Happy Holi 2017


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  1. All the very best on Holi to everyone here..


  2. Happy Holi everyone


  3. Wishing everyone at SS a very Happy Holi 2017 !!


  4. Bura Na Mano Holi 2017 Hai!!
    As is the tradition in UP, tittles are awarded to distinguished members of the community on the occasion of Holi-
    In my hometown, they would write the title outside your house early morning of Holi. As kids we would go around reading who got what titles !!
    was well intentioned fun !!

    so here goes โ€“ please agar galtee sey mistake go gaya ho toh donโ€™t mind mat karna doston !!

    Satyam- Ram Guha
    Qalandar – Shashi Tharoor
    Munna โ€“ Yashwant Deshmukh
    Sanjana- Pallavi Ghosh
    Bliss- Gaurav Sawant
    Rajen- Justice Katju
    JayShah – Sadanand Dhume
    AnJo – Ashok Malik
    MyselfAamir- Anand Ranganathan
    MSD – Shahid Siddiqui
    Di- Rupa Subramanya
    OmRocky786 – Kanchan Gupta (lol)

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  5. Happy Holi to all of you ๐Ÿ™‚ #Holi2017


  6. And this is my absolute favourite:


  7. SRK posted a picture of his left arm where the doctors wrote “Not Me”, so that there was no confusion about which shoulder they were operating on. Shah Rukh wrote, “Had a minor follow up surgery on my left shoulder. They marked my right hand like this, so there is no mistake. Sweet.”


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