RGV’s Nuclear (post updated)

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“Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma today announced his first international project titled NUCLEAR, which will be made at the whopping budget of Rs 340 crore. The 54-year-old director took to Twitter to share the news and details about his maiden international film. “My 1st international film to be made at a cost of 340 cr is NUCLEAR…#RGVNUCLEAR,” he tweeted along with the poster of the movie, a CMA global production.

“I have been an avid and voracious reader of both fiction and non fiction but never in my life until now, have I come across a subject matter like NUCLEAR. Yes it’s going to be much more costlier than the most expensive film ever made in India and the reason for that is because the subject matter truly demands that it is filmed on a scale never before seen,” Varma said in note shared on the film’s website.”

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18 Responses to “RGV’s Nuclear (post updated)”

  1. wish RGV had attempted something other than a fairy-tale…!


  2. Who is producing?


  3. [added to post]


    • Satyam, this is the 1st look and should be on the main article.

      Honestly based on the 1st look, it looks the budget is 3.4 crores like his usual movies outside of Sarkar like Satya 2, Contract, Phoonk, Agyaat etc.


  4. Any filmmaker who does this sort of announcement midway while filming another project is a cause for concern to the one he is currently filming. RGV has done this sort of thing where he shifts his focus to something bigger earlier too and I feel bad for Sarkar 3 now and may God comfort the Bachchan fans!


  5. This looks like the movie he wanted to make 10 years back called BOMB. That did not happen then and will not happen now either… surely not at 340Cr


  6. Someone should inform these producers about RGV ki Aag 🙂


  7. You know who’s gonna be happy? BoxofficeIndia. Their wait ends for the epic disaster to replace ‘Broken Horses’ which they have termed – “there has been nothing like this before or possibly will never come again”

    BOI on Broken Horses:
    The first mega disaster was released on 10 April 2015. Calling this film a mega disaster is being very kind, there has been nothing like this before or possibly will never come again. Broken Horses was a film made for international audiences by a Hindi filmmaker but no one saw the film and actually its best numbers came in India despite being for International audiences. The film was reported to be made at a cost of $16.5million (102 crore, April 2015 rates) by the western press but that seems typical of an Indian filmmaker, giving an exaggerated budget and its probably around 50-60 crore. The recovery for the film from all revenue sources was 75 lakhs. If a film 30 years ago cost 3 crore and recovered 75 lakhs it was a mega disaster, here its 60 crore and possibly 102 crore if the maker is to be believed. Its hard to give a hit but probably even harder to give a disaster of this proportion. The US / Canada business for whom the film was made for had a lifetime of $31k.


    • Someone need to inform BOI about Tajmahal made on 50 Crore budget in 2005 .. and recovered barely 50 Lakhs. 49.5 Crore of loss in 2005 was much bigger than 60 crore loss today


      • But the article was of recent history. According to them, below is the list of TOP 3 disasters in recent times.

        1. Broken Horses (This will be tough to beat) – 102 crores loss.
        2. Bombay Velvet – 89 crores loss.
        3. Mohenjo Daro – 83 crores loss.

        Also, Tajmahal has other issues. It was disaster in a sense but the producer/director(Akbar Khan) recalled the movie after week after fight with distributors(Mukta Arts/Subhash Ghai). So, the movie was released for only 1 week and then discontinued in 2nd week with plans to release in future. Later they didn’t let it release and Akbar Khan got fed up and moved onto with his business. He has not even released the DVD release of this movie. You can google it if you are not aware.

        Boxofficeindia has 1,47 crore Nett collection with Adjusted Nett collection to be around 3 crores. That was in about 1 week or so.


  8. I literally can’t believe how stupid people are to hand this guy in his worst moments as a director 340 crores. Pretty ill informed. I can’t even imagine his most successful films to be that costly relative to others in same year.

    Utterly crazy!

    Pakistan and India to forge forces.

    Yeh right!


  9. He just wants to create some buzz, it seems.


  10. i wonder if this is really the abbas tyrewala script for Ek that rgv is updating here

    theres also this as far as his new projects go..


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