Image from Sarkar 3

thanks to Sanjana…


18 Responses to “Image from Sarkar 3”

  1. Poster is Kick Ass … Awaiting trailer coming out on Wednesday.


    • What is good in this poster? It looks very poor actually and a derivative of his earlier movies…Bajpayee look is almost funny sipping tea


  2. I don’t think RGV has it anymore to make an engaging film. He’s derivative in these films.


    • Hope for best Jay … In terms of cast, there is some more left to be desire (read big star precisely) , though still it is a solid talented actors assembled. I have hopes because Amitabh given node to third in franchise after good 10 years , also AB Corp co-producing it. So must be a good story in hand … I am hearing that it shaped up very well , so fingers crossed.


  3. Not impressive and looks like so 90s. Should have kept only Bigb and Bajpayee. RGV movies have been terrible in last few years. Although due to Bigb this might be tolerable and comparatively better.


  4. Depends a lot on the trailer.


  5. looking forward to watching this. the tagline ‘Sarkar 3 angrier than ever!’ make it sound like an action franchise lol

    rgv seems to have 4 or 5 really interesting films coming out this year


  6. tonymontana Says:

    is it just me or everyone looks a sad porody of themselves in this poster?

    Ramu has done his bit for cinema. but no point stretching himself beyond his shelf life.. or the Sarkar movies


  7. Really hopuing there are some good masala moments/ Dangal between Bajpai and Sarkar !!


  8. Wish the movie had Randeep Hooda as well… his screen presence and brooding act is superb !!


  9. Ram Gopal Varma‏Verified account

    @bindasbhidu plays Sir in Sarkar 3 His line..”Sarkar aadmi nahi,soch hai toh us soch ko maarne ka bhi tareeka hai mere paas!”


  10. I would like this movie to succeed. He has got a great star cast. His Sarkar series has always been gripping. It appeals to a certain section. This had the potential to become a bigger franchise. But RGV made wrong choices for Sarkar 2.


  11. Trailer is out:

    [post created]


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