Images from Rangoon (updated)

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  1. I was telling Shashi yesterday that I can’t think of a single 2017 film that I’m genuinely and confidently super-excited about, but I forgot about this! Definitely makes the cut – can’t wait!

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  2. I distrust Vishal in handling an ‘epic’ romance. However, I am quite confident of him when he handles miniature, emotional dramas: I believe that’s his core strength. This, to me, looks a CASABLANCA on Indian terrain – and I seriously doubt his capabilities here. Whatever romanticism you put in, it’s a different equation when it comes to spinning romanticism in the face of greater human conflicts: And I am skeptical of him on that front.

    As always, I am glad to be proven wrong.


    • I agree with AnJo. I seriously doubt Vishal’s handling for this magnum opus. This is more into Bhansali’s territory in drama and Rajamouli’s territory in grandeur.

      However i will still watch ii because of Kangana, unless the review is below par.


    • Just noticed Sajid Nadiadwala name on the poster. He is one of the smartest producers around. So this is also a major plus for me.


    • RajRoshan Says:

      I am doubtful as well…used to love his movies like Maqbool, Blue Umbrella etc…but again this have Kangana and she can really make lot of difference now a days


  3. tonymontana Says:

    Vishal Bhardwaj has a unique voice and his films are rather interesting to say the least. and I’ve never disliked any film of his. so waiting for this.


  4. After Kaminey (2009) – none of VB’s films have worked at the BO – Haider was just about the critical acclaim it got and it was more because of Tabu? – I honestly have stopped liking his films off-late – too self-indulgent a director he has become… fact I have liked only Maqbool of all his films which came in 2003 and the two films for kids – Makdi and Blue Umbrella were much sincere efforts from him…..the other films are just cases of self-indulgence instead of some entertaining cinema…..I think he is a better writer


  5. Disappointing look … it looks more like Bombay of 60’s than anywhere closely resembles to Rangoon(now Yangon). whole ambience, appearance is completely alien to how Yangon is … I was so excited about this movie becz I spent some good time in Yangon and know the people, but this look is not I was expecting .. it is more like Bombay velvet.


  6. Looks seems fine to me considering the backdrop is war. Bhardwaj has better sensibilities and this was one of his dream project for a long time. I believe music is done by him too which is another plus here. Kangana apparently feels Rangoon will place Bhardwaj in league of K. Asif and Guru Dutt after this movie….so there may be merits.

    I have zero trust in Shahid playing any character and after watching him and his infantile wife on kwk episode, I lost whatever little respect I had developed recently after Haider.


  7. These posters look impressive !

    Shahid Kapoor ‏@shahidkapoor 3h3 hours ago
    Gear up for war! Bombarding you with the first look of Rangoon. @rangoonthefilm @viacom18movies @NGEMovies
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  8. [added to post]


  9. Unfortunately trailer is not doing justice to these posters above. Hoping the movie turns out engaging. Yakuza may be right on BV kind of look….but still Bhardwaj has more depth and will have something special to say here, otherwise attempt would not be made.

    Rangoon ‏@RangoonTheFilm 14m14 minutes ago
    Love. War. Deceit. Welcome to the world of #Rangoon! Here’s the official #RangoonTrailer
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    • Trailer in isolation is quite intriguing but the set up & dialogues esp. between Shahid & Kangana seem to be straight from this decade, no dialogue between them transports me to a world of 1940’s, just bordering on banality! But VB as a director needs to be underestimated at your own peril as he has a very unique voice and thus far delivered on my expectations more often than not! His ” Maqbool” is such an underrated jem of a film, makes it to my all-time 10 favourite movies list. Hope Rangoon lives up to the mammoth expectations of the audience.


  10. Unfortunately for good or bad have to admit Mr. Aamir Khan may have spoilt bollywood for authentic ‘twenty-four carat’ settings and this being close to Dangal, the antics here seem to be turning into a burlesque show.


  11. tonymontana Says:

    dunno why but I feel Kangana sort of sticks out like a sore thumb in the posters. Although eventually she might just steal the show from both of her male counterparts.

    A worthwhile project also for Saif in a very long time. he might just throw up a surprise. last time he appeared in a Vishal bBhardwaj movie his character entered the history books


  12. One thing is for sure. This is the most commercial film Vishal has made. I hope it works, though his style of story telling is not universal.

    Kangana is becoming repetitive with her no bar holds attitude in her roles. She still stands out because it comes naturally off her and no other actress is acting such characters.


  13. trailer showed the whole movie…


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