Image from Dutt

thanks to Master..

[fan made poster added by mistake.. the thread will be updated when there’s an official one]

13 Responses to “Image from Dutt”

  1. Fantastic look and Ranbir nails it.

    Would have preferred the title – Sanjay Dutt – plain and simple. Just ‘Dutt’ looks awkward to my mind.


    • Absolutely speechless..awesome look..but I just don’t see this grossing big….happiness is missing in sanjus life..thats a key ingredient of hiranis movies


      • Krish, see this.. #Dutt is our most entertaining film till date and is highly family oriented. It will have tremendous repeat value.”- Abhijat Joshi.


        • Very interesting will take some effort to make his life entertaining..there is too much tragedy in his life..starting from nargis death, to the bomb blasts..


      • jayshah Says:

        Going to be Ranbir’s career defining moment. Look is nailed, if it works I can see Hirani and Ranbir working more. Glad this doesn’t release on Eid – would raise expectations unnecessarily. Hirani’s film won’t need a holiday, film hopefully talks for itself.


  2. This looks like a photoshop


  3. Raju Hirani confirmed that he’ll do Munnabhai 3 one last time and will let it go to other directors if they want to continue. So, invariably Sanjay Dutt – Hirani association has been the longest with one of the best directors in Bollywood.

    1) Munnabhai MBBS
    2) Lage Raho Munnabhai
    3) 3 Idiots (No role)
    4) PK ( Sanjay supporting role)
    5) DUTT ( Sanjay biopic)
    6) Munnabhai 3.

    So, baring 3 Idiots, Sanjay Dutt has been the topic or part of 5 films of Raju Hirani’s career. Awesome to have on their CV.


  4. aamirsaurabh Says:

    I m hearing this is fan made not real.


  5. adding it here:


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