US Elections, ₹500 Notes….


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  1. Hillary has conceded.


    • Yup Trump victory speech


      • He was more conciliatory in his acceptance speech. Lets see if he is able to develop some thick skin.


        • This is a vote to end the dynasty of Bush/Clinton…and rolling the dice on a businessman. I think the reality is globally in western societies there is deep rooted issues that the money players simply do not understand & do not care to understand.


  2. Is it mere coincidence that they are telecasting Shani on Colors since 3 days?


  3. When is he going to build that wall he promised to the rednecks?
    It will be interesting to see how he performs.


  4. I am usually shocked by politics but any system only works if you support it and work within it.


  5. Wud appreciate if comments from the other thread are transferred here.


  6. Suddenly, NUCLEAR by Ramu doesn’t really look that implausible…


  7. Is this America flexing its power again? A specific thread for the elections? What about Brexit? 🙂


  8. Copied from other thread:

    Anyway, I had decided/have decided to stay away from political discussions since I am neither highly qualified nor interested..

    But again, this is an eye-opener; one might paint it as a majority of the ‘whole’ world turning ‘intolerant.’ — but this just highlights the ‘lack’ of nuances when it comes to the equation of TRUMP = MODI. It’s not that I am rejoicing [Hey, being an immigrant, I might be asked to pack my bags in 3 months!!]

    An ‘idiot’ — masquerading as a ‘right-winger’ — might just win the election for the world’s most ‘advanced’ democracy.

    Would you like to enunciate on the differences or would you just continue with the same text-book shenanigans..Hitler being elected in the ‘late 30s is the SAME as Modi being elected in 2014 because of ‘efficiency’ — to hell with the checks and balances that democratic norms of 2014 offer.

    This has always been the problem; of dismissing some legitimate concerns of the majority and dumping them under textual sentences — insulting and humiliating them to the extent of being being tone-deaf — this is what you get; rise of arseholes like Trump…[next line of argument;’ so even the rise of Trump is the fault of liberals’?’

    But hey, let’s just publish a fantastic editorial in NYT and get the glories…

    Let the whole-world bear the brunt now…with little fingers on nuclear buttons…

    I still pray Hillary wins, but not because she is a better or a ‘honest’ candidate, but just because Trump just doesn’t know what he’s doing or what he’s supposed to do with the absolute power that’s most likely to be vested in him…

    And if this common-sense of a discussion doesn’t make sense, well, let’s continue…

    If you STILL want to dismiss this off as a ‘white’ or a ‘majoritarianism’ display of anger…ok, carry on..

    Bill Maher, in his show, apologized and dreaded that he and his ilk painted Bush Sr and Jr and Romney with the same brush and re-iterated that THIS IS DIFFERENT….and get freaking serious about it..

    But hey, Modi, Stalin, Hitler, Trump, Putin, Slobodovin…all these guys are drinking soup from the same bowl…


    • This is easily the most shocking single day in US electoral history. I’t just devastating. But precisely because it is one cannot go back to the usual old claims about people being left behind and so on. first off the demographic makeup of the voters (on the winning side) doesn’t support that claim. But secondly there have been other voters in other tough circumstances that did not respond this way. This election represents a kind of primal scream of protest against multicultural America. It is precisely about a white vote, in fact if you go state by state that racial divide has never been more pronounced. But this protest wasn’t just about economic challenge. That was true for many voters not all but even where it is true I’d argue it was about something greater. It was about the fading of white America. Politics is about giving problems a name. The key to right wing political success is about saying that someone else is always responsible. Either minorities within a nation or external enemies. It’s an old formula and it works at certain inflection points. This is happening across the globe right now. I’ve given all of these examples. The forces of globalization create politically, economically and culturally certain shifts. It becomes an uncertain world for very many people and right wing certitudes are then comforting in many cases. This isn’t about one policy goals or another or one group or people being ignored or something. This whole moment is much greater than that. And it’s now engulfed America as well. All of the regular explanations can account for regular electoral surprises, regular victories or losses. But something much more ‘primal’ happened here. This political, economic, cultural order cannot just be fixed by one person or one party or even every political party in one country. You can’t bring industrial jobs back in America because that world has been left behind by technological change. I said this recently. one day the horse vanishes. Because the car arrives. The horse doesn’t disappear because of ‘bad policies’ or ‘elites’. The whole Trump appeal, directly primarily at whites, always had the element of racism and cultural/religious scapegoating etc attached to it. This is not coincidental. ‘Taking America back’ or ‘making it great again’ is about doing so in the image of a past where things were economically better for those groups (whites) and they were politically dominant. Similar issues being played out in multicultural Europe. Obama’s election and re-election (even though he actually won many of the voters who abandoned Clinton) was the ultimate symptom of this ‘new world’. All the language about how bad things were and so on under him when all trends pointed to the contrary is again related to everything I’ve described. Obama was still a once in a lifetime figure who could somehow win but Trump is also an extraordinary figure at the other end appealing to sentiments that no Republican leader, at least in a very long time hasn’t catered to. All of this is linked. Obviously I didn’t expect it. I missed this moment along with everyone else even though I was quite aware of it in other ways. But it’s simply a devastating moment. And other right wing movements around the world just underline all of this.


      • To add to this I think that the prospect of a woman taking over from a black man added to this feeling. I’ll repeat this though — the data simply does not support the idea that these were economically challenged folks voting for Trump. there are plenty of voters who are way better economically placed who were part of the mix. Incidentally Hillary might possibly win the popular vote. Trump might win less of the popular vote than Romney when all is said and done. There was however a total rejection of clinton among many many white voters who just 4 years ago voted for Obama in much worse economic times, who still think much more highly of not just Bernie or Biden. So it’s not just one thing. It’s always complicated.


        • how bad a politician you have to be to lose to Trump?!?!
          Even if you hand it over to Hillary, even if it was no-brainer, she still managed to lose it? How do you do that…how to lose election…learn from Hillary. It is very hilariously interesting to see glum faces of MSM early this morning.


          • It’s not always just about the candidate.. it is often about the voters too.. just as voters sometimes reject very fine films and support terrible ones similarly they can also support a terrible kind of politics.. those who voted for Trump precisely did not have a problem with anything he said or did. for them he wasn’t terrible.


          • Maybe most americans loves having their mother/sister/wife/daughter being grabbed by the p@ssy???

            You put bin ladin versus mother Teresa in afganistan election, bin ladin would win hands down


          • It’s one of the unfortunate myths of democracy that the majority is always right. Many monsters have been ‘elected’ in history. We keep forgetting this. Sometimes these results lead to catastrophes but not before many others are dragged down in the process. The irony of course is that even as all of these things are happening around us in many countries of the world those who vote for such options always think they’ve only voted for something ‘normal’, only voted against ‘corruption’. From the outside these seem like monstrous choices except to those voting for the same. But when the same people look elsewhere they very easily spot the monsters that they don’t recognize in their own choices.


          • Lets see if Trump repeals ACA or not. I was reading (possibly NYT) that Obama has lot to lose term of legacy if Trump undoes Obama work.



          • Ryan is already promising it..


          • “being grabbed by the p@ssy???”
            Did everyone forget Bill Clinton?!?
            Selective amnesia.
            Everyone has problem with females but emails, na na na na.
            Also there is a HUGE difference between making mistakes as private individual and while holding office!


          • ” those who voted for Trump precisely did not have a problem with anything he said or did. for them he wasn’t terrible.”
            Completely, totally disagree with you!
            He was terrible choice…maybe he is indeed terrible. But maybe Hillary is even more terrible!! If you villify the majority. If you accuse us. if you box us. If you think you are political elite (and this is not a personal you), then we can show our middle finger to you in casting our ballots. It is establishment vs anti-establishment. Modi was an outsider. Trump is too.
            If Hillary had chosen to climb down from her hoity-toity ivory tower lawyer entitlement self, lying to stay in power…maybe people would have trusted her.


  9. India struggling vs England, day not getting better…


  10. We all know what “Acche Din” brought us. Let’s see what “Make America Great Again” brings us.

    In first 100 days, I want:

    1) Wall built at mexico borders
    2) defeat ISIS
    3) put extreme vetting or what ever he will call it now in place
    4) put additional taxes on USA manufactures making thing in factories outside of USA


    • whats your problem with Modi? Why are they not acche? At least the corrupt sonia and pappu are gone? You root for gandhi dynasty??


      • Nope, don’t care about Gandhi dynasty.

        I do have many family and friends in Gujarat who complains that everything has become expensive since modi took over so my question is how is it acche din for common men?

        And this is in Gujarat, which is his home state, wonder how it is in other states.


        • ” so my question is how is it acche din for common men?”
          I too have relatives and it was very bad under congress/sonia..constant price hikes. Not so under Modi. And how is THAT the only barometer of acche din. Acche din on many-many fronts, foreign policy to black money…all good hai.


  11. omrocky786 Says:

    In last 24 hours, two biggest democracies turned from black to white…


  12. Sean Davis ‏@seanmdav · 6h6 hours ago

    States that voted for Obama 2x that just voted for Trump:
    Good luck calling them racist.


    • Bhak Sala ‏@bhak_sala

      What a day in the history of humanity. Liberals of America are sharing nude pics of Trump’s wife and shaming her. “Many masks are off now”


    • true.. but the composition of the electorate was different. These things are not static. It’s quite true that Obama won many counties in these states that Hillary did not just lose but got mauled in. On the other hand there has been in all of these states an extraordinary surge of the Trump. Hillary bettered Obama in many Republican constituencies, just not by as much as polling suggested. But also she did worse on Hispanics and blacks (the latter understandable, the former surprising). But all of this was still manageable. What made the difference was that in rural and small town regions of all of these states there was an unprecedented white vote. Yes many blue collar Dems crossed over and the polling was showing some of this but the scale of that ‘surge’ is astonishing.


      • at least you are giving reasonable reasons……..most liberals are whining – system is flawed, the voters are illiterate and fools etc. etc.

        Aside- My daughter is just devastated !!!


        • “Sachdeva, the son of Indian Hindu immigrants, produces a podcast about sports and politics with a childhood friend, and he offers a precisely detailed Clinton demonology, like a fantasy-football obsessive spitting out statistics. “There’s 47 suspicious deaths around Hillary Clinton. Eleven of them are her personal bodyguards, and you have Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims,” he says. He lists a number of these figures, explaining the dubious circumstances of their demises. Some of the names are familiar, like McDougal, who died of a heart attack in a Texas prison in 1998. Others are more obscure, at least to anyone who hasn’t put in hours on conspiracy websites.

          “Paula Grober, Clinton’s interpreter for the deaf, traveled with Clinton from 1978 to 1992, died in a one-car accident,” Sachdeva says. “There was another one where they found the brakes cut of a motorcycle and he slammed into the back of a truck. That would be Keith Coney.” (Coney, 19, had information about the death of two 17-year-olds who’d witnessed a drug-smuggling operation linked to Bill Clinton.)

          “It’s just a bunch of suspicious circumstances that all these people were friends of Hillary Clinton,” Sachdeva says. I asked him where he was getting his information, and he listed a number of sources, including— “I have a propensity to think that there’s a little bit of fire in the smoke,” he says.


      • Add to that, I think, the fantastic logic by millennials that ‘staying’ away from voting makes some magical difference in who’s elected!

        I also wonder whether Romney would have come out with an even more thumping majority if he had run! He KNEW what he was talking about!! I don’t remember who else was there in 2012 but now was the ripe time to run for Presidency for Romney..It would definitely have at least stopped such massive polarization..


    • It’s never just one thing but when that sort of racial appeal and all the other ugliness he came up with was part of the mix one cannot suddenly said that those who voted for him weren’t thinking about this stuff. It’s not racism in a simplistic sense, it’s about an attitude, a worldview. Now it could be that Trump put on a ‘show’, he was a Dem all his life. But it’s hard to say which direction he goes in when he’s promised so much and specially on that racist track.


      • Agreed, and the fact that Trump is not a ideologue (the only thing he really believes in is himself), it’s hard to predict how he will govern. His administration could turn out to be the unmitigated nightmare we fear or nothing much different. I’m praying for the latter, but preparing for the disaster.


  13. This is clearly a shift in acceptance level !! …whether good or bad only time will tell ! Personally very disappointed not to see First Woman US President. I don’t see much talent or such stature otherwise among other woman politicians so we may not see that happening in our lifetime! Further let’s see if he goes with a single purpose and viciousness of eroding Obama’s legacy – someone who while going out of office is still admired for his integrity.

    My joke to test limits of American democracy went a bit too far……..interesting times for American media and for Celebrity bluster and if they are able to agitate Trump to put any curbs both openly or behind the scenes.

    This will also be a test for until now solid, nondiscriminatory and even handed American institutions and how independent they remain to apply checks and balances. Trump cronies and team seem more prone to corruption than the other side so let’s see how all that will be play out and tackled.

    However one can safely say he is going to duck the first election promise on immigration – anything different and repercussion on economy and money matters will be be felt across the board and Americans will not like that !

    You cannot have the cake and eat it too !!!


  14. America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Over The First Female President

    “…..Trump’s win also means that America lost a chance to make history by electing the first female president. Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye as a Hill staffer, an activist, a first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state. She’s been on the cover of Time magazine 30 times and has been named America’s most-admired woman a record 20 times in Gallup polls.

    As it became clearer that Clinton wasn’t going to win, some of her supporters began crying and leaving what was supposed to be a victory party at the Javits Center in New York City.

    “I brought my 12-year-old daughter here to witness history,” Sarah Alexander said, walking out of the Javits Center looking stunned. Her daughter Natalie was in tears. They came up to New York from Washington, where Alexander had been working on the Clinton campaign for the past 14 months.

    “We’re in total shock. … Everything he stands for is something I disagree with,” Alexander said, as her daughter listened with sad wet eyes…….”

    “….Trump is now the face of the GOP, whether establishment Republicans like it or not. Many Republican lawmakers didn’t want to get too close to him, but most of them stuck by their endorsement of him nevertheless. That stance alienated many Republican women, who said they spent years defending their party against Democrats’ accusations of a “war against women” only to see those accusations come true.

    Trump broke every rule in the book: He didn’t release his tax returns, he lied all the time, he suggested he would jail his opponent and he encouraged a foreign country to interfere in the election process.

    Because he won, more candidates will now be willing to break these rules as well. And they may come to the conclusion that alienating large swaths of the population works just fine. ..”


  15. Well, I expected Trump to win when he came onboard first but once he was primary candidate and then those debates, he looked so stupid that I was confident he won’t win. Even all the analysts and news sites didn’t give him favorable reviews. Then suddenly out of blue he has won and it took me back to the original points he made when he came first. Let’s make America great again etc all might have connected at some level to the folks in US and it showed. Well, whatever has to happen it has happened. US has mockery of a system where one person has worked all her life to gain at this position step by step and attempt to become President and then someone decides last year.. I’m bored, let me try to run for President and he wins!


    • Regarding 500/1000 Rupee notes, its ballsy move by Modi but can impact majority of middle class folks and lower class people who don’t have paper trail to show their savings.

      For movies, this is a huge impact and it’ll show for a month at least. They can’t even exchange Rupees right away, there is limit per day and then week. At this time with limited cash on hand for every household, movies are a least priority and it will show in the collections from today. Rock On 2 was anyways gonna flop, now it will be disaster.


    • “. I’m bored, let me try to run for President and he wins!”
      That is a complete dump ass statement but coming from you it is understandable!!!


  16. tonymontana Says:

    now we indians have company in the realm of stupidity.


  17. tonymontana Says:

    but seriously, a lot has happened in the past 72 hours

    delhi reaching alarming levels of pollution
    banning of 500 and 1000 rupee notes
    trump winning

    it’s like a 180 degree turn from the ztatus quo


    • Now I have to think, how I am going to change some of such bills which I always bring so that I can use them when I return. May be I will go to SBI local branch and ask them.


      • You have until Dec 30 this year to exchange @ the banks / post office, otherwise upto March 31st at the RBI.

        On the currency thing Arun Jaitley has just clarified there is no chip on 2K notes as that would be too far fetched in terms of cost and they will probably need a dedicated satellite to track all the notes…….so this may turn out to be a short term solution as people will once again hoard 2K notes in future.

        The move is still bold as it gives a huge jolt to the current hoarders of black money, hit the upcoming assembly elections where black money thrives with ease, bring %age of black money into the economy thereby give a boost to stocks and finance and lastly the most important one of hitting hard on the counterfeit INR coming from across the border for terror financing but also causing so much inflation.


        • But then you have in back in mind that it (hoarding 2k) may also be discontinued.


          • Physical exchange of 2k notes as means of bribes /corruption would get easier to handle. The fear of discontinuity will be there but people will adapt & at certain intervals keeping replacing notes with gold or other metals or simply hoard US dollar from the black market.

            But yes something is better than nothing for sure and at least one clean up will be done since the last such measure was in 1978.


          • There should be some strategy how to handle black money for Gold.


    • Agree Tony too much to digest within a short span of time. These are the times one feels the importance of a solid family to fall back and put things in perspective!

      Meanwhile celebrity bashing is on full swing —

      @SethMacFarlane)Some didn’t like Bush. Some didn’t like Obama. But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new – – November 9, 2016

      @SethMacFarlane)I truly cannot visualize the rambling, incoherent creature I saw at the debates now addressing the nation from the Oval Office – November 9, 2016

      John Legend ✔ @johnlegend
      I feel like America just sent in our tuition check for Trump University.2:53 AM – 9 Nov 2016

      Kristen Bell ✔ @IMKristenBell
      Anyone else wanna puke?

      Mark Ruffalo ✔ @MarkRuffalo
      You know what we do now? We finish building what we started and we FIGHT BACK! Lift your heads up brothers and sisters.

      world will never be the same. I feel Sad for the young.🚽will never be more than the toilet, I’ve used as a symbol 4 Him.
      U Can’t Polish 💩
      11:44 PM – 8 Nov 2016

      Jaime King ✔ @Jaime_King
      We have shown who we are to the world, to our kids, to one another- we are in a very dark dawn – God Bless Us All. Peace be still.12:25 AM – 9 Nov 2016

      Amanda Seyfried ✔ @AmandaSeyfried
      Maybe this is rock bottom and there’s no where to go but up.
      12:23 AM – 9 Nov 2016

      Minka Kelly ✔ @minkakelly
      So much of our country opposes women’s rights? Racism is still alive & well? A man endorsed by David Duke might lead our country?! Really?11:14 PM – 8 Nov 2016 · Los Angeles, CA, United States

      Trevor Noah ✔ @Trevornoah
      5 steps forward. 10 steps back.

      Bradley WhitfordVerified account
      Empires rise. Empires fall.


    • The thing is that there are two disliked candidates; it just so happen that there are enough who dislike Clinton more than Trump. In January, I was in my Atlanta office and saw support from educated people; The refrain was they don’t trust Hillary. While in California, everything is so anti Trump that no one bothered that there is enough support for this guy outside the liberal belt (or dislike for Clinton that they will support anybody).

      As Aamirsfan said, the race would have been interesting if Sanders were running against Trump. In some way both were running with support of disenchantment; One on right side of equation and other on left side of equation. Heard many times, that some of the disenchanted voters on left voted for Trump because jobs overruled the ideology.


  18. uk is gone down after brexit,us is going down after trumps,Leicester winning the premier league…If I had put £5.00 on treble I would have won merely £12.75 million…

    Brexit was won on immigration,has trump won on immigration?
    No muslim will be allowed and it says it all on western countries,like us and uk…both will suffer in a longer run..


  19. I spoke to some businessmen friends in India to understand the situation and majority of them are pissed at Modi and saying ‘Sabka vikaas apna naash’. Literally every business from big to even small shop owners have some Black money which they never show to government by not giving real receipts during billing. All that hidden liquid cash is wasted now. They are like, did we vote to ruin our own cash worth in lakhs and crores? They are unlikely to vote him 2nd time which I think will not happen. Right now everyone is pissed but eventually all will settle down and it’ll be fine before his next term elections.


    • One of the guys has 2-3 restaurants and said he has almost 3 crores of cash at his house hidden which is trash now. Imagine his frustration and anger. I’m neither supporting such folks but there are all over the country. They go on twitter and say – good job by Modi and cry in private.


      • “Imagine his frustration and anger.”
        “middle class folks and lower class people who don’t have paper trail to show their savings.”
        sorry..I can’t imagine this. And I cannot under why in the world “lower” middle class will have no paper trail. haha


    • “All that hidden liquid cash is wasted now.”
      good. it takes a lot of balls (for a politician) to do something like this! When you are on the side of Truth, then darna kya!


      • It is beyond you to understand my simple post. Please ignore. No one’s taking about gutsy move here. Btw, I was the 1st person to post about this on this site and complimented Modi.


      • Unless, you know you’re doing this and have all of your cronies take care of the business before it was made public.


  20. Like

    • Kamal is fearless. Obviously a honest tax payer he is! Not sure if anyone in bollywood is praising the move. Takes guts to praise a dharmika action. This will bring all those politicians/cash hoarders, who are hoarding hundred crores to knees.


      • Shah Rukh Khan Verified account  ‏@iamsrk · 12h12 hours ago

        Farsighted. Extremely smart. And not politically motivated. Will bring such a positive change for Indian economy. Great move @narendramodi


        • Good Krissh. SRK and other Bollywood folks needs to post such ‘obvious’ tweets to make some dumb folks understand. If they don’t post such obvious tweets they will think he has crores of 1K rupee notes in his garage. Lol.

          I mean praising this job is so obvious thing in the world and it has nothing to do with guts or being honest tax payer. Even the person who has Black money will praise it socially.

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  21. Roughly, 82 per cent of the money in value in circulation, as per RBI data, is in terms of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

    Now if a large portion of this money were to be deposited in bank accounts, the depositor will have to make disclosures.

    If you are depositing Rs 200,000 tomorrow in a bank, in your KYC-verified bank account, you may not be asked for identification or any questions, just because it will now reflect in your bank account and you will pay tax on it this financial year.

    Now that the government’s voluntary disclosure of unaccounted money scheme is over, those who deposit unaccounted money will be proceeded against for criminality.

    The government’s move has left those with hoards of unaccounted cash with no option but to sit on it.

    There was no point in trying to go after this cash because it was anyways unaccounted money and was not used in the system to produce assets.

    But now that this money will turn worthless paper, its ability to drive demand for other stores of value, like gold or real estate, will automatically get muted and one can expect softening of real estate prices in the foreseeable future.

    Trump’s win in the US election may lead to an increase in the price of gold for other reasons, but one will definitely see a softening of property prices in India.

    This is a superb move to curb black money from the system without affecting 90 to 95 per cent of the Indian population.

    There would be practical difficulties in the short term in getting a new system in place, but the future is bright for those who pay their taxes honestly.

    Within a week or two these difficulties of withdrawals, deposits and getting used to the new currencies will be sorted out.


    ‘Achche Din for those without black money’
    November 09, 2016 12:28 IST

    In an online chat with readers, Investment Advisor Harsh Roongta answered their queries on the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

    For those who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

    Harsh Roongta: Hello and welcome to this chat at a extremely happening day with the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes and the US presidential elections swinging the Trump way. As usual the disclaimers: This is my personal opinion and does not constitute professional advice. Please seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action.

    sreehari nair: A very infantile question this. But now that withdrawal limits have been reduced, which would essentially mean reduction in everyday spending; will that rein in inflation levels as well?

    Harsh Roongta: Withdrawal limits are temporary and apply only to cash withdrawals. No restrictions at all on other transfers such as cheques, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS etc. So I am not so sure why there will be drop in expenses at all except in the first few weeks till people get used to the new currency notes and withdrawal limits restrictions are removed. It will of course provide a huge fillip to online transaction.

    Vaihayasi Daniel: Is not the largest amount of black money siphoned out of the country or in gold and real estate?

    Harsh Roongta: High denomination currency notes are one of the ways in which black money is stored with gold, real estate and hawala transactions being some of the prominent other ways. To the extent that the demonetisation impacts the high denomination currency it will have a significant impact on existing black money.

    KETAN BHAVSAR: Experts say that this could affect on common man than rich man BUT I don’t thing it affects on Common Man. Because At home or safe place, Common man don’t have much cash amount more 1 Lac BUT Rich man can have more then 1 Lac sure.

    Harsh Roongta: I completely agree. Except for the initial teething problems over the next few weeks (especially in semi urban and rural areas) this is not going to affect anybody who does not have unaccounted black money and so these people should enjoy. These are Achche Din for those without black money. My first reaction to the announcement was – serves the petty politicians and petty bureaucrats right for keeping their money stored in currency notes. That will be worthless now.

    Commander Sharavana Gowda: I have transferred 10 lakhs of my hard earned PPF money through cheque to my parents. They had withdrawn it from bank a year ago and kept the sum at home for risks and medical emergencies since they stay alone. I stay in distant city and only brother stays abroad. How should they deposit this white money cash in bank???

    Harsh Roongta: Excellent question. There are no limits at all (I repeat no limits at all) on how much you cash you can deposit into your full KYC done bank account. You will get full credit for the money. Of course you will need to explain the source of the deposit to the tax authorities which you should have no problems at all since the trail of money is so clear in your case. Accounted cash – no problems!!

    Nitin G: I received around 54,000 cash as my daughter birthday gifts last week in 500 and 1000 denominations, can I deposit it in her accounts, she is 7 years old and has a bank account.

    Harsh Roongta: Yes you can provide the account is full KYC (including the guardian). Taxability of the amount will be in either parent’s hands depending on whose income is higher. Tax on cash gifts is payable by the receiver (or her parents in this case) received from any source exceeding Rs 50,000.

    satkar engg: Few people will surely take the advantage of the situation and will use it to earn money. By changing huge cash for other on percentage basis. it will be new business of people. What steps are taken to stop such things from happening?

    Harsh Roongta: small opportunities such as this cannot be prevented but it cant be very large as any unusual cash deposits will attract the attention of the tax authorities immediately

    anita aikara: Where do I go to exchange the notes? Also what do I do if I have more than Rs 4000 to exchange?

    Harsh Roongta: Why do you want to exchange? Why don’t you just deposit it in your bank account and use the deposit to make payments electronically (no restrictions at all) or withdraw cash as per the limits for the next few days

    Raj Gupta: Big value currency always attracts black deals. It is banned in some countries. Plastic money must be encouraged. Big value notes now not should be launched.

    Harsh Roongta: In the long run I think the idea is to encourage as much digitalisation of money as possible. That has huge spin-off benefits including non-counterfeiting and keeping track of money flows to prevent money laundering. However acceptance of plastic though growing rapidly is still at a relatively lower rate and hence cash will also play a role though it will decrease over period of time.

    kishore traders: we are traders we have current account holder we have 25000.00 in cash last day cash tax; how to deposit in our account?

    Harsh Roongta: as is said there are no restrictions on the deposit of cash in your own account. If it is unusual as compared to your normal amounts are be prepared to answer questions from tax authorities later though it is unlikely for transaction size of Rs 25, 000

    rahul singhal: where to deposit my notes if I have not any account in bank and post office?

    Harsh Roongta: Open an account now and deposit there

    sandeep mishra: why there is charge on credit card transaction at some places and also attract service tax when such card help curbing black money?

    Harsh Roongta: There is already a concept note put out by government on how to encourage use of plastic money by eliminating charges for usage. Government departments are already doing away with surcharges for plastic payments. More steps are expected from the government to encourage removal of charges for use of plastic money.

    DINESH GARG: How about business withdrawal, need more cash daily, how to overcome this situation?

    Harsh Roongta: Right now there are cash withdrawal restrictions but these will ease pretty quickly. Meanwhile it might not be a bad idea to start looking to electronic transfers rather than cash payments as there are no restrictions on electronic transfers.


  22. Indians wanted India to be like Amreeka. Today Amreekans made it like India. LOL

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  23. WASHINGTON: Despite losing Tuesday’s presidential election, Hillary Clinton appears to be on pace to win the popular vote, an ironic twist in an election in which her opponent repeatedly said the system was rigged against him.

    Just two days before Election Day, Republican businessman Donald Trump tweeted: “The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy.”

    As it turns out, without the Electoral College, Trump probably wouldn’t be the president-elect.

    A day after Election Day, Clinton held a narrow lead in the popular vote, according to unofficial results tallied by The Associated Press. With nearly 125 million votes counted, Clinton had 47.7 percent of the vote and Trump had 47.5 percent.

    That’s a lead of about 236,000 votes.


  24. The menace of counterfeit notes and notes coming from outside will be tremendously reduced if not eliminated. That is one good outcome. I hope they will not target now 100 and 50 rupee notes by printing counterfeit currency. We use credit cards, netbanking and cash. Cash is for paying retail grocery stores, vegetable sellers and maids and small time mechanics like plumbers and electricians. Even electronic item sellers expect ready cash to cheques or credit cards. But they give pucca bills. But dentists, private doctors dont give pucca bills unless we ask for it. India cant do without cash transactions because banks are not accessible and time consuming for many like hawkers and small time workers.
    Even if the money is deposited in banks, it goes to big industrialists who then default and live luxuriously by finding loopholes. Or run away to foreign countries. About big stars and producers, the less said the better. They may say something but their lifestyles betray their real selves. And many of them park their funds in tax havens and other means.
    But this measure will catch those who hide bribe money or black money and make them come to the right path complusority. So the raids need not be conducted because whatever they have in cash, they lost them.
    Everything has its pros and cons. Just like Nitish Kumar’s liquor ban and draconian measures to implement it.
    I congratulate the government for this bold move which may cost them some votes from some sections.


    • This step reminds me of Nationalisation of Banks, abolition of privy purses, globalisation, introduction of computers on a large scale. All connected to economy.


  25. Now Trump’s foreign policy. What will it be when he starts?


  26. P.K Talli Says:

    juvenjacob @ DM FAV RT ? 8 hours ago
    Popular vote:
    Hillary: 59,236,903 votes
    Donald: 59,085,787 votes
    The country elected Hillary, the system elected Donald


  27. Thousands of protesters targeted Trump buildings in New York and Chicago on Wednesday, chanting anti-Trump slogans as protests against President-elect Donald Trump popped up throughout the United States.

    In Austin, Texas, protesters blocked a highway. Students burned a flag on the campus of American University in Washington, and they walked out of class in high schools and colleges across the country the day after the presidential election.

    “Not my president, not today,” was a chant heard at protests from Boston to Los Angeles.

    In downtown Los Angeles, high school students crowded the steps of City Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Protester Brooklyn White was holding a sign that said “Hate won’t win.” The 18 year old voted for Hillary Clinton and was disappointed.

    “We can’t let it stop us. If he’s the president then fine, but if Donald Trump is gonna be it then he has to listen,” she said.

    At Berkeley High School in California, about 1,500 students walked out of classes Wednesday morning. In des Moines, Iowa it was hundred of high school students who left class to protest of election results. In Phoenix, about 200 students from Carl Hayden High School marched to the state Capitol in protest.

    One member of the crowd near the White House held an upside-down American flag, alongside the LGBT rainbow flag, in silent protest.


  28. [img][/img]

    Lady Gaga protests against President-elect Donald Trump outside Trump Tower in New York.


    • Very sad.


      • If hospitals want 20,000 rupees advance for taking in patients and then don’t accept 500/1000 rupees, what are patients supposed to do? Die ?


        • Government should have anticipated this and made some arrangements. Give a warning that denomination of 1k will happen and ask the people to deposit them and not to use them in transactions. The message should have reached every village, every nook and corner. The 500 rupee note could have been banned after some time. Cant they see this coming? They should have taken the opposition and state governments into confidence. What happened to federalism? They decided to throw the baby with the bathwater. It is like taking revenge on its own people.


  29. Like

  30. Full video of actors drowned. Its horrific.. they tried to swim as much and got tired and drowned.



    On this special show from New York, author and veteran journalist Tina Brown deconstructs Donald Trump’s win and Hillary Clinton’s defeat. She called Clinton “a boring story” and Trump “a congenital liar”. “Hillary was a boring story, that’s one of the reasons she lost last time…Trump meanwhile was one big fireworks show,” she said. Talking of the new President, she said she was concerned about “what is going to happen to those voters who have really believed that he is going to deliver this change, who really believe that he is the guy who will make America great again and actually find that he is all a fraud”.



    Bundles of high-value notes were going for cheap yesterday as black money came out of hiding

    Mumbai saw jugaad kick in at supersonic speed amidst a brave new economic reality in which the two highest-denomination notes are no more legal. While black-money hoarders scurried to offload their cache via sales of cash, distress bullion buying and questionable currency swaps, those enabling the deals flexed the book to make the deals look legit.

    The most blatant barter was on at Zaveri Bazaar, where Mirror’s camera caught a currency trader charging 60 per cent to swap the demonetised notes. We have a recording of the conversation in which he is heard saying he can give 100-rupee notes for 500- and 1000-rupee notes after keeping a chunk of the value. “I can give you Rs 400 for a 1,000-note and Rs 200 for a 500-note,” he boasted to us. On normal days, he exchanges tattered notes for new ones.


    • Okay, I’ve confirmed that this selling is going on in many cities and almost openly. You can get 50% of your value back if you have Black Money stored in 500/1000 rupees. So, did govt. didn’t think of this happening?



      Many didn’t have to scour much before settling on the best option to barter now-illegal tender: bullion. Even if they had to buy it at a 30 to 60 per cent mark-up.

      Clever retailers of gold biscuits, coins, bricks and ornaments must have anticipated eager buyers: they kept the shop open till dawn on Wednesday.

      “Shops especially in Zaveri Bazaar and the western suburbs were kept open for selling gold to people who wanted to exchange bundles of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500,” said a jeweller from south Mumbai.

      And while 10 grams of gold was around Rs 31,000 on Tuesday, it was going for up to Rs 40,000. “These retailers dated the bills of entry to November 8 or before. This way, they will be able to deposit the collected cash in their respective bank accounts and evade agencies probing black money.”


  33. BhaI Bahut jal rahee hai kuch logo kee – Double whammy !!!
    Yahan bhee jalwa , wahan bhee Jalwa !!! LOL


    • “Yahan bhee jalwa , wahan bhee Jalwa ”
      dono jagah black kaa white; we have to wait and watch what will happen in usa. I am hearing reports of racist slurrs on brown people and some putting out nazi flags in their yards….

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  34. Kuch toh XYZee kahengey, XYZee ka kaam hai kehna !! LOL


    • nah, far from it. Us gujju knows how to turn black into gold.

      Plus it’s in Indian DNA to find a way to corruption. Unless you want to tell me history suggest otherwise???


      • That is true. We are loudest when we want to point fingers at other. But for most part we ourselves are corrupt and politicians are larger mirror image of us


  35. Like

  36. Like

  37. People have become crazy. Was hearing news,California which is democratic by long margin, saw a Trump supporter girl beaten in her class because she posted something on Instagram. I also heard some guys were taunted to go back to their country.–abc-news-topstories.html#


  38. I heard that politicans are giving tainted money to the poor so that they can deposit them in the banks without questions being asked.


  39. This decision of banning high denomination currency notes is a master stroke. Of course, many are trying to find ways, but, there is a limit of these ways. If you don’t go by exaggerated reports, the options left to black money holders are limited. How much gold one can purchase and how will jeweler deal with the those currency notes. He has to get these notes converted in the end. Similarly, with a cap on amount exchange per day, to what extent black money holders use poor people for exchange.
    It is not hard to understand that black money holders including politicians are rattled with this decision, but, to oppose a specific person we (including some blog members) will go to any extent to find fault with an otherwise genuine decision.
    I am also facing difficulties because of this decision, but, I know that this inconvenience is just for few days and I am ready to bear it in larger interests and I am happy that majority (at least in my circle) thinks just like me.

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    • Constructive criticism should not be taken as an attack on some leader. There is chaos everywhere especially with common people. That cant be glossed over. Even during UPA government, so many good measures were opposed tooth and nail.


      • Folks are blinded by decision. They don’t see anything beyond Modi as their god. There is lot more to this decision than obvious “Black Money” stunt but I don’t think this is right platform to discuss as they consider even regular news about issues to poor ppl as against Modi. Pathetic mindset. I wish folks were little mature and unlike school kids behavior.


        • It is the anti Modi brigade which can’t see beyond Modi and calling otter’s mindset pathetic just because some one questions their logic in a civilized manner. And then boasts of Maturity!

          However immature I am, I will never label some one pathetic. If maturity is this, I am good being immature.

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          • My comment was reply to Sanjana’s and surely not to your comment. But you displayed your ‘maturity’ with your reply. Kudos!


    • Rajesh, you are a wonderful human being…don’t you ever change !!!

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    • “this inconvenience is just for few days and I am ready to bear it in larger interests”
      Totally agree.
      In medical profession, catch a few people who suffer from actual malignant breast cancer, they have to throw a very wide net. Then lot of people (who do not have cancer) go thru’ pain, agony, stress for few weeks till they find out from furthur tests that they are OK. But this process enables the doctors to get hold of all those who do have malignant tumor.

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  40. Donald Trump is already making America grope again. Ask Swarali Karulkar, a dance choreographer in New York City — just hours after the election results, the 24-year-old was grabbed by an absolute stranger who threatened that Trump would throw her out of the country unless she married him. After living in NYC for two years, Swarali is now scared to even step out of her house.

    Swarali Karulkar says she considered moving some place else, but that would mean all the hard work put in by herself and her parents would go to waste

    Swarali had moved to NYC to study a dance therapy course, and enjoyed her life so much, that she decided to stay on after graduation. Among the things she had loved about the city were its people, who were friendly and welcoming. Now, for the first time, she is witnessing another side to the city.

    “After the election results were announced on Wednesday, everyone was in shock. I kept reading articles on social media about how people of colour — particularly immigrants were being targeted all over the country,” said Swarali.

    She added, “A Muslim family was asked to leave a restaurant with their 6-year-old kid after being labelled terrorists. Someone threw coffee at them and asked them to bomb their own country. I was severely disgusted, but I thought these things only happen in the Midwest and not in a progressive and collaborative city like New York. I was proven wrong very quickly.”

    Day 1
    It didn’t take long at all. Just hours after Trump was announced as the 45th President-elect of the US, Swarali had her first taste of the new America. “I was walking to work in a crowded area — 12th street and 1st avenue in Manhattan — and this creepy guy tried to grab me. I walked away but he followed me and said ‘Hey sexy, marry me, I will make you American’. He said other gross things as well, but I continued to walk away.”

    “When I was about a block away, he shamelessly yelled ‘Marry me you b***h, I will make you American or Trump will send you back to your country, you immigrant.’ As I kept walking, some people walked up to me to help me. A woman told me that the same man had been picking on every woman on the street.”

    ‘Never felt so unsafe’
    Before moving to NYC, Swarali was a resident of Dadar, and had contested in several Indian reality shows, and was even a finalist for Dance India Dance (season 4), as well as an onscreen mentor for DID Lil masters (season 3).

    “I moved to New York in August 2014 for my Masters in Dance Movement Therapy. Right now I live in Brooklyn, where I found a house in Bedford–Stuyvesant. It may not be the safest area to live in, but it’s all I can afford. But I never felt like I was in danger, because people here are helpful and good-natured. I have also travelled around the country by myself for work, but never felt so unsafe before,” said the choreographer.

    But as the Presidential election got closer, Swarali could sense a growing aggression in the atmosphere, particularly towards women and immigrants.

    Things started getting ugly as far back as September, when the 24-year-old was attacked for the first time. “In the mornings, I generally walk to Broadway junction, the closest subway stop for me. One day, as I was heading to work at 7 am, I was followed by a woman. She pushed me and demanded that I give her my subway pass. When I refused, she pushed me and yelled at me,” Swarali recalled.

    A few days later, there was another incident. This time, Swarali was not under attack but she felt the ripple effect of the growing hate. “I was stuck in the train for over two hours because a woman had attacked someone with a knife. The police halted the train for investigation. You can imagine how scary it all was a college girl living on her own in a foreign country.”

    Scared to step out
    “I didn’t tell my parents about any of it because I didn’t want them to worry. But, over the next few months, I could see that men had become openly hostile in trains or at public places. And why wouldn’t they be, when a sexual abuser runs for election and actually ends up becoming president,” said Swarali, adding, “I woke up this morning, terrified of going to work, wondering if someone was going to attack me again. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t considered moving, but I fear that if I do, I might never be able to return. And then all the sacrifices that my parents made will be wasted.”

    Swarali, who now works at a pre-school for children with special needs, said she is worried about the message this will send to the future generation. “This experience has highlighted how much hatred is hidden in people’s hearts that is now erupting because of Trump — all sorts of discrimination against race, women, immigrants, sexual orientations. I’m really scared about where this country is headed.”


    • wearing of which should be banned in any case! They do that in Turkey and it should be in USA too. No religion in school. If you want to wear it, be home schooled. Same for turbans too.


  41. WASHINGTON: A Trump administration will execute a 10-point plan to “restore the integrity” of the US immigration system, including building a wall along the border with Mexico, suspension of visas from certain countries and reforming the legal immigration system, the president-elect’s transition team said on Friday.

    The new administration under Donald Trump will focus on radical ideologies, nuclear weapons and cyber-attacks as three areas of threat in the national defence and security domain, the transition team said.

    The team listed out what it called the 10-point plan for immigration reform though not much details of such a policy framework were immediately available. It broadly indicates the policies articulated by Trump during his election campaigning, but the list gives a maturity in the policy formation and not simply a rhetoric.

    As per the Trump Transition, the list includes build a wall on the southern border, end catch-and-release, zero tolerance for criminal aliens, block funding for sanctuary cities, and cancel unconstitutional executive orders and enforce all immigration laws.

    It also includes suspending the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur. This policy appears to have evolved from Trump’s election time statements related to banning entry of Muslims from entering the country.

    The policy, among other things, also calls to ensure that other countries take their people back when US deports them.

    Interestingly, this year India has taken back at least three charter planes full of people who came to the US illegally or were asked to be deported.

    Among other policies include completing the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system and turning off the jobs and benefits magnet.

    The Trump Transition has also talked about reforming the legal immigration system, which among other things includes the much sought after H-1B visas.

    “Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers,” it said, without giving any further details.

    While there is no mention of H-1B visas, a position paper issued by the Trump Campaign during the primaries was critical of this system and had called for increasing the minimum wage of H-1B visas to $100,000.

    This was described as a deal killer by immigration experts and Indian companies.

    “We graduate two times more Americans with STEM degrees each year than find STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs, yet as much as two-thirds of entry-level hiring for IT jobs is accomplished through the H-1B programme,” said the position paper.

    More than half of H-1B visas are issued for the programme’s lowest allowable wage level, and more than 80 per cent for its bottom two, the position paper had rued.

    “Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the US, instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas,” it said.

    This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favour of the H-1B programme, the Trump Campaign said then.

    However, Cato Institute in a policy paper $ said that Trump’s H-1B visa policy proposal will reduce the number of legal skilled temporary migrant workers.

    Just over 124,000 H-1Bs were approved in 2014 for initial employment in the US, with 85,000 of them for employment in firms and the rest in non-profit research institutions.

    These workers have an average salary of $75,000 so they do not compete with low-skilled America workers, it said.

    “If the minimum salary for H-1B visas was bumped up to $100,000 then the number of H-1Bs hired by private firms would decrease while they’d also shrink for research institutions. The 75th percentile for wage compensation for H-1B workers is $81,000,” wrote Alex Nowrasteh, in his policy paper for the Cato Institute.

    “Even including all of the petitions for high wage workers that are rejected each year, this reform would significantly shrink the number of H-1B visas issued at an enormous economic cost. The H-1B system is also the feeder to the employment-based green card so any change here could disrupt future flows there even if no other changes are made,” Nowrasteh said.

    The Cato Institute said the policy would increase the regulatory cost for American firms hiring skilled foreign workers in specialty occupations.

    “Congress considered this policy for the H-1B visa in 1990 and rejected it because the regulatory costs would be so high,” Nowrasteh said.

    Trump’s transition team in its brief position paper also listed radical ideologies, nuclear weapons and cyber-attacks as three areas of threat in the national defence and security domain.

    “Mr. Trump recognises that we cannot tackle challenges, especially threats to our security, unless we define the problem in a way that American resources and instruments of power can be applied against them,” the Trump Transition said, setting in motion to evolve policies and plan of action so that Trump is ready to take actions immediately after he is sworn in on January 20 next year.

    “To this end, Mr. Trump recognises the long-term threat posed to our nation and our allies by radical ideologies that direct and inspire terrorism. A Trump Administration will be committed to both immediate and sustainable actions to counter the threats posed by these radical ideologies,” the position paper said.

    Noting that a Trump Administration also recognises the uniquely catastrophic threats posed by nuclear weapons and cyber attacks, it said the president-elect will ensure the strategic nuclear triad is modernised to ensure it continues to be an effective deterrent.

    “His Administration will review and minimise our nation’s infrastructure vulnerabilities to cyber threats,” it said.

    “Mr. Trump will be a strong Commander-in-Chief befitting our American men and women in uniform, and ensure their sacrifices will only be made in operations that safeguard the interests of the American people and our allies, and that their service will be honoured as they enter the ranks of veterans,” the transition team said.

    Noting that America’s stature in the world is determined by its values, prosperity and might, the transition team said the president-elect understands how a strong, prosperous economy underwrites military might, and how a strong, robust military secures Americas way of life and the fruits of economy.

    “Mr. Trump recognises that we cannot tackle challenges, especially threats to our security, unless we define the problem in a way that American resources and instruments of power can be applied against them,” it said.

    Asserting that the Trump Administration will make America energy independent, the transition team said its energy policies will make full use of domestic energy sources, including traditional and renewable energy sources.



      He is on H4 Visa; who can work only because Obama passed an executive order that dependent who are in process of getting GC but waiting in line can have spouse work after certain stage.


      • Haven’t read the article. H1 is banned or what? I am already packed..but need some lead time..H4 is actually more ‘harmful’ since they can work anywhere – from BEST BUY to WALMART to ZIPS CLEANERS..whereas H1 jobs are very restrictive with regard to the wages as well as the work-areas..


        • The guy who helped Trump win with analytics was on H4 visa. He could work because Obama signed executive order sometime back so that spouses can alaso work.


  42. India’s largest lender State Bank of India said on Friday banks received deposits worth Rs 53,000 crore since the government put out of circulation high-value banknotes in a bid to drain illegal wealth.

    People started depositing the now-withdrawn Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in banks across India on Thursday. The window to do this is open till December 30.

    Nearly 14 lakh crore are held in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes now – nearly 86% of the economy by value. According to the SBI, about 3.7% of this money has come back to banks by Friday.

    Experts fear that a strict scrutiny regime may force many people to destroy their illegal stash of wealth.


    • Mumbai: 73-year-old man standing in queue to exchange old notes dies.

      Amid the woes of customers hit by cash crunch, a 73-year-old man, who was standing in a queue to exchange his old currency notes here, collapsed and died in suburban Mulund this afternoon, police said.

      Vishwanath Vartak, a senior citizen, was standing in a queue outside a branch of the State Bank of India in Navghar area of Mulund (East) to exchange his notes when he suddenly fell down at around 1.30 PM, they said. I

      As he fell, some people, who were also in the queue, rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead before admission, police said adding that the body has been sent for postmortem.

      Police also visited the spot where the elderly man collapsed. According to initial reports, Vartak died of a heart attack, police said.

      Following the government’s decision to scrap the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, there has been a huge rush outside the banks since yesterday and also at the ATMs today residents anxious to withdraw some money to meet their daily expenses were seen standing in serpentine queues.

      Police patrolling is being done and beat marshals are deployed outside the banks and the ATM centres to avoid any untoward incident and control the crowd wherever necessary.


  43. They are women who want their daughters to grow up and run businesses — and who run businesses themselves. Many said they were eager for a woman as president. Were they offended by Mr. Trump’s vile comments about women, captured on tape? Absolutely. Did they believe the women who came forward and said Mr. Trump had groped them? Not necessarily. Did any of it stop them from voting for him? No.

    Where female opponents took to Twitter with #NotOkay, branding Mr. Trump a misogynist and worse, his female supporters saw “a good man and a good father,” said Mary Barket, the head of the Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women, who knows Ms. Biro from church and helped her get involved in the Trump campaign.

    The Women Who Helped Donald Trump to Victory – The New York Times


    • “Simply put, Obama who knew Hillary Clinton better than most as a teflon-coated politician without convictions, ruthlessly opportunistic to the point of being cynical — assuming even one-fourth of Mark Landers’ political work Alter-Egos is based on facts — should have had no reason on earth to get so obsessed with her candidacy.”
      “But then, the paradox lies somewhere else.
      The point is, through the past 8-year period, Obama himself changed unrecognisably.
      This grass-root politician who began his career doing community work among the poor and the marginalised in Chicago, who stormed the citadel in 2008 as the quintessential outsider with the audacity of hope as his main trump card, himself ended up tragically as a prisoner of big corporations, Wall Street and the wealthy, and representing their interests.”


  44. Before Obama came to power Healthcare was the biggest concern in American social life and a major point of discussion in any political debate… simply repealing Obamacare if not an option. Not very long ago more than losing a job, Americans were more scared of losing their health coverage…..

    Besides, Americans will in general decide how we live and behave in this world. They have more or less got a grip on most of the human species and have been controlling us at various points in time with various slogans of social engineering and terms like human rights, plebiscite, franchise, globalization, freedom of choice. But it seems somewhere they have got scared what complete freedom means and the way it is moving is a train wreck and limits need to be placed. But that cannot be done in full view and that would conflict with what they have been propagating to the world all this long. So until they find a solution to this complete freedom there is going to be a make shift arrangement to go back in time/ rewind 30-40 years, go back to the same basal instincts , elementary stage and then again fight for the same rights and generally run the clock and come back to 2016 in say 2040.

    I don’t know if I made any sense but hope u get the gist.


  45. Its Kejriwal so one has to take it with a pinch of salt……but checks and balances are always good !

    BJP and its friends informed about demonetisation a week before: Arvind Kejriwal

    “NEW DELHI: BJP and its “friends” were informed about the demonetisation of high value currency “a week before” the move was effected, especially keeping the upcoming UP polls in mind, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today alleged.
    Kejriwal questioned the logic behind the introduction of Rs 2000 notes saying it will fan corruption and the black money economy instead of containing it and that demonetisation has hit the common men hard….”


    • Re. Its Kejriwal so one has to take it with a pinch of salt

      Itna Namak lag gaya keru ko, kee Namak shortage kee rumors faila dee aaptards ney !! LOL


  46. In Indian politics, its always main karoon toh saala character dheela hai !!

    How BJP had termed demonetisation as ‘anti-poor’ in 2014
    November 11, 2016, 5:23 PM IST

    While the operative word for BJP is that demonetisation has hit those who have hoarded black money, the same party was singing a different tune when UPA government pushed for a similar move in 2014. Back then in January, the government of the day had decided to withdraw all currency notes issued before 2005 by March 31.

    Then the BJP had termed it as anti-people which would badly affect the poor living in remote areas of the country. BJP spokesperson and now MP Meenakshi Lekhi had said, “The latest gimmick of the finance ministry to demonetise the notes, printed before 2005, is an attempt to obfuscate the issue of black money stashed outside the country…People with small savings and no bank accounts will be targeted. The present scheme does nothing to remove black money from circulation.”

    BJP had a particular opinion on important issues and economic reforms such as Aadhaar, GST and FDI when they were in opposition, but quickly did a U-turn once they came to power in 2014. If they had been consistent in their views, perhaps the country would have been in a better position to deal with many of the problems facing us now.


  47. LOL Such sanctimonious sanghi bhakts, chinning up to a ‘good act’ of government which they had rejected earlier.
    Listen to M. Lekhi.


  48. BJP converted its black money before the announcement.


  49. And here’s Jaitley shedding tears for the poor earlier.


    • When you demonetize everything, the cost is just too much; people are going to be harassed when your population is 125 crier and amount of money.

      So selective is fine. What I want is better handling so the pain is less. If you say everything was alright before knowing there is good chunk of black money then it is your bias which is making you say so. It has a cascading effect, the black money is used to over pay and outbid salaried people. You start with real state, capitation fee, medical treatment.. it is black money in cash not the black money in gold or offshore account which affects most people.


  50. And the tourists are so happy to bear the trouble for the good of India!


  51. All- Since this thread is now being spammed and Aaptarded ..will not be posting any comments on this thread !!
    Aish Karo !!!


  52. what a nutcase…

    Trump likes main Obamacare provisions ‘very much’

    of course even in the primaries he seemed rather more sympathetic to the program than he later pretended to be.


  53. Ok guys, this thread is once again drowning in Indian politics and the same back and forth.. move on if you can’t make more substantial points..


    • After weekend this thread should be closed.

      Commentators should post their views not views from others.


      • Munna, I hope you’ll spare my links. You didn’t last time.
        I NEVER post opinion of anyone EVER.

        Just check my links above. One is M. Lekhi & the other Jaitley expressing their Anti demonetisation views in 2014.
        And the third link is a picture of the datails about the money in Rs500 and Rs1000 notes that BJP deposited in a bank before the announcement.


  54. Harry Reid statement says – “I have heard more stories in the past 48 hours of Americans living in fear of their own government and their fellow Americans than I can remember hearing in five decades in politics,” he said.

    I am just trying to figure, what if media continues reportage on this anti trump narrative and things go out of hand. How will they tame the shrew & make them all fall in line or in simple words ‘unite the country’ ? At second thoughts, that seems easy peasy in this new world order…. ! Uncle Sam’s terror Brahmastra !!! Feel sorry & pity the part of US which is next in line to lose innocent lives ? Last time New Yorkers had to pay the cost of that unification and license to snoop.

    Snooping se yaad aayaa, since elections are over Uncle Sam should remove Julian Assange from the payroll now !!

    Aur bhi gham hain zamane mein !


  55. Like

    • Oh uncle ji, go back to your home and have your khaakra: And the next time you and your ilk WHINE about governments’ inaction — ANY govt — NOT doing anything about black money, remember this epiphanic realization of the ‘troubles’ one could face in the short-run for trying to clean up the gutter..

      Or were you in la-la land where you thought seeing shiity news-channels at 9 pm or reading your news-papers in the early morning with your sugar-less tea that the solutions to such a complex problem would be a kinder-garten answer..

      Nobody is grudging folks like you NOT to question — oh but the ‘liberals’ on this blog; that’s is a different mass altogether — the logistics of this decision; give it a poor rating if the execution you feel is sub-par; but have some decency at least to see that this is a decision likely to have cross-party impacts..

      But hey, bhakts like Kamal Haasan or ‘SRK’ (!@#$%?) are only sucking up to the powers-that-be..


  56. Kejri whining about the logic behind introducing Rs2000 note just goes to show either his ignorance or his disingenuity. They have not released the new 500Rs yet. So basically anyone trying to hoodwink by depositing, withdrawing and re-depositing 1000Rs notes will be caught red-handed. Mr Saviour-of-mankind needs to go back to his IIT roots to understand the logic. Even kids would understand.

    Agreeable that the rollout has been problematic and not thought out properly. Opposition is gathering its forces and trying to create panic. But at most places, the patience of people has persevered over crass attempts by Kejri/Mamta etc to insinuate.

    Effects are already being felt. Hawala Enterprises have collapsed immediately. Builders with black money have been decimated. Property prices will come down which is great for the common man. Extravagant weddings are being cancelled, especially in exotic offshore destinations. Once the dust settles, only those with criminal enterprises will re-attempt to hoard black money. True destruction of black wealth has taken place, just hope it does not lead to depression.

    Long ago, in NG, we had a discussion about tax deduction at source by salaried people in the tech sector and the unfairness of it all, when we see even pan and rickshaw-wallahs hoarding black money. Now it all becomes equal.

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    • >So basically anyone trying to hoodwink by depositing, withdrawing and re-depositing 1000Rs notes will be caught red-handed.


      >Effects are already being felt. Hawala Enterprises have collapsed immediately.


      >when we see even pan and rickshaw-wallahs hoarding black money. Now it all becomes equal.

      Great! Go after small fish and let the Ambanis Adanis, names in Panama leaks, names in foreign banks, Ramdev, the BJP itself go scot free.


    • From the interview, excerpts:

      Has this kind of move succeeded anywhere in the world?

      It happened in the United States.

      On July 14, 1969, Richard Nixon, the then president, had, in one go, demonetised $10,000 and $1,000 bills. He kept only $100 as legal tender.

      What was the reason?

      The reason was similar. There were a lot of illegal (higher denomination) currency transactions. Therefore, currency transactions became non-transparent.

      To check all illicit businesses, drug trafficking, human trafficking, weapon trafficking etc, the Nixon government took this harsh decision.


    • If it works, everyone will be happy. But I don’t understanda few things. People who have a few lakhs in black are not going to have an issue with depositing it and making it white.
      People who having been dealing in black since a long time are savvy enough not to hoard cash at home. They have probably already invested in gold and property.
      Also, what is the deal with the 2000 rs note? That has upset people the most. Why have such a high denominator note in the first place, if the objective is to curb liquid cash, and turn them to banking.

      Lot of loopholes and bad planning. But time will tell.


      • How to people pay builder or medical seat? In Gold or piece of land? You can use any form of barter but it is not convenient way to transact.

        14 lakh crore high denomination notes were in circulation. A good chunk was at homes of people not in any use (white money). And there is also good chunk of black money which is used to drive up the costs of many things in regular people’s life. Introducing new 2000 is not going to solve black money or corruption. But status quo was also not good. Hopefully this will push people in cashless transaction mode.
        I also want to make compulsory for everyone to file taxes. If people have no taxes they should file income and owe no tax self declaration.


      • One counter view I read is that parallel economy was helping growth; buying car, equipment.. now there is some stoppage on that it will be harmful for growth. I think this view is not taking into account that the cost of things will come down so theoretically more people should be able to buy stuff.


    • The new 500 is out yesterday. I have one with me


  57. I think this initiative is screaming for team effort and in a way a test for our collective responsibility…..there is some need for empathy among fellow citizens to look out for each other going by few extreme reports. Even with all the visible drawbacks, the effort needs to be universally applauded and a good clean up of mindset is needed.
    Inspite of the secrecy attached to such a move, wish govt was a bit more prepared with ATM machine slot for catering to new notes etc.

    Now whats more important and an acid test is how is the follow through. If all this effort leads to similar hoarding with new notes within a brief period of time then it’s a total waste of time and resources. At the moment it is hitting the common man / poor ……….and going by reports, the big guns are all circumventing the system……..

    After all the fuck up, if there is no follow up to make it tight and nullify hoarding then by nature we will all hoard again albeit this time in bigger currency note or make jugad of parking the funds in new innovative ways.

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  58. Anyway here’s KRK ‘s review.

    PS: Yes, may look like opinion, but still he is stating some facts.


  59. Have absolutely no faith in the BJP-Modi govt to trust any of their action. They have shown themselves to be utterly power-hungry, hypocritical and opportunistic for me to believe this action was done for the larger good and not to fix their rivals and opponents. This government has never shown any such altruistic tendency nor do I believe they have the intellect or creativity to pull things off.

    I don’t for a second doubt that practically everyone in BJP, and those in cahoots with them, had complete information about the rupee ban, and quickly did what was necessary, while the common man is left to suffer.


  60. Looks like colour is leaking from the new Rs 2000 notes. Terrible if this is true. It would indicate an absolute lack of preparedness.


  61. When Bachchan and Ash lauds the move on demonetisation and when the opportunistic 3 Khans supporting it while asking the ordinary people to grin and bear for a while, it looks like that Queen who asked people to eat cake if bread is not available. No doubt the Pink is leaking and what Bachchan will say about it when he gloated about his pet film color making to the 2000 rupee note.. And Ash is taunted with Panama in the comments section.


    • laud


    • Khans are trying to save themselves and their films.


      • Wow Sanjana..Stunning!!!!

        Just a few months back, Aamir and SRK were victims of the evil Hitler-cousin Modi’s government and the internet Hindus because they talked of ‘intolerance’ in India: Now the very same Khans are ‘opportunistic’ because SRK and the ‘atheist’ Kamal Haasan tweeted about what they thought might be a good move!!!

        OK..I will leave it to you to get your thoughts together..

        Anyway, the usual suspects here — and those that drop-in quite conveniently when-ever the present govt has something significant planned or implemented — I thought deserved the respect that there might be some things going on in their lives and hence they drop-in at times convenient to them; but it is quite clear with the third-rate quality of their analysis an comments what their single-minded agenda is.

        I have almost stopped commenting on politics on this blog. But OldGold’s disgusting comment commanding that I will do well under Trump’s rule as an immigrant brownie was the last straw. My comment, if anybody cared to READ or tried to understand ENGLISH, the language that I assume is used in Britain and the one hammered upon us, was that an action under-taken by ANY — not BJP [ANY is not EQUAL to BJP only .. common understanding required of the English language even for 5 year old kids…] was regarding the fact that there would be inconvenience short-term: And that doesn’t mean the govt – -ANY govt — should be pardoned for poor execution of a well-intentioned idea! The government needs to be have hard-learned lessons owing to such execution….

        This is a person who deliberately — because he or she, I neither know neither do I care for the gender — mis-spelt Aamir’s spelling as Amir for years and years together inspite of being corrected by bloggers over here and else-where {you really have to be janundiced-for-life if you DIDN’T correct yourself when the entire universe spelt AAMIR as AAMIR because you were busy making fun of Aamir’s ears and his height].

        It is quite clear here that another ‘person’ here is also hell-bent on carrying on with the same agenda and drops here only during such times..but at least that person is decent enough in the thought-process..thought utterly dis-honest..

        This arrogance, this condescending attitude, this HUBRIS of the ‘PROGRESSIVES’ has resulted in a person like TRUMP being elected in a country like the US; but still, the PUS is oozing out like anything. Sometimes I feel, even at the cost that I MIGHT be thrown out of here, this disgusting arrogance displayed by the NYT editorial-masturbating folks is worth my being thrown out of here: It is hilarious to watch these ‘progressives’ clutching at straws to explain this phenomenon; Never ever have I seen CNN and it’s ilk trying to ‘understand’…

        Continue with your disgusting attitude of mocking ordinary people..if it makes you happy, good for you…

        This is, AGAIN, dedicated to folks like you and your ilk..

        Enjoy and have your last word…

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        • Even if UPA government did this things, I would have criticised them. This is something which is affecting everyone in India.
          My maid is refusing to take new 2000 rupee note and insists only on 100 rupee notes. A simple example. I stopped buying and postponing buying small things because I dont have change. The queues are to long. The list is endless for many of us. It is a cruel joke when bank pays 2000 rupee note instead of the direly needed 100 rupee note. Just the way my maid feels. And many touts are standing in queues and hoarding has started. Many small time vendors are losing business. Has these filmstars ever stand in any queue? And they are lecturing us. It is not about which party is doing what. People are dying but no one is calling them shahids. Calling an elelctrician and a plumber has become a task.


        • >Now the very same Khans are ‘opportunistic’ because SRK and the ‘atheist’ Kamal Haasan tweeted about what they thought might be a good move!!!

          And you don’t for a second suspect that this is the direct result of earlier attacks and repercussions

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      • I don’t blame the Khans honestly. They have all been honest, but the atmosphere in the country is such that it’s best to keep quiet and let this government dig its own grave.

        Really disappointing that some of the “Hindu” actors like Ajay Devgan who have taken this opportunity to ingratiate themselves to the new establishment. The guy has played the religious, political card more than a few times now.


        • I particularly do not blame Aamir here. He was dead right in his statements last time, but look at what he faced. The public will come on the same page as him in the next two years, if they haven’t already. I believe Aamir will have the last laugh.


        • Ajay Devgan along with Amitabh Bacchan were named in Panama leaks and were among the first to tweet support for Modi’s Tughlaki farmaan.
          Since then many actors coming out one by one to support Modi. I suspect all have been given a shield against their black money.


        • Now Ajay is saying his movie is impacted coz if this Noteban. Bhai, movie flopped and ended its run..why still beating the dead horse to prove pseudo nationalism.


  62. People are easy to assume anyone criticizing to be a anti-Modi but its not correct. The whole idea is well intentioned and applaud worthy but the execution of the idea is completely wrong. They messed up the execution and actually impacting actually ‘honest’ folks in the country and especially poor. Second is that to assume Rupee 500 a ‘higher bill’. It is not. 500 is like 100 rupees of last decade in today’s economy. Without 500, you can’t do your daily chores in life. If you try to fill petrol or watch a movie, you hardly get any change back for 500. Lot of business like Sabzi market, meat market etc are all Cash business. Nov is the peak season for marriages and they said just in North India they have 45,000 marriages scheduled and almost all of the marriage expense are cash business. Movie shootings have stopped in south India as daily wages workers are cash based and they are out of employment now. These are not govt job folks, they can’t survive if they daily jobs are impacted as they don’t have much savings etc.

    Another example of mistake: They increased the size of the 2000 rupee note and NONE of the ATM machines are able to accept that size and we can’t checkout 2000 rupee notes from ATM. That’s a blunder and they messed up clearly. Jaitley said, we are working now to replace ATM capacity to checkout bigger notes. Lol, you gonna do that after someone complains? Where is the common logic before printing? Even small projects in a company has its pros and cons and risks associated with them. Did they even do that type of research before implementing this kind of Noteban.

    So, just coz it is well intentioned move doesn’t mean that we can’t comment of the sufferings people are facing all over. As I said, one can appreciate the idea but can’t turn a blind eye to the sufferings of common folks all over. Its like burning down your own house to get rid of the rat!!

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    • “Another example of mistake: They increased the size of the 2000 rupee note and NONE of the ATM machines are able to accept that size and we can’t checkout 2000 rupee notes from ATM. That’s a blunder and they messed up clearly. ”

      Exactly, that’s an epic blunder and sheer carelessness. Also, how are NRIs expected to change their currency if they aren’t going to India next year. Any provisions for that yet? See, it’s not about losing that money, but this to me reflects lack of preparedness. Whatever its failings, the past governments, including that of Vajpayee was far more professional.


      • Some are getting whatsapp messages like demonstrating that there is a chip in the high denomination note. To locate where the notes are going and how much. Like GPS. I dont know how much truth is there in this. That maybe the December bomb for the unsuspecting. And there is one magic machine which will convert a 500 rupee note into 5 hundred rupee notes. This is also from whatsapp. This is all becoming like a crime thriller.


  63. tonymontana Says:

    it’s like a circus. when Kejriwal implemented the odd even scheme, many made fun of him and ridiculed him for making daily commute inconvenient. the same people now say we must “cooperate” with the government to make it work. clearly this has certainly been more inconvenient to the people than changing vehicles on alternate days.

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  64. While the common man on the street suffers, Amit Shah is repeatedly talking about how Modi’s drive has taken the glean off the faces of Mulayam and Mayawati.

    Is the BJP above board? Everyone saw their obscene spending during the Bihar elections. Where did all that money come from? Have they been transparent with their party funding.

    The more Amit Shah talks, the more I feel this was a political move, not an economic one for the betterment of the people.

    When you are so eager to grab states and you are using your money power so freely during campaigns, such a move denotes crass abuse of power to enfeeble rivals.

    Such a drive can only be appreciated if the party/government in question has a relatively clean record.


  65. Like

  66. Trump told Stahl that Clinton’s phone call conceding the election was “lovely” and acknowledged that making the phone call was likely “tougher for her than it would have been for me,” according to previews of the interview released by CBS.

    “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said, ‘Congratulations, Donald, well done,'” Trump told Stahl. “And I said, ‘I want to thank you very much. You were a great competitor.’ She is very strong and very smart.”

    Trump’s tone in the interview was in sharp contrast to his bitter attacks on the campaign trail, in which he nicknamed Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and encouraged chants of “Lock her up!” at his rallies. Among other insults, Trump also referred to his competitor as “the devil,” “a bigot” and – at the tail end of the final presidential debate – “such a nasty woman.”

    Trump also told Stahl that former president Bill Clinton called him the following day and “couldn’t have been more gracious.”

    “He said it was an amazing run – one of the most amazing he’s ever seen,” Trump said. “He was very, very, really, very nice.”

    During the campaign, Trump had tried to use Bill Clinton’s infidelities as a way to attack and embarrass Hillary Clinton. For the second presidential debate, Trump had sought to intimidate his competitor by inviting women who had accused the former president of sexual abuse to sit in the Trump family box. Debate officials quashed the idea.

    In the interview with Stahl, Trump did not rule out calling both of the Clintons for advice during his term.

    “I mean, this is a very talented family,” he said. “Certainly, I would certainly think about that.”

    Trump also reiterated on “60 Minutes” that he may keep portions of the Affordable Care Act, something he had mentioned he might do after meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House on Thursday.

    When Stahl asked whether people with pre-existing conditions would still be covered after Trump repealed and replaced Obamacare, Trump said they would “because it happens to be one of the strongest assets.”

    “Also, with the children living with their parents for an extended period, we’re going to… very much try and keep that,” Trump added, referring to portions of the health care act that cover children under their parents’ insurance through age 26. “It adds cost, but it’s very much something we’re going to try and keep.”

    When Stahl questioned whether there would be a gap between the repeal of Obamacare and the implementation of a new plan that could leave millions of people uninsured, Trump interrupted her.

    “Nope. We’re going to do it simultaneously. It’ll be just fine. It’s what I do. I do a good job. You know, I mean, I know how to do this stuff,” Trump said. “We’re going to repeal and replace it. And we’re not going to have, like, a two-day period and we’re not going to have a two-year period where there’s nothing. It will be repealed and replaced. I mean, you’ll know. And it will be great health care for much less money.”

    The “60 Minutes” interview will be broadcast on CBS at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday.

    © 2016 The Washington Post


  67. I would like to add one more point. This might be only possible time in India where govt. = India for media and bhakts. For example, every time Congress or other govt. take any action it was fairly criticized all over the media and online and real life. But now, if you dare to criticize BJP govt.’s action, it is directly being assumed that person is anti-India which is far from the truth. If anyone criticizes any action from Modi or BJP it is assumed that person is anti-Indian. This never happened anytime before in Indian politics. This is the best example of blinded eyes.

    There was criticism all the time against Congress but no one claimed them to anti-Indian that time. This is the honest fact but I know again folks will turn a blind eye to this.


    • cent percent agree, everything is being said in the garb of national interest, you can stand in a queue for jio sim , you can stand in a queue for movie ticket, but you cant stand in the queue for nation. What the hell is this, how come the government becomes synonymous with National Interest, in the past also many a government decision have been critically analyzed but now people accuse you of being an antinational if you try to question the decision of present regime.


      • Not very different from anyone who’s remotely in favour of the present government being called a “bhakt”/Sanghi/Communal/Chaddi etc.

        And certainly not very different from nauseating AAPTards (and this goes right up to their Twitter CM) calling everyone of their opponents corrupt/Ambani-Adani agent etc.

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  68. President-elect Donald Trump’s tough-talking plan to rein in illegal immigration showed signs of cracking on Sunday, with the president-elect seemingly backing off his vow to build a solid wall along the southern US border and the top House Republican rejecting any “deportation force” targeting people in the country illegally.

    In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Trump said Sunday he would accept a fence in some places along the US southern border where he had promised to build a wall.

    During his campaign he insisted he would deport 11 million people living in the country illegally, with exceptions. But he distanced himself from that position as time went on, and in his first television interview since winning the presidential election, Trump said he’s willing to deport or incarcerate 2 million to 3 million people living in the country illegally who “are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers.”

    Earlier Sunday, House Speaker Paul Ryan, also told CNN’s “State of the Union” that “we are not planning on erecting a deportation force.” Ryan said “I think we should put people’s minds at ease” on mass deportation because the top priority is really border security.

    On that, both men agreed Sunday, with the president-elect emphasizing that securing the border is his first immigration priority.

    Trump campaigned on a promise to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. The promise elicited chants of “Build that Wall” from the thousands throughout the country who packed his rallies. Mexico has said it would not pay for the construction of a wall along the border.

    Nearly 700 miles of fencing was put in place during President George W Bush’s second term and the beginning of President Barack Obama’s first term.

    The fencing is placed largely in urban areas along the nearly 2,000-mile frontier. It is not the type of solid wall that Trump has pledged to construct at Mexico’s expense. The fence has miles-long gaps and gates built in to allow landowners access to their property on the south side of the fencing. Immigrants have been known to go over and around the fence.


  69. tonymontana Says:

    jo kejriwal ko gaaliya de rahe thay odd even ke time pe inconvenience ke liye, aaj wahi lov Modi ke is kadam ki itni saraahna kaise kar rahe hai.. aaj ek dum se desh ki pragati ke liye koi bhi dikkat jhelne ki baatein kyu kar rahe hai?


  70. BTW have seen too many fights on above issues culminating in unfriending on Facebook, cold war among friends. People have become emotionally invested in these issue too much and think their position is the right one.

    I am going to close the thread and let people use main BO thread for small non-filmi discussion. If Satyam wants, he can reopen the thread.


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