Baradwaj Rangan with Mani Ratnam (updated)


7 Responses to “Baradwaj Rangan with Mani Ratnam (updated)”

  1. superb exchange…


    • Satyam- anything interesting said ? eg.- Ravan’s failure , AB’s dig at Raavan , or any comment on – OK. Janu?
      I really do want to watch all three parts at some point though !!


      • nothing on any of his Hindi films. It’s entirely about the Tamil stuff. But he didn’t talk about Raavanan either. To be fair he didn’t talk about every single film and a lot of the responses were limited because of the questions. No one asked him anything on this film! But the three parts are very interesting even if you haven’t seen the Tamil films (you have of course seen Rosa and Bombay). You get a sense of how he works and so on. The third part is almost entirely about the music.


  2. Office Space: Inside Madras Talkies with Mani Ratnam
    Rajeev Masand


  3. This one is much better


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