Badrinath Ki Dulhania – Trailers (updated)

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37 Responses to “Badrinath Ki Dulhania – Trailers (updated)”

  1. Does this dance need a song at all?


  2. Both are jumping. Is it called dancing??


  3. Varun Dhawan is dancing well so too Alia. I just seen the theatrical trailer and realised KJo is producing. I waited 2 mins till I knew what would happen. Some rhona dhona. And some unnecessary shouting, crying & slapping.

    These young guns are really just doing some formulaic stuff. Just recycling bullshit from films down the years just like the songs.


    • Both are looking fantastic, especially Alia. But they deserve an original score instead of Tamma Tamma which was B grade stuff. Varun looks like Sunny deol and Alia uncannily looks like younger version of Madhuri. Their moves in this are so generic, nothing special.


  4. Rubbish! More most part, these two are completely average people, desperate for big time stardom. Alia is better but she’s more suited to niche, alternative films rather than commercial masala. With her puny structure and features, I think she has the opposite problem of Sonakshi Sinha, and that is surely going to come in the way of her stardom. As for Varun Dhawan, the less said the better. Zero originality and just a ton of self-entitlement on that smug face.

    Johar is a bit of a lunatic to keep promoting these newcomers week after week on his show. The truth is, these guys have no impact at the boxoffice. It’s as good as me and Jayshah starring in it.

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    • And they look plastic!
      Jay’s response?


    • LOL what an invitation on valentine’s day! I disagree on Alia, if the claim is she is petite in many ways! True, who cares! She’s got oomph on the screen! Absolutely a cracker of an actress, Kjo’s best find. Varun true he is not particularly great. But he can dance.

      Alia all the way! Then Sandhya! LOL!

      I guarantee Alia will last.

      Sandhya made that whole comment just for the last sentence 😀😀😀

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      • Well, the combination mentioned looks much more interesting! Atleast on SS.

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        • Ispar toh ek gana banta hai !

          Yrf even on their worst day is better than kjo kind of crap. Wish srk learnt to remain quiet on screen and magic will be back –

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          • lest the song link seem out of context…..I wanted to say Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi to that light banter and then add – Ispar toh ek gana banta hai !

            …and now you know the rest of the story !


    • You need to see ‘Udta Punjab’ .. Alia did great job on par with some top notch performances ever.

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  5. Alia is overexposed as Bhatt’s daughter and also because of her movies. She is everywhere and that takes away the mystery. I did not see any of her movies fully except SOY. Varun has a very ordinary face but he is no Govinda. She cant get Udta Punjab type of roles again and again and so she has to do these dulhania roles. And she is no Smita Patil. Maybe that south mumbai upbringing makes these two a bit unappealing in certain kind of roles.

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    • I don’t know but I like Alia even though she is everywhere. I feel my other favourites now needs to do more work. XXX3 kind of films are not for her core fans, neither creating new fans. Even creatively it’s hardly impressive. I wish she could come on screen more often, at least one more movie per annum.


    • I still feel that the last major film actress to leave a serious impact was Madhuri Dixit.
      After her, we did not see any actress of her calibre and that’s a bit of a downer for me.
      Kangana, Alia, Deepika, Kareena, Priyanka, Kajol etc kind of just filled in with few sparkle of brilliance. Hope they do more good work.


      • Very true. Madhuri and to an extent Deepika have been the real deal in terms acting / dancing and star power. Madhuri resurrected Anil Kapoor and similarly Deepika has done that for SRK in CE and hopefully will do again in Anand Rai movie.

        Meanwhile, Naveen you have been simply awesome on this blog just like Akshay has been lately. Some of craziness on this blog, you can’t predict it. There’s very little defense you can have on craziness. With success of Jolly LLB2 Akki’s position is now unchallenged and he now occupies his own unique slot / position unseen in the history of modern bollywood.

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        • “Madhuri and to an extent Deepika have been the real deal in terms acting / dancing and star power.”

          Though I wouldn’t put Deepika with Madhuri perhaps Deepika should act with Salman in a movie and allow him to get to an Aamir-like total.


          • Madhuri was and is my all time favourite. The problem when I look back is her roles were quite generic. What sticks out are some great songs and dancing. She really didn’t get the fascinating scripts at all.


          • Aamir like total is somewhat ‘metaphysical’ ….theoretical figure which can be achieved based on ‘certain conditions’. But trade rightly sees through this and perceives it differently hence anoints Salman to the top bracket. ( refer indicine Q&A for details )

            Salman- Deepika are waiting for the right project and both concur on coming together only if script demand. ‘Bhaijaan’ in new avatar is focused only on story based ‘blockbusters’. Of course 2 superstars in one frame – bollywood history is bound to be rewritten.

            But it will happen sooner than we realise and if there is no Big Boss next year please count two releases for 2018.


            “….Remo D’souza recently announced his next, a dance drama with Salman Khan. Now, the National Award-winning choreographer has expressed his wish to work with Deepika Padukone at a recent event in Mumbai.
            According to a report in DNA, Remo said, “I have the script ready and the project is waiting to go on floors. I would love to cast Deepika in the lead role. She is an amazing dancer and one of my favourites.” Now, this statement has led to speculation if Salman and Deepika will star together in the film….



    Watching this today..and hoping to be surprised or shocked rather by it being better than what is said in this review..


  7. Yes,very been there done that kind of feeling. Looks like that adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s story. Can’t remember name. Must be some ‘half’ thing.


  8. This reminds me so much of predictable and bland HSKD


  9. About generic roles. Salman’s roles are generic and his star power pulls in the crowds. Even after 100 blockbusters, Salman will remain an average actor. And so will be Akshay Kumar. In Jolly LLB, Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor got more critical acclaim while it is Akshay Kumar who made it a 100 crore project with his star power though he could not match upto his costars.

    SRK is in a different league. Srk got critical acclaim for his role more than Nawaz though some tried to give all the credit to the usual suspect Nawaz. In Dangal it was Aamir who got fulsome praise though others also did a fab job. Srk has got starpower plus real talent. Aamir has real talent and starpower. In that order. Talentwise it is Aamir and Srk all the way.

    Salman and Akshay are riding on luck like Jeetendra did in the past. Trade wants business at the cost of talent. So it will support business but not talent.


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