Haraamkhor trailer

thanks to AnJo..


8 Responses to “Haraamkhor trailer”

  1. After Raman Raghav 2.0 this one seems to be another disturbing psycho movie.
    Wonder what makes artists of the calibre of Nawazuddin depict these characters?


  2. tonymontana Says:

    pardon me but whats so disturbing about nawaz’s character


  3. Loved Nawaz in Lunchbox but still think he’s a wee bit overrated. Have not understood the fuss about Raghuveer Yadav either.


  4. Well in that case, I’d say pretty much every other bigger star except for a a couple are overrated.


  5. This movie is very intriguing, and i quite liked it! And I take back my ridiculous statement on Nawaz being overrated. He is amazing in the film. It is not a perfect film, and I found the narrative a bit disjointed and ultimately I was not emotionally satisfied, but it has some wonderful scenes and it definitely pushes the boundaries in terms of what a viewer has been used to watching.


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