modi ends Black Money
      Trump ends Liberal Dis-ingenuity. Very scary. He has the House and the Senate. More power than Obama, Bush or Billy did. Who knows what he will do now.
      Dems, this is a lesson in hubris. Put up with the shenanigans of the Clintons, and even endorse them, see what happens.
      God Help us All Now.


      • And sharemarkets are shaking everywhere. The sentiment is clearly negative.


        • Markets always shock in uncertainty – the FTSE recovered after Brexit. I think it’s clear he deserves to win even if the world hates it. He wanted it more to win – he had nothing to lose.


      • I really like Modi’s idea.

        But I am a pessimist, in reality another mechanism of corruption will be created. A bad person never turns good overnight. Unfortunately corrupt people are smart & very much will find ways to remain the same.


  50. Few days back, actress Sonam Kapoor made a statement that she thinks Shah Rukh Khan does not wants to work with her. The latest update on the same is that Sonam is disheartened as she feels that there is no excitement from Shah Rukh’s end about working together.

    A source was quoted saying, “She is Aanand L Rai’s favourite actress and he wanted to cast her in his next, where Khan plays a dwarf. Katrina has already been signed for one role in the film, and another actress is yet to be cast. It is learnt that she even messaged SRK. Sonam feels pretty deflated that he doesn’t share her excitement about working together. Now, the actress has given up the idea of working with Shah Rukh with grace and feels if he wants to work with her, he will.” (sid)

    Aanand L Rai’s film starring Shah Rukh Khan tells a love story between a dwarf man and a woman. The movie will be shot in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.


  51. ou might be so curious to know what exactly is the story, right? Well, here we go! Abhishek Bachchan recently featured on a popular show hosted by the two crazy guys of Bollywood, Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid Khan.

    The actor spoke about his first love, veteran actress Zeenat Aman and shared a sweet incident between the two! Jr. AB joined his father Amitabh Bachchan who was shooting for a film with Zeenat Aman in Himachal. Abhishek had a fun time playing with his Papa’s co-star. One fine day, Zeenat was off to sleep he asked her who would accompany her while sleeping? She quickly answered, “Alone.” At that time Abhishek was only five years old and he had no idea about sleeping alone, so the small little innocent kid threw another question at her, “Can I sleep with you?” Zeenat replied, “Thode bade ho jao phir.”


  52. “Rock On 2” producer Ritesh Sidhwani says he contemplated delaying the release of “Rock On 2” when Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were declared invalid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But he says piracy would have killed the film if its release was pushed ahead.

    “It did cross my mind to push the release date of the film but it was too late, because our overseas delivery was already done, the movie has opened today in Gulf so we would have got killed with piracy so if we would have shifted the India release piracy would have killed us,” Ritesh Sidhwani told IANS.

    In a bid to counter fake currency and the black money problem, Modi announced demonetisation in the country. This has led to currency shortage among consumers.

    But the makers of “Rock On 2” have come up with some innovative ideas for movie-goers.

    “To make it convenient, lots of incentives are being offered. For example, there are offers being made through Paytm, they are giving you on ‘buy one, get one free’ tickets, PVR cinemas are waving off the convenience fee on booking via credit card or debit card,” he said.

    Sidhwani believes that the new announcement will impact those who don’t use credit cards.

    “It’s going to have some impact on the film, but we are trying to find solutions on the ground level. People who don’t have access to credit cards, it’s going to be an issue for them. Most of the business transacted at multiplexes, is through online medium.”


  53. This week will see a clash between Rock On 2 and Chaar Sahibzaade – Rise Of Banda Bahadur if all goes to plan. There is the issue of demonetizing the larger currency notes in India and due to this programming had not started till yesterday evening as it will affect business not just these two films but all films playing. The single screens are hugely affected as can be seen the collections of the Diwali releases on Wednesday. Rock On 2 was likely to struggle for an opening even this issue was not there. The film is far more expensive than the first Rock On film released in 2008 which did not do too well and more importantly did not find appreciation. The film found some takers in metros only and the same can be hoped again but that can’t take the film far.

    The most important thing about a sequel is not what happens on release but what happens after and is the film still alive. Welcome Back takes a huge opening despite a weaker cast not because of the box office of the first film but because Welcome (2007) remains alive through television with strong audiences till now. Rock On had so so run at the box office but once that was over it was a forgotten film with disastrous results on television which puts question marks on should Rock On 2 even be made.

    Chaar Sahibzaade – The Rise Of Banda Bahadur is the opposite of Rock On 2 as the first part released two years back was much loved breaking all box office records of Punjabi films with worldwide GBOC of around 60 crore. It is the only Punjabi film to cross 50 crore worldwide. The film managed a 100 day run at many centres which is unheard of today in any language. A 100 day is difficult in one cinema today let alone 6 or 7. It is the biggest animation film ever in India and will have a wider release than the normal Punjabi films.

    The demonetizing issue is likely to hit this film harder as it was sure to start strong though maybe not bumper which the results would suggest as eventually its an animation film and therefore a bigger weekend audience. Now with the curresncy problems its hard to say what wll happen on Friday as the audience will no doubt be less than if everything was normal.


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