Dunkirk trailers


9 Responses to “Dunkirk trailers”

  1. Trailer of a movie from a director who is probably the most successful director with some great movies and not a single comment yet…


  2. I’m a huge fan and I have watched every Chris Nolan’s film multiple times in cinemas. I’ll probably end up watching this on 1st weekend as well but its not my fav genre. I didn’t expect him to do a war based movie. Already lots of directors keep making them and little bit of overdose. I’ve been waiting to watch Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge.


    • I do agree on the overdose of war films and it’s not necessarily my favorite genre either unless it’s very well done. Or to be more precise I like the genre as part of the dramatic arc of a larger story and not as much as a recounting of events. Again allowing for exceptions. But I am intrigued here because I too never expected Nolan to get into this genre.


  3. tonymontana Says:

    Im not the biggest Nolan fan but have enjoyed Memento and Interstellar. Find his directing style a little bland and I often wonder what its about him that makes film fans go ga ga over n over again. my opinion might change on watching his films again but I never manage to do that


    • I’m more a huge fan as he reinvigorated a bland superhero movie model with the way he dealt with Batman in a non-kiddy way. I haven’t seen all his films, my brain would need to be super awake to take pleasure! Interstellar was great.


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