Aamir’s Rakesh Sharma Biopic

thanks to Marcus..

“With the launch, he even announced his three projects, out of which one is astronaut Rakesh Sharma’s biopic starring Aamir Khan in the film. The film is directed Mahesh Mathai and is set to go on floors in the year 2018.”


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  1. This might be more of a visual content than emotional


    • I doubt if Aamir will sign a movie without any deep emotional arc. The visuals are likely to be a prop for the story.


  2. @Satyam – Thanks for creating a new thread. BollywoodHungama has also confirmed it:
    “We have learned that Siddharth Roy Kapur will be producing three films including one with Aamir Khan. After giving a smash hit with Dangal which was a biopic on former wrestler and coach, Aamir is all set for another biopic. He will be starring in the lead in the biopic based on the life of astronaut Rakesh Sharma. It will be directed by Mahesh Mathai and the film will start rolling in the beginning of 2018.”



  3. If this is set to roll early next year, then it should release in 2019. Probably on Independence Day or maybe a Christmas release.

    Aamir surely has the most interesting lineup in the next 2-3 years among all the stars:

    2017 Diwali – Secret Superstar
    2018 Diwali – Thugs of Hindostan
    2019 – Salute


  4. “He will also produce a biopic, based on astronaut Rakesh Sharma that will star Aamir Khan.The venture will be jointly produced by Aamir, Siddharth and Ronnie under their banners AKP, RSVP and Roy Kapur Films respectively. The film will be directed by Mahesh Mathai. The actor has earlier worked with producers in films including “Rang De Basanti”, “Delhi Belly”, “PK” and “Dangal”.”



  5. Good news if true. The whole premise of the film seems underwhelming. It’s hardly as if it was an Indian space program or about the first man on the moon. Alternatively it could have been a space thriller a la Gravity, 2001 Space Odyssey, or Apollo 13. Or more documentary-kind like The Right Stuff, which a brilliantly conceived space-race film. But it is none of these. Except for being a Bollywood space movie, there seems nothing really exceptional about it.

    I think we have had some really good space films from Hollywood and they would be tough acts to follow. Except for the presence of Aamir, there would be nothing really unique about the film. I would prefer to see Aamir in rooted films with really interesting concepts (like in Lagaan, Dangal or 3 Idiots) rather than in what could look like a poor man’s space movie, compared to the likes of Gravity or 2001 Space Odyssey.

    There have been some quite good Hollywood space movies and whichever way you look at a Rakesh Sharma biopic, on paper at least it never looks gripping enough to match any of these Hollywood movies. Yes, there is going to be Aamir Khan and it is going to be a Bollywood space film, but then that’s it.


    • The film looks too bland. And it requires an younger actor.


    • jayshah Says:

      I’m a little disappointed. Bahubali 2 can’t match LOTR on technology but certainly script wise and especially in 1st film I loved how the battle plan was explained. These small things are enough, the rooted aspects take it up a notch.

      It’s obvious Bollywood won’t compete with the visual splendor that Hollywood offers. But it can still be emotionally attached and rooted to compete. It might be an eyesore of an effort. Might be a wise decision.

      Who else ‘can’ make this film other than an Indian? Its not Gandhi or a very popular world figure that Hollywood can pick up. I have no idea about this guy’s story! Maybe it’s dull. So many Aamir films look dull on paper, yet treatment is deciding factor.

      I got white friends who laugh at the premise of Lagaan. I bet they watch it and eat their words.


      • jayshah Says:

        And Dangal is a perfect example of a peanuts budget for Hollywood but a substantial gross WW for Hollywood. No real technology required.

        D3 trailer scene where Aamir in slow motion slides under the truck is a perfect example of rubbish use of technology. In a fast paced film you introduce a stupid slow motion sequence, I swear there was another dumb one across a rope and motorcycle. Proper LOL rubbish. Much preferred hard hitting action in Dangal or Ghajini. Raw live, quick punches than a huge slow motion punch.

        Think Bollywood blows huge budgets on stupid stunt sequences.

        Another funny one is seeing Rishi Kapoor’s dead body through the ice in Fanaa. Proper LOL.

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        • agree completely. It’s best not to compete with Hollywood or even East Asia unless you can really get it right. Currently they can’t do the same stuff for a fraction of Hollywood’s budget. When they’re able to Hollywood will get their FX done in India as well! The only exception is when it’s a film like Baahubali where some of the flaws in this sense are still visible (action sequences that seem animated at points) but the overall vision of the director is so compelling and even overwhelming that it doesn’t matter as much. Otherwise it’s best to stick to more rooted genres and try to sell these to the world. In any case when you make plastic action films like Hollywood it’s pointless because they can get those anyway. For example I’m not interested in the Hong Kong version of fast and furious or something unless the director can do something more interesting with it. On the other hand the Crouching Tiger genre brings something new to the table. Not surprisingly a 3 hr 45 min film about cricket set in British India made it to the final 5 when no other commercial Hindi film in decades has even had a chance. If you don’t offer Indian ‘difference’ no one’s interested. Of course it’s another matter that making rooted ‘Indian’ films is best for India as well as many of these grosses reveal!

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          • Good film for Hritik to step into….He is the only actor who is free…He can also polish his dancing skills in this movie and be ready for Krish 4…
            On a more serious note if Aamir is not doing this because of reasons other than the script, then someone like Ranbir should step in…Would be a good move for him..


        • I’m just excited seeing Hrithik’s name.. imagine his dance while floating in space!! Will be a sight to see! 🙂


  6. I think this may have something to do with Aamir green-lighting Rakeysh Mehra’s next. Anyways, I would prefer Aamir spends some time with Thug’s post production than immediately starting to shoot another movie. Aamir’s brand took a beating with Victor’s D3, and this time its better if he is more involved with the film-making to the finish.


  7. This movie is still making the gossip rounds. Recently Ronnie Screwvala mentioned it in his latest interview and now latest is Priyanka Chopra will play Aamir’s wife.


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  8. Aamir is still pushing Fatima for this movie. I doubt if he will sign up for this without her on board. She is 27 years younger to Aamir! And frankly, Kiran seems a nice and understanding wife. WTF is he doing???



  9. Or Konkona.


  10. Some talk about Salute releasing on Diwali 2019. Salman will probably have Dabang 3 on Eid and Kick 2 in Christmas 2019.


  11. Priyanka Chopra is not doing this. Instead she is doing Kalpana Chawla biopic. Seems like we will have two astronaut biopics one after the other. And Fatima may as well be roped in as Aamir’s wife for this one.



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