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  1. All this is fine but they need some other A-list actors in this project to get going. Abhishek Bachchan, Pulkit Samrat and Sooraj Pancholi are not the actors you can pull off a massive budgeted movie!


    • Amit kumar pandey Says:

      Seems a flop in making..dutta shouldnt make it.. n if also then ab jr shouldn’t have signed it.. hmm..dutta was his first director…cant say no syndrome..


  2. IdeaUnique Says:

    Looks like this will star Arnab ;-)))))


  3. Sooraj Pancholi is not in it. The cast is yet to be announced and only Abhishek Bachan and Pulkit Samrat have been confirmed till here.

    I don’t mind a JP Dutta war film. Few (if any) in Bollywood can deliver a good war film. But JP Dutta certainly can.


    • Dutta was visually very impressive in LoC. the thing though is he needs to get far more imaginative in his storytelling. At least when he shoes groups he tends to get very repetitive telling their stories in sequence. Also, as I’ve said before, choosing the ’62 war is unusual. It went so badly for India that it would be hard to sell this to the audience. Specially today. One of the other stories suggested that the Defense Ministry had encouraged this one. Which also makes me dubious!


    • also I wish he’d turn to Rajasthan again. His war films for me never matched the terrain of that earlier work. Refugee was excellent in the first half, could have been a great film had it maintained the logic of this portion in the second half as opposed to turning all conformist. In general I’m not a great fan of war films. I appreciate a well-made effort but the ‘easy’ messages of most war films are not really up my alley. Again LoC was visually often extraordinary (the pre-interval action sequence for example) but it needed to be much more tightly edited (still like the film which is not something I can say for Border). Dutta’s ultimate film though remains Ghulami, and to my mind one of the greatest commercial films of Hindi cinema.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        his and Jr. B’s best film till date remains REFUGEE – unfortunately it did not work at BO – it was a good film by all means


  4. Ghulami, Yateem and Batwaara remain his most remarkable films IMO. These were the genuine JP Dutta films.

    Border was his blockbuster. Hathyaar was alright, as was Refugee pre-interval. LOC and Kshatriya were grand scale, with huge casts, but disappointments in terms of the narrative.


    • Except Border, all his films were crapfest. Probably in those days few were liked but now they look C grade films.


  5. REVEALED The names of the LEADING MEN of J.P. Dutta’s Paltan

    After having made films like LOC Kargil, Refugee, Border and likes, the veteran film maker J. P. Dutta is now all set with his most ambitious project titled Paltan, something that we had reported a few days back. After the film maker revealed the logo of the film, everyone were eagerly awaiting the names of the actors who will be a part of ‘history’ in the making. Reports have it that, the film is based on the 1962 Indo-China war.

    So far, the names who have been confirmed in Paltan include Arjun Rampal, who will be playing the role of a Lieutenant Colonel in the film. Besides him, the others who have been signed include Abhishek Bachchan, Pulkit Samrat, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood, Luv Sinha, Siddhanth Kapoor and Suniel Shetty in prominent roles. As far as leading ladies are concerned, there have been no details on the same.

    While Arjun Rampal, Siddhanth Kapoor and Pulkit Samrat took to the social media and announced them being a part of Paltan by stating “I am part of the PALTAN are you? #JPDutta #brothers #jaihind”, Abhishek Bachchan and Suniel Shetty tweeted stating “Brother to my left, brother to my right. Together we stand. Together we fight! I too am a part of the PALTAN, are you? #JPDutta #JaiHind”. On the other hand, while the hunky Sonu Sood announced him being a part of the film by stating “Wars come n go..but Soldiers stay eternal”…..I am part of the PALTAN ..are you! #paltan #jpdutta”, Luv S Sinha stated “United we stand! I’m part of the PALTAN, are you? #jpdutta #JaiHind #brotherhood #War #Heroes”.

    As far as leading ladies are concerned, there have been no details on the same. Watch this space for developments.


    • I think the pre-condition to select the starcast was to select everyone who is less of a star than Abhishek Bachchan so it comes across as Abhishek’s movie. So that’s how you end up getting such names attached to the project. With names like Pulkit Samrat, Luv Sinha, Siddhanth Kapoor…and older folks like Sunil Shetty, Jackie, Arjun Rampal the correct title for the movie should be ‘Berozgaar Paltan’


  6. I feel the cast is quite underwhelming for a JP Dutta film. The most important thing will be to get his story-telling right (it went horribly wrong in LOC).

    Jackie Shroff was on the decline at the time of Border and he had limited footage. We are now talking about 20 years later and he has no BO pull on his own. Sunil Shetty had an insignificant part in LOC (his moment of decline had already started) and we are looking at 15 years later when he is barely getting any work.

    Guys like Pulkit Samrat, Luv Sinha, Sidhant Kapoor have barely proved themselves till now.

    You look at LOC, actors like Manoj Bajpai, Nagarjuna were willing to do cameos. Sanjay Dutt had accepted a role with very limited footage.

    Are actors like John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor or Saif too big to sign a JP Dutta war film these days? They are hardly doing wonders at the BO in their last few showings. Why not Akshay Khanna when you can cast Arjun Rampal in a war film of all people??


    • I had mentioned that this is the only film Abhi has signed sometime back. But unfortunately this could be an addition to the disaster list. With Dutta at the helm the budget would be huge. And its unlikely this cast can save the movie. He should have taken atleast a John Abraham or a Vidyut who have a good market in the action segment..


  7. Agreed. It’s not that John Abraham or Vidyut are big stars on their own but in an action ensemble I can see them contributing, especially when initial is essential these days.

    Border, for example had in Sunny Deol, the biggest action star of that time, on a hot streak (coming just after Ghatak, Jeet and Ziddi), Sunil Shetty, regarded as a solid action hero at that time (he was getting better deals than Akshay Kumar back then). There was then Akshay Khanna (promising star kid) and Jackie Shroff (fading but still decent pull as a supporting actor). Then there were the likes of Sudesh Berry, Puneet Issar, Kulbushan Kharbandra, that weren’t there for the initial BO pull but who were known to be good supporting actors.

    As for Abhishek, I think his project with Nishikant project is on, isn’t it? Read a recent report that Pakhi Hegde (of Mohenjodaro) has been signed opposite him. And the Ronnie Screwvala production c-starring Irfan Khan also seems on. Not heard much of Lefty, the Prabhu Devaa project lately. The latter has just announced another directorial venture. Any news of Priyadarshan’s Bachan Singh?


  8. JP Dutta was one the GOATs of Bollywood cinema. He made 4 Masterpieces in Ghulami, Hathyar, Yateem and Batwara. His Kshatriya was brilliant but let down by a poor climax. His downfall began with the OTT Border. My wish is for him to return to his early form of movies and stop making unnecessary war films! I still feel he has a few more masterpieces left in him. But no war films please. I cannot separate Ghulami or Hathyar as his BEST.
    I also feel he should have made Ghulami with Big B and lament the fact that Bandhua with Big B was shelved.


  9. The increasingly strained relationship between India and China is slowly but surely making its effects felt in Bollywood. mid-day had earlier reported how the makers of Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2 had deferred their China schedule.
    Now, JP Dutta’s Paltan, which is based on the 1962 Indo-China war and stars Abhishek Bachchan, has fallen prey to the tension between the neighbouring countries. The filmmaker has had to drop the idea of casting Chinese actors in his war drama — this, after he had already approached casting agencies in China to scout for two actors who would play Chinese officers in the movie.
    Dutta’s daughter and executive producer of Paltan, Nidhi says, “We’ve decided not to get Chinese actors on board. The decision was made last week. I had wanted Chinese actors because I wanted to make Paltan as authentic as possible. I’m trying to recreate the actual incidents that had happened in the Indo-China war. It was difficult to convince dad to go ahead without Chinese actors, but we had no option, given the political climate.”


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