Baahubali 2 Trailer

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  1. Is it Baahubali (Youtube page) or Bahubali (Movie trailer)?


  2. it has 2m+ views in 4 hrs on youtube.shld beat record of raees for first 24 hrs.


    • Hindi+Telgu+Tamil all combined is going to annihilate every record in sight be it on Youtube or at the box office!! I have my hunch for it to going to be first 1000 WW grosser from India as expectations are gargantuan both from the audience & the trade & it would be a disappointment if it falls short of 800 at the very least!! But trailer has turned out to be a little underwhelming to my liking, but only due to mammoth expectations but as a stand-alone trailer it is a highly impressive one.


      • Trailer is not upto the mark. First Bahubali trailer was catchy.
        1000 crores is not possible. At the most it will be 500 crores which will be a very good record.


        • Sanjana first part made 600+ Worldwide so even setting the bar to the minimal, it’s going to collect in the same vicinity or more as trailer despite not being not up to the mark doesn’t hold as much significance as the first one as second part has an added advantage of the mystery part of ” Why katappa killed Bahubali” being unravelled in it.


          • I was thinking about India collections. You are right about worldwide.


          • Not to forget that the Hindi version of the first part earned around 115-120cr in India. It will most probably earn much more than that this time around.

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  3. The one film to look forward to for this year. Baahubali for me probably was, by far, the best film to have come from India over the last 15 years at the very least.

    This trailer is mightily impressive.

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  4. First time the novelty factor worked. I am not sure about the sequel.
    It was good as long as it lasted. Nothing more.


  5. After Rangoon fiasco, I want to keep my expectations lower. Only Salman films seem to be free from this dilemma.


  6. I had no real expectation form Rangoon. Movies like Kaminey, Omkara and Haider are alright, but really over-rated. No comparison possible with Baahubali at all. The latter is a masterpiece. With someone having such vision and creativity, one can really expect great things.

    It’s like with Hirani. I always expect really good cinema from him.


  7. Underwhelming Trailer for me.


  8. Very grand trailer. Exactly what the first film promised. On that note it’s not a ‘sequel’ but the second part of a two part film. There’s a difference. In any case I certainly can’t wait!

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  9. 1000 cr is not possible. But 800cr + is possible if the movie is as good as first part. Definitely the biggest film of the year without a doubt.


  10. Youtube View counts smashes all time record for 24 hrs.i don’t what wld be the opening.Even raees all time lifetime record of likes (488k) have been smashed in 24 hrs(489k currently 510k) by wld someone explain this.

    Telugu – 21.805M
    Hindi – 11.125M
    Tamil – 2.953M
    Malayalam – 546K

    Total: 36.429M.


  11. Beauty And The Beast Opens Better Than Hindi Releases
    Friday 17 March 2016 14.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Beauty And The Beast topped the Hindi releases as it opened to around 15% occupancy. The Hindi releases were Aa Gaya Hero, Machine and Trapped. Beauty And The Beast has been released on 600 theaters but Machine has been released on double the theaters which could allow its first day collections to be higher than the Hollywood release though occupancy is less.

    Machine has opened to around 10% which is better than the other two Hindi films. It has opened a little better in cities of UP, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh but that hardly means anything.

    Aa Gaya Hero is a Govinda film but looks dated and very poor production values which gives it little chance. Trapped is probably a rip off of some European film but here the cost is very low so that when no one really watches the film it does not really hurt like the Rangoon’s and Rock On’s. Its pretty much assured there will not be many people out there wanting to watch this cinema. An Aa Gaya Hero goes wrong in implementation which is past its sell by a date while a Trapped should not be implemented in the first place. Beauty And The Beast and this film have the same target audience but teh Hollywood film will come out on top.

    Its likely that the collections of Badrinath Ki Dulhania on day eight can be more than Aa Gaya Hero, Machine Trapped put together and even possible that if you add Beauty And The Beast to the equation then it will still be ven more.


  12. If you see the comments on images thread/ post of this movie you will realize you are not alone. This is mythological piece of crap and trailer is again spoofy with cartoonish characters.


  13. Like

  14. Like

  15. Not up-to the mark. Underwhelming trailer without a doubt.


    • The trailer is kickass. Not sure which movie I am anticipating more this year – Bahubali 2 or 2.0 (apart from Secret Superstar and Hirani’s film).


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