Images from Kaala Karikalan

thanks to Sanjana…

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11 Responses to “Images from Kaala Karikalan”

  1. Like the second poster a lot..


  2. Great look but surprised that Rajni signed another ‘gangster’ movie with PA Ranjith right after Kabali. Even the title is very close.


  3. A disaster on its way and that too for the first time for Rajni.


    • This is the story of Haji Mastan which was done by Ajay Devgn in Once upon a time in Mumbai!! Haji Mastan was a Tamilian who moved to Mumbai and then ruled it. Rajni wanted to make his story on screen for years and I think he finally nailed the director and script!


      • Kamal already portrayed the other Tamil Don, ie Vardarajan Mudaliar. He should reprise the role, since both Haji and Varda were thick buddies!


  4. Superb posters.


  5. Nana Patekar has been signed for the movie along with Huma Qureshi as leading lady. Excited to see Nana and Rajni in same frame!!


  6. Pretty pathetic; considering the fact that the original actor who played Haji Mastan in Bombay utilizing the Bombay docks is Amitabh in Deewar [which is obviously lost here on this blog.]

    This looks like a poor reaction to the failure of KABAALI: Ageing gangster in KABALI didn’t work; let’s go for that favorite Tamilian’s haunt – Bombay; having miserably failed in Malaysia.

    Right at the first instant, I was struck by the MH registration on Rajnikanth’s jeep.

    Ranjith is a great film-maker, and I hope he doesn’t take it as his personal responsibility to resurrect Rajnikanth’ draining career thanks to KABAALI: So he wants Nana to be a part of the film??? So is Ranjith shying away from his faux-Dalit references with this clearly manufactured-for-a-purpose film?

    The fact that Nana has been roped in is itself a representation of high-level of ‘manufacturing’ on this project.


  7. Pic from the shoot!


  8. sanjana Says:

    Rajinikanth Begins Shooting For Kaal Karikaalan In Mumbai | See Pics
    The film is about a guy, who runs away from Tirunelveli in his childhood to Mumbai and becomes a powerful don living in the slums of Dharavi.
    By Team –
    May 30, 2017

    South superstar Rajinikanth kicked off the 40 days schedule for his next, Kaala Karikaalan, in Mumbai on Sunday afternoon in a crowded alley of Grant Road.

    After a late night wrap-up, the team moved to Dharavi and Wadala yesterday to shoot the crucial scenes.

    Aware of Rajini’s massive fan following, a high security was appointed around the set. A source from the sets told Mid-Day, “The story cuts across several years and the look of characters changes accordingly. It is a challenge for the stylist to maintain costumes, make-up and hairstyles. Director Pa Ranjith wanted actors whose performance could add layers to the film. Casting Nana [Patekar] and Huma [Qureshi] alongside Rajini was apt.”
    1 of 7

    The film will be shot in several places like South Bombay’s Kala Ghoda, Marine Lines, Wadala and Dharavi.

    “It’s a story about a boy who makes it big in the world of crime. He operates from Dharavi, which is why the place plays a pivotal part in the narrative. The team will shoot in Mumbai for the next 40 days and then leave for an extensive schedule in Chennai,” the source revealed.

    The superstar was spotted sporting two avatars at the shooting location. The first avatar saw the star in his usual white kurta pyjama, whereas the second avatar was in a black kurta pyjama. The star acknowledged his fans by waving after getting down from his car.


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