Secret Superstar trailer

thanks to thecooldude…


9 Responses to “Secret Superstar trailer”

  1. Thecooldude Says:

    Not much in the teaser but hopefully the Muslim angle wouldn’t become controversial.


  2. Liked the trailer.


  3. Getting a weird flashback to Bekha from Ghajini


  4. Promo looks fine except Aamir Khan. I think he always overdoes when he has to do such characters like that ridiculous song in Delhi Belly ( I hate you like I love you). Obviously he needs to be over the top in such characters but still he crosses that ‘balance ‘and makes it appear unnatural and mechanical.


  5. I thought I was watching a daily television soap. The dialogues are shockingly ordinary. But then, i have never liked Aamir Khan film trailers, except Delhi Belly.


  6. Bakwaas concept
    Bakwaas trailer
    Bakwaas Getup

    Triple Talaaq… Oops Bakwaas😜


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