Image from Mogul


7 Responses to “Image from Mogul”

  1. This is H.U.G.E.

    Ohter stars are busy settling down in their 50s and cutting cakes. Akshay Kumar is starting his career. 🙂


  2. wow, shocker. this will be interesting.


  3. Bob cristo Says:

    Akki is creating his legacy even in KHAN era.


  4. Bahubaali2 trailer releasing tommorow.There is hoopla around that.


  5. Akshay seems to be having the best line up in 2017 & 2018 with each one being different from the other which is quite remarkable!! Keeping his peers of doing 1 or at max 2 movies in a year in mind, he is become a “mini industry” through his prolific style of working!! Hope he succeeds in breaching 200 Crores barrier as he deserves the success he is getting & more in the years to come. Industry needs him which signifies his “place & standing” in the industry crystal clear!!


    • I would say in my opinion his line up is the most interesting of all.

      Hope he succeeds. Better late than never. He finally seems to have understood. If he had done this during his golden period he would have crossed 200-250 Long time ago.


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