Phillauri – Trailers (updated)

thanks to Jeevcy..

Thanks to oldgold


10 Responses to “Phillauri – Trailers (updated)”

  1. Hope it is as mysterious as a film. Anushka is one star who is trying out different things and succeeding well.


  2. Dialogues are pretty amusing/witty -meri toh *Zindagi* kharab kar di ab aur kiski…….


  3. Lovely song.
    Sanjana and I are the only two interested in this film. Hope there will be more in the hall 🙂

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  4. I am not too sure on this movie and hope the movie is better than these promos and stills we have seen.Prefer to wait it our…may be the story has attracted Anushka and her brother. However like it has been with other home productions, Anushka seems excessive here and not going with the pitch correctly.

    Watched this over the weekend and she is one smart person and needs to be applauded getting to this stage with her own production house and her ‘own’ office in mumbai and all the more commendable being an industry outsider.

    Rajeev Masand ‏@RajeevMasand Feb 17
    VIDEO: @AnushkaSharma & brother Karnesh take us inside their production offices and reveal their filmmaking mantra


  5. what is the meaning of Phillauri?


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