Game of Thrones, Season 7

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  1. I am current but started watching season one again. The dialogue, Anything Before “But” which was used by Jon Snow in season 7, appeared in season 1 when Ned Stark was talking with Robert Baratheon.


    • I will eventually watch new stuff. Still rewatching X Files. Eventually someone will watch an episode or two and realise how EPIC X Files was.


      • I saw 2008 Movie…It was okay. I have seen some episodes but never got hooked to it.

        If you haven’t seen, Game of Thrones is like Mahabharat in scale and scope. Highly recommended. It puts even best and biggest of the blockbuster movies to shame in terms of grandness.


        • jayshah Says:

          The 2008 movie even I haven’t seen. It’s best to start from the beginning. At end of series 5 there is a movie from late 90’s to connect season 5 to 6. The rest really is a huge investment of time from beginning – if by 3rd or 4th episode of season 2 you are not into then it really isn’t your cup of tea. Because the show has an established backstory it’s hard not to connect with the leads.


      • X FILES is epic. Period.

        I have stayed away from GOT because gore turns me off.I don’t know whether I will watch even 1 episode of it. While it’s true that this is American’s golden age of television and people are coming up with great ideas and visuals, it’s also opened the doors for unhindered and animalistic violence.

        To me, the BEST piece of writing, performance, and overall achievement continues to be BETTER CALL SAUL [I find this superior even to BREAKING BAD]. I have hardly seen human emotions captured as beautifully in their complexity as in BETTER CALL SAUL.

        Now binge-watching THE AMERICANS. It was terrific till season 2. Mid-way through season 3 I am kind of losing interest. Will have to see how it goes on ahead…


        • I didn’t touch GOT for longest period thinking it is fantasy but in reality it is house of cards on steroids. There is too much violence and nudity but the drama and scale is unparalleled.

          To me 3 series are at top and then rest: Breaking Bad, Game of thrones, The wire.


        • Always thought of GoT as LOTR with nudity. Rick and Morty and Twin Peaks ftw.


  2. Amit kumar pandey Says:

    Love GOT..was never into watching serials vut yeah GOT is addictive…once you get past 1-2 episodes you cant leave…such grandeur ..massive scale of resources invloved both in people and money…just Magnificent!!!
    ‘A man has waited patiently for more than a year’ ;-). Valar dohaeris!!!!

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  3. tonymontana Says:

    GOT is addictive for sure. Has great and complex characters and some fantabulous performances.

    I,however, do not believe its the greatest current TV series. I find House of Cards and Breaking Bad to be superior


    • On drama level Breaking Bad is excellent. House of cards has been on down ward aoiral after 2 season. The new season on Netflix and I am not excited to watch. The leads are fabulous .


  4. Winter is popular.

    Sunday’s Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones,” which kicked off the show’s final stretch, brought record ratings for the series and HBO.

    As of Monday the episode had been watched by 16.1 million people across all platforms, including traditional cable, streaming and on-demand viewing. This is a 50 percent increase from last year’s Season 6 kickoff episode, making it the most-watched premiere ever for both “Game of Thrones” and HBO.


  5. GoT is the only series that I have watched every episode of. The story, characters, performances, spectacle, et al just hooks one in for the long haul.
    Indian mythology could be similarly presented If only Indian production values were at this par (I do not consider BB2 yet at par with GoT), and if there were fee-based channels that enable producers to recoup their investment.


    • there’s no comparison between BB2 and GoT. But in fairness the budgets are not remotely comparable. If India can figure out how to produce this kind of CGI (or whatever) at a fraction of the cost Hollywood would go to India! There would be a huge outsourcing market even in this sense. So far though it doesn’t look possible anytime soon. Some of the East Asian industries have been at this much longer and on average they’re much better than India on this score and yet even they aren’t anywhere close to Hollywood (though at the B,C level some work is being outsourced to East Asia). Even leaving this aside the flaws of BB2 at this level are very obvious. Yes the overall vision is completely overwhelming, yet the overall mix is very impressive but in most of the action sequences you can see problems. And this isn’t an unfair comment in the sense that as viewers of Hollywood we can’t suddenly ‘forget’ what we’ve seen elsewhere. Similarly Dunkirk is about to release and from all accounts looks to be a stunning film visually. A masterpiece of editing and so on. Cameron had Canon develop special cameras for Avatar. Imagine that! He didn’t think existing technology was good enough to match his vision! This is a perfect cue to also say that while technology is a problem the larger problem is still one of vision. The flaws of BB2 don’t prevent it from becoming an enormous success. Similarly there are all kinds of other genres where even this level of technology wouldn’t be needed. This is where Bollywood errs. So if you’re making Thugs.. it’s already grand enough. You don’t need to attempt Hollywood style actions/stunts. But they try to do this and the distinctions immediately become apparent.


  6. tonymontana Says:

    Bloody Theon had a chance to save his sister, and he threw it away by jumping into the water


  7. Amit kumar pandey Says:

    This season is very pacy compare to other seasons!!


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