Image from Imtiaz Ali’s next with Shahrukh

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  1. kind of look like a still from Tamasha.


  2. Agree. I think its more of announcing date poster than first look. Basically its gonna be regular weekend release on 11,12 & 13. Aug 15th is tuesdsy and 5th day of release and only beneficial if the movie survives good WOM. Not exactly great release date but good that they have at least announced something before it becomes too late.

    Also, Akshay’s Crack most likely will move to Nov 2017 or Jan 2018.


    • There is also a Raksha Bandhan holiday in that week…
      Its a good week….Imtiaz’s movie wont be totally bad..There is always something for its target audience so those two holidays will be useful. But then Imtiaz’s movie never gross big…
      This also looks multiplex centric to me. But no complaints. Rather SRK does this than shit like Dilwale and HNY


      • “Rather SRK does this than shit like Dilwale and HNY”

        I think it’s good that Dilwale happened for Srk and from 2016 he decided to completely revamp his filmography. He’s not gonna aim for the biggest blockbusters and sign the movies which he’ll enjoy. So, Fan, Dear Zindagi, Raees, Imtiaz’s next, Anand Rai’s next. Nothing looks really safe or blockbuster material and he’ll atleast look invested in the movie and enjoy its process. Some will work and some will flop and its still gonna be better than some of his hit movies.

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        • I agree. He needs to up his game in terms of doing films that will be remembered rather than films that are cynically aimed at the boxoffice. Not a fan of that kind of cinema unless it is genuinely well-made with a strong story-line. I am quite excited about Raees.


          • In the above comment, what i mean is that SRK needed to up his game, and he has with his current choice of films. Even Akshay Kumar is striving to do more meaningful stuff.


          • Seeing Kaabil trailer onscreen, it looks a poor film and choice by Hrithik.

            Raees despite delays will be more interesting and trounce the box-office clash, more so following a strong performance in DZ vs. the poorly received Mohenjodaro.


          • Kaabil looks like a flop to me. Raees should do better one way or the other. Also overseas numbers will be stronger than they would be for this genre. Certainly in the US, Gulf, UK. Because of a Pakistani actress. In India I’d still be surprised if this film is a hit but it might be better than I expect it to be. But Kaabil looks like a loser.


          • Kaabil feels like hrithiks KMG character in some revenge saga. Infact Hrithik can’t shake this act off.


          • Don’t underestimate Rakesh Roshan, I know it’s not directed by him but they are confident of the product on hand, otherwise they would walk away from the clash specially after Mohenjo Daro.


  3. Are those letters in the background…on the right hand side of the poster??


  4. Crack is unlikely to be shifted. It’s a big holiday week. I think this is more of a working date. Can’t think this will finish in 9 months from now.
    Even if it does, Akshay + Pandey in a patriotic movie will have its own audience.

    I am also liking this poster and thing both movies will do well. Though not liking SRK clashing with other star’s movie. He already lost out on Dilwale Vs Baajirao. His will have tough time with Raees vs Kaabil.
    I like SRK movies but he seems to be only ine struggling to find a clean week and ending up clashing. 😡


    • Dilwale Vs Bajirao was not like OSO Vs Saawariya where OSO did 80% and saawariya did 20% (of course some on this blog had provided narrative as if it was same as oso/saawariya). Dilawale Vs Bajirao was more like 48%/52% and if you account for world collection then dilwale was slightly ahead. Let’s not forget Dilwale didn’t have clean release, there was a lot of hate for SRK at that time due to aamirs statement.

      aamir is smart not to make those dumb statement now when his home production is about to release.

      But I’m a firm believer in clash does not help any big movie unless it’s way better then the other movie.

      I think many will stay away from raees.


      • ROFL at ‘aamir is smart not to make those dumb statement now when his home production is about to release.’

        So ‘poor victimized’ SRK is dumb and idealistic since he made a statement about intolerance during DILWALE release and Aamir is smart because he made a statement a year before his film released?

        Both these fellows made statements when everyone was jumping on to the intolerance bandwagon to hog their share of limelight.

        So for Aamir to NOT be smart but dumb like SRK, he should have zipped his mouth, waited for one year till November of this year and then talked of INTOLERANCE? What is or was a better time for Aamir to prove — FOR you — that he is not smart? Talk of intolerance in May 2014 or now? Give us a date..

        Have you forgotten something called FANAA??

        A year down and there are still excuses for the miserable performance of a bland movie..


        • I think you got my point but want to make your self look smart by twisting words.

          It was aamir comment about not feeling safe in india which made a lot of people riled up. just so happened that srk fillm was next and took the biggest brunt of it.

          Fanaa wasn’t his home production.


          • An Jo, I think there were lot of articles how Aamir’s comments ire was impacted on Dilwale. The reason.. when SRK said it on Nov 2, 2015 and after a week later he had sort of apologized and corrected its stance and the issue went cold. There was not a big backlash and nothing happened. But when Aamir issued a (far bigger) statement on Nov 24, 2015 then all the issues got combined and then Boycott Dangal, Boycott Dilwale started.

            So, even when Srk’s issue was forgotten it was revived after Nov 24 and it has turned into big issue. If there was no Aamir’s comment the ‘boycott’ part wasn’t going to happen so easily.

            SRK’s comment was mild compared to Aamir’s comment. There was NOT a single celeberity who commented on SRK whereas everyone from Anupam Kher, Paresh Rawal, Raveen Tandon criticized Aamir openly on Twitter and this made the issue too big. Even if you take Anupam Kher from BJP and his reaction, you’ll know the difference.

            Anupam Kher on SRK
            Some members of the BJP really need to control their tongue & stop talking rubbish about @iamsrk. He is a national icon & We r PROUD of him!

            Anupam Kher on Aamir Khan.
            – Dear @aamir_khan. Did you ask Kiran which country would she like to move out to? Did you tell her that this country has made you AAMIR KHAN.

            – Dear @aamir_khan. Did you tell Kiran that you have lived through more worse times in this country & but you never thought of moving out.

            Dear @aamir_khan. When did ‘Incredible India’ become ‘Intolerant India’ for you? Only in the last 7-8 months? #AtithiDevoBhavah

            Dear @aamir_khan Presumed country has become #Intolerant. Wat do u suggest 2 millions of Indians? Leave India? Or wait till regime changes?

            Dear @aamir_khan. #SatyamevaJayate u talked about evil practices but gave Hope. So even in ‘Intolerant’ times u need 2 spread Hope not Fear.

            Finally, just one of those articles –
            How SRK and Dilwale got punished for Aamir over intolerance



          • **I think you got my point but want to make your self look smart by twisting words.**

            I don’t need to. I know I am.


          • for me the idea that Dilwale was affected by SRK’s comments is the stuff of fiction. An easy excuse for both sides to latch on to. The right-wingers feel that they taught SRK a lesson, the SRK fans (left-wing or right-wing!) feel they can excuse this underwhelming performance this way. It’s just not a sincere argument. A lot of SRK’s big films have either not opened extraordinarily well or fizzled out quickly over the last 10 years. There is no need to inject politics into the Dilwale gross.


          • This is obviously true but tbh I hope likes of Z/Master counter you as it’s entertaining politics!


          • The fact is where are all those who were going to boycott aamir films???

            All has died down now. It was at all time high during dilwale release due to aamir statement. What srk had said was very minor and it was already settled until aamir came up with his statement. I dare aamir to make statement right now like he did or is he safe in india now???


          • Are you implying Aamir made the comment to sabotage Dilwale or are you just trying to be funny? The idea that Dilwale would have done miles better is a good joke for a pretty flat film.


          • Why isn’t aamir making any statement right now about his wife feeling insecure in india? Or is india safe for them now???


          • Master thanks for your detailed reply.

            The thing is, even if we consider DILWALE was impacted since the communal, evil right-wingers decided to club both the KHANS together and made SRK pay for Aamir’s statement, what was the extent of damage? How many crores? It’s difficult to believe that a ‘major’ dent was caused due to this. What would be the case if it were a really well-made film? As you or somebody else [sorry I forget] posted here, the director himself has come up saying that he mis-led the public by projecting the picture as a nostalgic come-back of two aged hot stars [God knows what comeback, since they had already made a comeback in MNIK; unless MNIK can be called an art film].

            So now, it is being said [not referring you of course] that Aamir is not as idealistic or dumb as SRK to make any political statements during the time of his film’s release. By the same token, can we conclude that DEAR ZINDAGI’s success — at least as patronized by the internet Hindus and the multiplex-right-wingers in India– is because SRK tweeted in support of Modi’s demonetization? As far as I know [ please correct me if I am wrong ], Aamir hasn’t said anything positive or negative about demonetization.


    • “Crack is unlikely to be shifted. It’s a big holiday week. I think this is more of a working date. Can’t think this will finish in 9 months from now.”

      I think you are pretty much unaware outside of Akki films. Imtiaz Ali’s movie has already shot 2.5 months outdoor schedule and now last 15 days India schedule is left. Movie is 90% complete and from Jan, Srk is moving onto ALR’s next.

      Also, nothing about Crack has started and it is supposed to start shooting in March end and I don’t think Neeraj is the sort of film maker or movie which he will wrap in 5 months. Even his editing takes lot of time. Doing Neeraj’s another production – Toilet Ek Prem Katha – took away its dates.

      I’m 100% right confident – it will be either Nov 2017 or Jan 2018. You can save this comment and check later.


  5. “what was the extent of damage? How many crores? It’s difficult to believe that a ‘major’ dent was caused due to this. What would be the case if it were a really well-made film?”

    Again, this is typical to blame the ‘quality’ of the movie when Rohit Shetty has been making similar type of movies all his career. Suddenly people talk as he was Hirani and suddenly made the worst film in his career.

    I mean, why turning blind eye to all the protests in various countries. I have give you multiple proofs but it doesn’t matter. For the question – How much crores lost ?? Well, no one will ever know but I just want to say that once screenings are stopped and cancelled, ‘Families’ will not go out as usual. Is it 2%? Is it 5%? Is it 10%? Well no one will ever know. Secondly there was another well reviewed movie was running in parallel and give option to the public.

    Let me say something clearly.. the 1st weekend is the major time to get the collections. Once the WOM is out and if it is average, the movie will start to drop. So, to keep repeating if WOM was great, movie would have done better is telling obvious. All I’m saying the movie would have done relatively better with the ‘same WOM’ and same movie if there was never any trace of protests. How much better? 5%? 10 % or whatever .. no one can prove it.

    I can list out few examples and if you are intelligent enough you can figure out the impact.

    – Advance Booking wasn’t open for Dilwale at many major multiplexes and theaters fearing the protests.

    – First day 30 cities were holding protests and it was very widely reported and morning shows were cancelled. (How would you react to it? Will ALL of them still take your family and kids to the movie?)

    NEWS Item: Wide Angle is one of the multiplexes which has not opened advance booking for the movie. Neeraj Ahuja, general manager of the multiplex on SG Highway, said, “There are inquiries for Dilwale, but we haven’t opened advance booking for the movie. We do not want any problems at the theatre. If everything is peaceful tomorrow (Friday), we will open the booking.”

    – Just google for Mangaluru multiplex screening. Do you know after bringing down the movie screenings from Sunday(Dec 20).. the movie never again opened in that theaters till late January in few shows. How much is that loss? You can calculate.

    NEWs Item: Activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have stopped screening of Shah Rukh Khan-starring Dilwale in Mangaluru and surrounding areas since Sunday.

    – Rohit Shetty is pretty fair in his statements and doesn’t make many political statements and he openly said all his SS/RSS friends have told me they like him but still gonna not let him release his movie.

    NEWS ITEM – “We all were aware that ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are coming together, so, I was prepared for that competition and the harm we will give each other. But I think what affected the Friday and Saturday collections were the ban in Rajasthan and MP.
    “Almost 40 per cent of the theaters were not showing the film and we resumed on Sunday morning… It’s all mathematics, how many theaters we are running in we will get the collections according to that.

    I can give you mutiple examples.. the point is even 10% is affected for an average movie over 1st weekend and WOM is out… the ‘lost’ collections will not be filled. If the WOM had been great.. audience would have come out in 2nd weekend and made it up.

    There is lot of stuff to prove there is impact but I’m surprised that many blame it on movie’s content and are so confident.. that movie got 0% affected. It is funny and so far from truth to think that way!


    • There was an effect in central india, mangalore and some parts of India but I dnt think it was more than 5 crs. Now I don’t know how many stayed away due to the fear of protests or due to his comments. That’s a intangible number. But I strongly believe if the movie was better it would have easily made up those 5 to 7 crs which it actually lost due to theaters closure and protests .


  6. Bravo! This is very well researched comment and just your efforts there commendable with pictures walking the talk. Yes Rohit Shetty was very distressed with the reports of disruption when he came on TV next day after release.

    Then there is also an ‘initial collections’ hype which takes over media narrative and a lot of audience buy into that and get curious to check it out themselves which further gives a boast to this continuous cycle… there is a definite loss. Plus the theme of Bajirao was in direct contrast to the issues public was grappling with which added to the grind.

    But in a way this was a good lesson to film industry not to play with fire and meddle with domestic politics and remain neutral and non committal like a Bachchan.


  7. I still do not like SRK choosing to clash with other stars movies rather than making way for himself in a domestic way. I am sure it’s not entirely his decision all the time, but it’s happening too often. From Salman to Ranveer Singh, no one releases movie on a date that’s taken by other stars.
    Even if they do like Hrithik took over Akshay this year with hi Mohenjodaro, it’s was done amicably with both parties supporting each other to the point it doesn’t become confronting. Of course rivalries will be there but looks graceful this way.
    While it was not the case earlier, With SRK it now comes across as hateful, purposeful and over competing and desperation to still open big. Of course he doesn’t do now with Salman or Aamir but he has no problem with others.
    At the end we all know the better movies do well and SRK movie will also open better. But does he have to stoop to this level?


  8. Sometimes the other movie also get an advantage for clashing with an SRK movie, especially in this climate. There is limitless free publicity, as SRK is everwhere asked what he feels about the other film clashing with his, then there is a vast number of people who hate SRK for some reason on other, they will be very openly supporting the other film, even if they care or not..that hatred is enuff reason.

    It happens to other films also, i am sure Shivaay got some free publicity with clash with AHDM, with Karan johar-KRK angle and then Ajay devgan openly came out and said how he wont work with any Pakistani actors ever again further milking the situation.

    Both these situations more than the stars involved, there is a direct right wing angle working..when a Bajirao, a national icon, is clashing with an intolerant comment, or a Shivaay clashing with a Pakistani presence..These are very relevant divisions in these days and times.


  9. Khan fans can rejoice –

    But can tell you that the epic box-office clash has been averted after Akshay Kumar postponed Crack by a good year.

    Crack is being produced by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia’s production house. Neeraj looks after the creative elements while Shital makes the calls on the logistics of film production.

    Akshay sat down with the duo and convinced them that postponing Crack to avoid a clash is the best decision.

    Akshay has four big films lined up in 2017, be it Naam Shabana, Jolly LLB2, Toilet :Ek Prem Katha and obviously the magnum opus 2.0 with Rajinikanth.

    And therefore Crack was pushed to 2018.

    A highly placed source told, “Akshay has many films opening in 2017, so instead of clashing with other film, that too an SRK-Anushka starrer made by Imitiaz Ali, he just opted to give time to Crack and pick a solo release date. He is now in talks to release Crack around Republic Day in 2018. Airlift and Baby did well and they released on Republic Day.” contacted Neeraj Pandey but he did not respond to our text message.


  10. There is a strong rumor that R Balki’s next with Akshay, Big B and Sonam Kapoor will release instead of Crack now.


    • But now it wont be SRK who is choosing to clash…its other way around. Though i doubt this will happen due to the equations SRK shares with Balki and family..

      Even if it happens, I don’t think this Imtiaz movie is that kind of universal massy movie which needs to be released solo. Its not a massy one like Raees and even if it comes solo it wont be breaking any records in a hurry.


      • “Though i doubt this will happen due to the equations SRK shares with Balki and family..”

        Exactly. End of this discussion.


      • “Even if it happens, I don’t think this Imtiaz movie is that kind of universal massy movie which needs to be released solo. Its not a massy one like Raees and even if it comes solo it wont be breaking any records in a hurry.”

        Master this is the REAL End of Discussion. 🙂


        • Yeah totally agree. Imtiaz Ali’s movie is not going to make huge records so even a clash is fine. I’m just saying Balki will not clash.


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