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  1. One has to give it to Akshay. This guy is a workhorse with a movie releasing every few months. But this toilet love story might find it difficult to do 100 cr. If it does then its will be quite a streak with a biggie assured in 2.0.


  2. It will be difficult for this one to do over 100cr. The theme does not look like one to appeal universally. It is coming during Ramzan period as well which is a low period BO wise. The director and the most of the cast are quite unknown.

    Looks like a purely muliplex kind of deal. With such limited appeal, I would be surprised if it does huge business. I am looking at a report that says the shooting is wrapped up. They’ve shot it very quickly, it seems because only 3 or 4 weeks back, there were reports of the shooting having started.


    • I agree. The promo will confirm though. Don’t see it going past 80. It’s a multiplex deal.
      This is going to be another viewer’s delight with some awesome WOM. Akki continues….


  3. #DirectDilSe Akshay Kumar talks about Ayurveda and Yoga.


  4. This us to be THE riskiest project taken by any actor in a main role.
    Usually stars do a cameo is such films to keep their image and stardom safe. This can be an extraordinary movie if made well. If this has been a 2013 release, I would have been wary. But now one can vouch that this will be a very good story, script and movie – thanks to new found confidence in Akshay Kumar and his films. It’s now a general feeling.


  5. So, what is Akshay Kumar’s line-up, Naveen? As a fan of his, you will probably know. The amount of films that he signs, I can’t keep track. From what I gather, he has the following:

    Toilet- Ek Prem Katha
    Robot 2.0
    Padman (Balki’s movie)
    KJO/Salman Production- directed by Karan Malhotra

    There was a Murugadoss film re-make called Ikka. I don’t know if it is still on.

    Is there anything I am missing out here?

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    • did you check his twitter today? he usually signs one movie before sleeping daily.

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    • Rahul, you have all the details of confirmed projects. 🙂

      Naam Shabana – Cameo role
      Toilet- Ek Prem Katha releasing on 2 June
      Robot 2.0 with Rajini by Shankar
      Padman (Balki’s movie)
      Gold by Reema Kagati
      Crack by Neeraj Pandey
      KJO/Salman Production- directed by Abhishek Singh

      2018 may see one more film which can be any of the following (in talks)-

      1. Rakesh Roshan’s next directorial venture with Hrithik and Akshay in a 2 hero project (Speculation)
      2. Priyadarshan’s next comedy
      3. Housefull 4 – Here Akshay has returned the script for the fourth time to Sajid Khan asking him to rework on it.
      4. Jolly LLB 3 – though it’s unlikely to be made next year
      5. Divya Khosla’s next directorial after Saname Re

      Namaste England and Ikka remake has been in the pre production works for more than one year now.


  6. Akshay Kumar : I have earned enough money

    Actor Akshay Kumar says the business aspect of a film doesn’t interest him much, as he has made enough money and now wants to focus on content and character. Akshay has delivered back to back hits like ‘Rustom’, ‘Housefull 3’, ‘Airlift’ and ‘Singh Is Bliing’.

    “For me the love of my audience is more important than the business. I think I have earned enough money. It is also important to get the right script, character, director and studio. It was my first experience with them and I would want to do more films for them,” Akshay told reporters during a press conference to mark the success ‘Jolly LLB 2’.

    ‘Jolly LLB 2’, sequel to the 2013 hit film of the same name had Akshay playing the role of a lawyer and he says for his role he was fully dependent on director Subhash Kapoor.

    “I have never dealt with lawyers, as I never got into in any legal trouble. Subhash Kapoor (director) explained to me everything because he was a political journalist before turning a director. So, he had covered cases and knew how it works. I have never been inside a court.”

    Despite delivering hit films one after the other the 49-year-old star doesn’t think he understands the mindset of the audience. “I don’t think I have managed to catch audience’s pulse… it is just a phase and your hard work pays off eventually. Many people make good films but they don’t do well. But they always think that they are making ‘Mughal-e Azam’ or ‘Pakeezaah’. But it does not happen… some films work, sometimes it doesn’t.”

    Appreciating the work of his co-stars Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor, Akshay says the sequel has done well primarily because of the team work. “I think what has helped this film is team work and screenplay. Saurabh Shukla, Annu Kapoor, they are the biggest pillars of the film. Huma Qureshi and Sayani Gupta have also done a wonderful job. I got to learn many things from Saurabh and Annu ji.

    “I always used to crack this joke on the sets that Subhash has got six actors from NSD and four actors from FTII and I am the only one who is from Khalsa College.”


  7. I am liking Akshays line-up quite a bit.

    Not sure of Toilet Prem Katha (hopefully it turns out to be a small sweet film). And then he is working with directors like Shankar, Balki, Reema Kagti and Neeraj Pandey – all of which can be interesting films.

    Not to forget he has these movies lined up after 4 back to back hits from Airlift to Jolly LLB 2.


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