Images from Ittefaq

thanks to Sanjana…


7 Responses to “Images from Ittefaq”

  1. Hope Akshaye Khanna gets back in the running in a significant way..

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    • He has couple good ones lined up between this and Mom.


    • Akshaye Khanna said, he has lot of offers but he’s not ready to do full fledged role yet as acting is appearing difficult after taking a break of 5 years. All his recent movies have been short roles from Dishoom, Mom and now Ittefaq. Once he gets back the grove, he can easily sign the bigger roles and Industry can utilize his talent well.


  2. Everything is fine but no idea why Red chillies got involved in this movie. Such a small budgeted movie and we have 3 production houses as producers – Red Chillies, Dharma Productions and BR Studio.


    • BR has the original rights so they want piece of the pie.

      Dharma/Red have had few other joint produced movies in past so it’s just a business model.


      • Yeah.. BR part am aware.. even the director is Abhay Chopra, Ravi Chopra’s son. So, its in-house movie for them. Both RC/Dharma are helping them on production side for Abhay’s career to take off.


  3. tonymontana Says:

    So webhave Akshaye struggling for roles and this jhingoor in the lead cos he belongs to the elite karan johar circle.

    Ghor kalyug


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