Mom [Images & Trailer] (updated)

thanks to Sanjana…

thanks to JC…


11 Responses to “Mom [Images & Trailer] (updated)”

  1. Nice. Probably will be another hit for Sri like EV


  2. [added to post]


  3. rahultyagi Says:

    They aren’t remaking “Mother”, are they?


    • I was dreading that it was gonna be a “Mother” remake but it doesn’t seem to be the case based on the trailer. Wouldn’t mind a remake directed by Vishal B starring Tabu though!


  4. I don’t get it: there are two Pakistani actors in this film; the actress of Hindi Medium is also a Pakistani — arre bhai Fawad Khan ne kya gunaah kiya tha?! Is the MNS only threatened by leading men, not supporting actors or actresses?

    Aside: with respect to both this and Hindi Medium, not sure why the actors have been chosen — Adnan Siddiqui at least is a distinctive presence so one can see why, but why (e.g.) one would choose Saba Qamar for a pretty generic role is kinda beyond me; similarly Sajal Ali (the daughter in Mom) seems like just anybody…

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  5. Here Akshaye Khanna is a cop and he looks like his father.


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