Rangoon trailers (updated)

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18 Responses to “Rangoon trailers (updated)”

  1. Thecooldude Says:

    Looks interesting and unique but I am having a bad Bombay Velvet dejavu here.


  2. AamirsFan Says:

    Whats up with these long trailers that show too much of the movie?? It was a minute too long. I am intrigued but that love triangle scenario towards the end turned me off a bit.


  3. Trailer nahi jama .. lets hope movie better ho.


  4. Looks interesting…but isnt this like giving it all away in a trailer? Now we already know what is going on in most parts of it..bas climax hi bacha hai!


  5. Pretty average trailer, nothing new. Hope film turns out to be a good one.


  6. So this is what Bharadwaj has turned his project on FEARLESS NADIA/HUNTERWALI into..a war drama: Disappointed, I must say. I was always thinking it would be a full-on movie on Hunterwali.

    It’s an OK trailer; trying hard to be a CASABLANCA. And Saif comes across – AS ALWAYS – in all his movies as an ‘aristocratic’, ‘privileged’ turd of the highest kind: I was stunned with the praises he got in OMKARA for playing against the ‘type.’ His weaknesses as an actor were at rampant display there. He was only and has been only good at playing buffoons or a ‘refined’ one whether in MKTA or DCH.

    Shahid looks in better form; especially after his turn in HAIDER.

    Kangana is an apt choice; until she speaks English – which is weird considering Mary Evans’ birth in PERTH, Australia.

    P.S.: Liberals, I am expecting you to read into my assessment of SAIF as a reaction to his son’s naming. But, hopefully, you would read into my previous readings of SAK as a pretty mediocre actor.


    • I confess I read your comment without being aware of any background of your SAK opinion and thought whoa he dislikes him a lot. 🙂
      Most people in the industry are born with a silver spoon. Why pick on him? As for his acting, Yes he stands out like a sore thumb among all that talent out there.


      • No, all I meant is, for me, specifically, he comes across as an ARISTROCRATIC SNOB wherever he goes; whether he breaks somebody’s nose in SA or whether he bangs Kareena. I don’t mind considering myself a ‘minority’ – but it’s been the same shitty expressions he’s carrying out throughout – whether he plays a slum-dweller or a Nawab in DI — like that of a golden-spoon stuck in his ass..

        I know Abhishek too is born with a silver spoon; but one NEVER gets the feeling that he’s been born with a silver-spoon..


      • Ironically Kareena and Saif has more or less the same career trajectory – nothing special and yet never out of work! always in the midst of the some prestigious projects!!!!


  7. I doubt this will work….VB is not the right guy for such a project. This needs a Bhansali..VB doesn’t take enough cinematic liberties to make this a success
    The casting specially Shahid and Kangana looks great


  8. This will flop bigtime – even Kangana may not be able to save it – casting is all wrong – and VB’s days are over – highly overrated director


  9. Yeh kya hai BC..


  10. thecooldude Says:

    Bloody Hello song promo

    [added to post]


  11. RajRoshan Says:

    This song reminds me of Bombay Velvet


  12. thecooldude Says:

    After a couple of viewings, this song becomes a little catchy.


  13. Bloody Hell has really grown on me ….


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