Images from Shankar’s 2.0 (updated)

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  1. Considering that RAJNIKANTH’s films tend to be ALL/ONLY about him, it is surprising that Akshay’s name is also mentioned in the 1st poster!! I am of course happy for Akshay.

    I just hope he doesn’t get a raw deal here because he will be buried deep in the Rajnikanth universe. He is doing quite well in Bombay and doesn’t really need to be second fiddle to anyone..


  2. It’s not just name but Akshay is present in this first look poster too.
    This movie is aiming to be truly ‘out of the box’ and in some ways trying to keep global audience in mind…..If true numbers are humongous and budget rumors of 360 crs and India’s most expensive movie. Some are saying combined budget of both bahubali is 110 crs less than Robot2 .


    Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 is India’s most expensive film, with budget of Rs 360 crore

    The entire cast and crew of the film including Amy Jackson, music director AR Rahman will be present on the occasion. The London based producer Subaskaran of Lyca Productions has roped in Karan Johar to host the show, which will be broadcast live on Lyca Productions You Tube channel.

    The production house has roped in Wizcraft the entertainment company, to put together the first look event, which is touted to cost around Rs 5 Crore. The idea is to give 2.0 a big launch as the film is being made in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu and will have a simultaneous release.

    Raju Mahalingam, the creative head of Lyca Productions said, “We are making 2.0 keeping the global audience in mind. It is being made at a cost of around Rs 360 Crores, making it India’s costliest film ever. We want to make it a grand event and create a huge buzz around the film which will be released in the second half of 2017.”
    The first look of Rajinikanth and Akshay will be revealed in 3D. The function is being held in Mumbai to attract the attention of the national media. The marketing of the big -budget extravaganza is pegged around Rs 40 Crore.

    Raju Mahalingam added, ” This is just the first look launch and we are planning bigger events in coming months for teaser, trailer and audio in Chennai and other parts of the country in the coming months.”


  3. thecooldude Says:

    Is this a part of Rajnikant’s contract that the word ‘super star’ has to appear before his name on the poster or trailer? This seems so corny.


    • It is for his fans in Tamil Nadu – else they will burn the theater down..


    • Superstar is the nickname of sorts attached to every star down south. If Rajni is a superstar, no other will use it infront of his name. Similarly we have other names like Megastar, Ultimate star, Powerstar, Lovely star, Rising star etc for each individual stars. They also have characters which brought them recognition attached to their names.

      Some actors also use their popular character names instead of these titles. Like Vikram is always referred as ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram as he got famous with the movie ‘Sethu’ and Chiyaan was his screen name in that movie. Sethu is Salman’s Tere Naam original and won Vikram all the awards that year.


  4. Very excited to see the trailer. Looks like Hindi version will be pushed more as the first look is happening in Mumbai. The budget of the movie is huge 350 crores (compared to Bahubali’s 2 parts are 250 crores). It has to do business like Bahubali part 1 to make everyone happy.

    I think the stage is set and Shankar has no reason to mess this one up. Looking forward to it.


  5. Like

  6. Like

    • Fantastic posters. I think this will be full on comparable to Hollywood super hero movies. What they make in over 1000 crores, Shankar will pull to an extent in his 350 crores. Huge benefit for Akshay kumar as this might be blockbuster over 250 crores easily.


  7. All posters seem overdone. Hope the actual movie is not so garish and is watchable. Really loved Robot except towards the end which kind of dragged on and on and seemed misuse of vfx.

    But Shankar, the director is wacky in imagination so worth the ticket there itself !


  8. Movie is clashing with Golmal 4, but this will be one of the few times where both movies will work and will have an audience. Diwali always has scope for two movies and 2017 will fulfill that demand. Brainless comedies will always have a way with Indian audience as we live in tense times and don’t wish to tax our brains more. Personally I am a huge fan of Golmaal 3 and Rohit Shetty kind of laughter track.

    Looking forward to 2017 Diwali !


  9. Akshay Kumar is the Real Hero of 2.0: Rajinikanth

    Mumbai: Superstar Rajinikanth on Sunday said he was quite tempted to play Akshay Kumar’s role in his upcoming Tamil science-fiction actioner “2.0”. He said Akshay is the real hero of the film.
    “If given a chance, I would have played Akshay’s character. He is the real hero of the film,” Rajinikanth said.

    Akshay Kumar plays the prime antagonist in the film, which will hit the screens worldwide during Diwali 2017.

    Talking at the event, Akshay said: “Director Shankar said my role will be difficult but I enjoyed it. The subject is very unique. I’m sure this film will reach the standards of Hollywood.”

    Rajinikanth believes his upcoming Tamil science-fiction actioner 2.0 is not a prestigious film just for its makers but for the entire Indian cinema.

    “I enjoyed working on this film. This subject is very unique. This is not just a prestigious picture for the producers, director Shankar or the unit but it’s one for the whole Indian cinema,” Rajinikanth said here at the first look launch event.

    He’s confident the Rs.350 crore mega budget film will match Hollywood standards.

    “Despite our (Indian cinema’s) technical excellence and the financial strength, we could not reach Hollywood standard yet. But I’m confident this film will reach Hollywood level. It’ll be a film our entire Indian film fraternity will be proud of,” he said.

    Rajinikanth plays doctor-scientist Vaseegaran in the film, which is a sequel to his own 2010 blockbuster, Enthiran.

    Akshay Kumar plays a scientist called Richard, who turns into a Crow Man after an experiment goes wrong.

    Also starring Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey and Adil Hussain, the film is being completely shot in 3D, and is slated for Diwali 2017 release.


  10. Akshay 2.0: From Khiladi to Rajini’s 2.0 villain, how the actor revamped his career

    Akshay Kumar’s villainous turn in Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0 will do wonders for his career. But how did Khiladi Kumar, the star of action films with patriotic ideals, come to this point?

    Akshay Kumar’s first look as the villainous ornithologist Dr Richard from Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0 has, for sure, earned the Khiladi thousands of new fans. Not just from down south, but fans of science fiction and quality character acting in cinema can also now look up to Akshay Kumar as someone who is more than the guy who plays goofy man-children or one-dimensional action heroes. On the one hand, Akshay’s upcoming films are with directors like Reema Kagti (Talaash) and Subhash Kapoor (Jolly LLB). On the other hand, Akshay has opened up a new market for himself in South India thanks to his villainous turn in Enthiran’s sequel 2.0.

    Little did anyone expect in the ’90s, that in the day and age of Khans, Akshay Kumar would go on to become as big a star as he is today. Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Suniel Shetty were the biggest action hero products of ’90s Hindi cinema. But today, Akshay commands a kind of stardom that Ajay and Suniel does not have. Meanwhile, with each film, Akshay is rising in calibre and charisma that can rival that of the Khans. How?

    For one, unlike Ajay and Suniel, Akshay showed his versatility in diverse genres, moving away from masala action films, whenever required. Teaming up with Priyadarshan, Akshay delivered one hit comedy after another (Hera Pheri, Garam Masala, etc). Similarly, he also proved his mettle as a commendable romantic hero with films like Namastey London and Dhadkan. In this regard, Akshay proved himself to be different from Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman as well. While Aamir stuck to big-ticket character roles, SRK limited himself to romance and Salman remained stuck in his brawny, brat image. However, Akshay diversified.

    Akshay Kumar’s career has seen many highs and lows. While he has been mostly a consistent hit-giver throughout his career with the odd flops every now and then, Akshay saw one of his biggest career high points in 2007 with four back-to-back hits; Namastey London, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiyaa and Welcome.
    Right after that, Akshay did some big-budget films, including a few with major studios working with him for the first time – Yash Raj Films’ Tashan and Warner Bros’ Chandni Chowk to China. Akshay’s 2009 films Kambakkht Ishq and Blue had humongous budgets. But all these films did not work. Akki soon went back to the drawing board with directors he had been loyal to – regular collaborators like Priyadarshan and Sajid Khan. Soon came Housefull and Khatta Meetha and all was well again.

    But perhaps, Akshay Kumar found his true admirer in A Wednesday! director Neeraj Pandey. Pandey saw untapped talent in him and positioned his action hero image and aura in the midst of taut, smart action-oriented dramas with themes that resonated with every Indian. As such, Special 26 and Baby elevated Akshay’s status to someone who is more than a mere entertainer. Soon, AR Murugadoss’s Holiday, Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift and Tinu Desai’s Rustom, films made in the Neeraj Pandey mold, sustained Akshay’s new found stardom and critical appreciation.

    At this point, a big-budget science fiction extravaganza like 2.0 starring none other than Thalaivar Rajinikanth is a masterstroke for Akshay’s career. For one, 2.0 will give Akshay a pan-Indian following unlike any other Bollywood star at this point. Secondly, Akshay will be seen in an interesting character actor avatar which is different from the usual sincere, straight arrow roles he plays.
    From Khiladi to 2.0’s Dr Richard, Akshay has come a long way. Here’s hoping Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0 opens new doors for Akshay Kumar’s film career.

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  11. I’m a very great fan of Enthiran but these posters just aren’t promising. This looks like very lowbrow Marvel. Hope I’m wrong but these posters are ‘crazy’ and not in a good way.


    • Hope you are wrong. If i look at these posters as one made in bollywood, i will also agree. Thankfully its by Shankar.

      However having seen Enthiran and liked it, I have trust on the technical crew which is India’s best. The budget of Rs 350Cr also seems just about right for this scale.


    • 2nd poster (Rajni in 6 pack) is not official one. Its a fake, fan made poster and looks horrible. I think you commented based on it.


      • thanks, Ill remove it. but I was referring to the Akshay poster as well. I’ve commented on his look before too. It’s utterly ridiculous.


        • the new Rajni one is much better..


          • I don’t see much issue with the 1st look posters though it seems garish but that has been the case with Shankar in majority. Actually Robot 1 was the only ‘class’ Hit from him in ages. All the other movies and including 2 with Vikram were bad/average and even including Shivaji with Rajnikanth. All his movies he tries to balance between mass and class and only in Robot he achieved the class factor over mass factor. Rest movies mass factor > class factor. But if you go back to 90’s it was equal balance.


          • Well I’ve loved his Vikram films. On the Shankar aesthetic I’ve not been a huge fan except when he’s worked with Vikram or when he’s done Enthiran. But he did have some good stuff earlier too that was a bit more toned down by his standards. It’s true that Shankar has never made a fantastic film (perhaps Enthiran is the closest to such a deal). Or I’d put it this way.. he’s a more interesting director than he allows himself to be in most of his films. Put different his formulations are often suggestive but he buries these within extremely (and often lowbrow) commercial elements. that however is not my problem with my posters. Given Akshay’s look her for example this seems too outlandish even by Shankar’s standards. And precisely because Enthiran was a very strong film I hope the followup is worthy in some sense.


          • Anniyan was mess as a movie. ‘I’ had a very tame 2nd half and not pleasing to see on screen. But Vikram was great in both movies which did help overcome its short comings but the screenplay was nothing great in these both movies and rehash of previous movies.


  12. 2.0: Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth to get equal status in Enthiran sequel

    The first look of director Shankar’s multilingual science fiction film 2.0 has created massive anticipation and interest among fans. On one side, there is India’s biggest star at the moment, Rajinikanth, reprising his 2011 Enthiran roles Chitti and Dr Vaseegaran.

    On the other side, is the evil ornithologist Dr Richard played by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar who has an exceptionally interesting slate of films lined up in 2017. Starting from Jolly LLB 2 to Toilet: Ek Prem Katha to Crack to Baby’s prequel Naam Shabana, Kumar is starring in a variety of films. The major negative role in 2.0 will only add an unique edge to his film career so far.

    Well now, according to sources, for the first time ever in a Rajinikanth film, another star i.e Akshay Kumar in this case will get top billing alongside Thalaivar. Kumar’s name will feature alongside Rajini’s name all over India in the film’s teasers, posters, trailers and other promotional material.

    Now, this is unusual for a Rajinikanth film where only Rajini gets top billing.
    Speaking to DNA, a source said, “The thing is, the producers of 2.0 hope to sell the film to the Hindi belt on the basis of AK’s presence there. For all his iconic status, Rajini’s films don’t work in North India. With Akshay Kumar playing the villain against Rajnikanth, the makers of 2.0 hope to make a killing in both the Hindi and non-Hindi markets. Hence the film will be marketed as a two-hero film all across the country.”


  13. No longer Golmaal4 vs 2.0 clash!!

    Rohit Shetty averts clash with 2.0 during Diwali 2017 and moved away from the date giving it solo release.

    Given his admiration for Rajinikanth, the director has decided to change the release date of G4, a gesture which did not go unnoticed by the producer of 2.0, Raju Mahalingam. Raju took to Twitter to thank Rohit and tweeted, “Rohitji, thanks for the magnanimous support given for 2.0 !!! You are Indeed a great fan of our @superstarrajini !!!”

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  14. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar starrer ‘2.0’ shot entirely in India

    Director Shankar is fond of picturesque and rich locales across the world and is known to shoot at 7 different countries for just a single song. Irrespective of his taste for luxe, he chose to shoot for Robo completely in India as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. It is heard that Narendra Modi had shared his ‘Make in India’ initiative and suggested that, 2.0 can be an example of an Indian blockbuster film shot entirely in India, with Rajinikanth before he started working on this film.

    According to sources Rajinikanth will be essaying five roles in the movie and the antagonist of the movie, Akshay Kumar will sport in 12 roles. The film is being shot in IMAX format and will be released in the same format.
    Made on a budget of Rs.400 crore, the film also has Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, playing crucial roles. Directed by Shankar the film is expected to hit theatres this Diwali.


  15. Like

    • “His role as a bad boy has always been rejected”


      Ajnabi, Mujhse shaadi karogi tells a different story.


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