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  1. Sanjana:

    Rock On 2 had a very dull start of around 5-10% and this is sort of expected as the first Rock On did not do too well but more importantly it did not find appreciation barring 2-3 cities and even there you could not saw it was great appreciation. So this meant there was no brand value of the film and it was basically like any other stand alone film so needed music or a good theatrical as the male leads were also weak. There was Shraddha Kapoor in the film who is on a very good run in her last few films barring Haider but that means little with a poor theatrical and poor music. The currency issue has affected the film but even if it was not there the film would have opened better but it still would have been a poor start. The opening is so dull that only a handfull of theatres across the country had an audience count of 50 in the morning shows.

    Chaar Sahibzaade – Rise Of Banda Bahadur has opened well in East Punjab with collections of 35-40% and Delhi city is also decent. Although considering the huge appreciation of the first part of the film, the opening may have been expected to be better but eventually its an animation film for families and this audience does not go to theatres on Friday morning and then there is the currency issues. Despite that is the highest opening an animation film has even taken in India and probably the only time that an animation film has not opened to dud collections on the first morning.

    The other films like Dongri Ka Raja, Ishq Junoon and Yeh Hai Lollipop had no collections and should not have been released due to the currency issues as its difficult for these types to get an audience when everything is normal.


  2. tonymontana Says:

    I have never identified with the concept of rock within India. Rock On was probably a well made film but its emotions, characters all screamed wannabe


    • Tony it’s Farhan voice which is troubling. He got carried away with the poetry of ZNMD which to be frank was pretty nice and worked with the tempo of the movie. But he has an awful voice which at best can be described seasonal. It’s totally out of fashion now.

      The last rock song I liked in bollywood was Bhaag Bhaag Bose DK. Bring these kind of guitar and beats and it will work.


  3. @all

    Netflix recently started in India. I was thinking of trying it. It also gives first month free.

    But I had a question as to does all the TV Serials and Movies have subtitles or only some or few of them does.


  4. I had kind of liked Rock On -1 . I thought Jhankar Beats was the best in that genre , but Rock On was pretty close.
    Speaking of Jhankar Beats – why doesn’t Rahul Bose act in more movies ??


  5. Everyone in India that I talked to seems to waiting for Kahani-2!!


  6. Masand on Rock On-2


  7. One of the major setback for all films this week has been the demonetization move of the government, which has left the theaters empty. Also, since Shivaay had its stronghold in single screens, this move has affected it even worse.

    ADHM collected 75 lakhs.

    according to


  8. A very poor opening day of 1.75-2 crore nett day. It is one of the worst openings of the year comparing with Mirzya which was around 1.65 crore nett. The opening is not as low as that on fair value has the demonetizing of currency has had an affect and on a normal day Rock On 2 would be better. But beating Mirzya is not the task and the demonetizing issue does not change the bigger picture that even if it was not there the opening would still be poor. Going by the trends on Wednesday and Thursday business was down by around 30-35% so on fair value this is a 3 crore nett opening which itself is poor meaning its about the film having no interest rather than anything else.

    The writing is on the wall when a sequel to a film like Rock On (2009) is actually being made at double the cost when the first one had hardly any takers. The first one probably was bumped up by media but 100 or 200 people can’t be taken seriously when the core film going audience has rejected a film. The main issue is that there is no brand value so that means the film can’t really have a higher cost than the first film if it is to be made. Rock On 2 is a standalone film and could have been named anything, infact may have been better to name it something else because Rock On had more negatives than positives.

    Its an uphill battle for the film but nothing can be totally written off until the Saturday figure comes. The opening day of Rock On (2008) was 1.66 crore nett which was poor at that time and it was on just one third of the screens of Rock On 2. This illustrates how bad the opening of Rock On 2 is taking the fair value of 3 crore nett.


    • A few excerpts


      When was the last time you flew Economy?

      When I was 21. I was an assistant on Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I was very uncomfortable.


    • Thanks Sanjana…. there is hardly any film maker who can give such an interview with so much depth. Karan can be very honest and open and he does that once in a while in interviews and here he does. He always analyzes his weakness right after he shot the movie and he’s correct majority of the times. He’s never going to be a perfect film maker but his films and themes will resonate at some level to the audience. Fantastic interview by Baradwaj as well with right questions!


      • Couple of questions folks will be interested to read about ADHM analysis by Karan himself!

        Has this texture played a part in the decreasing box office of your films? Ae Dil… looks like it will end up making a little over Rs. 100 crore, but that isn’t much of a target these days for a big movie.
        Ae Dil… is an overseas blockbuster and a domestic hit. Could I have done things to make it a bigger hit? Yes. The difference between Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ae Dil… is that this is a darker film. But I can’t write those films anymore. I don’t how to write Kuch Kuch Hota Hai anymore. I don’t know how to cater to that person I was, and even then, I wasn’t being myself in many parts of the movie. Kuch Kuch… has so many contradictions. It had a certain honesty that rang through, but actually it doesn’t add up. I was 25 when I made that film and it was really everything that I thought Hindi cinema was. I was being a producer’s son who wanted to give my father and the company a big blockbuster. So there were “designed” moments. There was religion. There was a Muslim character. These were things you were told to work in so that the film would reach a large audience. It was a Diwali film, so I put something Diwali-esque, like that Raghupati Raghav song.

        So how would you have “designed” Ae Dil… had you been that older Karan Johar?
        I could have pushed the cancer angle. I could have been as emotionally manipulative as I was in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. That film was just me showing off. I wanted the helicopter shot. I wanted the big mansion. Kuch Kuch… gave me money and now I wanted every movie star in the business in my poster. It’s the only poster I have in my office. I love that portrait. I remember people exiting the previews of that film and they had mascara running all over. Those days it was considered an achievement to make an audience cry. I chose to make Ae Dil… lighter. That was me being updated. That was me being 2.0. I didn’t want you to walk out with tears. The emotion I was chasing was “bittersweet.” Maybe I could have done without the cancer angle altogether. But I didn’t see a different ending. Does this impact the box office? Yes. Can I do something about it? If something comes naturally to me and I can cater to a vast audience with me still being honest to my thoughts, then maybe. I hope that can happen, but right now, I don’t know. Even Kabhi Alvida… is a flawed film. It had many stars. It had three item songs. None of this was required. The intensity and integrity of that film was completely compromised by my holding on to the identity of a commercial filmmaker. With Ae Dil… I think I have let go.


        • Also loved the part where he said, no one’s going to believe Aishwarya as a very good poetess and he changed the part after casting her! Very smart I say!

          The poetess Saba, played by Aishwarya Rai, isn’t a very big name in the world of letters either.
          Because how are you going to believe she is a world-famous poet? I showed her husband as a world-famous artist. But I didn’t think you’d take Aishwarya Rai seriously as a really good poet. It’s very clear that she’s living on her husband’s alimony.

          So this was a decision that came from the casting.
          Yes. Had I cast, say, Konkana, maybe Saba would have been more respected.



        • He learns a lot. Maybe in 3-4 years time he’ll thrash ADHM. He is only repeating what the detractors have been saying for many a year.

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    • I agree to some degree to this – “There is a certain mapping that can be done. The UAE and Dubai behave like Bombay. The UK behaves like Gurgaon, Delhi and Punjab. They go for colour, glamour, music, song, dance. The USA behaves like Mysore. So the films that perform exceedingly well there are the ones that are more intelligent, like Piku, Pink, Neerja, Kapoor & Sons. The template for “evolved” Hindi cinema will work very well in North America. So you lump everyone under “NRI,”

      Most of Akshay’s melodrama’s in 2000 have worked well in UK.


  9. An excellent interview & always a pleasure to read and hear Karan and not watching his movies these days. Bigger applause for BR for the type of questions posed and pressing the right buttons esp on ‘first world problem’.

    He really gives a nice answer on the happy ending question –

    “I don’t think, eventually, anything is happy happy. What is happiness? There’s a line in my film which I cut out. He asks her if she is happy. She says, “Khushi ka kya hai? Gham ke aas paas hi to bhatakti hai.” [What’s happiness? It’s just something that hovers around sadness.”] You feel a bout of happiness with good news. Five minutes later, there could be a traffic jam, or a phone call from an irritating relative, or a weird thought, or it could be a tweet that annoys you, and your emotion will flip immediately. I believe happiness is the most overrated feeling in the world. It’s like that Dostisong Rahi manwa dukh ki chinta kyon satati hai, dukh to apna saathi hai. It’s not actually a sad song. It’s the most positive take on sadness.”

    Other few observations i can make –

    ” There was a line that I edited out, from when they were discussing their Paris plans. She says, “Plane ka kharcha tumhara. Hotel ka mera. Aur khaana fifty-fifty.” [Essentially, she says she will pay for the hotel.] There were jokes making the rounds, that only in a Hindi film will you find a man who owns a private jet doing all this”

    Bilkul Jhooth !! He must seen the social media hammer him and he is just trying to explain a screw up he made which he thought no one will bother to notice but got caught !

    “But I am Gemini. I can adapt to any situation. I can sit with a festival audience and sound very cerebral, and I can be completely ditsy with a 21-year-old. It’s who I am”

    Very true and this is why I like him. Another very true take on movie controversies –

    “I don’t think so. I believe that the audience that gives love to films is above anything that is political. Anything creative has never been political for me. Whether it’s Salman, Aamir or Shah Rukh, I think their films will all fly if they are good films. I don’t think anything can stop it. I don’t think anything stopped my film either.

    Rangan nabs him nicely for all the facade –

    “If you were to be a blue-collar worker, what kind of job would you do?

    That is not blue-collar.

    What is blue-collar?

    Are you serious? You’re really living up to your stereotype now.

    No, no. It’s something I’ve read but never knew what it meant. I guess that was my Paris Hilton moment today.

    Last but not the least this clearly shows he plays one against the other and its in his head that is why ADHM happened. This goes to his core thought process –

    “I was crazily, madly in love with her to the point where I used to be jealous if Jaya Prada did a big film, because Sridevi was my territory, my property, and Jaya Prada was competing with her. So I was also competing with Jayaprada for some strange reason. So when I saw Tohfa, it was like a coup, because it was both of them and it was a chance to see my Sridevi outperform Jayaprada. All these were stories in my head”

    Overall excellent read and thanks BR !


    • I was watching some clip from ADHM; Ranbir and Anuskha are friends; and they are in same blanket sitting and chatting in hotel/room…Even close male friends don’t do that when the whole room is there to sit anywhere. But then it is Karan Johar world.


      • Stop being critical Munna. In the DANGAL thread, the movie is being now called a mass commercial film when compared to Fellini’s CDI…


      • “I was watching some clip from ADHM; Ranbir and Anuskha are friends; and they are in same blanket sitting and chatting in hotel/room…Even close male friends don’t do that when the whole room is there to sit anywhere. But then it is Karan Johar world.”

        Lol. Kya logic hai yaar. They are sitting near the ‘fireplace’ on a cold night and drinking wine. Fire is at just 1 place in a hotel room and not all over the room, lol.

        Munna, you became old and can’t understand younger generation anymore 🙂

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    Some excerpts

    When he arrived in India in 1998, Leonard Cohen was already a Zen monk. He had spent five years in deep meditation and silence with Zen guru Roshi in Mount Baldy, near Los Angeles. It had been a decade since he had recorded new music or performed. The guru of 1960s folk and poetry had entirely stepped out of public life. Instead, his life-long quest for knowledge and inner peace had completely consumed his time and attention. He was led to Bombay by his curiosity to meet Balsekar, the author of a book titled Consciousness Speaks he read in his monastery.

    Cohen spent much of 1999 and 2000 in Bombay, and then made brief visits until 2003. It was always for one purpose – to attend Balsekar’s daily morning satsangs and spend time with the teacher. Many of these conversations during the satsang have been preservein audio and video recordings by Balsekar’s devotees. Between the Buddhist teachings of Roshi and the Vedanta teachings of Balsekar, Cohen finally found the inner peace that he had been seeking all his adult life. Sylvie Simmons’s excellent biography, I’m Your Man explains this very well. He got back to writing poetry and sketching in his art book.

    Some Sunday mornings, Cohen took us along to Balsekar’s satsangs. These were Vedanta question-and-answer style discussions at which Balsekar’s philosophy appeared to have answers to every big question in life. The teacher’s clarity of thought and his delivery in English had attracted many Western seekers. During most sessions, Cohen sat quiet but attentive. As the friendship between Cohen and Balsekar developed, they would spend time alone in the evenings too, away from the satsang devotees.

    A typical day in Cohen’s Bombay life involved walking from his hotel room at Kemp’s Corner to Balsekar’s apartment 1.5 kilometres away. On his way back, he would stop for chai at a roadside stall and then drop in for a swim at the exclusive Breach Candy club. The rest of the day was spent in his room, reading, in meditation, sketching and writing. He accessed his email on his laptop and communicated with his daughter, Lorca, his son, Adam and his manager in Los Angeles, Kelly.

    Indian philosophy was not new to Leonard when he first visited India in 1998. His understanding of both Buddhist and Vedanta thought gave him great insights into the everyday life of India. He was in his mid-sixties and not keen on travel but he was keen to know the average Mumbaikar. The chaiwallah, the hotel cleaning staff and the taxi drivers were the Indians who interested him the most. He politely refused invitations from the elite of Mumbai, who he would sometimes run into at the club or the satsang.


  11. Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar says he would love to make a sequel of his hit film “Dil Chahta Hai” with girls.


  12. Rock On 2 managed to grow around 20-25% on day two but its just not enough as the film had to really double to stand a chance at the box office. The growth came mainly in Mumbai and Bangalore and those were the best cities for the first Rock On in 2008. The currency issues continue to affect the film on Saturday and growth is lower than it would be as the audience out there is less than normal. The film has probably lost around 2.50 crore nett in two days so in normal circumstances the film would have collected around 5 crore nett which is still very poor. The first two day business of Rock On 2 is as follows.

    Friday – 2,00,00,000

    Saturday – 2.25-2.50 cr apprx

    TOTAL – 3,35,00,000

    The Saturday business has sealed the fate of the film and its a huge flop. Business is going to take time to come back to normal but as in time the demonetizing affect will get less but iy could be weeks when things are back to normal. Rock On 2 looks to have no chance to cross the busines of the first film which was around 25 crore nett.


  13. An unimaginably poor shot from Rahane; shocking. 24 overs left and already 4 down – all chances of a cliff-hanger


  14. tonymontana Says:

    btw just finished watching Sairat. what a film! to say that it leaves a lastinv impression would be an understatement.

    havent been so deepky affected by an Indian film in a long time. While the casting of the lead pair is as perfect as it could be (specially the lead actress), the look and feel of small town India and the innocence of first love is bang on. too bad Hindi commercial cinema is never this honest and sincere.

    i would recommend everyone see it for the love of movies.

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    • “too bad Hindi commercial cinema is never this honest and sincere.”

      Well, now Karan Johar will make ‘Sairat in New York! 🙂

      Karan Johar picks up Hindi remaking rights of Sairat!

      Sairat was the underdog Marathi film which managed to rake in INR 90 crore at the box-office. Starring Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar, this Marathi movie won hearts.

      Many wanted to remake the movie in other regionals languages, especially Hindi. Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions has picked up the Hindi remaking rights, according to a popular trade magazine. They will co-produce the film with Zee, who are the original producers.

      It will have a new cast and one of Dharma’s directors will helm the movie. A writer’s team has begun working on the second draft and the shooting for the movie will begin sometime next year.

      Sairat has also been picked to be remade in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.


      • I don’t like using cuss-words but ASS-hole Johar, can you PLEASE LEAVE SAIRAT alone? Don’t pollute it with your ADHARMA productions’ world-view: You royally screwed AGNEEPATH by making it a PAANIPATH thanks to Hrithik’s constant running of tears..

        Stop tele-porting characters to your 1st-world and leave our 3rd world alone…


  15. LMAO..ROFLOL!!
    coming from an arts major who worked as an entertainment reporter -Duggal sahibini jee reports-

    This government has never shown any such altruistic tendency nor do I believe they have the intellect or creativity to pull things off.

    The more these pseudos’ write , the more they expose themselves !
    Hatred towards one man has frustrated them so much !


    • Merey Pyarey Bharat wasioyon,
      be very careful tomorrow, there are mulptple reports that New, Old, Cold , Raddi, Sundy,candy , mandi Gangs of Kejru are planning to disrupt the lines in a major fashion and instigate trouble.
      Please don’t pay any attention to these rumor mongers !!


    • BTW- just curious – why have all of a sudden protests in J&k and JNU stopped ?
      Oh I get it the Raddi notes from Pakistan are now useless , becharey protestors karey toh kya karey !!!! LOL


  16. Excellent, the most entertaining and the best Koffee episode today with Twinkle and Akshay Kumar.
    Twinkle is easily the best star wife in India by a distance in looks, wit and intelligence.
    Akshay the most charming ever. He actually gave a warning to Khans on how can he overtake them soon than when they think.
    5/5 rating
    Blockbuster episode.
    Will be difficult to match this season. Yes the best ever. The who missed watch it repeat tomorrow.


    • I have been using hotstar lately with casting to TV. Its easy to watch now. Shall catch it.


      • how are you casting it? chromecast?


        • Yes I just got chromecast 2. Not a expert on the Subject but love it. I didn’t have a smart TV so made it smart with chromecast 2.

          It’s Damn easy. I can also listen to good latest music on my TV.. I can see personal photos and videos. Its fun!


  17. One new trend – every libtard has a Maid, driver, doodhwala who has a sad story !!
    when PayTm came up with a brilliant ad to expose/ ridicule them, they all ganged up and forced Paytm to take the ad off the air,
    Aside- TOI ( ex employer of someone ) lied about the death of a person at the ATM line, when exposed issued an apology on the seventh page !!
    Kitna Neechey girogey yaar !!!


  18. Yes, only the filmstars and industrialists and politians should have maids and drivers.
    One day we will be told not to call electricians and plumbers and do that work ourselves. Even people who have wheelchair bound patients to care for.

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  19. The day is not far off when beggars, the kids who sell flowers at temples and my maid will also be asked to file returns. And there are other small time workers too like farmhands. And the women who sell bartans. The ice cream hawker. the bangle seller. The porters. So much to tap so that the big ones can get easy loans and then default.

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  20. Rock On 2 has had a very dull weekend of 7 crore nett and not only are the collections a disaster but the trend is no better. The weekend figures are pretty much flat. The collections are low but expecting a sequel to a film which was poor in terms of content and hardly found any appreciation to work was asking for a lot. The problem was further compounded with double the costs of that poor content film and then appreciation even less than the first film. Rock On!! (2008) had a few takers in Mumbai city, Delhi city and Bangalore but Rock On 2 could not even do that although these are the best areas even for this film. The weekend business of Rock On 2 is as follows.

    Friday – 2,00,00,000

    Saturday – 2,40,00,000

    Sunday – 2,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 6,90,00,000

    The currency demonetizing issue has probably hit the film for around 4 crore nett but that would have hardly made a difference to the fate of the film. The film joins Fitoor and Mirzya as the third high profile box office disaster of the year.


    • Looking at such low initials & outright rejection of Rock On 2 with few recent releases in the past few months, there seems to be a new trend developing in bollywood. Like the unforgiving political environment, movie audience is also not in a mood to even give a passing glance to the product on offer. This had happened to Abhi and Vivek Oberoi few years back and irrespective of the genre, they were outright rejected from day one itself…… similar dangerous trend is now noticeable on following in my opinion –

      Emran Hashmi – suddenly the smooches are out of fashion. In some ways poetic justice after he dissed hindi movies on kwk.

      Saif Ali Khan – Chote Nawab needs to chill out. Bullet raja, Phantom, Agent Vinod , Happy Ending, Humshakals nothing seem to be working

      Farhan Akhtar – Out of favor as actor , singer , producer , director with big blows to Bar Bar Dekho , Rock on 2 and to some extent Raees

      Ritesh Deshmukh – couple of disaster lately and audience is suddenly very harsh and bye bye solo. Great Grand Masti, Banjo
      to name a few.

      Katrina Kaif – Fitoor , BBD ?

      Ekta kapoor films…… out of business

      Lots of production houses and films getting shelved left , right center….so let us see if all these new rung actors like Ranbir , Ranveer , Varun , Arjun , Sidhartha can command their crores…

      On a higher platform, there is undercurrent of rejection to anything Hrithik or SRK are doing unless they surprise the audience……. They will be tested pretty soon to these winds of change… at the moment let us see if they are able to cross the 100 cr barrier on their upcoming movies…..


  21. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil dropped in the third week as it collected around 3 crore nett taking its total to 103 crore nett. The collections started falling on Wednesday as this cash crunch and went on through the weekend though it managed healthy growth on Saturday. The film has probably lost 3-4 crore nett over the last 5-6 days and the chance to cross 110 crore nett is probably lost. The finish is looking 106-107 crore nett. Below are the collections of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil till date.

    Week One – 78,10,00,000

    Week Two – 21,98,00,000

    Third Weekend – 3,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 1,03,08,00,000

    Shivaay was heavily affected by the cash crunch as business smaller centres came down very badly from Wednesday onwards. In fact this film film has been hurt most by the cash crunch probably by 15-20% more than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The film looked to be getting near 90 crore nett but that is impossible now and a likely finish of 84-85 crore nett.

    Week One – 63,47,00,000

    Week Two – 17,56,00,000

    Third Weekend – 1,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 82,53,00,000


  22. Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has performed exceptionally well at the global box office.

    In 2 weeks, this romantic musical has grossed 146.30 crores (nett. 104.50 crores) at the domestic market and 73.42 crores at the overseas box office. It currently stands with a worldwide collections of 219.72 crores. The film’s 3rd weekend business is yet not out, which itself means the worldwide total is much more higher than mentioned above.

    Nevertheless even with this total, the film has surpassed the global collections of M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story (216 crores) and Rustom (218.80 crores). ADHM is now aiming to beat the worldwide total of Airlift, which is 231.60 crores.


  23. Nikkhil Advani directed POW Bandhi Yudh Ke, premiered on Indian television Monday, November 7, night.

    It is an authorised adaptation of the Israeli drama Hatufim created by Gideon Raff.

    The Israeli series was also adapted for American television as Homeland, which took the idea of Hatufim and over the various seasons has evolved into its own story.

    POW deals with the escape and discovery of two Indian prisoners of war taken by Pakistan during the Kargil war. The effect those 17 years have taken on them, on their families, their wives and children.

    For some, time has stood still, some have tried to move on, but still standing at their doorstep, waiting in hope for those familiar footsteps to walk home.

    The emotional angle will be familiar to all Hindi film buffs about a couple in love, the man going to war, thought to be dead, the girl moves on and the man turns up from the dead again just when the girl has fallen in love/married/engaged to someone else.

    This is where it all changes with POW.


  24. ‘Doctor Strange’ Repeats, Contributing to Disney’s Record 2016, as ‘Arrival’ Debuts with $24M

    by Brad Brevet

    November 13, 2016

    Disney continued its record-breaking year this weekend as 2016 became the studio’s best year at the domestic box office ever. Contributing to that success, of course, is the studio’s latest Marvel Studios release, Doctor Strange, which led the weekend box office for the second week in a row, contributing to a weekend in which the top twelve was up 56% compared to the same weekend last year. The weekend’s success was a combination of strong holdovers such as Strange and fellow sophomore features Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge, along with newcomers including Arrival and Almost Christmas, all of which helped the top twelve combine for over $150 million.

    Dropping only 49% in its second weekend, Disney and Marvel’s Doctor Strange delivered an impressive $43 million in its second weekend as the film’s domestic gross climbs to over $153 million in just ten days of release. Among Marvel’s single-character intro features this is the second fastest title to top $150 million domestically, behind only 2008’s Iron Man. Additionally, Strange’s 49% second weekend drop is the best second weekend hold among the last ten Marvel Cinematic Universe titles.

    Strange also added an estimated $60.2 million internationally bringing its overseas total to $339.6 million, passing the lifetime international cumes of The Incredible Hulk ($129m), Captain America: The First Avenger ($194m), Iron Man ($266m), Thor ($268m), Iron Man 2 ($310m) and Ant-Man ($339m). Overall, Strange’s worldwide gross is now just shy of $500 million.

    Adding to the success, Disney has now secured its best year on record at the domestic box office with $2.3 billion, surpassing its previous record high of $2.278 billion set in 2015. This is in addition to what is Disney’s biggest year ever internationally and globally with titles such as Moana and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story still awaiting release.

    In second position, Fox’s release of Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls dipped just 24.8% in its second weekend for an estimated $35 million. The film’s cume now climbs to $94 million, already surpassing Storks and inching closer to The Angry Birds Movie ($107.5m) after just ten days in release.

    Arrival is the first of the weekend’s new releases on the board, delivering a third place finish, coming in just shy of Mojo’s aggressive forecast with an impressive $24 million. The film received a “B” CinemaScore from opening day audiences and the weekend demographic breakdown was 52% male vs 48% female with 85% of the audience coming in over the age of 25. Looking ahead, Arrival could be looking at a domestic run around $80-85 million or perhaps a little higher if all goes well. For Paramount, the film was acquired at the Cannes Film Festival for $20 million while it carries a $47 million production budget.


  25. Of Bhakts, Jhollawallahs and Demonetisation


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    Rock On 2 fell around 40% on Monday from its Friday figure to collect 1-1.25 crore nett. The film has faced outright rejection. The first Rock On was bad enough and despite that a sequel came but hopefully this will be it for this brand (?) although you never know with this industry. The Monday figures in terms of drop may not be huge but they are very bad as all other films playing be it Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Chaar Sahibzaade, Dr. Strange or Shivaay are either same as Friday or even higher. The cash crunch is easing slightly but while that can be seen in the collections of other films but not for Rock On 2. There was a holiday in the North for Nanak Jayanti but even there Rock On 2 dropped while all other films gained. The four day business of Rock On 2 is as follows.

    Friday – 2,00,00,000

    Saturday – 2,40,00,000

    Sunday – 2,50,00,000

    Monday – 1,15,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 8,05,00,000 apprx

    The first week is heading for around 10.50 crore nett business and that will be about it for the film as it will be out of most cinemas. The Overseas painted a similar picture with awful weekend of $350,000, this was half of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which was in the third weekend.


    • ” The first Rock On was bad enough” such a disgusting view of films and box office in general. If it’s not mass appealing or moderately successful everywhere, it’s a failure. Rock On was some kind of success at the bare minimum. Not that I care but just another point on how shi*e BOI is. A myopic view.


  27. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has become the second biggest worldwide grosser of the year with business of 223 crore gross till now. The film will be looking at a finish close to 230 crore. This will also make it the 19th highest worldwide grosser of all time and join 27 other films which have crossed 200 crore worldwide. Shivaay is at number 9 and will finish with around 130 crore worldwide. Its been a bad year which is reflected in the worldwide figures. Last year the top ten films picked up 2691 crore while this year it is just 2196 crore. There is Dangal to come and that will have to do over 600 crore worldwide to cover the shortfall. It should be around four films crossing 300 crore but this year so far its four films crossing just 200 crore. The top ten worldwide grossers of 2016 are as follows.

    1. Sultan – 5,83,48,75,000

    2. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – 2,23,00,000 apprx (18 days)

    3. Rustom – 2,14,00,70,000

    4. Airlift – 2,09,97,25,000

    5. Housefull 3 – 1,94,73,32,000

    6. M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story (Hindi) – 1,89,10,00,000 (42 Days)

    7. Fan – 186,46,25,000

    8. Kapoor & Sons – 1,43,28,55,000

    9. Shivaay – 1,27,10,00,000

    10. Baaghi – 1,26,96,62,500


    Airlift and M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story have entertainment tax exemptions which gives them a noticeable lower NETT to GROSS ratio. The others are similar give or take 1-2% depending on where the business has come from.


  28. mid-day also got a closer look of the new Rs 500 currency note and found that it is more compact, when compared to the earlier note. “The new R500 currency note is very good and the best part about it is that it is smaller in size. Because of its size, it can easily fit in the wallet. The other interesting thing is that it has an in-built security feature. Authorities will be able to scan the note if someone is hiding it below the ground,” added Kumar.

    Atlast our favourite 500 rupee note is back in some other form. Nowadays 5oo rupee note is equal to 100 rupee note in terms of purchase value.


  29. Bollywood’s cutie Alia Bhatt celebrated her children’s day in a different way. The actress visited an NGO who works for kids who work as rag-pickers in the slums of Dharavi. She shared her school memories with them!

    She shared one incident when she was punished by her teacher for sleeping in class. “I was given a punishment to clean the desk for one week. This is because I did something which one should not do. I used to go to school and sleep in the bathroom. So one day the teacher caught me sleeping… Then I had to wipe the desk for a week. Very bad thing to do. So please don’t sleep in class, sleep at home,” Alia said.


  30. After a long time, the censor board has been lenient on a film. ‘Dear Zindagi’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt has received a clean chit from the censor board.

    Reportedly, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has commended SRK for giving out a complete family- oriented cinema and has granted an all clear ‘UA’ Certificate to his upcoming film ‘Dear Zindagi’.

    A source close to the film has been quoted by a popular daily: “There is not a single cut, verbal or visual. The Board actually said it would be a crime to cut even one shot from the film. They also singled out Shah Rukh Khan as the A- List actor with the least censorial intervention required in his film.”


  31. At a conference last Thursday, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi sat down with the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin and spoke about topics ranging from soda taxes to what she learned from Steve Jobs before he died. But Nooyi also weighed in on the election, prompting a furious social media response from some Trump supporters that included calls to boycott the global company’s army of food and beverage brands — another example of the volatile response some corporate brands are experiencing in the wake of this year’s divisive election.

    Nooyi was first asked by Sorkin how she felt after the election results came out. “Do you have a box of tissues here?” she said, laughing slightly before turning serious and congratulating Trump on his win. “The election is over. I think we should mourn, for those of us who supported the other side. But we have to come together and life has to go on.”

    Nooyi told Sorkin that she had to answer questions from her daughters and employees following Election Night. “They were all in mourning,” she said. “Our employees are all crying. And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white: ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking: ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking: ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I’d have had to answer those questions.”

    Yet she also spoke of unifying the country and acknowledging the democratic process. “I think that the first thing that we all have to do is to assure everybody in the United States that they are safe. Nothing has changed because of this election. What we heard was election talk. And we will all come together and unify the country. So the process of democracy happened. We just have to let life go on.”

    Then, in a response to a question about consumers that referenced the coarseness of the election and domestic violence issues in the NFL, Nooyi said “forget the Pepsi brand – how dare we talk about women that way? … Why do we talk that way about a whole group of citizens?” She said there was no place for such language — “not in locker rooms, not in football players’ homes, not in any place” — and “if we don’t nip it in the bud, this is going to be a lethal force that’s going to take over society.” In some reports, Nooyi was misquoted as saying “how dare you talk about women that way.”

    Trump supporters on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pounced on parts of her remarks, calling for a boycott of PepsiCo’s products. Some comments referred to the ethnicity of Nooyi, who was born in India. Kellan Terry, a data analyst for the analytics firm Brandwatch, said in an email that mentions of the #BoycottPepsi hashtag had grown to more than 19,000 as of early afternoon Tuesday, after beginning on Saturday. Due to other Trump-related hashtags, Terry said, “there is no question that supporters of Donald Trump are now controlling” those conversations.

    A PepsiCo spokesman said in an emailed statement that “Mrs. Nooyi misspoke. She was referring to the reaction of a group of employees she spoke to who were apprehensive about the outcome of the election. She never intended to imply that all employees feel the same way. We are incredibly proud of the diverse views and backgrounds across our workforce, and we are united in our desire for a brighter future.”

    Nooyi is not the first CEO or corporate official who has shared details about the fear or anxieties being felt by some of their employees in the aftermath of the election. At a Wall Street Journal event Monday, Alexandra Lebenthal, the co-CEO of New York-based investment firm Lebenthal & Co., told Trump surrogate and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani during a question-and-answer session that “so many” of her employees have “expressed to me over the last week how scared they are.” Karyn Twaronite, global diversity and inclusiveness officer at consulting and accounting firm EY, told Bloomberg that she had received hundreds of emails from employees “raising concerns, thoughts and observations” and “areas of angst,” but also noted she was “hopeful, because there’s so much dialogue.”

    The response to Nooyi’s comments is also not the only one to show how volatile responses have been in the aftermath of such a divisive election. The CEO of online food delivery service Grubhub, Matt Maloney, also saw calls for boycotts on social media after the chief executive sent an email Wednesday saying, in part, that “while demeaning, insulting and ridiculing minorities, immigrants and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr. Trump, I want to be clear that this behavior – and these views, have no place at Grubhub.” After advocating for diversity and inclusion, he wrote that “if you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.”

    Maloney had to clarify the memo Thursday with a statement where he said the email was misconstrued and intended to “advocate for inclusion and tolerance”: “I want to clarify that I did not ask for anyone to resign if they voted for Trump. I would never make such a demand.”

    Meanwhile, a New Balance official, referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, told the Wall Street Journal “with President-Elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” Although it was intended only as a statement on the company’s position on the trade deal, and “nothing beyond that issue,” a company spokeswoman said in an email, it became kindling for protests from Trump opponents, some of whom posted videos to social media of their sneakers being set on fire in response. A neo-Nazi blogger even called the shoes the “official shoes of white people.”

    The company, which still makes its athletic shoes in the United States, said in an emailed statement that it “has a unique perspective on trade in that we want to make more shoes in the United States, not less. New Balance publicly supported the trade positions of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump prior to election day that focused on American manufacturing job creation and we continue to support them today.” It also issued a statement saying the 110-year-old sneaker company “does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form.”


  32. Rock On 2 continued to drop on Tuesday and has taken its five day total to 9 crore nett wirh the first week heading for around 10.25-10.50 crore nett. The lifetime business af another huge disaster this year Mirzya was a little under 8 crore nett but it joins Mirzya and Fitoor as the biggest disasters of the year. Rock On!! (2008) had a poor first week of 9.50 crore nett and Rock On 2 is still to get there despite being released 8 years later and on three times the screens. The five day business of Rock On 2 is as follows.

    Friday – 2,00,00,000

    Saturday – 2,40,00,000

    Sunday – 2,50,00,000

    Monday – 1,15,00,000

    Tueday – 90,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 8,95,00,000 apprx

    The Overseas painted a similar picture with awful weekend of $350,000, this was half of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which was in the third weekend.


  33. Farhan-Adhuna attend counselling session
    Saif’s trait which Kareena doesn’t want in baby
    Pics: Ranbir, Alia at Twinkle’s book launch
    Kareena chooses Deepika over Katrina
    Salman-Katrina to appear on Koffee with Karan
    Ranveer mocks Katrina on ‘Koffee With Karan’


  34. Veteran actor Om Puri says there is no black money in the film industry and no panic over the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

    “I get all my payment through cheques. No cash exchanges happen in the film industry. Gone are the days when producers would walk around with briefcases filled with currency notes to sign big stars. This happened when the underworld and nefarious organisations funded our films.

    “Nowadays, it’s all accounted for. Even my driver gets his money from producers through a cheque,” Om said.


  35. The high point of the evening was when KJo called his protege Alia on stage. Unable to resist taking a dig at her, the filmmaker introduced Alia saying, “Very happily and excitedly we have somebody who has had a journey of her own… From not knowing who the President of the country is to emerging as the strongest voice as a female actor of her generation…”

    It didn’t take Twinkle too long to swoop into action and turn the tables on Karan in a way only she can – by testing his GK. With a straight face, Twinkle asked the director, “Just tell me, what is the full form of MNS?”

    You may recall that the filmmaker recently had a run-in with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena over his film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. The author’s sarcasm was not lost on KJo who was left speechless. He quickly regained his composure and simply replied, “I know what PMS is, and that is what I am going through right now.”

    On being taunted that he didn’t know the answer, Karan went on to say, “I know. I don’t want to say anything politically correct, or politically incorrect. I just want to silent and that is my stance these days. And if it possible, I am maintaining a low profile.”



    First village to run out of cash completely – Chikalthana….The worse is yet to come


  37. The article will never post here-

    Agents of Pakistani artistes like Fawad Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shafaqat Amanat Ali, Mawra Hocane and Imran Abbas Naqvi are involved in black money transactions in India, a sting by Hindi news channel News18 India has alleged.

    The news channel’s sting report comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to curb black money in India.
    While a few demanded part of the fee in cash, others wanted it transferred to their bank accounts in Australia or Dubai, the statement alleged.

    The formal contract, however, reflected a paltry sum as compared to the amount agreed upon, the News18 India statement read.

    As per the sting, Fawad’s manager demanded Rs 50 lakh for a two-hour appearance. He demanded that the payment should be made in black and white. The black money component was to be 25 per cent of the deal amount and the rest was to be transferred to the actor’s UAE-based bank account, the statement alleged.


  38. As if our Indian filmstars are as pure as snow. All the black money so far unearthed in hiundreds of crores is from Indians.
    And there is high profile Reddy wedding in Karnataka reportedly spending 500 crores. SBI writing off Vijay Mallya’s loan so that he can apply for fresh loans in future. All these I did not report. I dont watch Hindi or regional news channels or even Zee. I get all my news from websites.


    • arrey please don’t mind mat kariye ! It was a filum related news.
      just a light hearted banter….


      • Rockybhai, light hearted banter is fine if you do it equally. Anybody can easily makeup what your agenda is.

        25% of 50 lakh is 12.5 lakh. I know a lot of rickshaw drivers in small town of Gujarat having lot more cash than that…

        Let’s stay focused on how the big gamers are managing the black money and I’m sure for most of them they already had the headsup and took care of the business before it went public.

        Right now, the common men are hurting big time. Unless you think all common men are part of black marketers (unless you’re modi supporter, then you’re okay)?


        • Zee Bhai sahib … sure let’s stay focused , but never forget the external enemies of the state. ( see how have stone pelting stopped and how 90% of kids took the exams in Kashmir)

          Modi sey nafrat kartey kartey Apney Desh sey Sonam Bewafai na karo mery bhai !! Yeh InteZa hai aapsey !!

          as for- I’m sure for most of them they already had the headsup and took care of the business before it went public

          ROFLOL!!! Agenda Kya Hai Bhai ??????

          Aside- unless you’re modi supporter
          Yes I am , and a very proud one !!!
          But am not a blind supporter like the Aaptards !! Yo will see how the bhakts went against the BJP when they lifted the ban on NDTV .
          My last on this Taaapic !!
          Because very soon the Taards will be spamming this thread with misinformation and lies !!!! Just waaatch !!


          • BTW- I can counter the lies with the correct news , but what is the point and frankly is a waste of time.
            waisey bhee 1-2 din mein sach apney aap saamney aa jaata hai !!
            Aside- the reason I posted that link was that it related to Films.


          • “Earlier, there were rates: Rs 500 for stone pelting (on security forces in Kashmir) and Rs 1,000 for doing something else. PM has brought terror funding to zero.”
            The J&K police has reported to New Delhi that separatists are flummoxed by the move as a result of which the four-month long agitation may be on the backburner. The separatist leaders rely on hawala channels through Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai for funding the agitation. It is these sources that have dried up,” a home ministry official said on condition of anonymity.


          • It is not only separatists. Maoists who have become extortionists are also on the run. All their ill gotten money is now worthless. They used a good ideology to make themselves rich and powerful and as corrupt as others. Turning against the poor and the helpless in the name of waging war against the state.


  39. Interesting: Ghajini just made few crores for Network 18.


    • “Ghajini just made few crores for Network 18”

      That is actually true and even BOI mentioned it that time but still classified as All Time Blockbuster coz of the impact and first movie crossing 100 crores. N18 purchased the movie for 80+crores at that time. They even had an article that 25 crores Rab Ne making 87 crores Nett is actually far bigger hit and profitable to production house than 80 crore purchased movie making 115 crore Nett. Lot of other sites mention as ATB except BOI.

      Below are the exact words of BOI:
      “A Ghajini was purchased at a Blockbuster price and managed All Time Blockbuster business and if this film was to be judged on distributor return then it would be an Above Average fare but the level of its theatrical performance is far more important then the huge premium paid by the distributors.”


  40. An Insider’s View: Why is Bollywood Going Bust?

    A Krishna September 4, 2016, 3:18 pm
    The film industry is buzzing with the news of the Walt Disney Company, one of the biggest studios in the world, shutting down their motion pictures division in India, and Siddarth Roy Kapur, the current Managing Director, parting ways with the company –however, I am not surprised a single bit.

    Reason? I expected this long back. Not that I claim to be a visionary but I figured that the illogical ways in which studio heads function make no sense at all. I could see this coming in Bollywood. I have been in touch with all my friends in the Hindi film industry and am in the know about how the tide has turned for the worst. Let me explain how, step by step.

    Corporate Studios Are Failing and How
    First, sample these scenarios:
    2004: Studio18 was negotiating the acquisition price for the Anees Bazmi film No Entry. They thought Rs 45 crore was expensive and refused it. But UTV bought it. Just a few days later, the same team of Studio18 went and paid a premium of extra Rs 9 crore and picked the same film for Rs 54 crore.

    2008: PVR Pictures green-lit Ashutosh Gowariker’s Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey without reading the script, and at an unheard price of Rs 46 crore for a film starring Abhishek Bachchan. They were just told what the story was. Later, when the Bijlis realised it’s too expensive, they went to Gowariker during the shoot and tried to negotiate the price to Rs 28 crore, the cost was finally settled at Rs 35 crore. The film gave a return of only Rs 5 crore and was one of the biggest flops of the year.

    According to a source, the first time anyone at PVR saw their own film was just 2 days before its release at a cast and crew screening.
    2009: After Sanjay Leela Bhansali delivered a big flop with Saawariya, Sony Pictures India was still considering him for his next film. But then UTV came into the picture and offered him a director’s fee of Rs 35 crore, an amount that was unheard of in Bollywood. It made no sense at all as he had just delivered a huge flop with a big Hollywood studio. Sony shut shop in India after that.
    2013: Phantom Films was shopping around Bombay Velvet at a price of Rs 55 crore. Fox Star Studios picked the film at Rs 95 crore and delivered one of the biggest flops in recent years. How did Rs 55 crore reach Rs 95 crore? Take a guess.

    And now sample this contrast:
    2015: Reliance Big Pictures released Vibhu Puri’s Hawaizaada, which turned out to be a colossal flop. Made on a budget of Rs 35 crore, it could not even make Rs 10 crore at the box office. The film starred Ayushmann Khurana in the lead along with a new actress. This was the last nail in the coffin of Reliance Entertainment. Sanjeev Lamba, the CEO, was asked to step down along with the senior management team, and further movie production under the banner was stopped.

    Just a few months later, Yash Raj Films, released another film starring Ayushmann Khurrana – Dum Laga Ke Haisha. Made on a budget of less than Rs 10 crore, it went on to make Rs 30 crore at the box office, got huge critical acclaim, and bagged a bunch of National Awards. Everyone in the industry had warned Yash Raj Films that they shouldn’t release another Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer just after Hawaizaada. But Aditya Chopra proved everyone wrong.

    The point I am trying to make is the clear cut difference between how corporate studios failed and how traditionally family owned studios flourished at the same time.

    Films Are Not FMCG
    If Siddarth Roy Kapur is blamed for terrible decisions (like Mohenjo Daro made at Rs 125 crore / loss of Rs 75 crore, Fitoor at Rs 75 crore / loss of Rs 50 crore, Katti Batti at Rs 45 crore / loss of Rs 30 crore, Phantom at Rs 75 crore / loss of Rs 40 crore), there were similar executives who were responsible for shutting down many national and international corporate film studios.

    Start counting – Sony Pictures (after Saawariya) and later PVR Pictures (after Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey) went down while it was headed by Uday Singh. Warner Brothers (after Chandni Chowk To China) shut shop in India under Blaise Fernandes. Percept Pictures and Sahara Motion Pictures closed shutters while headed by Sandeep Bhargava. He, along with Priti Shahni, were overseeing operations at Studio18 when it hit heavy financial losses. Sanjeev Lamba was heading Reliance Big Pictures when the Hawaizaada debacle took place. Apurva Nagpal and Madhu Mantena were at the top when SaReGaMa’s movie division collapsed, post the disastrous Jhootha Hi Sahi.

    The other corporates who shut shop in Bollywood are – Birla Group’s Applause Entertainment, the Singhania Group, the Tata Group and the Mahindras. The Times and Zee Group have shut down once but are trying their luck again. And all these big banners have entered and exited the industry in the last 15 years.
    Compare this to individual or traditionally family owned studios – Aditya Chopra’s YashRaj Films, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Sajid Nadiadwala and Firoze Nadiadwala’s banners and Bhatts’ Vishesh Films. They have all survived and have been making money. While Aditya Chopra delivered the biggest hit Sultan this year, Sajid took the cake by delivering three big hits in 2014 – Kick, Heropanti and 2 States, and the Bhatts have created successful franchises with Murder, Raaz and Jannat.
    One wonders why? Where big banners like Disney / Warner / Sony / Reliance / SaReGaMa failed, how are individual producers successful?

    There are a few crucial points to that:
    1. Studio Heads Don’t Know Cinema
    Most studio heads in Bollywood are completely cinema illiterate. They all come from management or marketing backgrounds with no clue about the creative aspect of story telling and movie making. If MBAs could make successful movies, we would have IIM graduates running the show. All studio owners and promoters repeated the same mistake – they hired a glib talker instead of people who knew cinema. They all worked on numbers but forgot that the numbers could come only when the “story” was interesting.

    More Read at:


  41. What’s Wrong with Bollywood? The Explosive Truth Behind It

    ADMIN / 1 day ago
    It has been 2 months since my friend wrote an article that was published in The Quint. As we expected it went viral. In Bollywood terms it was a 100-crore hit. Most readers saw merit in what he wrote and agreed that it’s a bitter truth that nobody is talking about. There were many who disagreed and they wrote many counter articles. We read each and every one of the articles and decided that we would love to fund the nursery education of some of the authors. I will come back to that later. The point of this article is to see whether we were right or wrong. How has Bollywood fared in the last 2 months since my friend wrote the article?

    bollywoodBut before that let me tell you what kind of a shitstorm we went through. Since the article was published in The Quint, VTU and rupaKRS started making calls to Quint. They wanted to kill it. They wanted to know who wrote it. The tone was The Quint was supposed to carry the article under an anonymous byline. As it came under pressure it gave away my friend’s identity. Then began threat calls, blackmail, pressure to his family members, legal notice, hacking into his account, deleting the manuscript of his yet to be published book. We are taking legal help in the matter. It led to him becoming depressed, even suicidal at many times. He completely dropped the idea of the book he was writing. I told him if he is really going to die he should put out everyone’s name in his suicide note for driving him to it. The reason was simple, he told the truth but nobody likes it.

    After much discussion I thought let me deliver some more bitter truth. Fuck the book, mate. Let’s give out dope every few weeks. I have been assisting him in his research of the book. I thought let me drop the bomb now but by doing few names in esreveR. This time I have already got it covered under legal and cyber protection.

    Before The Quint published the article my friend had reached out to many other websites. The reaction from most of them was the same – it has great insight into Bollywood’s corporate studios but we can’t carry it. Because it names big people, it shames them for their inefficiency. Everyone just wants a version of the truth, not the real one. We are grateful to The Quint and Raghav Bahl for having the guts to carry it. More so because Raghav was in film business. I just wish that they had the balls to support it till the end. But nevertheless it still means a lot.

    The week that The Quint published his article sorE had a big film in theatre – ohkeD raaB raaB. The 70 crore film was a big dud that could not go beyond the weekend. It collected about 30 crore (share of 15 crore for producers). WTF! Exactly like my friend wrote. A big corporate studio, sorE produced it. We know the film’s writer Sri Rao quite well. He went to India for the film’s premiere too. But sorry mate, this was bad.

    Are you are wondering how did sorE produce such a bomb? Because they must be the only studio in this whole world where there is NO creative team. There is NO development team. NOBODY reads scripts there. NOBODY asks for narration there. Big hero, big heroine, KJo, kala chashma, lecxE – all big brands. How can all go wrong? They did. While KJo and lecxE made big money on the film (do notice how smart the independent producers are), about 50 crore loss was entirely of sorE, of no creative team fame.

    As I sat down to write this article, the great minds at EE (lecxE-sorE) have delivered another colossal bore of a film that is also a big dud – 2 nO kcoR. The 80 crore film will end up doing a business of 10-15 crore (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME). You can’t even imagine the losses. So how did it happen? Repeat after me – NO creative team at sorE. NOBODY reads scripts there. A hit film. We are making its sequel. Sure. Take my money. We have got lead actors and actress. Sure. Take all my money. As always lecxE made big money and loss is entirely sorE. Hattrick of dudes for lecxE.



  42. @”One wonders why? Where big banners like Disney / Warner / Sony / Reliance / SaReGaMa failed, how are individual producers successful?”

    @ 1. Studio Heads Don’t Know Cinema
    Most studio heads in Bollywood are completely cinema illiterate. They all come from management or marketing backgrounds with no clue about the creative aspect of story telling and movie making.”

    There is no science involved here and it’s not that they are naïve or daydreaming with those prices. It’s pretty simple and it is called ‘Corruption’. All the players involved exchanged money and basically screwed the corporate /shareholders / public funds. Recent one being Farhan/Excel…..!

    It seems biggest chor is Ashutosh Gowarikar/ Hrithik team. They ripped Disney with such a cheap budget movie. Gowarikar should thank Aamir / Lagaan to be able build his stock and equity to game the system nicely couple of times.

    Sitting on simple blogs we can pretty much tell the economics of filmmaking and these guys are just part of the ‘I have a bridge to sell you’ scam.


    • “It seems biggest chor is Ashutosh Gowarikar/ Hrithik team. They ripped Disney with such a cheap budget movie. ”

      Ashu and Disney had only 1 condition for this movie to be made. Hrithik demanded 50 crores and they had no faith in another star for this sort of movie. Both Ashu/Disney gave in to Hrithik’s demand(coz if he rejects movie will be shelved, no other actor would touch it). Hrithik also realized it might go either ways so instead of any profit sharing just charged 50crs. That was a way to motivate one to do this sort of risk. If it is professional risk, at least was it gave him lot of money to be content with for sometime.


  43. There you have it in the 2nd article Rooney posted. Very clearly written –

    “It’s not just the so called commercial directors and producers who loot studios but even indie makers are not far behind. Onir’s Sorry Bhai produced by the same studio also didn’t make any money. The Quadraple studio of Versova- motnahP is famous for that. The money guy there anetnaMM is known to have done the worst deal for the studios – by hook or by crook. He looted and shut Saregama after ihaS iH ahtoohJ. The dud was made on a budget of 40 crores. The studio didn’t make any money as it was a box office disaster. The only people who made money were – Abbas Tyrewala (6 cr), John Abraham (8 crore), MM (8cr plus). Scroll down his IMDB list, so many flops and he still keeps making films and making money. Every time they find a new producer who can be looted. My friend wrote about Bombay Velvet in his article. Do read. Their story is the same like lecxE. Over priced films sold to studios at exorbitant cost with the help of kickbacks or by being cunning”.


  44. Rooney how did you get to these articles. Do you have any connection to them. We need to circulate it more and more….I have posted the links on many bollywood twitter handles. Both the articles are bang on the target and exactly what I had been presuming about these white collar scamsters like Siddharth Roy Kapur – UTV- Disney, Vajir Singh – Fox , Farhan & Sidhwani – Excel and now add one more name KJO.

    Suddenly Phantom films is out of circulation no new announcements and one does not see all these Madhu Mantenas, Motwanes and Vikas Bahls in town. They all had a good thing going !

    ….and now with black money / cash out of circulation and basic demonetization, the going is to get tougher for bollywood and only the real ‘Sultans’ will emerge !!!


    • I’m surprised that you haven’t read the Krishna’s article(which Rooney posted). It was already posted in September and lot of discussion in Twitter and all over. My first comment to Rooney’s article was – this was already posted and then realized some folks like you haven’t read, didn’t submit my post.


  45. Before Bachchan’ites pounce here some good news from the same article –

    “The only film that made a big profit in the last 2 months was Shoojit Sircar’s Pink. At least 4 studios said no to it. Why? No big stars. Even the studio that produced Shoojit’s last film and made money on it, they also said no. How dumb. Whenever something is successful, both partners always try to collaborate again. Here they lost a big one. Shoojit independently produced and released the film. The 20cr film made about 70 crore business and is one of the most profitable films of the year. But no studio.”

    …and what a shame !!!

    @”If you are wondering why you don’t hear about these malpractices, the reason is that Bollywood is one big knee jerk-circle where film reviewers are filmmakers, reporters act as publicists, trade analysts are middlemen and producers keep studio bosses happy with rampant kickbacks while studios keep reviewers, reporters and trade analysts happy by cash or kind “


  46. Ahmedabad: As the country struggles with the aftermath of the ban on high denomination currency — a move aimed to root out black money – two port trust officials of Gujarat have been arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs. 2.5 lakh. Another Rs. 40,000 was recovered from the home of one of them.

    What has stunned the officials is that the whole amount of Rs. 2.9 lakh was in new Rs. 2,000 notes, which had been launched on November 11.

    Strict cash rationing since the ban has meant that the most money that can be withdrawn by an individual in a week from a single bank account is Rs. 24,000.

    Superintending Engineer P Srivivasu and Sub Divisional officer K Komtekar of the Kandla Port Trust had sought a bribe of Rs. 4.4 lakh for clearing the pending bills of a private electrical firm, said officials of Gujarat’s Anti-Corruption Bureau.

    So corruption did not vanish with demonitisation. It has started with new notes.

    New Delhi: A paediatrician was detained today for allegedly possessing around Rs. 70 lakhs in Rs. 100 denominations in central Delhi’s Paharganj area, police said.

    The doctor, identified as Nallal, was allegedly putting bundles of cash in his car when a passerby noticed his action and made a PCR call, they said.

    Nallal was detained and it was found that he was carrying Rs. 69,86,000 in Rs. 100 denominations, police said.

    The accused told police that his businessman friend had given him the money to keep and he was taking the cash to his house in Rajouri Garden.

    The matter has been forwarded to the IT department, which has taken up the probe, they added.

    How did he acculumate that much in 100 rupee notes? Sixth sense or someone helped him with some prediction?


  47. Strong tremors felt In Delhi, NCR


  48. 🇺🇸💔😥

    A post shared by Boing Boing (@boingboing) on


  49. New Delhi: Viewers would remember having been left awe-struck by Aamir Khan’s many science experiments in the 2009 blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’ – now Sonam Wangchuk, the inspiration behind Aamir Khan’s “Phunsukh Wangdu” character in the film, has gained further global recognition bagging the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2016.

    The awards were presented on Tuesday in Los Angeles to those “who have reshaped the world with their innovative thinking and dynamism”. Sonam’s “Ice Stupas” project is among the five winners this year at the awards.

    Sonam Wangchuk, a 50-year-old engineer from Ladakh, has been attempting to solve the problem of lack of water for agriculture in the desert landscapes of the western Himalayas by building “Ice Stupas”.

    The Ladakh region, at roughly 3,500-metre altitude between the Kunlun and Great Himalayan mountain ranges, faces acute water shortage during the April-May early crop-growing period. Mr Wangchuk was certain that access to water in the desert landscapes around many high altitude towns and villages of Ladakh could be improved if the huge seasonal outflow of glacial water could be frozen.

    Inspired by the experimental work of a fellow Ladakhi engineer, Chewang Norphel, Mr Wangchuk developed a simple and effective system, creating what he calls “ice stupas” – conical ice mounds that behave like mini-glaciers, slowly releasing water for the growing season.

    “The Rolex Award funds will support the project and promote ice stupas as a climate-change adaptation and desert-greening technique,” Mr Wangchuk said in a statement released by Rolex.

    Mr Wangchuk intends to build up to 20 such ice stupas, each 30 metres high and capable of supplying millions of litres of water. The long-term aim is to build an alternative university and engage youth in the environment.

    Mr Wangchuk is currently working on establishing an alternative university on the 65-hectare land donated by the village that will engage youth from Ladakh, the Himalayas and other mountain regions of the world in finding their own solutions to the challenges facing them.

    “The Rolex Awards were designed to support those whose own spirit of enterprise mirrored the enterprising spirit on which the company was founded,” Rebecca Irvin, Head of Philanthropy at Rolex, said in the release.


  50. ‘ARRIVAL’ is not to be missed. It is a totally different ‘universe’ that Dennis creates here within the sci-fi parameters: Pacing is always seductive in his films and this one’s no different.

    What a filmography this guy is graphing!! PRISONERS, SICARIO, ENEMY, ARRIVAL..Darn impressive. Never been disappointed with any one of his films. [For some reason, never got a chance to see ENEMY coz it’s freaking not available in county libraries or even on redbox or NETFLIX..Don’t know where to find it..not interested in piracy..


  51. Mallika Sherawat tear-gassed, beaten in Paris home by intruders: Bollywood starlet Mallika Sherawat has been tear gassed and beaten up by three masked intruders in her own Paris apartment block, the Daily Mail quoting police revealed today.

    The horrific attack on the 40-year-old Indian sex symbol comes just a month after reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a neighbouring flat.

    It was last Friday night when Sherawat and a so far unidentified male friend arrived at her residential building in the upmarket 16th arrondissement of Paris at around 9.30pm.


    33 deaths, but 79% Indians support demonetisation: Poll: Despite significant inconveniences, pain and loss of productivity, support for the government’s demonetization program has increased during the last week.

    A portion of the citizens who were unsure of such a demonetization program earlier and the ones who did not support it are now lending support to the program.

    In a related survey, 44 percent of the same citizens outlined that they found the ATMs non-functional, yet most are in support of this scheme by the Government of India and feel that long term benefits will outweigh the short term pain.

    LocalCircles, the citizen engagement platform was the one that ran the poll on currency demonetization from Oct 31st-Nov 8th . 78% citizens had indicated they supported the discontinuation and color change of 500 and 1000 rupee notes in this poll.

    The Prime Minister announced the demonetisation scheme on Nov 8th via an address to the nation.In a follow on poll conducted by LocalCircles after a week, on Nov 15th, 79% citizens are still in full support of the currency demonetization program despite the inconveniences its causing.

    Another 18% said that while they support it, it is causing pain to them. The remaining 3% citizens do not suppport the program. The survey was conducted amongst 10,000 citizens from across 200 cities of India. 68% of the participants were male while 32% of them were females.

    On Nov 14th, in a different survey conducted on the platform, 44% of the same citizens said that ATMs were non-functional in their area.The survey was also done seperately in 13 states of India in the online local communities that LocalCircles has there.

    More than 80% citizens in states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are offering unconditional support to the demonetization program, whereas over 25% of the citizens in states like Uttarakhand, Goa and Odisha are saying that they are supportive of the program but are experiencing pain and inconvenience.

    Post the survey on functioning of ATMs where 44% citizens highlighted that they found the ATMs non-functional, LocalCircles also asked what should be done to improve availability of cash. Citizens gave a variety of inputs listed below:

    1. Bankers who have retired in the last 5 years could also be roped in to augment staff at bank branches

    2. Steps should be taken to double efficiency of post offices including deploying GOI’s NIC staff

    3. Post offices should also increase the number of tellers by bringing the recently retired back

    4. More awareness should be created that currency can be exchanged at post offices

    5. Banks could tie up with companies like Uber/OLA to use their cars with security to deliver cash at home in amounts between 10,000 and 20,000 neighborhoods where the request can be submitted online

    6. Banks should make sure that the ATMs work 24 hours a day and are refilled several times during the day

    7. Banks could issue online token to their customers and tell them a time an ATM location where they could reach and withdraw money. This would reduce unnecessary wastage of time by standing in long queues

    8. Deployment of as many available central Government employees across India with interfaces to use the Unified Payment Interface of banks to transfer money.


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