The Hindu on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s background scores


“What these instances have in common with similar scenes from other Mukherjee films is that they are all accompanied by the same background score—a beautiful strain that is poignant but never plaintive, and appears to hold within its cadences conflict and resolution, and a measure of that priceless stoicism that the denizens of Mukherjee’s cinematic universe had in spades. The 1970s represented the most prolific phase of his career, and Mukherjee had acquired an arsenal of signature riffs that provided his films with a unique soundscape.”


6 Responses to “The Hindu on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s background scores”

  1. This could have been a better, longer and more detailed researched piece, midway from music it went to Mukharjee’s movies ..
    time waste ho gaya saala !!


  2. listen to this instead !! ( the intro reminds of the Saagar Dimple scene)


  3. Nice piece! Though words may always fell short to describe such personalities but you have nailed it precisely.


  4. Here is a masterpiece from RD and Mukharjee-


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