Mom [Images & Trailer] (updated)

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21 Responses to “Mom [Images & Trailer] (updated)”

  1. Nice. Probably will be another hit for Sri like EV


  2. [added to post]


  3. rahultyagi Says:

    They aren’t remaking “Mother”, are they?


    • I was dreading that it was gonna be a “Mother” remake but it doesn’t seem to be the case based on the trailer. Wouldn’t mind a remake directed by Vishal B starring Tabu though!


  4. I don’t get it: there are two Pakistani actors in this film; the actress of Hindi Medium is also a Pakistani — arre bhai Fawad Khan ne kya gunaah kiya tha?! Is the MNS only threatened by leading men, not supporting actors or actresses?

    Aside: with respect to both this and Hindi Medium, not sure why the actors have been chosen — Adnan Siddiqui at least is a distinctive presence so one can see why, but why (e.g.) one would choose Saba Qamar for a pretty generic role is kinda beyond me; similarly Sajal Ali (the daughter in Mom) seems like just anybody…

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  5. Here Akshaye Khanna is a cop and he looks like his father.


  6. jayshah Says:

    Liking this trailer, looks good. Hearing Akshaye Khanna’s voice after so long was good. He’d make good villain for sure.


  7. didn’t know Rahman was doing the soundtrack..


  8. The second trailer is as good as the first one. BG Music seems to be a high point here. Waiting for this.


  9. Sridevi has said to Akshaye Khanna that in all 300 films of her career, Ravi Udyawar is the best director she has ever worked and he’s a debutant!! I can agree that if its thrown out in the media but she told this privately to Akshaye and he mentioned in other interview casually.


    • Interesting… hard to believe though given some of the people she’s worked with in Tamil cinema. In Hindi admittedly she missed the great generation of the 70s (or didn’t work with them in the 80s barring Yash Chopra).


  10. Reviews have started to pour in…looks like another winner for Sri

    5 stars from SK Jha and 4 stars from Timesofindia


  11. 4 stars from Glamsham and 3.5 from bollywoodhungama

    This one could be Kahaani level hit


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